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    Tonights been a bit mad Despite us having the best start to a season in years we have still had threads and posts from people all angry about Dawson, the tactics or the manager Passionate threads are totally fine, as is a totally different opinion from those you are discussing and debating with but we can’t have namecalling or aggression The moderator team has had to remove four different people tonight (something we never ever want to do) for being overly aggressive, namecalling or just pure abusive We are all Wednesday fans on here at the end of the day here to have a laugh, get on, and chat SWFC We are trying very hard to improve Owlstalk and make it a more friendly and fun place to discuss Wednesday The main message is respect each other, and if someone disagrees with your opinion that’s normal and totally fine and no reason to throw names at them etc Ps I also totally understand that some people prefer debate with angry abuse, namecalling etc and there are sites and groups out there for that if you want but we want it friendly and calm on here so no offence at all if you prefer another site where you can get all shouty and namecally Differing opinions is what debate is all about and long may differing opinions live Keep it friendly on here though when talking to your fellow fans and there’s no issues at all Hope this is ok - the mod team are all working hard to make this place friendlier for you
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    Hi Marcelo, how you doing? Here’s some pointers for you. We play a basic 424. Fletch and Bannan all right foot. Keep it on their left peg and you’ll be fine. Every play we make comes through a lad called Pellupessy. Keep the ball off him and let Bannan have it in space. Hopeless. Up top we have two carthorses wide, Joao and Matias. Run like they are pulling a tractor, so you can play a nice high line and worry not. Hope this helps. Trust me it will.
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    "Ahh. Evening Stubbs" "Good evening Sir" "There's a storm brewing" "Ahh yes Sir, apparently so. tug-gate. It's all over the papers." "I meant Storm-Ali. " "Of course Sir." "Anyway. What do you mean it's all over the papers?" "The couple caught in a.....compromising situation at the weekend Sir" "Oh let me guess. Any excuse to have a dig at Wednesday. Let me see" "You don't want to see it Sir, you know how you start raging and convincing yourself that the press are always ready to put Wednesday in a bad light" "Let me see it!" "Really Sir., I don't think-" "Who's the reporter?" "The new one Sir. Dooman Gloom" "Let me see!" "This. I bloody knew it! This is typical of them!" "Sir, I did try and warn you" "They wouldn't have done this if it was the Pigs who had some chump having one shaken out of him" "Unlikely to happen anyway I'd thought Sir. How would one be, ahem, pleasured by a trotter. There are no fingers to wrap around the appendage" "It's a fair point Stubbs. But still...they'd have got away with it anyway if they had. Here, take this rag away with you. Use it to light the fire." "Hehe.." "What are you laughing at!" "Well, it is quite amusing isn't it it Sir" "There's nothing funny about it at all. See the way the headline falls in sync with our badge! Subliminally having a dig!" "I'm sure it's just coincidence" "Pah!" "Tea Sir?" "Good Idea. And I'll have a shortbread biccie too" "You can't Sir. You still have 4 lbs to lose on your diet" "Good God! This is worse than prison. At least they get Porridge" "A bit like the young lady on the KOP last Saturday" "Pardon" "Nothing Sir. Who is it you're playing tomorrow?" "Forest. Tell you what too Stubbs, I've got a feeling we might just smash them" "Really?". "Oh yes, just a hunch. But I've got a feeling in my gut. I think we're going to click. Oh and I'll tell you something else. Win tomorrow and results go right and we can leapfrog the blunts. Ha. That will be one in the eye for Dooman" "Why does he sit near that couple of the KOP sir?" "Just get the stas and team news Stubbs." "Very good Sir" Forest - V- Wednesday EFL Championship City Ground Kick off : 19:45:00 Owls 10/11 Draw 5/2 Forest 3/1 Nottingham Forest striker Daryl Murphy (once linked with Wednesday every window) is not available for selection because of a groin injury. Defender Michael Dawson (calf) will hope to feature after being left on the bench for the Reds' draw with Swansea. Sheffield Wednesday have no new injuries or suspensions to contend with after Saturday's draw with Stoke. Striker Gary Hooper is closing on a return after playing 60 minutes for the Owls' under-23 team but will not feature at the City Ground. Loan signings Hector and Onomah have yet to make starts for the Owls but will be in contention with tough trip to Villa on Saturday. Match facts Nottingham Forest have lost each of their past seven league matches against Sheffield Wednesday. Sheffield Wednesday have won their past four league visits to Nottingham Forest by an aggregate score of 10-1. In all competitions, Forest manager Aitor Karanka lost his first three meetings with Sheffield Wednesday - but the Spaniard has won his past three in a row. Sheffield Wednesday have not kept a clean sheet in the Championship in any of their past eight matches Nottingham Forest have drawn three of their past four home league matches (W1), as many draws as in their previous 35 such games combined (W17 D3 L15). CUM ON WEDNESDAY! "Stubbs! Change that at once!" "Sorry Sir. I just thought-" "Well don't" "Very good Sir" COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    "Bloody Friday night games!" "A nice way to start the weekend Sir" "Only if you win Stubbs, only if you win. Otherwise it ruins the weekend. And whats more, you have more of a weekend to have ruined because you have all day Saturday to be annoyed in too rather than just the usual dreadful Sunday" "Yes, but but if I may say Sir, equally if you win , then you have longer to rejoice in the victory" "I suppose" "You seem in something of a melancholy mood tonight Sir compared to your usual pre-match Joie de vivre. Most weekends approach and you are full of positivity." "I know. I know. It's just that it's L**ds isn't it" "Well what is it about them in particular that has you on edge? Is is because they're top of the table? having blasted in 19 goals and conceded just seven in the process?" "That doesn't help my feeling. But no, it's not that. I always feel like this when we play them. Even if they are doing badly. It's just one of those games." "But it's not like playing Sheffield Unit-" "Stubbs!" "I mean, it's not like its the Pigs , Sir what I mean is- there surely isn't that close rivalry to add to the intensity or nerves is there?" "No. But in some ways. I don't know. I think I might even dislike them them more than the blunts." "Really Sir?" "I don't know. Probably not. But the thing is....y'know the pigs, they're like an annoying younger brother with a chip on the shoulder. Yes they're annoying. They're like an ingrowing hair. They irritate. You have to slap them down from time to time" "Not literally I hope Sir, Geoffrey might be reading." "Figuratively speaking Stubbs. Figuratively speaking. From time to time they need reminding that they are nothing more than the younger sibling. The accidental welk of the family. But L**ds. They're different somehow." "So are most clubs Sir ,none of them can mean the same as beating the United can they. I mean, L**ds isn't even a derby is it. They're 40 odd minutes away" "I know. But somehow. They're like that rough cousin you have. The one who comes around in a horrible flashy tracksuit. Showing off even though there's nothing to really show off about. The one who's been in prison but managed to get away with not handing over the proceeds of his criminality and doesn't shut up about how well he's doing. Even though he isn't" "I'm afraid I have no idea what you're going on about Sir." "I just don't bloody like them Stubbs. They put me about. Maybe it's just a hangover from Revie and that lot. The dirty swines. Or the changing their entire identity to try and emulate Madrid. There's just something about them that I don't like.Their ideas of grandeur and what not" "Irony alert" "What was that Stubbs?" " Nothing Sir, I was merely saying - All the more reason to look forward to beating them then Sir." "Yes. Yes you're right. Tough game though, top of the table.." "True Sir. True. But they aren't top of the form table. They're below Wednesday and in fact.... you're probably the favourites on current form" "God no! No , no, no. Don't say that. Do not say that! I hate us being favourites. It's always the downfall. We're far better as the underdogs. Expecting nothing and surprising everyone with an amazing result, that's when we're at our best" "Well, ok Sir. As you wish. We'll go by the League table. 'L**ds are top and it looks like they'll give Wednesday a right tonking on paper". Does that make you feel any better Sir?" "Don't be so facetious!" "I'm sorry Sir. I just can't understand why you're getting so worked up about a team that plays nearly an hour away. Isn't really a rival. Who aren't on as good a run as yourselves of late and who really you only think you might dislike because they had a dirty team nearly forty years ago." "Marcelo Alberto Bielsa! That's why. There. Are you happy now? Are you happy now you have forced it from me!? Eh?! Eh!" "Oh" "Yes indeed. 'Oh'." "The man you wanted in when we sacked Gray." "Yes" "The one everyone said would never manage in the Championship?" "Yes that one Stubbs. With his high tempo closing down, get the ball forward at pace philosophy." "Wasn't he.....wasn't he the one that you asked all the bookies to add to all their lists and you lumped hundreds of pounds on just to put him near the top of their favourites in a desperate attempt to get his name seen by Chansiri?" "Yes he is" "You , to use your own phrase, 'spaffed hundreds' on that didn't you Sir.Trying to sway events by nudging the market" "Yes" "Didn't work though-" "No it didn't work. Mores the bloody pity. We'd have been established in the Premier League by now!" "Supposition really Sir" "Really? Supposition? If they'd given him, with his record, the money they gave Carvalhal to spend?" "Decent point well made Sir. Still, at least all that money you put on knocked Iain Dowies name off the list Sir" "I suppose" "Look Sir I've found those pictures you did" "Please Stubbs. Don't rub it in. Its painful enough as it is" "Sorry Sir. Blimey. It is a bit over the top though isn't it." "The formation? Not at all. He's played it many times in the past" "No Sir, not the formation. I mean the absolute faith you seemed to have at that time that the club would have any chance of getting Wickham on a permanent deal!" "So I got one wrong. But lets be honest Stubbs. Given the Millions we've spaffed since it wouldn't have been a bad idea would it." "Possibly not Sir. Oh Sir, hahah. Oh, I've just seen that, hahah. Oh deary me. Helan at left sided forward though Sir. Heheh. That must have been on your Sherry for breakfast stage." "Oh. Ha-bloody ha" "Look Sir, I've found another of your old pictures from the Bielsa obsession days. This is the one you did Sir, do you remember, as part of your plan to try and get the Cult of Megson to join your campaign for him by appealing to their more basic footballing nature Sir." "Look. If you've quite finished Stubbs can we please get on with the football facts and stats and what-not and not just sitting here highlighting where I have gone wrong in the past." "Don't be so harsh on yourself Sir. Look what he's doing up the M1. You might have had a point" "Well it's spilt milk now isn't it. Anyway. What have we got? WEDNESDAY -V- L**DS UNITED CHAMPIONSHIP 19:45 Venue: Hillsborough Wednesday have Forestieri and Thorniley available. Forestieri has completed the last of his three-match ban games as he sat out the 2-1 win at Aston Villa last Saturday. Young Thorniley is back in contention after missing the game at Villa Park due to a calf injury. Though he'll have a battle on his hands as both Hector and Pudil and came in and performed admirably. Leeds look set to have the same starting XI on Friday as they have had for their last three matches. Marcelo Bielsa's men suffered their first league loss of the season last weekend when they were beaten 2-1 at home by Birmingham, but the Argentinian, who has admitted he got his tactics wrong in that contest, says he will not be making changes in personnel. Match facts Sheffield Wednesday completed a league double over Leeds United last season for the first time since the 1959-60 campaign. Leeds have not lost back-to-back away league visits to Hillsborough against Sheffield Wednesday since April 1965. Sheffield Wednesday are currently enjoying a six-game unbeaten run on home soil (W4 D2) - they last went seven league games unbeaten at the Hillsborough Stadium in February 2017. Since a run of 11 away league games without a victory between December 2017 and April 2018 (D3 L8), Leeds have gone four games without defeat on the road and remain the only unbeaten side away from home in the Championship (P4 W2 D2 L0). Leeds will be glad Wednesday are without Gary Hooper. The striker, who will miss the Yorkshire derby after more than nine months out with a groin injury, has scored a brace in both of his Championship starts against United for the Owls *** "Is that it?" "Well, yes Sir. I already showed you the league tables earlier in the thread. No point printing them again I didn't think" "Oh, right. Yes. Well. That's that then." "There is some other good news though Sir" "Oh. Whats that? Abdi fit is he?" "You are a wit Sir. No it's not Abdi" "What is it then?" "You've reached your target weight on the diet sir" "Really?" "Really" "Well blimey. Wow. So I'm allowed a treat or something now?" "Yes Sir." "Well I'll tell you what. It's getting a bit late in the day now. But tomorrow Stubbs, tomorrow we shall feast like kings. Full English for brekkers. The works. Then we'll get one of those big pork sandwiches to take in to the game. And you can knock up some of that spicy battered black pudding you do" "Erm...." "Oh, and get cook to knock up one of those egg custards. I love egg custards , especially washed down with a nice big steaming flask of hot tea" "Erm..." "What Stubbs? Whats that face for?" "There will be searches tomorrow evening Sir." "Searches, what Searches?" "At the ground Sir. Didn't you know? At the Wednesday ground . They don't want people taking their own food in. They want to generate more revenue from their own.... Sir? ....Sir are you ok?"
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    Think it's time to give some credit, this is a man who's suffered horrendous injury problems over the past 2 years, been written off on here and by a lot of supporters, but has come back this season and has 100% earned the shirt. We've all known he's got talent but for other reasons never had the chance to show it, now he's in the team, joint top scorer, running his blood to water every week and constantly looking to get in behind the opposition defence. I think he actually didn't play as well as he can today, some bad decision making but he ran his b0llocks off and took his goal very well. His record in the Portuguese top flight was incredible, such a shame we've not had him over the last few years.
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    He should do well in League One. He was a great signing for us at the time and some of his goals in Carlos' first season were absolutely brilliant. Plus - well...
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    If you told me three years ago that we were putting in place a plan and that within that plan we'd within three years- : Given debuts and involved in first team duties Jordan Thorniley , Ash Baker ,Cameron Dawson, Connor O'Grady , Joe Wildsmith ,Alex Hunt , Connor Kirby, Isaac Rice ,Frederik Nielsen ,Fraser Preston , Jack Lee ,Matt Penney ,Jack Stobbs would all have been named in match day squads. (Well.... well actually the first thing I'd have done was ask you who the hell they were because 3 years ago I reckon only heard of Wildsmith and Stobbs!) 13 young lads who've been playing in the youth sides. All named in match day squads. Many of them getting on the park and playing too. Becoming regulars. I'd have thought that was brilliant. If you'd told me that sprinkled into that a couple of signings which prove excellent value for money. younger signings like Reach is proving to be and Pelupessy certainly is for the absolute peanuts we paid for him. I'd have thought Crikey. Talk about building up the foundations for a solid future! We're going places and we're doing it in the right way. And do you know. With patience. I still think we are. I think we're doing it right. I really do. That's why its shame really that we spent 3 years spaffing money all over the place and now have the "problems if we don't get promoted" hanging over us because that's going to put a downer on things. It's going to put pressure , sadly, on what is actually -at last- a proper genuine plan in place and which we can actually see. I'm actually quite enjoying this season. Like I said. Shame the shadow lurks and is adding pressure (needlessly in the sense the club has brought it on itself) on Jos and his young players, because it is casting a shadow on what is a good plan but which needs development time. Time which I hope it gets.
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    "The storm rages" "It'll rage if we don't win tomorrow Stubbs" "Oh?" "Another defeat and the floodgates will open.Then the real hammer will start getting dished out" "If you'll excuse me saying so Sir, it was only on Wednesday that you told me it would all blow over. That it was only one defeat and that it was part and parcel of football to lose a game now and again. Especially if you haven't got the best team in the division." "Yes. Well, that's what I thought. But I can feel it. Another defeat and the tide may turn. I can feel the angst every-time I turn on the radio. Every-time I log on. Couple more like this and they'll be calling for change. I've already seen one Facebook post today calling for the manager to get the boot. And it had plenty of likes clicked underneath it too" "Is the form really that bad Sir?" "Well, no it isn't actually Stubbs, now you mention it. It's actually ok. In fact. If managers got the boot for their form over 6 games then actually it would be Steve Bruce who would be getting the boot. Least he would if he was here!" "So are his teams fans calling for him to be sacked too Sir?" "I don't know. I can't understand most of what they say to be honest with you. They might be. But I have a feeling sure he'll get a fair crack of the whip" "How so?" " Well, because he's English Stubbs. He's English. And fans like an English manager who knows the leagues" "I see." "And this Villa, are they flying away with things? Is this bad form of theirs a mere blip?" "Well perhaps. I mean you can't rule them out. He's got decent record of promotion and they have some good players. In fact, he's spent £88m, on players since he's been at the club" "£88m Sir?!" "Yes" "And they're still in the same division as you?" "Yes." "And how much has your manager spent Sir?" "In real money about £375k" "Oh. Right. And how long has this Bruce been there?" "Two years." "And your manager Sir?" "Nine months" "Right..." "Look Stubbs Bruce has a record for promotions if given time" "And your man?" "Actually he does too" "But you want yours out after spending £375k and only having 9 months in the job" "I don't want him out!. But some will. Already they are calling for his head. That's what I was saying earlier. Another defeat and it'll start getting louder" "I see" "I know Stubbs. I know. But that's just the nature of football and football fans. Some wanted him gone after two games" "Really?" "Really" "Well. Best hope for a win then Sir. Keep it all at bay and keep things positive" "Yes we'd better Stubbs. Have you got the team news" "Yes Sir. Quite thorough notes too. Though I have to say that the historical facts don't look to good Sir." "Bloody hell. Right. Pass them here.That'll be all Stubbs" "Good night Sir." "Good night" Villa Park Kick Off: 15:00 Aston Villa have won seven of their last nine league meetings with Sheffield Wednesday (L2), with their two defeats coming in the last two seasons. This will be Sheffield Wednesday's 67th league visit to Aston Villa - they have never won back to back away league matches at Villa Park. Since the start of last season, Aston Villa have lost just one of their 16 home league matches played on Saturday (W9 D6) but that defeat was against Sheffield Wednesday in November 2017. Sheffield Wednesday have only won once in their last five away league games (D1 L3) and have lost three of their four such matches in 2018-19 so far. Villa striker Jonathan Kodjia has scored three goals in his last two league matches against Sheffield Wednesday. Including play-offs, Aston Villa boss Steve Bruce has won nine of his 13 league matches against Sheffield Wednesday (D2 L2), although he did lose to them at Villa Park in this exact fixture last season, a 1-2 defeat. Steve Bruce has no new problems as he prepares to take charge of his 100th game for the club against Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday. Villa emerged unscathed from a relatively routine 2-0 home win against Rotherham in midweek, when new boys Tammy Abraham and Yannick Bolasie were both on the scoresheet. Midfielder Mile Jedinak and defender Axel Tuanzebe are vying for recalls to the Villa side. Scott Hogan (groin) is back in training but he is not expected to feature against the Owls, while fellow striker Keinan Davis is still recovering from the groin problem he sustained during pre-season Sheffield Wednesday striker Steven Fletcher is pushing for a recall. The experienced Scot came on as a substitute and scored during the 2-1 defeat at Nottingham Forest in midweek. Sam Hutchinson has recovered from a groin injury and resumed full training this week but it sounds like Wednesday boss Jos Luhukay will resist the temptation to bring the midfielder back into the squad this weekend. Fernando Forestieri will complete a three-match suspension, while Kieran Lee (knee) and Joost van Aken remain out injured. Promising defender Jordan Thorniley is ruled out, while striker Gary Hooper has suffered a minor set back. Michael Hector is expected to make his debut and deputise for Thorniley MATCH FACTS This will be Sheffield Wednesday's 67th league visit to Aston Villa - they have never won back to back away league matches at Villa Park. Since the start of last season, Aston Villa have lost just one of their 16 home league matches played on Saturday (W9 D6) but that defeat was against Sheffield Wednesday in November 2017. Sheffield Wednesday have only won once in their last five away league games (D1 L3) and have lost three of their four such matches in 2018-19 so far. Villa striker Jonathan Kodjia has scored three goals in his last two league matches against Sheffield Wednesday. Including play-offs, Aston Villa boss Steve Bruce has won nine of his 13 league matches against Sheffield Wednesday (D2 L2), although he did lose to them at Villa Park in this exact fixture last season, a 1-2 defeat. ********* "Evenin Stubbys. I didn't think you was gonna make it tonight" "Neither did I. His Lordship was late out of the bath and he always likes his Match day notes to read before I knock off for the night" "And how is the barmy sod?" "All right really. Mind you ,tonight just as I left him to read his match day facts and notes, I got to the end of the hallway and I heard him bawl at the top of this lungs "Oh that's great, the bedwetters will love this!" "Whats' that mean then?" "I don't know. Like I've said before, odd lot all these football fans. If they're not vvanking each other off on the Kop they're apparently p!ssing themselves." "Aye. They're funny f*ckers the lot of em. Pint ?" "Please ,Love"
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    "Hello? Oh, all right Ted. Nah, not tonight. No.... his lordship has a cold. Or is dying. Depending whose side you take things from. "Let me gaze at your pock marked bonce once more Stubs," he says "for it maybe be the last time I see you on this mortal coil". ...oh yes very dramatic his Lordship. No.....I've given him a hot toddy, he's got his fluffy hot water bottle and is settled down with Audible playing reading him the famous five......no mate.....I've got to stay and sort out this match day stuff haven't I....hey, in fact you can help me.....oh go on.....don't think of it as helping his lordship....do it for me....come on pal.....look your always say you never agree with him....this is your chance to.... yeah? Good...go on then...... What we got?..... WBA .....who are they banks side? Oh right . .... the Throstles?... . Bloody hell. Sounds like something I caught when I was a deckchair attendant Alacante....... ahh..great days.....what?....oh aye yes. I'm listening..... let me get a pen. Ok. Go on then.... Wednesday - V - West Brom CHAMPIONSHIP 19:45 Venue: Hillsborough Opta stats Sheffield Wednesday and West Brom haven't met since March 2010, a 1-0 win for the Baggies in the Championship. Hang on.....who are the bloody baggies when they're at home?...same team?....I thought they were the Throstles?...well yes....but what do they need 3 nicknames for?....well I'm just saying it seems a bit bloody odd to me....go on... West Brom have won their last three league matches against Sheffield Wednesday by an aggregate score of 6-0 So what's that then three 2-0's? or a 4-0 and a 2-0.....or a ......eh..I'm not questioning anything......what's a bloody tru-fan?......look Ted I'm not even a fan I just need to get this done for his Lordship...I don't even go I just sit outside in the car.......I'm not suggesting anything.........go on what else you got? Sheffield Wednesday are unbeaten in their last seven home league games (W4 D3), since a 0-1 defeat vs Fulham in April. Oooh....well that's quite good then int it....no?.......well it sounds quite good to me......how is not losing at home not very good?......they're not winning enough?....but they've won four according to you........they haven't won them in the right way, what does what mean? ....they need to win with clean sheets..........so do you get an extra point for that or something?.......no?........why's it so important then?.......because sooner or later you lose if you don't have one......but I thought you said they hadn't been beaten in seven at home?.......so whats....the goal keeper?...right?.....he hasn't been saving enough...hang on....last week in the boozer you said he had made more saves than any other keeper in the division didn't you?.... because he's not good enough and isn't stood in the right place to start with....right ok....is he stood near the goal?.....well that's it then isn't it?....no?...look you're losing me......right what else we got? West Brom have won their last three league games, while they've not won four in a row since November 2012. Oh so they're in a bit of their own good form these lads are they?.....You're going to get hammered?......well that isn't very positive.....what on field identity? , I thought they just put a kit on and some boots and off they went.........Philosophy?....I thought this was a game played by kids not a PhD.....well I don't know do I that's why I'm asking you.......No.... I just sort of thought it was eleven blokes against eleven blokes and sometime you win, sometimes you lose and what have you sometimes you don't even see a goal ...sometimes the refs a knobb....eh? what?......I'm not blaming him...I don't even know who he is....I'm just saying in sport sometimes it can come down to the umpire or ref making a mistake can't it.....eh? who the bleedin hell is Big Dave? Does he drink in the Nuns?.....I'm not trying to defend him I don't even bloody know who he is....hang on hang on back up...how am I trying to blame the ref for this Big Dave.....I don't know who either of them are....eh?....how can he have played bad..I thought the game was tomorrow......he will be bad....right....he definitely shouldn't start above Fletcher.....right well yeah, I've heard his Lordship say that an all....eh hang on.....I thought you said Fletcher was terrible on Monday night......you did.....but terrible is still better than....right yeah ok.....right what else have you got? Well it looks like there will be some goals anyway...two teams who seem to score plenty.......they'll all be in your net?........I thought you'd been scoring ok haven't you?.....Fletcher never has never will..... and Daves worse....well who has been scoring them then?.......Reach...right well there you go then....if he scores again you might nick........you can't win because you haven't got Bannan?.......ere hang on I know what name.. is he the one the manager said you used to much in every move?.......yeah?......well isn't this agood chance for the lads to play without him then...give them some ideas to remember?.....no it's a nightmare promotion is over........you're going to get pasted........Ted. I have to say mate you do seem a bit of a negati-......the prophecy has come true?what prophecy?......."Matias back in a fortnight?"...........I don't get it?......all right calm down...... Bannan, yes I've heard of him you just mentioned him 2 minutes ago...yes the little jock ... Better than Zidane?.......here, now hang on a minute I remember now....... isn;t he the one beginning of the other year you said he needed dropping coz he was a gaffers favourite and he was always trying "Stupid Hollywood passes"? .......those stupid passes are coming off for him now?....right ...but what i mean is Ted, if he stopped trying them then they wouldn't have been coming off at all would they?....see what I mean......Ted? Ted? .....oh. Right. Night then. Ted? ....... Who?..........Doom What?....oh that's your name........what do you mean will I give you some powerful headlines...well yes, I suppose I am the brains of the outfit yeah....hey listen who are you?..............what are you on about? . "BEARING THE BRUNT"...bit cheesy that mate... "MOORE MISERY FOR WEDNESDAY" .....Christ on a bike what an earth are you on about ....listen ..I've got one for you. ....what about ... Hello? Hello? Doom? Doom?.....oh no....sorry your Lordship I was expecting someone else......pass a message on.....of course sir.....very good Sir COME ON WEDNESDAY!
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    I really don't get the abuse he cops for, he is a class striker at this level, he came from a struggling Boro side when low on confidence and was made to change his game by our (then) joke of a manager, granted it didn't work out for him here but for the love of god get off his case.
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    Said when he came in after Carlos he (or any manager) would need 4 windows to put things right. Considering embargo has cost us in two windows. I'd extend it to the next four.
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    For me is nowhere near good enough, can't command his defence, can't judge a cross, makes terrible decisions
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    Leeds look faster, fitter and stronger than every other Champiosnhip club's players at this moment in time, too. I wouldn't be using them as the barometer of how Luhukay's doing in vastly different circumstances. Having said that, we still ground out a draw. To have inherited the demoralised and injury-ravaged squad he did and to have guided us away from the very real prospect of relegation whilst overseeing a sea-change in the culture of the club, bedding in young players taking their first steps in Championship football, and to have us now sitting just four points off the top of the league whilst we wait for yet more of our long-term injured to return...well, he's doing more than OK by me. I'm not sure what more you could realistically expect?
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    That was a tactical masterclass, Villa tried moving Grealish into the hole in the second half so Jos sticks Hector a few yards further up the pitch to counteract it. This bloke has had nothing to spend, been dealt a cack hand and has had to rely on young kids, what a job he's doing. Anyone that's been saying he's clueless are clueless themselves.
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    Need to get him signed on a very long contract. Great technically, strikers a ball well, can see him moving further up the pitch in future like Fulham did with R.S.
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    I had a manager who for 3 years before every game used to say the same things about crossing. "Don't try and hit your man. Put it in the right area and he'll get there" Great turn and first time ball into the dangerzone from the dutchman. #dangerzone
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    Comments like this make our fans sound ‘tinpot’ .... it was a phenomenal goal yesterday . Sorry to burst your bubble but nobody cares about Sheffield Wednesday or Aston Villa for that mind . There certainly isn’t any conspiracy
  20. 30 points
    Future captain of SWFC IF we can just make all those who are whinging and attacking him just SHUT UP and give him time to grow at this club
  21. 30 points
    Personally couldn't give a monkey's about the background to the story. I'm just pleased we're giving a young talented keeper the opportunity to progress and develop.
  22. 28 points
    We have made a decent start and I am quite prepared to accept some of the unusual tactics and selections as Jos probably knows what he is doing. But what is still really bugging me is that our best goalkeeper is being wasted. We didn't sell him, he didn't go in the loan window so we have one of the best goalkeepers in the Championship being paid serious money and being wasted. I do not accept Jos' assertions that he is third choice based on ability and performance and with our back line still looking shaky, Westwood in goal would be an immediate improvement. Does anyone know what is really going on?
  23. 28 points
  24. 28 points
    Anyone that wants jos out, know nothing about football
  25. 27 points
    Needs to line up with Bannan and Matias then we can have Baz, Mati, Rice.
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