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  1. Players not without blame

    Absolutely. CC has to take a big share of the blame but the squad as a whole are massively underperforming imo.
  2. George Hirst

    You're hearing a lot of voices today Ahkid.
  3. Karanka next boss

    I think it's time that Carlos left but replacing him with Karanka imo would just be a sideways move. Such a defensive dull coach.
  4. Brian Laws?

    This. Don't quite get the fascination with ex mangers to be honest.
  5. I like DC, he seems like he wants the best for the club and comes across as a nice bloke but I believe if we had a chairman that had a history and knowledge of English and Championship football Carlos would have been sacked some time ago.
  6. 33-1 for Promotion

    Wolves have done bloody well considering they haven't won for 3 months
  7. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Knowing the way things seem to go we will beat wolves which will keep CC In a job until after Christmas at least. Imo a manages job shouldn't rest on one game it should be how he has done in the season so far and that just isn't good enough.
  8. Well he doesn't seem to be working very hard at the minute. Simple things players just aren't doing.
  9. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Paul flippingLambert
  10. Nixon’s latest tweet reply

    Will probably be a nothing story. Like others have said can't afford to sack him or something along those lines.
  11. About the only thing we are good at :-(
  12. Player Ratings

    After some of the shocking performances from other players on the pitch you still single out Rhodes even after he actually did something useful and scored a good goal for us today.
  13. It's just excuse after excuse from him, he blames anyone and everyone but himself. I can see him soon becoming one of the most disliked managers we have had in a long time if he doesn't change soon. We shouldn't be getting beat and playing so so badly by a team 3v1 that haven't won at home in THREE MONTHS! Why do we always seem to be the team that helps other teams break their winless/goalless runs.
  14. Hooper and Rhodes

    Rhodes scored. He deserves credit for that. The pathetic service our attackers get is much more of a problem imo.