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  1. As some of you know on here, I’ve mentioned a few times about the disappointment of my lad failing to show any interest in Sheffield Wednesday, or football in general to be fair. He’s always been interested in other things, mostly his Playstation, for literally years. Took him to a game a few years back, and he fell asleep across three seats. Since then, not shown an inkling of interest. In fact, my daughter has been to more games than Joe. So a couple of days ago, now 15, he says “Dad, can I start going to the football with you if you’re going to watch Wednesday this season”. Well, you could’ve knocked me down with a feather. I don’t know what has brought this on other than a few of his mates at school mentioning they go to the football with their Dads, but I wasn’t going to discourage him was I? Might’ve taken until now, but I’m so proud of him. I went with my Dad when about 4 or 5 years old, and we were rubbish at the time I recall, would’ve been about 1970 ish, so not much has changed. I’ve warned him we’re not in the Premier League, we’re not in the Championship, and we’re not that good at the moment, but he simply said “That’s alright Dad, I just want to go to watch some football matches”. So off the back of this, I’ve today bought two season tickets for us. Not had one for years. I doubt we’ll get to see all the games but what the heck.. So proud of him for carrying on the family tradition (though I feel guilty that it may seem like child abuse if things don’t go according to plan this season). Well done for seeing the light son. So proud of you.
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  2. Delete if not alloud So when I started doing videos on wednesday it was becasue neil found my videos on youtube and gave me the push to do it. I know my videos are not everyone cup of tea and I get that but tonight I just hit a big milestone one the channel at the start of the year I hit 1000 subs I now I just hit 1,500 I know it only about 20% who are subcribe to the 70% that are not sub but thansk for giving me the push to do it and give me some routine back in my life after getting FND. Gave me somthing to do and drive that I can do somthing when I was at one of my lowest times in my life
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  3. I'd take him if we'd stayed in the Championship. In League One, it's an absolute no-brainer. He's a cut above our current options.
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  4. Today is the first home game open to fans since the whole pandemic started Many of the staff today around the ground will be brand new, never worked at a game before etc There are going to be teething troubles They might serve your beer slowly, we might run out of pies, the stewards might not know their way around the ground as well as you do. Please - don't come on ranting about these things after todays game This is a big day for the club, it's a big day for the fans, and there are 100% going to be teething troubles Anyone who comes on and cries about anything that wasn't perfect today will be disregarded as just a bit of a d11ckhead Be patient with the club, let them take their time with your beer, if they sell out of pies, don't cry and spit the dummy out like a baby, just buy a burger. The learnings from today will help SWFC understand what's needed for the coming season and help the club identify things that need sorting so it will be a really useful and helpful day for the club. Most of all have fun and come back happy that you had a day out at Hillsborough again Thanks
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  5. "What on Earth are you doing here at this un-Godly hour Stubbs, I thought it was your night off? "The new season kicks off tomorrow,Sir. There's a matchday thread to do" "Man alive! Is it that time of year already? Ugh! Mores the pity. I've been enjoying the Olympics and a rest of the gloom of Hillsborough." "Oh, I thought you might have been a bit more positive with the recent additions." "What recent additions? I thought we were under Umbongo again" "No ,Sir. Players have been incoming" "And what ex-Premier League, over-the-hill, 30 something , injury ravaged mercenaries have we had palmed off onto us this time?" "None, Sir. It would appear Darren Moore has been in charge of player recruitment." "Really?!" "It would appear so ,Sir" "Who've we got?" "Bailey Peacock-Farrell from Burnley" "Three from one club, that's awfully kind of them. I've a lot of time for old Dyche, always said it. Decent egg." "Bailey Peacock-Farrell is just the singular, Sir. A goalkeeper." "Oh..." "Jaden Brown, Dennis Adeniran, Olimide Shodipo, Lewis Wing, Korede Adedoyin, Florian Kamberi" "Good Lord! I haven't heard of most of these!" "Here we go..." "Fantastic!" "Really ,Sir?" "Absolutely. this is what we've needed for ages. Younger lads, not household names. Lads willing to put in the hard yards and make a name for themselves in the game. This is just what we need. Oh yes, this puts a much more positive slant on things. Much more. Crikey, any of them a pacy young striker" "Well, more your modern forward, Sir" "Eeh dear, I can just imagine old Guru looking down with a grin on his dial" "I'm pleased to see your joy Sir" "I'll say. Now, off to the cellar Stubbs, bottle of the best stuff. It's time to raise anchor and send her on her way!" "Oh, Sir, whilst you're in such good spirits you'll be delighted to know we have a new kit too. Made a by a proper Sports kit manufacturer. Macron. Italian firm" "Italian? Superb! You can't go wrong with the Italians when it comes to sartorial elegance Stubbs. Can't go wrong. You'd better get another bottle to help me celebrate this too! What a day. Not a negative in sight. Here ,show me the catalogue while you nip to the cellar" "Here you go ,Sir" "What the hell! Cancel the bubbly, Stubbs, cancel the bubbly! Ye Gods, those sleeves. Are we a Brighton and Hove Albion tribute act. Holy Mary mother of God. Cancel the launch. Cancel the launch. Drop anchor. Drop WEDNESDAY -V- HUDDERSFIELD TOWN Darren Moore has suffered relegation with Sheffield Wednesday and been required to recover from coronavirus before eventually returning to the touchline. When also taking into account the club's financial turmoil, Moore would have been forgiven for walking away from the Owls, but he has instead taken on the challenge of trying to revive a fallen giant. Moore and Wednesday have had to bide their time before making new signings as they prepare for one of the most competitive League One campaigns in recent years. Nevertheless, the departures of many key players have been counteracted by the loan arrivals of Bailey Peacock-Farrell and Lewis Wing, players from Burnley and Middlesbrough who should be playing higher than the third tier. While those signings are a statement of intent, the return of defender Jack Hunt could also prove key at a time when Wednesday desperately need to find some stability. WEDNESDAY PROBABLE : Carlos Corberan will feel fortunate to have been provided with a second campaign at the John Smith's Stadium, but he has been provided with the freedom to make much-needed changes to his squad. Although the Spaniard has brought in a mixture of youth and experience, there is real excitement over the arrivals of Chelsea youngster Levi Colwill and Norwich City winger Daniel Sinani. Both players may need time to settle to life in the EFL, but there is optimism that Corberan and his squad can only improve after finishing in 20th position last season. HUDDERSFIELD PROBABLE: "Erm, Stubbs?" "Yes Sir?" "Where's the big letters?" "The big letters, Sir?" "Yes. The big letters. Y'know. The big blue letters. We always finish with the big blue letters. "Come on the Wednesday." Big font. Blue. That sort of thing. You remember" "Oh, yes ,Sir. Mr Hagreaves has cancelled them,Sir" "Cancelled them!" "Yes. I he blew the budget on some new poster badges." "Right!! I'm meeting him tomorrow for breakfast. I'll soon put him right on that score" "Oh, he's cancelled that too, Sir" "The meeting! You never said" "Oh no ,Sir. Not the meeting. Breakfast. He's cancelled breakfast full stop. As an actual thing. From existence" "I'll kill him!" COME ON WEDNESDAY
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  6. We HAVE to sign a new keeper or we're in BIG BIG trouble
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  7. Please forward your full CV to SWFC.
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  8. 128k for those that can’t be done with the star stupid website.
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  9. So many new players. Not been this excited for a new season in ages. But IF we have a slower than ideal start to the season, let’s not revert to type & turn the air around the club toxic again. If we win our first few games and then taste a couple of defeats in a row, it isn’t the end of the world either. Whilst promotion is the aim this season, we all need to buy into this as a long term project that Moore is undertaking. It’s almost a brand new squad. A lot of these guys haven’t played in this type of club before. We’ve tried the throwing money at it and put everything we have into one season route. It didn’t work. Promotion is, again, the aim. But it’s a difficult league and ups and downs are gonna be had. Not saying we all need to turn into happy clappers. But a bit of patience and support will go a long way this season I think.
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  10. Upgrade on both Wildsmith and Dawson so happy with that
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  11. Pity he didn't rise to the last big challenge that he had
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  13. Let’s just be clear here Your one man band Darren Moore hate campaign is gonna (rightly) cheese people off as you seek attention by scapegoating a good bloke who’s not had a fair crack of the whip Your choice if you wanna do that but let’s be crystal clear that nobody is gonna be taking your campaign seriously in the slightest We are all backing our manager
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  14. Not sure I’d be throwing the word ‘challenge’ around so much, given that he’s spent a number of years absolutely neshing them
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  15. if he had stayed, we would have stayed up. FACT
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  16. Plays on the shoulder of the last defender.
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  17. The Owls are absolutely delighted to welcome our fantastic fans back to Hillsborough on Sunday for the first time in almost 18 months. Darren Moore’s men host Huddersfield in the first round of the Carabao Cup (1.00pm) and our doors are officially open! Staff at every level of the club have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the best possible environment for your safe return. The stadium has undergone some significant improvements during the pandemic shutdown, some of which will be evident on matchday and others not so. For example, you will immediately notice the pristine pitch due to a full renovation but beneath the turf is also a brand new, state of the art boiler system, together with bespoke undersoil heating. Elsewhere, you will hear a regenerated and vastly improved PA system airing a shift of matchday music as we dig deep into the roots of Sheffield to support local artists such as the Sherlocks, who took centre stage at our recent 2021/22 kit launch. Indeed, we have worked hand in hand with Sheffield businesses for these projects and more, including our giant screen matchday operation, which will be run by a Steel City multi-media organisation. On the concourses, there will be tangible improvements and we have added bottle bars in certain areas to ease any potential congestion and queuing times. All these changes are designed to enhance the matchday experience here at Hillsborough as we all look forward to better times following the enforced hiatus from everyday life. Chief Operating Officer Liam Dooley said: “We are really proud of all the steps we are taking and really cannot wait to welcome our supporters back to Hillsborough. “We recognise that we cannot apply fixes to every requirement but we can assure you all that everyone at the club is fully committed to improving every area of the matchday experience where possible. “Everything will not be perfect but I say to all our fans, stay with us and enjoy the journey ahead, on and off the pitch.” Superb work
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  18. He needed this type of loan spell 4 or 5 years ago. That’s the problem he’s had. At 26 he’s not had that valuable experience and was thrown straight into the first team when he clearly wasn’t ready. I think he’s a good keeper. But his confidence is shot. Hopefully this loan spell will be productive for him. Wish him nothing but the best.
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  19. Really seems like a fantastic guy. Also a much better footballer than many on here give him credit for. Not saying he's in the same league as Hooper or Fletcher, but he's not useless as many on here say.
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  20. Story (from the JustGiving Page) - As many of you will probably have heard, I have recently been diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer, which was a huge shock to everyone. I am starting my Chemo treatment Friday 9th July and will most definitely lose my hair - my pride and joy. SO, with the utmost support from 4 of my very best friends; LINDA TRAVIS, LORRAINE DIGGENS, CHARNELLE CONRADIE & SCOTT TRAVIS, as well as one of my sons, CALLUM PATERSON, they have all agreed to shave their heads with me! I cannot thank them enough for doing such a supportive thing, but then again anyone who knows us knows we stick together (no matter how daft). Everyone has been touched by Cancer somehow in their lives none more so than Charnelle who has experienced it first-hand. I cannot begin to tell you all how much your love and support means to me - and with that in my heart - I AM going to be beat this. Thank you to my support team at home; husband Ross Denver, mum Liz Smith and son Craig Paterson. Please can you support us with whatever you can so that we can put something back into the system for all the treatment, care and support myself and thousands of other men and women who get breast cancer have received. Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving - they'll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they'll send your money directly to the charity. This is the easiest and most efficient way to donate. You can donate here : https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/debbie-denver1?fbclid=IwAR3hqmOyZyaF5fXcnhCCfwLJlvdycLGG0Czcyl-7Fb7DGJAzxOQKjtjjuvE
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  21. It reminds me of Sunday league teams where you phone round the group of mates you’ve played with before to see if they ‘fancy a game on Sunday’.
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  22. Take note Lord Snooty. Best one ever.
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  23. That’s more like it! There has been far too much positivity and optimism on here of late. What we need are a few threads criticising the new players to help bring us back down to earth. I mean it’s not enough to point out disappointment in the match day thread or in the MoM thread. Let’s get these dedicated threads going!!
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  25. Shouldn't be politics in football, just get on with playing the game.
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  26. One time I had some Millwall fans trying to find me, can’t on earth remember why but basically was in toilet next minute about 5 of them come in, and they’re going ‘I can’t wait to find that Ellis Rimmer, I’m going to batter him etc’ luckily they didn’t know what I looked like. so I went to wash my hands and the leader of their gang starts hassling me, he’s asking if I know Ellis Rimmer, then he wants to know who I am. I was crapping myself so gave him a fake name-Dorian, a name I’ve always admired despite it being a bit girly. He lets me go but then my phone rang! Millwall fan goes to me “give me your phone” and he’s trying to catch me out, he answers phone and goes “who are you looking for”. I was thinking if they say Ellis Rimmer I am truly a goner. Luckily it’s my best friend who i once told I like the name Dorian to and he said “I am looking for Dorian” and so Millwall left me to go on my way.
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  27. From my point of view; I like Hunt and didn't slate him when he was here. I didn't mock him at Bristol City. A no brainer for me.
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  28. "it starts with a big smile" Yeah Then ends up in petulant underperformance and disciplinary issues before you get booted out of your club
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  29. Excellent signing at this level, he could easily have got a Championship club
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  30. £25 for adult, £10 for kids under 16, it should be that simple. no bands no structures, no points needed just keep it ******** simple do the club every learn. I think not.
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  31. If we’re saying that being anti-racism is political then we absolutely shouldn’t keep politics out of football
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  32. Well, I suppose it is a Byers market.
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  33. Came on a free transfer, been mostly solid, available to play and not the worst performer, also chipped in with a few goals. Made his intentions clear he wanted to return home after the embarassing wages debacle, dont have problem with that, actually prefer that honesty than sitting out his contract and in the end got a reasonable deal for him to leave, considering. Won't be missed from a footballing perspective, but leaves with no malice from me and thanks for his service.
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  34. Welcome to the nuthouse, Dennis.
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  35. I'm no fan of Chansiri, but I don't know what he has done wrong here. The other option was that he left for nothing at the end of his contract.
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  36. I'm not totally convinced by the look of their new strikeforce on that second picture, either.
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  37. Turn the volume UP The sound on this one totally makes it
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  38. Oh my God - he's following Paul Pogba! Get in, DC! I take it all back.
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  39. Started collecting this data as soon as the season closed... Took us this many rumours to land a senior signing!
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  40. Be reyt, we’ll just backdate one of them to a previous match
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  41. Gonna be a right scrap if we sign him and Troy Parrott
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