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  2. I'd give him a run on Friday, after all its a bit of a pointless cup match. We're not going to win the comp, and away at QPR is hardly a money spinner, plus of course last round cost us our only goal scorer in any sort of form. Play him and save a first teamer for league matches. I have to say though I concur with the neigh sayers over the above suggestion. I dont think he's particularly 'mobile', or indeed he gets in the 'right areas' , the amount of times ive seen him like a rabbit in the headlights not knowing whether to drop off or press is unreal, and by the time he's made his mind up the opposition midfield have passed round him and are away!. I just don't get any sense that he can read a game, all I see is reactionary rather than anything proactive. Nothing against the bloke, but i think he's been a very poor signing who's looked way out of his depth far more often than he's impressed. I know the old saying 'God loves a trier', but, for me,Joey P is enough to test the most devout of Owls!!
  3. And it's time we moved on the old guard of Lee Hutch Bannan and Lees.
  4. Its a joke mate. Is it a case of South Yorks Police seeing football clubs as a bit of a cash cow? More segregation = More police in the ground = More money in the coffers? Or are they just incompetent
  5. Ah, the latest saviour has arisen. Joey P, set piece specialist.
  6. Giving me flashbacks everytime I log in to owlstalk. Needs deleting from history
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  8. Ah ok. So his busted shoulder didn’t affect his performance until he was rubbish. Ok then.
  9. Hutch was the only decent outfield player in Saturday’s debacle
  10. Almost as unbelievable as the protection Hutch gets despite being a flipping liability.
  11. Because there have only been 25 transfer or loan signings made by championship clubs so far this window. And one of those is us signing Hidalgo, so not exactly major transfers. Teams are waiting to bring in players before making others available for loan or transfer. There is a reason deadline day is so manic every year.
  12. If we could only sign one player - who/what position would it be? Pele, 1,000 career goals should keep the doom merchants quiet...for the first 2 pages of the matchday thread If we could only get rid of one player, who would it be? Winnall. Choose one player not playing regularly you would give a chance in the team. Lord Lucan or FF, whoever you can find first. If you could have one ex player back in the team playing at their prime, who would it be now bearing in mind where we need boosting at present? David Hirst to start a new injury crisis If you could attend S6 more often but are put off, what is the one thing that stops you going more often? The 28 hour flight is a slight deterrent If the club was to spend money on one off the field item (eg, facilities, catering, academy) which would you choose? A proper coaching team for Monkfish Choose one word to describe the season so far. familiar
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