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  1. Still not fully convinced just yet. He’s had some very good games and some games seem to have passed him by. We definitely need pace though. I would reserve judgment until the end of the season.
  2. If it meant we could start next season with no sanctions with FFP I would take a 9 point deduction this season.
  3. Can’t wait to have Hooper back in the first team. Still think he will leave at the end of the season but he could score some important goals between now and the end of the season.
  4. Hopefully we can sell him in the summer and recover some of the money we wasted on him
  5. Apparently so. Was reading it on the daily mail website last week.
  6. I really hope Hutch is fit after the international break. The thought of having to play Pessy is worrying.
  7. Real shame Merson has fallen back in to his gambling problems.
  8. Let’s hope Winnall and Hooper come through with no injuries. Massive to have them back for the run in.
  9. Unbelievable. I agree don’t think he will play for us again this season. It wouldn’t surprise me though if Bruce tries to bring him back next season. From what he’s said he seems to like the lad.
  10. If we want to make the play offs I feel every game from now until the end of the season is a must win.
  11. Really hope he is back to fitness after the 2 week break. Pessy just doesn’t offer enough imo. He’s an okay player but Hutch offers so much more.
  12. Bloody typical. In the form of his life with us and he gets injured. Just hope it isn’t to bad. As well as Nuhiu played today the thought of having him as our only fit striker for the run in is very worrying.
  13. So much better coming on in from the bench than he is starting games.
  14. Just hope he continues to perform like that. His performances before today have been very poor. Today is the level he needs to keep. Well done today Nuhiu.
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