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    Really pleased he came on today. Thought we looked a better team when he was on the pitch. Hope he starts in our next game. Well done today Jordan Rhodes.
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    Log off now, Dejphon. Your statement was enough.
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    Lets be frank. DC has ran the finances of this club in shambolic fashion. It's time he took some responsibility, but I won't hold my breath.
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    Election for me. Genuinely fearful of another five years of Tory government, and what impacts that could have on my job, my family and my child's future. Wednesday winning the league might give some relief to that, but it isn't going to feed, warm and inspire my daughter's future. That said...it only said winning the title...I'd take a Labour GE win and Wednesday winning at Wembley! Win, Win!
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    I'll give him a transfer window and the chance to put his stamp on this midtable squad first.
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    He also inflated the prices for everything at the club and took OUR money with him. It was his duty to look after the clubs interests and not put us into a position we now find oursleves in,he oversaw the running of the club,its his responsibility for the financial mess. It should never have come to selling the ground,but to **** that up as well is just beyond incompetent. The club is a national laughing stock. In three short years our neighbours have stormed past us from a division below at a cost of 10M quid,weve spent 57M and now have the oldest squad in the division,with yet anorther mid table finish looming
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    Isitfuck! You’ve come on your rivals forum to brag about your new shop at Meadowhall and have a dig. You drew with Man U in a very good game at the weekend but you can’t enjoy it, you’ve reduced yourself to this. I pity you. As negative as some of our supporters are on here I am pretty sure nobody would ever reduce themselves to this level in the same circumstances. Pathetic!
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    He was a magician with a football , that's all that concerned me. He isn't the first , and definitely won't be the last footballer to have a dodgy history.
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    I could hear the players last night too.... They were talking about some sadcunt who trolls on his rival’s website and posts like a 6 year old. No doubt Saturday they’ll be having a laugh about he can’t spell SIX.
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    Shame that a minute after this shot was taken the mood changed considerably !!
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    It was found that... "The player did not himself intend the post to be insulting or in any way racist. It is clear that the tweet was intended to be no more than a joke between close friends. FF was foung guilty of a deliberate and intentional racist insult. It is a very different case let's be honest. I thought the FF ban was total BS by the way so dont shoot the messenger.
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    We’re just not very good Roll on January because the overhaul has got to start soon
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    Some decent crosses, last ditch tackles, good block tackles and that fantastic forward run. I know Iorfa has run away with the MoM vote on here but I think Fox was our best player.
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    This isn’t a Monk out thread - I don’t see that a change will do us any good - but I’m starting to lose faith in Monk. Once more, we played well enough tonight but issues of previous games still crop up Putting to one side the negative approach to games, there are a few reasons that are starting to alarm me. it’s been obvious for weeks that we get crosses into the box regularly but simply don’t get enough people in the box...yet continue giving Fletcher no support it’s been obvious for weeks that Harris has offered nothing on the left and either needed dropping or moving to the right in place of Reach (and what happens when he moves there?) it’s been obvious for weeks that Reach is struggling for form and needs a few weeks to recover his confidence, yet he’s playing Hokey Cokey with him it’s been obvious for weeks that FF needs to play a lot more, and should have started the last couple. Once again we look much more threatening with him on the pitch it’s been obvious for weeks that we need more pace in the gameplay - but we insist on slow corners, slow free kicks and slow throw ins (until FF gets the ball and takes it into his own hands) it’s been obvious for weeks that Palmer has been well below the standard required and Odubajo should be playing. He plays tonight and we all remember what it’s like to have a proper right back his changes are way too negative. Tonight - against a very average side - we start with 1 upfront yet we have Hutchinson, Lees and Pelupessy on the bench. He bucked the trend and brought on FF early, and what happened..? Finally, I believe a SWFC manager needs to show a bit more class than he did in his interview and match day behaviour towards Clotet Like I say, I’m still a supporter of Monk but I just don’t know why he can’t see some of these issues when they’re extremely apparent. Right now, the only points we’ve really picked up this season continue to be from patchy early season performances against relegation threatened sides. Sort it out Garry, and try and act with a bit more decorum
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    We have fake taxi and drinks companies. The writing has been on the wall for long time if you looked at things objectively.
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    Anyone that would vote Tory after the last nine years doesn't deserve to support Sheffield Wednesday.
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    I think Stubbs has been sniffing the barmaids apron again . BIRMINGHAM
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    Anything north of 5m would be good, considering We bought him for a bag of Monster Munch.
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    The team from Saturday.. Westwood..............free Palmer....................Academy Iorfa £250,000 Borner....................Free Fox.........................£750,000 ? Hutchinson..............Free,subbed for freebie Nuhiu Murphy...................Loan Lee Free,subbed for £?,Luongo Bannan..................Undisclosed Harris......................Free,subbed for £5million? Reach Fletcher...................Free You think the team that dem blavdes finished their game with cost less than that ? You can think their not as good as ours,but they are.
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    Tell you what I find more shaming about the club mate... The ridiculous prices..The complete f.ook up of the Anniversary, The price of kids shirts..The alienating of Owls fans..Abdi, Urby emmanuelson, jordan Rhodes and I could go on and on. what I'm not ashamed is being an Owls fan, I love the club. On top of all that ..I don't hate Chansiri, I hope he stays and I hope he sorts it out. To sort it out, he has to realise he has made mistakes...and even taking "bad Advice" is a f.ookin' mistake on his part. If you let this "begnign Dictatorship" run on and on..without pointing these gaffes out, you are not much of an Owls fan are you?...cos you stand to watch the club crash and burn. Everyone has an opinion, they voice it...I have seen no "Chansiri" out nonsense...fans in the main part believe he's well intentioned...I reckon he is...but surely he must look at it and think I could have done that better
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    Although not guilty of anything just yet, I have zero faith in DC running this club going forward.
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    We’ll get a penalty now every match until the end of the season. Then the big one from EFL just to balanceshit up again.
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    Still there will be people who defend the club and blame the EFL. Only us and Birmingham have been punished for this. Two teams out of the entire football league. Shambolic running of our finances.
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    You can spend though. We did spend. A lot. £8M+ Rhodes, £7M Reach, £4M Abdi, £3M Hooper, £3M Forestieri, £2.8M Joao,£2.5M Van Aken, £2.5M Matias, £2M Pudil, £2M Jones etc. Some of those have obviously been good signings. However where we differ from other clubs is that we made literally nothing in player sales until we sold Joao. Clubs like Bristol have made £60M in the last handful of seasons. Derby, Norwich, Leeds, Villa etc all made a lot from selling players. I don't think a lot of our fans realise we are not in this situation because the EFL hate us. Its our own doing. How much evidence do people need to see this?
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    Vote Now - Are you? a. Quite knowledgeable about this sort of thing? b. Quite knowledgeable but not about this sort of thing. c. A bit thick but convinced that you really know what's going on. d. A bit thick. I'm D.
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    I'd like to see it come back. I know there's the U23's and clubs arrange the odd behind closed doors Freindly games. But I'd really like to see the stiffs brought back full time. It's not the same tempo. But it's football. It's match action on a full sized pitch. There's no amount of training and 5-a-sides that can replicate being on a 115x75 pitch m with proper dimensions, against 11 a side opposition. I look at the likes of Rhodes, Winnall, etc and they're getting no football. An odd game here or there with he kids is no use to man nor beast. Rattling a few goals in for a proper stiffs team wouldn't do them any harm at all and might even give them a little boost for when they do get a call to the firsts. Similarly those kids who aren't out on loan but are ready for a bit more than playing other kids. It would benefit them surely? BRING BACK THE STIFFS LEAGUE!
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    Absolutely right. You have however ommited a 3rd and important point. The premier league, which is where all this lunacy started. When teams are getting so much money in the premier league and then massive parachute payments then restricting the total allowed losses teams already in the EFL can make, particularly long termers like ourselves, Leeds, Forest etc, have completely had it as we would never be able to compete and eventually it would be a completely closed shop with a portion of teams already receiving parachute payments and any in the future just hoovering up all the best players as they would be the ones who could afford to pay the wages. Money, greed and an unworkable structure has basically completely ruined football. The owners bend the rules off the pitch and the players bend the rules on the pitch diving, feigning injury, timewasting, trying to argue with the ref to undermine them. It feels like at every level people are trying to bend or break the rules and get away with it. There is no such thing as the spirit of the game anymore. I absolutely hate what football has become and as I've said before I only follow it still because i love wednesday and going to Hillsborough.
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    I thought Nuhiu was one of our better players today, and was surprised when he was subbed. Harris is struggling at the moment. Murphy has been poor since he arrived, but he looked a lot more effective than Harris this afternoon.
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    The club is not for sale. Was some off the cuff remark along the lines of 'if the fans want me gone I will put the club up for sale' DCs in this for the long run as long as the fans arnt screaming for blood I hope he stays personally
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    To be honest, I’d laugh my c0ck off if Nuhiu scored the winner against England in qualifiers
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    We know but it's nice to see.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50139190
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    Watch the highlights if you can, in the first half it was predictable for the Brentford defence with two big guys up front. Second half Rhodes came on and floated across the frontline, both CB became split and it opened the defence up. It’s what Rhodes does he just floats across the defence on the last man and he gets in behind, he needs to keep doing it because one of those of offsides will become onside soon. Very intelligent play by Rhodes and needs games to get upto speed and he could build a good partnership with Fletcher. The Brentford defence became lost when he came on. Well done Jordan and I hope it’s gave him a lot of confidence. Just to add in previous games his head was always down and didn’t look like he wanted to be in there. Today his head was up and he was smiling and celebrating.
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    Meanwhile, a rush to condemn Chansiri that would make a lynch mob blush should stop. There are posts on here that treat him with such venom that some appear to relish the EFL's action.
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    Fox deserved a bollocking for the goal. Been playing well but switched off and boom. But bannan should have been bollocking reach. He managed to turn attack into defence
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    I'm going to go against the general feelings on here. Who'd want to play for Wednesday hey? Committed talisman who will play anywhere for you for 3 years, hits a spot of poor form and he's garbage all of a sudden and people want him out. Not having it.
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    Yes, but we don't need the distinction There's about twenty Uniteds in the top five divisions of English football ... only one Wednesday
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    Nuhiu is useless. I’d much rather see Forestieri or even Winnall in the side than him.
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    I wonder why we just didn't post the accounts on time, showed the loses which breached P&S and took the points deduction last season. We could have then sold the ground in 2018 for the next accounts and started afresh, with a new 3-year plan. DC has played Icarus on this and risked whatever strategy he had.
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    You would be closer to utopia than ever before. Boris means less holidays, less workers rights and you might get a pay rise to ten pound in five years. Then there will be the poo food and products from Trump and friends. Soon you will be lucky if you get two weeks holiday. The rules have already been rewritten. Wake up. Rise and shine Boris is coming to get you. Ba Ba Ba Corbyn runs the ira Ba Ba Ba.
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    If they hadn't scored from the corner the thread would've been calling Westwood a God for that point blank save.
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    How the **** did he save us against Blackburn - we lost ....my auntie could have been in goal and we’d have got the same amount of points.....and he cost us 2 today (goals and points)
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    Don't know whether he has been treated fairly or unfairly but last night he would have been down the tunnel if I had been Monk. Told him he was coming on,Weaver whistled him twice down the line and Forestieri ignored him. Then Bullen was shouting him and you could see he also was being ignored, One of the subs had to go down the line to tell him and then he spent a good 3 mins messing about changing shorts ,shirt etc. If he doesn't want to play he should not be on the bench. Get rid.
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    Joke or not, rules are rules and Chansiri is 100% responsible for the mess we are in not the EFL.
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    This is all well and good, but it isn't going to help a defence. The rules might be a joke, but they are the rules and if you have failed to comply/breach them, then it is tough sh*t. The only way we are getting off these charges is if we can show we haven't breached the rules. Complaining about how unfair/stupid they are isn't going to cut it.
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    Wrong attitude mate... A lot of Wednesday were "Done with football" a while ago...This is serious and it will take some pulling back if we do go down. Chansiri will have to drop the prices to a level thats fair, and hope that the fans ardour for the club gets most of them offa tyheir backsides. Some fans may well grumble, its his bed let him lie in it, I suppose thats fair enough if you have been priced out of watching regularly...Some fans will slate the fans who do come back at lower prices...All pointless exercises...First ting I'll say to a returning Owls is "Welcome back mate"
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    If the parachute payments were stopped , then championship clubs wouldn't have to bend the rules to try and compete . The EFL have created this mess by allowing relegated clubs to use parachute payments as transfer funds to buy players and their wages no one else in the championship can afford. The system is being blatantly abused and the EFL just sit on their arses and let it happen.
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