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  1. Those predicted line ups make me feel sick with how poor the squad is. So much work to be done between now and the season starting.
  2. 4th from bottom will be a good season for us. The rebuild process seems to be going very slow, 1 new player signed, a player that has never played a first team game. We need a good 6 or 7 new signings. At the minute I’m a 2. Decent new signings and it will push me up to a 5. Can’t get away from the fact we seem to have a manager that can’t motivate, talks a good game and says what needs to be done but have seen very little of him putting that in to practice yet, as for the owner well the less said the better.
  3. And the last game Dawson played he was a disaster. We need a new number one signed.
  4. Apparently Hughton really wanted the job as well. According to one of the journalists on Twitter that is.
  5. Pirlo named new Juve manager. One of the best midfield players ever. Be interesting how he does as manager.
  6. Was really worried about B’mouth poaching our manager, thank God he’s staying and can build on his brilliant first season 🤔
  7. Forgetting the terrible way his time ended with us, he is still one of the best players I have ever seen play for us. Scored some amazing goals for us, one against Everton was one of my favs.
  8. it looks like whatever happens Westwood won’t play for us again. I just don’t feel either of Wildsmith or Dawson have the qualities to be our number one. Even more so with the position we find ourselves in starting the season on -12. We need someone to give the defence confidence and I just don’t think those 2 do that.
  9. fair point however I’m not sure many clubs need as many new signings as we do with the ‘big clearout’
  10. From what you have seen of him is he ready for championship football in your opinion?
  11. On another note I can’t stand Stoke as a club. Horrible dirty scummy side.
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