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    Thanks, SWFC ticket Office Staff

    Don't let anyone on here think that SW doesn't care about it's supporters. Take my own case. Along with old age, and the losing of my regular lift to Hillsborough, I have been unable to attend all except a solitary match this season (most unusual for a 70 year supporter) Because of numerous problems including a spell in hospital for my wife, I have only been able to attend one match this season instead of most of them. Yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from a lady in the Ticket Office. She had had a query from the chap who has sat next to me for years. It contained details of how to contact him, was I OK health-wise, did I want a lift etc. I have recently been away on holiday, and lost my mobile along with the chap's details. he had apparently rung the Ticket Office for info, which they couldn't divulge for security reasons, but put me in touch with him. I can only say 'Thanks a lot, SWFC' We are now back in contact. Who says they don't care about their supporters.
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    Worrying Feedback

    And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen: the inevitable abandonment of all sense of perspective as soon as our club hit a sticky patch. Chansiri may have revolutionised our club in his two and a bit years in charge, resulting in two playoff campaigns, a squad of players we could only previously have dreamed of, and more investment in our infrastructure than we've seen in the previous decade and a half combined...but yeah, he's 'fuuucking useless'. Things may not be perfect, but let's not go overboard, eh?
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    Black Shorts

    No matter your views on our current lack of stripes, surely we can all agree that black shorts elevate a Wednesday kit? Just look at them in their inky dark glory. Simply spiffing...
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    Hello Chums, What a week! Wednesday beat Millwall - Jordan Rhodes is hero of the hour. The third strip was going to be worn this weekend, then it wasn't, now it'll be the home kit, which will be given away afterwards, which might not be wise seeing we're running out of them. The Chairman has sent out an official but unofficial 40,000 worded reply to a question that no one is sure has been asked, and in part sort of apologised without saying sorry ("sorry, not sorry" - i think the youngsters say) to a twitter supporter who it later transpires is actually a fictional character from an Ian Rankin novel. Adam Reach (How much?!) has won player of the month. Sam Winnall has become the greatest centre forward in the history of the club in 90 minutes - whilst not at the club but playing for Derby, Alan Biggs has backed us for a win, The Pigs have started collinding and Finlux has been banned to the Phantom zone! Phew! You got all that? I told you it had been some week. Right then. Now you're all up to date.... Aston Villa - V - The Wednesday I quite like the Villa. Well. I don't really. I don't even know much about them. I just like their name. It's a proper football name. Aston Villa. Proper ground too, Villa Park. Villa Parks Holte End was actually built in what used to be the kitchen garden of Aston Hall which was owned by Sir Thomas Holte. I do love a kitchen Garden. They're an absolute picture of England aren't they? Mine isn't though. It was of course. Until I appointed Big Guns as gardener 4 years ago it's gone to ruin. The Blaggard only turned up for one day and the next he was gone , and so was all the gardening equipment. Never seen him since! Anyway. I digress. Villa were many peoples favourites for promotion having spent lots of money, having the most promoted Championship manager in the game and signing one of Englands best centre halves of the past 30 years. Their season got off to a slow burn though with early defeats to Cardiff and Reading. Typically though they are coming into form just as we appear on the calendar. With just 1 defeat in the last six . Captained of course by one of the most famous Leaders of all time. All season we have been begging for our players to put more crosses into the box. Ironically now we come up against a team with two of the best headers of the ball in the division. So if we are going to cross...it might be time to start drilling them in hard and low. To that end I think Morgan Fox deserves to retain his spot! Right. Now have a stiff drink chaps. Because here come the bad stats.. · Aston Villa have won all five home meetings with the Owls in the second tier, winning 2-0 at Villa Park last season. · Wednesday have lost six of their last seven league matches against Villa, winning the other on the opening day of last season. · Bruce has won 8 of his 12 games against us · Kodjia has scored three goals in his last two league matches against us.. I told you, you'd need a drink! Still. I'm in positive mood. Yes, perhaps it is the remaining toxins from the hallucinogenic fungus I scraped off the lodge wall for my supper last night. But I just have this feeling that we will get a result. Just like we did in 1963 Random subliminal Stripes shot No 4 Anyway. Must dash. Doing a moonlight flit. It seems my screams last night whilst on my horrific trip alerted her Ladyship. My man Stubbs warned me that she has got the local constabulary coming down tonight as she thinks that thieves are planning something and that the lodge maybe raided. He says he's got me somewhere to go. Hopefully somewhere warm. And cosy. With heating and a good selection of food and drink. Toodle-Pip UP THE OWLS
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    Sheffield Wednesday Steering Meeting

    Ask Chansiri about his decision to buy the club, and whether he had factored in trailing down to Hillsborough tonight, and other nights, that eat into his family time, to sit in a room talking to a group of very needy middle aged men who quite frankly need to get a flipping grip.
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    Since the fall into near administration and Milan Mandaric saving us, we have become like serfs.... Ever so grateful for crumbs thrown, ever so grateful to have a football team, no matter how f.ookin' shambolic. We stood in an embarrased 2 minutes silence for the King of Thailands demise...but raise a bleedin' rucous when folk want a minutes applause for a dead Owls fan... "ohh its over the top...its every week etc etc etc" We are ever so grateful for the rising prices, shrug when the stripes head west cos Mr Chansiri prefers "whateverthe f.ook".. Ive seriously had enough of the crap. Centenary year...brilliant...Its all going to happen...really Blades look like going up..we are actually flirting with going in the opposite direction, where has it all gone wrong? Top to bloody bottom, thats where it has gone wrong. The Chairman now has to take time to understand the club, the supporters the history and tradition .. He has taken over a totally different culture to what he is used to....and... "When in f.ookin' Rome".. Mr Chansiri.... Theres a breaking point unless you compromise and we are racing on f.ookin' golden elephants towards it...when we should be racing pigeons
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    On this weekend of Rememberance

    #LestweForget 3 former Sheffield Wednesday FC players who gave their lives in the Great War. Vivian Sumner Simpson K.I.A 13 April 1918 James Maxwell K.I.A 27 September 1915 Finlay Wier K.I.A 9 July 1918
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    On this weekend of Rememberance

    On this weekend of Rememberance - Lest We forget - spare a thought for Corporal Liam Riley died in 2010 aged just 21, a hero and proud Wednesdayite #RIPLiam #SWFC @wednesdayite
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    ...amd hearing the radio Sheffield commentator (think it was Rob) saying incredulously 'just seen Dejphon Chansiri emerge from the tunnel, I wonder how his mood is after that result and poor second half performance? well he is getting pictures taking of himself and he looks happy, so how do you expect to see change affected if the chairman looks happy?'. You could hear Rob (???) not believing what he was seeing after expecting to see Dejphon looking disappointed and determined. You could feel Rob (???) wanting to scream at him - you've bought a professional football club not a yacht, owning a football club is about being focused on trying to win and keeping all your staff and (nearly all of your) supporters onboard with you!!!! I'm still angry. Dejphon looks like he is on a jolly, we look like we have no empowered football professionals, and that there is no accountability in our club leadership, it's no wonder we look like a club devoid of a footballing identity and a team with no team spirit.
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    F.A.O John Terry

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    Lord Snooty

    The Pitsmoor Punisher..

    .... The Big gun himself. The Double D. Derek Dooley. Seen here smashing in another shot. Younger readers might think that given his body shape that the ball looks particularly low for the welt it's just been given.... However, this was a proper football. In the days when proper men played the game. In proper boots. These balls weren't thermally bonded polyurethane that weighed less than a dandelion leaf , that any chump can swazz and think he's Roberto Carlos. Good God no! It's long been argued that the densest known material is the metallic element osmium, which packs 22 grams into 1 cubic centimetre, or more than 100 grams into a teaspoonful. But even osmium is full of fluff in the form of electron clouds that separate the dense atomic nuclei. Of course, far greater pressure is found in our universe within the collapsed core of a giant star, a remnant we know as a neutron star. We know that. There, matter is in some exotic and ultra-dense form – most probably neutrons, and possibly a few protons and electrons, packed cheek-by-jowl. However , an even denser material existed ON EARTH in the cores of an old casey. Esepcially in damp and wet conditions : That material is known as Casey-BLaddermass, in which protons and neutrons dissolve into their constituent particles. In hitting - what to the younger, untrained eye - might look like a daisy cutter Derek has actually had to crack a shot off capable of moving something with internal mass density of up to 1018 kilograms per inch, or a million billion tonnes. So think on. With your pink plastic boots and breathable innersoles. You make me sick!
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    We had no issues with paying Lewis Mcgugan 18k a week to play table tennis. Claude Dielna earnt thousands flexing in the mirror. Urby was on big bucks for a season of sporadically playing for the U23's. Yet we can't agree a deal with our best prospect in donkeys years.
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    Well must admit I’m impressed today. the organisation of the staff during this busy day has really impressed me 1. a good system for ques controlled from the outside ques outside allowing certain amount at a time to enter then get shirts que again 2. The shirts they have plenty on the shelves for customers to get but once at counter receive a fresh on in cellophane wrapping clean and ready. 3. Pre ordered organised and ready to collect. 4. Staff very professional (flustered but professional) very understanding and helpful. on to the shirts itself welll very happy it’s diffo to what was advertised at owls in park. 1. The chansiri accross front is not printed on its actually part of fabric :D very good. 2. Material very nice light weight 3. Properly stitched all over 4. WAWAW is part of fabric not printed 5. Date of anniversary not printed it is part of fabric. Overall im impressed and I do think ya worth money.
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    Rhubarb n Custard

    Thankyou if this was you.

    Sincere thanks to those who stopped to help my 80 year old Dad who took a bad fall on the way to the Millwall game in the week. Not quite sure exactly where he was but he tripped over a protruding manhole cover ( or similar ) and fell headlong into the pavement. He had a pretty nasty injury to his face/head and a number of supporters stopped to help and took him to the medical centre inside the ground. Think he was badly bruised and shaken more than anything. Anyway just wanted to say a big thank you to anyone who came to his aid.
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    Simaniac Owl

    Dear Carlos

    Start packing now. Thank you for the fantastic attacking football in your first season. And for getting us to the playoff final. And thank you for getting us to to the playoffs last season. Great stuff and appreciated. It it is obvious that you have run out of ideas on how to progress us further. Do the noble thing and resign today. Thanks for your efforts and best wishes for the future.
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    Does anyone really believe ...

    Carlos is the man to get Wednesday promoted ? I’m sorry but your completely delusional if you do .
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    Not going tomorrow,anyone else?

    season ticket holder and I'm going that's because I support my team
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    Derby - V - Wednesday It's seemed like a very long week since Bolton. A very depressing week. Not least since the wife has moved back into the marital home. I'd imagined , nay hoped, that after so long away that on her return we'd be more like house mates. Like guests in a large hotel who just nodded at breakfast. Alas, you can only imagine my horror when I went up to bed the first night of her return, leaving her in the library where she was looking through tomes of incantations, and discovered her clothes in what I have got used to being 'my' bedroom. Her giant silk negligee draped over the ottoman like a discarded parachute. Ye Gods! I quickly stuffed some of my belongings into a small case and am currently living in exile in the gatehouse where the groundsman used to live, where so far she hasn't managed to track me down. Though I fear it is only a matter of time. Stubbs brings me supplies. But she's a keen eye. She'll find out soon enough. And then I'll be on the move again. Fortunately match day is here now and I can focus on something else.... It's also been a gloomy week also for many other people connected with our club though . Well, when I say people, I mean fans. As usual. A feeling of apathy seems to be spreading and sadly the skirmishes between pro and anti Carlos fans seems to be coming to a peak. The shirts are eventually due to go on sale, though again, hackles have been raised by the costing of the said apparel with many thinking the prices another rather strongly aimed kick in the goolies, and the wallet. The offer of some dearly priced framed picture of some fireworks doing little to soften the blow and if anything only agitating some further. It's against this back drop that we take on Derby at whatever they called their stadium these days. Two clean sheets on the spin against Warnocks Cardiff and local rivals Forest- where they won- have cheered up Rams supporters and they will look to keep that run going against us, to make the most of the malady that seems to enveloped us. Vydra (whose name I can never read or hear without thinking of a lair full of Bond villains) scored after a minute versus Forest. We'll have to make sure that we don't go behind early on because that will surely set the already jangling nerves of everyone over the edge and we can't afford that. We need to score first to relax the players and supporters alike. And to give us something to build on. I'm of the school of thought that it's teams on a terrible run that are always likely to cause us the biggest problems. A team that has just got two excellent results? Perfect game for us. Would be typical of Wednesday to go there and win! One person who the malady hasn't seem to have affected. (though he doesn't have to pay for his match day seat or shirt, admittedly) is our Carlos. Who seems in quite upbeat mood. He has reiterated his stance that he believes we will be promoted this season. In fact , according to @OWLSTALK sources he's Adam Ant about it all. Which I must say has come as something of a surprise. Still. I'm all for positive talk. It's dog eat dog out there. Let's hope he sends the lads out to take the league by storm as we enter the Autumn/Winter period and for us to become Kings of the Wild frontier that is the Championship COME ON WEDNESDAY! Da diddly qua qua!
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    No need for a boycott, if you don't like the kit, or think its too expensive, or too late then don't buy it. If on the other hand you like it, want one, can afford it, then please buy it and support the club and get yourself or your child a shirt into the bargain. I just don't like these anti club crusades on here all the time, by all means post your opinion but stop trying to rally support for your own beliefs. We can all do that but it really makes no difference. For myself i like the kit, it's my era, don't like stripes and don't get the furore surrounding the lack of them, it's still Wednesday. Mild rant over. #buythekit
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    Morning fellow Owls! What a fortnight! The International break that seemed as though it would never end- is over! Our neighbouring home nations have all failed to qualify. Which is a huge shame as I always like to see our neighbours getting through. As it is, there will be only us English under the stewardship of Southgate. No Italy either. It somehow won’t seem real with them not there. Showing the world how to pinch games when it matters. I'll miss them. Still......will save us having to play them. Hirst-gate rumbles on and on and on and on. My own situation hasn’t much improved. I’m still in the old camper van in the woods. Though Stubbs has managed to bring me some pot noodles, a calor gas stove and a crate of lager. It’s not the best diet but it’s better than nothing. And like a celebrity that sleeps rough for charity with my new diet I’m feeling a closer bond with my fellow fans. The lager is from Mrs Firkin who runs the Minotaurs Head. She’s still open for business, despite the presence of the sentinel Tripods which have surrounded the village. She’s a rough old bird though. The lager was in tins. Which surprised me a little as she's a tennant of Snooty Ales and we only do drought. I'll be having a word with her if I ever escape from here.....anyway. The Wednesday – V- Bristol City We welcome Bristol City to Hillsborough and their squeaky-whispering manager Lee Johnson. He’s from Newmarket. Nearly 100 miles outside of London, but somehow he’s managed to acquire that small mouthed Fagin sounding quality you associate with an untrustable cockernee type. Anyway. Here we go with the good news. Bristol City play 4-4-2 – Hurrah! We’ll match anyone who plays the same system as us. Man for man we’ll take anyone to town as we proved against the Villa with our superb display. Bad news is… That’s mainly at home. Away from home they tend to go with a 4-1-4-1- Boo! Much debate about whether Wednesday go with the same side. If the game had been on the following Wednesday after the Villa than I suspect, we would. But with that fortnights break who knows what’s happened. Maybe someone has shone so much in training that Carlos won’t be able to resist having a tinker. Or maybe someone has picked up a knock that we don’t as yet know about. I hope to see Rhodes continue up front. I’m a fan of Fletcher, but when goals-scorers start finding the net then they should be kept in and given every chance to keep the confidence up and the run going. Again. I just hope the break hasn’t been a drain on the positive energy that Rhodes was showing at Villa park. KIERAN LEE At this moment he is 100 %. He is training 100%. When training is more hard maybe the next day we must manage him. We have three games next week and we believe he can be important, if not all the games, some of them." Will he be put back in? I’d hope he’d keep Butterfield in after his Generals display against The Villa he was an absolute metronome with his passing and allowing Bannan to shuttle wherever he wanted. Nothing against Lee of course, who’s probably our best line breaking midfielder with his darting runs beyond the front man. But it’s all about balance isn’t it? Bristol City at home. We’ve played them 18 times in the last 26 years. So many goals... And yet ....whenever they come to Hillsborough my mind always, always wanders back to one moment… Dirty Mark Aizlewood. Yellow card. Mind, these days a similar tackle on Fernando would probably result in a booking for diving. Aizlewood. Dirty get. Never any intention other than to nail Trevor. Wilko shipped Aizlewood quick sharp when he was at L**ds. In 2004, Aizlewood was fined £1,800 after assaulting television presenter Jane Harvey during an interview for BBC investigative programme ‘X-Ray’ by grabbing her around the neck and pushing her down a flight of steps. Anyway… Here's some stat type stuff that many of you seem to enjoy. Or at least you probably will do till you see City are one of the best away sides in the division. I think one thing we will see is goals. This fixture does seem to throw them up. Come on Wednesday! See I told you we could do the thread without smutty remarks about Bristols!
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    I didn’t expect Mr Chansiri to go into the depth and address as many points as he has with this. It’s very easy to slag him off but at the end of the day, this kind of openness has to be applauded as he really doesn’t have to do this.
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    You Broke John Terry

    What a shame couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke
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    Let`s stay united
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    Option c) - can we have a day off?
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    To be honest Lee, apart from putting money in(which I know is a pretty big thing) he hasn't done a single thing right. He showed no respect for the club by getting rid of the stripes and our iconic badge - for no other reason than he doesn't like them. Recruitment is a farce. The club shop is embarrassing. Our 150th anniversary has been a disaster. The ticketing pricing is just not right. The catering is as bad as ever. The corporate hospitality now doesn't really exist. F00k this, it's w4nk. I feel totally disassociated from my club right now. Far more so than any of the times in League One. The only thing making it just about bearable is the fact we do have some good players. Everybody thinks the standard of the squad covers all this up. But not for me it doesn't. If that's all I was bl00dy bothered about I'd support Man Utd. I support Wednesday because my Dad and Grandad took me when I was 5 years old and it got me. My Great Grandad was a fan too and I still remember him talking to me about the club. I love the blue and white stripes. That's Wednesday, and if that makes me a neurotic irrational idiot I don't care. But they're more important to me than any striker that'll be gone in 2 years anyway. I love our badge. The one you can draw in the sand in the beach. On a toilet wall. The one that every fan of every club instantly recognised. F00k off with that other sh1tty badge. I don't care that we originally had that badge, try drawing that f00ker in the sand. And it's all lost because Chansiri doesn't like it. Well I'll be watching Wednesday long after he's f00ked off and I bet the first thing a new owner will do is bring back the stripes and the badge. So 2 fingers to you and your friggin' Ipswich kit.
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    A case for the defence...

    Football is a results based business, which in turn are viewed from differing levels of expectation & or acceptance, which then leads to outpouring of views held within a fan base. Wednesday, in my view are now at the point where expectation is now almost the overriding factor in how people are reacting to results/league position but, where does 'deserve' come into things...I'm sort of in the camp of that over a season each & every club get what they deserve, maybe not 100% but close enough to make end of season standings pretty fair. I've watched every game we've played this season bar Derby County so I won't include that....in my opinion we 'deserve' to have 6 more points than we have, which puts us on 22 & in the play off spots, expectation says that's the least we should be doing & if we were the naysayers would be much quieter, there would be some mutterings but not on the scale we are seeing now. About deserve, I think we are in a strange run at the minute in where every point we have got we really do deserve, we haven't had any lucky/undeserved wins or draws, that's a sizeable run over 13 games for that not to happen, the scales are weighing heavily against in that regard, so, based on my belief that over a season things usually do even out I reckon we are due some adjustment at some stage. Other factors leading to negativity....the shirts, the strip, ticket prices, the fact that Sheffield United have beaten us at home and are looking like play off material at least....we don't like that, we've been above them for 5/6 seasons & have gotten used to it, we didn't give them credit for getting 100 points last season & thought they'd struggle this, they've proved us wrong so far, when I say us I mean our fan base as a whole, not everyone thought they'd be relegation fodder, none of us like what they are doing but I think we should at least respect it. Just to be clear....I'm in the Carlos IN camp....I'm 61 years of age, I followed us home & away through the darkest spell I've personally known called the early through to mid seventies, during one spell I missed just a handful of games either at home or traveling in 19 years straight, this what we are going through now is pretty much nothing in my book, I don't like it but I'm not ready yet to slit my wrists or moan about every little thing or result...give it enough time & it'll come good, it always does....then it turns to poo again...it's called football.
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    Enough is enough

    Time to act dc before it's too late Sack him immediately
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    Tell you what, the more I watch Terry’s injury incident, the luckier he seems to not have got a red for it. HORRIBLE tackle, way off balance and already falling over, goes flying in studs up and hurts himself catching Fox’s boot. Fox had his foot a few inches off the ground so it just got knocked out the way; if it’d been planted on the floor that could’ve been horrific. No sympathy at all, uncontrolled and completely reckless.
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    . Wallace isn't in the best of form. Happens to all players. To say he offers nothing though simply isn't true. For a "winger" who is being asked to play a "tucked in" wide midfield role... ....On the opposite side of the pitch to which he's at his best.... ....on his weaker foot. I'm not sure exactly what people are wanting. He's not on fire but he's still offering delivery and helping to close down spaces in 'right centre midfield.' I'm not sure exactly what people are wanting. He could have come away with 3 assists last night with some sharper finishing. Is that his fault? He's not in his best spell since he joined us. Possibly his worse spell. He'd probably admit that himself. But he's still doing the job he's being asked to do. There always has to be someone. For an age it was Nuhiu because he didn't score goals. So that meant he offered "Nothing" and wouldn't get a game for The local pub. etc etc. But as the squad has improved we've had to work harder to dig players out. Reach. Assualted because of a price tag that has everything to do with agents and the chairman and nothing to do with the lad himself. He didn't set his own fee. Last year it was Bannan. The hero of "Year One". Last year he was asked to play deeper. Clearly it was a defined role he'd been given. But he got nailed anyway, despite being push into a square hole. "Time to let him go"......."flash in the pan"......."He did this at Villa, had one good year"........"This is why Palace didn't want him" It didn't work for him last year picking the ball up of Glenn Loovens toe. It's not his best area of the pitch. He had a bad time of it. Did he hide? No. Did he stop trying to hit people with his passes as the groans echoed down? No. He kept going. Because he's got testicles. This year he's the hero again in he better more advanced role. So it's Wallaces' turn. A free transfer who has been excellent business for us. Not in his prime, but not being pushed enough by those that should. That's not his fault. He's being selected and going out and trying to play himself into better form. Is Ross Wallace hiding? No. Good God above.
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    Sat here shivering in the dark of the lodge. The only light from my phone. My mind a whir as I try to fight the cold. The Barnsley game still fresh in flashes behind my eyes. We were better. We dominated the first half against a side that matched us up. We created chances. But not many, what I would call, clear cut chances. They were the sort of chances you score when you're full of beans. And we're not full of beans at present. Still.... we should have been out of sight. We scored. Ironically with a bit of luck. God , I'm cold in here. Anyway, for all our play as soon as Barnsley came out in the second half with a 4-1-4-1 we knew. We did didn't we. I did. The people around me did. The shoulders around me in the stands dropped as people noticed the change. And of course ,having weathered the storm they then made a double sub with the more adventurous Moncur and Isgrove coming on and offering more support to their front man. And frankly... sadly... no one was surprised when they scored. In fact, I must make the confession that though I thought Lee's could have done more, and I was surprised with how easily Lee got turned, I clapped the goal. Not because I'm a sadist. Not because I don't want us to win. But because, what a lovely hit it was. A player turning and with his head up curling a shot to the far side. Not just twatting it, but curling it. Of course, there was a chap behind me giving me the daggers and I did wonder for a moment if I might be about to be introduced to this terrace violence that I've been hearing so much about. Luckily I had a spare Werthers and the episode was quickly resolved. But it was better. And I have to believe that we can beat Millwall. Wednesday - V - Millwall We can do it. I know we've been poor against sides at the wrong end. But surely that cannot last. Surely some team is going to be the one that we end our run against, as we so often are the team that help other struggling teams end their runs. We do have some good news though. Yes, another team who play 4-4-2. I know, I know, I said this pre-Barnsley too. But if they don't change anything and go about it like they did against Cardiff then we really must get into them before they do change it! Its a game being billed the most important one of the season. Though to be honest, we've said that about every game since Preston. I think that is going to be the theme of the season. "This week is THE game. Make or break" . The Chairman has come out this week and said he's 100% behind Carlos. Now usually that means the manager is about to get the boot but we all know in the case of Mr C that his vote of confidence will be exactly that. Especially if some folks don't like it! Now this is a good thing. No, no Mr Farrell, Mr Bluesky, hear me out. Of late the manager has looked tense. The players have looked tense. But they need to be relaxed to play their best. Maybe this vote of confidence will relax Carlos, and that will be transmitted to the players. Ok. Maybe I am pushing it. But at this stage I'm willing to try anything. And so. I'm going back to basics on here too. Doing the things I was doing at the beginning of the season when I went unbeaten in four. So you'll have to forgive me and indulge me, but I'm bring Daisy back into the fold. Maybe Carlos needs to bring another talisman back too COME ON WEDNESDAY
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    DC confirmed that he is 100% behind Carlos and the length of his contract is not important he also confirmed that Carlos goes to the board recommending which positions he wants to improve and then the agency/scouts go looking for players that fit that position to recommend to him with 8/9 clubs enjoying parachute payments it is difficult to compete in the transfer market so first choices are not always within our reach DC realises fans expectations have risen over the past 2 years and still believes we have the squad to push for promotion this season DC said hey had on a couple of occasions taken note of fans desires to signed certain players The club confirmed that as this is an informal meeting it will not be reporting back to the fans what has been discusses that is down to us attending the meeting to feed back to the fans DC takes full responsibility for the club both on and off the field he again raised the issue of social abuse both to his family and to the players on Twitter and Facebook if the fans have something to say about the club they should email him direct and he will answer all points raised he has received over 400 emails regarding the “Ask the Chairman” and he hopes to have responded to everyone by the end of October beginning of November vif he doesn’t respond to your email please send it again so he can address your points DC wishes to apologise to fans who cannot afford a ST or a match day ticket but he says needs must with regards to generating revenues to help contribute towards keeping within the FFP rules he believes in his pricing policy and confirmed that if we want to continue attracting better players and not go backwards he has to raise as much as he can in areas of tickets sales and the retail his idea regarding 1867 Membership has not taken off so he is looking for other ways of generating income he hasn’t ruled out naming rights for the stadium The launch of the 150 year third kit will hopefully take place in November the delay in the home/away kits was explained in more detail stocks of the home kit did arrive in September however the club felt that the numbers delivered would have meant a potential sell out within days so held these back until further deliveries arrived it is the same situation with the away kit once further stocks have been delivered these will go on sale the infant and Juniors only have shirts available currently as insufficient stocks were delivered to put out the full kits the shorts and socks will be available at a later date the infant kits do not have embroidered badges and logos as they believed this would cause irritation to those wearing them the club confirmed that they are to continue dealing directly with the manufacturer and plans are already in place regarding next season’s kits it was confirmed that the quality will be even better next season than this and they had learnt a lot of lessons from this season’s issues DC said that returning to a striped home shirt wasn’t out of the question but wouldn’t be drawn into whether that was going to be a possibility the club are to use a different manufacturer for next season’s kit and we were given the impression companies like Nike and Adidas use the same company DC confirmed that we hold these meetings because the club wants to engage with the fans for us to share opinions in return the club will try to do as much as possible to action points raised but admitted they can’t do everything two major concerns raised from fans have been addressed one being the catering which to a significant cost to the club they ended the contract with the supplier and have gone in house they asked the fans to be patient while they got things right and are aware of many teething issues however things are improving and sales are up and the club will continue to look at ways of improving the service extra kiosks are being looked at for both the kop and the North however space is very limited on the North and the club are looking at the spiral stairs area for a possible location the second area the club has responded to following fans comments was the removal of Sondico as the shirt supplier the decision to go in-house allowed the club to better dictate the quality improve the delivery times and to not have to pay a third party so retaining more profit to the club the club believe that the 150 year celebrations are going well so far and that there is more activities to come however they didn’t disclose what these were going to be plans are still in progress with regards to the shop the question was asked as to way when the ticket sections was busy why the retail side couldn’t help to reduce the queues both sides work from different systems so they are unable currently to help out during the busy periods the club are aware that the prints had players names in the wrong order and this is being addressed I apologise at this present time as I don’t know if those who have already bought one can take them back and get a replacement the topic of fans behaviour at home and away games was raised following the incidents at Derby on Saturday there is a text number in the programme for you to use immediately if you see anything of that nature when we are at at Home game the club will then monitor CCTV and act with immediate effect a number of fans complained about the brightness of the advertising boards at the last home game and this will be addressed at the next home game Access from the 1867 lounge direct to the South Stand has been looked at and a turnstile would need to be fitted to the entrance/exit door to allow this to happen no action is planned at this moment in time the club are looking at ways to raise our profile globally but until we reach the PL this is difficult the club are looking at an International Facebook page and are looking to establish links with Universities in the Far East to raise it on the club website is a “Community” section that talks about all of the things the club are doing in both the UK and abroad Stadium Development didn’t get it usual long discussion Capacity for this season currently sits at 34,234 with talks on going with SAG to get this increased the on going comments about the Presto sign still being visible on the West Stand was raised and the club are looking into repainting the roof however due to scaffolding issues this can only be done ore season other discussion points included ifollow where the club are continually working to improve the service season ticket sales this season were close to 21,000 the three year season ticket of two seasons ago at this moment in time isn’t planned to be made available again Between 200 and 300 tickets are given away to schools for every home game to attract the youngsters to S6 and a junior season ticket holder is chosen each game to be a mascot With regards to decision making at the club DC confirmed that it has 10 Managers all given the authority to make key decisions within the club and that he does hand control to them for personal reasons this will be the last meeting I will be attending I hope someone from the group takes over the baton and feeds back to you all of the items discussed at the meeting
  32. 35 points

    Done with it all

    Certainly won't be forking out £500+ for a season ticket again. Trusted Carlos and Chansiri spin last summer re attacking and entertaining footy this year. Know many were defending our ridiculous prices this week but after today I think that's me done unless something radical happens. Just no entertainment factor at all today. £20 was too much today, imagine those paying on the gate. Not sure there was one positive from today's match. Imagine the comparison between today's squad salaries too. Time to press the reset button.
  33. 35 points
    Lord Snooty

    Hooper - Terry

    Terry : Top centre half me, san. ''ard as fackin nails, I am Hooper: Sit down soft lad
  34. 35 points
    Owlin' Wolf

    Villa Saturday new 3rd kit

    Only the back four are wearing them, there’ll be another shipment coming in for the midfield for the next game and the whole starting 11 should be wearing it by Boxing Day.
  35. 35 points


    These league ain't as hard as we've been lead to believe just $hite management and recruitment keeps us here
  36. 35 points

    Where are you?

    I may not come to hillsborough , through being a 24/7 carer , but as i have donated thousands via the proceeds from selling my paintings over the last few years to a cause that puts many bums on seats at the ground then i feel i have earned the right to have my say , so if people do not like it then tough i will still say it , not going does not mean you do not support the club in any way shape or form ,many have paid their dues over many years but through one thing or another cannot attend as frequently as they could do once ,they are still fans and can still have there say and bollux to this i am better than thou scenario cause it means nothing
  37. 34 points
    Right, straight off the bat this is going to be a horrible long essay OP... for those whose time is precious or attention span is wavering or for the just plain indifferent I'll pop a "too long didn't read" sentence or two at the end in bold and itallics if you want to skip to that. For those sticking around, I can't promise this'll be the most coherent post as it's largely a stream of consciousness, but I'll do my best to justify the use of your time reading this. ______________________ First things first: I'm going to deal with facts as much as I can. Anything that's speculation will be clearly said as such, and I'm hoping you'll all agree that any rare speculation in here is a fair conclusion Second things second: This is not a character assassination of DC. I make no claims to knowing what he's like as a person or businessman. When DC took over of SWFC, I like everyone else was delighted. Here we had a consortium led by a "distinguished businessman" who came from a very reputable and wealthy family. Naturally the imagination ran wild and figures about net worth were being bandied about with glee. Finally we were in the money. I don't need to dwell on what we already know about the last couple of years, but I mention this as it's often an explanation for what's currently going on. I argue it shouldn't be. DC's wealth The Thai Union Group (TUG) was founded in 1977, and according to their own website by 1988 had a capital of 25 million baht (approx. £570k, or £1.4 million as a modern day equivalent according to Bank of England's inflation calculator). This is important because DC would have been around 20 years old at that time- he wasn't born into extortionate wealth. I have no idea if his family were wealthy before this (I suspect they were relatively speaking, but that's speculation), but certainly they weren't international heavyweights like today. In terms of DC's personal wealth and affiliation with TUG, it's hard to say how much involvement he has beyond being related to the founders. His shareholder % isn't public knowledge, but he isn't on the board of directors, and according to TUG's own website his father (Chairman and co-founder) owns ~5% of shares, while his brother (CEO and co-founder) owns ~10% of shares. It's also worth noting that his father has an estimated worth of ~$700 million USD (~£530 million) according to Forbes. (Speculation time) This suggests to me that while DC is going to be far wealthier than you or I will ever be, any personal wealth he's obtained from TUG is not so substantial that he can afford to input many tens of millions of pounds into a football club. Certainly he can afford to buy a club and invest a decent portion off the back of this wealth, but not to megabucks levels (end of speculation). So if DC is going to personally finance a push to the Premier League, it can be argued he'll need more money. Fortunately we were told when he first joined SWFC he is a "distinguished businessman" who "owns companies in real estate and construction". Here's where things start getting sketchy for me, and at the time I didn't really clock it because I along with everyone else was so excited about the incoming good times. And it starts with a simple question. What companies? "Successful Businessman" The media today are lazy, they tend to copy and paste news stories between each other, which is fine for getting information and a story out quickly, but bad for actually checking the integrity of the information they're posting and printing. It's very common in articles about pseudoscience, particularly climate sceptics. Someone running a blog will make a claim or statement (often erroneously), this will get picked up by another blog, which will then get picked up by another blog etc. and by the time the Chinese Whispers finish you'll find a blog saying "A scientist says X". In reality it was an electrical engineer or something. While a slight tangent, the point is that there's a pattern you can spot on the internet of people just copying what they've seen without any digging, which leads to an echochamber of ignorance if the original information is misrepresented. It follows a pattern, and it's a classic pattern that was seen with this information about DC being in construction. From the original Star article cited at the bottom of this post, we get this: http://swissramble.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/sheffield-wednesday-working-with-fire.html This: https://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-404028937.html and this: https://www.pressreader.com/uk/yorkshire-post/20150303/281496454743017 Now before anyone kicks off... I'm not saying DC lied. I have absolutely zero doubt that he owns companies in real estate and construction. What I do wonder, however, is how much of a money spinner they are for him... and whether anyone in the press actually bothered to ask about these businesses credentials. As I alluded to above... I'm not sure there's a Sheffield Wednesday fan who can name any of these companies or any of their projects. The media haven't reported these, and no amount of attempting to research it on the internet has yielded results. I don't expect an exhaustive list of Thai building projects on google, but I would expect even a medium-sized company to have public records of ownerships, list of directors etc... yet there's nothing. I'd welcome anyone being able to offer any information on this... if you can find DC's companies or affiliates, please do pop it in here. The point... a common defence of DC on here is that he's a "successful businessman" (Quotation marks used to quote any number of people that have used this phrase on Owlstalk). My retort to this is... where's the evidence? Not one Wednesday fan can name me his company. He has a very wealthy family so it's impossible to attribute how much wealth is from his own ventures, but we have been given absolutely zero evidence from the media that he is any sort of successful businessman beyond the same repeated empty statement. He could well be a fantastic business mind and leading construction tycoon, but without anyone actually fact-checking this claim and providing a company name we have no idea of his acumen at all. The only evidence we do have of his business acumen is what we have seen at Sheffield Wednesday. During that time, we've seen record shirt sales, season ticket sales and general increase in income. We have also seen a continuing malaise in our commercial department, with many local businesses priced out of sponsorship or matchday boxes at Hillsborough. We've also seen ticket prices increase to effectively the highest in the division whilst being in one of the poorest areas of England. Finally, we get on to Elev8 and D-Performance. Now with these two areas I'm going to be cautious because I don't even want to flirt with the big "L" word that Neil still gets twitchy over since the Dave Allen days... But we have here two new companies that no-one has really heard of involved with the club in a big way. One has something to do with energy drinks and is also manufacturing our beloved kit. The other was registered in July and is one of the main sponsors around the stadium and is a taxi service that doesn't appear to be available for the average Joe of Sheffield. Certainly no contact details are findable on the internet, so it's not something currently actively advertising on the internet for use by average members of the public. Again, I want to deal with facts as much as possible so I'll be making no conclusions on these things. I'll only ask Owls fans to consider what their thoughts would be if they heard of the events in this paragraph occurring at another Championship club. The bizarre (some speculation) This irks me. Narratives have frequently changed over the last couple of years. I don't need to go into Doyen and recruitment etc and don't plan to: It's largely unfounded speculation but there's certainly an element of something not sitting right with a lot of people there and with a thread already about it I have no interest in repeating the discussion. One example I would like to look at it Carlos. As of May 2016, he signed a brand-spanking new three year contract with us. As of the beginning May 2017, his contract was imminently expiring again and it turned out he only signed a one year deal. Another is that at the point of taking us over DC was heading a consortium. Then he wasn't. We then have the repeated whispers coming out of Hillsborough of long-term staff leaving highly dissatisfied. We have the repeated whispers of everything needing DC's go-ahead, to the extent that it includes the type of tiles in the toilets. We have cakeball. We have a starting XI worth of signings that never play. We have the kit debacle. Pricing for pretty much everything comes in this section too. Did I mention we have Doyen? Again I'm being careful with wording here, but we have a series of consistently difficult to understand and increasingly difficult things to justify coming out of the club coupled with what can be very contradictory information coming out in the media. Conclusion So what was the point of this essay post? I'm basically done and wondering the same thing. I think it's that as a fan I'm tired of trying to look at the rose garden while the flowers die around me. Whilst on the pitch (largely) we've been good for the last couple of years, there have been some unaddressed questions that could perhaps do with answering... you can overlook them when times are good, but it's wrong to do so. We also have inconsistencies that are rarely addressed. Being speculative, there are question marks over just how much more money we can expect to be pumped into SWFC- and I'd hazard a guess that's largely dependent on who our "friends" are and how deep their pockets are. Finally, and being objective again, I have this: The next time you want to defend what seems a strange decision by saying "But DC's a successful businessman", you're only saying that because The Star said he was. We actually have nothing concrete to say whether DC is one of the greatest business minds of our time or an essentially failed entrepreneur. As far as I'm concerned he could be either, I've got no evidence either way... but that doesn't make me automatically believe in the affirmative. Let's judge what decisions are made on merit rather than on what we imagine any past potential business ventures might be. As for the media and their role in all this... ask the right questions. You're flat out not doing your jobs if you can't report basic facts like DC's businesses and make basic enquiries about things such as Doyen which are already in the public domain. _______________________________ tl;dr: Goes into info about what DC's wealth could be based on familial ties. Absolutely no evidence that DC is a successful businessman (or even a failed one, there's just no evidence full stop). Media hasn't asked the right questions and has ultimately let inconsistencies slide. Something isn't sitting right with me. http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/who-is-dejphon-chansiri-1-7135144 (Dejphon Chansiri- distinguished businessman) http://www.thaiunion.com/en/about/company/company-history (Thai Union history & links to share %'s) https://www.forbes.com/profile/kraisorn-chansiri/ (Kraisorn Chansiri, DC's dad's, net worth) http://www.bizstats.co.uk/ltd/d-performance-limited-10857680/ (D-Performance) http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11703/10295675/carlos-carvalhal-reveals-new-sheffield-wednesday-deal-ahead-of-championship-play-off-final (Carlos' 3 year deal) http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-doubts-grow-over-carlos-carvalhal-s-owls-future-1-8529818 (Carlos' 3 year deal expiring after 12 months) http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/31040959 (Dejphon Chansiri- head of a Thai consortium)
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    Done with it all

    I have to say, I've had a season ticket for the past God knows how many seasons. And this season, I'm actually questioning myself whether I'll renew. Crazy. But, I'm actually bored at the matches. And I'm sat there today, freezing my boobies off, thinking "I've better things to do." I'll no doubt end up renewing, in case, things improve. But if the season tickets continue to rise, then more and more people will seriously start to question their renewal. It's awful. The football is boring. Tedious. Ponderous. The manager is deluded. And the chairman is quite openly, looking to take every fan for as much money as he possibly can. All while we see our football team, under perform, and regress right in front of our very eyes. Something simply HAS to change. Forget about points from playoffs, or performance vs. last season etc. etc. The football is boring, and it's not value for money. When that starts to become the issue, no other fan can criticise another for questioning their future commitment.
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    ...said every loanee playing well for their new club ever Hope he gets 20 goals this season and Derby want to buy him. That'll be £10m then please, the going rate for a 20 goal season at this level nowadays. But we'd probably be daft enough to just do a permanent swap for Butterfield..
  40. 33 points
    Is to chant for him out at the matches,I've never done this in all my years supporting Wednesday, Mr.Chansiri says he does listen to the fans,well it's over to you the supporters,I really don't think DC understands how frustrated and fed up the fans are and I'm sure the seed would be planted if enough fans make it clear that this can not carry on. We had 30 people clapping when DC said he wasn't sacking Carlos,well lets see how he feels when thousands are chanting Carlos out!!!!! Come on at the Millwall game... CARLOS OUT!!!!
  41. 33 points


    I wish I could do what Reading has done and just switch off completely. Sadly I haven't got the balls. I'm still stuck in that warped mindset where missing a game would mean I'm less of a fan - truth is I'm addicted to the club and can't stop. I paid more than I could afford for a season ticket this season because I couldn't bear the thought of not being at Hillsborough on match day. I daren't think about how much it'll be next season. If worst comes to worst I'll probably still come to the ground and try and get in for the last few minutes when the exit gates open. I still go to youth team games just to get my Wednesday fix, and last season I saw the U23s play some brilliant stuff on the way to the national title - none of them have been elevated to the first team set up. What's the point? I'm 32 and haven't seen us be successful. The early 90s were just a blur in my early childhood. I saw Nilsson, Hirst, Sheridan, Waddle - but I had no idea what was happening. All I've known is hard times. Sticking with it. Paying your dues and being able to say "I was there" for the heartache we've suffered. I was there for Yeovil when we didn't know what to do against 9 men. Carlisle away in the LDV Vans trophy. Getting dicked all over the country. Just clinging on, knowing that the bad times will only make our return to the big time even sweeter. Now i'm pretty convinced we're headed back to the dark ages again. We're at our FFP limit with a squad of aging players with no resale value. The chairman is making so many bad business decisions and making so many enemies I can only see it ending one way. I'm looking at Blackburn's plight and wondering whether they're actually ahead of us in the process of reclaiming their club. And I ask myself whether I can go through it all again. Decades of poo with no pay off? Where's the fairytale ending the fans deserve? Do I really want to go through even more? I've recently got involved at Kiveton Park FC - marking the pitches, acting as club historian and producing the match day programme. I'm loving it, but I still love Wednesday more, and I don't want to even think about abandoning them. I want to be able to switch off and return when we get back to the PL. I've more than paid my dues through the bobbar times, I've earned the right to have a break and return when things are good again. But I won't, because i'm weak and a mug.
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    Greetings my dear spunk-trumpets! In a week where the Chairman has urged us to be positive I am going to try just that! Though it will be hard. Not least since I have been spending my days and nights trawling Owlstalk. Nought else to do. As I pad around a shivvering ,clandestine prisoner on my own gatehouse after the return of the Lady wife to Snoot Hall. My man , Stubbs, brings me food. But he can't be seen to be heading down here with a silver platter, for it would only arouse suspicion. He goes to the pub most nights and throws what scraps he can through the open window. Last night I had to have baked beans. Out of a tin! With no toast! Cold, tasteless gruel. I know now what it must be like now for you poor souls who eat at the ground. Oops/ Sorry Mr C! I can't even light the fire for fear that she will see the glow and come and find me. And then what? Dragged back to the marital bed. God no! It's cold In here. Freezing . The beans are. ..dreadful. I have an old blanket. But can feel the cold permeate my bones. It seeps I through every pore. My very soul feels the damp chill. Which is why I so look forward to tomorrow's game despite our terrible form. As soon as Stubbs drives the car through that archway I shall leap in the back and off to the match. Warming myself with the mini bar in the back, and for those few hours my heart will be warmed. WEDNESDAY - V - BARNSLEY 12:30 Kick-Off Yes Ive never been so excited about an early kick off! We're in poor form admittedly. Our only consolation is that they aren't much better, they have the 2 defeat in 5 to our 4. The only difference really between the two clubs at the moment is that they are 4 points behind us despite having sold around £25m worth of talent in the last 3 years while we've spent £30m and there's only fractions in it Anyway, lets not dwell on that.. Positivity! Their man Heckingbottom has done a terrific job. He really has. Links of course with The Wednesday. " Paul Heckingbottom did the Can-Can down the M4 after we won the League One play-off final in 2005. The traffic was horrendous trying to leave Cardiff. We were at a standstill, surrounded by cars all full of Wednesday fans. Suddenly, the alarm went off and I thought a window had been smashed or something. I looked round, saw the side door was open, then out of the window saw Hecky dancing down the motorway with the cup. He was jumping on top of cars, bouncing up and down, getting selfies with fans. It was unbelievable. Everyone was feeling a bit hungover and tired on the bus, but that just kicked everybody on and got the party started again." Lee Bullen .And hes, he's not the only man to link the two clubs. No. There's also David Hirst, the Cudworth flyer who.....ah blast. I'll not go down this avenue given the current state of things. We've been asked to be positive. And by God I will! There's also Sam Winnall. But he plays for Derby... Erm... Let me think. Ahh yes. The boy Wilson. Another Wednesday/Barnsley crossover man. What a job he did the first time with the Dingles. Just like Bazil and all that business. And of course this... In a week in which we have been urged to be positive I also have some great news for those that worry about such things. We will not be getting outnumbered in midfield this week! Yay! . Apparently Lloyd Isgrove (remember him?) could make his dingles debut. It'd be sods law wouldn't it.. Wednesday will line up....ahh...you all know the drill by now, what we do, no need for a diagram. I know a few Dingles who are saying they'll do us. But that is just bravado. The facts are these.. 1) Barnsley have lost 12 of their last 14 league games against Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough! 2) We always play better against teams in better form than us, and amazingly that includes the Dingles! Now if that isn't a positive. I don't know what is! . COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    Replacing Carlos may just help slightly but don't think for a minute it's going to turn things around if we swap out the manager. Things at SWFC seemingly go way deeper than that. It seems like there's pure turmoil in every department
  44. 32 points
    If so, please tell Carlos that was flipping boring, and has been for well over a year now.
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    Naming rights for the stadium

    From a cost efficiency point of view, can I suggest the West Stand is renamed the Presto Tools stand.
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    Mr. Tom

    You Broke John Terry

    Be fair to Terry though, he had 'suffered' that 'shocking' 'foul' by Hooper a few minutes earlier the one where JohnBoy fell over trying to strangle him
  47. 31 points
    and I've seen the best post of the night! "Like I have always said someone high up is against us. They show us in the away games hoping we lose then they have us play Sunday, Wednesday and bloody today. Both our opponents Preston and Sheffield Wednesday had 24hrs rest on.us. It's actual disgrace. This game should have been played tomorrow." - Demitri C surely we'd of still had 24 hours on them even if we played tomorrow!
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    Van Aken

    Agreed. I judged you after 4 posts and decided that you were a f*cking idiot.
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    Blimey We made the kits ourselves to save money so we all know for a fact there's plenty of wiggle room in what we retail them at. DC proves yet again that he's so far out of tune with Sheffield folk with how he's priced it. He could have got a few people back on side with this and offered them for a bit of a cheaper price given the fact that people have had to wait 5 months for it to be released. Especially given the fact it will be relevant for 7 months until we change it again. £49 for an adult shirt and £35 for a kids shirt for somethings that has a shelf life of half a year is scandalous. Again, a commercial stinker from the club.