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  1. Correct, solves the matchday squad issue but still on the wage roll.
  2. Fair enough, not done enough to earn a new contract IMO, not near the first team and spent a lot of time out with injuries since he joined. Getting any fee is good business.
  3. Dean is a good player, disappointed we didn't get him when he left Brentford. The amount of loan signings concern me though, can't play them all! As for Bowyer, take his comments with a pinch of salt. Pulled his girlfriend once back in the 90s while on a night out in London, said he was an arse.
  4. Season's over, other results matter not in the grand scheme of things. Let's just hope for a win on Saturday, because it's nice to see us win, not because we hold any lingering expectations of promotion.
  5. Welcome to Hillsborough, hope he likes playing as a wingback.
  6. Proper shithouse of a defender, would definitely improve us.
  7. Tend to agree. Nothing at all against the lad himself, but it seems we recruit forwards for one system and defenders for another.
  8. Not that we don't need him, or he isn't good enough, but don't see how it fits together. I appreciate we are under restrictions, purely of Chansiri's incompetence, but don't compound matters by signing another loan player knowing full well we can only have 5 in the matchday squad. If it's a free transfer, fair enough (although doubt it). But, stockpiling loan players and giving them bit part playing time, does nobody any good...also, that's how injuries (like hamstrings!) occur when they don't have the robustness of match fitness.
  9. Clearly he isn't going anywhere as Chansiri hasn't got a clue what to do. The season was over after the Shrewsbury game. The time for changing manager has been and gone. I'd like to think (and sincerely hope) the inactivity is down to substantive takeover rumours, but more than likely just the incompetence we've become used to. Some good points from yesterday, but reverted to type in the second half, too passive, stopped closing down and isolated the front two by dropping deep. It's a common theme and why we are where we are in the league.
  10. Agree with him, looked like a challenge from behind, although Hunt wasn't quite in control of the ball. Easy to be pragmatic when you've won though. Although in fairness he did work hard for the win, made tactical changes, matched us up and took control in the second half.
  11. These Easdale chaps seem to have a decent track record in business, self made wealth and also have a history with taxi firms (might also take D Taxis off his hands) Previous reports regarding Derby mentioned Malaysian backers, also a link to Mike Ashley.
  12. The equaliser takes some gloss off the half, but not disappointed with the performance so far. We've been decent again and it's been an open entertaining game. We've also shown we can create chances against these, just need to take one or two, and still have Windass as an option. Reason for optimism going into the second half.
  13. Woke up looking forward to the football today after last week, but that normally ends in disappointment. Let's hope for a change of fortune. Our confidence should be high and we owe Oxford for earlier in the season. I wouldn't change the team, even for Windass, keep him as an impact sub today to ease him back in. 0-2 Wednesday
  14. Agree, I do wonder where the media noise came from though. Hopefully the situation is put to bed once we hear from Moore this afternoon
  15. Don't expect he would leave. He seems to get on with the other players and we were the club who gave him a chance to resurrect his career (well after Middlesbrough) and opportunity for regular game time. WIth regard to WIgan's interest, wages have never been a problem, we are restricted on transfer fees, but haven't had similar issues attracting players on good wages. Furthermore, by and large since Moore arrived, we have a good track record of extending the contracts of those we want to keep, not like before. I's be very surprised if he went anywhere.
  16. Pleased with this, decent age, proper defender and has some experience behind him. Our current back three all 30+ so good to have some younger legs available (along with Brennan).
  17. As long as he can stay fit, that would be a bonus, such is our desperation for defenders.
  18. Fair enough, would have been a good signing, but considering a few other defenders starting to be linked maybe our interest wasn't that serious or Sunderland always a preferred destination. We've also got Hutchinson back now and Iorfa, Dunkley to come back,.so plenty of experience already at the club (when fit).
  19. Ultimately the value of the club is dictated by what someone is willing to pay and that dictated by how desperate Chansiri is to sell. If there is any crumb of truth in this and Chansiri is listening to offers, or has at least set a price, would be a huge step forward. A glimmer of hope we could at some point reach an end game to his tenure.
  20. I'm not sure if there is, or ever has been, anything in the Red Bull link, or any takeover for that matter. Always cautious of better the devil you with regard to owners, not naive about that, but at this moment almost anything is better than what we've got. The club needs to live again, just feels like we are lingering on life support at the minute. I'm sceptical about any takeover happening, but would be nice.
  21. Wings plural you say....Lewis has a brother!?
  22. Would be a good signing. A dependable, proper experienced defender.
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