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    Sitting in the ground last night with the other 14k who bothered to show, in almost total silence bar the occasional bang of the drums from the band, Tango shouting "Oh Forestieri", "Hes one of our own" and "We're All Wednesday Arent We", and the enduring memory of the evening "Programmes 3 quid"... and watching another totally mind-numbingly boring struggle to even get the ball in the Bolton half, never mind threaten their goal... I just couldn't stop thinking how sad it all is. In January the Chairman will have been here 4 years. Nobody can deny his commitment - especially his financial contribution to the club. The time he spends in the UK in a hands on role is unprecedented, away from his family in Thailand. As fans we should all appreciate that much. He is passionate about the club and its success, as anybody would be who has sunk so much money into a project. It all promised so much - his first full season under his new charismatic manager was a joy for all fans with Stuart Grays team bolstered by exciting players like Bannan and Forestieri it really did look like the return to the Promised Land would be possible, and even walking out of Wembley we weren't disappointed as we kind of knew deep down that it was a temporary blip. The summer heralded the arrival of players like Abdi, Fletcher and Emanuelson, older players who reportedly smashed our pay structure, and the team spirit that had carried us to Wembley looked visibly shaken - the lingering memory of Forestieri not travelling to Norwich an example. Who could blame him? The undeniable star of our team and he was falling behind in the pay scale to players tweeting about how they were the highest paid at the club. Despite a finish in 4th, you could see we were lucky. Only an unprecedented run of games at the end of the season carried us into the play offs, Carvalhals negative approach to games not appreciated by anybody. The following season the team looked bereft of confidence and ideas, fans arguing amonsgst themselves, with fights amongst our own fans breaking out at most away games. The home defeat to United, and more the manner of it, meant that Carlos's days were numbered. Even then it seemed that he wasn't sacked. Personally I think he looked around at the fans after being booed against Middlesborough and it really hurt him. He knew the offer from Swansea was on the table - a Get of ouf Jail free card, and he walked out - leading to the Chairmans rant about it. The Kop effectively sacked Carlos. The Chairman brought in Jos - and in nearly a year you can probably point to just a handful of enjoyable games in all that time. We have consistently been told we are paying high prices to justify quality on the pitch, but Jos appears to alienate more and more of our experienced pro's in favour of youngsters, low earners, and players more fragile to the worsening atmosphere. Hillsborough wavers between being akin to a morgue - or a hugely frustrated seething mass of boos and moaning. There is little left to support. After the Fans Forum and steering group meetings we've heard nothing from our Chairman, other than seeing a video of him still demonstrating his undeniable passion after the recent Norwich game when fans had a go at him. I feel sorry for the Chairman. He appears to be out of his depth and struggling, but his pride appears to not let him make changes. I know people who have worked with him, and they say that far from being ill advised - he doesnt really listen to advice. He has a very definite idea of how things should be, and insists that this vision is applied in literally all areas of the club. Thats all well and good when its working - but it clearly isn't right now and things need to change. Otherwise we will be teetering on the brink of complete disaster and another relegation. Please don't assume we are too good to go down. We've made that mistake before. I hope Mr Chansiri will make that change soon, as the very last thing I want to do with my time on a Saturday afternoon (or a wet Tuesday evening) is sit at Hillsborough amongst 14k frustrated Wednesday fans, all resigned to whatever the fates have in store for us. Watching a Manager who has been here a year and still doesnt know his best side, sitting on the bench with his hands in his pockets looking like a rabbit in the headlights, sleepwalking our club back to League One. The first really positive change the Chairman can make is to put a man in charge of the team that we can all believe in, fans and players. And then start listening to advice from quality people.
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    Any chance you could actually explain what is happening? Obviously your manager is way outta his depth, but lets be honest...Who brought him in...? Is it not time to face up? I'll take the Flak for buying Jordan Rhodes...I'll take the flak for selling Jack Hunt...but in mitigation..I only did it cos you seemed to be doing sod all. The one thing you have delivered on is the "I know little of football"...O.K we now believe you..Do you really have to keep f.ookin' proving it? Its time to speak to the fans..who are grateful for all the money you have put in..but lets be honest..thats all relative...Wednesday fans have paid ridiculous prices for the last 3 years...might be a pittance to you..but its not to us...The sooner you realise that basic economic fact the better.... The club needs guidance, the fans need guidance...We need a plan, we need something to look towards..and you honestly need to sack the manager...then ask someone who to appoint... I would seriously you ask someone who "Knows a little about football" You need a plan...You need to tell us what it is... You need to tell us what the "serious trouble" you foresee next season is.. .(Of course that was only going to happen if we didn't go up).. Well guess what?...We won't Its time for a statement..Its time for direction...Its time to speak to the fans... We are not "your minions"..we are not some sorta toy to play with..then discard... "WE"..Mr Chansiri..are Sheffield Wednesday...and we will be, whether you stay or go...Threats of serious trouble..You taking your money back...You selling..while unfortunate..Will not change that... "WE" are Sheffield Wednesday..and we are bigger than you... There will ALWAYS be a Sheffield Wednesday...Its up to you to decide what your legacy will be...Cos I assure you...You will disappear a f.ookin lot faster than we will
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    Just had a call from a good friend, the man's son in law The man who had the fall is Harry Johnson , 89 years old, He is currently in the Hallamshire, being moved to a High Intensive ward. He has broken his jaw in 5 places, an eye socket, lost several teeth, several deep cuts and severe facial bruising too. I speak to him most home games, he is a really nice guy and im sure we will all wish him a speedy and complete recovery
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    Thought we played well for 20 minutes, until Derby started to play. After that, only one result. Brighter, faster, stronger and tactically aware. I'm not one for blaming refs, but he was rubbish. Utter rubbish. For a period of that game he was giving decisions based on crowd noise. That said, his poorness didn't impact the result, and the 2 linesmen appeared to have been drafted in at 2.30pm following a plea in Wetherspoons. As for Jos, he should have been sacked months ago. However this duffer managed to pull a gig like this is absolutely beyond me. He's the Dutch Alan Irvine. In the last few weeks he's admitted he never watched a Championship match prior to his arrival, and was intending on retiring. He's alienated a large, popular element, of the squad, picks kids on the bench he's no intention of playing, and appears cemented to his seat. I might call in next week to see him still sat there humming the Dutch National Anthem, wondering when Rod Stewart is turning up. I would love to see the interview notes from those who we actually turned down in favour of him. They can only have turned up wearing odd socks, a Japanese fighter pilots outfit and singing Fog on the Tyne. They must have been either really bad, really daft, or both. We aren't sleeping walking to relegation, we are in freefall. DC and Jos are a lethal cocktail. Neither appear to have any clue, and this football club is clearly far too big for both. DC's only option here is to appoint a firefighter, and it needs doing ASAP. Tonight, preferably. Jos will get the sack soon, just crack on with it FFS, because the dead cat bounce just might keep us in this league.
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    "You been to the pub tonight Stubbs?" "No Sir. I wasn't really in the mood" "Not in the mood? It's not about your mood! It's about doing the same things. Building a winning routine." "Winning routine?" "The Wednesday Stubbs. The Wednesdsay. We got a result on Tuesday. A clean sheet win. We must do everything exactly the same again" "I hardly see how us doing the same thing again will make a difference to how the team performs Sir. I mean, the match day thread has no bearing at all on what the team achieves on the park" "Of course it does. Are you really trying to tell me our ravings in here didn't help ensure we got that vital win?" "That's exactly what I'm trying to say Sir. It doesn't matter at all what a supporter like yourself does on a matchday, it doesn't effect the result" "Well that's where you're wrong Stubbs. That is where you are wrong. Because the skipper has come out this week and said exactly that. That the actions of fans can have a direct effect on the way the team performs. So you get yourself off to the pub man, drink what you drank last week. Chat to the people you chatted to last week" "I'm afraid I can do neither Sir." "Why?" "Well because the pub is shut now Sir and besides, the people I chatted to last week are no longer drinking there" "Oh no. Have they been barred?" "No Sir they've been locked up and sent to the Asylum with the other cultists" "The Asylum? What on Earth for?" "What for? For dancing around the village square with Russ Abbott style ginger wigs on waving their todgers about chanting about being chosen and for the Meg-signal Sir , it was shinning into the sky all night. It's terrified the children in the village. It's not even Halloween, they didn't have a leg to stand on." "Good God yes, the Meg-signal! It needs to be turned on again! The looming spectre of Megson must have been one of the main reasons we won. It terrified the lads into that win" "This all seems a bit far fetched Sir" "Not at all. Imagine you're a player Stubbs. There you are. It's been a holiday camp at the club for yonks. Turn up when you want, have a chat. Full English. Bit of a kick about. Off for a round of golf. Play a game of football and all for forty grand a week. Next thing that's all over the lenient gaffer is gone, and now there's bloody grapefruit at the training ground! And a manager that wants you to actually train. I mean to say. Shock to the system and all that Stubbs. They don't want that sort of caper do they? You wouldn't would you? You want the easiest life you can. You don't want all this sort of carry on at all -being on time. Running about. Then imagine the results still aren't there. And people start talking about this new manager getting the boot. You'd think to yourself. "Hang on a minute, maybe this losing business isn't so bad after all. In fact - Good. Lets get rid of the chuff, get him the boot and we can go back to bacon, double egg, hash browns and a pint of tea'. Well you would wouldn't you? Lets get him the heave-ho and we can go back to the good old days. But then the forums start up their speculation. The fans don't want another easy-oasy-pals-with-the-players-holiday-camp style manager. No. They want someone as disciplined as the current chap. But wit out a tach and an accent. They want an Englishman. Someone who's going to go even more back to basics. Someone who likes to see players bust a gut" "I still don't see how this has anything to do with the Bolton result" "Well imagine Stubbs. Imagine this scenario I've just given you. You think the little tinker-man is getting the boot. Think you'll be getting another soft touch in. And then, beaming down in the night sky you see the king of them all. The poster boy for the knows the league, English gaffer. And not just that, but one famed for making the players break their balls in training. I mean to say, this Jos character with his double training sessions, he's going to look like your favourite uncle who always brings you a bag of sweets when he visits compared so some ginger fanatic who wants to break you in Greno-woods. Suddenly you start thinking "F*ck this for a game of soldiers, we better start winning or we'll be under an even tougher regime". Wouldn't you?" "Are you genuinely trying to tell me that the lads won the Bolton game simply to save themselves from gruelling Gary Megson training sessions" "Yes. Yes I rather think I am. So you'd better get down into that village and light the skies once more Stubbs" "But the light has been taken by the Police sir when the lads were thrown in the house on the hill" "Well go and claim it." "The Police aren't going to hand it over to us.You know as well as I do that it belongs to the Church. " "So did half of England Stubbs, it didn't stop Henry the Eighth taking what he wanted!" "I hardly have the same authority. Besides it's in Clink Street station Sir. There is no way-" "But we need that signal!" "There's no way in" "Hmm. It is well protected Stubbs it must be said. It looks a big ask. But there must be a way?" "Unless..." "Unless what Stubbs?" "Unless we had a man on the inside" "We don't know any Policeman Stubbs" "Who said Policeman Sir" "But we don't know any criminals Stubbs. And if we did. Why would they help?" "What if , what if we pretended that we were football agents and that if they helped us out we could fix them up with a club" "Well, yes.We have to try anything. But who do we know on the inside Stubbs?" "When he's the answer Stubbs ,you know you're asking the wrong questions. But...It might just work. We need that light. Right , you get down there." "But the match day thread Sir. We haven't even started it" "Crack on then man. Crack on. Sat here with your idle chit chat" BLACKBUN - V- WEDNESDAY "Stubbs. Your slacking. Getting lazy. You've spelt Blackburn wrong" "I was trying to get their accent Sir. Y'know, going for a bit of the local colloquialism" "Well don't" "Does this mean if won't be able to say Brat-furd. if we get the Bantams in the Cup Sir?" "Yes it does. Now bloody get on with it" **** Match facts **** Blackburn have lost their past three league games against Sheffield Wednesday. "Excellent. Crack on." Sheffield Wednesday have not won back-to-back away league games against Blackburn since the 1982-83 season. "Scrub that." "What do you mean Sir?" "I mean scrub it. I won't have the negative stuff." "But it's a fact Sir. A match fact" "Give me the pen. See there you go. Scrubbed. Thats better." Blackburn have lost back-to-back league games against Preston and Wigan; they last lost three on the bounce in April 2017, a season in which they were relegated from the Championship. "Keep that one" Sheffield Wednesday ended a run of six league games without victory (D1 L5) with a 1-0 win against Bolton last time out; they are looking to win consecutive games for the first time since September (three straight wins). "Keep" Blackburn boss Tony Mowbray has lost just one of his five home managerial games against Sheffield Wednesday (W2 D2), a 1-0 defeat as West Brom manager in April 2007. "Scrub" Sheffield Wednesday have scored more goals from outside the box (nine) than any other side in this season's Championship; Adam Reach has scored (four) or assisted (two) six of those nine. "This is the third week on the spin you've dug this one out Stubbs." "Yes Sir and it's still factually correct" "Well ok, but don't start getting lazy" "I won't Sir." "Anymore news?" "That's it." "No team news?" "Well. Pelupessy will be playing Sir." "I just said don't get lazy. Are your smirking?" "No Sir." COME ON WEDNESDAY
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    I’ve got a long list of things that disappoint me about Wednesday at the moment. Hosting a Rod f**king Stewart gig and ruining the Desso isn’t one of them.
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    "Right Stubbs, lets not mess about tonight. I want to just get on with it." "But Sir, I thought-" "Well don't. There'll be no jibba-jabba tonight. No fannying about like Wednesdays back four. We'll get on with it and get the OMDT out the road. Just like Wednesday need this game on, won and out of the road. Whether you like the manager or not. One thing I can't stand is seeing Wednesday losing sodding games of football. So lets just crack on eh Stubbs. Lets just crack on." "Very good Sir." WEDNESDAY - V - BOLTON "Right then Sir. The team news is as follows... Sheffield Wednesday boss Jos Luhukay is hopeful Steven Fletcher will be fit to face Bolton. The Scotland striker, who continues to manage the knee issue which sidelined him last season, sat out the weekend defeat to Derby after returning late from international duty. Sam Winnall (hamstring), Kieran Lee (finished) and Gary Hooper (rotund) remain on the sidelines. Bolton manager Phil Parkinson could stick with a 4-3-3 formation after being impressed with his side's performance in Saturday's draw at Millwall. Will Buckley once a wasted winger at Hillsborough. Or a waster winger depending how you look at it, and Josh Magennis were both withdrawn during the 1-1 stalemate with minor injuries but have not been ruled out of the trip to Hillsborough. Buckley was suffering with cramp while Magennis had a dead leg. Captain Gary O'Neil has returned to fitness but was not in the matchday squad at The Den. MAGENNIS - DEAD LEG - BUT WILL HAVE A LATE FITNESS TEST "What? What are you looking at Stubbs?" "Well it's just that-" "What?! Why are you looking at me like that?" "If you're in this sort of mood, are you sure you want the match facts?" "What mood?! Just bloody get on with it man!" "Right. Match facts are as follows... Sheffield Wednesday have won two of their last 15 matches against Bolton in all competitions (D4 L9). "Oh for f*cks f*cking sake Stubbs. What are you telling me this for? Bloody hell . "You just told me to Sir!. Look I can stop if you want. If it's upsetting you?" "No, you may as well carry on now." Bolton manager Phil Parkinson has won six of his nine league managerial meetings against Sheffield Wednesday (D2 L1). "Oh well, that's just marvelous isn't it. Marvelous. Some route one square jawed dunderhead is going to turn up with his team of clogger and grafters and do us over. And he's English. And he knows the division. You know how this is going to end dont' you Stubbs? There's going to be bloody carnage tonight. And he'll be the touch paper" "Ah well. You say that Sir. But I've been holding something back" "Oh?" "Well remember last week Sir, you said I should have save the good news for last?" "Go on, go on!" "Well it's a double positive Sir!....... Bolton are winless in their last two league trips to Hillsborough against Sheffield Wednesday AND... Bolton are without a win in eight league games (D2 L6), the current longest winless run in the Championship. "Oh b0llocks." "Sir? I thought you'd be pleased, they're on a terrible run and haven't won here in their last two visits!" "Ahh Stubbs, poor naive Stubbs. It doesn't work like that." "It doesn't? The other day when we lost to Derby you were saying losing becomes a terrible habit which is nearly impossible to break." "Yes. But that is us Stubbs. That is us. It doesn't work with other teams" "Well, it does Sir because Bolton are on a worse run than Wednesday!" "But you are forgetting Wednesdays nickname Stubbs" "What? The Owls ,Sir? I'm afraid don't see the relevance?" "No Stubbs. Our other nickname. The Run-enders" "The Run-enders Sir? Sounds a bit rude" "No , no man. It's because every-time a club is on a terrible run they end it against us. "Haven't won a game in 10 years? then play Sheffield Wednesday and pick up your first points of the decade" "It can't be that bad Sir." "It is. Ask any Wednesday fan. We're run enders. Eeeh deary me Stubbs. It does look grim. You didn't have any more positive facts did you by any chance?" "Erm...there's this one.... Sheffield Wednesday have scored more goals from outside the box than any other Championship team this season (9), although just one of their last six has been scored in this fashion. "You used that one last week didn't you?" "Well, yes Sir, but strictly speaking it's still true." "By God we're grasping at straws Stubbs.Grasping at Straws. Hey, can you hear that?" "What Sir?" "Rain. It's raining Stubbs. Ahh, the rain. It's a sound I've loved since being a child. Open the curtains Stubbs , I think I can make out a full moon too. Throw open windows and let me sit in melancholy and listen to the pitter-patter of mother nature whilst I gaze at the stars and take my mind from the horror show which we face this evening" "Very good Sir." "WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD IS THAT?!" "That? That is the Meg-signal Sir." "The what?!" "The Meg-signal Sir. A couple of lads from the Nuns had been fishing- met this odd fellow down in Greno-woods. Some sort of Cult-leader. Anyway they came back faces painted blue with woad ,did a bit of a jog around the pool table and said they're following this chap. That they've had enough of what's happening at Hillsborough they're going to take matters into their own hands. They've had the old Air-raid lamps from the Church hall and created the Meg-signal and are recalling the messiah" "But we've got a manager in post Stubbs? And a Chairman that won't sack him!" "Yes, well that's what I tried to tell them Sir. But they said that it's not up to the Chairman or shady groups of spivs or anyone else. They said that when Wednesday chooses you there's nothing anyone can do to stop it." "Sweet baby Jesus, Stubbs , the worlds gone mad. Get me a drink." "Very good Sir. Would you liked to try this new elixir?" "Don't mind if I......Euggh Bleu..ehbler.EERGH sperrr bleaugh. .....what in the name of Sheridan was that?!" "That is Red-bull Sir." "Bloody Redbull?!" "It gives you wings" "Its giving me bloody heart-burn" "I thought you might want to start drinking it Sir. Put a bit of money the Wednesday way." "Why the hell would that be putting money the Wednesdays way?" "Well there was this other strange chap came in the Nuns tonight Sir. Said he'd had it on good authority that Red Bull were buying Wednesday" "What did he look like?" "Well, a bit dishevelled Sir, admittedly" "And what was he wearing Stubbs?" "Well he was wearing a ....oh...." "Oh?" "He was wearing... a red and black T-shirt ." "Any distinctive markings on it Stubbs? Hmmm....?" "Chengdu blad-" "Get out!" "Very good Sir" COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    It’s not ALL his fault but he’s not exactly helping himself with his constant tinkering with what is now the worst defence in the division. One week we play 4 at the back, the next it’s 5, then 4 again. He dropped Hector after he’d been named player of the month and we went on to concede 4 goals, he recalled him and switched to a 5 and we kept our first clean sheet of the season, the side was crying out for him to keep it the same for Saturday so what does he do, drops Thornley (who’s done nothing to get dropped), switched back to a 4 and we are left blaming defensive errors for yet another defeat. This is just an example but it’s been like this all season, we haven’t won at home since August, we have the worst defence in the division, we are 1 defeat away from the bottom 3, we have 1 point out of a possible 18, Luhukay has named an unchanged side only once since getting here, he hasn’t got a clue what his best side or best formation is, he’s completely out of his depth and he needs to go.
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    "Good evening Sir" "Stubbs, what the hell have you done?!" "Done Sir?" "With the bloody external mood setting shot!" "Oh that. Yes, I thought we'd have a change" "Well wheres' the old one,the cartoon style one?" "It's in the shed." "But why. I liked that shot. I mean to say, this new one, it's a bit grim" "Brutal Gothic realism Sir" "Well it's depressing man." "Exactly Sir. I thought it was time we had something more befitting the mood of the camp." "Well I'm not depressed!" "No Sir, but everyone else is. Bar one or two other clappers" "I'm not a clapper" "Well, if you keep this up Sir I'm afraid that's what you'll be painted as. You and one or two of the others. Son of Bert the second is already treading on particularly thin ice." "There's always two sides to debate Stubbs." "Indeed Sir, but when things are going awry on the pitch then you lose credence when you go against popular opinion" "Oh. Right. I see. Well, my mind won't be changed yet Stubbs!" "Well, no Sir. I suspected not. But you must understand that if you are to keep up your defence of the manager then you will be taken less and less seriously the way things are going. Combine your defence of Jos and your cartoony avatar... . and some may never take you seriously again." "Well I'm not going to change my mind on things! Not yet at any rate. I believe this is a long haul job we have on our hands." "Yes Sir. I thought as much. Which is why I have also taken the liberty whilst we are having this chat of getting the new maid to change your avatar to something a little more sensible to try and buy you some time whilst you persist to give astonishing defence of the manager " "Good God! It's a bit austere looking! And what's with the moustache?! It looks nothing like me!" "You're in a corner Sir. You need all the help and tricks you can get. You need a more serious avatar to give clout to your laughable defence" "Win tomorrow and no one will be laughing Stubbs!" "And do you think a win is likely Sir?" "Absolutely I do." "May I ask based on what exactly?" "Based on the fact I always do think we can win. Otherwise there would be no bloody point bothering!" "And despite many things pointing to an almost certain defeat Sir?" "Absolutely. I believe we can win, because it's football. Because in my heart, we're Wednesday. The bloody Wednesday Stubbs! And we can beat anyone! We'll beat these lot by two goals to one. A cagey first half. We score. They pin us back, but then Fernando comes to the fore driving in from a pocket on the left after a superb dummy run by Matias and he'll bend one onto the top of the onion bag from 20 yards out infront of the rapturous KOP. The end." "I admire your verisimilitude Sir" Wednesday - V- Frank Lampards Derby County "I'm not going to ask Stubbs. I know what it means" "Know what Sir?" "You must think I'm daft. Crack on with the team news you Cove!" "Wednesday news - Forestieri is back after his hamstring injury/fake injury/ frozen out spell/negotiations to leave on a free/ (delete as applicable) but is expected to be included in Jos Luhukay's squad. Forward Marco Matias is also available. He stepped off the bench in the goalless derby draw with Sheffield United before the international break following his own hamstring problem. Striker Steven Fletcher will be assessed after featuring in both Scotland's games last week, which probably means he won't play. Josh Onomah returned from England Under-21s duty unscathed. Which some people will say is no wonder." "I know you've been drinkinig with that Ted again. I can tell by your tone." "Derby News - Lampard will be without both Craig Forsyth and Mason Bennett after they sustained long-term injuries in the recent home defeat to Aston Villa. Scotland left-back Forsyth damaged his left anterior cruciate ligament and forward Bennett sustained a hamstring injury. Boss Frank Lampard will assess Mason Mount (ankle), Martyn Waghorn (hamstring) and Craig Bryson (calf) after they all missed the defeat to Villa. Summer signing George Evans remains unavailable, but is closing in on his return after a long-term hip problem." "Very good. The match facts?" Match Facts Sheffield Wednesday have won just two of their last 18 league games against Derby (D6 L10), however those two victories have come in the most recent three meetings (2-1 in April 2017 and 2-0 in February 2018). "Well that's something. Another couple of results like that and thats when teams start to think you have the hoodoo over them isn't it. Derby are winless in their last four league trips to Hillsborough to face Sheffield Wednesday (D2 L2), losing each of the last two in this run. "Oh yes. This is the sort of stuff we want Stubbs. These are the sort of match stats I like! Don't speak too soon Sir. Ahem....Sheffield Wednesday are looking for their first home win in the Championship since August (2-1 v Ipswich), having drawn three and lost two of their last five there. Only Ipswich (0) have won fewer home games than the Owls (2) in the competition in 2018-19. "You always have to go and spoil things don't you? You could have put this fact first. Got it out of the way. Started with the negative and finished with a positive. I'm starting to think you do it on purpose." Derby are on the Championship's longest current run of games without keeping a clean sheet (9), while they've managed just three in 17 games in the competition this season. "Oh, hello! Whats this then eh! So we aren't the worst defenders of the ball in the division then!" Sheffield Wednesday have scored the most goals from outside the box of any team in the Championship this season (9), while they also have the highest percentage of their goals from outside the box (43%). "Fans love a long ranger Stubbs. Get them off their feet. The lads have delivered this season in that sense. Value for money. We've seen some absolute Worldies haven't we. " Well yes. Perhaps some of the fans wouldn't mind seeing a few taps ins and scrambles too though Sir. Something associated with actually getting in the oppositions box. "This is supposed to be the match facts section Stubbs, not a platform for you to do a doom heavy opinion piece." Very good Sir. Final fact is that Derby striker Jack Marriott has been directly involved in seven goals in his last seven appearances in all competitions (five goals and two assists). "Excellent." Excellent? "Yes excellent. Hector keeps him quiet and it's job done." Indeed Sir... "You can stop talking in blue font bullet points now Stubbs. Thank you Sir. "You really do take the rise Stubbs. I sometimes wonder why I employ you." "The fact that no one else would Sir?" "Good point well made. Right. Well you're dismissed for the evening." "Thank you Sir. Goodnight. And, good luck for the game" "We won't need luck Stubbs. We just need belief , to see the dream unfold as real in front of our very eyes , acted out by those wonderful men, those heroes in blue and white stripes out there on the park making my dream reality. Verisimilitude Stubbs!.... Verisimilitude!" COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    If You isolate players you best make damn sure you win football matches
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    Lee has run himself into the ground for us and we've basically broken him. He's been our best player since we signed him. Deserves our respect and support, not snide comments
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    It’s a two way street with the fans. Yes, getting on the players backs doesn’t help performance and having a roaring crowd behind you urges you on. But it you have to give us something to shout about! You have to show some ambition and attack the opposition to get the fans excited. No fan had ever celebrated the two CBs passing it to each other. The football all we are playing is boring, so the result of that is the fans are bored!!!! Its a vicious circle that’s hard to break but the fans have made the first commitment - turning up. Wether it be 1k or 50k that have come, if you give the fans something to shout about, they will back you. Its like any job. If you are doing well, your colleges and bosses praise you. If your not performing, someone will let you know.
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    The celebration where every single player, bar Dawson, congratulated him in front of the kop and half a dozen players turned to the crowd and tried to pump them up ? That passionlesss , joyless celebration ? So we've gone from knocking the display (which the 1st half warranted) to the goal celebrations now ? On a far more serious note.,.. on Saturday , the Kop ran out of Bovril.... so i had to go without.... Last night ... i asked for a Bovril and a Hot Chocolate.... £5 whcih I paid on contactless..... Guy looked around and said ... oh, we dont have any hot chocolate left....... i wasnt impressed... I said 2 bovrils then...... "We've no Bovril left either" So I asked for a refund.... I think i may be the first person to ever ask for a refund there .... not one of them had a clue what to do .. 2nd half kick off was approaching ..... eventually, they had to give me £5 cash ... Utter shambles everywhere at the moment.
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    What the bloody hell is the formation? What is the shape? Where is the pattern of play? Whats tonight’s tactics? Where are the leaders? Whos busting a gut? Who looks like they want to win? I couldnt answer any of it. There were times I looked on the pitch at our shape and we looked completely all over the shop - no positional sense anywhere. Better teams would’ve killed us 3/4-0 tonight. It was deathly silent from the team on the pitch - could hear a pin drop in the stadium and still couldn’t hear any leaders on the pitch I think they did enough to beat a poor team tonight - but it looks to me they’ve lost any confidence in this gaffer - they did the bare minimum. FF barely got out of first gear at times and ambled around for 45 - completely disengaged and not interested. Weird, very weird what’s going on.
  15. 38 points
    Step 1: go to the bank and re mortgage you house.
  16. 37 points
    He did ... but not in the way the OP has suggested... He did it as a way of saying "get behind us.... we cant hear you" ... that sort of thing... then moved his hands to say "be louder" Not really embarrassing.. but hey..... lets have a go at him .
  17. 37 points
    I think he has done what he can with a crap hand, and I have respect for him for sticking this out as long as he has. Our problems lie at the top of the tree with Chansiri and his Advisers.
  18. 37 points
    Our next manager must appease both the Chairman, CEO and the SWFC business and League requirements. Must not spend any money Must sell best players. Must let some players leave for nothing but can't use them while they're hear. Can't pick players with clauses or bonuses. Can't bring own coaching staff as budget too tight. Must built top 6 championship side with youth team Must be on the books or an associate of some shady agency. Did we mention you have no transfer budget? Must improve slack squad discipline and proffesionalism. Can't say anything bad about the club in the press. Can't pick own transfer targets. Which is just as well anyway because, I don't know if we mentioned it but you won't have one si gel penny of transfer budget until you have sold the family Jewels by which time the fan boys will lynch you and we'll get a new bloke in and he'll have nothing to spend either. Whilst also appeasing the fan base. Must sack squad discipline and proffesionalism and allow slack players to do what they want to appease middle age fan boys who think they are their freinds because they spoke to them once at a reserve game. Mustn't be on the books of some shady agency. Must pick 'best players' whether fit or not. Suspended by the FA or not. Whether in the country or not. Must shout a lot in dug out. Wave arms animatedly. (Air kicks hugely well received. ) Must make gags in press conference and make people laugh but also sound cocky and mention Henersdson relish, steel and how much the derby means. Must not expose youth players (anyone under 23) to toxic Hillsborough but not also not sign anyone who's ever had a knock or is over 28. Must play attractive football. We'd rather lose 4-3 and be entertained. Except when we're losing when we say we don't care about attractive football we've only ever been bothered about winning. Anyone with a decent reputation will be queuing around the block for this gig.
  19. 36 points
    Just been sacked by Fulham and replaced with Ranieri. At least we may have some sort of attacking threat.
  20. 35 points
    Yep the one who was far more effective (and usually is) than Fletcher. The one that linked up nicely once we actually played our better players and we started playing it in to his feet. I can;t believe how prejudiced Wednesday fans are against him.
  21. 35 points
    Thanks for posting that. There are quite a lot of interesting tidbits in there. I thought the final quote was particularly telling, though: "I want to give these guys something, for when I’m gone. Whether that’s tomorrow, in a year or in three years." Luhukay is working under some difficult circumstances, but he seems to be trying to build something more sustainable than the sh*t or bust strategy his predecessor was allowed to employ. I hope for his sake he's here long enough to see the rewards of this work, but if not, I admire him for at least trying to build some more solid foundations than we've had in recent years.
  22. 33 points
    You see them now and again at this time of year. Especially with the foggy weather. Anyway. On to the game. Thought we looked better than Derby for large parts of the first half. No surprise when we took the lead. Quite liked the way we were set up and Reach was popping up everywhere to ask them questions. Lovely ball from Fernando by the way. Hector....it's another simple mistake. Shame as he's been one of our best players this season for me. Can't blame the manager for that sort of error. But he will be blamed for it none the less. The lad Tomori should have been off the pitch. The foul on Lees is a second booking in anybodies eyes. Lampard knew he had been lucky and no surprise to see him off at the break. Can't help think the referee was a bit star struck with some of the things he was giving and not giving. But we're used to that. Overall I thought we were worth something from that game. I think if that effort from Fox sneaks in we get the point we deserved overall. Not the result we wanted. But I don't think that was anywhere near the horror show that some people are making out. Anyway. My gloom siren is warning me there's some meltdowns coming. So I'm off.. Night folks.
  23. 33 points
    Yawn! This has been done to death. Once you get your head around the fact that we are not going to be promoted this season, and that playoffs are unlikely, and accept the fact that were are in a long term plan for the future, then the easier it is to understand and take. We need the frozen players gone, off the payroll, they have no future here, lets support those that do.
  24. 31 points
    You mean to say the club are using advertising boards to advertise things? Disgraceful.
  25. 31 points
    You know what "individual mistakes", "we didn't deserve to lose" and "strap yourselves in there's deffo 3 teams worse" sounds like to me? Sounds like relegation. Stinks of it. Talking of sounding like relegation, how does 1 point from a possible 18 sound? Or 1 clean sheet in 18 games? Incidentally they both came in the same game, a match where we laid down and surrendered any aspiration of taking part in a football match just to avoid a thumping from our local rivals. As for the young players, are we just using them as a safety blanket for Jos to hide behind now? Jos Luhaky is not the be all and end all of their development. Infact, would their development be served better by having a manager who doesn't consistently change the system every week? Or drop whoever had the best game the week prior? Or by not shouldering the responsibility of a relegation battle in their first season? Or by having a couple of more senior players back in the side to take the pressure off? As for a rebuild.. fine. Are you paying £550+ a year or £30+ every other week to watch it? Also lets leave talking about Alex Ferguson at the door, as any sort of example of how a managers fortunes can change. Alex Ferguson took the Man U job in 1985, and he's one example. Can you think of another? In over 30 years? People aren't expecting Jos to go on and win the Premier League and Champions League. There's barely an expectation we get promoted from the Championship anymore. The ask at this point is that we stay in the division, and quite frankly recent form and performances don't suggest we're upto it.