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    HULL CITY - V - WEDNESDAY Tuesday 1st October, 2019 19:45 Kick off THE TEAM NEWS ----------------------------------------------------------------------- HULL Predicted line-up (4-1-4-1): Long Lichaj Burke De Wijs Kingsley Stewart Bowen Honeyman Irvine Grosicki Magennis Unavailable: McDonald (Injured), Fleming (Injured), Jon Toral (Injured), Elder (Injured) Doubtful: Henriksen (Out of favour) -------------------------------------------------------------- WEDNESDAY Predicted line-up (4-4-2): Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Reach Luongo Bannan Harris Fletcher Nuhiu Unavailable: Forestieri (Suspended), Wildsmith (Injured), Doubtful: Hutchinson (Injured) , Lees (Injured) -------------------------------------------------------------- Hutchinson has got a knee problem. Of course this isn't news. But there's a chance that it might keep him out of tomorrows game against Hull. Lee's has been back in training. But we will either be risked? I can't see Monk throwing them in. He's been in the game long enough to have known the issues that Wednesday have had with players coming back and tweaking something and then being out for the next 10 games. Or in Almen Abdi's case, 3 years. Our Sammy - Knee tweak again 'boro Luongo will be chomping at the bit for a midfield birth and was one of Wednesdays better performers against Everton. Besides, what is the point of having a decent squad if you don't use people when needed? If Sams knee is playing up and we can stick a lad in for a game and make sure Sam doesn't risk making things worse- then great. That's what it's all about. Monk keeps reiterating the importance of the whole squad. I don't think he'll take risks when they can be avoided. As for the skipper, he had his own problems last term with the injuries and again, why take the risk. Especially when at centre half Big Dom Iorfa seems to be having a lovely time out there at the minute! Yes, I know, I'm the same, even when he's doing well there's those moments. The Warhurst moments. Brilliant for 99% of the game and then suddenly you poo your pants. Cultured centre half always in control... ..until that weekly overly casual moment But anyway...Dom's a beast in the air and he seems to blend well with Börner. There's another tool in Iorfas armoury aswell, other than his gargantuan size -( 7"2. Only an inch shorter than Stars in their eyes host Mathew Kelly, but a good 3 inches taller than Vernon Kay. And quite why they had to ruin family fortunes by throwing 'celebrities' into the mix I don't know. Thick normal people are what made that show great.) Where was I? Oh yes. Doms armoury. Pace! Or more to the point 'recovery pace.' Big Dom has it. Ok, recovery pace by it's very nature is usually reserved for recovering something that's gone wrong. But this is Championship football -Stuff goes wrong all the time! If you admit that to yourself you can look at solutions and Big Doms rangy stride is one of them. It's a great tool (his pace, you filthy b'stards, his pace!) when things go pear shaped. Yes. The big lad has done well. What of the rest of the side. Will we go back to the 4-1-4-1 and match them up? Will we perhaps stick with the 4-4-2? Truth is I don't know. Monk has brought a tactical flexibility to this group and that, in modern football really is a useful weapon. It's not just being able to pick horses for courses in tough away games. But also in being able to make changes within that game, either to come back if they (the opposition) have caught you on the hop or mixed things up themselves, but also in terms of nicking points, or seeing them out. I didn't see Fletcher and Nuhiu coming as a partnership. I really didn't. I'm not usually bad at the old 'guess the line up game' but I'd have never have come up with that one. But it worked! Jones rated you, Gray rated you, Carlos rated you, Jos rated you, Bully rated you and I rate you On paper, two big lads, it doesn't sound right does it. You want that blend or skills. In the words of The big useful f*cker and the little lively one. Do two big ones work? You wouldn't think so. But Middlesbrough didn't know what had hit them. They were bricking their pants everytime the ball looked like coming in. Will Monk do it again? No idea. Absolutely none. Keeps his cards close to his chest but he's clearly giving the lads the right words in the ear holes and got them onside. And lets be right, that's half the job in this game. COME ON WEDNESDAY! ------------------------------------------------ PS- FOR THOSE OWLS FANS HEADING UP THERE , THE WEATHER DOESN'T LOOK GOOD. BE CAREFUL PEOPLE! AND IF YOU CAN'T BE CAREFUL... GO IN ONE OF THESE .
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    Criticising somebody for being poor isn’t ‘hating’ I hate that stupid phrase . He’s obviously booked his ideas up so let’s enjoy that rather than point scoring against each other
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    Big man comes on and does the business AGAIN. Enough said.
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    THE INTERNATIONAL BREAK IS OVER! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CARDIFF - V - WEDNESDAY Friday 18th October 19:45 Kick Off Cardiff City Stadium THE TEAM NEWS ---------------------------- Predicted line-up (4-2-3-1): Smithies Peltier Morrison Flint Bennett Bacuna Pack Paterson Ward Murphy Glatzel Unavailable: Etheridge (Injured), Connolly (Injured), Richards (Injured), Ralls (Injured), Vassell (Injured) Doubtful: Bamba (Injured), Hoilett (Knock) Cardiff boss Neil Warnock is planning to rotate his squad as they return from the international break. The Bluebirds have a hectic week, with a trip to Millwall in midweek being followed by the derby clash at Swansea next Sunday, and Warnock said he is planning on using his squad to get through the games. Warnock will have goalkeeper Neil Etheridge and winger Junior Hoilett available, after they came back unscathed from representing the Philippines and Canada respectively. Joe Ralls is expected to return, having missed two league games due to a groin injury, while Ashley Richards and Isaac Vassell are sidelined until November. **** Predicted line-up (4-1-4-1): Westwood Odubajo Iorfa Borner Palmer Hutchinson Reach Lee Bannan Harris Fletcher Unavailable: Wildsmith (Injured), Lees (Injured), Bates (Injured) Doubtful: Luongo (Knock) Sheffield Wednesday are boosted by the return of suspended duo Fernando Forestieri and Sam Hutchinson. Liam Palmer and Atdhe Nuhiu are also available after returning to training at the end of the international break. Massimo Luongo has resumed full training following a knee issue but is unlikely to be fit enough to play in Cardiff. Captain Tom Lees continues to regain fitness after a hamstring injury and will not be available. FORM ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FACTS Cardiff City are winless in seven league matches against Sheffield Wednesday since a 2-1 victory in September 2014. Wednesday have not won in their last eight away league matches against Cardiff since a 2-1 victory in April 2007 under Brian Laws. Only Preston North End (16) have won more home points in the Championship this season than Cardiff (13). Wednesday have won none of their last 11 away league matches in Wales (Drawn 5 Lost 6). During his managerial career, the only opposite number Sheffield Wednesday boss Garry Monk has faced more often without beating than Cardiff boss Neil Warnock (four games) is Tony Pulis (five games). ------------------------------------------------------------------ Cardiff 5/4 Draw 23/10 Wednesday 9/4 **** Fernando is back. Will he start? I wouldn't think so. He's been out a while and no amount of training can replicate the cut and thrust of Championship football. Will he make an appearance? I'm sure he will be involved because the best way to build up that sharpness is to pick up some match minutes. To be honest what a horrible prospect for a tiring defence after 70 minutes of battling than seeing the little man stood on the side about to come on and start running at you. The Colin Factor....to be honest. There is no Colin Factor. It's old hat. The panto villain act fools no one but the most blinkered of Wednesday fans. It's a show to make it about us and him. It's a mind game to take all the pressure off his players, and it's a flanker he has amazingly pulled over too many of our fans eyes for too long. This is about Wednesday and Cardiff out there on the pitch. Nothing else. WE'RE NOT STILL FALLING FOR IT, SURELY? On the pitch the focus area must surely be Harris. Against his old club. He's bound to do well isn't he? Afterall the old boys we let go often seem to come back and bite us on our arris. Be nice to see the same thing happen in reverse for once and for us to see one of ours go back to his old stomping ground and stick to his previous club. And if he does...I hope he celebrates properly! BOUND TO HAVE A BLINDER....ISN'T HE? Luongo is a doubt. Will this mean a spot for Reach in the middle and Murphy on the flank? To be honest I'd rather see Lee involved in the middle ahead Hutch at the base and let the former Oldham lad get on from midfield and push high up the pitch in support of Fletcher. Equally I hope Bannan is given the extra attacking licence as he was in the last game before the break. We do that and I don't see any reason why we can't go to the land of tin and Brains and come back with three points. BACK TO HIS MOST DANGEROUS -FURTHER FORWARD UP THE OWLS!
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    Memories of the horror of last night will live with me for a long time. I thought that the authorities had it sorted. No away drinking nearer than Stockport. No pay turnstiles. Close half the entrances and exits. I thought I could undertake the deadly peril of a last 32 league game against Everton protected by competent caring authorities. Not so. I can hardly bring myself to write this. I got to S6 early and went for some fish and chips. There were Everton fans in the chip shop queue. Freely mingling. Even talking to our fans. Not a copper in sight, let along the horses, riot shields, and tasers we needed. Fans mixing. In a chip shop. I left before it all kicked off. I imagine the burns unit at the Northern is rammed today. There can be no justification at all for risking the serving of hot food in unsegregated areas within 100 miles of Hillsborough in the 48 hours before and after a home game. When oh when will they get a grip?
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    So that’s the end of his ban and will be available for our next game. Personally think he will be a great option to have back in the squad. Excited to see what Monk can do with him.
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    He’s been awful all season, offers very very little going forward, cannot head or use his size and neshes every 50:50 and even 60:40 he needs dropping from squad for a couple of games until he gets his head back in the game hes stealing a living at the minute
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    Very harsh to ban him for two years over one meltdown. Not saying he deserves special treatment, but he is a hardcore fan who has spent gods knows how much following Wednesday over the years.
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    Had that been Dawson he would have been hung out to dry on here.
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    One thing that's been evident since Monk took the reigns is how much more secure we look in our defensive shape, positioning and organisation. I notice that Tom Lees mentioned how much work they've been doing on this side of the game in today's programme, and as if to underline this fact, here are our average player positions from this afternoon's game: Just look at that defensive shape: it's textbook stuff, with the triumvirate of Börner, Iorfa and Pelupessy providing a solid base on which the rest of the team can build, and allowing the likes of Bannan and Luongo to push further forward, create chances and get more shots away. If we can get the attacking side of our game as finely-tuned as we've already managed the defensive side, then things could really be looking up.
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    He personifies Colin’s sh1thouse tactics perfectly. It may win you points or games but I’d hate to watch a team of giants falling over in the hope we could hit a totem pole from the free kick. horrible team, horrible manager, horrible player!
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    Common sense talk from the manager. Nice to see no over reaction from him
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    Push on Fletcher 1st half was more obvious for me.
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    They’re 12th. They’d have done better today if they carried on playing football and didn’t try to see the game out by time-wasting and diving. Parker has got them playing how he played, and it doesn’t suit the players he’s got at his disposal.
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    Can we send him back? Offers nothing, concedes possession constantly and doesn’t break sweat. Worst player we’ve had in a very, very long time.
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    Dear Mr. Owl Crookes, Thank you for contacting me at Owlstalk. You're lucky I was logged in actually. I'm currently on a coach en route to Middlesbrough with the Rotherham Owls and the Wi-fi is a bit sketchy to say the least. Actually, the coach has already broken down twice. A bit like Almen Abdi, eh? haha. Do you remember him? What a lad. To be honest, it was a blessing in disguise, because it gave me a chance to get some rare Pokemon near Wetherby, it's a Sandshrew so I'm absolutely buzzing. Do you play Pokemon, Mr. Crookes? I can give you my trainer code, although I think we have to be within 100m of each other. If you're going to the game today, I can meet you near Calverts Carpets. I need to get a Balmoral stair rod. Wife's been banging on about it for weeks. Anyway, how can I help you? Yours sincerely, Mr. Dejphon Chansiri
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    Next season they will be preventing buses and trams running on matchdays in a gradual way of starving the club of supporters. The season after that Hillsborough area will be evacuated and a military restriction zone within two miles of the stadium.
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    It went down the oldshitter when sky ruined football by flooding it with stupid amounts of money and devaluing traditional competitions like the FA cup. Sadly it's more lucrative to finish top 4 than anything else.
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    I'm not sure they did outplay us, really. They had a lot of the ball, but did very little with it. Other than their goal, I can't remember them testing Westwood or even looking like they were particularly threatening our goal, to be honest. We sat back and allowed them possession where it wouldn't hurt us, then countered and created the better opportunities. Our chances dried up during the last twenty minutes of the first half, but it's not as if Fulham were laying siege to our goal either. During the second half, we were well on top again in terms of offering a tangible attacking threat. I'd be pretty annoyed with yesterday's performance if I were a Fulham fan: they clearly have a talented squad, but they're using their talents to play possession football for possession football's sake rather than going all out to win the game.
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    It was a good ball but if he can get much of hand on it then he should be dealing with it much better than he did. Nowhere near his high standard this season, how many mistakes is it now? On what i've seen of both then Dawson is breathing right down his neck
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    fox was rock solid …..
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    What a joke of a website that is. It's like an arcade game, avoiding videos & adverts.
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    Borner is the best defender at the club. Technically, he's a few levels above everyone else. Reads the game brilliantly too. Iorfa is a rough diamond.
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    He called the goal post ... A stupid lazy white pole ... The nets closing in on this lad..
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    Whilst looking for something boring to read to put me to sleep last night, i found this little ditty. I always find it quite interesting to listen to the other side of the argument. This is actually quite good. https://www.fulhamish.co.uk/post/2019-09-22-five-thoughts-sheffield-wednesday-1-1-fulham/
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    We own the Riverside now Mr Gibson
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    Sell him..get rid..doesnt contribute anything...
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    ...a goal from a free kick that shouldn't have been, scored by a player who should have been off, with a player obstructing the goalkeepers view in an offside position.
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    No 1 a striker, then a left back, and probably another option in midfield Find another club for Winnall and Rhodes
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    RIP Rita much loved by all us 60's lads and lasses. Condolences to all friends and family. For a 1/- a year Rita loved and bullied us all into better behaviour, I can't recall how cheap the coach trips were to away games but they never skinned us. Thanks for the memories Rita and thanks for all the effort. Fondly remembered.
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    He is a player that divides opinion more than most. For me he isn’t the best player we have but he gives you everything when he plays. He is remarkably good with his feet too. I’ll always be grateful too for that debut goal. also over the years he has been the consummate professional, at a time we had half the squad injured he was always available. He is a credit to professional footballers in my opinion, when you look at the antics of others eveey manager we have had has turned to him which speaks volumes. one of my favourite players for some time.
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    Bloke had 20 minutes for crying out loud. We expect him to come on and bang in four goals and turn the game on its head? We created nothing for him. I actually thought he did ok when he came on. We were 2-0 down chasing the game against a Prem side. Yet we see another thread bashing the lad. What about Winnall who missed two golden chances? A free header and a one on one. If that was Rhodes he’d be getting so much grief.
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    Ha ha, come on we need characters in the game, it's dead enough as it is to the ordinary supporters because of the money side of things, maybe ime too old school
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    I’m still annoyed at lasts night game, more so than other injustices with incurred. I know it’s daft but I’m sure some other of our fans feel the same. It’s ruined my weekend. How many more points are we going to lose due to absolute ridiculous inept officiating. just off the top of my head tomlins deliberate assault on borner, the slicing down of Harris no card but hutch gets one, The fair tackles that are deemed as free kicks one resulting in there goal, then the obvious cheating and interfering with play. Its not not just the decisions that give the opposition an opportunity. But it changes the dynamics of the game. It’s not just chance the we where not as good in the second half, it alters the mindset of both sets of players. Little things that can alter the game, they became aware and go in for challengers harder, appeal for penalties, by the way ridiculous gamesmanship, knowing the ref has sided With them. Why do we seem to get these refs so so peeed off!!!!!!
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    If the EFL grew some balls and told the premier league it wouldnt let teams armed with failure payments play in the championship , then none of this selling your ground to yourself to raise income would happen. The EFL have created this mess by allowing such an unfair advantage to teams dropping out of the prem.
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    13 starts for us and 4 goals so far. If he was a striker we’d be fairly satisfied with that start. And he’s a flippin defender. He is an immense threat. Borner has a very decent goals history too, and has looked a very likely scorer since he arrived. And Tom is always a handful from set-pieces. Goals from defenders make such a difference. Teams having to mark Fletcher, Iorfa, Borner, Lees and even Nuhiu from free-kicks and corners makes us extremely dangerous. We’re all Wimbledon Aren’t We.
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    If we are in the mix come January we NEED to buy 2 strikers. The first should cost a mere 500k and be from a local rival. The second should cost a club record £8-10M, have a sensational scoring record and cannot fail but fire us to glory.
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    We need that big f**ker strutting about like a peacoćk on Saturday. Bloody big time
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    I disagree, we didn't deserve that result. A tad more clinical and stonewall pen we'd have won comfortably. They had one good chance and took it. Thems the breaks and no need to panic.
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    can we get the band to swear at female stewards now
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    On holiday in hot and sunny Turkey at present. (Holiday boast over). Having a drink at the bar the barman noticed the badge on my T-Shirt and asked "which football team is that", Sheffield Wednesday I replied. He looked a little puzzled at this, muttered "Sheffield Wednesday? - Sheffield Wednesday? .........Ahhh! Sheffield Wednesday! "England Champions League, yes?" ENGLAND CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!! Sounds so much better than the championship dunnit?
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    been crap at throw ins for years.
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    At least he got in the positions to miss
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    Some people don't have a good understanding of the game; others like attention
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    T'wer good weren't it. At least we got icing on our smart price sponge cake. I've lost my voice either cheering for the goal or shouting at the effing ref.
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    Also like to add that as a long time member of the Diving header appreciation society there's few better ways to level than the old cross and bonce scenario!
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    Loved see them chuck it away and a forlorn Parker moping about at the end. F you Pal. You deserved that. Don’t care how much better they were.
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