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  1. I can only assume none of those being left out are doing anything in training to suggest they're worth a place, which in itself is sad. I'm struggling to think who is actually on loan, I know it was a total of six: BPF Shodipo Corbeanu Gibson Wing? Sow? I can see one or two going back in January, either recalled because they're not getting game time, or returned because they're not up to standard.
  2. One day we'll finish a game without my heart pounding for the last 20 minutes. I can't carry on like this.
  3. Happy enough with the first half. 5 attempts on goal, 4 on target Wildsmith hasn't had a shot to save Winning 1-0 No major individual errors Would still like a little more 2nd half and can see us winning this 3-0, if not more.
  4. Dirty Leeds and Man City were supposedly keeping an eye on him, so pleased we've got him signed up for now.
  5. Definite 9 points for us there... and the winning run will go beyond that too.
  6. It'll be our biggest win of the season so far. 0-3/0-4 to the mighty Owls
  7. I've never been less excited about Wednesday getting a late winner
  8. There seem to be quite few of them this year. Moore seems to be number one
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