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  2. One De Bilde

    Unpopular opinion: Wednesday edition

    Good of you to be concerned for his welfare but don't worry i'd go easy on him. If it does kick off though, i'd want you to get out. This is big boy sh1.t
  3. matthefish2002


    Expecting Wednesday to finish about 8th. But with 4th year in a row of sky high prices on everything and no sign of them ending soon anything less then a promotion challenge to me is not good enough.
  4. room0035


    I was at Wembley in 1993 play off final replay with my older sister - we equalized both of us jumped up to celebrate with out hands in the air as you do Just as my sister did, the women next to her bear hugged her and my sister fingers went straight up her nose and see spent the rest of the game with a nose bleed, and that included extra time.
  5. Kanye West

    The barnet from Basingstoke

    He’s at Leicester training ground today.
  6. Ash76

    Retail Manager

    This will be why someone I know had to go to Rotherham for shirt name and number printing, we’ve not ordered ours apparently. Pigs refused to do it for him
  7. Egan is good . Waghorn had a good season - cant go buying flash in the pan players, its how you end up broke and poo. (Watch him score 30 next season now!)
  8. I don’t remember the Norwich wide player beating him every single time. That is absolutely an exaggeration but it is irrelevant. In a system with 3 at the back the wing back is going to be caught forward and the left centre back has to cover. That is the weakness with the system. Wing back is a very hard position to play and you can be made to look foolish as we saw at the World Cup. That might have been the first game for Reach at wing back last season. Shortly before that we played Hull away and Reach played on the right hand side of a front three! The best thing Jos can do is give Reach a settled position and give the lad a chance to show how good he can be.
  9. So two weeks tomorrow we have our first game of the season. To recap so far we have no new players and no rumours to suggest there is any likely hood of getting any. We have sold just 1 player and loan another one out to a fellow championship team. we have not offload the likes of Matias, Abdi, Jones and Fletcher who are costing us millions each season to sit watching the games from the stands. We don't have a home shirt available to buy for anyone other than kids and some women's sizes We don't have any away shirts We don't have a fully fit squad with Hooper, Lee, Fletcher, Winnall unlikely to be ready for the start of the season and are waiting for the excuse why Abdi makes no appearances what so ever in pre-season. But don't worry we have the squad number out and all is right with the world
  10. Owl At Risk

    Unpopular opinion: Wednesday edition

    At least 90% of Wednesday fans get right on my t*ts. Although in fairness that's no different from the rest of society.
  11. If we hadn't had that bad run of form, and injuries, from August to May we would have made automatic.
  12. Didn't at Preston he had Cunningham behind him for most of the games a player who is more of a natural wing back. A player if we had any money would have been a great signing for us..

    Ross Wallace on trial with Wigan Athletic

    Rubbish,no bugger wanted rid after one season.
  14. Mate not saying we should but what I am saying is if we do then don't take the first offer. When Brooks is going for £12m after less than 1 season of football then reach is worth a lot more.

    Egan - Reet Signing - Us v Utd

    Wow..........................just wow. I'm done.
  16. You are just saying the same stuff in a different way. We don’t know whether we are weaker or not because we don’t know whether Palmer is going to be an improved player this season. For all this effort and commitment from Hunt he himself had weaknesses. He could run , he wasn’t a great footballer, can’t remember him scoring and his assists record is not outstanding for a player given licence to get forward. so much. Average defender, physically weak and fragile. See, it is easy to be negative about a player. Better player than Palmer on evidence mainly because he had a better engine. Let’s see what Jos can do. If we can get a loanee in who is better then we should do it.
  17. It’s not just an issue of being caught further forward Often when I watched him taking up defensive positions, he was completely unaware of what might be happening behind him Of course, he will learn those skills with greater experience, as you suggest For me the Norwich match summed up his game He was very good coming forward, delivering some excellent crosses However, the Norwich wide right attacker, beat him every single time As a wing back, he is very much work in progress
  18. Understand what you are saying. But if and it's a big if, we Can get Matias fit and playing then I think his levels will far out weigh that of McKays.
  19. I knew it would not be popular opinion.
  20. I think with the way United play, they'll have a good season again - well, similar to this last season, which now that they've achieved it once, perhaps they'll not consider it a good season to finish in more-or-less the same place? Anyway, I expect us to finish higher than them, because I expect us to be able to keep far more of our players fit this season than we did last season, and it's as simple as that for me; compare the two squads when fully fit and ours is clearly superior to theirs. Maybe when we play them again they'll beat us on pashun - but maybe not - if nothing else, I'd like to think our players will be ready for them and ready for revenge this time around. And in any case, I'm confident we'll have the better season overall.
  21. I love our nickname and it's one of the few animals i actually like
  22. alanharper

    Egan - Reet Signing - Us v Utd

    Have we got a defender who's scored that many?
  23. Tired mate? Suppose it is Friday
  24. I hate the nickname Owls. It is a really dim bird quite the opposite to what it is supposed to be. Should have competition for new nick name.
  25. Bigblueowl

    Egan - Reet Signing - Us v Utd

    Yes it is. He is a very good player with a wicked left peg.
  26. I met up with chap this morning who is well informed on most sports. Was hoping for some information. He had nothing on Wednesday whatsoever. He heard early in summer we were one of several Champiosnship clubs who were to be informed which youngsters were likely to be available for loan but this is common practice. Apparently nothing since and nothing circulating. Before anybody asks he works for a large betting company and works on forming sporting markets. Sorry for nothing exciting.
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