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    Months ago on a trip to Wednesday (The villa game I think) my lad Jacob came with me and got lots of photos with the players and getting autographs etc. When in the car on the way home he realised he lost his programme with the signatures on, the one he was most disappointed about was Jordan Rhodes. As a homework project (he struggles massively with his writing) combined with a genuine ask we wrote to Jordan asking for a signed photo for Jake to replace it, explaining what had happened and now we couldn’t attend much etc. THIS is what he sent back..... Thanks Jordan, you have made my 8 year olds bloody year!!!!! Above and beyond - love this club so much sometimes.
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    The club and it's organisation gets a lot of stick, so for balance here is a big thumbs up to SWFC. My Mum is currently 88 not out, and during a long conversation around Christmas we were reminiscing about all the games we had been to together as a family whist my dad was alive. She said she would really like to attend one more match while still (just about) being able, and as a fool I replied OK if that's what you would like I will sort it! I never thought about the logistics, she can walk a bit, but longer distances needs a fold up wheelchair, she feels the cold, needs to be comfortable, even if I could get her to the ground the sudden thought of her on the concourse queuing for the ladies filled me with dread. So I contacted the club, and after speaking to Hazel in the ticket office, and getting put on to Richard Stanford and finally to Alistair, a plot was hatched. I was offered a reasonable Hospitality package of drop off, parking, lunch, and then most importantly use of the balcony seats of an empty box, where my mum could enjoy the atmosphere of the game in comfort, and without constant interruptions (You now 5 mins after KO, 30 mins sweet or wee break, 5 mins before half time for another pee and a pint, 5 mins after second half ko, leave on 86, that sort of thing) I jumped at the chance and the day went like a dream, got mum safely and early to the ground, parked up in Hillsborough Park, a wonderful lunch in the Dooley Suite, a talk from Rob Jones (just how tall is he?) lift up to the box, a wonderful seat approching the half way line, coffee, drinks and a snack at half time, a 3-0 win, sunshine, coffee and a pie at full time. Collect car and mum, home at 6;00 well happy. A big thank you to all, especially Aliaster and James who looked after us on the day. Made my mum's day and all of us very happy UTO and well done SWFC for helping to make this happen.
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    Today's victory against Hull throws up a relatively interesting statistical quirk: Carvalhal averaged 1.17 points per game during his 23 league matches in charge this season, which is exactly the same as Luhukay has averaged during his 17 league matches in charge so far. Of course, that only tells part of the story. The eleven players with the most league appearances under Carvalhal this season were: Reach (23 apps) Hooper (23) Bannan (21) Rhodes (20) Wallace (19) Fletcher (19) Westwood (18) Lees (18) Hunt (17) Jones (17) Lee (15) ...whereas the most frequently-used players (with a three-way tie for eleventh place) so far under Luhukay are: Wildsmith (17 apps) Reach (17) João (16) Nuhiu (16) Venâncio (15) Boyd (15) Pelupessy (14) Fox (13) Pudil (12) Palmer (11) Hunt / Lees / Thorniley (9 apps each) We're looking at very different sets of players which the two managers have been able to rely on, with only Reach, Lees and Hunt offering any kind of consistency between their two reigns. It will come as no surprise to any Wednesday fan, but it's quite remarkable how few of our 'big name' players have been available to Luhukay during his time here: whereas Carvalhal was able to call on Hooper in every single one of his league games, Luhukay hasn't been able to pick him once. In addition to this, the likes of Fletcher, Westwood and Lee, who were frequently playing under Carvalhal, haven't been available for selection once under Luhukay, whilst Wallace and Bannan have barely been able to feature during his tenure either. Instead, Luhukay has had to somehow fashion a team by coaxing previously-unseen performances from out-of-favour strikers such as Nuhiu and João; completing a defence with young and inexperienced players such as Wildsmith and Thorniley; and filling much of the rest of the team with players who were previously seen as backup options or squad players. That he's managed to achieve the same points average as our previous manager given the comparatively limited tools he's had to work with can only be seen as effective management, and hopefully bodes well for our future under Luhukay. Given a full pre-season to bed in his own signings, instil his own methods, and hopefully work with some of our better players, who knows where he could take us? Watch out, Championship, Luhukay's finding his rhythm!
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    And there's Carlos' biggest flaw all in one article, he's too far up his own arse.
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    He is not as good as he thinks he is.
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    The lad seems to love playing here. He seems an enthusiastic character. Noticed against Preston , Leeds and Sunderland him fist pumping his way around the fans at the end of the game. Huge grin on the face. Always one of the first in the goalscoring congratulations and noticed too him being one of those to pat the keeper on the head when he makes a save. Might not be a shouter and bawler but you puck up these little things don't you. Spot when people fit into the group. I think he's starting to settle in now. New country, different culture (in football and generally) Young boy away from home. Never easy. But he's looking more and more at home. More relaxed. I really like the lads attitude. How good he can be? I don't know. But for just North of £350k he's barely made a dent in what we've spent overall and is barely a gamble.
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    Absolute garbage from the OP.
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    Sky sports an' Matt f.ookin' Murray are sorry to announce that a valiant Sunderland side got stuffed by Sheffield Wednesday this afternoon... Impartial Murray announced, almost in tears that Sheffield Wednesday" had taken the lead" through Lucas Joao.....but was immediately in raptures when a plucky Sunderland levelled within 2 minutes... Then as most folk thought he was announcin' the death of his f.ookin' dog....Viewers heard "Goal" in a murmer reminiscent of Sir Edward Grey, who in 1914 announced "The lamps are going out all over Europe" prior to the great war, as The Wednesday got a second It was obvious Sheffield Wednesday had completed the rout as the host of the show asked Murray if he would like to take a minute to f.ookin' compose himself before describing Sheffield Wednesdays 3rd....
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    This is totally fresh information.
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    Even if the daft lad had been playing he still wasn’t going to sign his deal. Chansiri has the club more at heart than George Hirst, that much is obvious.
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    He's had 1 good game.. Don't be blackmailed Wednesday. If any of them don't want to stay in our wage structure get rid of them
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    Wednesday - V - Preston Bit of a predicament I find myself in. I was away and found myself stranded in L**ds on the weekend of our last win unable to access Owlstalk. We then go on to grab a fantastic result. So it is with some reluctance that I find myself here doing the OMDT. Maybe Ipswich was my Huddersfield moment. The time to step aside and let a fresh face come forward and take the mantle. After-all the most important thing is that the team gets results, and if that means that some people have to fall on their swords to make it happen, myself included, then that is what needs to happen. But... still there is that part of me that says “I can do this! I’m just having a bad run." The results can’t be blamed on me and my musings. The players have to take some responsibility surely! And besides which, we now have some of our best players welcomed back to the fore. Lees, Hutchinson , Bannan and Fernando. What a boost. Our best centre half. Our toughest tackling midfield player, our tempo dictating midfield dwarf and our mercurial forward who can make a goal from a half chance. Is it ego I wonder to myself. Or am I genuinely thinking too much about it. My man Stubbs suggests I over think. That I am a prisoner to the shackles of the football supporter...superstition ...but then he would say that. For it was he that had the unenviable task of taking my whistling under crackers to be laundered after our long 1990/91 cup run. Though by that stage they could have probably taken themselves. Match facts The Owls have won their last three home league matches against Preston, last tasting defeat against them at Hillsborough in October 2009. That's nearly a decade! The omens are surely stacked in our favour! Preston have not completed a league double over Sheffield Wednesday since the 2001/02 season. Now that really is over a decade. Sixteen years. Blimey we were only taking our first infant steps into the new millennium back then! Atdhe Nuhiu has had a hand in 56% of Sheffield Wednesday's 16 goals under manager Jos Luhukay in all competitions (six goals, three assists). 56%. FIFTY SIX PERCENT! The mans our lucky totem! If only he who shall not be named had had the balls to play him against Hull instead of the oft tried and oft unsuccessful FF/GH forward pairing! But I digress. And must not have any negativity (even if I cannot be punished with negs) for our omnipotent leader says we must be positive! And stats say with Big Atty leading the line we will be positive and so will be the result! Only leaders Wolves (37) have won more away Championship points than Preston this season (32). Nothing to see here. The Owls have conceded the most 90th minute goals in the Championship this season (six). Good heavens get this removed. If Herr Hargreaves sees it I'll never be allowed the OMDT again!! Sean Maguire has had a hand in eight goals in his last seven league matches for Preston (seven goals, one assist), scoring in each of his last four. A good run. Superb comeback from the chap too. Especially after being out of the game so long. Who can forget the terrible leg break he suffered after falling off the roof of Arthur Fowlers motor whilst off his head on a cocktail of drugs and tequila whilst he was playing for Walford Town. Just shows that with hard work and clean living you can indeed get back in the game. In other news. Fernando is fit again! Champing at bit and ready to roll. Jos says he will be involved. But when and how? From the bench surely? Not only because he's been out so long. But the two lads up top are surely deserving of keeping their places. Not least the big man who, even not accounting for the goals was superb against L**ds. The other question is where would he play anyway in this system. It would surely have to be at centre forward. And that's a debate that has been done to death. I , and I think many others aren't convinced it's his best role. But maybe....coming from the bench, hyped up and after his lay off and against tiring legs it might be the the best place to give him a cameo. Facing the KOP with 25 minutes to go... Could only end a dream couldn't it.. There are other questions to be asked. We can debate how well Pelupessy is settling in. But I think a greater question is whether we will need two sitting players at home? Is it more likely that we have Hutchinson patrolling infront of the defence like a Lion that has been caged and starved and is ready to savage something? Wouldn't Bannan make more sense in a home fixture where we are more likely to dominate possession? And if he does then what of Reach? Will Jos play them both in more advanced roles ahead of Hutchinson? Will they get in each others way? Or will they instead unleash a fury on Preston, a whirling squall of attacking football. A Tsunami of runners supporting the front pair? Or perhaps Reach will be shifted (as many want) to the Left Wing back position. A role I am regularly assured he is ideally suited too. (Prefer wing backs who can tackle myself and I'm still unsure we have one on the books..but that's just IMO) Will Boyd retain his spot. Will Pelupessy. We all want our best players in the team. Have longed for it. Though it's something that was oft used as a stick to bash the previous manager with. It's a funny old game, as Jimmy Greaves never said. To end I'd like to send my condolences to the family of Steve Lee. . Someone I saw many times over the years and who I got to know. We came from different worlds but had Wednesday in common. Plain talking and honest. Wednesday through and through. "Yer not still going on that Owlstalk wi all the other nutters?" he'd always ask when I saw him. "Yes. I am" I'd say. And he'd shake his head at me. Steve I'm sure you'll be looking down and shaking your head even more today because I'm here again with the nutters and I'm dedicating this one to you!! RIP Bigman. COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    Is this the same Mark Lawrenson that was born in Preston, started his career at Preston and played over 70 games for them? If so, I think I've figured out why he said it Get rid of the victim mentality son, you're sounding like a scouser!
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    Free-scoring, hardworking, unselfish, creative, unstoppable, immovable, skillful, irresistible, infectious, fvccking giant of a man!
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    Wow, what a day! Wednesday win away from home, Jordan Rhodes scores a goal, I get a winner on the grand national, it's my birthday...AND I got given this cake!
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    Well done Sheffield Wednesday in not being held to ransom by young players or any players, if they don't want to be here get them f**ked off.... I only want to hear and read about players who WANT to be here and play for that badge and feel "honoured and proud" by doing so.. Not jumped up young mercenaries, no ta
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    We hope you enjoyed this week's installment of Stevie Wonder's Footballing Insights. Tune in again next week to hear why Stevie thinks Francis Jeffers was a better player than Chris Waddle.
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    Not having that. Butterfield is an easy target and not exactly set the world on fire but he did ok when he came on today.
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    The problem with people as nice as JR is that they make the rest of us twats look like...well, twats. Seriously though - the lad has character in abundance. It would be fantastic too see him 'do a Nuhiu' and tear it up on the pitch.
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    I know the stands are usually about half empty in the half time periods but some of the recent applause for the half time draw, given to some of the 'Wednesday legends' has been desultory if not pathetic. I appreciate that some of the older players might be a complete mystery to some fans, so why not spend a little bit more time with the welcome rather than just 'here's our old friend ..........' This was most painfully brought home at the last home game. I felt really sorry for Brian Hornsby. Okay he's no TC (Terry Curran for those born after 1979) but he played in the Boxing Day massacre FFS and offered a little bit of flair in what were very dark days for our club. Perhaps a little research and a bit more effort in the (otherwise pretty good) announcers welcome would not go amiss. Give the fans a little bit of background - career dates/appearances/goals/notable games played etc. To some of us they were very important at one time so lets make the welcome a bit warmer and a whole lot more genuine. Rant over - back to my warmed up soup! and I hope its not Fred Spikesly on Saturday.
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    QPR - V - Wednesday Well the run came to and end with a 1-0 defeat to Fulham. It wasn't unexpected was it? Not really. Not if we're honest with ourselves. I think we all knew that it would be the toughest of the games we've had since Christmas and so it proved. They were undefeated since 2017. A run of nearly four months. Had a full squad of quality players to pick from and have been getting tipped to go up for the last 3 years. 15 minutes to go and I was thinking "You know, a point against these, we'd have taken that before the game" This was a side that had bagged 44 goals in it's previous 18 games when it looked like we might nick a clean sheet I thought that would have been something. Mitrovic - A beast in this division Of course no one likes a defeat . But a 1-0 loss. Against a side that has recently dispatched our noisy neighbours 3-0. Hit Burton for 6. Smashed Cardiff 4-2 and even beaten table topping Wolves who look like certain champions. It isn't that bad in the bigger scheme of things. At one time I'd have been going into this fixture absolutely fearing the worst. Yet. There's been a little bit of mumping. Odd for my money. Fulham are a terrific side. Have in Sessegnon , Ojo, Cairney and Mitrovic some of the best players in the division, a manager who's a fantastic reputation and one who has been allowed time to build a side. A side which in all honesty you'd have to part with the best part of £100m to get. Blimey. The way the games going you'd probably have to part with half of that for just two of them. An excellent side, on an excellent run. In a system they are accustomed to, and to which signings have been added to fit the pattern against us. Playing 5 at the back to try and ensure our status in the division. Players still missing. One going off injured. Reach seems to have took a bit of the brunt. And it's true the midfield man didn't have his best of games. He has looked tired the last few games. And considering how unfit the squad is by general consent it's now wonder really. The lad had played a part in 48 games this season in all competitions. Even he, with his three lungs is going to start feeling the pinch. "It's not just that though. He's crap generally. Can't tackle, can't pass, can't do owt" Which is why these stats are quite interesting. Now before folks start.... Ok. So 30 might not seem many tackles. And it probably could have been double. Should have been double. But the fact is he's in there and getting involved. Reminds me of Mark Bright. "Misses chance after chance." Yet still scored 20 goals a season on a regular basis. Ehh dear. Where am I going with this. Who knows. We weren't helped when Bannan had to go off IMO. He made some mistakes. But I still think he remains one of our best chances of creating forward momentum. "I teld thi Snoots, dint a, dint a tell thi, contract conspiracy. Bannans back and now he's out ageean. But I'll tell thi this. There's nowt up wi him. Now we're safe he's been dropped to save money ont contract. Nowt so sure. That's why he went off." "Well he's been out a long time and come straight back into the team. It is possible he's tweaked something. It happens doesn't it" "We're 16th, looking safe, that's why he were off. We waint see him ageean this season. It makes me sick. Clubs sick from top to bottom. Stick wi me, tha might learn sumat." 24 hrs later... "I see Bannan is ok. Just a bit of fatigue it seems after being involved in three games after being out so long. Looks like he'll be including in preparations for Hull on Saturday" "Well they've had to ant they.." "What do you mean?" "Wey, they know we're onto em ,like. So they're tryna cover their backsides aren't they, bit late int day coz I know what they're up to" Anyway....yes we could have had more of a go at it against Fulham. But wouldn't that have risked leaving ourselves more open? if we had and got picked off by their pace (which was a very real possibility) Would we really be any better off? It sounds daft. But a 1-0 loss might help at the end of the year. (I know, I know, worse spin than Alistair Campbell) I know that some went into the game with an attitude of "Nothing to lose. Now let me be entertained". Which is always nice. But really, it was never going to be a case of gung-ho was it? Not when the relegation trapdoor is still below is. It's almost shut admittedly. But there is still a gap. Still a crack of black into the darkness. So lets not go mad. Sometimes, you just have to say a better squad won don't you? So today we take on a side where I think we really can be a bit more expressive. Holloways QPR. TUE 10 APR 2018 CHAMPIONSHIP 19:45 Venue: Loftus Road Stadium Odds Check Home Draw Away 1/1 5/2 13/5 And what an unpredictable side they are. Hammered by five goals against a poor a Forest side as I've seen in years. Struggle to edge past Barnsley. But then do Villa and Norwich by big scores. Before taking another hammering by Hull. They are consistently inconsistent. QPR boss Ian Holloway (who was top of the Owlstalk fan polls for new manager when Wednesday let Dave Jones go) recently described his side as 'having a glass chin' and this has to be a game where Wednesday must be looking to deliver a knockout blow. They sit just above us in the table . The form table also suggests two pretty evenly matched sides. Both taking ten points from the last six outings. Holloways ditched his 3-5-2 some months ago. It was said at the time to rid his side of their glass chin. However their results have still been hit and miss since he changed the formation. They have gone back to a more solid 4-2-3-1 Skipper Nedum Onuoha misses out after getting sent off against Hull and could be replaced by the versatile Grant Hall Match facts Since losing 2-1 on their opening game of the 2013-14 season, Sheffield Wednesday are unbeaten in six league matches against the Hoops (W3 D3). A positive sign. I've always liked Loftus Road. It's one of them compact little grounds isn't it. Ian Holloway has won none of his 13 Championship matches against Sheffield Wednesday (D5 L8), failing to win with six different clubs (QPR, Plymouth, Leicester, Blackpool, Crystal Palace and Millwall). He really does love us does't he. He can't bear to see us lose! Sheffield Wednesday have won their past two away league games - as many as they had in their previous 16 combined. My God what a stat We have struggled on the road this season. How much of that is to do with a lack of pace. I mean, you do tend to play on the counter away from home don't you. and Pace is useful when you are going to try and do that! Joao certainly has to start doesn't he?. Matt Smith has either scored (3) or assisted (6) nine of QPR's last 16 Championship goals (56%). Isn't he the chump that came on for L**ds and got sent off after 4 seconds? Similarly, Atdhe Nuhiu has been directly involved in six of Sheffield Wednesday's past nine league goals (5 goals, 1 assist). I don't know how we're going to line up. Probably 3-5-2. Though some people are getting frustrated with it. Mind if a 4-1 win over Preston, a 3-1 win of Sunderland and a 1-0 defeat to one of the best sides in the division is frustrating...then give me more frustration! In other news. It seems George Hirst is off to Old Trafford to earn his fortune. To be honest, I've long held the belief that to a young lad a few grand a week here should be more than enough. But then I was told this afternoon that some spotty teenagers are becoming millionaires by letting people watch videos of them playing computer games. If that's the case no wonder the lad has got the monk on!! Hours on the training ground (Not ours,admittedly!) . Hours in the gym. And yet some kid who has never spoken to a girl can top trump him in Gentings and act Bertie Big Balls flashing the cash. Absolute scenes. No wonder he wants off.. It's a crazy world we live in. Anyway... Hopefully a good game and a good result for the mighty Owls. COME ON WEDNESDAY
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    Wednesday - V - Reading So we're safe now, a collective sigh of relief breathed all around. We've done it. We're going to be in this division next season! Of course at the beginning of the season the very idea that we would be happy just to secure our place in this division would have seemed alien. But football is never predictable...it's the reason why the bookies are rolling in cash. So just three games to go now in Wolves, Norwich and of course today's opponents Reading. Are you bothered? Are you motivated to go? I am. No really , I am. I know what you're going to say, you're going to say the season is now over. And yes that's right is really in terms of achieving anything. Some of you also will say 'It's over and thank F*ck it is'. And I get that too. But I can't help but look forward to tomorrow because though there is always the risk of it being a 'dead-rubber' I think it has the making of a good game. There's a few reasons... 1) Reading still need wins. We might have secured safety but they could still do with a couple of wins to secure their own place. They will know that with Cardiff still in with a sniff for the second spot that their final game could have epic proportions for both clubs for different reasons and I'm sure they'll be looking at this and the Ipswich games and their real chances to secure their own survival. 2) Relaxed Owls Perhaps - as barmy as it may seem- we can try and enjoy these last few match days, both fans and players ,without the tenseness that has pervaded Hillsborough for much of the season. The players will be able to go out on the pitch relaxed and get on with the game without being haunted by the shadow of relegation. (Ok, some people will say that there was never really much danger. But those long in the tooth will point to previous occasions when relegation has sneaked up on us in the past. You can be playing well, but it doesn't matter when the beast snares you with it's claw and pulls you down.) But that's over now, and now the lads can truly relax. Which I have always believed that players play their best when they're relaxed. - Not take their foot off the pedal you understand, that's a different kettle of fish to being relaxed isn't it. I'm pretty sure that Jos won't allow the lads to go out and take the mick.- but relaxed enough to try things without the worry. 3) A few surprises? The manager has dropped some hints that there might well be some little cameos (if he they catch his eye in training) from some of the U23's/ And possibly even the U18's! It's what all fans want isn't it? To have a look at the kids coming through. To see them given a run out? A look at how they look in the mens world. That all points towards a match to look forward to doesn't it? Doesn't it?!?! Team News Apart from the idea that there might be a sprinkling of youngsters in the squad , amazingly , and I do mean amazingly, Jos might have a selection headache without including the youngsters as - Lucas Joao, Atdhe Nuhiu and Daniel Pudil all back from injury! Does the gaffer change the side that beat Hull City on Saturday? It'd be harsh to. But on the other hand...if you go on form over the month... Reading... ....... are without defender Paul McShane and Tommy Elphick as they look to pull away from the relegation zone. McShane (groin) has not played since January, while Elphick (knee) only returned to training this week. Would Gunter do a job for us? Match facts Sheffield Wednesday have already beaten Reading at Hillsborough in 2018, winning 3-1 in the FA Cup in January. Nuhiu double doing the damage that night folks remember? The start of the 2018 goals rush! The Royals have won one of their last five visits to Hillsborough in all competitions (D1 L3), winning 2-0 last season. They won't be looking forward to this. They won't be looking forward to this at all. I wouldn't If I was them. . Only Leeds (14) have made more errors leading directly to goals this season in the Championship than Sheffield Wednesday (13). Cockups. Cut them out and ....pah! It's too late now. But next season. Next season if we cut out those mistakes and can keep the strikers banging them in like they are... The Owls have won four of their last six league games And don't we know it. It's been very quiet on here of late hasn't it. My notifications have barely beeped the last few weeks. It's no wonder when you look at this! . . The Royals are winless in six away league games (D1 L5), losing each of the last four. I know, I know. Don't count my chickens. "Wednesday are the run busters" when it comes to other teams managing to turn a corner when they play against us. But with Reading having to wear this absolute horror show of a kit. (For me, right up there with our own bruised banana.) No wonder they are still around the bottom end of the table. *Anyway as I said at the start. The season is all but over, but these games still matter for another reason - finishing on a high. I know, I know, avoiding the drop isn't what we set out to do. I know it's hardly the sort of thing to celebrate. I know you've had a miserable time of it . A season which had promised so much started to unravel almost as soon as the season kicked off at Deepdale. I know there has been the loom of relegation. The debates about furore about the previous gaffer and whether he needed to stay or go. The injuries debacle. The conspiracies about contracts.The kit, the cakeball. But it's nearly over. Lets stick in there to the end. Win these last three. Take nine points. Score some goals and finish the season with a bit of positivity A bit of pride restored in what's been a bit of a balls up! . COME ON WEDNESDAY
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    We should all learn to be more patient with new signings. He came to a foreign country, a league he was unfamiliar with and a team on its arse.
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    Carlos the Fraud is without doubt one of the worst managers in our history, I despise him. He should never have sacrificed Kieran Lee's career to save his own job and I will never forgive him for ruining our best player over the last 10 years. Vile slimeball of a man who stole a living at Hillsborough.
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    Firstly, as a bloke, I like Jos. Before a couple of games he's signed autographs and done the PR bit with my lad and a few other young uns. His openness about injuries, his approach to giving youth a chance and reluctance to rush players back - all highly admirable qualities. Scroll past the next paras if you want Jos to stay. The wins. Reading - F A cup, flattered by the scoreline, a very average opponent anyway. Leeds and Preston. Games won late on where we the score line flattered us. Sunderland away - toxic club who most have beat, crucial decision went our way at 2-1. Derby at home was fully deserved.But that's it. Now for the real truth, under Jos, Birmingham Bristol QPR - all over at half time. Based on his fiirst 3 months, a full season under Jos would see us in a relegation battle. Is that what we want ? Not sure what our budgets will be next season, I'd like to think we could attract somebody who could offer more than mid table mediocrity (at best) - I'd like Johnson from Bristol. But back to Jos, if your remit was to keep us up, thanks, but move over. If it was to offer hope of progress, it not happened. I'm not a CC fan, wouldn't want him back this century, but based on what we've seen, his replacent will not take us forward.
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    The old joints aren’t what they used to be, not as quick or as fit as years gone by ..... but he still managed to stay on his feet long enough for a picture
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    Hull City - V - Wednesday Sky Bet Championship 15:00 Home 8/11 14/5 Away 18/5 Not so long ago Stubbs was driving me to the club, and as we sailed along the dark roads in from the valley I was listening to the radio in the back. There was an interview with with the Hull manager Nigel Adkins. Well, when I say interview, it was actually quite clearly a press conference where one hack in particular had taken on the role of chief Inquisitor and clearly his fellow reporters were more than happy to take a back seat and let him fire the bullets for them. I hadn't been paying too much attention to Hull generally, well, you don't do you. You don't really think about them at all unless we're playing them. I'd forgotten for a moment who their manager even was. But it quickly became evident that they were on the back of bad run. (It transpired later in the interview it was 9 games without a win) The reporter was asking questions, but was passing over Adkins answers. Like a dismissive teenager kissing his teeth as a teacher explained why being able to read and write might prove useful in later life. "Terrible run. Do you feel like your the man for the job" "Absolutley." "But the results are very poor" "The results are poor yes. But the performance the other night. I think anyone who watched that game will know we should have won it" "But didn't" "We didn't no, but the performance was the sort of performance we needed. When you play like that you win more than you lose. It's about getting into the right habits, and though we lost we were much improved" "But lost." "But did the right things in the right areas." "It's nine games without a win now. The players are playing terribly" "They're not though are they? We're on a bad run but we're not playing badly." "Yeah whatever fam. You need to fall on your sword innit. Ye get me " Ok. He didn't say the last bit. And it's only a little summary of what was a much longer piece. But. The main point was that the reporter believed it is a completely results based business. Adkins was saying that it's about doing the right things and the results would come. Truth is it's both. But you could see the point the under pressure boss was making. You can play well and lose. They had a crappy run. But then turned a bit of a corner. (Despite a surprised tonking from Birmingham) They beat Norwich 4-3, beat Ipswich 3-0 at Portman Road, got creditable draws against Villa and Wolves and then smashed 4 past QPR and 5 past Burton. They've eleven goals in the last 3 games and find themselves 5th in the form table. But just a month ago people were wanting the manager out. What a fickle World football is. We too have plenty of people wanting our manager out too. Despite us being 9th in the divisions form table and the manager taking over the biggest shitstorm since Frederick Fleet shouted "Iceberg! Iceberg right ahead! " A manager who has only been in post 3 months and who has spent the grand total of £365k in trying to turn our fortunes around. Maybe, like Adkins (who was appointed Hull gaffer a month before Jos came to Hillsborough and got only 1 win in his first 12 games) he needs a little bit of patience and time to try and put things right. Match Facts Hull City have only lost one of their last five home league matches against the Owls (W3 D1), a 3-1 defeat in January 2013. At least it was this century though. Do you know what I mean. It's those other stats I don't like. "Haven't lost to Sheffield Wednesday since 1902, and even then were holding a slender lead until a series of unfortunate events involving lightening, an escaped lion from the local circus and a collapsing sink hole saw them lose in injury time whilst down to 4 men," That win is one of just two victories for the Owls against Hull in their last 12 meetings in all competitions (D4 L6). Crikey. They really have had the upper hand. Though it has to be said I thought we were well on for something at their place in 15/16 until Fernando got done with that horror show tackle. The less said about the predictable outmanoeuvring at Wembley the better. Hull's last two league games have been 4-0 and 5-0 wins over QPR and Burton, their third and fourth wins by at least four goals in the league this season - they last had as many wins by this margin in a single season in 1965-66 (5). See this is what I mean. These are the sort of stats you don't want. "This team are entering the best goal scoring form in their history just before they face your team." Nigel Adkins has ended on the losing side in each of his last three league matches against Sheffield Wednesday. Ah. This is better. The manager hoodoo. We need a bit of that. Atdhe Nuhiu has scored six goals in his last five Championship matches - And still they moan! Well. Some of them will be able to cheer tomorrow because there's a chance the bigman won't make it. Which personally I think is a huge blow to the team. And , not least a blow to whoever plays up front without him against the shithawks of Dawson and McDonald./ Hull have been lining up with a strong midfield unit in a 4-2-3-1 They have the lad Irvine who I was hoping we would make a play for the other summer. It's all undisclosed fees these days. But I've been told it was a deal of £1.5m working up to £2.2m when the additions go on , terrific bit of business for my money. If he plays tomorrow then he'll be the one to watch making those powerful runs beyond. Can we win? Of course we can. It a sizeable task of course with us still missing several of our best key players. But there is always a chance. Nuhiu and Joao if missing for my money will be one of the biggest blows of all. They aren't our best two strikers. But they have proved a very useful pairing. A partnership where the sum of the parts is more than the whole with them two. For whatever reason they work. They work as a pair. As was proved in year one several times. I do wonder if one of the reasons that Joao didn't look his normal self against QPR was that he was shunted so we could try and accommodate our star man. You could say it worked in that Fernando played well, scored a goal and it was great to have him back. But did it upset the Nuhiu/Joao balance. Changing from the "Bloody negative" back five to get the little man involved certainly didn't seem to help matters. Jos is going to find this more and more as players come back ready for pre-season. It's the great jigsaw puzzle. It's the great jigsaw puzzle that finished Carlos. Off. How do you get the best from the whole....while including your best individuals. His hardest spell as manager will probably be the summer retain list... |Anyway. Enough bleating. I'd like to dedicate this thread to our wonderful overlord, Neil. For Return of the Negs.... I salute you ,Sir. COME ON WEDNESDAY
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    A beautiful morning as the sun shines down over the Steel City! The daffys are growing on the grass verge outside the bakers. Sping has sprung properly at last after a long Winter and Wednesday take on Fulham in what should be a great encounter between two footballing sides. In fact Fulham are the best footballing side in Britain. Wednesday - V - Fulham Right. There's no point beating about the bush here Fulham are on fire. Slavisa Jokanovics team have gone 18 games without defeat. And with Ryan Sessegnon back after a niggle they have a full squad to choose from. It is a run stretching right back to December. It's a run which has seen them score 44 goals and concede just 13. Mind. That last defeat of theirs was against....Sunderland! Top of the home form and second in the away form. Match facts None of the 33 league meetings between these teams at Hillsborough have ended goalless, with both teams finding the net in each of the last six. We're in for an afternoon of goals. Can't promise whose net they'll be rattling in, but lets stay positive! Fulham's 2-1 win at Hillsborough on the final day of last season is their only win in their last seven meetings in all competitions (D2 L4). They don't like us do they. They don't like us. We stuck the boot in the other year. Much to the upset of the countries press corps who loved them so dearly and who felt they should be pomoted on the back of them playing smashing football. The Owls have won their last three games, their longest run in league competition since a six-match streak ending in April 2017. Ok/ So it's a little way behind their run which stretches back into 2017. But all runs must start somewhere. Even Huddersfields famous 7 year unbeaten run had a starting point Aleksandar Mitrovic has scored eight goals in his last eight Championship matches for Fulham. Wow. That is some run. A 1in 1 ratio. That must make him the most dangerous striker in the division on current form. But whats this... Atdhe Nuhiu has scored five goals in his last three league appearances 5 in 3! (Five in three!) Good God. If he scores again today that would be really something. Fulham They set up in a 4-3-3 with Mitrovich flanked by Ayite and Sessegnon. It's a forward line with strength and pace. We're without Morgan Fox. Which will no doubt please a few people. But what this means is that George Boyd. An attacking midfield player and winger for 99% of his career will be charged with stopping Ayite. Maybe we should be careful what we wish for! Midfield will be the key battle ground. And whether he'd been ready for a start or not you can see why Jos might prefer to keep Reach in there anyway instead of Forestieri. Johansen, McDonald and Cairney will be a real handful for Pelupessy and the returning to fitness Bannan. So it seems only sensible to have Reaches lungs in there. I supppose there is a case for bringing in Jones , stop laughing at the back, I'm serious. We might need someone in there steadying the ship. Esepcially if Pelupessy is going to be having to spend a lot of time shuttling across to help out Hunt against Targetts forrays and the lighting Sessegnon. Now with all this in mind. Lets get there today and get behind our lads and manager who have managed to salvage a bit of pride from this train wreck of a season. It won't be an easy game, no. And we have to have hope rather than expectations. But lets get behind them. Because if anybody can end their run it's us And if we do lose. Which is a possibilty , it always is , Then lets have a sense of perspective of the two clubs seasons and what we have been through this season! I can see the twitching in the shadows. The ones who have fell silent. Waiting. Waiting to grasp any negative result with both hands and leap from the woodwork At one time of course these goons would have been dealt with in the only language they understand! A neg bombing. And rightly so. And what a glorious sight it was to see those who revelled in our doom because it gave them chance to slate and be 'proved right' to get hammered back under their stones. One cannot reason with these people. One cannot debate this naysayers and desperadoes. Thy're out there now . Rubbing their hands when they see Fulhams tight goals against column and hoping that Nuhiu doesn't bag today. Waiting to hammer the manager. I beseach you Hargreaves to bring back 5pm - 10pm match day negging facilities!! Anyway. It's time for me to dash. Scrambled eggs on toast and a pot of tea await. Get behind the boys today everbody. Lets put Fulham to the sword at a rocking Hillsborough. Lets stick it to them. And lets stick it to SKY and their corrupt omission of Atdhes goal of the Month. Come on Bigman! COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    He'd be the midfield beast we've been looking for
  32. 34 points
    Off the mark today So happy for him. Universally popular at the club and a goal machine under the right circumstances Well done Jordan
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    Just been picked to play in the SWFC Staff v Fans game on the hallowed turf next Wednesday. Anyone else had en email and going to be on my team? I'm 32 years old but currently like a kid on Christmas Eve at the minute - just cannot wait. Only ever been on the pitch once - after the Wycombe game.
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    Almost 2 years ago we were 1 game away from winning promotion after the best season we had since probably 96/97. The 16/17 season we were found out, we never strengthened in the areas we needed to, signed too many strikers, the whole squad was unbalanced, performances were not great, probably the worst thing we did in fact was go on that run after Easter of 6 or 7 straight wins to seal 4th, all that did was paper over the long term cracks that were appearing, Carlos had done very well in the first season but we ignored his faults in his 2nd season, this was confirmed when we played an out of form Huddersfield in the play-offs & Carlos tactical gamble over the 2 legs backfired, the warning alarms were louder than the tanoy at Hillsborough yesterday, he should have gone then, thanks for the memories but you've failed twice Carlos, let someone else have a go. But nope, Chansiri is charmed by the charmer that is Carlos & is given a new deal. 17/18 pre-season is here, under Carlos, we go again, 3rd time lucky... we needed to strengthen in the same positions as 12 months ago, we needed experienced CB & pace! We signed George Boyd. After a disastrous performance against Preston & a miserable first half of the season he finally left, thank god! for me it was 6 months too late or if you're being very kind 3 months too late (after pigs defeat) Now we are 2 games away from the season finishing, in 15th place, at best we can get 12th but unlikely as we are playing the best team in the world on Saturday. Would you really call this season a disaster? not for me when I look back, we've learnt so much & we are a better team for it... Carlos has gone! this is a huge positive, after the Wembley defeat he was never going to take us up, this is why: - Carlos is a short term planner, he doesn't care about the long term philosophy of a club - Rushed players back from injury despite it having a huge impact on their careers - Ignoring the U23's despite their achievements 16/17 season, especially Hirsty, he should have been around the 1st team last season & probably not the only one either... - Jolly up Pre-season, relies on players to get themselves fit so he can do all ball work... erm! This meant we would never produce the goods over 90 minutes & let in late goals often. We also never started games well, we'd just have random spells throughout the game where we raised the intensity, until we were all knackered. Now for the positives.. Jos has now been here 4 months & here's the other things we've learned: - Chansiri is very patient with managers, Jos will be given time, this is good, I hate changing managers who haven't had chance to implement their style on their club & bring in their own players. Not many clubs do well who chop & change managers after a bad run of results. All teams get this throughout a season, be patient, it pays off. - Despite it looking very likely Hirst & Clare will leave, we have learned our lessons that the youngsters are assets too, either to the first team or to sell on in the future, new deals have been tied down to the best ones, very positive & will inspire all our u18 players that hard work is rewarded at Sheffield Wednesday. - We have 2 very good young keepers. Dawson & Wildsmith will battle it out for the no1 shirt next season. Westwood has been a wonderful servant but it's time for him to move on, we'll still get a good fee for him & he's on big money. - Tom Lees is very good, a lot of talk about Bannan making a huge difference (he has!) but Lees is one of the best defenders in this league & will be our captain next season, at the heart of our defence we will build a team around him - Surely now we've had all these injuries, it can't happen again?? I'm taking it as a positive anyway! - It's clear that certain players need to leave, we have others here that fit our new style better or we'll bring in better players, such as Palmer, Fox, Jones, Abdi, Loovens, Wallace should all be made available to leave - Nuhiu & Joao are pretty decent! The likes of Hooper, Fletch, Fessi been out has been positive for these 2, expect them both to figure a lot next season, it's good we don't need to buy any more strikers as we have these 2 right under our nose... hoping a new contract announced for the big man soon! - We can cope without Hooper, Hutch & Lee, 3 big players for us but lets just treat it as a bonus when they are fit, but when they aren't we have players who can perform. - Jos has had half a season to experiment, I know there's been some poor team selections & tactics under Jos,the 5-5-0 formation at Millwall, 4-4-2 at Bristol City & QPR, but the man has to experiment, it's clear we are more solid in a 5-3-2. I fully expect us to line up like this next season. - We have a CEO who comes across well - The kit balls up means this is unlikely to happen again - Chansiri has made his own mistakes, offering season ticket refunds, the silly questionnaire, bizzare Christmas statement before announcing carlos had left.. but surely he's learned from this? - Season ticket price freeze for next season - Now the best until last. No more pre-season jolly up for the players, sounds like Jos will have these lot fitter than ever. Having a fit team means less likely to let go of leads... yes please! It's not the be all & end all to be up near the top now, the club isn't going anywhere, there's no rush, when we do go up it needs to be under the right guidance on/off the pitch. I'd like to see us line up something like this that first game of the season.. it looks pretty decent to me! ----------------Wildsmith--------- ------Hutch---Lees---New cb--- Hunt--------------------------New LWB ------------Joey---Bannan-------- ------------------Fessi------------------ ------------Hooper---Nuhiu/Joao---- Thanks if you've decided to read until the end, be interesting to hear people's feedback, had a lot of time to think last night so decided to make this monster post this morning.
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    Amazing news - congrats from everyone at Owlstalk
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    He's led us to 17 points in 16 games. Based on points per game that's almost identical with his predecessor who had many more options for most of the season. Under the circumstances he inherited, it's not terrible.
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    Saw on his Instagram that he was at the game. Is it just me that respects players showing some love and respect to clubs that helped develop them? Goes to show the kind of character that he is and I can see him showing the same kind of respect to us too.
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    obviously receiving the ball in the quadrant beating 3 players nutmegging a 4th and curling one into the top corner from the corner of the box cuts no ice in sky world .....one of if not the best goal ive ever seen at Hillsboro in over 50 years ......
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    We need to keep hold of this lad big time, he's a complete forward, can do absolutely everything. You don't get capped by Portugal at a young age if you're a mug. I can see some Premier League interest coming in during the summer, still only 24.... Extend his contract.
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    Sunderland - V - Wednesday Is everybody relaxed now? All confident that we're not going to sink through the relegation trapdoor. Thanks largely to the Kosovan Legend. Looking forward to a Easter Monday game against The Mackems? Well you should be. Even the most miserable of bleeders. Because they are having a worse time of it than we are. Yes, they beat Derby. But everyone is going to beat Derby. They (The Rams) are just getting into the groove of their annual end of year balls up. It was a good win for Colemans lot of course it was. But it's an anomaly. It's at home where they need wins and it's at home where they won't come . No. They won't come. Not for them. And do you want to know why? Well I'll tell you... It's nothing to do with Coleman. Though it must be said that the swarthy looking Welshman does seem to be looking a bit shell-shocked on his return to League football management. I mean, it's different to the international set up isn't it. Where you can swan about the globe like an International man of leisure for most of the year. Topping up the tan. Then turn up to a match once every three months. I mean. That's some gig that isn't it International management.. But no. It's not him that's Sunderlands problem. It's nothing to do with relying on McGeady for the ammunition. Though that won't help. Despite people on this very forum being terrified he was going to set the Championship on fire because of his mis-hit cross at Hillsborough earlier in the season. No. They've made the complete balls up that so many make. One we know all about only too well ourselves, They have upset the football Gods. Now it's not too late for them. They could stay up if they wanted. But they won't won't change it will they. The horror show they're wearing.. Butchers stripes on the front. Plain on the back. Never been Sunderland. Whichever that is in place they're doomed. They could have a front three of Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi and Gaurdiola as manager. They'd still be doomed. I mean if the Chairman didn't see relegation coming when the designers dropped of the prints for this thing then he must be wetter behind the ears than Duncan Goodhew. . Simply put they are doomed to failure with that. "Wear a third division kit and you'll end up in the third division." that's what they say. Well, they don't. But they should. It should be a mantra that all fans chant outside their club shops when the latest monstrosity is unveiled. 'Unless your club are in the fourth division of course, in which case you might like to be in the third division.' Aye, Sunderland are doomed. Doomed until they appease the football Gods.With something a little more.....Sunderland. It wouldn't take much. But time and again clubs just don't seem to understand the importance that nice clean lines, simple socks and shorts and traditional stripes have on the moods of those who look down upon the game from the terraces and from the heavens. With this in mind today becomes a clash of the terrible kits. The home form suggests that we have an excellent chance. I think we have an excellent chance because Big Atdhe is on fire and we have players coming back that would get in any side in the division. And by the way just how many defensive headers did Tom Lees make in that last match. Loads! So good to have him back. Someone who'll get in amongst the muck and nettles. Stick his head in where it hurts.A proper defender. . Match facts Sunderland have only lost one of their last 13 league matches against the Owls (W8 D4), a 2-1 defeat in March 1997 in the Premier League. Sheffield Wednesday have failed to win any of their last nine away league visits to Sunderland (D3 L6) since winning 2-1 in August 1969 at Roker Park. The Black Cats have won none of their last eight league matches played on Monday at the Stadium of Light (D5 L3), last winning against West Brom in August 2006. The Owls are unbeaten in their last 11 league matches played in April (W7 D4), winning each of the last six in a row. Only in 2005/06 (1) have Sunderland won fewer home league games after their first 19 of the season than in 2017/18 (2). The Black Cats suffered relegation from the Premier League in 2005/06. You see. This is all set up for us isn't it. Infact. Sunderland are having such a bad time of it at home I suspect we could play Jordan Rhodes and he might score. Atdhe Nuhiu has scored three goals in his last four away league games for the Owls On the road there's no greater weapon in the armoury than Big Adthe. It's no wonder scouts from all over the world are flooding to see him play. His value increases weekly. But you know. I don't think you can put a price tag on what he he brings us. He brings us Legend. He carves memories into even the most resisting of minds. Anyway. Hutch in or rested after his ankle roll? Hunt. Down twice in 5 minutes for treatment. Does he make it? Is it too soon for Nando to start despite his excellent cameo? Was he disciplined enough for Jos? Maybe something like this ? Who knows. Jos The Boss seems to fly by his own rules Either way. I've got a good feeling. COME ON WEDNESDAY
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    Have we seen the first of Almen Abdi. That is the question.
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    I hate to single him out, but when Bannan went off we’d have better just keeping 10 players on the pitch. He should be nowhere near the match day squad, he is absolutely awful. Whoever made the decision to bring him in for Winnall needs their heads testing.
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    Abdi, a professional hospital patient whose career has been blighted by football.
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    Yet another goal. (9 in 12.) Yet another assist. A totem for anything good we've done this year. Get that contract on the take Chairman and make sure he doesn't leave the room till its signed.
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    Yes, Lionel Messi’s key attribute is his height, allowing him to tower above defenders to score so many goals.
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    How many more people have to come out and say Carlos was a negligent fraud, before his Apologist bummers man up and admit they were wrong ?
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