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  1. Completely agree with people saying the season restarting is bad news for us. This squad has been a disgrace since Christmas. Some of the worst performances we have seen in a long time. Point deduction would be a disaster, no point deduction and we will still be in for a very nervy end of season. I can’t wait to get rid of a lot of this squad.
  2. We have been crying out for a Diame type of player for years. Still haven’t addressed the weak midfield we have.
  3. My thoughts as well. Barnsley trying to influence the panel to find us guilty and dock us points so they survive. Let’s hope our people are kicking off about this.
  4. I hope the majority of our out of contract players think that way as well. Be very annoying if we offer them a long term contract just to make sure they stay. Having nightmares about Pessy getting a new one!
  5. Yeah there is, they need to go as well as Nuhiu. No time for sentiment now.
  6. noooooooo don’t bloody say that. The thought of Pessy and Nuhiu getting new contracts whatever the circumstances is not a good thought.
  7. have to agree with that. Possibly Hooper but then again he just spent to much time out injured unfortunately.
  8. nah, think positive, which of them would we really miss that’s a first team regular?
  9. Hope we do what we can to keep Fletcher and the 3 young lads, maybe Fox but not that bothered either way. The rest can walk today for me.
  10. I hope players out of contract (except the young lads and Fletcher ) are shown the door at the end of June.
  11. When fit he should be one of the first names on the team sheet for me. Hopefully this break has done him some good and he is over his injuries and comes back in to the team and we never see Pessy play for us again.
  12. agree to an extent. Obviously not in the same league as the likes of Atkinson etc but that season was one of the best we have had in a long time. Some brilliant attacking football. I liked Carlos, had something about him unlike a lot of managers we have had of late (except Bruce). Deserves credit for the following season as well, yes again they bottled it in the play offs but did well to pick the team up after losing to Hull and get us a top 6 team again. With this current set up I fear it will be a long time until we see that sort of thing again.
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