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  1. Agree, lacks pace but ticks a lot of boxes. Wonder whether we were actually in for him? Perhaps more concerned that we're not even being linked to anyone now.
  2. They've had him in for 24 hrs and now gone and signed another GK, on loan too so that suggests Brighton will expect him to play. Poor Joe, new club different bench.
  3. No choice. EFL will spout that they are the clubs, but it's all driven by incompetent leadership and undue influence of a few select club owners. The problem is, there is no credible alternative.
  4. Bit Boring this... no kit, still gaps in the squad to fill, our second pre season game on Friday (which only a few hundred of us will get to see) and then leave for Portugal on Saturday. All I seem to see from the club is offers on last seasons kit and pizza cup fixtures, nobody, probably not even papa John himself, gives a throw about. Perhaps we were spoiled by the early business, but seems to have stagnated a bit of late.
  5. Presume no YouTube or ifollow coverage available again for those who can't get a ticket?
  6. Good luck to the lad. I don't mean to be obtuse and do believe in youth development, but the likelihood is that his future will be elsewhere. We seem to sign a lot of u23 players, for the sake of filling an u23 team, but rarely do any make it to the first team.
  7. More like he wants to play for a club, so desperate, he might actually get a game.
  8. Fair enough, ifollow is dogshit. Thinking about us, there is so much more that can be done with regard to content, than the lazy, overpriced output provided by ifollow.
  9. Spot on. The thing is, if they swapped round and non football creditors were guaranteed payment in full, football may self regulate a little as clubs would be more cautious about doing business with financially suspect clubs. Football clubs are multi million pound businesses, why should local small business take the hit and they be immune. It stinks.
  10. Agree, my thoughts on the EFL management often include the words not fit for purpose and incompetent. To be fair to Derby, there was enough in the kitty to fund the club, something Bury didn't do or fulfill fixtures, therefore EFL hands tied a little bit Admin never sits right with me, always has a whiff of cheating. I'm pleased for the fans at Derby, but have zero respect for the club. My personal opinion is that they gamed the system, cheated and maybe not this coming season but will ultimately gain a financial and sporting advantage as a result of the admin process wiping debt. Debt other clubs work in the proper way to manage and pay.
  11. It is, I've always thought that when a club goes into administration they cease to be and should forfeit their league share, dropping to non league. Administrators first job should be to secure value from any assets to pay creditors and the football club can rebuild from there. It shouldn't be used as a mechanism to clean a club and wipe debt for a fraction of what has been accrued as it is now, with little punishment other than 15 points deduction and the short term hit of relegation (not always guaranteed)
  12. He's a decent player at this level, got some pace, but a bit of a one trick pony with his step overs and cutting inside. Positionally weak, needs others to compensate for what he offers going forward. Wasn't in our team towards the end of the season, doesn't really fit our system and assume our contract offer reflected that. Think he'll do ok at Derby if played in a wide attacking position, although I think he will pick up injuries and never totally convinced by his attitude. No 'sellers' remorse, wouldn't be in my starting 11 and his pace can be replaced.
  13. True, but they are under an embargo and have to work to the business plan agreed with EFL. The terms of which haven't been published, but thought to be restricted to frees and loans, there was also talk of a wage cap (some Derby fans speculating around £8k pw). Admin always a disgraceful process, where the club comes out debt free, football creditors paid in full but other creditors only got 25p in the pound.
  14. I still have no idea how he would be affordable for Derby, or EFL would allow him to be affordable.
  15. Whatever plan B is, better pull our finger out next week. Players need to be in for the Portugal trip at the latest, or we are going to be building their volume again while the season has started
  16. Without wishing to be captain pedantic, didn't we win 1-0 there last year in pre season
  17. Dunno, I didn't see it, neither did Moore. Judging by the team selection, no, just volume the order of business today
  18. Doubt it from the journo's, couldn't even be arsed to do updates, or most likely there just wasn't anything of note happening.
  19. After my initial disappointment not being able to watch, quite glad I didn't have to sit through today's match by the sounds of it. It's pre season, clearly a fitness exercise pure and simple. A change of scenery from our training ground.
  20. Yep, probably only Bowyer stupid enough to let him leave. I think they've only got about 12 players so looks dead in the water. Was always going to need goodwill from Birmingham to subsidise his wage anyway.
  21. Meh, can't watch it so who cares, as long as nobody gets injured. Glorified training session, may as well be a behind closed doors game.
  22. It's all gone rather quiet, we did good early business then seems to have stalled. I think we need another CB, attacker and cover at wingback. I would like us to swap Brown, Sow, Alex Hunt with players that are likely to provide competition and challenge for a first team place.
  23. Don't know. The ground holds 3,600. TBH I don't care, I'm not included or catered for. As a disabled fan who lives hours away from Sheffield or Alfreton, no way of me engaging today. May as well be a behind closed doors game as far as I'm concerned. I'm definitely throwing my toys out of the pram, going to have to spend another Saturday with the family.
  24. Nothing yet, we put our a tweet this morning about the game but no information. Our YouTube channel not really prolific, last update was 9 days ago before Liam Palmer's last run on Thursday. Last year we used Celtics YouTube coverage for that match and Alfreton's TV channel streamed that game for a fiver. It's a small ground and demand surely significantly outweighs capacity.
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