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  2. It's a strange one Chelsea don't need realistically need him but they can't sign players for two season so they may need him for cover, but you'd like to think it's in our own hands to sign him.
  3. Don't know if this is the right section to post this but need some advice about season tickets so i purchased a season ticket over the phone today. They was going to email me the confirmation letter over where I sign it there. However, I'm having problems with my emails and can't get on them to sign it. I'm worried that i can't sign it by tonight I will lose the early bird offer. Is this correct or can I just go into store tomorrow and sign it there and all is well? I've tried ringing the club but no answer!
  4. I thought this one had already been extended once so won't be again? For anyone interested, I already had 2 years left from extending last season so couldn't get any further extensions. However, they are taking names to look in to this due to demand, so if interested maybe worth giving them a ring to get down on the interested list. Won't be looking in to it until the deadline is finished though, and will be on a case by case basis
  5. He has a year left and has performed well this season. Chelsea aren't gonna give him away. Mepham 12mil, Gibson 15mil, both championship performers - as is Hector. He's still worth a few bob.
  6. I'm fine with this sorta argument...The old Lady wotsit...I suggest nether of you calls each other "Dot" tho'.....just a friendly warnin'
  7. Pontus Jansson injured for 3 weeks aswell, might just rule him out for our game
  8. Its all to do with our injuries Fortnight Tomorrow Never
  9. Always likely to be extended, I don't think sales are down, quite the opposite, a lot of returning season ticket holders. They've just had people saying they can only get one at end of month not right now.
  10. Bloody hell....just have 'em on at the same price all the bloody time.... Its like a staring out contest and the fans know the clubs gonna blink.... Anyone who can't afford a season ticket at the price..ain't gonna get one...and anyone who can't afford a season ticket at this price...is rarely going to ante up for the POTG prices..is he/she? It needs a total bloody rethink..All we get is more fans sayin' "F.ook it" unless we get through the eye of a needle this year. If we don't..who knows next season? Chansiri promised "Big trouble"..I expect trouble...FFP etc...Its going to be difficult next season...a lot more difficult than this one I reckon... Getting as many fans on board for the fight seems to me a sound strategy..all the rest is a wing an' a prayer in my opinion
  11. I am taking nothing for granted. I remember the way we finished under Jos last season. Then he seemed to lose the plot. We go up great. We don't, at least it's enjoyable football again.
  12. We have all fell foul of the " Fat fingers and predictive text curse " Snoots.
  13. Chelsea will probably agree to a further loan deal especially if they do have a two window transfer ban. Gives them the option to call him back in January if they have an injury crisis then.
  14. They always extend it. Might get one for next season now it goes over march pay day
  15. It's actually a far better looking trophy than the Premier League trophy IMO. We don't make the play offs this year then I'm sure Bruce will have his eye on it for next.
  16. Even if we don't make the play offs this year this run we are having must be good for next season. If we are looking to bring in players on loan they must now look at our current form and manager and think yes I'd like to play for them next season as it looks like we have everything in place for a promotion push. Ok money might be an issue but if Bruce can use his contacts and is clever in the transfer market it bodes well for next season.
  17. If you were that bothered about signing up for 5 years I would have thought you would have looked into how to go about it before deadline day, we have had a few home games since the season tickets went on sale. No surprise to see the deadline extended as same happened last year.
  18. Was gonna do 5 years - but couldnt get through and couldn't buy online. Renewed for a year It didnt apply the Club 1867 discount.
  19. Funny thing is he won't even play in this on Tuesday
  20. Bought 2, first time in 20 years. I’ll probably still have to miss a fair amount of games, but I’m in a position to be able to afford it again and also get saturdays off, so may as well.
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