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  2. Would be grateful for any links, based in Perth, have no kodi box. Cheers
  3. One defeat in 17

    You can't come on here presenting facts Holmowl. You know how Owlstalk works, fill it up shiite. Neil can back this up. Tell them, Neil.
  4. One defeat in 17

    This has been bugging me The OP is completely reasonable and, goes without saying, legit Yes the sun always shines, I especially like goat curry and I can never be anything but cheerful. Yaaaay! Think the tough crowd has got to be around the golf. I mean, who the roger refers to golf, Holmowl? Who to substitute? Westwood Hunt Lees van Aken Reach Wallace Bannan Lee ? Hooper Fletcher That should be the team to take us up ? = Messi btw
  5. The Wilder Factor

    whatever you think of him you have to admit he is a good manager he has achieved a lot with little financial backing
  6. York Roast Co are Wednesdayites

    We aren't worried about price as we'll be able to make it affordable. We just need the help of Owlstalk to create enough hype so S6 see the opportunity. We need more Yorkshire at the ground...
  7. York Roast Co are Wednesdayites

    Thanks for all the support fellow owls...being Wednesday fans ourselves we would love to be at S6! The media attention this week globally has been very intense so once things settle down we will start discussions with the best club in the world... WAWAW
  8. When I want to stop myself cumming into my lass, I think of Sheffield United Does anyone have any better techniques because I am getting sick bored of it?
  9. Today
  10. Hooliganism has nowt to do with football other than when it happens, it's just another way of organising people wanting to fight People wanting to fight is a human condition, otherwise we wouldn't have wars throughout history Civilised societies strive to impose rules to outlaw fighting, as it ultimately affects society's profit, but fighting will always happen, so best a society can do, is contain it Most decent people will realise it's wrong to kick someone in the head when their "opponent" is unconcious anyway, and will resist their natural urges and bodily fluids in doing so But a lot of equally decent people can't, at the time Resist their natural urges and bodily fluids
  11. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    My favourite goal against the scrubbers is the next one
  12. History - Who were the pigs in Sheffield?

    Sheffield United are just bobbar. Sheffield Wednesday are just class. What is the debate here?
  13. Hutch abdi loovens

    Hutchabdiloovens actually sounds like an unpleasant medical condition inflicting one's arse
  14. My wife reckons I could chop Leon's head off I swung my wee wee tail at him at a certain angle Of course I made my excuses and left, just in case she made me do it Leon was nowhere near the marital bed, obviously
  15. History - Who were the pigs in Sheffield?

    Yes, the likeness is uncanny. BTW The term Pig has been used for hundreds, probably thousands of years. You Blades really are stupid.
  16. Calm down snowflake. This has nothing to do with over sensitivity and everything to do with protecting the site from the prospect (however slight you may think) of lawsuits. This is a thread in the public section of the biggest and most widely known SWFC forum on the internet. Things that are posted on here are very public and open to scrutiny. I quite like the site and don't want it or Neil put through unnecessary hassle.
  17. Very different approach to Forestieri and Winnall
  18. Favourite goal against the scrubbers ?

    We've scored some great goals against the bacon. So difficult to pick my personal favourite. The one I've just gone for though, is the Hirst, Waddle assist at Porksville. I had a great view of it all the way and what a goal. The relief and joy of getting that equaliser, was just such an intense and fantastic feeling. It's just so important firstly not to lose. The win is always the bonus and we should have won that day, as Warhurst had a good late goal disallowed for f!!k all. Fancy us strongly on Sunday. UTO.
  19. History - Who were the pigs in Sheffield?

    You're quite interesting, especially when compared to Sheffsteel and his fantasy "truth". We all know the real truth, only question is, are they that deluded that they actually belive their own bullshit (sorry pigshit is more apt) or do they just make it up to try to be funny As someone else says they now say "we're all Blunts aren't we". wee wee myself everytime I hear it, just shows how original they are, copying pigs and then some of them trying to claim it as their own, now copying the WAWAW saying, they will soon claim they started saying it first and will have some (fictional) history book to prove it. Actally think some of em believe their own Bullshit.
  20. I'll not be going down that road and getting into that debate but he had his conviction overturned correct, that does not mean he is "innocent" either in the eyes of the law or morally. The poster didn't refer to any criminal activity but as usual in the oversensitive over-censored world we live in someone has deemed the post offensive and deleted it. I think most people can decide for themselves what is right or wrong and can read a post they might not agree with without their eyes burning out of their skulls and demanding it to be deleted. No worries I'm sure some jobsworth will be along shortly to delete this too
  21. Been found not guilty or having your conviction overturned is totally different from being innocent.
  22. Hutch abdi loovens

    Hutchinson for Pudil Sunday. Only change. Been saying it since last week and with Hutchinson now back in training I can see it happening.
  23. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    On the couch with some Cocoa Krispies. Kick off is 6:15 am.
  24. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    In front of the computer with a beer. Hopefully get it on Bet 365 as neither Bein or iFollow are showing it in Australia. It's a fekn travesty.
  25. Its a good crowd considering the ticket price and its on TV. Its why we have so many season ticket holders, to avoid having to pay £50 for a ticket. We have a massive amount of fans, they just will be watching in bars and at home, cant blame them at the ticket price.
  26. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    Let's smash these flaps 5-0
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