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  2. He could roll over around 150 pounds to the following season that way they have you hooked another season
  3. Ruddy would not be a bad signing at all. It all starts from the back so we need to get a reliable shot stopper before anything else, don't care if it means signing someone nearing the end of his career. Dawson and Wildsmith have had their chances and their confidence has been shot long ago.
  4. You understand that the whole point is that fact that he isn’t even in shot? The ball is literally where he should be, but he’s still nearly on the halfway line Paterson, Bannan, Pelupessy and Reach all back further than Palmer Lazy, with the heart of a moth
  5. Looking back, the last two times we dropped to the third tier we got promoted in the second season. Have a feeling we won't bounce back as quickly this time unless DC makes serious changes in the way he runs the club.
  6. He doesn't have the speed or energy to be a modern full back. Seen it so many times in recent seasons, he gets forward over the half way line, we lose the ball and the opposites counter attack, he just makes a token effort at jogging back, then realises he can't and gives up. The game at Blackburn a couple of seasons ago when we lost 4-2 was a prime example. He's 30 this year, not that he's ever had any pace but he is only going to get slower.
  7. Don’t know. maybe it’s because we got done for cheating, or at least that’s how it’s viewed, and a lot of our fans think we are bigger than we are and have contempt for other clubs.
  8. Not defending Wednesday financial dealings over last few years but 90% of clubs have done some rule bending at one time or another.
  9. Wow that was close at the first corner.
  10. Feel it will be best for us for Sunderland to go up in the playoffs, that will mean Wednesday, Portsmouth, Ipswich and Charlton as the 4 biggest clubs in the league next season.
  11. Funny how other clubs hate Wednesday while our own fans are apathetic towards the club.
  12. We have cheated - a lot - in plain sight since '15. That'd ******** me right off, and I'd take great pleasure in such a cheat getting their comeuppance.
  13. Happens to all the clubs. Whoever gets relegated always get loads of ‘HAHAHA’ comments
  14. A bit better than yesterday woke up angry but didn't want to put the wife through another day of it so I've thrown myself into the landscaping and done a few job's in my new workshop
  15. Already rumours that derby will be receiving a points deduction themselves.
  16. I think it's jealousy because of how successful we have been.
  17. Still those that think we are a huge club and the fact is, we’re not. We had a period in the early 90s that was good but apart from a League Cup final won nothing. That was 30 years ago.
  18. Some have a chip on their shoulder about the stadium sale and when we got the points deduction. You then have the plastic, no actual rival clubs like Charlton, Brighton etc.,desperate for any sort of rivalry.
  19. It’s not complicated, Wednesday entered the competition knowing that they were the rules and therefore signing up to the rules. If the rules are bad or if he wanted to change them then he should have proposed doing so and made his case to the other clubs. It’s chansiri’s management of SWFC that’s not fit for purpose.
  20. Surely were not that daft, if we paid 500k we have to make a profit on him.
  21. That sort of spending makes you a prime IM/UTMB target demographic.
  22. Palmer, Peulpessy etc should be more than good enough for L1.
  23. It won't be enough to tempt Africans to change to a different sport. The marketing will be aimed at getting more non elites entering only sanctioned races and bying more official merchandise. It's about monetisation of qualifying races and brands. I believe IM is stagnating slightly while trail running is increasing popularity and this is an attempt to profit from that. The demographic is pretty much well off 20 somethings with disposable income they are willing to spend on ever changing branded equipment. Not elite African runners changing sport in return for more pri
  24. Tbh i don't give two flying figs what other fans think I'm only interested in what our supporters think im mean customers...... Cough cough, And i specially don't listen to man ure fans period feck um.
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