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  2. According to his ex girlfriend, he has got a mighty impressive todger.
  3. Remember that game very well great performance from the boys.Also Upton Pk one of my favourite away grounds now sadly no more.
  4. In the modern era I liked Hooper and Fletcher as a partnership.
  5. Surely if there is to be sporting integrity the contractual issues simply shouldn't be an issue We both know that won't be the case though
  6. With regards to this and especially the type of sentiment in bold, could it be that you have your thoughts on this, and other people have theirs... and that’s perfectly fine.
  7. Tudgay and Burton were alright if you like your strike partnerships to contribute 20 goals between them every year
  8. Always thought that we put bids in for him that we're rejected. Reason being that Barnsley thought we'd got Winnall on the cheap and weren't happy with us and were determined that we wouldn't get him. There were also rumours unconfirmed that Villa got him for less than we'd offered Barnsley.
  9. I was right in the middle of that madness Never seen that before, nice one.
  10. T Curran and A Mcculloch G Bannister and I Varadi D Hirst and P Williams D Hirst and M Bright
  11. For effectiveness Bright and Hirst For excitement Atkinson and Hirst
  12. Yes but as a pairing I'd have to go with Dooley and the other bloke!!
  13. Difficult choices there. Purely in terms of two strikers dovetailing and bringing out the best in each other I agree with your pick though. My first ever game was Owls 5 - Blackburn 2 back in '64(ish). We had a very tasty pairing that day - Layne and Fantham.
  14. Andy Mac and Terry Curran, always like the big man and quick player partnership.
  15. I can’t really remember Hirst and Bright in full flow that well so I’ll go for Di Canio and Carbone How about worse partnership? Ndumbu Nsungu and Kim Olsen or Proudlock and David Graham
  16. We never saw the best of him, still , we’ve had far far worse players on books down here
  17. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.ft.com/content/327fcefe-655c-11ea-a6cd-df28cc3c6a68 This is a news report which dates from after the game suggesting a U-Turn was in the offing. Before that they’d said banning mass gatherings wouldn’t be beneficial. The main advice was to wash hands and stay home if you were sick. It was meant to be a gradual ramp up then all of a sudden - after football games were cancelled - they did a massive gear change with the work from home and stay out of pubs instructions.
  18. Sheffield Wednesday Team Photo 1982-83 The days of big Jack Charlton John Pearson top left, and some real superstars in this team such as Gary Shelton, Gary Bannister, Mick Lyons etc
  19. Dooley....and well nobody, wIth 44 goals in a season who needs a partner.
  20. And this could be the issue that stymies the plans. If they want to finish because of sporting integrity that could be destroyed by contractual issues - nothing to do with morality or putting lives at risk.
  21. Few things I would say about this. Firstly, that sort of behaviour seems to be completely common place in football. Clubs and agents are always asking players these sorts of questions. Making false promises. Stringing them along and asking them to make risky decisions. I'm not saying the players are guilt free but lets be honest, if you have any inside knowledge of how transfer and contract deals are negotiated and how players feel about them then listen to the likes of Under the cosh podcast. Secondly, if Villa wanted him then we had no chance anyway. Maybe they'd contacted him. Maybe his agent was trying to get him a move to Villa? So many ifs and buts.
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