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  1. WalthamOwl

    Morgan Fox

    One of the first things Bruce needs to do imo is bring in a couple of players to replace Fox and Palmer. Full of effort but nowhere near enough quality if we want to challenge at the top end of the league in the future.
  2. Should get a bit of money for progressing to the next round and for going away to Chelsea. Let’s hope some of it can go towards a loan or 2 in January.
  3. Yes!!!!! Chelsea we are coming for you (please don’t beat us by to many). In all seriousness I can’t wait. One of the best teams in the world v Chelsea. What the cup is all about.
  4. Not long to go, come on lads keep it tight. Be a top day out at Chelsea even if we do get hammered.
  5. Come on let’s get another!
  6. Got a deflection, thought something strange must have happened for him to score :-)
  7. Well done lad, found his level
  8. Massive 45 minutes coming up. flippingcome on Wednesday!!!!!
  9. Not the best half, sounded under a lot of pressure towards the end. Really not impressed with us since Agnew was put in charge. Come on Mrs Bruce, send Steve back to work.
  10. So important we bring in a leader to play alongside him in the transfer window. I still feel Lees is a good player he just needs the right type of player alongside him.
  11. Lees use to be such a quality player for us. What the hell has happened to him.
  12. I will start to feel a lot happier when Bruce properly takes over. February 1st can’t come quick enough.
  13. WalthamOwl

    Team news

    Seems the youngsters are also slowly being faded out as well.
  14. WalthamOwl

    Team news

    Desperate for a few loans, really hope Bruce can use his contacts in the game to persuade a few decent players to come to us.
  15. WalthamOwl

    Team news

    Bloody Nuhiu starting. Surprised Van Aken is on the bench when it sounded like he was close to leaving. We really could do with some new blood in our team, such a lack of pace and Palmer and Fox and a few others imo just aren’t up to it.