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  1. Plenty of options, but I'm starting to think that's a problem. Still early in the season, but some players don't look fit. The ones who have played most minutes, looked strongest on Saturday; Iorfa, Bannan, Palmer and Hutchinson, most of the others were knackered after 60 minutes, stopped running and we started passing backwards. Large squads are good for cover, but the starting 11 needs to be consistent, players with enough in the tank to complete 90 minutes and have a robustness to cope with regular football and not pick up niggling injuries, such as muscle problems. That will be out main concern this season IMO. As for Ipswich, sure we can put out a decent team, on paper, but some will be blowing out of their arses soon enough.
  2. Referee and one linesman in particular were awful yesterday, doesn't excuse our performance, but the officials had a poor game. Seems par for the course in L1, officials don't seem to know what they're doing, if in doubt, blow the whistle and err on the side of caution. Some truly bizarre decisions yesterday.
  3. All very disjointed at the minute. What concerns me most is that we can play for half an hour, but after that lose control as tempo slows and after 60 minutes blowing out our arses, no forward movement and backwards passing.
  4. Maybe if we expect to have a lot of the ball, the full backs can really push up? I'm not sure about Hutchinson in midfield.....now I've said that, watch him put in a MOM performance there.
  5. Nothing more beautiful on a sunny Saturday afternoon...
  6. I take your point, but it's not like we play them regularly. Yes, they beat us in the cup 5 years ago, but the last game before that was over 30 years ago, in 1987 (and we won). Overall record not great, but most of that in the days before money came into football and the game changed. Not a gimme, I agree, but as close as its possible to get.
  7. Travelled up last night and in Sheffield for this one, looking forward to it. Expect a reaction after the last two, particularly last week. The time for talking is done, now need actions on the pitch. No disrespect indented, but our squad, at this level, should beat 90% of teams in this league. Shrewsbury likely to sit deep and counter, flood the midfield and overload with 5 midfielders vs our 3. We need to be at it from the off, set the tempo and keep it up. For me Adeniran, Corbeanu and Shodipo start. We need energy and some unpredictability. Not a day for pragmatic team selections with players who are more positionally disciplined (up front), easy for the opposites if we play in front of them, need to get in behind making them face their own goal. 2-0 Wednesday
  8. Another club undone and financially compromised by EFL trying to apply retrospective rules, which differ from those in force at the time the club made financial decisions. It's like retrospectively excluding parachute payments from FFP calculations. An excellent idea IMO, not a chance they will do it as the EFL exist up the arses of the EPL and the few with current parachute money, similar principle though. Wonder what those clubs would think if they were told they couldn't spend money, therefore couldnt compete and as a result struggle to raise investment because of uncertainty and effective barriers to challenging for promotion.
  9. They're properly fizzed. Feel for the supporters. Not excusing the owner, but EFL surely shoulder some blame. Another club they've chosen to cripple by uncertainty, leading to financial insecurity, by trying to punish for breaching retrospectively applied rules. I dont pretend to know much about Derby's situation, but didnt seem to have the same issues paying bills before the EFL got their hooks in to try and make them sustainable, under their arbitrary made up rules, quite ironic really.....and still no sign of punishment for clubs like Bournemouth, for example, who did materially and flagrantly breach rules, actually in place at the time of their last promotion.
  10. Excellent new, been one of the stand out players this season.
  11. Hopefully Adeniran is fit, if not I'd look at Dele Bashiru as we need energy in midfield. Would also start Corbeanu and Shodipo to.go out and attack. They've had plenty of rest recently and mostly play on Saturday with a full week to recover, we should be at it from the off, fast tempo and keeping that up for 90 minutes....or until we're a few goals up and can manage the game.
  12. Don't have an opinion on the proposed deduction as such, but negotiating a punishment doesn't sit easy. Either a club has broken the rules and therefore subject to the punishment set out for that misconduct, or they haven't. If they haven't broken any rules, there shouldn't be a punishment, certainly not as punitive as deducting points. This reads like the EFL negotiating on behalf of other clubs to weaken an opponent. Let's not forget that those who actually did (flagrantly) break the rules and achieved promotion faced no similar punishment. Where were the 12 point deductions when those clubs were relegated back to EFL jurisdiction?
  13. Being a man of a certain age, I can beat those dribble stats easily, every time I go to the toilet.
  14. Peacock-Farrell (despite Saturday) and Adeniran the stand outs for me.
  15. Bought mine on the day they were released, received nothing. I do now get discounted members rate match tickets through my online account.
  16. Fair play for honesty, although there isn't a positive spin that anyone could put on that performance. I've watched Wednesday long enough not to get carried away with what is said, what happens on the pitch is more important. We all know what should happen on Saturday to start to put this right, however only the players that can affect that.
  17. I'm travelling up for the game on Saturday so there had better be a positive reaction!
  18. Brown, Johnson, Paterson can do a job, but too pragmatic and don't think we need to be so. At the moment, for me, the greatest attacking threat is provided by Corbeanu and Shodipo either side of Gregory and that should be the starting front three. Give them the ball to chase in the channels and opportunity run at the opposition. Pushes the opposition back and us further up the pitch It's a different dynamic when Windass fit, but for the time being, my pick
  19. Doesn't matter what formation we use if the players don't turn up and earn the right to play.
  20. Not panicking, but that today was nowhere near good enough, and on the back of the Morecambe result, cause for concern. Win next Saturday and all will be forgotten, but puts the pressure on that game now. We need to get back to having a go at teams, too pragmatic at times.
  21. Agree, personally I think we start with Corbeanu and Shodipo to give the opposites something to think about. Not seen enough of Sow, but Johnson playing in a front 3 too pragmatic, he's better at LB. We need to be dominating the ball more, we've some.good technical footballers and they need to show their supposed quality.
  22. poo from start to finish. No excuse for that, awful performance. So much for all those shooting drills they were doing during the week in training Total ******** Wednesday, embarrassing today.
  23. Can't just turn up and expect to win, have to earn he right to play in this league and we haven't done that today. Nowhere near good enough. Morecambe could be considered unlucky, but today just poor. Expected more cohesion and understanding at this stage of the season, especially after a week and a bit on the training ground.
  24. Oh dear. A draw is looking a good result now. Big second half needed and some changes, not been anywhere near good enough.
  25. Plenty of time left, but we need to wake up and get hold of the ball.
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