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  2. How much co er do you need ? Van aken and borner is enough surely
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  4. I'm just a spring chicken of 61 Nev, not like you old 'uns!
  5. Had a good play on the ball Saturday but took that gawd awful shot instead of feeding an open Reach.
  6. Thank you, Dot. I’m in. FFC 0-1 SWFC ( I know it’s early, can’t help myself). UTO.
  7. Good coaching does wonders. Back line must be feeling like nothings getting passed them no matter what. UTO.
  8. Strange name Here's some highlights. There were fans in too. No-one masked up
  9. Ah ya just a baby Pancho and Hickton got our two that day, end to end stuff.
  10. Somebody actually reads that thread?
  11. Slimey under cooked fatty greasy bacon butty with watery Ketchup, not a bottle of Relish in sight; Just what you expect from Wilders Blavdes !
  12. Radio sheffield won't be happy!
  13. He always spoke about us fondly on Saint and Greavsie. Nice man
  14. Out of their next 6 games they need to get something from Leeds and Fulham otherwise it could be a very long hard season for them. Here's hoping!
  15. Yesterday
  16. Man of the match for me on Saturday and a solid start to the season. Got to keep it up though. Monk brought him back into the side in July, we kept two clean sheets in his first two games back then conceded 5 at Fulham and two at home to Middlesbrough and he was at fault in both games.
  17. Played 6, lost 6. Scored 2, conceded 15. Bottom of the league. Championship doesn't know what its missing!
  18. They don't create many chances though and don't have anyone to score them. The keeper they now have behind the organised set up is not a patch on the keeper they have borrowed for the past 2 years either. I expect there will be more than 3 teams worse than them this season but don't expect them to get close to last seasons unprecedented success where they won two games more than they lost and banged in 39 goals in 38 games. He's spat the dummy out a bit tonight as well, which was amusing.
  19. replies to the official club tweet about removing these 2 players from the first team appear to be mostly if not all in support of the players. Fans not happy with the way the club is being run at all.
  20. Cyprus I can think of a lot worse places to spend the winter. I hope things go well for him
  21. Yet how may said he should have been allowed to stay here?..
  22. The bubble has burst already. 😂
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