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  2. To me it all smacks of a Chairman learning the arts ..Ive been a critic and I still think his pricing policy is ridiculous...recruitment at times has been apalling...but here he still is, and to be fair to him, he faces it... He is quite prepared to face down fans, listen to fans...he by no means will roll over, but he lets fans have a say..When he could honestly just ignore us. This latest thing with Bruce..No-one could have foreseen...and it left Chansiri in a cleft stick...Drag it out and go into the new season with everything hanging over us..or sort it as quickly as possible and get the season on track under a new regime. Its hardly ideal for a Chairman, its hardly ideal for the players..and its total utter.................... "here we f.ookin' go again" from Owls fans. Its Ok Sally in the above post saying getting players from Newcastle is great business.. but the f.ookin' caveat... "I want so and so and so and so". ....is patently ridiculous from a football supporter!! I'm sure we will try and get the best deal we can...It would have been self defeating to put Bruce on gardening leave, cos it gets us nowt bar revenge....Thats not going to take us up...It simply means we can snicker up our sleeves at the two faced f.ooker...Its a laugh until the season starts..after that...Who wins?
  3. Doesnt prevent us appointing a new manager or realistically put pressure on Newcastle
  4. How do you know that about the ground valuation or are you guessing?
  5. Heard today he’s had more than one meeting with the club, guy who told me had money on it off the back of what he’d heard.
  6. Can’t help thinking that if it’s one of the usual out of work suspects the deal would be done by now. Longer this takes the more I’m suspecting MrC is going after a hard to do deal? Maybe Hughton is not dead in the water just yet. Or maybe there’s an even more attractive option out there? Going to be gutted now if it’s coleman
  7. Understand reservations about his playing style, but I don't think Pulis gets the respect his record deserves. Still feel we need an experienced boss to continue what Bruce started. If we end up with Coleman or Rowett I shall be annoyed.
  8. I agree but Bruce has left us in an awful position. Does Chansiri fizz over another club like Newcastle have done to us and poach their manager on the eve of the new season? (someone like the Cowleys at Lincoln). Or does he go random out of work foreigner and gamble they come and hit the ground running? Or does he keep Bullen in as caretaker hoping he’s ready or just keep ticking things along until the right guy becomes available? Or does he go out of work championship experience manager though admittedly the list is poor? No wonder Chansiri wants top dollar from Newcastle because they really have done a number on us and our prep for this season.
  9. Someone allocate Chansiri on their 3 Netflix subscribers list so he can watch that Sunderland documentary. Let's get them Coleman odds drifting way out. And Hughton wouldn't be seen dead here.
  10. A soft embargo means max. new player wage of £11,500 per week gross. Only Rotherham pay less to (ex) Championship level players.
  11. Sure, but a slow starter don't you think. I can't take him seriously as a realistic candidate having previously and so publicly acknowledged he was out of his depth.
  12. For me it's Hughton, Pulis, or go foreign. Wouldn't touch the other champ managers playing musical chairs.
  13. Until such time that the compensation package is agreed, the two items are inextricably linked.
  14. Last big job was at Sunderland who were relegated to Div 1 with a 17% win record. His win rates in league football range from that 17% at Sunderland to 34% at Fulham. With Wales he managed a mediocre 38% win rate mainly due to having Gareth Bale in his team. If he’s the best we can find (which I doubt with that record) I would prefer to leave Bullen in charge until better is available.
  15. Odds on Coleman continue to shorten... Rowett is now 4/1.
  16. The league don't buy £60 million ground valuation - from £23 million 3 years ago - so soft embargo stays. Which means top new player wage (gross) of £600,000 per annum (£11,500 per week or chicken feed). Resulting in dodgy free transfers or loans from other clubs (where we are losing more credibility every day now).
  17. Their bloke went in hard, then said it was all Sam’s fault. The ref felt he didn’t have a leg to stand on, so told him to hop it.
  18. Yeah, I thought the same when I saw earlier. Been good since he was young.
  19. Closely followed by "Ball jugglin'"................ Then I realised it was a football thingy
  20. Sorry for the confusion chaps, I should have explained that he is known as Chris ‘Cookie’ Coleman due to his love of cookies and chocolate, as he was a little fat foôker when he was younger by all accounts. Doesn’t really work as a gag though if you have to Google it. I’ll just get me coat
  21. This was my point though mate, it’s all about the least worst option That’s no basis for building a side that can challenge
  22. Rowett would be a better option than Coleman or Pullis in my opinion Although i wouldn't be dancing for joy if we got him
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