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  1. 3 changes tmoro

    Win a game, lose a game or 2, win a game and repeat
  2. 3 changes tmoro

    I hope Joao starts.
  3. Players and CC are to blame imo.
  4. No doubt already been mentioned but it is the most expensive Championship shirt ever. Dear me.
  5. He just simply has to go if we lose tomorrow

    I agree, unfortunately if we do lose tomorrow I think it's time CC left. However I doubt DC will sack him, as I've said before he has had opportunity to do this before and hasn't. Massive game tomorrow, would love you 3 points but play like we did against Bolton and they will hammer us. Can imagine there will be a lot of booing from the stands if we do lose.
  6. Good God, £49 for something that looks cheap as chips and something that is 3 months late in being made available to buy. Please next season get a reliable manufacturer like Adidas or Nike and get them available asap after the season ends.
  7. Let's hope this happens.
  8. Would love 6 wins in a row :-) I've always been one that prefers scrappy wins rather than entertaining losses but at the minute we don't seem to be doing either. Let's hope that changes at Derby this weekend.
  9. One player away... now we're three away

    Really good post. Couldn't agree more.
  10. I agree about bad decisions costing us points but like you say about keeping it tight and hit em late on when the opposition tires, it is such a boring way to play imo. On paper we have one of the best squads in the division, we should be the team other teams are afraid of and they feel they have to defend and get us on the break. I just want to see us go out and really take it to teams, especially teams that are struggling like Bolton, Burton, Birmingham.
  11. Have to disagree on the going out to win from the first minute, so many times we have put in bang average almost poor performances in first half of games. We only seem to get going in the 2nd half. Not just in some away games but home aswell.
  12. No of course I don't but he is setting himself up for a fall by saying what he has. He would have been better off saying something along the lines of if we all pull together and play to our potential we will be in with a good chance of challenging for promotion.
  13. Will he walk away if he doesn't achieve it then. I think he's pretty daft for saying it to be honest.
  14. Can imagine him saying this could annoy some of the players, he seems to want to blame anyone but himself. Come on Carlos go back to that exciting charming manager you where in your first season please. I'm sick of dull football and excuses, something needs to change. I would love if the thing to change was CC's tactics but if he won't a new manager that can motivate the players needs to come in.
  15. Brilliant support. Now the teams needs to start repaying them.