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  1. Yes I do believe the pandemic saved his job.
  2. like you say we have had some tough games at the beginning of this season. We now go in to 3 very winnable games against teams you would expect us to have the quality to get a decent amount of points from.
  3. We need someone to step in when Luongo is injured, if not Jackson we need someone else signing that can do that. No one else at the club can do anywhere near as good a job as Luongo.
  4. Unfortunately I think Pelupessy will start at the weekend
  5. Monk saying Luongo likely to miss the next 3 games ffs.
  6. 7 points from the next 9 would be a good return. Any less imo would be disappointing. Teams like Brentford I don’t expect us to beat, but Luton, Rotherham and Wycombe are teams we should have enough quality to get the points imo.
  7. Desperately need another CM when Brown or Luongo are out.
  8. Would be a massive upgrade on Pelupessy. Could really do with another quality midfielder in with the injuries we will pick up to Brown and Luongo all season.
  9. Unfortunately I just think players like Moses and Harris are 2 of the weak links in the team.
  10. I believe Flint was marking one the their big defenders. It was crazy though that Moses was left to mark a player as good as Toney. Personally think it’s time Moses was rested at the weekend, hopefully we will have a couple of players back at the weekend to take his place. Last night imo Palmer or even Borner should have been playing instead of him.
  11. I like Hunt, think he’s a gifted lad. Unfortunately he is a similar player to Bannan and I don’t think both can play at the same time. We needed a Luongo type in midfield last night, we haven’t got a player that can do what Luongo does so well.
  12. I like his effort but I don’t know where he should play. He isn’t a striker but isn’t a midfielder. Possibly behind a front 2 is where he belongs.
  13. They are games we have to be getting as close to maximum points as possible in if we want to stay up. Games against people like Brentford I don’t expect us to win, games against people like Luton, Rotherham and Wycombe are games we should be winning. Anything less than 7 from 9 would be poor.
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