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  2. Wasn't this mentioned on here last week? They also signed (Tony?) Yogane. They were two of our most promising youngsters but they declined youth contracts with us, as Brentford poached them. I wonder what minuscule fee we got for them.
  3. Our lass saw that and all of a sudden she wants to come with me . Maybe I need to put more effort in
  4. All of which are solely down to Palmer.. nothing to do with employing poor managers and overspending on high earners that didn't deliver... You also miss the point that Palmer PLAYED all those games and as you incorrectly put didn't make way for any of those so called replacements.
  5. Good player on his day but worrying he hasn't played for 3 seasons. Probably tell you he loves the club, plenty of badge kissing then go when a better offer comes in. To be fair that is the nature of the game now. Players grab the money rather than guaranteed time on the park.
  6. Maybe they’ll take Sylla Sow too and go double Dutch?
  7. Only way to travel, luxury coaches, hostess serving free chilled drinks with a smile. Pick your own seats, air conditioning. It's brilliant.
  8. Strongly agree, a game like thos would be a perfect opportunity for Cadamarteri's pro debut. We all need to come up with a stupid nickname for him before Giles Coke calls him Cadz. I say we call him Terry.
  9. It makes me laugh though. We're searching high and low for a quick forward who can turn a defence and leave Sow on the bench. I'd love to know what Sow said to DM last year to make him hate him this much.
  10. Windass will miss more than he plays due to injury. Patterson is not good enough. Neither is Sow (who’s leaving anyway). I do, however, agree that striker is not the first priority. That’s a centre half.
  11. The only 2 that weren't in the squad for the playoffs from that were Cam Dawson, who was busy getting promoted elsewhere and Dom Iorfa. So they can't have been that bad.
  12. Big move for him. Might need a little Dutch courage
  13. Similar to Iorfa who was also a machine about 4 years ago and been dreadful since
  14. Anyhow, off to circuit training at Bloomfield Road shortly where I shall start by winding up the Blackpool fans with they aren't a big enough club to lure him, they can't afford him, we could fit 4 x Bloomfield Roads in Hillsborough, it takes me 40 seconds to run up all the stairs in their stand, I'd need to get a taxi at Hillsborough etc.
  15. And inevitably injury prone if he comes back
  16. I think we should sack our manager every 3 months, because that's the time limit some of our supporters seem to think the manager should be judged on.
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