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  2. We came to Cambridge not Man City, the bloke is worryingly bad.
  3. Wouldn't be to sure about that, we won't go anywhere under him and I'm not sure Chansiri has the funds to be out of the Championship for to long.
  4. Messi only has 3 goal involvements in PSG's 30 goals so far this season. Useless.
  5. I've decided to listen to the home commentary each week. So get Rob O'Neill and Pearson at Hillsborough, but get more of a hostile away crowd for the away games. It's better than cutting away to Barnsley every five minutes for live updates on their latest corner. It's gone from the soporific Mick Mills at Ipswich, to the two geezers at Wimbledon, and today a couple of excitable football anoraks for Cambridge. They got the Wednesday players mixed up a few times, and I think I heard 5 different pronunciations of Adeniran (none of them correct), but they called it pretty fairly and definitely acknowledged Cambridge were under the cosh second half.
  6. For crying out loud, we are a mess. Take away the points we got early on and we are a lower mid table team. I keep hoping we get an Everton miracle similar to when Kendall was on the plank and they won at Oxford, but Howard Kendall had a clue and I don't think Darren Moore does. We think we have a squad that should be challenging at the top end of the table, if that is correct then there is something really wrong here and alarm bells should be ringing. A point at Cambridge is very poor and on the back of throwing away a two goal lead at Wimbledon even I would be looking for the chop for Moore if we get turned over by Lincoln at home.
  7. Wondered what on earth I was watching for the first 35 minutes. The second half was much better, we looked by far the better team - but shame we were half asleep. Two games we should have won if we could keep performance levels up over 90 minutes. Peacock-Farrell: 7 - after a shaky start he did well in the first half against the wind. Smart save just before the equaliser. Iorfa: 6 - Okay, but needed to assert himself on game sooner. Dunkley: 7 - Solid, battling performance. Palmer: 7 - Consistent, did well, very unlucky at the end with his header. Hunt: 6.5 - Saw a lot of the ball down the right, didn't do much with it. Johnson: 6.5 - Not terrible, but not amazing either, had one good shot. Bannan: 8 - Was getting more and more wound up in first half, but came out second half and created chance after chance. Quality. Wing: 5 - Another boots on back-to-front kind of game. Strange though, as I am still convinced he's a good player. Despite all the evidence to the contrary. Dele-Bashiru: 8 - I thought he was miles off the pace last season, but he has really kicked on these last two games and well done for a smartly taken first club goal. MoM Paterson: 6 - Huffed and puffed but not a lot else Gregory: 6 - Nothing really fell for him today. Adeniran: 6.5 - We looked better when he came on Berahino: 7.5 - Great flick to set up the equaliser Shodipo: 6 - Poor shot at the end, hasn't made much happen yet has he? Still - a point gained from a losing position. Our second in 2 seasons!
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  9. No, I can't afford to be that focused on a witch hunt when someone makes a mistake. It happens. Its life. Its human. The other, let's say 80 minutes of mistake free professional commentary was ace. That's my view any road. uto
  10. I’ve made my feelings known on our lack of tactical identity and our apparent mentality vacuum. But my god, why at the outset of a match do we still look startled at the oppositions desire to f@ck us over and send us packing. We need to be riled up and ready for a scrap before the game starts, not just managing to find some grit in the final ten minutes.
  11. Awful manager and is going to take us absolutely nowhere. If Chansiri wants to save this season and his investment then he needs to let this clown go and go now.
  12. I’d like to point out to Darren that true resilience starts from the first whistle. We were second best in every facet of the game in the first half. There is no excuse for being second best in attitude and effort, ever.
  13. They would be creaming themselves on here if he said anything like that. It would be a gift from God.
  14. He’s wearing boots that are far too big for him.
  15. I agree. We’re far too inconsistent for the top 2, but there’s no doubt we’ll be pushing for the top 6.
  16. It does look like his feet have been glued on the wrong way round at times.
  17. Shockingly bad, as he was when he did our Morecambe away game.
  18. Cambridge are a glorious side, similar to how wonderful Wimbledon were.
  19. We’ve done it for years. Usually at away games like the blades.
  20. His dribble and shot that hit the post tonight was great!
  21. Indeed, couple excellent clearances from Palmer where a goal looked inevitable as they usually 18 yard box pin ball commenced. Bannan kept us ticking. Young Dele growing. The much maligned Dunkley won a great number of defensive headers.
  22. He puts a bit of meat on the bone. Something our central midfield has been lacking for about 20 years.
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