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  1. Might have a little watch tonight on the back of Moore's appointment out of curiosity. Not expecting much after two days, but I do think we should be more positive and draw a line under recent poor results. It will be interesting to see how we set up and importantly the tempo, hoping we try to play forward and on the floor. This is a proper must win, season defining game. Hoping for a win with every fibre of my being, but not complacent or confident.
  2. I'll reserve judgement until tomorrow. If we win, maybe an outside chance. If we don't, definitely not.
  3. About as good as could be expected tonight. The important game is tomorrow night.
  4. Everyone in this league is beatable, but we shoot ourselves in the foot more often than not. If the players turn up and want to play football, we can pick up plenty of points, but thats a big if based on recent experience over the last few seasons. Let's see what impact a permanent manager such as Moore can provoke.
  5. Agree, but maybe many had just given lip service to it. Jos, Monk were known to be defence orientated, Bruce was pragmatic at best and Pulis a waste of space. The only one who made it work was Carlos in his first season, thereafter went negative. If Moore is true to his beliefs, we could see some good football for a change next season once he has time to work on the squad. This season is needs must but still hope to see glimpses of a change in outlook.
  6. Imagine he'll be exactly the type of player Moore will want to keep. Work to do technically but young, quick and energetic.
  7. I used to wait all week for saint and greavsie as a kid, signalled the weekend had started with no school to get in the way of playing and watching football. My childhood seems a long way away, but I'll always remember it fondly. RIP
  8. Agree. Despite our predicament, it's a good time for Moore to be appointed, from his point of view its perhaps less pressure. As long as he gets us playing with the necessary effort and on the front foot, most fans will appreciate relegation is not his fault and will bank some goodwill with the fans going into next season. If we do play with effort, energy and attack, we also stand a chance of staying up. These players have it in them, just a case of being arsed. Now we have a permanent manager, many should be playing for their futures.
  9. Suspect it's a rolling contract to include next season at least. When Chansiri does spend money, in this case compensation, usually comes with longer contracts. Don't see him paying money to get a manager in for 2 months.
  10. Looks like William's has just let off a fart and Smith got a whiff of it, judging by their faces
  11. I'm having a day off from Chansiri, because the man makes me sad and angry in equal measures and for once I'm in a good mood. I think Moore is a good appointment, hope it's a long term project and he can deliver a young, dynamic, free flowing football team. Probably all end in tears, but just for today I'm enjoying the moment.
  12. I'm not sure, I wanted us to appoint Cook, but for some reason Chansiri not keen. Given we're stuck with the idiot owner, important the manager can work with him. I like Moore, he's a good character, can play decent football and has a decent record to date. I accept he's not got the achievements of Cook, but still early in his career. I've seen enough from Moore to be optimistic and happy with this appointment.
  13. Jamie Smith, their assistant manager also left according to Donny statement. Good news that he's bringing some familiar support with him potentially
  14. Moore is a good manager making a decent reputation for himself. Would be a good appointment and would have been an even better appointment in December when Pulis was sacked.
  15. Runs around a lot, often in the opposite direction to the football, but can put In a cross half a dozen times a season. Bar that spell a couple of seasons ago when he found his shooting boots, offers nothing. Can't tackle, positionally poor, can't beat a man or pass the ball. No thanks.
  16. Lockdown will be over soon and can spend my Saturdays doing something else, Rather than wasting my time with football.
  17. Because he's a decent championship manager, an excellent L1 manager and our current owner is a ******** idiot.
  18. We've been crap at football before (a lot) this feels different.
  19. I don't mind taking the blame if it means Chansiri leaves.
  20. This isn't Sheffield Wednesday though is it. Historically it maybe carries the name and plays at Hillsborough, but Chansiri thinks he's bigger than the club and transformed it into an embarrassment, in his own image.
  21. Just wait until he sees the ticket revenue when fans don't want to pay to watch dogshit.
  22. No, we're where we are on merit. We're the second worst team in the league.
  23. Don't care where Rhodes goes, we don't play him so up to him where he signs when his contract expires. As for the manager, the contract length is pathetic. Managers aren't going to want to work to prove themselves with both hands tied behind their back under Chansiri. About time he appoints now on the basis of next season, in L1
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