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  1. The problem with a supply teacher is that it only works for so long, needs certainty and a long term vision to buy into. Going game to game breeds uncertainty and a drop in motivation, unconsciously rather than on purpose which is why we've seen a steady decline in performances, masked by a positive result v Luton (against a promoted team in poorer form) A decision needs to be made.
  2. Hope not, thought he'd learned that lesson by now. Needs to have Championship experience IMO.
  3. Not so confident about that, QPR recruited some good players, had a good result today and have goals in them. We got our points from an under prepared Reading team, who've done much better since recruiting forwards and two promoted teams who are struggling. Against two established championship teams, we've lost. Think it will be a fairly even game, if we play like today or Luton, we'll struggle to win.
  4. Just listened to Bullen and the first time I've disagreed with his assessment. So far he's been spot on and honest but today sounded like excuses.
  5. I agree, the situation needs resolving. DC clearly doesn't see Bullen as the one or he would have been appointed and recent soundbites from Bullen and players suggest they know the same. 6 weeks since we knew Bruce was leaving and still no permanent appointment. Two tough games next week and could do with a lift.
  6. Disappointing, can't legislate for individual errors, but sounds like we were poor and didnt deserve much from that game. A good start, now becoming an average start as our performances deteriorate. Luton in midweek and today reminiscent of Carlos days, poo in the first half then decide to have a go for 20 minutes in the second half. With a settled team, our performances should be much more cohesive and concerns me how we surrender possession of the ball to the opposition.
  7. Strong team, pleased we kept attacking intent with both Harris and Murphy starting. Would have been easier to go more defensive and hope our bravery pays off.
  8. I agree, but also think Lee needs to start. Suspect it may be dependent on formation if we match them up 4231 Luongo seems the natural fit alongside Hutch, but if we stick with 433, Lee is probably the better option. Nice conundrum to have though after recent years when we could only choose from who was fit enough to start.
  9. Not too confident today I'm afraid. For some reason we don't do well there and they've found a bit of form at home. Have a nasty feeling that this is the defeat (3-0) that crystallises a managerial decision from DC to appoint someone else or back Bullen. Heart says we win 1-2 though, so fizz it, let's go with heart over head and a bit of possibly misplaced optimism.
  10. Agree, Palmer has shown hes the better option due to his improved all round game. Having a right footer at LB does leave us unbalanced at times though. Fox is an adequate back up, more limited in his attacking play, but not concerned if he starts. Thought he was poor first half v Luton, but did well second half. The stick he got from 'fans' was disgraceful and embarrassing. Fox isht the best player, but while in a Wednesday shirt deserves support.
  11. Bannan back in the starting line-up and back to winning ways (hopefully).....2-1
  12. Westwood back in would be my only change, perhaps controversial but I'd rest Bannan a while longer on the bench if hes not 100%. We looked a threat on the counter attack last week, so no real need to be more pragmatic just because were away from home. We looked to have a nice balance about us. I've got the last two results spot on (complete fluke) and apologise in advance, but the first result which comes to mind is 1-1. Of our opening games, this is one of the most difficult. Of course its a winnable game and hope my mini run of correct result predictions is ended in our favour.
  13. I think it's gone on too long now not to be Bullen. The longer he is in charge, the more undermined he will be if a new manager comes in and the more damage it will do to squad morale. We're playing good attacking football, recruited well, players are happy and motivated and shown tactical awareness (which I thought he was lacking) in the first two games. Bullen wasn't my first choice, not a choice at all in fact, but does look our best option right now. I can accept losing some games if we keep playing high energy, fast paced attacking football, because we will win plenty more. We are enjoyable to watch right now, that's not always been the case.
  14. Agree, a decision is overdue. If it is to be Bullen, needs backing with a support infrastructure to give him and us the best chance to succeed.
  15. While I think this is probably realistic, we don't own the ground now. Nothing to stop someone building another stadium especially if it also generates other income, maybe those trips to Hollywood Bowl and Universal Studios were research
  16. Good shout, if he is appointed, definitely needs some help around him. Don't forget at the moment, he's doing the job of the 3 Steve's on his own, with help from our academy staff.
  17. I think if were going to do it, go all in not just until Christmas, let's see what he can do this season and review in the summer.
  18. I love Hillsborough, it's all I've known, but increasingly unfit for purpose, due to the constant meddling by the fuckwits at SAG/SYP and limited opportunity to develop. DC owns a construction company and sure the stadium will be on the agenda if we become established on the premier league.
  19. Agree, DC clearly not impressed with any candidate who is realistic and wants to join. If this is an audition, Bullen is impressing. Recruitment spot on, performances and results throughout pre season and the start of the season better than most expected. He impressed me yesterday, outwhitting tactically a very good manager, who many (including myself) wanted to be considered for our job. On that point, the likes of Wagner, Farke often cited as examples didn't arrive with masses of experience, unless Dortmund deserves and Germany's 4th tier considered equivalent to the championship. Bullen knows the league inside out, concerns were his tactical experience, motivation and contacts re recruitment, but he's done well. The burton game sticks in everyone's memory and while we accept Bullens honesty after that game, he's much more experienced now and equipped with more skills and competency. We often talk about managers having an affinity with the club, particularly when the leave for other clubs, here we have one of our own, assisted by other Owls in weaver for example, who see working for our club as the pinnacle of their career and would put every ounce of effort in to achieve success. I'm not blinded by a couple of good results, I don't expect miracles this season, but I'm sorry, I think I may be changing my mind and think Bullen deserves a good go at the job, with full support and backing. I don't want yesterdays man, who did something 10 years ago, but has a good name, I want the next good manager....sometimes in doing that you need to take a chance.
  20. No, don't want Hughton. Had his chance and declined.
  21. While I agree, deserves a lot of credit today. Tactically he got it spot on and managed the game well. Thought this would be a big test for him and he passed with flying colours.
  22. Thought Barnsley tried to play in the right way, had good movement at times, but very naive. Credit to Bullen he set up well, his game plan on point and managed the game well second half. I thought we could have dominated the ball better in the first half, but as the game went on could see what we were trying to do and was very effective. Impressed today, comfortable win and could have had more goals.
  23. Difficult game today, our digitly enhanced neighbours play with high energy, have confidence and momentum from promotion. That said, we have the better players, at home and should be confident of a win. Biggest test today is that asked of Bullen, facing a different tactical challenge, can he set up right and adapt if needed? Can he motivate a team on a consistent basis, rather than a one off game? I hope Bullen comes though with flying colours, because that means we would have won.
  24. A very difficult game, they are full of energy and will close us down quickly. Our new signings give me more confidence, but my concern is that it's the Wednesday way to now go and be humbled by a defeat and deflate the optimism. That said, I'm going for a 2-0 win courtesy of another late goal from a substitute to settle the nerves.
  25. Some good options, what this thread tells us is that we now have some decent options from the bench in all departments, defence, midfield and attack. Expect an unchanged team on Saturday, new signings to feature on the bench.
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