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  1. Not even being linked with any names at the minute. Even a few made up rumours in the media would add a little bit of excitement to a disappointing lack of transfer activity.
  2. Have to admit I feel a little sorry for Jos with the lack of backing he has received so far in the transfer window. Really is going to need a massive amount of luck with injuries because I fear we don’t have enough quality in depth if key players are ruled out. Good luck Jos, would love him to have us challenging for the top 6 but I have a horrible feeling that he won’t see the year out.
  3. Quite like Hugil to be honest. Big powerful forward. As much as Nuhiu improved towards the end of last season I still think we lack a powerful player to top.
  4. WalthamOwl

    Hutch will start at RCB

    Massive fan of Hutch. Personally prefer him in midfield. His let’s say erractic challenges sometimes could cost us at the back imo.
  5. Ha ha if Joao really is on 35k a week no wonder we have sod all money to bring in new players.
  6. WalthamOwl

    Out of interest

    Be disappointing if we go in to the new season with no new signings imo, unfortunately I expect that to be the case.
  7. And yet certain people on here will stick by that they didn’t want us to get promoted.
  8. WalthamOwl

    Loovens to Sunderland

    Best of luck to a great servant of our club. Surprised he has a 2 year deal at a club like Sunderland but I’m pleased for him.
  9. WalthamOwl

    Squad Numbers!!!!!!!

    Hell of a lot of youngsters in the squad. Good on one hand but on the other think it shows we won’t be seeing many new faces
  10. WalthamOwl

    #SWFC have got a bargain

    fizz me a bargain you say!
  11. 2 exciting signings for Derby imo. Wish we would go for some quality Prem youngsters on loan. Players that want to make a name for themselves and are just starting out on their career.
  12. WalthamOwl


    12th would be a good return. I really feel the squad needs to be improved in key areas. No signings so far is disappointing imo of course.
  13. WalthamOwl


    I may not have been happy with every performance but I would never dish out the type of abuse that was levelled towards him on here.
  14. Surely we must have a deal or 2 lined up. I can’t believe with the prices of season tickets/match day tickets DC wouldn’t provide at least a couple of new faces.
  15. WalthamOwl


    Good for him. The abuse from some of our so called fans on here was shocking. Wish him all the best.