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  2. Fewer fans=less money for our useless owner=more chance of him selling up More fans in ground=More money to our owner=him staying because he’s in Thailand and doesn’t hear the nasty words anyway but thanks for the £30. If you’re gonna do the chairman’s dirty work at least come with better than that.
  3. There isn't one player I'd be sorry to see leave.
  4. Mike Renderaguas ? now where have I heard that before !
  5. “Incredible you've never made it as a manager - given your insight appears to be better than Garry Monk, Tony Pulis, neil Thompson and now Darren Moore. You're wasted on here pal. Get in touch with Watford - its only a matter of time before theyre looking again “ So why can’t these “football people” see the bleedin’ obvious ? Or can they see it and there’s some other reason we don’t set up like that ? Pray enlighten us mere mortals.
  6. I've said it before, we're doing a Notts County.
  7. Ha ha. Admitted DC is a bit out there but sacking managers without giving them a chance is not really something that he has done before. Actually more like the opposite is DCs track record
  8. 21,934. It was fantastic, and I remember we had a meal booked with the in-laws at Sette Colli later that evening, everybody was grinning like Cheshire cats, we knew it was on.
  9. The players being on social media contributes massively to that too
  10. XI: Jackson, Thompson, Galvin, Cox, Rice (c), Brennan, Hunt, Reaney, Waldock, Hagan, Huxley SUBS: Render, Aguas, Trueman, Glaves, Zottos
  11. Problem is, where the ref is unsure if it’s a foul or not the likelihood of it being given is directly related by how chilling a scream is bellowed. It takes balls to scream that hard when you haven’t even been touched
  12. IMO the only way to improve the 1st team is to bring a few young'uns through, players like Galvin, Rice, Brennan, Preston, Waldock, Hagan and Adedoyin from the U23's. Get them some game time ready for League One and lets be honest our joke of a 1st team can't get much worse, I'm not suggesting throwing them all in at once but shoe horn them in gradually. With almost all our squad out of contract in the summer Darren Moore (If he's still in charge.....debatable) is going to have to rebuild with not a lot of cash I would imagine . We always go down the older
  13. Who's told you this mate? And if that's true what's he advising us on?
  14. Wait until next season when we storm the league. Everyone will be wondering what all this fuss was about.
  15. Absolutely right. I totally agree that the whole way of doing things has to be different with DM. I never had this feeling with jl gm tp. We going to have to be patient. Wednesday being Wednesday it will take longer than usual to get us a decent side. After last few seasons our patience is wearing very thin. I think realistically if we go down at Xmas DC needs to take stock and see how things are progressing. We won't be winning many games. We need to see some youth and enthusiasm and potential its a bit unrealistic to expect everything to go right for DM. We will have some flops l
  16. I don't think we will go straight through. At BEST.... 1st season trying to acclimatize 2nd season play offs at best 3rd season proper go for promotion...... That's at best. Depends on what players we get in, them gelling and luck.....that we get some! Please don't try turn an utter disaster in to 'lets make this a positive!' we will need to do that in time but if we don't act NOW to change things it will be operation paper over the cracks AGAIN!!!!!! THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW!!!!!!! PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF THE POSITIVE SAND AND WAKE UP PLEASE!!!!!! one and a half go
  17. Wednesday bigger than Everton and Sunderland? There are a few others in the 'large' category that are hugely debatable too, and that's putting it mildly. Christ almighty, there is no wonder that other lot call us delusional.
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