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  1. We NEED to bring in a striker or 2 before the deadline. We can’t go for the next few months with just the current 3.
  2. Borner at fault for 1st goal. A combination of borner and Dawson for the 2nd imo. Dawson should not be beaten by a header like that.
  3. Half of them probably won’t even be fit!
  4. who are the players putting on the act do you think?
  5. Very good point. Unbelievable he hasn’t got his own people working with him.
  6. I really hope he makes quite a few changes at the weekend. I just want to see a bit of effort, the want to win the game. Tempted to start Hunt in midfield and I hope to god we have a couple of new players signed up.
  7. I just hope DC allows Monk to bring in players and also players Monk wants. Not those flippingadvisors deciding who we bring in.
  8. If Westwood had conceded that 2nd goal tonight people on here would have crucified him. Guess being “one of our own” helps when mistakes are made.
  9. so the manager deserves no blame whatsoever? Is it not a managers job to motivate, employ the correct tactics etc? Yes he needs time to bring players in but 6 defeats from 7 is not acceptable whatever the circumstances
  10. These players are a disgrace but Monk has to take some responsibility surely. Our form since Christmas has been embarrassing. 6 defeats from 7 is unacceptable.
  11. Dawson was poor for their winner. Shouldn’t be beaten like that imo.
  12. can’t see him making many changes. Preying that we can get a few players in on loan this week, not just that lad from Italy! We need so much more than that. A Wickham, Murray would do.
  13. As has been said he means well but he is absolutely clueless on how to run a football club as a successful business.
  14. If the EFL decide to dock us points this season we will be playing in league one next season. These wasters wouldn’t get us out of trouble.
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