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Just now, FreshOwl said:

Hutch in midfield? Surely not 3 CBs at home to Shrewsbury? 

Maybe if we expect to have a lot of the ball, the full backs can really push up?


I'm not sure about Hutchinson in midfield.....now I've said that, watch him put in a MOM performance there. 

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           Hutch.        Iorfa.       Dunkley


Hunt.        Adeniran.        Bannan.      Palmer


        Berahino.        Gregory.       Shodipo.   

Maybe? Or Hutch in midfield…either way it’s an extra defensive player starting rather than an attacking player at home to Shrewsbury….


Not feeling it tbh pretty negative and Palmer and Hunt both starting again 🙄

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Surely we're not going to match  them up at home  3-4-2-1?



        IORFA        DUNKLEY       HUTCH 


         BERAHINO                SHODIPO


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1 minute ago, Bluesteel. said:

I see that as 4 3 3 with Hutchinson Bannan and Adeniran in the middle?

Yeah that’s how I read it too. Or 4-2-3-1 with Bannan playing in the 10 role. Lots of potential changes to the shape if however we line up isn’t working though - potential to go 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 if needed

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Not sure putting Hutch back into midfield is the right option against Shrewsbury at home.

Same goes with dropping Johnson for today’s game when surely we’re going to be doing most of the attacking. 

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Whats the point of Hutch in midfield again ? We tried it and it looked awful as he is lacking both mobility and quality on the ball.


We brought in 3 central midfielders that are all much better than him.


Good that we are playing possibly weakest side in division at home, so I will hope for a win despite poor team selection.

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