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  2. I agree with almost of that overview. If I'm being pedantic then I don't think we can say the club hasn't put a foot wrong since Jos left. True, so much has improved but the stadium sale and the very reason we're having this conversation was undertaken in this period......well, in the eyes of the EFL anyway. I'm not comfortable criticising DC's passion for the club, his loyalty etc because he has all those things for me. But, one thing is undeniable, the financial controls, discipline, planning and foresight have been badly missing from the outset. It's clear we never had a plan in place to sell the stadium to avoid an FFP hit, we just had a crack at it when a couple of other teams did it and we thought it could get us out of a hole. On reflection, we've missed a couple of key personnel IMO that may, just may have seen us better placed now. A footballing person, with blue and white blood, someone with the clubs interests at heart and whose voice should have been heard above agents and other hangers on. Additionally someone shrewd and tough to guard the purse strings, maybe in the mould of Paul Aldridge. Although in saying that, it works having additional voices around the table if you are capable of listening to them. Unfortunately, DC's approach seems to be a totalitarian one.
  3. luhukay was a terrible decision that knocked us back two years. the latest Ownership regime - save for a valiant attempt to get up in the first season - has for me - been a disaster. we still aren’t good enough to go up - but are saddled with expensive tickets, a lack of a coherent strategy to develop the club on and off the field, sanctions from the football league, transfer embargoes, highly paid players sat in the stands, a lack of commercial nous with issues even being able to sell a kit to fans, no real investment in the stadium which now has a reduced capacity. A stream of probably expensive appointments and sackings of people brought in to seemingly fix the above problems. its a mess. fortunately on the pitch, after a catastrophic managerial appointment in luhukay which sent us hurtling backwards, we have steadied it with two decent managerial appointments. It’s only really got us back to a position where we were when we sacked Carlos tho. I think the club is a mess.
  4. How do you win an argument on the internet. Not once since the internet was born did someone say...sorry you must be right as I was wrong...my bad
  5. I want to write an essay but I really can’t be arsed. Fuckoff Wednesday!!
  6. -12 is likely. But from a points deduction perspective I believe it can be up to -21
  7. He might want to sell us on the outcome of that. The chansiri family are loaded with money but he's a bit naive. Milan run us well and wish he had money DC has got
  8. Not sure he’ll destroy us, but I’m certainly unconvinced he’ll ever get us where he wants us to be. Suspect he’s more bothered about promotion than some on here, I don’t think he’s been under this much pressure to sort his own mess out, and hasn’t a clue how to do it.
  9. Because until Chansiri changes tack my objections will remain. And don't forget we hear the same old stuff from the Chansiri fans as well. Sticking up for him regardless of what he exposes the club to. But this is a safe place to vent for us all. Rather here than Hillsborough. What will change things is the EFL verdict.
  10. Is worst case scenario 12pt deduction. It should be a fine as it's the paying fans who suffer too The EFL don't give a fk and killed bury and they'll probably do it again to a club
  11. Today
  12. There might be something to that. Heard about him viewing it as a "family"... Nice sentiment, but football is a ruthless business and there can be little room for sentiment. Part of the reason why he stuck with Carlos, Jos far longer than he should have done. Thing is when you are like that, people in football will take advantage. You leave yourself open to all the parasites that are in the game.
  13. Comparing 8-year-olds to one or two in this thread is very harsh on 8 year-olds!
  14. From a personal point of view I'm not bothered what they do. If they dock us points and relegate us so be it. I've watched us from the late seventies, when we've been good and when we've been awful regardless of who the owner is or the players are. Yes it will be crap but we go again as we have in the past and we will no doubt in the future. It's the club I love, owners, players come and go it's football. But regardless of what league we're in I'll still be there. Bring it on EFL, you won't keep us down for long we are Sheffield Wednesday!
  15. Hang on dude, FFS. Yur kid's 21 , still using the pot, and you're drawing feckin owls in it.????? Are ya from Barnsley , FFS
  16. That just about sums up how i feel at the moment.
  17. I think it's partly down to DC's loyalty moral compass. He appears to be intensely loyal to who he does business with. It's refreshingly honest on one hand, but in this cut-throat world of business, perhaps widely misguided.
  18. This is exactly what I mean we keep going over the same old ground. You make valiant points but it gets us no nearer to moving on. In another five pages all the same points will be made yet again.
  19. Tbf, I thought Westwood, Hutch and Lee were very good in 2016/2017. Lees was decent...Nando had his issues, but still scored 12 goals? It is difficult though and there is a massive dollop of hindsight. After all, had we not offered these key players new deals at the time and then they'd have moved on, then everyone would have been slating the club. It is a fine balance. Still - it is 2019/2020 and we are still reliant over reliant on the same core of players. That is pretty damming of our recruitment/moving players on.
  20. you also can’t say you wouldn’t have given them extensions at the time ?
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