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    He's no fool. He's been dealt the cards and is getting on with it without moaning. I have the utmost respect for how he conducts himself.
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    WIGAN - V - WEDNESDAY "Stubbs! Stubbs! Stuuuubs" "Yes Sir" "Ahh, there you are. Come in, come in don't just stand there." "Is something the matter Sir?" "Well yes, I should say there is." "Yes sir?" "Tomorrow is kick-off day Stubbs. Kick-off day" "But I thought her ladyship wasn't back until Sunday" "No no man. The Football. The Wednesday!" "Oh that." "Oh that. Oh that. What on Earth do you mean with that tone?!" "Nothing sir, it's just " "Just what? Just what, eh?" "Well after the episode last season sir, just before I went on holiday" "What episode?" "When you started blowing the villa up with the shotgun sir, screaming about Portuguese snake-oil salesman and vowing you were never going again" "Oh. Oh that. No, I'm over all that now." "Very good sir" "Anyway. I thought I'd have a bash at the old Match Day thingymajig" "Thingymajig. Isn't he the new mayor sir?" "No no. Thats Magid. Do you even read the papers Stubbs?" " Not really sir, I think they repress our intellectual movements through brainwashing" "What?" "Nothing sir" "Well anyway. Look here. I'm going to do this match day thing and I can't even get the laptop working. Have a look will you. " "Configuring updates. 4%. How long ago did you turn it on?" "About an hour and half ago" "An hour and a half?!" "Yes." "When did you last have it turned on?" "Good God. I don't know. Maybe the Norwich match" "Then I think this could take some time sir. Infact I don't think you'll be logged on before midnight at this rate" "But I must! I need to do the thread" "Well will it really be so bad if you don't. I mean there's nothing much to shout about is there" "What an Earth do you mean?" "Well. I mean. It's hardly been the best summer has it. Eight players out the door. The best young International prospect in 35 years gone for nothing" "Borukov hasn't gone anywhere Stubbs!" "Who? I was talking about Hirs.." "Silence!" "Sorry I.." "Don't mention that name. I never want it mentioned in this house again. He's dead to me. They all are. They mean nothing. They never existed" "Sorry. I was just saying.." "Well don't" " Hunts gone. You liked him didn't you?" "He was ok. Never saw him finish a game for 12 months. Subbed every week. Ankle like my auntie Norma." "Your auntie Norma is ...dead" "Correct Stubbs. Correct." "I know but, Palmer at Right wing back" "What's wrong with that!" "Well come on sir you've said yourself before that..." "No! I won't have a bad word said against that boy. Local." "Worksop?" "Local-ish. Loves the club. Came through the ranks. That's what it's all about to me now" "Switches off though sir" "They all do. It's second division football. For Christs sake. Trippier plays well in the World Cup and it's hammer LiamPalmer time. Well I'm not standing for it. First one to give him some lip tomorrow is going to get a damned good thrashing" "Are you going tomorrow?" "No" "Well, unlikely to find anyone slagging him off then" "Well if I hear Giddings or any of them chumps having a pop" "Erm...haven't you heard sir there's been a...well....Radio...BBC.." "Oh yes. That. Well. I'm not bothered anyway. Radio is rubbish. Rubbish!" "But you said you loved John Pearson and his rampantly biased views." "Yes well. I don't like radio any more. It's a dead medium" "Well what are you going to do tomorrow?" "I'm going to get one of those stream thingies aren't I" "Not on that lap-top you're not. It's still only on 6%" "Pah!" "Well, your not missing anything really sir are you. I mean they haven't signed anyone have they. I mean it hardly bodes well when you can't even get a kid in from the Dog and Duck" "We don't need more players for your information" "Really" "Yes really" "Look sir, I'm all for putting a brave face on it but" "Not a brave face Stubbs. A fact. We didn't need any extra bodies." "I mean you've lost the skipper." "He was too old anyway!" "Wallace" "Don't mention Wallace!" "Are you crying sir?" "No. NO! STAND BACK MAN. leave me!" "Are you ok?" "I have something in my eye" "Oh" "Well at least they're back in the proper kit sir. Looks very smart that?" "That's Wigans kit!" "Wigan! I didn't know they played football in Wigan." "Well they do. Very well actually. Beat Manchester City last season" "Tough game then sir" "Not at all. Not at all. We'll thrash them" "Really" "Oh yes. They're a fourth division club" "I thought it was the Championship?" "It is. I mean they should be in the fourth division" "Why? Have they broken some rules?" "Because I bloody say so. They are a fourth division club. Rugby town. " " I thought you said they beat Manchester City.." "That was in the cup. That doesn't count" "Oh. I see. What about the league. They any good in the League?" " Champions last season" "Pardon sir I didn't quite catch that you'll have to speak up" "I said they won the third division!" "Oh. By much?" "They got 98 points" "Oh. Good side then. Very tough test this. Bloody hell. .." "Bloody hell what?" "Well I mean, there will be an absolute meltdown won't there if Wednesday lose" "We won't lose" "Seven players out. None in. Can't spend. Radio deal unsigned. George Hirst off to Belgium. He's making his debut tomorrow you know against Mechelen." "I've warned you!" "Fans going mad....membership higher than top Premier League clubs.....toilets on the KOP still a disgrace... and you haven't even played a game yet sir" "Where have you got all this wrist slitting blather from?" "Old Bob in the Navvies arms. They're all on about it." "Right. Well I'm not drinking there anymore. I can do without their bedwetting. Tomorrow I shall go to the Cornish Club" "Very good sir. What time shall I call the taxi for sir to take you to the club?" "Taxi?" "Yes sir, the cars in the garage if you remember after you hit that tree when Radio Sheffield announced you couldn't afford to sign Venanncio" "Don't mention them either! I'm in a good mood. I won't have it ruined" "Sorry sir. Anyway. As i was saying. What time do you want me to get the City Taxi here?" "No! No, no, no, no, no! I will never ride in one of their carriages again" "Why ever not sir?" "Never you mind. I'm just not giving money to those traitorous swines! Ring me a D taxi" "What's a D-Taxi?" "There, there look, on the back of that card" "Ok." "The lines dead sir, it's not ringing" "There must be some mistake. Pass it here. Pass it here. It's not ringing Stubbs" "I just said that. Are you sure it's a Sheffield firm." "Look never mind. Get the motorbike out. We'll go on that." "I'm not sure what condition it's in sir. I haven't seen it for months. It's right at the back of the garage. Can't see it for all those Woodburn..." "No! Don't mention Woodburn, I won't allow it. I should have known you were a pig" "Eh?" "Woodburn indeed" " Woodburning stoves sir. I was going to say I couldn't see your bike for the Woodburning stoves that you bought off that conman" " I wasn't conned" "You've bought 30 woodburners on the hottest summer on record" "Silence! I've had it just about up to here with you and your negativity." "Very good sir" "The Wednesday are going to win today. Whether we've lost Loovens, Wallace, Hunt, Venanncio or not. Whether Leicester have done us right up the ricker with Hirst....we canwin today even though we haven't signed anyone.....we can win today even though Wigan have momentum.......we can win today even if I can't listen to it on Radio Sheffield........ we can win today even if we haven't a white hoop on the sock. We can win today even if Membership is £90. We can going to win today even if they score first. You know why Stubbs? You know why I'm saying that? Because.... as bad as people think it is. As much goes on off the pitch....we can win....because it's Seasons eve....and the pre-season hope still burns.... the first day of the God damned season is coming, FFS and hope, yes HOPE!, is all we've bloody got and if we haven't got hope then we've got nothing at all." "Drink sir?" "Yes. Brandy" "Bit early sir" "No. No it isn't. I've never felt so much pressure on a first game result as this" "Match prediction?" "2-0 Wednesday." "Goalscorers sir?" "Joao two and big Adthe" "Nuhiu?! " "Don't mock me Stubbs" "Very good sir"
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    Getting tired of reading nonsense on here from the some of the ignorant fans on here who have probably never run a business or risked investment in anything. Both the Chairman and Manager getting unacceptable stick. The Chairman has sunk tens of millions into our club. His strategy hasn’t worked and clearly he has been badly advised but the guy has put his money where his mouth is big time. Luhakay is bring hounded by clueless idiots on the radio about an embargo. Let him get on with coaching what is still a large and talented squad. Let Chansiri get on with sorting out the financial situation. Some people should be careful what they wish for and wind their necks in. We could have a lot worse owners and managers.
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    Hes our talisman and best player at the club,seen a lot of negative posted about whats happened but sir Alex Ferguson didn't turn his back on cantona Come on Fernando im looking forward to seeing you torment the opposition defences this season
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    At the end of last season when we started to get our injured players back we were in great form. 5-1 vs Norwich, draw at Wolves, 3-0 vs Reading, 4-1 vs Preston, 2-1 at Leeds, 3-1 at Sunderland, 1-0 at Hull - all in the last couple of months of the season. Don't understand all the doom-mongering and see no reason why we can't pick up where we left off with the same squad and manager to be honest.
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    There aren't any for not backing Jos and the players at the start of a brand new season. If something's too dear, don't buy it! If prices are too high, don't go! Shout at the telly or radio or your phone or live text updates. If players are struggling then encourage them to do better. What a player is paid is not his fault. If we can't bring in new players, support the ones we have and roar on the young uns. If the boxes are too dear, fuckoff to wherever, entertain your clients and watch Wednesday on your phone. If they always run out of pies then go to the chippy beforehand. I could go on but my basic point is this: It is true that spending more money gives you a better chance of getting out of this league. It is also true that this is a division of very fine margins where positivity, togetherness and belief can still count for a lot. Respond to the stuff you don't like by voting with your wallet, the message will be heard, no need to keep wailing on. Use all that time and energy spent on moaning, complaining, slagging off and getting angry in a positive way to back the new boss and his new plan from the off. Fresh start, fresh legs, fresh ideas and fresh pants for Wigan next week. Believe they can win and grow into the future rather than thst they will fail due to our recent past. It is the very basics of supporting the team you love and everyone will feel so much better for it. Very recently our national team, most of us on here anyway, went into the World Cup on a very similar vibe. Expectations were low, big names were missing but look what happened there. Yes they faltered towards the end but the journey was a good laugh and those backing drowned out those attacking the players. Embrace the new season in stripes and create new songs, new memories and get your money's worth by enjoying the game and the day around it and have a laugh whatever the outcome. Always remember, you were chosen by God for Wednesday before the devil could choose you as a Grunter. Be grateful.
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    Sheffield Wednesday are delighted to announce the launch of our new “Wednesday Wireless” online streaming service providing commentary for our matches. For just £399 for the 2018/2019 season, fans can enjoy exclusive coverage, the likes that have never been offered to fans. Wednesday Chairman himself, Dejphon Chansiri will be providing the commentary for all matches this upcoming season. “I am so pleased that we can offer this great service to our fans.” Chansiri said. “When I bought Wednesday I didn’t know what football was, but I now consider myself an expert and I want to share this with you all. We wanted to sign new players this season, but me and my staff have been working nonstop to give me the skills required to provide this service to our wonderful supporters. Fans are absolutely at the heart of everything we do and this is just another example of my commitment to the club, the fans and the aim of getting us into the Premier League.” For just an extra £12 per game, supporters get to enjoy post and pre match analysis from a weekly special guest. Mick McCarthy will be alongside Chansiri for the Wigan game, with Ozzie Owl then providing insight for the Sunderland EFL Cup game. Guest will join the coverage before the match, and Mr Chansiri will commentate on the matches solely by himself, before hosting a phone in after Mick and Ozzie’s analysis. To participate in the phone in, Owls fans need to subscribe to Wednesday Wireless Platinum Plus, the details of which will be revealed before kick off tomorrow. Subscribing to Wednesday Wireless Platinum Plus and purchasing at least 42 analysis packages a season will see fans offered an incredible 5% off on all orders above £300 from the Mega Store, and 5% off memberships for next season, exclusively for those who have already purchased them. The move has seen Wednesday immediately withdraw from iFollow. Fans who have purchased iFollow for this season will be provided with details on how to claim a partial refund.
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    In full swing. Scary times and even though we are spending more money than ever on the club we are first in the firing line from the chairman. Absolutely astounding and people will lap it up. ITS OUR FAULT. He's literally blaming the fans for everything right down to the sale of Jack Hunt. No long term financial planning gone into managing this squad. A catastrophic failure to understand the fan base, pricing strategies or the basic needs of football fans. Denial of any information about embargo. Efforts made to kill off business from fans that don't own season tickets. What does the future hold? Unless we're promoted the squad will see it's best players sold off. This should have been planned for years ago. Take Derby. They consistently sell and refresh the squad and hence don't risk a catastrophic drop in playing budget OR the desperation of a poo or bust season that we now face. There's no one involved at the top level of the club that has the skills or experience to restructure the playing staff. Instead we are still believing in the same players that have failed in the past, on large and comfortable contracts. There are no football people. No direction. It's scary. And people are absolutely backing Chansiri up on it all. How do you feel that the future of the playing squad hasn't been planned for at all? But if you take home one thing tonight don't forget it's YOUR FAULT. I'm not expecting promotion. I'm not expecting to watch a team that plays like Barcelona. I haven't seen my team play in the Premier League. But jesus christ I expect to see some contingency plans in place and some direction from the top down before being blamed for our current downfall. It hurts a lot to hear it. Maybe it's an eye for an eye now.
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    The chairman or CEO should come out of hiding and either confirm or deny and put this to bed. Stop letting the manager be confronted by journalists seeking a scoop - man up FFS
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    Just got back. Totally one sided viewpoint from the OP. Massive provocation with three & four of their players having a go at FF both during & after the main incident. Get off his flippingback, give him some support & don't repeat the Di Canio debacle. Ps don't play these local no mark friendlies again. There was a potential leg breaking tackle at Lincoln & then this. Lower, no mark players trying to make a point & make a reputation especially re higher profile names. Remember that Pyscho moron on Ian Knight. Similar scenario & not worth the hassle.
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    The number of changes Jos made indicated that he still wants to make sure everyone gets some game time. The disruption always has an effect on proceedings. There's clearly some positions where he is still going to have to make his mind up. Few things have come to mind. The players aren't going to be charging about at 100mph or throwing themselves in 50/50 tackles and taking any chances with the season just around the corner.They won't have been risking anything. They will want to be playing in the league where it counts. IMO anyone who thinks they should be pushing themselves to their limits and taking chances in a game like this, especially given our injury pile up last season wants their head looking at. Conundrums- Though not too much can be taken from these sorts of games there are a few little puzzles that Jos will need to solve. The first (IMO) is the same conundrum that Carlos had. For though their teams play different systems there is the Foretieri question. The lad is at his best playing wide of a central partner or off a front pairing. I don't think there are many who wouldn't agree There is a double puzzle in this. 1) When we play 3-4-3 we end up with the the two man central midfield and we don't have two players capable of being able to put up with the stresses of that area. Especially when outnumbered. It was one of the big problems of the Carvalhal era that a midfield "Beast" wasn't signed seeing as it was obvious we'd be playing a two. 2) Of course the flip side of that is.....if we play 3 in central midfield to combat that long term problem....you have to play a strike partnership. And for my money...that doesn't suit FF. In fact i think it's fair to say that the best strike pairs are about the combination of the partners rather than the quality of the individual. When we had the spell at the back end of the season it was with the Joao/Nuhui combo. Neither player as good as Fernando....but as a pair they are complementary. I'm not for a moment saying I wouldn't play Fernando. But how to get him in his best position without losing midfield , I think will be an ongoing test for whoever is in the managers seat. He's the best talent in the squad. One of the best in the division for my money. But getting him in those right areas to do his damage is the key. Without...upsetting the balance of the side. It's a question which will continue to be asked and one to which with this squad and the lack of money to spend I'm not sure will ever be 100% sorted. I think it will be a case of getting him in and maybe other players having to play in their secondary roles and hoping that a solid team ethic and him being at the top of his game pays off. Though it's conundrums like this which have put paid to a succession of England managers. Three at the back. We all know why we have three at the back. Because the club failed to address the problems at centre half which has been a warning light flashing for two years. It was clear two years ago that Loovens hamstring was never going to be the same. Anyway... clogging that area makes perfect sense. I have no issue with that at all. But Lees must be in the centre of the 3. I won't slag him as many have today. He's the skipper and for my money still our best header of a ball. For me he has to the one defender the box not the one in the right sided birth. Hutchinson, IMO, would be much better suited to the RCB role because he's more comfortable on the ball and is nippier in getting out to help the full back. The shame is that we haven't managed to keep hold of Venancio who looked more than comfortable in that RCB position. Certainly more comfortable than the skipper. Van Aken for me looked a worry and I hope that Lees is shuffled back across as soon as possible. Joao better down the middle. (This maybe should have gone with the other striking post. However...) I think Joao is the reverse of Fernando. I believe that Fernando is better from a wider starting position and coming in to attack. Joao I think is better down the middle in a pair where his turning the man and being able to drift off wide seems to suit him better. I feel like that have almost been in role reversal. Not sure it's the way. But have to trust Jos' judgement. Bonus - Nice to see Fletcher back in action. I know he's been injured since he signed/pretending to be injured/is on £108,000 pw but I'm glad to see him back in action. There are the touches in there and hold up play that I am surprised some people cannot see. I think he could have a big part to play this season. Especially if we do play 3 up top and need someone with the link and hold play in the central position. Also good to see Matias whilst he didn't 'do much' it was nice to see his movement out there and refreshing to see one of those players who runs from his toes ready to accelerate. Whether he stays or is off loaded him being out there on the park can only be a good thing. No Westwood - It might well be that he's off. Who knows? It would make decent business sense if true. Dawson has ,IMO, really pushed himself forward with a claim to be the clubs number one goalkeeper. I'd be more than happy if Westwood stays. I'm a firm believer that it's one of those positions where there are times in the season when you want an old head. But I'll understand if he does go. Todays exclusion could be for any number of reasons. Perhaps Jos isn't a fan of tweeting! Either way. Till anything is confirmed its all guess work. The Palmer groaning - It was a pre-season game. There was plenty of the ball going lose. Sloppy passes from from players of both sides. Including favourites like Fernando and Bannan. Palmers first misplaced pass and loss of possession (around 10 minutes) audible groans. It really does make me despair. Some people cannot see their forty facedness of it all. Lovely taken goal from the lad. Though I'm sure many will suggest it was a spoz. I don't think he's the best right back in the division. Not by a mile. But the way people are so keen to jump on him really does make me sigh to myself. Home grown too. Left back/left wing back - Continues to be a concern. Boyd looks as happy as he does comfortable. Though he does visibly look happier when he gets forward. Another long term problem spot. Fox another much maligned actually made one superb tackle at the end today and put in a magnificent cross which was begging for someone to get on the end of. Again. Neither world beaters, but with no other options and Reach obviously considered a central midfield player by the manager (While we play 3 at the back at least) then they are what we have and we have to get behind them. Anyway. Enough for me to think we can still make a top ten finish.
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    First of all, I am and have always been a Season Ticket Holder, I therefore don't buy Membership, Don't pay on the day (apart from cup games), and as an adult I don't buy replica shirts (just a little joke). But that doesn't stop me being puzzled by the over the top pricing, that will effect my fellow supporters. I know we have FFP to adhere to, and I don't expect somebody to wave a magic wand and make any money worries disappear - but I also don't understand what pricing the average supporter away from our club will achieve? £90 Membership - I'm sure those packages will sell like hotcakes. £60 for a shirt - really? £39 for our 1st game v Hull? Why? If we really are skint, flog another player or two - but don't charge silly prices, then act surprised when folk lose interest, I am quite concerned that has time passes, DC doesn't learn from his mistakes, he in fact keeps repeating them. Unless we make a cracking start to the season, I fear less and less occupied seats, and more and more resentment has to how the club is being run. Sigh.
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    Even pictures of Abdi are broken
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    Hi fellow owlstalkers, I've been following the ups and downs of our beloved club on here for some time and love the humour and general banter, so thought I might join in after finally getting the nod following two other attempts. You'd think I was on the watch list. I used to watch the boys regularly as a teenager from when we were in the misery of the third division to salvation through the Charlton years and then bizarrely under the stewardship of my old PE teacher, Howard Wilkinson (Abbeydale Grange school...now defunct) I lost contact with the club when I moved to France in the 90's so missed out on the glory years, but was amazed to make the odd visit to Hillsborough and see the likes of Carbone, di Canio and Hirst do things that I never thought I'd ever see done in the famous blue and white shirts. My substitute team in France were Olympique de Marseille, so I'd already seen Waddle in blue and white stripes, albeit horizontal, so I was thrilled to see him swap them for vertical ones later on. Happy days! Since coming back to the UK (I now live in Devon, kids down here) so don't get to see us play much anymore, but loved the revival under Megson and first year under Carvalhal. By his third season I think we were all starting to doubt his suitability early on and the change needed to come. I'm generally an optimist, which is hard with Wednesday, but I did think someone like Jos was needed to come in and regroup the players. We now know what was happening behind the scenes so to get confidence back into the fringe players after all the injuries was the key to survival and despite understandable poor results at the start of his tenure, I think Jos has done an incredible job. He has undoubted determination, tells it how it is and doesn't offer excuses. I'm sure he'll consolidate over the next season and take us forward. So for all those young lads and lasses who want premiership football, just remember that so does every other team in the division and we are all where we are by merit. In my experience, the inspiration of the manager makes the difference. Clearly, Jos knows how to build a player up and instill confidence which in turn breeds success, so while we might not set the league on fire next season, I expect that we will improve on last and maybe, if it all clicks and Jos unlocks the potential of our returning players, we might just have a belter. Stay positive guys. We have some of the best players and definitely supporters in the country. Sing when we're winning, sing defiantly when we are losing. We are Wednesday. We will rise again!
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    Back him unconditionally until proved either way. For once Wednesday need to back there man and not throw him under the bus.
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    Forget shirt sales, contracts, embargoes and all the rest of the crap that fills the vacuous cavern that is the internet. I just want to go down to Hillsborough and watch my team, just as I have for the last 32 years. We've been in better positions at the start of some of those seasons granted but for a majority I'd say we've had less hope than we have now. Yes we have deficiencies just like all other championship squads but we've got some decent players too. If one or two of the young players who came in last season can make the step up and we can get even half the injuries from last season we'll be fine (by fine I mean away from any relegation fears, my expectations have been well and truly tempered). Look around the league, theres a hell of a lot of money flying around which we can't hope to compete with. We had our shot at doing things that way and failed, the market has moved to another level now so we have to reset and try to build again. It kind of feels that we've become a bit entitled since Mr C came in and chucked a bit of cash around and now it looks likely we're not going to be competing at the top of the division some are finding that a little hard to handle. We had our chance, nearly made it but just fell short. Last year was a complete write off and now the game has changed and we as supporters have to understand and deal with that as do those at the top level of the club. A decent start would do the whole club a world of good. Here's hoping!
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    £39 for opening game, with no new signings whatsoever. Four years on and we're still in the same position, if not worse. The fans have done their bit, and got nothing in return. And yet STILL people defend the current hierarchy.
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    Was a good servant for Wednesday. Good luck Ross Wallace.
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    I was trying to be funny, self depracating and ignorant of his usernane but it appears it's backfired. I've misjudged my audience
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    Have kept stum until now .... But I want our owl back. Beautiful, unique, classic, recognisable. Had it on out in Russia a people who have never even watched a Wednesday game on TV recognised it straight away. Why do clubs insist on a rebrand and a so called move forward. Our new badge does nothing for us. Previous iterations such as on the orange 2000's kit were better even. It's old news but I dont care. Blinded by nostalgia maybe but it's just fact, if it aint broke don't fix it and actually I am ashamed to be part of the masses who rolled over and had their belly tickled with a tuna and said nothing about it. New kits are rank (not that I buy them anyway) and the owl on pills hand sewn by a one armed 90 year old thai factory worker is just the cherry. Phew, gonna go and sit down. Season probably needs to start soon
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    1. Van Aken isn’t good enough 2. Tom Lees is our only top class defender, he has to be the centre man in a back three. 3. Hutchinson is not an attacking midfielder. Great in a back three or defensive midfielder. 4. Our squad is strongest in attack. Play two strikers with Forestieri behind. If he learns these things we will be fine. If he doesn’t, it could be difficult.
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    Respect is earned. The way Luhukay has conducted himself, gone about his business and behaves I have a huge amount of respect for him. Unfortunately our chairman keeps seeming to alienate sections of the fans, increasingly divides the fan base, fleecing a working class city for all they can afford and keeps repeating the same mistakes. I won’t go into all the problems and rumours about how difficult he is to work with and how manny staff have left. Chansiri has had some good qualities. Mainly spending his money on the club, but my respect isn’t bought. I don’t hate the man, or have bad things to say about him personally as I’ve never met him. I’m sure he doesn’t care in the slightest, but his actions mean he doesn’t have my respect.
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    Heard it all now!!!! Been my brothers in arms through thick & thin since Colin Dobson was playing. Big difference is, everyone was as one, it was more simple, less sophisticated. Save our Owls, Ken Knighton kicking the door in, various set to’s, Chelsea, West Ham, we all stuck together (as best we could). Seen em relegated, promoted,, finish 3rd in Div 1, & seen them totally insignificant, seen players sold, nicked from us for nowt. The bribes scandal, you name it, but we all came back for more and in those days we moaned & groaned but there was not that cynical, concerted, destructive campaign like attitude that prevails now. It seems like certain people are conducting a ‘Momemtum’ style campaign to completely undermine the Chairman & therefore the club as a whole, in the same cynical way that long serving Labour MPs are forced out by militants in that party. Yeah he’s probably got it wrong about certain aspects of the pricing policy, but what is the end game intention of you and all the rest of you who want shut of D.C. I don’t think you even know! It has now gone beyond mere criticism of his stewardship & has become a non stop campaign deliberately aimed at presumably instigating change, to be replaced by God knows what & in God knows what time scale. It isn’t the mainstream fans i can’t fu*****n stand, it’s the people who pretend to have the clubs interests at heart but yet are willing to rip the club apart to satisfy their own short term aims & agenda because he is trying to run a business In a way you don’t approve of.
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    We've not played a single game in the Championship yet We are on the same number of points as everyone else Westwood is 100% fit There's some kind of FFP type hearing on Wednesday We possibly aren't going to sign anyone Nobody knows what Jos's starting lineup is/will be Our club is continuing with matchday programmes Both kits are on sale in the shop We've got stripes back - fans asked and fans got A few of the players who havent' been fit are now Pre season games mean nothing and players were swapped out every ten minutes yesterday If anyone can read the above and explain to me why there's a massive meltdown on social media I'd be up for hearing it because I'm really confused why it's happening Seems to me like every single little thing that fans are panicking about doesn't actually exist, there's no tangible evidence of any of it, and it's just people freaking out and panicking over something that exists about as much as Jesus or Brexit does. If all these panicky fans can do everyone (that's EVERYONE) a massive favour and just sit down, shut up, keep quiet for ONE MONTH and see how we do that would be appreciated by everyone I'm sure. One month ONE MONTH Do it for Sheffield Wednesday and do it for Jesus x
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