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  1. Top top bloke and chairman MM. Would love him back here in some capacity, even just an advisory role on his under water phone every now and then. Knew how a football club should be run and felt like he cared about the club and fans.
  2. Completely agree that if we are found guilty and punished the blame starts and ends with DC. If anyone could still show blind faith in him after that would be mind boggling.
  3. If we are found guilty and deducted points or even relegation personally I think DC would need to get out of this club ASAP.
  4. yes I would much rather a points deduction 9-12 points this season that start next season with the deduction.
  5. Point deduction I could deal with, as long as it’s a reasonable one. Relegation or thrown out would be ridiculous imo.
  6. Not many pigs I know that aren’t enjoying life in the Prem OP.
  7. could make a brilliant Christmas present.
  8. Where has the idea of expulsion come from? Is it just people’s worries or has it been reported in the media?
  9. unfortunately I think this is exactly what will happen. Think we all should be very worried what the efl will punish us with.
  10. Really hope Nuhiu starts today. Would make me a lot more interested in the game.
  11. Of course it does, I have a different opinion to you just as many do on here. You obviously don’t think much of this forum so why continue to come on it? You’re so angry casbah, I dread to think what your blood pressure is like.
  12. you always seem to be lurking about. Having a go at anyone that has an opinion about the club. How dare people have a different opinion to yourself.
  13. yet you can’t keep yourself away from the site. Odd.
  14. yeah that’s my thinking. If guilty can imagine the punishment will be much more severe than Birmingham.
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