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    Fair play to him. Made some excellent saves today that saved us getting beat by more than 2.
  2. Stuart Gray sacked

    Gray was always going to be sacked imo. New owner usually wants their own choice of manager in
  3. Enough is enough

    Cant remember us doing it to many times over the past few years.
  4. Relegation???

    Very doubtful imo, even on current form. However i would guess being 15th in the league isn't what us or more importantly DC wanted or expected at this stage of the season.
  5. "I will promoted"...........

    Oh Carlos.
  6. Hooper/Fletch

    Agree unfortunately. Will probably be the same team apart from Loovens being replaced.
  7. Hooper/Fletch

    Would like to see Joao and MM start again Barnsley.
  8. Short list

    Bloody hell, none of those 3.

    Anything less than 6 points and surely DC will act.
  10. Loovens

    Maybe we will see Venancio with Loovens being banned for 3 games.
  11. Same stuff different week (apart from Hutch having the poos)
  12. Don't worry about todays game

    Next 2 games, both at home against Barnsley and Millwall. Anything less than 6 points and CC needs to be gone
  13. Enough is enough

    And 6 off the bottom 3. On current form that has to be a concern.
  14. Enough is enough

    I agree. This season just hasn't been how any of us imagined. Nice bloke CC but we need someone that can motivate this very god squad. Was tough on them today but we have lost 4 out of 5 and that's not good enough.
  15. He just simply has to go if we lose tomorrow

    15th in the league isn't good enough. How long does DC give CC before our season is a write off. Act now and we could still challenge for the top 2 imo, we have the squad to do it.