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  2. I don’t understand how or why (they are punching) But the pigs are going up. Anything else is a bonus.
  3. E-cash

    Its like the Mason`s , funny handshakes an all that cobblers. Anyone wishing to become a member must like prawn sarnies and pimms.
  4. Yeah, remember when interviews with footballers and managers were more like a heart-rending confessional, full of profound personal insight, candid revelations and raw bleeding honesty? They used to quote some lovely sonnets in amongst it all too. The odd one would even break out the lute when they ran out of glittering metaphors, the better to illustrate their deft skewering of the human condition in madrigal form. Gi’ Wordsworth footballers back
  5. Ok blades are annoying me now

    well its only natural to have a giggle when they lose course it brightens up the weekend AND monday mornings at work,and hate it when they win obviously i know im in for stick at work if we lose. For me personally rather then get fixated about how well theyre doing,I just want us to get the results and be up there challenging the top two whoever they might be
  6. Shirt debacle continues

    * they're You're welcome
  7. Hillsborough

    Me and my mates have always called the north the cant
  8. I think most of the comments here are of quite recent reporters, predominantly BBC Radio Sheffield reporters. I would like to step back to the 1960s before local radio when in the daily, Sheffield Telegraph (which was a great newspaper by the way), there was Ross Jenkinson who was replaced by Keith Farnsworth. Both focused on reporting Wednesday matches. Keith became overall Sports Editor and then Deputy Editor. I nominate Keith The photo shows Keith on the left and the late Keith Baron on the right.
  9. Shirt debacle continues

    We were told delivery would be in batches as manufacture is so far behind. It was that or wait even longer for a massive delivery even later in the season that subsequently may not sell at all. It’s a farce, but not one caused by us. The club are doing their best to manage an unwinnable situation. Can we stop with the shirts moaning now, for gawd’s sake. We’ve had six months of it. People now twisting the emotional knife with ‘kids at Christmas’, I think I got my first choice Christmas pressie about twice in my entire life growing up. Get him something else brilliant if he deserves it. I know I never did.
  10. I'd agree he's the one making it happen, it'll be interesting to see just how far his career takes him, just wish it wasn't with them right now.
  11. Ok blades are annoying me now

    The scrubbers were always going to win tonight. I’ve seen a few of their matches and I’ve actually been impressed by them, Wilder has done a great job and key for them has been the midfield pairing of Coutts and Fleck. I actually think Coutts is their best player so now we’ll see how they cope without him and what strength in depth they have. We’ve managed to get by without our best player (Forestieri), I’m not convinced they’ll get by as well without theres.
  12. I wouldnt disagree with what you say........thing is we dont decide the direction the club wants to take. its only 3 seasons back we had to sell our best player to bring in a striker,around then we had a higher average gate then Leeds,yet they raked in way more revenue then us,we were in or around the bottom 3 revenue wise. Thats changed now,we dont have to offload our best players to sign new players anymore,we have the likes of Bannan,Forestieri,Hooper and Jordan Rhodes,no way could we have afforded players of this calibre without a contribution from the fans
  13. Reading away

    We should have some left, although a convincing victory tomorrow and another at Ipswich should spark some more interest. Always been POTG there from memory but think it’s a significant price hike. Only took 2,300 last year and the fixture was only 2 weeks later than this year.
  14. Shirt debacle continues

    It's for Christmas The lad wants his shirt
  15. Or they go up via the play-offs for the first time at our expense. Having seen the derby I know which outcome my money is on...
  16. It’s a clumsy - potentially culpably so - challenge for sure, but by all accounts not actually malicious when viewed in context/mid-game flow. Coutts took a real swing at the ball and effectively whacked the bottom of a raised (but not ‘high’ in the usual sense) boot. Awful luck, daft wave of the foot from the opponent - needs looking at for potential negligence punishment even if deemed accidental, which I’m sure it was. All best to the injured man, very clearly nobody deserves that regardless of who pays his mortgage any given season.
  17. I'd take it though if the next two seasons after it were locked in.
  18. judging where he is in the league it seems the 22 other managers could as well ......
  19. "you don't care if they win or lose, no wry smile if they have lost or slight disappointment if they win" And this bit? Sorry mate, don't mean to push but it's different for either a Blade or Owl to be not interested in the slightest about the other side.
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