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  1. Normally talks quite a lot of crap does Carlton but with this he is spot on.
  2. haven’t seen a fee mentioned. Can’t imagine it would be crazy money. Type of player I feel we should be in for. We are desperate for players up top.
  3. has been hardly any change in the odds for the past week. Strange.
  4. Cardiff set to sign Crawley striker Max Watters. Looks a very useful lower league player.
  5. Stop ******** around Chansiri and get Cook appointed. He is the best name linked by far, we would be lucky to have him.
  6. At least he is fit by the sounds of it. Feel a bit for the incoming manager having to manage other people’s signings and not his own.
  7. Need a few more players. Definitely a striker, probably 2. Wouldn’t mind a new right back and a left back as well.
  8. Wonder if us having our next 2 games postponed will work against Thompson. If we had played them and won I think he would have got the permanent job.
  9. Hopefully we will do more business than just Green and Marriott.
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