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  2. Saturdays Programme. It's a sign...

    You're on the right track there
  3. Team for Saturday

    Decent line up mate .....but would replace Jones for Palmer since non of the others are holding midfielders and would want Hunt bombing down the right flank. !!! That would be an interesting team methinks with good bench options.
  4. Really liking this guy so far, comes across really well and seems to know what he's doing, which helps
  5. Injured Players

    Nobody has recovered in the last 3 days when the last list of injured players was posted...I do, however, get the feeling that players might be anxious to get fit as soon as possible now.
  6. Jos answers the chicken or egg question.

    Can we ask him the bear or shark question ?
  7. His English is improving by the week It's only a matter of time before he's calling Howson a miserable git and telling him to speak up
  8. Injured Players

    To quick for me before I realised and edited
  9. If Pessy signs, Buttercup should be returned to Derby. Rather see Clare given a go than him if we're caught short.
  10. Minutes Applause

    I do have a season ticket, but I did not go to that game as I was in Edinburgh
  11. " No...but I've heard of the East Bank Aggro "
  12. You're wrong I think. He took Notts Co from 3rd div to 1st in successive seasons and kept them up for 2 seasons. He took another small club, Sheffield united, up for a season. Plus he got QPR up of course. That's a fantastic record by any standards.
  13. Westwood Lees Van Aken Abdi Lee Hutchison Bannan Fletcher Foresteiri Hooper Have I missed anyone? That's 10 potential first team players Anyone know if any are due back in the next few weeks cause it seems they are all at least a month or two away ? It does seem when we get injuries we never seem to have any players out for just a game or two!
  14. Matias

    Hope its Matias and Joao on Saturday. Palmer has done well recently, would play him as well
  15. Carlos said the fans had to back the players and get them going. Dave Jones said the players didn't like playing at Hillsborough Jos says-: "The fans come to us...we have to make the first steps on the field for our fans ..then the fans coming will give us the support we need" So there we go.
  16. never says an unbelievable word ,he answers the question's and put's it out and you instantly think that's spot on ,
  17. A few weeks

    Abdi situation is a total joke. It's a pity it's not like real life with footballers - he would have been ill-health retired by now.
  18. A few weeks

    According to Dom Howson Westwood will be out at least two- three weeks having had an injection in his groin. Abdi has had another set back, he trained twice last week then picked up a muscular injury. No injured players due back for Saturday
  19. Love these old photos on the covers. They’ve been ace.
  20. Checked him out on wiki he was born in Hillsborough, Poland in the 1800's and is 8ft 9" How do the bacon munchers know all this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joey_Pelupessy
  21. Imagine the kerfuffle if we got to Wembley. The cost of transport for starters.... Pffftt
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