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    Tomorrow my (our) football club Sheffield Wednesday become 150 years old. They're the love of my life, other than my family. The one constant for me, through growing up, attending away games on my own as a teenager, through marriage, the birth of my children, divorce, relationship ups and downs, numerous jobs, house moves, lots of turmoil, the loss of loved ones... Theres been ups, and downs. Lots of downs. I was introduced by my parents, but mostly by my Grandad. He was the commissionaire at Hillsborough for over 40 years - heres a pic of him at the side of Big Jack. And my Nan too, she went home and away watching Wednesday with her friend Nellie Moore on the Swallownest Supporters Club buses.. I was sat with Grandad at a match at Hillsborough when he received the news that my Nan had had a heart attack at home - and he rushed home to spend his last few hours with her. Grandad put Wednesday first all the time. He'd miss a family wedding if Wednesday had a reserve game. When he hit 80, and the pneumoconiosis he'd contracted from a life on the coal face meant his breathing was so bad he couldnt get up the stairs to see Wednesday, a little part of him had already left us when he passed away later that year. He lived and breathed Wednesday, and he instilled that into me. Like any relationship its not always been easy. The love has been tested, many times, but it just seems to grow stronger. The highs of seeing us promoted back to Division One under Howard Wilkinson, beating Liverpool at Anfield the following season after we'd chanted 'We'll Be Back' as they beat us in the Cup during the promotion season, the semi final at Highbury v Brighton (and spending most of the game behind a huge Zico Sterland banner), beating Utd at Wembley in the Steel City Semi Final, the John Sheridan goal in the League Cup Final, the elation of beating Brighton in the Play Off Semi Final and holding my son incredibly tight with tears rolling down my cheeks knowing that he would finally get to Wembley for the first time, as he had done just as I'd done and waited until he could do it watching his own team for his first trip... I won't list the lows - because tonight they don't matter. Tonight I'm going to enjoy a quiet drink, and toast the club to whom I've devoted my life. And to my Grandad, and my Nan. And tomorrow night I will celebrate with friends at the celebratory dinner. And Guest of Honour on our table will be my Mum, who at 80 years old has been attending Hillsborough since before she could walk, as just like me she was carried to the games as a baby. And shes still there, week in, week out now, along with my sister Louise. And how I wish Dad could have been there with her. Happy 150th Sheffield Wednesday. A true family club
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    I’ve done a couple of these this season and I’ve had a request for another so here goes. People who think strikers should just score goals etc etc might want to turn away. As might people who think Carlos just plays a bog standard 4-4-2 and has no flexibility. Forest fans might also want to look away….as their manager might be showing too much flexibility! Whilst at Chelsea Claudio Ranieri The tinkerman once said after coming under fire from the press about his constant changes of formation, tactics and players “Football is changing. The modern manager must be flexible. Not just week to week but within games. Players must be flexible. The days of “I just do this” are gone” Ok. He went to Leicester and won the League playing a 1980’s brand of 4-4-2 every week using the minimum number of players possible. But that’s another thread on it’s own! The point he was making is, in the main correct. The game now is more than ever a game of cat and mouse. It has been one of the criticisms of Carlos that while he changes the personnel on a regular basis the system is always the same. Recent changes in the Sunderland, Fulham, QPR games have shown this not to be the case. Even at Bolton, although a loss there was a clear 4-3-3 on show and it ended with something looking like a 4-2-4 Bolton Review At Hillsborough yesterday Wednesday did start with their usual 4-4-2. Though Bannan was coming inside a lot to help match up Forests five man midfield and Lee on his return had clearly been given licence to get forward and support the attack. Forest manager Mark Warburton lined his team up in a 3-5-2. A system that many Wednesday have been asking for Carlos to try. The system of course has it’s benefits, most notable that it allows teams to have three central midfield players involved and so help make sure they don’t lose the numbers game in midfield AND still allows you to keep two strikers. Which is probably the reason so many Wednesday fans have been calling for it. The idea we might be able to play Lee, Bannan, Jones/Hutch/Abdi and still get the best from Rhodes, Fletcher and Hooper none of whom particularly excels as lone striker is something that excites most Wednesday fans. Of course. The system does have its drawbacks. And any Owls fan who wants us to line up this way will have seen Wednesday show Forest exactly what those weaknesses are in a bright opening fifteen minute spell in which we could have been 2 goals up early on. That weakness is down the flanks where it is very easy to double up full back and winger and overload the wing-back. Wednesday did this at will in this opening spell on both sides of the field. Bannan and Reach (helped by the ever willing to work the flank Fletcher) But especially so down the right hand side where Hunt was bombing on at will linking with Wallace and causing them all sorts of problems. Osborn, a pacey left footer was getting done time and again and was having to rely on the left sided centre back Fox coming across to help out. The other reason that teams choose to line up this way is that it gives them extra strength in the centre of defence. Three at the back is an excellent way to play against a twin strike force as (as the Italians do it) it gives you two markers and a spare man to clear up anything else. (below) However for Forest it wasn’t that simple. Because whilst on paper Fletcher and Hooper are a tandem strike partnership. We all know that our forward play is a bit more subtle than that and that Hooper in fact doesn’t play as an out and out striker. He likes to drop in deeper into little pockets of space. (Side note- Something that Peter Beardlsey was doing 30 years ago. Only it wasn’t called the number 10 role then, or the false 9, it was just called finding space. Gordon Bennett, to listen to the modern fan you’d think the wheel had just been invented. Listen carefully kids. IT IS NOTHING NEW!) Where was I? Ah yes. Forest were hoping to have two markers and a spare….but Hooper is too cunning and was dropping off. This meant that Forest has a marker for Fletcher and TWO spares. Now in principle that might sound a good thing. But it can be a bad thing. For several reasons. 1. Confusion. “Do I drop in with him and pick him up? Or is my mate going to drop and pick him up?” 2. Spare pr!ck at a knock shop wedding – “What do I actually do? If my mate pushed out to Hooper do I stay here? I’ve no one to mark. Do I go and help the wing back? Do I stay here? What do I do?!” 3. They have the ball more – Most systems boil down to having an extra man somewhere on the pitch. It’s all about gaining an advantage. Wednesday as we sometimes see find themselves outnumbered in the midfield. Today. We were outnumbered up front. But it played into our hands. Why? Because…If you had a choice of which of the opposition players had the ball who would you want it to be? Their midfield maestro? Their electric forward? Or their cumbersome centre back who’s got a terrible touch and can barely pass wind? Exactly! The big lump at the back. By Hooper dropping off deep it mant that Forests spare man was at the back. He was the free man and he wasn’t very good on the ball. So we let him have the ball....and then pressed! Indeed Wallace pressuring one of their men at the back who had the ball saw him plop his pants and get it back to his keeper his skanked his kick. Bannan got onto it. Showed great bravery in making it to the second ball after a loose first touch and he sets in Hooper... BANG 1-0! - And what great play by Hooper by the way- letting the ball roll through him rather than taking a touch. A sign of the awareness and intelligence of the man! Now going back to Ranieri. There are some managers who sit things out. There are some managers who are reactive and there are some that are proactive. Warburton is clearly from the school of trying to effect change. He didn't mess about. Infact it was quite dizzying. First he decided that to combat Hooper in the middle and the rampaging Hunt and Reach that he needed to switch things. And so he ditched his 3-5-2 and went to a 4-1-4-1 Brereton was ditched from centre forward to the left of midfield. Darwitka dropped from wing back to right full back. And Fox shuffled out from left sided centre half to left back (where he’d had to spend a lot of time already. Warburton also swapped McKay and Osborn. The plan was two fold - One – Our full backs had to be stopped from overloading them out wide so he match it’s up two versus two. Brereton and Darwitka against Reach and Bannan and Fox and McKay against Hunt. Two- Someone had to deal with Hooper who had thus far been awarded the freedom of Hillsborough and so while Osborn and Clough picked up Jones and Lee. Bridcutt now dropped another 5 yards or so deeper and picked up Hooper. You could say this worked in a fashion. It was at this time that the game started to even up Forest had arguably their best spell without really creating too many problems. Though with just Cummings up front…it didn’t really give them much to hit. To combat this they tried using the cross field pass to try and get in behind Reach and Hunt. They did it more from left to right because for McKay coming inside on his right foot it’s an easier tactic because the ball is always going to curl toward the flank. They did this a number of times but Reach dealt admirably with it. In what was probably his best defensive display since he came to the club, Brereton is a rangy unit but our man showed enough strength to keep him out and his ability to cover yards quickly meant the couple of times that it did ping behind him he was quick enough to get back and often get there first. Forests equaliser when it came was from such a situation, McKay cut inside and clearly had his head up looking for the Crossfield when he saw Osborn take up and advanced midfield position and then when Cummings pulled into the flank taking Lees with him Osborn curved his run into the vacated space. McKay found him with a low pass and he was in, Joost should have stayed on his feet, for my money, but hopefully this was a momentary lapse and not something we will be seeing a lot of. 1-1 Now at this stage, most away managers would now try and keep things shored up till the break. But Warburton. Obviously pleased that Osborn had got into an attacking midfield positions for the goal and shown some support to Cummings who had been very much isolated since Brereton had gone to left midfield decided he wanted to see more of it. And so for the third time in just little over half an hour Forest tried another formation!! This time bringing on a first half sub – Bouchaklis for the clearly unhappy Clough and going to a 4-4-1-1 cum 4-2-3-1 with the nimble-footed Osborn charged with supporting Cummings when Forest had the ball. Forest players to their credit gave it a good go. They have a lot of good players, who are obviously receptive to trying things. Because some old pros. Would have been shaking their heads at all the changes! Half Time 1-1 The second half carried on in much the same way. Though Forest were having more of the ball than they had seen earlier in the game Wednesday were clearly very much buoyed by their good start and continued to play well. It was at this stage that the tactical game of cat and mouse continued. With Forest now having 5 in the midfield. Wednesday weren't dominating the ball as much as they were in the first half. In the first half Wednesday allowed Forests defenders to have the ball, and then Fletcher and Hooper had pressed as a pair, one to the ball and one to the man ... Now though still a 4-4-2 when attacking Wednesday changed things slightly and when they didn’t have possession of the ball rather than hunt it higher up they dropped in and closed the lines. Jones played as a defensive midfield player. Jones joined Lee in the middle and Hooper dropped in to close the gaps and Fletcher was asked to drop to left midfield. Lee, who is such a miss when he doesn’t play, was getting forward and joining the attack knowing that Bannan would tuck in and shore things up. Likewise Jones, who is by no means my favourite player, had an excellent game and started dropping off to pick up Osborn to stop Joost or Lees from having to come out and break their lines. Fletch scored a header to give Wednesday the lead and though he had put himself about a lot and shown excellent willing nothing had quite fallen for him so far in the evening. A couple near me were calling for his substitution. But it was clear that Fletcher was still a massive threat from set pieces. And so it proved. Wednesday had had three in succession in a 10 minute spell and Forest, employing a zomal marking system hadn’t picked him on up any of them. (as they hadn’t Joost in the first half when he had a couple of half chances.) When Lee whipped in a near post cross (still the most dangerous in football –as long as you beat the first man Mr Potter) Fletch stole in between the statue like Brereton and despite Worrall making a halfarsed last ditch attempt to get there planted hom a bullet header Wednesday 2-1 Forest With the lead again, and the new defensive shape when out of possession it was no surprise to see the energetic Boyd enter the fray for the warhorse Fletcher who had battled all afternoon and deserved a goal for his efforts. Now it was Wednesday playing a 4-1-4-1 with Jones playing in between midfield and defence picking up Osborn and us matching them 4 v 4 higher in midfield. This switched to 4-3-3 when the opportunity arose with Wallace and Boyd pushing on when we had possession and Bannan sitting a bit deeper to allow Lee to support Hooper when we had possession. It was Lee next on the score sheet when the impressive Hunt linked with Wallace AGAIN! And the Scot played his mate in with a lovely reverse pass and Lee, after a deflection had made that run that he is so good at to wrap things up. Wednesday 3-1 Forest Butterfield replace Lee who was deserving of his ovation. It looked like for like and that Wednesday would be keeping the 4-1-4-1. Now, the lone front role as we have discussed before … ...Doesn’t particular suit any of our strikers with the possible exception of Fletcher. But he was now of the pitch and on the bench with an ice-pack on his knee. Being saved I hope for a vital clash at Cardiff. His ability as target man is so vital to us on the road. Being alone hasn’t really suited Hooper who is more of a deep lying player. So I did wonder when I saw Rhodes warming up if we were going to really take the gamble and go back to a 2 upfront. .. What actually happened was that Rhodes came on for Hooper, but Carlos, knowing that our record signing needs support changed our system again! Now Wednesday went to a 4-2-3-1 of their own and matched Forest man for man with Butterfield playing an advanced midfield role behind Rhodes. Where he has a couple of half decent runs but ran out of steam a little bit on both occasions. When we lost possession it was a 4-4-1-1 with Butterfield the most advanced of the midfield. Full time Wednesday 3 – 1 Forest Now in some newspapers and on television today. There will be a bit of a report. And probably a little line-up section that will say Wednesday lined up 4-4-2. And Forest 3-5-2 . And the bloke behind me probably still thinks it too, and he watched it unfold! ... the truth was the game unfolded like this.. Forest fans no doubt wish maybe that Warburton was a bit more staid and conservative with his changes. Carlos gets bashed for being too staid and conservative! But he’s shown yet again, that he’s a bit more flexible than often given credit. He deserves – along with the lads who were excellent- a well done for yesterday for being willing to change things. Forest were no great shakes. But make no mistake the game still has to be managed and still has to be won. Well done to Carlos and the lads. Enjoy the week folks. Enjoy the win. Now where’s my Sunday dinner…
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    Got it right this time...
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    What's Happened

    Not normally one for starting threads .. but here we go I've been about on this site regularly probably since about 2001, all the way through the Dave Allen years and everything grim associated with that time , Black Balloon , wind up orders and we all know how dire it was back then But lads/lasses .. I've gotta say I can't honestly remember a time when the atmosphere on this site has been as negative and quite frankly hostile towards the club as it is now. I genuinely fear we're going to drive Mr Chansiri out of the club, yeh we all know what needs improving on the commercial side it's not been good enough at the club for 15/20yrs but is the answer to just beat the club with a stick at every opportunity ? It's not even just the kits, nobody's got a good word for the club at all, everything's not good enough for us and we've got a very vocal element of absolute throbbers on social media that are making things even worse, maybe it's just me I don't know... but I genuinely fear Mr Chansiri will walk away from all this
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    David Garrido

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    What a week! Lots of meltdowns......Winnall gone....FF injured....the Earth is flat...Carlos' Pork-Lobster Boring International games... Also our Birthday Week!! 150 years! A cake the size of Giant Haywstacks..a smashed Shez. But now we're back into Football League action Today Wednesday play Forest. .. Two of the great names in English Football... Two of the oldest names in English football. .. An age old rivalry... A rivalry beyond football …. (Don’t worry mods. This won’t be about scabs) Sheffield Wednesday – V – Nottingham Forest OR THE CASE OF THE STOLEN LEGEND How many times have we visited the City ground and heard the strains of “Robin Hood, Robin Hood riding through the Glen”? Understandable you may think, seems fair enough for a club which calls itself Forest and plays in a City -Nottingham- which has been linked for hundreds of years with the legend of Robin Hood. Well no, actually. Because they stole him. Robin Hood was a Yorkshireman. Now you may have heard this before. How the SNotts claim him on one side and Yorkists claim him on the other. The row about whether he was from Nottinghamshire or Barnsdale in Yorkshire has raged for years. The Cheeky feckers have even included him in their county flag! “Yes, Yes,” the Snots say “but everyone knows Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest!” And well he might, well he might! (pay attention at the back Mr Bluesky, stop putting darts in that CC voodoo doll) The earliest ballads did indeed link Robin Hood to identifiable real places and Robin Hood and his band of "merry men" are portrayed as living in Sherwood Forest in many early ballads and manuscripts. The Lincoln Cathedral Manuscript, which is the first officially recorded Robin Hood song (dating from approximately 1420), makes an explicit reference to the outlaw that states that "Robyn hode in scherewode stod." In a similar fashion, a monk of Witham Priory (1460) suggested that the archer had 'infested shirwode'. Except…. That’s a bit of a convenient coverall phrase isn’t it? They say Sherwood Forest as if that is only inclusive of the small area to the North of Nottingham. The small area that surrounds Centre Parcs and goes up to the visitors centre. They say Sherwood and leave the rest down to the subliminal programming that their fraudulent tourism chiefs have pushed over the years. Aided and abetted by Film and TV people - I can almost hear the dreadful American Voice Over “ Can Rah-ben Huurrrrd save the Princess from the eveel Sheriff of Note-ing-Hahhhm!” “Sherwood =Nottingham” Nothing but a word association trick! In ancient times Sherwood, did cover most of Nottinghamshire north of the river Trent , as it did much of the neighbouring county of Derbyshire and swathes of south Yorkshire. It stretched well into Yorkshire as late as the 14th century. Different areas of the great forest had different names and the divinations of it covered half of Northern England. The part of it in Nottimgham is called Birklands and Bilhaugh In our part of the world it was called Loxley Chase and extended from Sheffield as far south east as Nottinghamshire in the 12th century . So was he from Yorkshire then? The linguist Lister Matheson has observed that the language of the Gest of Robyn Hode (one of the earliest ballads) is – “written in a definite northern dialect, most likely indications say that of Yorkshire. In consequence, it seems probable that the Robin Hood legend actually originates from the county of Yorkshire. Robin Hood's Yorkshire origins are universally accepted by professional historians.” Where? The original Robin Hood ballads, set events in the medieval forest of Barnsdale. Barnsdale was a wooded area covering thirty square miles, ranging six miles from north to south, with the River Went at Wentbridge . Wentbridge is not directly named in A Gest of Robyn Hode, but it does depict a poor knight explaining to Robin Hood that he 'went at a bridge' where there was wrestling'. A commemorative Blue Plaque has been placed on the bridge that crosses the River Went by Wakefield City Council! A blue plaque. A blue plaque, Gordon Bennett! On the evidence of as spurious a link as any I’ve read. “went at a bridge” . That bridge could have been anywhere. . Why do we in Sheffield not push ourselves! Whilst others will do anything to shine light on their towns and Cities why do we hide our rich cultural history? Indeed why do we let others claim it for themselves! Are we too embarrassed to show off perhaps? I might ask that we put a blue plaque up on the Tram bridge on Park Square roundabout if such straws are being grasped at! But we don’t have to. We do not have to make things up. Because… Robin of Loxley “Little Haggas Croft (pasture) wherein is ye founacion of a house or cottage where Robin Hood was borne.” Little Haggas Croft was in the area of present-day Normandale House on Rodney Hill, Loxley, Sheffield. “The major Oak!” say the folks of Nottingham smugly. The major oak would have been a mere sapling 900 years ago, barely a sprout from the forest floor. “But , erm, but , the Sherriff… ” the Nottingham folk desperately squeal, as they start to panic about the truth coming out now, “the Sherriff of Nottingham!” Ahh yes. The Sherriff of Nottingham… What the historian J. C. Holt suggested is Nottinghamshires best but probably only decent link to Robin Hood. His interactions with the city's sheriff. Simple subliminal word association.... Sherwood = Nottingham = Sherriff of Nottingham =Robin Hood. But we shall deal with fact! The first Sherriff of Nottingham and Derbyshire (as was the original title) was a chap called Sir William Peveril. Now that name might sound familiar. And so it should... Sir William Peveril, of Peveril Castle. Peveril Castle at Castleton. You know, the big one on top of the hill. Castleton for facks sake! Castleton, down the road from Hathersage , yes, yes ….. That Hathersage, Little John of Hathersage. Well done! @Holmowl,stop arranging your smarties into a 4-4-2 and think . …Little John where have we heard that name before? Yes. The tales of facking Robin Hood! Little John (Hathersage) and Robin Hood (Loxley) fighting against the evil Sherriff of Nottingham of Nottingham (Peveril, Castleton) Sir Walter Scott made the connection. Hardly likely, he thought, that a man born in Loxley and a man born in Hathersage would travel 50 miles to do their robbing and deer hunting when they were both born in the National Forest and on the Buxton trade route. Peveril Castle being used as a hunting lodge and stop over house by the Sherriff. Scott was the first to put our man Hood down in novel form when he wrote his classic medieval tale *“Ivanhoe”. Scott wasn’t conned by the Nottingham Fraudsters and hucksters and neither should you all be! “In that pleasant district of merry England which is watered by the river Don, there extended in ancient times a large forest, covering the greater part of the beautiful hills and valleys which lie between Sheffield….and there flourished in ancient times those bands of gallant outlaws, whose deeds have been rendered so popular in English song.” Ivanhoe, Sir Walter Scott So … Fack Nottingham and fack their highly dubious claims to Robin Hood. And when you see them, make sure you tell them! For he was a Yorkshireman, he was a Sheffielder and given his modern day postcode I daresay if they had been around at the time he’d have been Wednesday too! COME ON THE WEDNESDAY! Let your shots fly as true as our famous son’s arrows! *Historical note. Ivanhoe – (Wilfred of Ivanhoe of one of the remaining Saxon noblemen at a time when the nobility in England was overwhelmingly Norman. Not to be confused with Emile Ivanhoe Heskey, the former Leicester City centre forward.
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    Yes, yes, I know it's a fraction early. Better being 5 minutes early than an hour late though. As anyone foolish enough to have backed Growl in the 3:15 at Rippon will tell you... BOLTON - V - THE WEDNESDAY League Cup So for tonight we travel to... Bolton in the league cup. "....a landskip of long streets , tall chimneys and rubbish dumps .." John Betjeman(c) Still, you make of it what you can. Football is mainly about what's in your brain anyway. Which might explain the content of much of this site..... But really, honestly it's as much fun as we want it to be. People think it's only the second round of a nothing cup. But memories are made of all games, not just the fancy ones. Believe me. You'll remember losing 5-1 at Stevenage as much as you'll remember losing 5-1 to Manchester United! Yes, I know the domestic cups are scoffed at by some. And there's a generation of kids for who it's got no meaning whatsoever. Not helped of course by teams not taking it seriously , the actual draws this year taking farce to a whole new level and it being named something that sounds like a tropical disease. Nevertheless, I have a soft spot for The Peoples Cup , a phrase more recently commandeered by the FA in their re-branding of the FA Cup in an attempt to try and bring back some of the magic. But it was a title originally linked to the magnificent three handled piece of domestic silverware that we won in 1991. The League Cup competition was established at a time when match day attendances were dwindling. The league had lost 1 million spectators compared to the previous season in the year this cup started. (Though in the days before electronic scanners and such you do wonder how accurate the figures are. I remember a game when I was was a lad. There wasn't a square inch free in the ground. I remember being surprised when the Official attendance was a given as 56 and more surprised still to see the turnstile operator gliding off home at 3:15 in a Bentley S3 Continental ) Anyway... It was a time when tensions between the Football League and the Football Association were high. The biggest disagreement was how revenue was shared between the clubs. Sound familiar? Nothing changes, does it! The original idea for the Cup came from Stanley Rous (an man who did a huge amount for the game, but had, in his early years a moustache that was an affront to man and God!. Probably harked back to his days as a referee) However in 1961 Rous was to became the head of FIFA and it was Football League Secretary Alan Hardaker (whose name is given to the man of the match trophy for the final ) who really pushed it through. During the late 1950s, the majority of senior English clubs equipped their grounds with floodlights. This opened up the opportunity to exploit weekday evenings throughout the winter and earn the clubs a few more bob. The League Cup was introduced in the 1960–61 season specifically as a mid-week floodlit tournament. However, the new founded League Cup was criticised by the better-endowed clubs. (Stop sniggering at the back!) The Times'correspondent at the time felt that the League Cup was a step in the wrong direction; the European Cup had been formed five years prior to the League Cup and the correspondent felt an additional domestic competition was a backward step for English football The Times published on 30 May 1960: "Where a drastic reduction is required in an attempt to raise quality, no doubt quantity and a further spread of mediocrity will be the dose. Where men like Count Bernabeu with his wider horizons, think in terms of a European-league for the future in which a lead could surely now be given jointly by our leaders, the Football League propose next season to implement their useless Football League Cup to be played in midweek. It gets the players, the clubs and the public nowhere." So, more games , less quality was the argument against. And he might have made a valid point there 57 years ago that still stands! And that talk of a European League which is surely still being talked about now by Europe's Goliaths.... a journalist with a bit of knowledge. Whatever next... Sixteen clubs opposed the competition's creation, thirty-one approved it. Attendances were averaged around the 10,000 mark. Simply put...The big clubs didn't take it seriously. As witnessed by the fact that Rochdale and our neighbours Toytown were among early finalists. Hardaker though was a hard-headed type. Oh yes. He was determined that people would take the cup seriously and so he went to UEFA and told them that he wanted the league cup winners to get a place in one of their European Competitions. UEFA said "non!" So he threatened to pull English Clubs out of European competition! They had to take his threat seriously too, because he'd done it before ,trying to stop Chelsea taking part in the 1955 European Cup warning them there'd be "Too many wogs and Dagoes" . An unscrupulous and lazy lot. This, from a chap who was sacked by his own father as a young man in the family haulage firm, for playing Dominoes for money when he should have been working! Whether the clubs knew he had threatened to pull them out was a different matter. However , whether they knew or not, it did the trick. UEFA granted the winners a place in the fairs Cup (To put this in context for you younger fellows ,after lots of f*cking about this was the forerunner of the Europa League). UEFA stuck their own caveat in during the negotiations though. The place in the European competition would only be applicable if ........................a First Division team won the cup! Quite frankly didn't want risk Barcelona, Roma et al having to face the prospect of a midweek trip to Spotland or Millmoor that would make todays "rainy night in Stoke" seem like a stroll in the park. Poor old QPR and Swindon Town who won in it in 67 and 69 respectively .They didn't get to play the European big boys! Hardaker also got the finals moved to Wembley. Suddenly with the chance of a Wembley final and a place in Europe all the big knobs who had previously knocked it back all started entering the competition. All except Manchester United who didnt play in it until 1968. Everton pulled out in 1970 so they could concentrate on the European Cup. Having the Champions not enter angered Hardaker and he made playing in it compulsory for all teams the year after. You see, I told you he was a keen fecker! And so, with tickets often cheaper than league games and easier to get hold of than for the FA Cup, numbers grew. The cup was accepted and became known as the peoples cup...like I say, until the FA stole the phrase for their own cup the other year. Thinking no one would remember where it was first used. Well I remember you b'stards! And now everyone that has read this knows too, so it doesn't matter if you have me taken out, Dyke! You can send your assassins round to finish me off. I care not one jot. Not now, because a legion of Owlstalkers know the truth and will keep it alive! What are you going to do. Kill all of us?! Sorry. Bit distracted . Where was I? Oh yes. So the competition grew stronger and stronger. The scousers won it most and loved their trips to Europe. But then one day they played in a dilapidated old stadium, they charged some Italians, there was some fighting and 39 people died. Though it's a bit of a landmine topic so we'll skip ahead. ... ...the knobs who were fighting got English Clubs banned from Europe fully and partially for 10 years. Wednesday would have been in Europe in '86 and 91. And what would Europe have made of having of Fash the Bash ,Vinnie Jones and the rest of the Wimbledon brutes in the Cup winners cup?! Yes, this competition has a spot in my heart. Not least since we lifted the fine old trophy in 1991! And whilst it's extra fixtures are seen as a pain in the arris, ruining our clubs chances in Europe and no doubt will at some stage be blamed for our failure to secure at second World Cup win. I still have time for it. And lest we forget the Cup itself, a magnificent piece of silverware! It's not a cheap looking piece of glitzy looking tat like the Premier League trophy. Oh no! Its a classic three handled beauty, crafted in a timeless Georgian style. It is, quite simply, a masterpiece. And it would be, for It was made by Mappin & Webb Whose origins, I'm sure you all know, or bloody well should, trace back to 1775, when Jonathan Mappin opened his silversmith workshop in Sheffield. As late as 1998 the cup was still being repaired for and restored in Sheffield every year in a small shop at the junction of Woodseats and Abbeydale Road. This cup is intrinsically linked to this town and I for one don't go along with all this "sticking the kids in" routine. Lord, no! I want us puttint a good stront side out , a side giving it all to get a result. Getting to Wembley and bringing my cup home!! So now you know, don't let me catch anyone giving it the old Mickey Mouse bit, or there will be trouble! Which all brings us, in a round about way , to Bolton tonight! They will be putting the kids in ( if they have any) as they have a game on friday. On the other hand. The company thst owns a third of their shares has just gone under. They might need needs cup run. Who knows? Will former Owl Gary Madine play? That's Madine by the way. "Ma- dine" .As in in 'come dine with me'. Poor fecker. No one ever calling him by his proper name. I think it must be one of the great feelings to hear your name chanted by a thronging KOP. But it must take a bit of the edge off it a bit if they pronounce your name wrong. Still. ..it had to be mis-sung it for it to rhyme. Gary Maddeeen Goal machine I suppose we could have sung his name correctly and put the internation on the second word to fit. Gary mah- dine Goal ma- shiiiiiiiiiiiiiine But that starts to sound a bit Oasis to me and I've always thought the Gallagher boy a bit of an oaf. So yes. Old Gary. Stuck with Mad-eeeen. Correct decision arrived at, if not correct pronunciation. Of course there's more to Bolton than Gary Madine. Chubby comedian Peter Kay . Fred Dibner of chimney climbing fame . Glass jawed boxer Amir Khan and of course TV host and sex-text-pest ,Vernon Kay. (6"4) Of course, Vernon looks taller than he is because of the cut of his suits. But I'm willing to wager that at the height of his fame, Mathew Kelly of Game for a Laugh and one time chum of dead TV trickster Jeremy Beadle was taller. I dont doubt it would be close. But I think Kellys beard made his neck look shorter. I reckon he nicks it. He's got to be 6"5 minimum. 6"7 at his 1980's peak. Anyway.... Must dash, Daisy is here with my drink. CHIN CHIN! COME ON WEDNESDAY
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    Morning Owls! What a week. We get a smashing result at Fulham and then lose at Bolton in the coconut nut cup , or whatever it’s called these days. A 3-2 defeat that could just as easily been a 3-7 victory, in a cup that no one is genuinely that bothered about till the quarter finals. Still the meltdown on here was quite furious and today’s game has now -in some people’s eyes -taken on an importance beyond human comprehension. It is, we have been told the Armageddon fixtures of the CC/DC reign. For defeat today and the sky will darken, cracks will form in the crust of the Earth and demons will rise from the fiery pits of hell. The universe will shake and Hillsborough will crumble, until the manager has been sacked and replaced with someone else. Someone who has more than likely been sacked from their own previous job for not doing a very good job. …yes that’s the answer!! Apparently. .. It isn’t that serious of course is it? It’s just a league game against Burton Albion. Just our fifth of a very long season to come… Oh well. At you ready for ARMAGEDDON?! or as I call it... Burton Albion – V – The Wednesday Burton only started playing football in 1950 in the West Midlands Regional League. By which time we had been at it for 83 years. Some of our fans seem to think that they still play there and that we should be “beating teams like this 10-0” and anything less is a disgrace, like losing to the Dog and Duck. But time, as some fans will eventually catch on if they ever leave the internet, does move on in the outside world. Other clubs don’t stand still while we are buying up every forward in the land. Burton have moved on. They are in this division on merit. Their climb has been nothing short of remarkable. Clambering all the way up from the seventh tier of the English football league to the Championship in just over a decade. The seventh tier! Much of that success has been under the stewardship of Agent Clough, once of this parish. This will not be an easy game, as everyone knows, and is the predominant reason why Doom mongers are getting their work in early with proclamations that anything less than four goals is a disaster, for they know it will be a tough game. As it was last season. The Sheffield Connection Not only are Burton managed by Agent Clough, but they also have on their books… Three other Wednesday connections. Luke Varney one time quality control assessor at Quorn foods, and three times Wednesday loanee is still turning out for them. Also on the books Stephen Bywater. Yes. The legend. It doesn’t matter how much time passes. We should never miss the opportunity to remember this. The third Wednesday player connection isn’t actually that much of a real connection. It’s Jackson Irvine. I really want us to sign him and will never miss the chance to mention his name, JACKSON IRVINE in the same Sentence as SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY ,in the hope that it somehow subliminally weaves its way in the head of our recruitment officer. Whoever that might be… Motivation I was thinking this morning as I took the papers and enjoyed my morning tea how easy it is to motivate oneself when you have the passion of hatred in your heart. Take Sheffield United for example. There will be no problem getting “up for it” in that game. Against Fulham it’s easy to be motivated by the Medias love-in about them. As it was for Newcastle last season. The favourites. It’s a bit harder to find the passion , the motivation to help get our lads going in a game with, Burton Albion. We need the motivation. But what? In 1948 Edward "Ted" Collins first produced Stones Bitter at the Cannon Brewery. Ted ( a true master brewer , not some boy with a top-knot, a beard , sleeve tattoos and too much citrus fruit and time on his hands like most modern brewers) designed his ale for the steelworkers of Sheffield's Lower Don Valley. The product was formulated as the working classes began to favour bitter over the dark mild style of beer. The beer's straw colour made it reasonably unusual for the time, and its lighter density meant it could be quaffed. Its individuality helped it to become an immediate success. By the 1960s its local reputation was "colossal" and it was described in the The Star as “Not so much Beer, as religion” Stones bitter was the fuel that forged the steel. It was the fuel that built the modern world! And they….they took it from us. They took it from us, and then…. Then! They reduced our Jungle Juice from 4.1%AVB to 3.7&AVB and thought we wouldn’t notice! They started making it with their own filthy non-Yorkshire water. In 1992 Stones was the United Kingdoms's highest selling bitter, a million barrel a year were sold. Now it’s hardly seen. It is nothing but a nobody in an old mans eye. The people of our City are having to drink “handcrafted” wee wee-water made by a kids with 2:2’s in P.E , a masters in party planning who infuriatingly over use the word “Artisan” to describe basic stuff, Like a loaf of bloody bread. These same people are responsible for the contrived re-imagining and trendification of Hendersons Relish to the stomach churning “Hendos”. They are b’astardising our culture and claiming it for their own. It won’t be long till some estuary accented youth asks you, in all seriousness, if you have ever heard about this new thing called “Football”. Yes you, the Sons and daughters of the birthplace of the game. The World is changing, and they are trying to change our history too. Don’t let them! Reclaim your own history, your own heritage from these cultural marauders. The very fabric of our existence is being torn apart and reimagined. Now I’m not saying that any of this is the fault of Burton Albion, as such . I’m not saying we should blame them for the post- historical cleansing of our memories. But someone has to take the blame! And why not them! It all started with us losing that cornerstone of this Cities existence to their town If this sad sight doesn’t fire you to roar the boys to success today. Nothing will. Come on Wednesday!
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    After a terrific win against Forest at the weekend Wednesday Welcome Dean Smiths' Bees to Hillsborough on Tonight... Wednesday - V - Brentford We had a cracking result at the weekend against Forest, starting brightly and in all honesty should have been a couple of goals to the good after just five minutes. It's the sort of start to a game that the fans have been hoping for (and some expecting) all of the season so far. The manager for his part in - between culinary analogies- had said before the game that not much had changed since his first season. However, the following day we saw a performance in the opening exchanges which was more like the football we saw from Carlos' side when he first arrived. Perhaps it was the same and we were all victim to some mass hallucination which made us think it was a different approach. Or maybe, as some have suggested, Forest were just dreadful. The truth probably lies somewhere in-between. Whatever the reason we'll all be hoping to see a similar start to proceedings later this evening. Hoping. But are we expecting? That's a dangerous game expecting isn't it? "Expectation is the route of all heartache" my Grandfather used to say. And how right he was I discovered as I fell into my bed chamber on my honeymoon. But it's hard for people not to be expectant with Brentford sat as they are currently second from bottom in the Championship table, without a win to their name Their best player Jota and skipper Dean have gone to Birmingham to play for rubber-faced chancer Davros Redknapp. Closely followed by Maxime Colin for £3m. They managed to keep Winger Sergi Canos which is a massive plus for them... But.... he has done his ankle in against Aston Villa and looks set to miss out. Probable Brentford Line-up For Wednesday I think it's safe to assume that most supporter would be keen to see the same side go out into battle again. The are signs of little partnerships forging all over the pitch, and they should be built on. The only two real doubts will be whether two games so close together might be a bit too much for the brilliant Kieran Lee and Steven Fletcher who had the old knee strapped up again against Forest and fair hobbled to the dressing room from the bench at the final whistle. If these two are rested (and there is a possibility with a tough game at Cardiff around the corner) Then Rhodes and Butterfield seem to be the obvious replacements. Probable Wednesday Lineup Neither team has found the goal on too regular a basis this season With Wednesday in 16th place and Brentford in 18th place. . In Brentfords case that is probably little surprising given the amount of talent they have lost in the window. In Wednesdays case it is (for the support at least) maybe a little frustrating given the talent we know we have at our disposal and what we know the players can do individually. The good thing is that there were signs of us creating the opportunities for our excellent strikers at the weekend. Hopefully our goalscoring exploits against Forest was the tip of the iceberg. COME ON WEDNESDAY
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    I'd expect this kind of reaction from the days of Alan Irvine and the period from 2001-2011. Teams lose games, get over it. We were wasteful last night but some of you, who in the majority are grown men, are reacting as if your missus ran off with the milk man. Well then, if you all keep spitting the dummy out all the time the milk man will win and you'll die alone. Grow some balls, move on and stop over reacting, it's embarrassing. Toodles
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    Been a strange week here at Snooty Towers. My man, Stubbs, has gone away for a fortnights break. In London of all places. Not the sort of place you'd really expect a chap to take a rest. Though I gather he hails from those parts originally. I heard him on the phone earlier in the week whispering to someone in his low growl about 'taking care of business'. He also said he was going to 'put a few more holes in the fackin doughnut'. Why anyone would want more than one hole in a doughnut is beyond me. I've since discovered one of the guns is missing out of the rack. I don't know why he's taken that with him. Sure I'll have to grill the beggar when he gets back. I've been on to the agency to get in a replacement valet for a fortnight. They sent me a little chap, Jemson. Surly faced scout if ever I saw one. Takes his time getting about the place too. I rang the bell last night as I fancied some crumpets and a pot of tea as I was getting to rather an exciting place in my book. Well, it fair took him an age to arrive. I went to find him myself and saw him admiring himself in the mirror in the hallway. Thought he was too good for the job. Wouldn't do and so I have got on the phone and asked them to send me someone else at once. He slunk his way out with a face like a miserable teenager. Imagine my horror when later in the evening my scullery maid came up to the study and informed me that the meat store had been emptied. Completely ransacked. No cast-iron evidence it was him of course. But hard to not jump to conclusions. Anyway. They've sent me another replacement , Tillman. We'll see how we go on with him. He seems a decent sort of Johnny. His first test will be in the morning , we'll see how he does at breakfast. I'll need a good one . I have the builders coming around. The battlements on the South side have been in disrepair since the war. O'Reilly is coming to do it. Recommended by the B&B owner in the village. Anyway the upshot of all this is I won't be going tomorrow. My first away game miss in some time so I'll be needing regular updates from you chumps... Cardiff City - V- Wednesday Quite a week too for the Wednesday. Six points from the last two. Forest those damnable thieves who stole 'Hood' from us were sent packing after comfortable win for us. Then Brentford an-uncomfortable win. Quite how they are propping up the table with Bolton I have no idea. But it does prove the old adage a win is a win. I was slightly surprised to see the Warhorse Fletcher start against Brentford. Especially with this game on the horizon. I know, I know. Every game as it comes. One match at a time and all that. But the big Scot (I know he's from Shrewsbury, stop nit-picking, it doesn't help the Scottish Warrior narrative I'm trying to paint here. For Gods sake) As I was saying. The big Scot is an absolute warrior at the top end of the park. Throwing himself into aerial duals , getting clattered from arsèhole to breakfast. He's just the sort of chap a team needs on the road. Especially down there in the land of Dragons. OR bluebirds. Or is that all still a bit of a sore subject? Either way. This is a Warnock side. Two units at the back who'll be only too ready to dish it out. This will be a battle. Always his with him. They'll be lobbing the ball in our box like grenades. There's two ways to beat a Warnock side in my book. You've got to match them up and have a battering ram up there to give you an outball, someone to hold it up and let your team get out as their kitchen sink is thrown at our back line or you hit them with pace. We haven't actually got any pace. So that's why Fletcher is so vital. Unless Joao comes in from the cold. Warnock has hardly changed his team at all this year. Nearly the same side every week unless someone has a knock. CARDIFF - MOST USED SIDE The one to watch for them is the lad Medez-Laing who has got 5 goals in 6 starts from the wing. Impressive in anyones book. Reach will have to be at his best. But one has to wonder if this is one of the changes that Carlos was talking about in his press conference. To let this lad expose space is to ask for trouble. Might the experienced Pudil come in to face him and Reach be used on the left of midfield to give us the legs? Old Warnocks a rum old cove and no mistake. But put aside the groucho nose and the Pantomime villain act and he’s got an incredible record in the football league. Seven (7) promotions. You don’t pull that off by fluke. He’s often , with the exception of QPR , done it without the best squad in the division too. Course, I’m not saying the fiend will do it again but they have had a superb start. Interestingly their two defeats this season have been against teams which have been described on here as being terrible. Burton in the Cup and Preston in their last outing in the League. Carlos says we will play differently against Cardiff. And it has to be said my old chums, that that isn’t too hard to imagine. Not least since this season Wednesday seem to be able to play differently in the second half to how they did the first! One minute we’re sitting back inviting trouble like an Eriksson era England side, defending a lead which we haven’t got. The next we’re closing down and pushing on and thundering down the slope (even though it’s gone) like a Wilkinson team in its pomp for eight minute spells. God knows what we'll do tomorrow from one minute to the next. We all know old Neils style. Get it in the mixer. And why not? Works for him. Up front they have Albin Kenneth Dahrup Zohore, the archetypal Warnock striker. Big, powerful , bustling and bruising. Lees will know what is in store but it might be the first time that our new centre half Eddie Van Halen gets a taste of some old fashioned British football. Pinging the passes from the back is one thing. Having Warnocks lot wrestling and grappling while they slap their balls in your box is quite another. Perhaps old Carlos will throw a curve ball in. Truth is though. I don’t think he can with the current injuries; so many options have been taken from us. 4-2-3-1? - We only have one fit defensive midfield player and it’s an outrageous waste of Bannan or Lee to stick them in front of the back four with Jones-eh. I mean, Jones. 3-5-2? - We could of course go 3 at the back. But that’s a gamble with not much preparation time. And with Medez-Laing on fire would it really be wise to play a lone wingback against him? We struggled enough defending the flank on Tuesday when Reach in theory should have had help from first Lee and then Bannan. 4-1-4-1? The one that could make a difference as it would give us compactness out wide AND strength in the middle. The only problem is…. …………unless Fletcher is fit who plays up top? The lone role.... It’s one that doesn’t really suit Hooper and it certainly doesn’t suit Rhodes. Joao or Nuhiu in from the cold? Highly unlikely I'd have thought. If Fletcher or Hooper are anywhere near fit they’ll play , surely? I think, injuries permitting, it’ll be the standard away 4-4-1-1 despite what the gaffer says changing things up. Only changes I can see are in personnel. Crikey. I'm really not a fan of the bruised banana away kit. Still. It's going to be a bruising encounter so maybe it's the right gear for the day. Anyway. Must dash. COME ON WEDNESDAY
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    Thought I'd do something to commemorate the 150th anniversary yesterday - something unique that I can hark back to when my legs have gone. I decided to go on a walk of all of Wednesday's old grounds, but started off at the Crucible Theatre. The Crucible was opened in 1971 on the site of the old Adelphi Hotel, which was where members of the Wednesday Cricket Club met on 4th September 1867 to formally inaugurate the club's new football section. The Adelphi Hotel prior to demolition The Crucible Theatre from roughly the same spot a few years later. The Crucible Theatre on 4th September 2017 Inside the Crucible is a plaque marking the importance of the Adelphi in Sheffield's sporting history. The landlord of the hotel at the time all three meetings were held was Harry Sampson - a famous old cricketer who had appeared for the Wednesday CC on many occasions. Yorkshire CC was formed at the Adelphi in 1863, and in 1854 six cricket clubs met to form a new all-encompassing club - Sheffield United Cricket Club - to enable them to construct a new ground on Bramall Lane. The plaque inside the Crucible
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    Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    Take away the history and £12 m for a player who can only just get on the bench and that is fantastic business. FF is like a bird with huge knockers. The novelty soon wears off, especially when you realise her front bum smells like butter beans and her mother, who she will end up looking like, has an uncanny resemblance to Ivan Drago.
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    Greetings Clappers, moaners ,in-betweeners and Sheffield United fans. Welcome to.... The Fulham – V Sheffield Wednesday Tactical review I did one of these versus Sunderland and had a few PM’s who were kind enough to say they enjoyed it and if I would do any more. So here we go! Fulham started, as we expected them to with a 4-3-3. They have played it in every game so far this season though have changed several of the personnel (Good job we didn’t go for that Jokanovic – we don’t like manager who rotate round here ) Cairney started , which was a little bit of a surprise as he has been at the centre of a £20m bid from Newcastle United and then picked up a little niggle…. As players so often do in the transfer window. The little tinkers! Anyway. He was back in for Cisse. Poor old Piazon broke his leg in the week and that meant the left sided birth was up for grabs. There was a rumour that Oji, on a season loan from Liverpool might go straight in. But they mixed it up by putting Kalas in at centre back and moving Odoi from centre half to left back. This released the flying Sessegnon from his defensive shackles to play on the left wing . You do wonder if some of this decision was arrived at when they saw poor old Jack Hunt getting a bit of a physical battering against Sunderland. They lined up with £8m new striker Fonte from Braga (Carlos’ club!) as centre forward. Kamara made way. Many questions had been asked about what Wednesday would do after lining up with a Diamond system at home to Sunderland and finishing the game with a 4-3-3/4-3-1-2 . Carlos in the week hinted at going back to his 4-4-2. This was confirmed as soon as we saw Boyd out on the pitch. (What will the local papers be talking about now? Asking Carlos to defend his decision not to pick Wallace this Thursday in Press? ) The excellent Fletcher, the talisman of the midweek comeback was recalled up top and Fox came in for Abdi as Reach moved into midfield. The big question then was whether the front pair would , as Ron would say "work in tandem" or whether there would be 'one up, one down'. Certainly from the start Hooper started very much as a centre forward alongside Hooper. As would be expected the home side got off to a positive start. In the week many fans had been most concerned about the London sides pace, and this proved to be the case with flyers on both sides in Aluko and Sessegnon. Reach on one side and Boyd on the other were tasked as would be expected with helping out their fullbacks in dealing with these fyers. However with Cairney and ex blunt McDonald keeping Bannan and Jones busy the lively Johannson was getting forward and indeed had the first proper strike smashing a 25 yarder just over the bar when Alukos cross was cleared. It was the old case of the extra man. Carlos and Bullen were animated in the dug out and before long it became quite clear that Boyd was going to be asked to play the tucking In role which Wallace is usually asked to perform. (The role he plays as instructed and then takes pelters for not being out hogging the touchline. That role!) Boyd coming in narrow though..... moves the space... and if there is one thing pacy players love it’s space. The left back Odoi was now powering on wherever possible and it is great credit to Hunt and Boy that they managed to keep to the task... Whilst it’s widely accepted that Fulham had the first half and Wednesday looked a lot better in the second. But what was key to that? Again , as always it’s about space. And it was actually evident before half time. The last 10 minutes of the first half Gary Hooper was dropping into a deeper role. This one small tactic has multiple effects and can just as effective as a substitution. Firstly it helps, obviously to stifle the Fulhams pressure. By dropping in and helping to pick up the deepest lying of the Fulham midfield it makes it possible for Jones and Bannan to get tighter to their men and affect their play. Before this Jones and Bannan were having to show great discipline in doing lots of tracking and lots of shuffling trying to cut out passing angles rather than actually being able to get in and tussles and put pressure on the touch without worrying about being take out with the spare man pass. To put pressure on their touches and possession. Secondly it gives Wednesday a closer out ball. Hooper is a stocky lad. He’s got what we used to call a 'good arse' for a centre forward. It takes some navigating. This gives our centre backs and midfield players something much closer to hit. And something to hit which they know they will have a chance to go up and receive back. Rather than having to fire a longer ball up to a front pair (which is more likely to be lost in the air. Or give the midfielders themselves too big a distance to make up to support. ) Thirdly. By doing this it stops the midfield 3 of Fulham having a spare man for one of our wide men to mark. Simply put, Boyd and Reach didn’t have to tuck inside as much and could concentrate on their own one on one battles with Odoi and Fredericks. … …..and this was this freedom created for Reach which won the game. Bannan, now getting forward more finds the impressive Reach on the overlap.....cross (which is amazing for someone who can't across a ball according to the bloke who sits behind me at Hillsborough)….Fletcher …1-0.....Goodnight Vienna.
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    Lord Snooty

    Bolton game....my take

    Bolton. Funny. It's not been a great place for me over the years. I've seen us go there an batter them...and come back with a point or a loss. I also don't like breeze block. I like proper bricks. The over head tray-work for the electrical cable. I don't like to see that either. Put a lowered ceiling in. It took a while to work out what we were doing. It was pedestrian. Not helped I don't think by a bizarre atmosphere. It was an echo night. Subdued. It was subdued on the pitch too. Like a friendly. I couldn't twig at first what was happening. I had it down as something like this. Though I thought Fernando might play in the hole when the team came was announced. I never unduly felt any pressure. I wasn't that worried at any stage of he first half. Even when we went a goal down. I know there were some getting frustrated. We were slow in moving the ball about. And I thought that Rhodes didn't really benefit from being alone. Despite the fact that Winnall was doing his best to get in and make a second striker (A role which I don't think suited him. He's a grafter. But I don't see the quality needed to play a role like that. He was willing. But if he plays, I think he has to be plaed directly as centre forward and just told to put himself about) . Abdi at the base I didn't expect to see. We didn't lose anything by trying it. (Someone said we've tried him there before. Though I have to say I don't recall it. Then again, I don't recall much about his appearances other than the Forest goal) Didn't really work for me. But the lad got 90 minutes under his belt and after the horrible time he's had with injuries since he joined us, I think that will do him the world of good mentally and will hopefully will boost his confidence. Which can only be good all round. It was an easy oasy and sloppy game really. But we still could and possibly should have gone in 3 goals to the good. The scramble on the line, the pinball routine...I'm not sure how that doesn't go in. Fernando was on the goal line. One of those moments when things don't break for you. Wallace blazes over the rebound, though it was on the rise and he clearly caught it with more shin than boot. Wildsmith took a ball with his feet, went to cushion it and clearly (to me) tweaked something. I couldn't comment on his 'passing' as I haven't seen him enough to comment. But he seemed to struggle. Put both Palmer and Pudil in trouble with under hit kicks. Winnall gets the header in, (making that deep run) I think Rhodes actually gets in his eyeline. I think, he thought that Rhodes was going to get to it. Still. Could have gone in. They score. It's a sloppy one. But lets be right. It's a lovely hooked finish from a defender! I'm still not worried though. The big lad Wilbraham who has been around since God was lad is playing the big unit up top role for them and giving them a useful focal point. I genuinely wasn't panicked. It's one of those sloppy cup games. Seven changes. We started working the ball a little bit quicker. Getting forward a little bit more. We're hit on the suckerpunch. 2 v 2 and its a great angled ball into their forward. The irony is he's had a bad touch. A really bad touch. And it's that bad touch that has young Wildmsith coming haring from his goal line. I honestly think if their lad has a better first touch Wildsmith stays where he is, makes himself big and there's a chance we get off with it. Sometimes luck is involved. Their lads got a break of good luck from a bad first touch. At our end, Palmer has a bad touch with an under hit pass and we get punished. That's how it goes sometimes. Games all aren't out just Wednesday though. The opposition are on the pitch and I think we sometimes forget that. Great desire from their lad to get in on the back door and make that header. Reach could probably do better but....it's hard to get the height from a standing position when someone else if running in on the move and has the momentum. It was a good cross infront of someone to attack. We throw the kitchen sink at it then. Nuhiu and Matias come on. It's becomes a more orthodox 4-4-2 for short while. Rhodes benefits almost immediately from having a strike partner playing in a 10/15 foot radius of him. As he has done all his career... Matias and Nuhiu make some impetus. Both playing like they are trying to make a name for themselves. Nuhiu especially is really putting himself about and gets the Wednesday fans going. Yes. He did. Joao then comes on and we go to almost a 4-2-4 Nuhiu sets up Rhodes with a lovely reverse pass. There's some blundering about in the box from their defenders and Rhodes manages to hook it in with his left foot. A box poachers finish. Joao shows unselfishness in playing in Matias for a one on one which, ends up frustratingly as a back pass to the keeper. Matias seems to have the bit between his teeth. Though much of this is down to the fact that he's given freedom and a far more attacking licence than when he starts in wide midfield. We're chasing and he's out there off the leash having a go. Whips the ball in for Rhodes and AGAIN we see the poacher supreme at work. Nuhiu misses a guilt edged chance at the far stick which he couldn't wrap himself around. IT's not worse than others have missed, but will probably be made so. Another 5 minutes I think we'd have got another. Then again another 5 minutes and I suspect Bannan might have been off. He'd had two or three before he got his yellow for the late on. He was being warned just before half time by the ref wagging his finger at him. What did we learn. Only what we already knew-: Rhodes is at his best with a strike partner. Until such time as we have an athletic midfield player then the central pairing need help. Be that by an extra man behind them. (Jones, Hutch) or an extra man just infront of them (Hooper.) Winnall is a striker and nothing else. Keepers get better with age. One of the reasons that we don't play with a high line is because we don't really have the pace for recovery runs to a ball behind. Am I concerned about Saturday at Burton? No more than usual. It'll be tough. Cardiff lost to them last night. (Though I suspect Cardiff fans won't be calling for Warnocks head over it.) We'll have Westwood back in. One of the divisions best and most widely experienced custodians. Jones will be back providing his ticker role. Boyd and his energy will be back. And our front partnership of Hooper and Fletcher will be back hopefully and on the road they are the pairing I would always pick. 4-4-1-1. Rhodes has bagged two but I prefer him in a pair and I'd use him from the bench.
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    Poor lad. Leaves a good thing at Barnsley, playing well, scoring goals, valued. Comes here, barely gets a chance and looks like hes getting forced out because of the ar$ehole that is FF.
  23. 50 points
  24. 49 points
  25. 49 points
  26. 49 points
  27. 49 points

    If you was the chairman

    Work on my grammar
  28. 48 points
  29. 47 points
    I hope the club pay Andy Kalinins fine. £3k for a man who is desperately raising money for his wife to have cancer treatment is a hell of a low blow
  30. 46 points

    The Sanity Club

    Who's with me, it's nuts around here. Slow start to the season (nowt's new there) and people are going potty. No need, things will work themselves out. Carlos will or will not be our manager, Fernando will stay or he'll go. Let those in charge do their thing while we get on with our lives and enjoy the ride. Wednesday making it unpredictable. Who'd have thought it? Buying and selling players is normal, as is things not going to plan. As is managers coming under pressure. Chill people.
  31. 46 points
    150th anniversary year and we can't get our kits on sale for Owls in the Park in September. Absolutely embarrassing from the Club. Shocking!
  32. 46 points
    We haven't even played 5 league games yet... win on Saturday and we're not far off auto form. Youve decided there is a huge problem - can't we just wait and see how things pan out over the next 6 games? Who knows, if we got behind the team, maybe we could go on a nice run (as we have numerous times throughout the last two seasons...)
  33. 45 points
    It really doesn't feel like ten years ago. Really, really, really doesn't. Really.
  34. 45 points
    How come their home form was the 6th worst in the league last season? Drew 4 at home and lost 10. Promotion contenders don't make excuses because it's a small ground and they're a physical side. Promotion contenders go there and do the business. Carlos isn't creating a winning mentality here. His press conference was a disgrace. We should be beating teams like Burton and if you say otherwise you're accepting mediocrity.
  35. 44 points
  36. 43 points

    Jones the quiet man

    I know he's far from everyone's cup of Tetleys. But here's our record in his last ten matches.... P10. W6. D4. L0. GF15. GA7 Comes a point where even the nay-sayers have to acknowledge it's more than a fluke. Sometimes, when something works, be happy.
  37. 43 points
    Using only browser based image editing tools and MS Paint I was able to create this seamless image
  38. 42 points
    We ran out relatively comfortable 3-1 winners having put in a performance that while not perfect, was entertaining and ultimately won us 3 points. Yet on Owlstalk, there's a bizarre array of threads, "Bedwetters of the world unite", "In the absence of the Carlos haters..." etc. Now fortunately the overwhelming majority of threads are about yesterday's game, but there is enough of these threads knocking about for me to make my point, because it seems to be happening after every single half-decent performance these days... why are you trying to highlight and strengthen divisions in the fanbase? Look, I get it. A great deal of people are tired of coming on Owlstalk and seeing fans bashing their club that they want to support. To a great many, support means just that, not constant criticism. And sure, maybe if I complain about say the age of our signings and Tas (wherever he may be) complains about ticket prices and Holmowl complains that Hooper hasn't been promoted to king yet it may appear that there are "bedwetters" on here and the club is getting constant criticism... but the reality is that actually, these are all just individuals with their own personal gripes and that actually most people have very few issues with the club and they just have their own opinions, but Owlstalk can create what appears to be a wall of noise of negativity because everyone is sharing their opinion. After all, it's a football forum. For sharing opinions. Take me as an example... I'm firmly in the "Carlos out" brigade and have been since February. I don't think he'll get us promoted. But I won't be screaming "CARLOS OUT" after every loss because it's pointless, and while he's at the club he will have my full (albeit begrudging) support, and I'm more than willing to let a string of good performances from us change my mind about him: I won't just stubbornly stick to my opinion, I'll let the facts as I perceive them dictate my opinion. Does that make me a "bedwetter"? The truth is, people support Wednesday with a heck of a lot of passion and a heck of a lot more passion than I. So when they come on here and complain, you know that they're complaining about something they love not because they enjoy it (for the most part), but because they want to see it improved or changed so they can go see what they love improve and have even more enjoyment with it. Is it really wise to call these people Blunts or bedwetters or b@stards or any other 'B' word? FFS, a select few come on here complaining about all the negativity, yet when we win the first thing they do is come on here and be negative about a great swathe of the fanbase for their opinions instead of just... ya know... enjoying the win. tl;dr: Stop calling fans that have complaints bedwetters and creating daft threads designed to antagonise them and enjoy the win instead ya flouncers
  39. 41 points
    s6 owl

    Carlos Out!!!

    Only people with a fools mentality think that clown can get us promoted, Please pull the trigger in the next few days DC.
  40. 40 points

    Colin's Comments

    I quite like him
  41. 40 points

    A walk around Wednesday's old grounds

    Owlerton/Hillsborough At the back end of the 1898/99 season, fans were given a vote - where would they rather see the club relocate to? The fans voted for a site at Carbrook, but the directors overruled them and promptly purchased a plot of land a few miles from the city centre, far away from Wednesday territory, next to the River Don on Penistone Road. Throughout the summer of 1899, the club worked frantically to get the ground up to shape in time for the new season, and when the first game kicked off against Chesterfield Town, it was a very basic affair. The team lining up in front of the Leppings Lane for the first game at the new ground. A new covered stand was built there soon after - The old Olive Grove stand was dismantled and transported to Owlerton, where it was re-built, brick-by-brick, on the southern edge of the pitch. It lasted 14 years before it was replaced by the stand we see today - On the north side of the new ground, a new main stand was constructed. It lasted right up until 1960, when it was demolished to make way for the cantilever we see today - The eastern side of the Owlerton ground was the one most neglected, right up until it was roofed in the 1980s. It was simply added to with more earth as the club got bigger. Here it is in its early days - And a few maps showing the story of Owlerton (renamed Hillsborough in 1912) - This was my eighth and final ground of the day - absolutely buzzing to have done them all -
  42. 40 points
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    Owl 44


    Sorry if I appear to be a happy clapper but it's the first time I've been to Owls in the park. My daughter and I enjoyed the training match, giving us the opportunity to see Van Arken and Butterfield play as well as seeing Lee back playing. We then visited the shop where I bought my daughter a hoodie she was thrilled to wear. Over to the park where we got straight in the queue to meet the players. Over two hours we waited but it was worth it to see the smile on my teenage daughter's face (she never smiles) when she got all the players' autographs and had her photo with Wallace, Reach, Loovens, Van Arken, Lee, Rhodes and Carlos. She was ecstatic to meet Kieran Lee, who is her hero and chat with Rhodes, who is the nicest guy ever. We then headed back to the ground where we queued to get in to see the cake. We were one of the first to get in so we saw it nearly whole before it collapsed as they were cutting it. Hilarious. I was one of the people sat in the seats - not watching the cake but eating it. I was just behind the Chansiri family who were holding the Guiness book of records certificate. The seat was quite welcome after several hours of queueing. So all in all we've had a really good day. My daughter suffers from anxiety and depression and it was great to see her enjoy herself. I'm sorry if this goes against what most people seem to want to hear but the club do get some things right.
  44. 38 points
    three men to two years in prison, suspended for two years So basically they got away with it...
  45. 38 points
    owls maniac

    Just got back

    From tonight's anniversary dinner. Full praise to the club, I can't begin to imagine how much planning went into tonight but it was totally seamless (apart from a slightly tipsy Shez lol). Mark Clemmit from the BBC was also an excellent host and kept the evening moving along well. When they get some of the '91 boys up you're reminded of what characters they all were. Big Ron almost stole the show with his "only two clubs in Sheffield- Wednesday and Josephine's" line. All in all a brilliant night to mark such an auspicious occasion. And as for the dream scene- unbelievably good. If we have one iota of business sense the shop will be full of these tomorrow, and then watch them fly off the shelf. Fantastic.
  46. 38 points
  47. 38 points
  48. 37 points


    I think other people who do support the team by attending are more deserving of a ticket tbh. Especially with your attitude.
  49. 37 points
    If he saw my Mrs he'd probably end up playing 180 minutes straight through
  50. 36 points