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  1. 5 million for Hector is a hell of a lot of money and for me to much for him.
  2. Onomah just looks lazy and doesn’t work hard enough especially off the ball. Type of player I really don’t like seeing in a Wednesday shirt.
  3. You would think we haven’t much money to spend this summer. Onomah won’t be cheap. Personally would prefer us to look elsewhere, from what we’ve seen I don’t think he would improve us enough, yet another player that had a bad season with injuries. He had 1 or 2 good games but other times when his head dropped and he looked like he couldn’t be bothered it was like playing with 10 players on the pitch.
  4. Personally really hope Bruce doesn’t go after Onomah again. The majority of time he was fit enough to start games he didn’t look bothered. I want to see players battling for every ball. He seemed the complete opposite. Not a player we need.
  5. No no no. Injured to much and when he did play wasn’t impressed apart from 1 or 2 games.
  6. Scores a goal. Gets bought by Man City for 30 million would be nice.
  7. Bruce certainly seems to love a full back.
  8. Only downside for me is that he is only 5ft 9. Personally think we are missing a proper power horse in midfield, someone more in the mould of Diame. If we could bring in Morsy and someone like Diame I would be very happy with that.
  9. Decent signing Morsy. Think he is a type of player every club needs. He had 14 yellow cards and 1 red card last season though! Hutch would be proud of that.
  10. Really hope this is true. Brilliant keeper.
  11. Rumours on Twitter Bielsa will be staying at Leeds. Shame that.
  12. Im a big fan of Rhodes. Still think and hope he can do a job for us under Bruce. I was just surprised Norwich who are now in the Premiership would want to sign him permanently.
  13. I have been a big fan of Rhodes but I don’t understand why Norwich would want him back to be honest. Didn’t really do much for them in the Championship and they are now a Premiership club. Would be a strange piece of business from Norwich imo.
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