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  1. Surely covid in the squad. Makes no sense otherwise
  2. Is it being shown anywhere? Not on iFollow I don’t think
  3. Been out the squad a couple of game now. Has happened with others, maybe covid kept quiet for whatever reason?
  4. Where will Wednesdayites be drinking before/after?!
  5. First trip of the season for me, from Scotland!
  6. First trip of the season for me, from Scotland!
  7. Does the cost of an international season pass reduce as the season goes on?
  8. Typical, will be first time down from Scotland for nearly two years
  9. Certainly an improvement but still off the pace
  10. Would like to have a look at Corbeanu, from the bench maybe?
  11. Does anyone know if Foundation Members still get the same ticket priority as members? I haven’t seen any mention of Foundation members so far.
  12. Exactly why we don’t do it. I think we have to play defensive against top of the league teams with the current squad, much as I’d like to see us press more. Thought we played well. Hopefully a good signing or two in January will help.
  13. Iorfa had a great game. Reach and the young lad played well otherwise
  14. Anyone know how to go about using someone else’s ID to buy tickets earlier than you otherwise could? If you add to family & friends do you still need to wait until you would normally be able to buy?
  15. Any match that isn’t on Sat or being shown as a main live match on Sky is available this way from this season so roughly about 10 Wednesday matches this season..... ‘EFL Clubs will be able to live-stream in the UK and Ireland any league match via their respective iFollow (or equivalent) service that takes place outside the blocked hours of 14.45-17.15 on Saturday afternoons and that is not broadcast live on Sky Sports. Fixtures taking place on Bank Holidays or Easter will be unavailable for streaming. Sky Sports will have the right to stream the same Championship fixtures to subscribers across their interactive and digital services.’
  16. Lee - injured, Hutch - injured, Abdi - injured or not fit.... ....leaving Jones and Bannan in central midfield. Hoops, Fletcher, Rhodes, Forestieri, Nuhiu, Joao to choose from up front. With no further transfers allowed until January I think it's a good bit of business.
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