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    F*****g Brucie. Waltzes in from the cricket and by the time he's been here for 3 hours he brings in the 2 full backs and the pace that we've lacked for 3 years.
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    I thought the comments from Gullit and Murphy were f**king disgusting.
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    “So Chelsea, Sir. A nice break in the normal routine. Something to look forward to.” “Chelsea eh…” “Yes Sir. I believe that’s what I said” “Not really Chelsea though is it.” “It isn’t?” “No. Not at all. They aren’t really Chelsea are they. Not really. Chelsea really stopped being Chelsea when the Russian came in. Sent everything scewywiffy. What they are now… that’s not Chelsea. No. Not a bit of it.” “Well, they are Sir. They have the same name they've always had. Same kit. Play in the same ground. They're definitely Chelsea ” “The same Ground?! Are you mad! It’s on the same spot Stubbs but it’s not the same ground. Blimey no. It’s a different place. Different club. Blimey, they were averaging 18,000 last time we were playing them every year.” “To be fair Sir, that was nigh on 20 years ago.” “Money has made them Stubbs. Nothing else. You don’t gain 20,000 supporters in a ten year window through breeding,no. It’s glory Stubbs. They’ve gained 20,000 come in for the Glory.” “Well, isn’t that the same for all Clubs Sir? You have a good run and your attendances go up. That’s how football generally works, you said so yourself only last week. I mean, if you look at the stats Wednesday have gained 8,000 fans since Alan Irvine left.” “Well, that’s my point! We’re proper Stubbs. We’re still Wednesday. Yes we’ve gained numbers over recent times again, but we’ve still been scrabbling about haven’t we. attendances have gone up. But it’s not like we’ve gained 8000 fans coming to watch the European Cup. It’s not like we have young kids desperate to get along because of some exotic players . Folks weren’t scrambling to get tickets to see James O’Conner scurrying about the place. They came back because …well, they believed better times were ahead.” “Well Chelsea fans might have come back because they ‘believed’ again Sir. They might have come back because they thought better times were ahead. And they have been right to think that because they have” “20,000 of them? No no. They’re new Stubbs, new. New affiliates.” “Affiliates? Look Sir, I know you’ve never been a big fan of Chelsea, but don’t you think you’re perhaps just trying too hard to discredit them. They’re a popular club, successful club with a large fanbase and-” “Well whatever! I don’t like it one bit Stubbs! Doug Rougvie, Gordon Durie and that big empty open ended stand with the disabled cars parked at the front. That’s Chelsea. ” “Was Chelsea Sir, you can’t live in a time warp.” “I haven’t had a bloody choice but to live in a sodding time-warp Stubbs!” “Sir, times change. You must adapt. Look at the beginning of the season, your first OMDT of the new campaign. You opened up by saying "Wigan were a 4th division club.” “They are!” “But they’re not Sir! They’re a Championship team, on merit, they play in a 25,000 Stadium. You can’t judge them on what they were 25 years ago. It’s only 5 years ago after all since they won the FA Cup. I mean, when did Wednesday last win the FA Cup?” “They’re bloody Rugby-walling pie munchers Stubbs! They belong in the 4th division playing in-front of a couple of thousand. You see, you see, this is exactly what I’m on about Stubbs. And you’ve bought it. This is what is wrong with the world. This is why the world has gone mad. This is why everything is wrong. Awfulness! Awfulness everywhere. This - that is to say "modern football" - is the very nucleus of the Worlds awfulness .It’s hub.” “A bit melodramatic Sir. I mean, Brexit, Trump, modern day slavery, foodbanks, there are more awful things in the world than Wigan not being in the 4th division and Chelsea being a super-club.” “Yes, yes. But why? Why Stubbs? Because things have been knocked off kilter. I mean, Bournemouth. In the bloody top flight. Bournemouth! Say it out loud to yourself.” “The thing is Sir-“ “Say it! Say it out loud!” “Very well. Bournemouth are a Premier League Club” “See Stubbs! See? See how wrong it sounds?” “What’s that got to do with starvation? Or people trafficking?” “Everything Stubbs, everything! Do you think Trump would have got in power in the real world?” “The real World Sir?” “Yes. The real world, because Stubbs, I’m starting to think this isn’t the real world anymore.” “This isn’t about Costellos pickle Jar again is it Sir?” “No. It’s Scudamore. He’s ruined the World. Him, Murdoch and Sugar. They’re knocked us out of our own time stream.” “Oh, here we go again” “Right, listen here Stubbs. Who do you think is the best player currently in the Premier League?” “Well that’s a tough one, possibly that De Bruyne Sir.” “Don’t even start me on City Stubbs,don’t even start me on City. A Club owned by a bloody country. Ye Gods. That’s a whole OMDT on it’s own. Pick another player.” “Hazard Sir” “Hazard. Right, now think back Stubbs to the last time you accompanied me to the Bridge.” “Sir it’s years ago I last went with you.” “Think.” “I don’t know, 86 maybe, or 87. I know it was freezing and we lost.” “How many there Stubbs?” “I don’t know without checking Sir.” “Well check!” “Hang on….right, he we go….it was February 1987, lost 2-0, attendance 12,493” “12,000 on a Saturday afternoon. In the top flight Stubbs. The top flight of English football. Can you remember that day. The ground?-“ “Yes Sir. It being freezing cold and awful, yes” “Right. Now keep that in your head. Now keep that image Stubbs, keep that mental image. Can you imagine Eden Hazard playing for them? That club. In that Stadium.” “No Sir” “Right. Well there go then. That’s what I’m saying. It’s wrong. It’s all gone to pot. The whole thing.” “But Sir-” “I’ll tell you something else Stubbs.” “Hmm?” “That Eddie Howe.” “What about him Sir?” “I think he’s an automaton.” “What? The Bournemouth manager Sir?” “Indeed. They can do all sorts these days. But there’s a giveaway Stubbs. A giveaway” “Really Sir...” “The mouth Stubbs, the mouth. You watch that mouth when he talks. Top lip never quavers. Not so much as a wibble. Then watch an old Gerry Anderson show. Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds any of those. Then see the similarity” “Sir. Please…can we just do the match day thread.” “He’s an automaton Stubbs. I’m telling you. We ever get to the Premier League and visit Dean Court again and I’m going to rip his mask off and reveal his real robot cyborg face to the watching World Stubbs!” “Dean Court? Do you mean the Vitality Stadium Sir?” “This is exactly what I’m bloody well on about Stubbs! Exactly what I’m on about. The bloody Vitality Stadium indeed! Gordon Bennett! Bournmouth. In the top flight. The vitality bloody stadium.” “The thing is Sir. You’re a bit of a football romantic. I thought you’d be behind the ‘minnows doing well’ story, Sir” “Minnows doing well? By bloody cheating Stubbs.” “You mean administration Sir?” “It’s bloody well cheating Stubbs!” “If you say so Sir. Now, I have todays early team news-“ “It all started with squad numbers this did you know.” “What did?” “Football all going off kilter. Do you know what I heard the other day Stubbs? Someone called football boots ‘Cleats’. Bloody cleats I ask you! I mean what the hell is going on.” “I’ve got the Match facts Sir if you-“ “And I’ll tell you something else, that bloody Lovejoy.” “The antiques dealer?” “No, no, that smug chump off the telly. The one who did the cooking thing with the bald scouser” “Sir I really have no idea what-“ “He’s another one another reason it’s all gone tocock. With his laddy fake laugh, dumbing down of the game Stubbs. Bloody tekkers! Nauseatingly smug inane grin permanently etched across his clock. Good Heavens. Then kids watching it. A generation of kids grew up with that paphead. Thinking that’s what football is all about. No wonder they all walk about in Pink plastic boots at £200 a pop. The iconography of the madness of the new game. They’re made out of bloody cling film half of them.” “What are?” “Modern boots Stubbs, modern boots. What did you think I meant? There’s no quality control. Style over substance. Stitched plastic knocked together by some poor orphan in a sweat shop working for a multinational conglomerate who make a killing by persuading sunder-headed chumps to part with their cash so they can look like a modern player who spends half his time on his arris diving about. Man alive! Whatever happened to two players going full blooded into a 50/50 in a pair of Puma Kings and hammering each other. Gone are the days Stubbs. Cheap coloured bloody boots. No wonder they all have broken metatarsals Stubbs. Clingfilm boots! To kick their fly-away 50p shoot balls on their plastic bloody pitches.” “Sir we really must make a start on the..” “Computer games. They didn’t help. They encouraged an entire nation of Lovejoys. Smiley smiley, laughy laughy , chatty chatty fans. Beamingly and banally clucking to themselves about bloody back heeled penalties in the Peruvian third division , is it any wonder they developed an obsession with dropping in random foreign players into conversations. “Oh yeah Couto Van Di Mysterio, 15 years old, plays for Msiepyb in the Peruvian third, I’ve seen a lot of him, really good player in my opinion, someone we should look at”. Well I don’t Stubbs. And they haven’t bloody seen a lot of him at all. I think these kids should go out and get a job and stop being goons. And I blame him. Lovejoy, him and FIFA” “Gianni Infantino? Or the earlier Blatter regime?” “No. The computer game! That and bloody football manager.” “Sir please, stop…” “Nauseatingly self-assured Premier League fans fill the football world now Stubbs. Fill it. I never cease to be bombarded with posts on my news feeds, and is it really news Stubbs? No it’s not. It’s 13 year old blogging from his bedroom about how many Ballon ‘Dors Messi was won. And then a constant pinging while two more kids from Bombay…” “You mean Mumbai Sir?” “No I mean bloody Bombay Stubbs! Two kids one from Bombay and one from sodding Cairo argue about who is better between Messi and Ronaldo. That’s not news. It’s bumph! And you daren’t leave a bloody comment on it yourself or else you have some lad from Nigeria leaping onto your feed telling you your support a crap club and that his team – Manchester City this year incidentally- are far better.” “Sir, kids have always looked and attached themselves to popular clubs of the day. It's nothing new!” “But it’s not just them Stubbs! Your grown man is at it now. Grown men...turned to airheads....they're no better than the kids! I heard a Leicester fan on the radio the other day and do you know what he said? Do you?! Do you know what he said? What he said with no irony, no self awareness?” “No Sir.” “He said that Puel had to go. Because….wait for it Stubbs, wait for it, because “We should be challenging for the Champions League spots.” Leicester Stubbs! Bloody Leicester City. Zero self awareness.” “Sir, they have won title so…maybe that’s not too much of a big ask….and you were as happy as anyone else when they won it!” “It was a fluke Stubbs. A fluke. And yes , yes I was pleased for them, because they are a small club who overcame Lottery winning odds to create the biggest sporting upset of all time.” “Of all time Sir?” “Yes, of all bloody time! The whole thing is a cartel! There’s only four clubs won the bloody league in the last 25 years Stubbs! Four! Then they won it. Of course it’s the biggest upset ever. Great shades of Elvis! You’d die a happy man if you won a fluke League title. I know I would. But no! Oh no! Now, now they think they’re under achieving. Underachieving Stubbs! Leicester City sat ninth in the bloody Premier League table and they think they’re underachieving! They’ve spent more than half their history in the second division and now they EXPECT to be challenging.” “Sir. Wednesday have just spent 20 years in the second and third division it doesn’t mean-” “Yes! And wrongly so we’ve been down there! It’s not right. Our KOP was the biggest standing terrace in Europe Stubbs!” “Yes, but that doesn’t win football matches Sir” “Well, no it doesn’t but bloody hell it should count for something! Not how many bloody twitter followers your centre forwards wife has got. It’s all wrong." "Hang on a moment Sir. Not 5 minutes ago you were saying that having big attendances like Chelsea and to a smaller scale Wigan, didn't mean they should be where they are" "Stop arguing Stubbs, you won't change my mind. Football is all wrong. Ohhhh, and don’t even start me on that new show on 5-live. Don’t even start me on that!” “But you love 5-Live Sir” “Loved Stubbs, loved past tense. I don’t love it now. Not with that new bloody show. Young gobby people on their now Stubbs, young people. People born after 1995 , modern fans, all supporting the big 4. Professional Vloggers. Did you know what was a job now Stubbs? Vlogging. It is you know. Videoing yourself talking absolute bolllocks. It is. And it’s lapped up by morons. Well anyway. Now they have a show. It’s awful and it’s full of these vacuous vloggers. Last week they were discussing “The hard times as a fan” and you know what they thought were the hard times Stubbs?” “No Sir” “I’ll tell you” “I thought you might…” “'Not winning the title' Stubbs. That’s it. Their idea of Hard times was 'not winning the title'. Having to “make do with Cups”, I kid you not Stubbs. I kid you not. Gods honest truth I nearly threw the wireless out of the window. You know what they call this show Stubbs? The Squad. Not in the sense of a football squad obviously, though there’s clearly the play on words with it, but no, it’s called the squad in some homage to daft language used by young people to describe a group of pals. This sort of crud started with that Lovejoy and look where it's ended up. The bloody Fresh Prince of Grange Hill show. Honestly Stubbs. The games gone. The game has absolutely gone! The media circus surrounding it has gone. All of it. It’s all totally and utterly fecked. There’s nothing Stubbs . Nothing. You’ve got lecherous agents sucking all they can from one end of the game and chump fans flicking their fingers and whooping ‘baller’ every time some chump makes a 10 yard pass at the other. The whole scale. It’s all gone. The whole soul has been nearly ripped from the game.” “So shall we not bother with the OMDT today then Sir?” “Oh no. We’ll do it Stubbs. We’ll do it. We have to do it. It’s the FA Cup. It’s the last bastion of what football should actually be about - Even though the BBC are trying to urbanise it by having Grime artists mumbling and heavy breathing while they show grainy shots of kids kicking a ball about infront of heavily graffitied shuttered shops on some sink estate in London – But ignore that, we have to look past that. I’m bothered Stubbs. Oh yes, I am bothered. I’m more bothered than I’ve been for a long time. We have to be bothered. We have to win this game. I mean, I don’t want to put pressure on our lads. But we have to win this bloody game. We have to win it for the good of the game. We have to win it to make some small ***** in redressing the balance of the football nature. We have to win this game Stubbs to restore some normalcy to the football world. We have to win this game for every long suffering fan of every none super-club who has stood in the pisssing rain watching a terrible football team week after week in a ruin of a ground . Not just Wednesday fans Stubbs, all fans of all the teams pushed out the road and crushed on the tidalwave of polish and glitter and marketing bullshite. We have to win this game for every double-denimed bloke who ever walked out of his job and crammed himself as fifth man into a Reliant Robin and travelled 100 miles to see his team stave off relegation to the fourth division. We have to win this game for young and old. We have to win this game so that young fans of glory teams can taste a bit of what our young fans have had dealt them their whole lives. Misery , desolation.... ....Oh I want to win this game Stubbs. You’d better believe me. In a crazy way I want us to win it more than any other I can remember for a long, long , long time. We must go to Bridge Stubbs and we must kill the dragon.” “Right. Well… You’d better look away now then Sir Chelsea v Wednesday The FA Cup - 4th Rnd Sunday 27th January Stamford Bridge Wednesday travel to the Bridge hoping to overcome a pretty poor record FA Cup meetings between the two sides stack the offs highly in the London teams favour with Wednesday getting just two competition wins in that time. Opta stats This is the 124th meeting in all competitions between Chelsea and Sheffield Wednesday but first since April 2000, a 1-0 win for the Owls at Hillsborough in the Premier League. Sheffield Wednesday have been eliminated from eight of their 10 FA Cup ties with Chelsea, last knocking them out in the 1965-66 semi-final. Chelsea have progressed from 47 of their last 49 FA Cup ties against non-Premier League sides, losing in March 2008 against Barnsley and January 2015 against Bradford City. Sheffield Wednesday are facing the holders of the FA Cup for the first time since the 1955-56 campaign, when they lost 1-3 against Newcastle in the third round. Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud has had a hand in seven goals in his last four FA Cup appearances against sides from outside the top-flight (5 goals, 2 assists), scoring in each of his last four appearances, including one for Chelsea against Hull. The Good news for Wednesday is that Chelsea are likely to make quite a few changes to their side. The bad news of course is that it is still likely to be a terrific side on paper. With this the line up that the London press are expecting-: . The Bookies seem pretty convinced their second string will have too much for Wednesday too They're offering 12/1 for a Wednesday win. .....and there's talk that Gonzalo Higuain, one of the most dangerous hitmen in Europe might make his debut. so as you can see Sir. It doesn't look good. It doesn't look good at all. Sir? Sir are you ok?" "Bugger it all Stubbs , I'm fine. I still think we can win. I still believe in magic." The Wednesday!
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    "It's snowing out Sir" "I should hope it is in this Council Tax band" "Pardon Sir?" "Snow in Winter, birds singing in summer. Where did you think the money went?" "Well, chopping down trees according to the Telegraph every week" "No, no. It goes towards making things right and proper. You think they get this in the rougher ends of town Stubbs?" "I'm sure it's more to do with altitude Sir" "Nonsense. You go and find the nearest flat roofed pubs Stubbs and I'll guarantee they've had nothing more than an icy sleet" "Really Sir" "Yes really. Now stick another log on the fire. Have you got the notes for this weeks Match day thread?" "Yes Sir, I've got a copy of the Chairmans statement, that seems to be the main talking point of the week." "No no, we've done all that in the other thread." "But people will want to know-" "There's nothing to know Stubbs. It's old news. We're up the creak without promotion. Well. Up the creek in terms of signing anyone. But it's not as if that's breaking news is it." "Well no, I suppose not." "No. We haven't a pot to wazz in" "Wazz Sir?" "I'm finding alternatives Stubbs. I refuse to let the swear filter defeat me" "I see" "So anyway. The Chairman is loaded but can't spend it, so in real terms we are skint." "Shame the club isn't allowed to gamble Sir" "Whys that?" "Because if they could then they might be worth staking the entire budget on Steven Fletcher to bag tomorrow. He's notched 6 goals in his last 6 starts against Wigan." "Really?" "Yes Sir. Loves playing against them" "Probably be rested tomorrow then!" WEDNESDAY - V - WIGAN ATH. HILLSBOROUGH KICK OFF :15:00 REFEREE : A.Chump "Well he's got the all clear , fit as a fiddle. So if he does start that's where you put your money. 5/1 on for first goal scorer. " "What other news?" " Sheffield Wednesday Joao is back and fit and raring to go. There's a chance he might start if Wednesday stay with the diamond formation they used at Luton., Sam Hutchinson and Keiren Westwood are almost guaranteed to be put back into the starting XI" "Good" "Joey Pelupessy will be another week with an ankle strain." "First time he's really been out since he arrived isn't it. He's been fit as a fiddle since he came here. Funny that there's not hundreds of threads from the conspiracy lot though accusing the club of faking his injury. Funny it's only fan favourites who have to feign knocks" "Moving on Sir.....Wigan boss Paul Cook could name the same XI that started the 3-0 win over Aston Villa last week." "3-0?" "Yes Sir." "How did I miss that?" "You were blind drunk in Hull Sir, trying to take on all comers in the Old Black Boy" "Oh yes. That's right. Hull. Bloody hell, don't remind me. Here , I thought Dean Smith was the top manager blah blah blah. Hows he got battered by Wigan at home?" "To be honest Sir Wigan haven't really had a kind run. They've been on a losing streak, but it has to be said that during that run they've played some of the top sides in the division in terms of form and squad strength. West Brom, Swansea, and Sheff-" "Stubbs!" " James Vaughan, Nathan Byrne and Callum McManaman are among those pushing for recalls to the starting line-up. Darron Gibson will be assessed after missing the last two games due to a thigh problem and striker Nick Powell (calf) is not ready to return." "Powell? Wasn't he the next big thing at one time" "Possibly Sir, there's hundreds of 'next big things isn't there.." "I suppose there is" Match facts Sheffield Wednesday have won three of their four home games against Wigan in all competitions (L1). None of the nine meetings between Sheffield Wednesday and Wigan in all competitions have ended as a draw (five Wednesday wins, four Wigan wins). In their 3-0 defeat by Hull City in their last Championship match, Sheffield Wednesday managed just three efforts at goal - their fewest in a league match since April 2018 (two against Wolves). "Good God! That's approaching the same form as the last Days of Carvalhal! I tell you what. I really can't wait for Brucie to get here. Training sessions and what not is all well and good, but you really want the gaffer in there don't you. Someone with a bit of star quality." "Doesn't necessarily mean the player will shoot more though Sir. I mean once they're over the white line there's it's up to them" "Yes I know that. But I just think that it's all a bit of a no-mans land at the minute. Nothing against the new chaps. But you want the Bigman in place. Give everyone a boost." Wigan have lost 10 away games in the Championship this season, while only Crawley (11) have lost more in the English Football League in 2018-19. If Wednesday keep a clean sheet on Saturday it will be just their 4th of the season Four of Wigan's last eight Championship goals have been penalties, scored by three different players (two by Joe Garner, one apiece by Will Grigg and James Vaughan). "Well then, if we don't fanny about at the back then it shouldn't be a problem should it" "If Sir. If" "Indeed Stubbs. If... If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, (You are probably Cameron Dawson) If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; (You are probably Morgan Fox) If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies, (You are probably Fernando Forestieri) Or being hated, don’t give way to hating, And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise: (You are probably Atdhe Nuhiu) If you can dream—and not make dreams your master; If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim; (You are probably Lucas Joao) If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same; (You are probably Tom Lees) If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, (You are probably Steve Agnew) Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools: (You are probably Lee Bullen) If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-throw, (You are probably Dejphon Chansiri) And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss; (You are probably a clapper) If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, (You probably bought a 3 year season ticket) And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’ (You've probably never left on 85 minutes) If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch, (That's me isn't it Stubbs?) If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much; (You're probably Gary Hooper) If you can fill the unforgiving minute... (You are probably the bloody fourth official!) Yours is this City boys and everything that’s in it, And—which is more—you’re Wednesday, my sons! COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    The stewards often get a lot of stick, so this is a thank you from me today. I know that I suffer at times from acid that really cripples me at times. It's never happened to me at a game though before, so I have nothing but thanks for the steward who asked a medic to attend to me on the kop. I was absolutely doubled up looking like someone in the throws of a heart attack, I am sure. This whilst having my young son next to me. I was in a lot of pain which I obviously showed so much that this guy thought I was in need of attention and got a lovely female medic to attend to me who was absolutely professional. She understood that I thought I knew what was wrong with me, and still did her job well - because quite frankly I could have been wrong. Whilst I knew I was not in trouble, I was clearly holding my chest and in a lot of pain - so thanks to those people who saw me in a lot of pain and came and checked me out. We often slate people working at the club, today I would like to give thanks to a couple of them.
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    Will probably go down like a led balloon on here, but after listening to yesterday’s conference IMO DC needs to be shown far more respect Hes made some silly signings, which chairman hasn’t? He seems to be learning from his mistakes, the first 18 months+ were never going to be easy for him: new country, new language, new industry The way the media portray us fans to DC, he must feel the most hated person in the city. Always negative questions aimed at him. I thought he handled that idiot Giddings perfectly yesterday, made him look like a chump
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    Whilst I have no scientific proof at all I'm sure our lads would be injured a lot less with a pair of proper boots in non-garish colour. In fact, I'd make them compulsory.
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    Apologies if this is well known - I must've missed this but Lee has lost his dad I'm sure we all pass on our very best wishes and condolences to Lee and his family Times like this we are all one family chin up Lee we are with you mate Lee Bullen‏ @BullenFootball 52m52 minutes ago More 1/3 On 7th May 2018 my Mum lost her battle with MS. 11th January 2019 my Dad passed away peacefully.... not happy with taking on Prostate and Bone Cancer he thought he’d take on Alzheimers as well-a bridge too far! Today was the day we laid him to rest. I know you’re with Mum...
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    Well this is clear as mud. We're told our input is financially worth nothing. We have players on between 20 and 40 grand A WEEK. Take Abdi for instance. Let's say he's on 20k a week. This means for every 40 people who take up this offer we can pay his wages for 1 week. For him to sit on his arse. If 10,000 people take up the offer, at 500 quid each that's 5million. Or to put it another way, 1million short of a Gary madine. Stop messing about with stuff like this. Sell some players, get the wage bill down, replace high wage earners with lower paid younger hungry players and get us moving in the right direction. Lower season ticket and match day prices to get more people through the door. Lower corporate hospitality costs to actually fill some boxes and generate some income. Get some stock in the shop that is affordable and profitable. Get more people spending rather than getting a few people spending more.
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    Brought a tear to my eye that did. Listening to Sams thoughts on his career, retiring at 21 years young, his rejuvenation and this upcoming fixture reminded me how proud I should be to follow our wonderful club. For anyone who didn’t hear it, Sam mentions that he has had two offers to move on but didn’t feel that it was the right move for him because he loves it here and believes everything that the club stands for, he has an ambition to play in the PL and wants it to be with us. He has 14 Chelsea supporting family members in our end on Sunday! We are so fortunate to have this lad flying our flag on Sunday particularly given his recent treatment by the previous manager. Andy Townsend ended the piece by saying what a good player he is and that he deserves a crack at the premier league once more. This is the FA cup at its finest, it’s already written in the stars, go get em Sammy.
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    If he was on holiday in Barbados, does make a diffrence, he can do what he wants its his life, hopefully he the rest will have done him good. He lost both his parents last year and I bet he has not had a break to grieve. Probably not had a proper break for years his wife and family no doubt appreciate this time together too. There are more important things in life than football. Look forward to seeing him on the 1st of Feb.
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    We should have taken the game to Chelsea today. We’d have probably got beat anyway but what’s the point in sitting in against a Chelsea side that you know you’re going to concede against. Think our players have been a bit cowardly in going forward too, seem too scared to make a run or play a killer pass.
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    Would rather he be given a chance here. Would have him as an option on the bench instead of Nuhiu every time.
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    Predicting 2-1 Chelsea win is hardly sticking his neck out and hating Wednesday.
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    We keep out one of the world's best teams for 30 minutes or so and win a penalty. The penalty is overruled by a var system that is only in use at a handful of games in this round. We concede a penalty cos we are a bit knocked for 6. Our fans then throw a pair of swimming goggles at their players. If that doesn't encapsulate Wednesday then I don't know what does.
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    IF he said what he did without knowing the facts, then gets set straight and apologises I don't see the big issue.
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    With 5917 Wednesday fans making the trip down to Chelsea for an televised Sunday evening kick off, I want to issue a challenge to each and every one of you. Back the team regardless of the match. If someone makes a bad pass, support them. If someone loses the ball, encourage them. If someone is struggling, back them to the very end! This will be our biggest away support since we all dared to dream as we walked up to Wembley. I think we can all agree that the team didn't turn up that day, but our fans sure did. Stewards working there said they'd never heard a roar like Wednesday. The stadium bounced like never before. And even if we lose, we'll still out sing Chelsea. Rant over.
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    Most Excited I’ve been from a manager since the return of big Ron in 98! Even from his press conference, and they way he talks give you a feeling we are in good hands some of the crap we’ve had in between is unbelievable, Yorath, Irvine & Luhakay to name a few (list is endless) We have a football man, knows the game inside out. Sucessful, respected, knowledgeable and a winner This is a game changer for us, Bruce wouldn’t have come if we were going to be a mid table team. Think this may be the dawn of a new era! Hopefully go on a good run, put a few thousand on the gate and get the ship ready for HMS pis* the league next year WAWAW
  19. 34 points
    I expected Agnew to put the experienced Pudil in at left central defence in the absence of Hector. Great to see Thornily given the nod, and thought he had a very good game. Kept his head when others like Hutchinson seemed to be losing theirs in the first half. Was not overawed coming up against Higuain.Think he has a great future ahead of him.
  20. 34 points
    and all through S2 Lots of creatures were stirring, as worried as poo Their stockings were hung by the outhouse, quite soiled Wednesday's man would be here soon! Dem Blavges' fun was spoiled! Their more evolved neighbours slept snug in blue beds As verses of 'On Our Way' trilled in our heads Dejphon in Owls jim-jams, Katrien in home socks (Abdi in traction, two weeks, just a knock); When out on the Desso arose such a clatter The groundsman ran out to see what was the matter He raced down that tunnel like Owlerton track Afraid that those troublesome Twin girls were back; The moon on the cheeks of his barenaked rear Should scare them off sharpish, he thought, never fear! Instead, to his utter amazement he spies A two-seater Bentley all laden with pies; And a driver all slathered in chocolate mousse He knew in a moment it must be St. Bruce. With pace and great crosses his Owl coursers came And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name; "Now, LEES, son! now, LUCAS! FERNANDO and FLETCHER! On, BAZZA! on PALMER! on, FOX, BOYD and HECTOR! To the Leppings Lane end! and now back to the Kop! Attack, boys, attack! Dev squad if you stop!" As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly The turnstiles span like they ne'er at the Sty And under the South clock the SIDDARN gang bounced As all-comers were seen off, summarily trounced; And then, in a twinkle, the Stir were a-tweeting They'd always believed our bad times were just fleeting Quite shameless were they in their sudden U-turn Buy who cares, in midwinter it's summat to burn; And Lo! on the back page stands Steve, so majestic His training top tarnished with Beres and Nesquik A host of promotions atop his CV But hungry for one more wi' SWFC; His eyes -- how they twinkled! his dimples how merry! His cheeks were like roses! his nose bloody scary! His droll little mouth was all greasy with mutton (A Barbadian delicacy, lad's a glutton; The stump of a wicket for picking his teeth, 'Cos he'd been at cricket the previous week;) He had a tanned face and a massive round belly That shook when he gave half-time teamtalks some welly; He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old gaffer And we cheered when we saw him, and Bully, and Aggers A wink of his eye and a twist of his head Soon gave us to know we had nothing to dread; He spoke stirring words, in a light North East twang And we Praised more than Grumbled, stopped booing and sang And laying his finger aside of his beak He promised us workrate and movement each week; He sprang from the dugout, to his team gave a whistle Up the table we flew like the down of a thistle And we heard him exclaim, 'ere we scaled the top six HAPPY BRUCEMAS TO ALL, AND THE GRUNTERS ARE D**KS. *Shush, he'll be on Skype for Chelsea UTO, let's give Steve-o a smooth landing by smashing these Wiggum oiks
  21. 33 points
    We appointed Steve Bruce as manager We kept hold of Westwood, Reach, Bannan & Forestieri Signed a young promising RB for £500k And 2 decent loan signings from a Premier League club A decent month all in all WAWAW
  22. 33 points
    Can’t afford it. Chucked all me money at Willian.
  23. 33 points
    Sat in the Britannia singing Wednesday songs ...... 30 years ago they would have killed us, now they can barely speak English
  24. 32 points
    I really felt for him yesterday with that clown of a journalist trying to derail and destroy the Steve Bruce welcome. It was completely ill-timed and innappropriate. We really should celebrate Mr Delphon Chansiri and show him some afftection. It is not so long ago that we had the snake Richards as Chairman who kept "Fancy Dans" Wilson on as manager thereby selling us down the river to land his lucrative role at the Premier League. Then later we had Dave Allen as Chairman who felt it was necessary to sue a Wednesday fan suffering from cancer just for stating opposing views. Maybe we do not really appreciate how fortunate we are.
  25. 32 points
    Good point for your boys against Norwich though.