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    According to the Star "The fans booed his name before the match and he looked a little bereft of confidence. Far better in the second half. If that's true, shame on any one that did this. That's not what we should be about. Boo a bad performance, boo a huge mistake, DON'T BOO A PLAYER BEING ANNOUNCED IN THE TEAM, fizz sake!
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    As if we needed any more optimism. Here’s the form of the current Championship teams since Jos left us:- 1. Wednesday P26. W12. D10. L4. Pts48. (GF37. GA23) 2. Brentford P26. W13. D6. L7. Pts45 3. WBA. P26. W13. D6. L7. Pts45 4. Leeds. P26. W13. D3. L10. Pts42 Followed by Hull, Bristol C, Derby, Boro, Swansea Don’t see this as a stick to bash Jos. Better to look at as confirmation that our start to this season is not a blip. Furthermore, in Harris, Murphy, Luongo and Odubajo, we have improved our starting Xl and the squad depth over the Summer. Our weaker players have either left or moved considerably down the pecking order. Disclaimer - past performance should not be used as an indicator of future performance. Sheffield Wednesday fans should seek specialist psychiatric advice before investing expectation or hope.
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    "What's this?" "Pottage ,Sir" "What's it doing on the table?" "It is your supper, Sir" "No, I mean what's it doing on the table, why isn't it in a bowl?" "You gambled the last of the crockery on Iorfa first goal scorer on Saturday Sir, in an attempt to try and claw back some of the losses after lumping on Rowett" "Ah yes, well....ahem... what's in it?" "Water, flour, and some barley and the last of the chip fat" "I can't eat it Stubbs. Looks like an Elephants Shag-snot" "We have nothing else, Sir." "Haven't we got anymore rats?" "We had the last for breakfast,Sir. We are, I fear, not far from ruin" "Not quite Stubbs. Not quite. We still have the Wednesday and our promotion campaign" "We lost to Millwall,Sir, I don't know if you'd heard but in modern terms that means the season is over. Tactical ineptness, goalkeeping howlers, selection choices which cost the game, and it would seem the whole season. And, according to the sages down the Navvies Arms anyway against a team certain to finish in the bottom half too" "Balderdash Stubbs. The real reason was all too obvious to those in the know" "And what was that ,Sir?" "This. Look at the picture Stubbs. Study it." "Sir?" "Whilst in London I got distracted watching the game, this is what happens when you concede the first goal, anyway as I got caught up in the Wednesday onslaught of the Lions goal I plain forgot to retrieve the third of Britains ancient treasures. That Stubbs,there in the picture!" "Yes, Sir, I can see it. I just don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing. What is it'exactly Sir?" "The third treasure of the Kingdoms Stubbs, you don't know it's name?! Did they teach you nothing at school?! You mean to say you genuinely don't know?" "Alas not ,Sir" "It is the fossilised jellied-eel of St.Cocknious, the famed Roman warrior!" "Oh" "That's why we lost to the Lions. Not the header. That, the missing treasure. Mores a pity too because it could also endanger the Luton Result. I was going to grind up that Amber stone as a symbolic gesture of their team colours in a spell of their defeat. Without it....the lads will have to win this one themselves until we can next get to the Capital and snatch the treasure" "Can they do it on their own,Sir?" "Well, they have the stripes of success back on the shirts Stubbs. That's will give them an extra 30%, after that it's up to them. That and perhaps another goalscorer in the squad instead of the third choice left back...." =============================== WEDNESDAY - V - LUTON Hillsborough 7:45pm SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY Predicted line-up (4-3-3): Westwood; Odubajo, Lees, Borner, Palmer; Lee, Hutchinson, Reach; Murphy, Fletcher, Harris Unavailable: Wildsmith (Injured) Doubtful: Iorfa (Strain) LUTON Predicted line-up (4-1-2-1-2): Sluga; Cranie, Pearson, Bradley, Potts; Ruddock-Mpanzu; Shinnie, Butterfield; McManaman; Cornick, Collins Unavailable: Sheehan (Injured), Rea (Injured) Doubtful: Hylton (Injured) Match facts Luton are unbeaten in eight league games against the Owls (W4 D4) since losing 3-2 in 1992. Sheffield Wednesday and Luton faced each other in the FA Cup last season, with the Owls winning 1-0 at Kenilworth Road in a third-round replay. Luton have already lost five points from winning positions so far this campaign, going ahead against both Middlesbrough (drew) and West Bromwich Albion (lost) - only Hull City (also five) have let as many points slip. Sheffield Wednesday have only lost two of their past 21 league games played at home on a Tuesday (W12 D7), losing 2-1 both times to Ipswich in March 2018 and Brentford in February 2017. Luton Town, have scored five goals from their 28 attempts (17.9%).Only Charlton Athletic (26.9%) can boast a higher shot conversion rate in the Championship so far this season than COME ON WEDNESDAY! DON'T MAKE HARD WORK OF IT!
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    This must be one of the best windows we've had since Chansiri bought the club, squad has been given a far better balance, 7 new faces, apart from the cover goalkeeper all good ages with good resale value which has helped bring the average age down, Odubajo, Harris and Murphy have added the pace we've lacked since 2015. Pleased we haven't just paid the inflated fee for Hector, yes he did well last season and seemed a good fit for us but we managed to bring in Tom Lees and Glenn Loovens for a nominal fee and a free so glad the club have looked at other options and not had tunnel vision. Having just come out of a soft embargo I would have actually been a bit frustrated if we splashed 5M on a player who's had one good season. Bates has good pedigree and having 4 caps already at 22 for Scotland should be well up to the required standard. All in all we've spent a million quid on outgoings and brought in 5 million rising to 7 with a 20% sell on clause in the future. With League One and Two windows not closing for a few weeks it'd be good if we can get some more young lads following Kirby out on loan. Good to see us being run like a proper functional football club again, don't see why we can't be in the top 10 pushing top 6 this season.
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    Selling Rhodes and joao then keeping nu-hope and winnall is mindboggling to me We best have some profilic goalscorer linedup or its lowermidtable at best for us Fletcher winnall nuhiu and Fernando ain't good enough to get us where we need to be
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    Rousing stuff, but the pigs got promoted because they’ve got a very good manager. We should get one of those.
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    You vanish for months on end. Then rock up and upset everyone with Pulis talk on a Sunday night as if nothings happened .It's not on. We've been worried sick. You treat this place like a bloody hotel!
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    Bullen is more than capable for now. Let's get behind him.
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    Diane and I went down to pick up family tickets for Sundays game. We were met and greeted by a very courteous gentleman in the display hall. He advised us on best Value buys, pros, cons and sizes. The sales and ticket staff were just as helpful re bonus points, seating arrangements and required letters regarding disabled entry via gate 8. Nett result SWFC + £129-05 p . Very boring I know but it must be sung out loud with so many whinging about goods and service. Well done Wednesday !
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    Premier league will stick up for their own. Would not surprise me one bit if they find it all in Newcastles favour.
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    Poor first half, old manned them second. Fox’s performance summed up the team, as above. We’ve played some poor teams, and done OK. We will know how good this team is once we’ve played Fulham, Derby et al. I don’t think we are good enough, but with some luck and a good January window, we might be close. Why did we bring Winnall and not Louongo on? We miss Lee. When Bannan gets the ball the game stops and players stop moving. When Lee gets it, the game flows and players find space. Both wide lads did well, especially Harris. Murphy needs to use his power more. Upfront worries me. This system relies very heavily on Fletcher as a bartering ram. He will get injured. We have no one in the squad anything like. Make Borner captain. It will make both him and Lees better players. Borner lacks pace, and 2 inches of height for a centre half but i’ve a sneaky feeling he will turn into a cult hero.
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    Time to be dropped to bench Got players on bench who need a chance now Below average appearances every game But he seems underdroppable under bullen
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    This guy on paper is highly influential. If there was a petition signed by 20-30,000 people calling for his immediate removal as South Yorkshire police commissioner it would stir up a lot of attention to the process used by SYP in influencing SAG. Something like : “I call for the immediate removal of Alan Billings as South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner following action by South Yorkshire Police to prepare a report on fans leaving Leppings Lane area of Sheffield Wednesday football ground. The Club knew nothing about this report and was offered no input. It has resulted in future capacity restrictions and limiting of fan movements when leaving the stadium. Whilst policing of Leppings Lane is a sensitive issue, fans have LEFT this area of the ground for decades with minimal issues. I call upon the restrictions to be lifted immediately and reviewed again when all parties have been able to present independent evidence. If Mr Billings does not take action in this regard he should be removed immediately from his role.” We can influence this process through democratic means like petitions. Sometimes action like this is the only way to help shine a light on unreasonable decisions like the restrictions the club currently face. Worth considering?
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    I don't know. I'd fancy us to score at least one.
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    Its going to be used by SAG /SYP to build machine gun turrets for added segregation.
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    It’s only one game but .... Borner is the best defender I’ve ever seen Harris is the signing of the century Joao is worth a billion pounds And Bullen is taking us up as runaway champions
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    top of the league,said, we are top of the league
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    Thought he did quite well to be honest. He was critical to the change in performance in the second half...without him, that performance doesn’t happen. But you need to not be a Neanderthal to see that.
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    No No No. Don't fall for the romantic fantasy. We need a proper Manager.
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    Imagine him doing his dive on the touchline to celebrate when we scored. For that reason. Im in.
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    Because it cheers us up. Tottenham and Liverpool next two away games.
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    I'd have been disappointed if we'd changed the shape of the team. We've developed an identity and need to stick with it.
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    Wittered on a bit about our great start and our prospects for the season over here, my bit is about 7-8 mins in
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    Could a former manager be about to make a comeback?
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    Can I ask what you're like when we lose?
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    It means that Mr. Chansiri doesn't take Mr. Paxaio with him on family holidays.
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    Keep clapping. No probs with that. We’ve beat 2 newly promoted teams and a team that was almost relegated last season. We failed to get a point against a pretty well drilled 10 man Millwall. He seems to have a great great plan A with the 2 wingers but nothing more. We end the game only 1-0 up with Winnall as a sole striker? Playing Reach in the very position Nando was made for?
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    Sometimes a manager can't win. Iorfa was out-muscled for the goal - had Bullen played Odabajo and that happened he'd have been called out as being tactically naive. Just one of those games yesterday for me.
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    I don’t post much but this has to be one of the most miserable threads I’ve ever read. We are privileged enough to play in one of the most fantastic, iconic, quintessentially English football grounds in the country. The might of the Kop, the second biggest in the game (villas is two tiers), the architecturally fantastic north stand and the iconic south stand. Throw in the river Don, Hillsborough Park, pubs and a thriving community ... you have an absolute dream set up for a football club. To replace this with a non descript, soulless, cest pit in an out of town, retail park makes me want to self harm. The ground might need a bit of a tidy up, but seriously have a word with yourselves. Absolute insanity what I’m reading. Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. Hillsborough. Sheffield 6. One of the great football institutions.
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    So the response to poor and over zealous policing is to reduce crowd size and limit access and egress. reyt!
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    Fair play. Nice touch from the ex-gaffer.
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    Can’t be bothered to read the whole thread, but it’s certainly great news
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    Im leaving Corby now to go see the lads. I will keep the updates coming as the game kicks off
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    Back the Club Back the Chairman Simples . Some of the comments on here are embarrassing to say the least .
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    Looked far better than Moses. One of our better performers tonight, annoyingly the crowd still get at him for playing it backwards when little / no options in front of him.
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    Also thought Rhodes looked excellent when he came on. Fitter and stronger than I remember
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    Who better to learn those lessons and put them into action than Lee Bullen who has seen it all first hand and knows all about his squad. Time to give him the job proper. ??
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    Oh god here we go again
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    Seemingly, the fact that Bullen has won 3 out of 4 is upsetting a few people.
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    But that is not the classic badge, that is a modern minimalist stick drawing of an Owl from the 70's. The new old badge is the classic design and properly represents more years of heritage than the above.
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    A balm !!? In Sheffield ?!
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    Blummin squad numbers. Another needless faff. Strikers running about with a sodding centre-halfs shirt on. Does my cork. Wants dumping.
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    Not sure but he’s packing some meat....
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    https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/dam/sheffield/docs/business/sports-grounds/SWFC Safety Cert 2018.pdf The above was our 2018 certificate having been granted on 10th August 2018, which coincidently, a year on, was the day of the Barnsley match. Interestingly it confirms the specific ground restrictions and actual capacity of 34,571. We seem to be restricted by the Physical condition and safety management (P&S) factor calculation in determining capacity - most of the stands are at less than factor 1.0. Now see the SUFC certificate:https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/content/dam/sheffield/docs/business/sports-grounds/SUFC Safety Cert 2018.pdf They have no P&S restrictions, and are simply allowed to net off the first row in their west stand areas when supporters 'mix'. I assume they all spill out onto Bramhall Lane after the match, just like Leppings Lane - funny that....
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