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  3. Huge mistake of Biblical proportions by Fulham as they set before themselves in one small corner of the ground a CRAVEN cottage. God sayeth "Never set before thyself any CRAVEN images upon which to worship" The wrath of God will come to pass !
  4. This is a big test for us up against one of the promotion fancies at home. I'm backing us to come through with a hard fought 1 v 0 win. Come on Wednesday!
  5. Always a pleasure to read these snoots and I agree with you that we can get at them if we play to our strengths so I'm predicting a 2-1 win and 3 points at home which would really be a good start for monk uto
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  7. I've grown to dispise the 433 which Wednesday have played in recent years, but for this game I think needs must, but its nice to have a Manager who thinks we should be playing 442. With Winnall and Fletcher pressing it might just make up for their extra man in midfield. That's why The Monk got the Wednesday job, to make these decisions. Just because Fulham have started slowly, don't write them off. Leave that to Hutch...
  8. Americans though, spent 5 years searching the middle east for Osama Bin Laden and then found him at his house
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