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  1. Just sent one of my mates who’s a Boro fan a message saying Pulis is being heavily linked. He replied with a voice message with no words just laughing.
  2. Really would be an awful choice. I know quite a few Boro fans and they couldn’t stand him. They where so please they missed out on the play offs which meant be left.
  3. What a depressing day it has been. Bullen, Coleman and now Pulis all heavily linked. Such poor managers. Come on DC we deserve so much better than this.
  4. Jesus Christ please not Pulis. fizz sake yet another shocking name linked.
  5. Rubbish club manager. Done sod all since Fulham and even then he wasn’t that impressive.
  6. Coleman now the favourite on sky bet. come on DC don’t give it to him or Bullen. Show some bloody ambition.
  7. I don’t think he will have either as he will be giving the job to Bullen :-(
  8. Jesus Christ, Coleman would be an awful choice. There is so much better out there. Come on DC this decision is so important. Most managers out of work are out of a job for a reason. Go and get one in a job DC, show some ambition.
  9. Nuhiu captain fizz me. Should be enough for Bullen to not get the job!
  10. Nuhiu captain tonight! That should be enough for Bullen to never get the job!
  11. We need a couple more signings in. Even if they are Premiership loans. Pace and power is the way to go.
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