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  1. Completely agree. Amazingly it's still up for grabs. Can't afford to fall off the pace anymore though or put in any more performances like yesterday. All ifs and buts, but if we'd shown some consistency, could easily have been top 2, considering points thrown away this season, but then again several other teams could say the same, such is the league this year.
  2. Suspect this is accurate. While I am generally supportive of DC, do not agree with his delays in appointing managers, recruiting players. It's every window, the team flounders for almost 4 weeks wasting points. Imagine yesterday if we had some forwards. Maybe the players wouldn't have kept playing it backwards after looking up and seeing fizz all to pass to.
  3. Strange, Nixon was quoting £25k the other day as the figure Palace wanted, no loan fee. Considering what we are paying others, that doesn't seem unreasonable for 4 months. Also said we wanted 3 in, so maybe splitting available (FFP dictated) budget. As the days pass, 1 in maybe better than none in though.
  4. After yesterday I try to stay away from here, I understand the emotion, but there is some poo posted. The squad is broken, we all know that and needs time to replace the majority of the players. It can't be done overnight, certainly not in a January window. Take the wins with humility and the defeats with similar grace.
  5. Monk has shown he can develop a game plan, occasionally the players execute it as intended. I have some sympathy, I've said it before, this group of players are more at fault than the manager. There is nothing progressive about our squad, it's full of old players, limited pace, way too mentally fragile considering the experience and the performances we are seeing have been par for the course over the last few seasons. We'll have good and bad days, but will ultimately settle back to mid table. As we stand, we have zero attacking threat without Fletcher and little sign of incoming players. We are 3 players short of realistically competing for the top 6 IMO. Bad day today, pathetic performance from a group of players who should do better. Nobody really to come in from the bench to make a difference, just shuffling deck chairs to find which players can be arsed trying on any given week.
  6. Waste of a game Needed new players 2 weeks ago, even more urgent now. As usual, the club way too slow to act.
  7. Waste of a game Needed new players 2 weeks ago, even more urgent now. As usual, the club way too slow to act.
  8. I wasnt confident last week, had a mood and look what happened, so I'm not being confident this week either. We are poo, everyone is tug etc....2-0 wednesday
  9. If, and it's a big if considering nothing in the public domain (although more realistic, the more clubs cite evidence) there is written agreement in evidence, the more this looks like a vanity exercise by the EFL to appease the likes of Gibson. The EFL are following a process, but cannot realistically expect to win against compelling evidence in a proper court of law, as opposed to their own kangaroo court, where they interpret the rules as they go along. The lawyers for two clubs have reviewed the evidence and decided not just to defend, but categorically argue that the charges themselves are unlawful, before they even get to the point of discussing the charges. This is a bold tactic, unprecedented and a decision that wouldn't have be taken lightly without strong evidence in their favour.
  10. Dawson is becoming a solid Championship GK, but he's not irreplaceable. The most concerning aspect is that he'd leave for nothing, that said I think he wants to stay, the club want him to stay and expect a new deal to be announced in due course.
  11. Be interesting to see Middlesborough's next accounts, parachute payments now run out which was the only reason they complied with FFP, £6m loss in 2018 which included some player sales. Don't recall any meaningful sales since, another chunky loss inbound for 2019? Wouldn't surprise me if Gibson became less pious going into next season, with a poo squad and losses hurtling towards the FFP limit. Just a shame their ground is only worth about 20p.
  12. Interesting that they've chosen the same tactic as we have, challenging the legality of the charges. Took their time issuing a statement, wonder if there has been any consultation with our lawyers, or if they are the same. Have to say this eases my concern about our case, the action we brought was unprecedented, but now joined by Derby puts further focus and pressure on the EFL. Wouldn't surprise me if Birmingham and Reading join in when/if charged. The accounting practices used by both of us were suspect morally, but perfectly legal, agreed and ratified by the EFL. the EFL, now going back to try and retrospectively close a loophole and find technicalities to justify charges should fail the point of law underpinning both our cases. Both DC and Mel Morris are belligerent owners and will fight the EFL to the death. Hopefully both of us will be victorious.
  13. Agree, suppose him staying means Wildsmith has opportunity to go on loan, play some games 8f opportunity arises. If he isn't willing to be on the bench, then we have a problem. Needs to swallow his pride and try to win his place back.
  14. Based on current form, yes. That said, I'm always conscious that players tend to improve as their contracts come to an end. Assuming he does stay, a position where we need to recruit in the summer for competition.
  15. That's the problem when shopping in the EPL. wages so much higher, roughly twice our top earners, even a 50% wage contribution expensive. EPL youth players also can demand wages on a par with top earners. I get the clamour for quality, but considering cost (even for a few months) and loan fees, may be better shopping for permanent deals in the Championship or league 1, players then would at least have some asset /resale value.
  16. Player wasn't keen on Charlton, presumably because he's a free agent in a few months and knows a good portion of the £2.5m release clause fee would then come his way in signing fee. A relative bargain at £2.5m, but also expensive for a player out of contract in the summer. Good player though.
  17. It's a lovely thought, but I recall DC saying at one of his forums that gate receipts would not cover back office salaries. How true this is I dont know?
  18. That's what I thought, but when I bought him on FIFA19, he was poo Be surprised if he went to Leeds, but may open the door for some bottom half premier league clubs do come in if Hull open to a deal. Burnley been sniffing I think?
  19. As one derby fan suggested on Twitter, why doesn't every club spend what they want and we can all start next season on -21 points. Problem solved
  20. I'd like to see the EFL charges tested in court. I'm not a legal expert, but I think they would struggle to enforce them. They even lost an appeal to their own independent panel over Bolton's points deduction. Having allowed a loophole to exist, going back retrospectively to try and rectify, having already ratified accounts for the period is a big ask IMO and not something they would get away with, outside their own kangaroo court.
  21. Absolutely, 100% agree. Looks like the ship has sailed for the Blackburn game, ok we can get someone registered but realistically starting without training with the team is a big ask. Hope Monk has been busy on the training pitch, because as good as Leeds was, counter attack football doesn't work at home.
  22. Dont disagree, he is a punt I would imagine. That said, its quite conceivable to take a 20 year old from an EPL side who has never played a minute of first team football. Indeed, if this lad had come directly from Benfica's youth team, perspective may be different?
  23. Agree, sadly Rhodes is a drain of almost £4m per year and we would be looking to recoup a big chunk of that. I dont think its realistic to cover 100% like Norwich did, but no point giving him away and still bearing most of the cost
  24. Loan fee derisory according to Doom (not surprising) and only offered a small portion towards his wage, this is always going to be a problem moving him out.
  25. Maybe that's what he's been told to say, also lowers expectation of him being involved on saturday or the next few months. In fairness, he does state his ambition to play for the first team.
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