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  1. It seems so long ago. But, also, like so many things in life, also the blinking of an eye. Big Atdhes time at Sheffield Wednesday. I'll be the first to acknowledge I'd never heard of him. The tall stranger now donning the famous blue and white stripes. (My, what a dreadful kit that was.) But his debut made quite the impression. Ner-Hoo-eee, Nu-hoo, Noo-High-you, Noo-oooh. Yes there was problems early on with his name. For some a problem that never went away. Crikey. It's been 7 years and Brian Laws is still calling him 'Newy'. So, Dave then. Big Dave. Apparently he didn't like it. Then again, that's the life when it comes to nicknames isn't it? Doesn't matter if you like them. You just get stuck with them. Bizarrely given the struggles people had with his name, I'm surprised many didn't think to just adopt his first name as their moniker of choice. 'Atty' . I mean to say, that's hardly difficult is it. He's been a player which has split opinion among the fan base like no other I can ever recall in all the years I have watched Wednesday. Some have never rated him. Some have. Some seem to have a dislike of the lad, for reasons which have always been unfathomable to me. I don't think anyone has ever thought he's a World beater. Though I must admit myself, to sometimes defending him to a level actually greater than I actually rated him, and why? Why would I do that. Why would others do that? Well for no other reason than to simply try and balance out over-the-top criticism. When people make wild ,often hugely inaccurate claims of his terribleness,then there's no point trying to reason. None at all. No. One may aswell play the game and go over the top in praise. When proper fact based debate cannot be done, fight fire with fire. All completely barmy of course. And I have been as guilty as the next man. I like Atdhe Nuhiu. Maybe it's my age. Maybe it's the fact that I have seen Wednesday outside the top flight more than I have ever seen us in it. But that being the case other things become important to me in football. Yes, I'd like to win every week. Of course I'd love,like us all, to see our famous stripes trotting out at the Nou Camp and giving Barcelona a run for their money. I'd like to see us lift the FA Cup, something many fans are actually bored of seeing their teams do. But we haven't. And in all likelyhood we wont. Oh, we tell ourselves we need more. We want more. We deserve more. But wanting doesn't get. Once more, for the second time in ten days I'm back to hearing the call that we shouldn't accept mediocrity. Why bother some would ask if we're to accept average. What's it all about if not wanting to be the very best? To be challenging? Well, ask the fans of Accrington Stanley why they bother. They're never going to win anything. Ask the fans of Derby, or Bristol City. The thing is you see. The thing about football is, it's not actually about just football is it? It might be to some, the stattos, people with some sort of disorder, people who may longer get to go along, people who only read the results. But no, for many, many fans, not just of the Wednesday ,but of all clubs, so much of it is more than that. It's about belonging. It's about the club. It's about the tradition. Yes It's about getting a Beres sandwich. It's about a pint. It is about having a shop full of absolute tat. It's about remembering Big Jack . It's about turning corners....and soon after finding another cul-de-sac. Football is about a feeling. When all is said and done we can demand, we can moan, we can cry, we can grumble. We can laugh. That's all football. The results....really? The point is It's all football. All of it. Not just the game itself, not just the result. It's about Ross Wallace stealing the Huddersfield notes. It's about remembering Ola Tidman rescuing a wounded pigeon. It's about Lloyd Owusu being sick. It's about bog roll streamers being hurled down the KOP. It's about scolding tasteless tea. It's about all of those around you joining in the tannoy call not to leave via Leppings Lane with daft smirks on your faces. A shared 'in' joke that you only get in the ground. Programmes? Three quid! Which brings me back to Atty. I like Atty. Big Dave. Nuhiu. I don't love him. But I like him. I think Like is more important than love. Love burns bright, and burns and then fizzles and sometimes leaves a nasty scar. Liking something, someone, is what makes it last. I like Wednesday. For all the balls ups. For all the failure, the false dawns. I like Sheffield Wednesday. Life is a journey and Wednesday are like my old car. One that makes loads of clunks and clangs. And has a steaming radiator. It's a motor that has careered from one crash site to another. The windows don't wind up and it's hair raising. But I just can't trade it in. The indicators don't work. But... the gear stick is in the right place. And the glove box has plenty of room and the old bench seats are very comfortable. I've seen some real adventure with it. Not just the tourist spots, but every back alley and dead-end, every grubby estate. I sigh as it splutters. But sighing is part of it. For all of it, for all the frustration i like that old car . And woah betide anyone who slates it. I've always felt that with the bigman, he's been a fellow traveller. Someone who's jumped in and joined the ride. He's helped get out and push when needed in the slashing rain, as other passengers have hopped on and back off again. He actually reminds me of Wednesday old Nuhiu. He's massive. He could have potentially been better than he is. But at the same time he's actually better than other people think he is. He's frustrated me at times. He's surprised me at times. Just like Wednesday. Sometimes he's lumbered...and that really has reminded me of Wednesday! But also he's given me some great memories and he's given my club great service. He's been a trusty spare in the boot when the flash alloys have gone spinning off. Or been stolen. We've shared good times and bad on the journey. I like the big lad because he's honest. I like him because he didn't cost much. I like him because I never ever felt that he was taking the club , my club, for a ride. I like him because I never felt he was taking the p*ss. Is that enough for a team that 'needs to be challenging?' Is that enough for 'where we want to go'. Probably not, no. But for me i like Nuhiu and I like his type. I like to know we have players who don't hold my club to ransom. It won't ever help us win a trophy ,I know that. We'll need some proper top level top class mercenaries if we're ever to do that. And if we do , I'm sure I'll get as drunk as anyone if I'm still alive, and celebrate wildly as a billionaire playboy lifts the cup on our behalf. But when I'm gibbering away in a chair, the last semblance of my life ebbing away, as some nurse spoon feeds me my gruel, and the memories of life flash before the old rheumy eyes. I'll remember Big Atty scoring from the corner flag as much as I'll remember Sheridans 'dink'. I'll remember him flattening that Leeds defender , slotting home and sliding away in the snow as much as I remember Big Nige lift the cup. I'll remember because you take the moments. You take the places. You take and remember the feelings. So thank you big man. Thank you for your 50 goals. Thank you for one of my favourite ever football related memes. Thank you for not getting the lip on and disrupting the changing room when you haven't been selected. Thank you for not vanishing of the holidays even though you knew you'd be on the bench. Thank you for signing up till the end of the season when you could have just f*cked off or worse feigned injury to ensure you didn't jeopardise your next move. Thank you for reminding me that some footballers, still, are normal, decent chaps who go about their jobs with a bit of integrity and honesty. Something so sadly lacking in today's game. Thank you and good Luck. --------------------------------- WEDNESDAY -V- MIDDLESBROUGH ----------------------------------------- Saturday 22nd July Kick off : 19:30 Owlerton --------------------------------- SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY Wednesday's Kieran Lee was forced to miss out once again for the trip to Fulham, but Monk has expressed his optimism over the midfielder's availability for the final day. A return for Lee in the starting lineup could see Joey Pelupessy drop down to the bench, while Jacob Murphy and Atdhe Nuhiu will be hoping that their huge contributions at Craven Cottage will see them earn a start here. Esepcially Nuhiu who is likely making his last appearance for the club. . Wildsmith Iorfa Lees Borner Murphy Luongo Pelupessy Bannan Harris Windass Nuhiu --------------------------------------------------- MIDDLESBROUGH Middlesbrough boss and favourite Owls panto villain Neil Warnock is facing a selection dilemma in midfield when it comes to replacing the suspended Howson. Patrick McNair is an option for the Boro manager having come off the bench at the weekend, but fellow midfielder Adam Clayton has struggled for game time under Warnock. . Pears Dijksteel Fry Friend Coulson McNair Saville Spence Wing Tavernier Assombalonga ---------------------------------------------------
  2. From Daily mail - Martin Samuel 17/7/20 Steve Bruce knew that Sheffield Wednesday’s owners wanted to invest in the club. He also knew Football League rules restricted them, which was one of the reasons why he left for Newcastle. The attempted funding brought an EFL charge and now there is the possibility Wednesday could be relegated instead, for the crime of ambition. If the EFL repeat the nine-point deduction for Birmingham last season for financial misconduct, Wednesday will be level with Charlton, who are one place above the bottom three. If they deduct 12 points, which some rivals are privately advocating, they will be in the relegation zone; deduct 20 and they would be gone. And who might survive instead? Possibly Hull City where, far from investing, the club’s owners are systematically stripping its worth. They sold their two best players, Jarrod Bowen and Kamil Grosicki to West Ham and West Brom in the January transfer window, and failed to agree terms with captain Eric Lichaj and vice-captain Jackson Irvine, to continue post-lockdown. Hull have never recovered from the debacle over renaming the club Hull Tigers, with the owners taking their frustration out on fans by ending concessionary tickets and curtailing investment. This week, Hull lost 8-0 to impoverished Wigan, and were 7-0 down at half-time. The club does not even own its stadium, but has been on the market six years, at the unappealing price of £40m. And yet this is all perfectly fine with the EFL. Indeed, Hull may remain in the Championship at the expense of a club, and a board, that genuinely wants to grow and move forward. This, apparently, is financial fair play. It sucks.
  3. There are over 40,000 excess deaths since March, hundreds of thousands of people are about to lose their jobs (as the furlough scheme ends) and people are genuinely angry that we’ve been told that we start next season on -12 points. It really is just football; I don’t care what division we play in, it’s a day out for me and my boys to bond and have a collective interest. For that match day we travel up from South Wales talking about the game, what we think will happen, the anticipation, the excitement, but most of all it’s a chance for me to share my love for Wednesday with my sons. Whether we win, lose or draw, we talk about the game on the long way back home (usually fighting through traffic) and we listen the the other scores from around the grounds, cheering when certain teams lose and booing if they win. These are precious times for me that I will always remember. At the end of the day we were here before Chansiri and we’ll be here after Chansiri. He’s made mistakes, many of which will hurt him financially as much as his ego, but no one at the club wants us to suffer, despite any ‘creative’ accounting that has happened. This is a time that we all need to pull together, because 2020/21 will be a very challenging season not just on the pitch but off the pitch with real life situations (job, health etc..) Next season is going to be a challenge, but I’m ready for it.. WAWAW
  4. I'd rather start next season in the Championship on -12 than start next season in League 1
  5. There are some fans who want to see Monk replaced - I can understand the reasoning behind that. There are some fans like me who are happy to give him the benefit of the doubt given the context he's found himself working within. Both camps want the best for Wednesday. There's nothing to be gained from this kind of divisive nonsense.
  6. Not good news. Great squad player, regularly makes an impact. Clearly popular in the dressing room.
  7. Happy enough for them both to stay. Nuhiu is a great option for any manager at this level to do a particular job. And Lee was excellent (when he played) in the last 8 games.
  8. We have a billionaire 'running the club' (phrase used reservedly) and fans who have requested refunds from last season now have to wait up to 60 days from the end of July to see a refund from the games we couldn't see. Our Chairman should refund all of them NOW. And he should refund everybody who doesn't want to see the crap hand he's dealt us for next season And then he should do us all a favour and leave Absolutely appalled tonight.
  9. Next season maybe my last due to ill health. Depending on social distancing this may have been. I'm grateful I made virtual friends in the Owlman, Asteener, Tinkerabell and Of course Trev. To Ellis Rimmer and and scialist you have my apology that my team annoys you One thing you're wrong about we are aren't a yo-yo club Pulis crashed the club and we didn't straight back. After a run of 9 seasons up. Any I hope the EFl don't destroy you Stay safe Much love HY xxxx PS see you christmas for my yearly seasons greetings
  10. Even if you never rated him, it’s sad to see him go, such a character who has been a loyal servant to the club and has taken all the stick that he’s been given on the chin. He has always given 110% on the pitch even if he hasn’t been the best player we’ve had. Here’s to you Atdhe Nuhiu
  11. Anyone else? Didn't watch the game Quick browse of the BBC website to see the score Laughed and got on with the rest of the evening I can't bring myself to get angry anymore Thankyou DC, stuffing man, monk, Carlos, jos, Bruce and the overpayed 5h1t for the last 5 years You've done a grand job
  12. "With a good offensive transition to the counter attack, we took our game to the opposites"
  13. Nailed it Adthe... Some fans will choose to be unhappy. The same Sheffield Wednesday fans who were unhappy when we were in league one will be unhappy when we’re in the championship playing in a better league, and if we get to the Premier League, they will still be unhappy. Wherever you go, whatever club, you will always have those people.
  14. I think the club should name the kop after Big jack his contribution should never be forgotten he basically saved us & put us on the road to recovery if mr chansiri wants to do something to bring the club & fans together this would be a brilliant gesture & a fitting tribute to Jacks legacy at the club
  15. I have sat in a room with this man, I`ve listened to him say, and I quote "Brentford, have no ambition", I`ve listened to him say, and I quote " you can`t go up without spending money", I`ve listened to this man say "we turned 8m down for FF, from Derby" this is when he refused to play, against Norwich, btw I listened to this man talk for hours, to the point, I got up and left, with my daughter, I`m sure there is people on here who were present THAT night. I really could go on,the man was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, if anyone can prove me wrong, then fire away!
  16. Promoted back to the Premiership with the help of parachute payments. Love the level playing field in this league 👏 Teams like us, want to spend and can't spend. Bloody Joke
  17. There really are some bitter twisted ignorant self entitled twàts who support our club ..... Good luck Big Man and thanks for your service ..
  18. These two came to the club in April 2015 to form part of a sporting committee to work alongside first Stuart Gray and then Carlos. That summer we brought in the following players; Hunt Pudil Sasso Lopez Bannan Wallace Foriesteri Joao Matias Hooper Turner Sougou Lachmann Ok a couple of duds in there, bot mostly very good signings to add to what we already had. Roeder and Pearson knew the English game and got the recruitment right that summer and it's no coincidence that we played some great football and had the best season in 20 years. Roeder and Carlos would have identified the players and Pearson would have negotiated the deals and at this point they weren't on massive money compared to what they got later. For me Roeder and Pearson should have been kept around a lot longer, rather than getting involved with Doyen and Piaxo. Recruitment would have been better and Pearson would have been more mindful of the finances. This is what we need know, two or three people that know the English game and can get the recruitment right. Then a knew coaching team!
  19. That tops it for me. That was painful. Absolute dog poo at Hillsborough. A handful of good away performances. But largely a side who looked soft as hell making countless mistakes. And finally not one player I look at and think I’m proud he plays for my club. All of them just don’t connect with the fanbase anymore and neither does the manager. Not to forget the season was ruined thanks to mismanagement which has seen the threat of a points deduction loom over us from the beginning. And that’s still not resolved. I’ve been going since 2001 and that campaign was hands down the worst. On the face of it you would have thought the two relegation seasons were worse and the seasons we struggled in League One. But for some reason I found this one more painful. My entire enthusiasm for the football club was drained, genuine apathy which I’ve never felt before, a real disconnect from the club. Can’t put my finger on the exact reason but I really struggled to care this season.
  20. Not the most gifted footballer by a long stretch but always put 100% in the 5 years he’s been here, sad to see him go.
  21. THIS is our lowest ebb. Points deducted for the first time in our history. 25% of fans still behind this clown. It's an absolute disgrace what he has done to our grand old club. The EFL have caused us more damage by allowing Chansiri to carry on as normal than they have by deducting us points. I really do fear for the future of the club.
  22. Disappointing but now the club needs to recruit personnel that are up for fight instead of overpaid journeyman that have been a drain on our club for years.
  23. If our fans put as much energy into supporting our football team as they do hating on Nuhiu we would be Champions Of Europe
  24. Good decision. His service is appreciated and he has earned my full respect for playing on to the end of the season and the contribution he's made. But, this squad needs change and right time to move on.
  25. I genuinely think Chansiri is sound, he's made a right pig's ear out of FFP but I think he will learn from his mistakes and get us where we want to be. I don't think he will be chuffed himself to have wasted a fortune on the likes of Rhodes, Van Aken and Abdi. At the end of the day he will feel it more than anyone cos most of the mistakes are his, he isn't trying to antagonise Wednesday fans, he's not an Oyston or even an Allen, we've got a good guy we need to keep faith
  26. I WANT A FUCKINGPLAN...who sees that plan through I don't mind
  27. Simple. Every player who signs for a Premier league club has a clause inserted in their contract saying upon relegation their wage will drop to £13.800 in line with the EFL wage cap. This would mean failure payments could be scrapped immediately.
  28. Well you can't really blame them can you. We can consider ourselves very fortunate to have not been relegated this evening.
  29. I don't understand why it's "change the manager" when the squad has hardly changed. Everyone forgot where we were at the end of last year? He's not had a year yet, he didn't have pre season and he hasn't brought anyone with him. I think too many see this as a computer game and believe it's just click your best team every match regardless of anything else. Support the manager you ******** moaning twats...
  30. do the right thing and fkoff from our club and take that embarrassing team with you You are making Peter eustace look like Jurgen klopp. No tactics No idea's Time to go
  31. Pick up your bottom lip, you miserable sod. These players could have easily felt sorry for themselves after failing to pick up the points their recent performances have merited, but they didn't - against all odds, they've just put in one of the most coherent attacking performances we've seen this season. 6-0 wouldn't have flattered us today. It's a small step, but if this is a sign of the kind of attitude and effort we might see more of going forward, then I'm all for it.
  32. Mr Chansiri you stood before fans of Sheffield Wednesday at a forum and stated if you weren't wanted you would happily leave the club and went on to say you had turned down serious bids from interested parties. You and Stuffing Boy have systematically taken this club backwards and we are heading in a dangerous direction, one that you don't have the knowledge or money to turn around and for that reason I'm asking you to honour your promise and sell the club, you have lost the confidence of a large section of the fan base, you have priced out many fans from attending games, your treatment of corporate hospitality/boxes has been nothing short of scandalous, with the exception of Steve Bruce your appointments have bee a joke, your imaginary sponsors are making the club look like a tin pot grubby little club, I could go on but I'm losing the will to live. Please just close the door on your way out.
  33. Even his farewell interview has to be tinged with negatives towards the bloke. ' Hey, Atdhe...try not to be too 'mushy' in your last interview for some of the Wednesday fans because it will give them something else to moan about'
  34. in 2020 to date we have won more games at Loftus Road than S6
  35. I don't like Charlton, I don't mind Wigan, and the plethora of clubs inbetwixt and between I don't give a flyer for. my only passion is Sheffield Wednesday...and that goes beyond football. lets take it on the chin, not only that, but lets go a little further..Ask for the points to be deducted THIS season. Lets drop, lets admit we have broken the rules and ask the EFL to reinstate Charlton or whoever seen fit. Is there that much difference between a season in league 1 on a level playing field, than playing "catch up" in a league we are provenly weak in? At least that way we actually GO for something, rather than AVOID something. Some of the best atmospheres Ive been in at Hillsborough were the Carlisle and Wycombe games when we came back up ..Go for that again. We can hold our hands up, unlike a multude of other clubs , accept the blow, take the moral high ground. Football is broken, We can take a stand in trying to fix it, by doing what we ALL know is right..Lets be a f.ookin' Martyr. If we were in the same position as Charlton, we would be bloody fuming..Lets be honest. I have already paid into next season, and took the option for the money owed to pay into the season after, but the nasty taste in my mouth , left by the way we have done it, won't wash away...Take the hit...take a siege menatality and balls to everyone else.... For this we need the fans, and I know my exhortations may well fall on legions of deaf ears, but this could be the start of a long road back..but its a road that has to be paved with an honesty that is alien to modern day football.... "Guilty as charged" "F.ook you ..We are The Wednesday....We will be back" The fans are well capable of dragging this club back....Chansiri, if he has any good intentons needs to get on board...or simply leave ...I'm sick of being embarrassed by bloody law suits when it should be footbal shirts...and writs when it should be kits...
  36. I think once the shock of the points deduction has sunk in, faded, and we have accepted our situation (and it takes different people different lengths of time for this to happen) I think we'll see a cohesive, joined, team effort in coming together as fans and trying to come up with some real positive way of attacking next season as best we can Obviously getting into the stadiums isn't an option right now but hopefully Covid will clear off and we can get back there to give our support, and I have a gut feeling the support will be emotional, passionate and more... (trying to avoid the united word) galvanised than ever before. Don't judge fans who are still angrymad about the situation - it's an emotional time and people are processing things in their own time But undoubtedly now is for whingeing and getting it out of our system, but then we all have to commit to saying 'right I've had my whinge now.. let's get on with it' Let's just allow nature to take it's course over the coming days, gather our thoughts, and come up with a proper plan without pecking at each other or criticising anyone who's being critical today
  37. Just my view but for every 10 journeymen like Boyd Jones Abdi etc give me one Adthe Nuhiu. I've never got the snobbery that made out that my club was too good for a hard grafting loyal player like him. Good luck Adthe.
  38. Paul Cook appears to be available at Wigan having again done a good job. Just compare the two: Paul Cook as Manager Chesterfield - promotion Portsmouth - promotion Wigan Athletic - promotion Poached bu both Portsmouth and Wigan Bullshitter Monk as Manager No promotions No play off appearances Fired by Swansea, fired by Boro, fired by Brum
  39. Dear Dejphon Please allow me to share my Wednesday vision with you. After the shambles of the last 3 season now is the time to step up and show real leadership. I ask you for the good of our club to part ways with Stuffing Boy and Monk. I ask you please to employ an experienced CEO and DOF and listen to them, utilise there knowledge and expertise. I ask you to recruit a proven manager such as Nigel Pearson, he has all the qualities needed to take our club forward and ultimately back to the Premiership. I ask that you make whatever funds are available to the new manager to be used at his discretion and be allowed to sign the players he believes will get us promoted. Regardless of what division we are playing in next season now is a is a glorious time to have a complete overhaul of the club, please don't waste it. No one wants to see you fail because if you fail our club fails, no one is saying your heart isn't in the right place but it is very clear you have little knowledge on how to run a football club to recruit the right people to help support you in this. If you get this right the fans will start to come back, the feel good factor returns to our club and you gain the trust and respect of us all. Mistakes have been made but its not to late to learn from them. Regards BAW
  40. Never been a fan as a player, but he's been a big part of the squad over the last few years and given us some good times (and laughs). Comes across as a really nice guy and that interview he did about living in a war torn country, impressed me. Showed what a decent human he is. Wish him nothing but the best for the future and should he ever grace the field of Hillsborough he is assured of a warm welcome from the fans. Thanks Atdhe
  41. I'm not comfortable with scapegoating a player who never goes hiding If anything he tries too hard and gets in a mess because of it But right now when there have been players going missing, taking our club for serious money, sitting back with 'injuries' I don't think that scapegoating a player who has never gone missing on us is the classy thing to do. If he's not good enough then he's not good enough. But if he's trying for Sheffield Wednesday Football Club then he needs credit for that and not attacking. He just needs taking out of the side not ripping to pieces by wild wolves
  42. We are going to struggle to attract players with a 12 point deduction and need to recruit around 7/8 players within the next 6 weeks. Beggars can’t be choosers and at least when the likes of Forestieri, Fox and Fletcher couldn’t get out of the door quick enough when their contracts expired, these 2 put pen to paper and committed to the club for the remainder of the season. We could do a lot worse than offering both new deals.
  43. Probably the finest piece I have ever read on her m'lud. I also along with many echo your sentiments regarding the big fella. And as an aside, but in my opinion just as noteworthy, please on behalf on myself and the many, many people who read your OMDT, accept our collective THANKS, for your continued excellence of product, and your unwavering comittment to publishing it each and every match day.
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