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    Gunna leather a Blackburn fan on leppings lane to celebrate
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    Needs to have the gonads to stick with Iorfa and Borner at centre half
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    Nuhiu starting Bannan and Hutchinson in midfield Always gonna get same results Monk needs to learn very quickly Its failed for 5 year ,not gonna start working now
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    No fight No heart Stealing a living Never been so frustrated by a squad of players in my entire time watching a Wednesday team Any offers come in accept them no matter who they are
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    Personally I think he’s been a great appointment. Monk didn’t make the players fall asleep for both of their early goals. If we had won the last 2 everyone would be back to singing his praise as they were when we beat Bristol City. Give it a rest. The man is working with a team that is still 70% of the Carlos era. We need to actually stick by a manager and let him build the team, if not we will always be stuck in a transition period. Our fans expect too much too soon.
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    One of our problems is that everything goes through him....we are so pathetically sub subservient to him demanding the ball especially in situations where he shouldn’t be asking for it never mind getting it......the opposition know what our plan is....give it to Bannan at all costs, bang a glory ball forward and hope it comes off. we need other options and players to grow a pair and give it Bannan when it’s the best option, not every time he demands it
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    "Sir, What are you doing here?" "Thought I'd join you for a swift one, Stubbs." "But what about the match day thread?" "To hell with it. I'm not in the mood." "I thought you loved this time of year" "I do. But Ye Gods it's depressing. I knew we'd lose to sodding Stoke. It's so Typical of Wednesday. I tried to be positive. But I knew. We all knew, that their terrible run would come to an end against us. It's the Wednesday way." "Well tomorrow is a different day,Sir. A clean slate." "Yes but is it, Stubbs? Is it? It didn't take long. We lost and all the festive cheer was gone. Nuhiu threads. Nando threads. A Westwood thread. Good job for Fox he got on the score sheet or he'd have bee getting a hammering. The mood has been sunk. Then of course there's all this with the EFL the icing on the sodding cake. It's ruined Christmas. It's made it the worst I've had." "Really? This time last year you dropped a point to a 95th minute goal against ten man West Brom. Squeezed a draw with struggling Birmingham and then got spanked three to nil at Hull" "It just feels worse now somehow." "And the year before that of course, her ladyship came home for Christmas and you ended up...remember...." "Good God, yes I remember" "So you see ,Sir, while it's a bit upsetting losing to Stoke, it's not the end of the World." "Yes. I suppose you're right. Tomorrow is a clean slate. A fresh start. Stoke was a blip. Yes. We can do this. All is good in the world Stubbs. All is good. And if nothing else we have our health!" "Exactly,Sir" ============================================== "I'm off now Mr Hargreaves." "Ok, you take care Doreen, love, thanks for staying late. You know what it's like when the site-traffic auditors come in. I do appreciate it. Sure you don't want me to ring a taxi for you?" "It's ok.Brian is picking me up." "All right. Well take care, it's bloody horrible out there." "I will. Good night" "Night. See you tomorrow-" "Bleedin hell. Who can this be at this time of night. Hello?" "Mr Hargreaves?" "Aye" "It's Doctor Spunkzenberger from the Asylum" "Yes..." "I'm afraid one of the inmates has escaped. @PatBloke . We've only just discovered it....the alarms had been bypassed. But his cell Hargreaves....his cell. You must warn Snooty...oh, and Hargreaves....." "He's taken a Neg-Gun" "Sweet-Jesus!" ============================================== Wednesday - V- Cardiff City Sunday 29th December, 2019 Kick off : 15:00 Hillsborough ============================================== THE TEAM NEWS SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY Wednesday top scorer Steven Fletcher could be back after missing their last two games through illness. Fellow forward Fernando Forestieri (knee) is also hoping to return, while goalkeeper Kieren Westwood is trying to shake off a shoulder injury. Dawson Iorfa Lees Borner Fox Reach Hutch Bannan Harris Fletcher Rhodes ============================================== Cardiff captain Sean Morrison serves the final match of his three-match ban after being sent off against Leeds. Defender Lee Peltier could be missing after being substituted with a foot injury during their draw with Millwall. CARDIFF Etheridge Richards Flint Nelson Bennett Bacuna Pack Mendez-Laing Tomlin Hoilett Glatzel ============================================== Match facts Sheffield Wednesday are unbeaten in eight league matches against Cardiff (W2 D6), a run stretching back to February 2015. Cardiff have failed to score in each of their last three away league matches against Sheffield Wednesday (D1 L2). Sheffield Wednesday are unbeaten in their last six Championship home games (W4 D4); their longest run under the same manager since October 2018 under Jos Luhukay (eight games). Cardiff have only won one of their last 12 away games in the Championship (D6 L5), with that lone victory coming against Nottingham Forest at the end of November. Sheffield Wednesday have only scored three first half goals at Hillsborough in the Championship this season, with 10 of their 13 coming in the second half of games. Cardiff striker Danny Ward has faced Sheffield Wednesday more often in his league career (10 games, no goals) than any club he is yet to score against. ============================================== FORM GUIDE ============================================== UP THE OWLS!
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    This’ll be popular... The best manager we have employed all decade was Bruce. Our results, our recruitment, our planning, our care of players....streets ahead. No surprise to me that his weak Newcastle squad is mid-table in the Prem. I’ve little doubt we would be a mid-table Prem club too by say 21/22 had Bruce stayed.
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    I'll go for AFC Fylde at home please.
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    Still brought us the best football for 25 years. I’d love to hear your thoughts on all the other sh ite we’ve had in the dugout since Big Ron.
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    There will be no points deducted, because we haven’t done anything wrong !! And even without additional players coming in, the squad is capable of finishing in a playoff spot. UTO
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    Lets be honest all the players had F##king Christmas off
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    What does anybody expect of this shambolic council? Just take a look around our city centre. It's a complete 5hithole. I went to Leeds on Monday and it's just shows what a forward thinking council can achieve.
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    What a bell end.
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    I did wonder if Monk might take him out of the firing line today. Huge game. Local Derby. Who knows, maybe he would have if Lees hadn't succumbed to the flu. As it was the lad carried on where he left off at Brighton. Had a tough start when Leeds came flying out of the blocks. But dealt with it. Grew into the game and really played without fear. The lad has heart and courage. I really hope he can build on this. He seems a lovely lad.
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    Quite simply, disgraceful. Due to family etc, don’t do many aways these days, and won’t be doing anymore until this squad is cleared out. Over the years I’ve seen worse teams than this, but at least the vast majority of them played to their full ability. This team, more to the point this squad, have took a kings ransom out of this club, and we’ve ended up worse off than where we started. Monk isn’t to blame here either, so forget that one straightaway. Shambles, against a dreadful Wigan side. But at least they wanted to win. That was was as bad as it gets tonight. Awful.
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    To be fair, when you’re Man Utds closest rivals I can understand that mentality.
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    Leeds fans don't have a brain between them, just knuckle dragging bedwetters,embarrassment to Yorkshire.
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    Manager Defends players = Clown Manager nails players = Clown 5 managers. Same players...
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    Its giving huge contracts to players like Westwood and FF that’s got us where we are. Lukuhay was rightly derided for what he was doing in sacking off the old guard, but I’m coming round to the idea he was way ahead of his time and was dealing with the issues long before any of us could face it.
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    A thing of beauty Bannan had the vision asking for the ball, a lovely through ball to Reach who picked out Nuhiu and he hit it crisply first time leaving the goalkeeper and defender floundering. Oh and two crazy commentators.
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    They can't have been looking very hard. He was right there Doing this
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    Here's a novel idea. Why didn't DC just run the club sustainably?
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    Monk's got a decent onion on his shoulders. Knows which end of the pitch we're weakest in (and Fletchers injury hammers home the point further) The debut of the boy Urhoghide was clearly Monk making sure he'd got someone in the locker ready to compete with Palmer for the slot before he made the decision. Odubajo will be on more lira than a lad in the U23's .....it's a no brainer. - That money can be freed up to sign a loan player of decent quality at the top end of the attack. Monk knows that this might well end up being a shiite or bust season and he's showing he means business. I for one applaud him.
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    IBIS Doncaster. The plane didn’t start. Not saying they chartered an old one, but mate of mine was sat next to the rear gunner.
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    Coming soon(ish). June 2020. Give me a follow on Twitter @ourlowestebb1 if that's your thing. Or look out for further details nearer the time. Featuring interviews with management, players, club staff and the views of hundreds of fans - it aims to rescue the era for posterity. Hopefully it'll be something that Owls fans young and old will enjoy. If nothing else, it puts today's issues in some perspective :) Cheers and UTO John Dyson
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    We were awful on Saturday against Blackburn. We went down to 10 men and Blackburn took full advantage. How many times does a team go down to 10 men and the other team don’t take advantage? We were unfortunate with the ball hitting the post and rebounding in off Dawson’s head. How many times does that happen?It seemed like the ‘perfect storm’. Only a week previously we had beaten Leeds away having kept a clean sheet, made it even more frustrating as we know this team has it in them to beat anyone in the league on their day. If you cast your minds back to Forest away, by half time Rhodes had scored a hat trick for the first time in years and we were cruising at 4-0. Forest fans were leaving in droves and likely writing their team off of any chance of the play offs. Look at them now though, a couple of wins and they’re back amongst it. The memory of our victory likely in the shadows. We need to remember that whether you lose by a 90th minute goal or get battered 5-0, it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference, you still get 0 points, just as a scrappy 1-0 win only gets you 3 points the same as a resounding win. Ok I get the goal difference aspect but it’s rare that comes into play. If Wednesday can bounce back with a couple of wins then we can be right back in the mix. The Blackburn memories will fade like Forests have of their defeat to us. Hopefully GM can focus the lads, put last weekends result behind us and get the best out of us for the forthcoming games. Anyone really can beat anyone in this league-and they do- who’d have backed Stoke winning at WBA last night? It’s about finding that little burst of consistency-teams in this league will only ever string together 3-4 victories at most due to how tight this league is- and remaining balanced both in victory and defeat. Youll always lose games in this division, it’s how you bounce back that matters.
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    Don't know how I ballsed the link up. But anyway...
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    Shouldn't we wait to see how Urhoghide performs over a decent period of time first? If he's putting in better performances, then the shirt should be his.
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    The views of the habitual moaners just like those of the habitually pro-club are barely worthy of consideration. It's obvious this sort of signing is just a low-risk punt. We take a player on and see if we can develop him further to the point of being useful. Maybe it works out, maybe not. Expecting to be ‘excited’ by a signing such as this is merely to misunderstand what this signing is and what the U23s is ostensibly about. Failing to recognize when a player is clearly not expected to have an immediate first-team impact is quite simply feeble-minded.
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    Reach to the left of me, Harris to the right. Here I am. Stuck in the middle Nuhui.
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    He's been reliable for about a year now, so why are we still obsessed with bashing the lad? He's massively stepped up despite the overwhelming hate, time to give the lad a break.
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    Reminded me of Bannan - Pudil - Wallace. 1-0 v Arsenal.
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    You don't need to justify yourself mate. I live 6 miles away and can't be bothered
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    yes i do Mine is £28 per match at early bird prices in the south For people putting their money in up front the prices should be a lot lower I think we are in the top 3 cost wise. £28 should be the maximum potg price never mind what a season ticket works out at each match A lot of premier league clubs are cheaper than ours - how can that be right?
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    Sorry but Murphy was miles better than Harris and Reach today.
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    So he came in and gave us our best season and played the best football for over 20 years, but you'd have sacked him after losing the play off final against a much stronger side - really?! After bottling the play offs the following year with his negativity, yes I'd have happily got rid then, but it's ludicrous and using extreme 20:20 hindsight to say he should have left in 2016.
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    Sadly I think the same applies to Westwood, as appears not to be a happy bunny at being left out, time to go.
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    Seen us play Bielsa 4 times and he’s a complete myth. No doubt doing well, but Leeds fans act like he’s took over an U9’s Sunday league team and turned them into Leedsalona. They just try to overload you from the start, but if you stay strong and defend well they run out of steam. Look at their team. Casilla from Real Madrid, Barry Douglas won league with Wolves and cost a bit, Kelvin Phillips was being watched for England, Ben White getting rumours of Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs, Helder Costa they have agreed to buy for £15m, Jack Harrison they can sign for around £10m and Bamford cost above £7m. Yet that team has won 1 in 6 and showing the same signs of last year of falling away. Does my head in listening to sky waffle on about how good he is, he should have walked the league with that side.
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    Why would we ? There is life without bannan and reach you know There not the superstars people like to think on here
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    Dear Sheffield Wednesday, Wake thafook up. Regards, Wilyfox.
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    Don’t down play the effort he puts in. Sometimes he goes from the kettle to the arm chair 3 times on a match day.
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    Elland road ,number 1 One of biggest dumps in English football
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    Great, but what is your point? Not everyone can or wants to go to every match but they would like to go to some games but probably it will be fewer or none at a +50 to +100% mark-up vs the ST price. I don’t go to the pub every night but when I do I pay the same as the guy who does.
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