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    I am one of the first to criticise the club and those at the top when I think it's necessary, but I thought I'd start a thread to thank the club for providing so many Wednesday fans with the opportunity to play on the hallowed turf this summer. I believe it has been possible to play on the pitch in years gone by, but this year the club have really tried their hardest to get as many Wednesday fans as possible to have the day of their lives. Apparently it was Katrien Meire that put the idea forward, and James Todd has been the driving force behind making it all happen. Personally, I have managed to feature in three games, and each one was better than the last. Firstly, I was picked to represent the SWFC Fans against the SWFC Staff on the Family Fun Day held at Hillsborough around Easter - I was one of only a handful to enter a Facebook competition! (the SWFC walking football team stepped in to bulk up the squad) The weather wasn't great, and we were only allowed to use a set of long unused changing rooms beneath the North Stand, but playing 30 minutes on the pitch was utterly surreal and there was enough adrenaline in my legs to last me another 90 minutes, regardless of how energy sapping the pitch is (it's gigantic!) Then I entered another competition with Ladbrokes, and again not a lot of people had entered, so I was able to bring a friend with me. This game was even better, as we were able to walk through the players entrance, behind the scenes, use the home dressing rooms and walk down the tunnel and onto the pitch. Getting changed in the changing rooms was like an out of body experience - thinking of all the players that have been in there - and the celebrations that must have taken place - gives you goosebumps. This time, I managed to go one step better by completing a full 90 minutes, and even better, scoring a goal in front of the Kop - mind-blowing. The second best bit was the Cruyff turn I managed while playing out from the back. The third best bit was sitting in a bath where Chris Waddle's testicles might once have been... Last but not least, I organised a squad of mates I play with to play another squad of lads on the pitch today - a fair few of them Owlstalk members or AFC Owlstalk players. Whereas the first two had been freebies, this one cost money as we hired it out - but it was still the best experience.This time I was the first to the changing rooms, and looking back to see my mates taking it all in was a memory I'll take to my grave - all of them Wednesdayites, and all of them open-mouthed as they walked towards the home dressing room. Brilliant. Whereas I'd played with all of them, not everyone knew each other, but we soon settled into it and everyone played so well. To say a lot of them didn't know each other, I was so proud of how much they had gelled and looked like a team. This time, the best bit was giving a team-talk, then hearing the referee's bell to call us out. Walking my team out onto the pitch to the sound of family and friends cheering us out was absolutely stunning. We lost 1-3, could have won 6-3, and a few of the lads were gutted at not taking chances, but every one of us was absolutely buzzing after the game. Our average age was 35ish, we had five players in their forties, but it was like seeing a bunch of giddy 9 year olds in there! Amazingly, James at SWFC allowed the family and friends onto the pitch for a good 15 minutes after the game for photo opportunities and to allow the kids a kickabout - he really is an absolute gem and I'd assume one of many unsung heroes at the club. I got a picture with my dad on the pitch. Nuff said. So to James, Katrien and Mr. Chansiri, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If any of you get the chance to do it next year, snap their hands up - it's an experience you'll never ever forget!
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    Lets see what he has to offer this year.................makes no sense to me to pay him for 3 years while he is injured only to let him leave when he is fit, lets at least see what kind of impact he has with a run in the side and make a decision in January.
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    Spelling is my first thought
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    I’m 59 and I’ve always bought them, and worn them My reason? to upset the cool kids
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    It'a not getting any clearer.....?
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    It’s not been Derby’s week has it
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    Been working on a bit of Waddle Art.
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    How come when I google Abdi this comes up...
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    I would love him to stay. Unpopular opinion I know, but I don't have a clue whats gone on behind the scenes, all I ever saw was that he gave 100% on the field. We have many players that we can't say the same about sadly.
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    Yep I'm up for that too. My surname is pigsaretinpotcunts
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    JIMMY LINDSAY watched Scotland star Barry Bannan steal the show as a nine-year-old ball boy at Albion Rovers. Lindsay believes Bannan to be the last native talent to come from the street. He said: "He was a ball boy, and he always kept a ball up at the side of the dugout and the punters at Cliftonhill were more concerned with looking at him than what was happening on the pitch. "At half-time in one game I went into the boardroom and our chairman Davie Shanks asked me, 'who's the player?' I thought he meant the trialist and told Davie it was just someone the manager had brought in. "But he said, 'no, I was meaning the wee blond guy next to the dugout - he's the best player out there'. "We were playing Montrose and the ball fell behind the dugout and Barry fetched it by flicking it and keeping it up as the big Montrose player ran towards him but Barry just flicked it over the lad's head and the crowd went wild. "Even then he was a kid with no fear. He had been brought up playing on the street and nothing fazed him. You could play him against Barcelona in the Nou Camp or against the Boys Brigade on an ash pitch and you'd get the same performance from him."
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    I have a mate who hates him Even after his recent good run, my mate puts his improvement down to having chances he can't miss I kid you not I also have a friend who hates Adam Reach I need to get new friends
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    Around the club. Mate who works at the training ground tells us that Gary Hooper in for voluntary training at Middlewood every day in an effort to be ready for day one pre season ........ times they are a changing!
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    Retro Owls t-shirts, inspired by the font used at the Mexico 1970 World Cup. Anyone like to see these in the club shop?
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    We will start the season in a far better position alphabetically than we did last season (and probably for some time, someone on here will know). Whilst we’ve lost Wolves and Sunderland we’ve gained Swansea, Stoke, West Brom, Wigan and potentially Shrewsbury. A possible net 3 position improvement without even having kicked a ball. Well done Wednesday, great to see these improvements on and off the field.
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    I’d be up for that. My real name is Derek Chupachups. Think that would look good on the shirt.
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    We only offered him the best deal in the club's history for a youth player. It's obviously not good enough for the Hirsts, the lifelong Owls fans. Move along young un. Si thi.
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