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  1. Would like to see Corbeanu start. Sure he won’t but I think he is definitely worth a start.
  2. Chansiri will imo end up messing us up even more than we are now. No trust in him whatsoever
  3. Holloway would be an absolute disaster. Also not quite sure what the obsession with Lowe is. Imo he would just be another manager the players would take the pi$$ out off. We need someone with a bit of authority.
  4. 6 points. Any less than 4 and Moore should be sacked. He won’t but he should.
  5. Apart from Gregory we look so crap upfront.
  6. Absolutely pathetic. Moore out you weak minded negative prat.
  7. I think Moore will be one of those managers that doesn’t win for say 3 or 4 games and then just as the pressure is cranking up he will get a lucky win to take off a little bit of pressure and then repeat that process.
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