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    I'll be sad to see him go.... Never a starter but a Game changer off the bench... Always gives 100%. Much prefer others to go before Atty
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    fizz me what an idiot. I’m not talking about Berahino.
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    He'd be a decent squad player for most Championship clubs, and considering his form in the back half of last season, he'd be a starter for most lower half teams. I never understand the scramble to criticise or dismiss our own players from some Wednesday fans.
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    Best football we ever played. 3rd in the top division, European football, regulars at Wembley. Signed the great Chris Waddle. He never got the credit he deserved.
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    Maybe Chansiri tried to buy the ground off himself but couldn't agree a price!
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    I don’t think we can really talk about Rhodes in terms of the general model of our (broadly pretty dreadful) transfer activity/policy over the past 3-4 years. Despite the fact that most of us were delighted to get him here, the deal that brought him in was a uniquely naive and shortsighted one, even by our own maddeningly clumsy standards. We paid so wildly over the odds for him that we can’t possibly sell at a ‘reasonable’ price now, having had so little out of him for the investment we made, without looking like total mugs. (Although the coldly pragmatic part of me says we probably still should do, for his sake and ours - even if it amounts to a tacit public admission that we got our pants pulled down.) On the other hand, I’d love to see what he can do under Bruce, who I do believe will focus on bringing in some pace down the flanks to provide better service into the box. Finally. We haven’t had that in YEARS, and it was a big part of why JR didn’t get any joy here. Who knows, it could change things massively. Either way, point is we’ve timed it all so badly that if we give him another season here and it doesn’t work again, we’ll barely be able to ask anything for him the year after - 30, contract winding down, high wage. (A million if we’re lucky?) Had we made a better post-CC appointment than Jos, who knows. But the time we wasted treading water there played a big part in putting us where we are now re: Rhodes, ie. in a very awkward position. One thing I really think we must bear in mind either way is that none of this is Jordan’s fault, and it’s unfair to talk the way some do as if he had anything to do with the fee. We’ve spent considerably more, collectively, on at least four or five other players who’ve contributed far less between them even than Rhodes has been able to in his frustrating time here so far. There’s no use in pointing the finger at any one person, because it’s been a joint effort really, but the money we’ve frittered in the past few years on weird agent shenanigans and gross errors of judgment really has been shocking. Rhodes may have had the highest individual price tag, but reactions to his time at Norwich have for me confirmed what we already knew: look past the silly numbers and he’s a player who will score goals (9 for Norwich = joint third top scorer for us, level with Reach), even when not fully sharp/on form/starting. A true pro who always works his butt off and is great for the dressing room. He’s still ours as things stand - it’d be absolutely joyful to see him hit 20 in a season here. Can he? I suspect so, but it’s a gamble. We know we’ve stuffed up financially, and selling for just £3-4m now - although exacerbating our FFP issues in the very short-term - might well be less damaging overall than getting next to nothing in 12 months’ time (having already paid another year of his wages). Or perhaps not, depending on how the 3-year rolling loss period works out - you’d need the full accounts in front of you to really see all the permutations clearly. Can we afford to roll the dice again on keeping him? Fletcher has played brilliantly this season, but not as a finisher, whereas that’s really all Rhodes does in the right setup. Bruce badly needs a player LIKE Rhodes, but we’ve not got the money to buy anyone established - it’s JR or a young loan gamble. High stakes. Very tricky situation.
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    Rodent Nilsson.
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    Used to say this to my girlfriend all the time We're no longer on speaking terms
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    The fact this is seemingly becoming more and more common says it all about the fairness of FFP/PS, especially with failure/parachute payments. When clubs are in a position that they have to sell their grounds to remain within the limits and/or remain competitive, it says it all.
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    Weakest Championship since all we had to do was beat Huddersfield at home and then Reading to go up. What could go wrong?
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    Why wouldn’t I be happy about selling the ground we’ve owned for over a hundred years in return for paying the likes of Urby Emanuelson to sit on their arśe.
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    I bought it with money borrowed from the Middle East
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    He's sat thinking about his time with us? Bloody hell, Rolando - just have a w*nk, dude.
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    Hey up. My young lad has once again compiled all Wednesday's goals for 18/19 season, go easy on the comments, he's only 11, I think he's done pretty well. Worth 15 minutes of your time! Cheers
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    Exactly the sort of pacy, creative player we should be targeting. With a full preseason under his belt, he’ll be less susceptible to injury. If our fans are really turning their noses up at Aarons, I’ve genuinely no idea who they’re expecting us to sign.
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    Yay, let's all slag off one of our players. I love these positive threads.
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    Bet Hoopers glad his contract has run out
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    Utterly bizarre isn't it. You'd think they'd want to get behind the one Wednesday lad in the team who, as it happens, just had his best season for the club to date
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    Well watch more games No matter what you think of Atty he grafts his nuts off when he gets on Fletchers game, sometimes to the detriment of scoring imo, is all work rate I find it incredible the number of times ours fans can't make a case for a player without feeling the need to denigrate another of our players Winnall needs to earn his shot i haven't seen anything from him when he's been called on that makes me want him in front of anyone and it would seem sensible that he hasn't shown enough in training to force his way in front of any other player either .
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    Do you not watch Fletcher, then?
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    Firstly, thank you for reading this email, as I am aware there are quite a few similar topics that go on. I am hopeful that the football link involved will capture some attentions!! We are three serving police officers from Sheffield, South Yorkshire and in July, we will be taking on the challenge of visiting all 92 football league grounds in 92 hours. Within our trio, we have an Owl, a Blade and Spurs fan (That generally gets asked quite quickly!) One car, 3 cops, 92 grounds, 92 hours, 2,400 miles. We are taking on this challenge to raise money for The Children’s Hospital Charity, which supports Sheffield Children’s Hospital. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ninetytwo-in-92 Sheffield Children’s Hospital is one of just three standalone specialist children’s hospitals in the UK. More than 269,000 patient journeys are made to the hospital each year and its work changes children’s lives from across the UK and around the world every day. My own daughter was born with a heart defect which I have previously discussed on here when raising money for the hospital who looked after her welfare amazingly for a couple of years and we now have friends and colleagues who have their own children currently being treated in the Leukemia ward of the hospital. We are so lucky to have this amazing facility here in Sheffield on our doorstep to give people the best care possible. We will be driving over 2,400 miles in a car and riding bikes to reach the London clubs. We will be eating and sleeping (not much) in the vehicle to complete the challenge to make sure we stick to our 92-hour limit.We will start this challenge at Barnsley Football Club at 8pm on Friday 12th July before arriving back at Hilsborough at 3.30pm then Bramall Lane at 4pm on Tuesday 16th July. We are trying to raise £25,000 for this amazing charity and we would love it if you could support us in any way possible. In the last few weeks we have set up social media profiles on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook as can be seen below. Any donation that anyone can give would be massively appreciated. If you are not in a position to donate then any help you can give through retweets, shares and likes, etc to help us gain as much exposure as possible would also be appreciated Every single penny that is made in charitable donations will go directly to transforming the Cancer and Ward at the Hospital. Thank you once again for reading our post and if this is something you are willing to support we would really appreciate it. If there is any chance this could be pinned that would also be really appreciated. Scott Sarson, James Thorpe and Jamie Henderson http://justgiving.com/ninetytwo-in-92 https://twitter.com/ninetytwo_in_92 https://www.facebook.com/92inNinetytwo https://www.instagram.com/ninety2in92
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    What an absolute set of clowns we have running our domestic game!
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    He'd walk like an Egyptian into our team.
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    a) if it wasn’t for a brilliant save by the Udds goalie in extra time he would have got us to Wembley b) He had missed against Leeds and that was probably on his mind c) It takes a brave man to be a coward some times. Why Waddle took that penalty against Wolves in the Cup 1994 .... he was crap at ‘em - proved a decisive turning point for the club. d) Rhodes may have come up short in his time at S6 but perhaps with the possible exception of Bannan, so have ALL the players either in terms goals ( eg Atty, Joao) fitness (eg Lee, Hooper, Hutch, Abdi), consistency (eg Reach, Lees), ability (Jones, Van Aken). That’s why we are where we are, it ain’t all JRs fault.
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    There's always been a section devoted to dogs. The reason being that when we first came up with Owls in the Park there were very specific dates we could do it and both sets of dates we looked at with the council for Hillsborough Park were already booked up with other events. Rather than not bother doing it, we spoke with the local Support Dogs charity, who had the preferred weekend booked and asked if we could do something together - they agreed that it would raise their profile (and support) as well as us recognising that they could add something nice as an attraction for the whole bigger event (these things aren't easy to organise). Works out rather well as the Support Dogs section was popular and they got increased levels of support and funding from it due to the bigger crowds being attracted, so win-win. It is nice to help boost a local, small charity as a community club.
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    Its easy to throw stones in glass houses when your team are getting 40m a season for failing to stay in the prem.
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    So...he’s had a 3 match ban, been acquitted in a court of law. But 10 months on and the FA have decide to charge him? What a load of crap. He’s been found not guilty in a court of law. There was no evidence to backup the claims. The ref didn’t hear anything, no witnesses, no video evidence. So what’s the point?
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    It’s called negotiation! Ask for 7, Offered 2, agree on 3.5! Also the hypocrisy on here over a Nixon article is laughable, usually any of his stories are met with comments of “It’s only Nixon, he knows fukall” etc, etc. But because it can be seen as a stick to beat the Chairman with it’s suddenly gospel and manna from heaven for all the usual Chansiri haters!
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    South Yorkshire Police should have been disbanded years ago. How can anyone forget Orgreave, 130 fake and forced statements following the Hillsborough diaster and the 300 girls abused by Asian Grooming Gangs in Rotherham. They even messed up in the Cliff Richard case. SYP force are a complete laughing stock and it is unbelievable that they are still in existence.
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    Sympathise with the frustration mate but honestly I think your first paragraph there is way off. It seemed far more like his struggle for form/service in a weird team shape here shredded what little confidence was left in him after his Boro debacle. He was visibly delighted to be here and worked hard, but looked broken by the time ‘pengate’ came along. Don’t forget how toxic the atmosphere was becoming around S6 at that time. Yes he *should’ve* been able to shrug that off as a professional, but we all know his personality - he’s about the nicest guy in football, and for better or worse that tends to mean he’s very human with it. He was properly rattled, desire or commitment didn’t come into it for me.
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    We should sign Semi Ajayi from Rovrum. Would make Pannini swaps interesting. I’ll swap you a semi for a Borner
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    Bannan is one of the most coveted players in the Championship and he is ours , but still not good enough for some space cakes on here
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    Ok, let’s stock pile players we have no intention of playing, and sell the family silver instead. This isn’t going to end well.
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    Bruce told The Star: ”The players have been told they will be fined a weeks wage if they don’t come back in tip-top shape for the first day of pre-season”.
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    I don't think anyone realised she was Tom's brother.
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    Based on actual performance at Hillsborough? Michael Owen.
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    Your mate or Odubajo?
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    Very concerning if true. Doesn’t sit right with me at all.
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    How can the FA charge him when he was found not guilty?
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    Palmer was excellent last season
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    A 29 year old striker with 2 years left on his contract and wanted by a Premiership team.......I’d love to know how many players of that ilk are valued at less than £10 million
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    Crikey. That sounds a poo holiday.
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    In the grand scheme of things Chansiri owns the ground, he is ‘the club’. And the only way the sale of the ground helps FFP is if he affectively buys it off himself. I don’t think there’s much to be worrying about realistically.
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    Steve Gibson is just embarrassing himself here He was the worst of the lot when it came to bankrolling football clubs in the 90s/2000s. The mega TV money wasn’t there then, Are you telling me that Ravanelli, Juninho, Emerson, Boksic, Ziegler, Karembeu and the riverside stadium were all funded by the good people of Middlesbrough? Hes a hypocrite. Basically the money’s run out and he’s getting desperate
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    I wouldn't want him even if we could afford him. Exactly the type of player that's turning me off football
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