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  1. Villa sign Danny Ings. Very impressive signing for them. Perhaps using the Grealish money already.
  2. Moore is the best thing about the club. Lucky to have him.
  3. we have made some very good signings this summer imo. I think the one we will be most disappointed with will be Kamberi to be honest.
  4. Rhodes had goals in him a good few years ago as well though
  5. so him and Cosgrove are on the short list. Seems DM is after a powerful number 9 rather than a goal scorer.
  6. I was thinking about this last night. We have so many new players that have hardly played any friendlies together. I wish we could have got them in earlier to get use to each other’s games etc. I think it is going to take a while to get us playing as a team. Just hope we don’t drop to many points while this happens.
  7. Wasn’t the number 9 I wanted or hoped we would bring in. A goal scorer is what we needed but obviously in the financial position we are in that is proving impossible. If Gregory is someone that can bully defenders, hold the ball up and win headers maybe he is what we need.
  8. If we get Johnson in it is so important we get a number 9 in to make the most of all the creativity we have in the team. Missing piece of the jigsaw for me. Would really like us to get Sims in also but all gone quiet with that one.
  9. Gregory isn’t the signing i imagined for the number 9 shirt but if he is someone that will bully defenders and win headers etc I guess it’s what we need. Would have preferred a goal scorer but maybe that will come from other positions. Also wish he wasn’t a massive blade!
  10. think he will be a good solid signing for us. Useful he can play in a few positions also.
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