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  2. United fan... has never said a good word about Wednesday
  3. Paterson played pretty well last night though, didn't he?
  4. Agree broke my arm playing football i could not move never mind act like that
  5. I wasn't replying to the OP, though; I was replying to the poster who was insinuating that the injury crisis had given Moore an excuse for his post-match interviews. As for the above, I really don't think that's the case, do you?
  6. As an NHS employee we already require tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis vaccines plus immunisations for hepatitis B, varicella, measles, mumps, and rubella. These are for not only our benefit and protection but more importantly for the patients we see. All my colleagues are double vaccinated with COVID booster.
  7. Certainly he'd get our crocks ready for action in no time. There's too many injuries, it's been like this a few years now
  8. Don’t need him. Clean sheet with fizz all CB in the squad. Also how the hell did we manage 11 unbeaten.
  9. Today
  10. Forgot this was happening. Did England go in with a tail that starts at 1 on purpose.
  11. Oh well, here we go. I thought we were poor, lacked any ambition, yet another match where we failed to control midfield (how many is that this season home or away) and big wow, we held on for a point while other teams were scoring 5 and pulling away from us. Yes we battled and thankfully BPF earned us the point, but it was as dull as dishwater as we were never there for 3 points. Draws away are ok if you win your home games and we haven't been doing that consistently. We could be 10 points behind Rotherham and soon the games start running out, then what?/////
  12. Still like to see a Judge rule on the termination of employment for refusing an invasive medical procedure, the NHS sackings have been put on the back burner until the end of March so let’s wait and see
  13. Remind me again how the jab stops you from catching COVID or passing it on works
  14. I am so proud of the boys.. they put up a proper fight. BPF is part of the team and he did play his part. Praise to him! Next time another one will step up to fill a gap. That's what I am excited about: They are now a team, work together and grow with the challenge.
  15. Scored over 100 runs That's worth a celebration given how many we were for 4 wickets. Thought we wouldnt get over 100 the way it was going
  16. I don't know what or who to believe anymore. This club is an utter mess. I certainly cannot recall injury lists the length of what have been around since chansiri has been at the helm. It's bound to cause raised eyebrows and concern.
  17. Interviews, which are forgotten after a few minutes and we are arranging a fight .... Only on OT Fight, fight, fight.
  18. I don't think Swinners meant that, though. I think he meant, have the absent players fallen out with Moore and/or no longer have confidence in his ability to get us promoted, and is injury being used as an excuse for their absence?
  19. So you'd be happy with a point at Crewe on Saturday?
  20. Playoffs are so close this year. Miami winning 5 in a row closing in on Buffalo
  21. It was a bit of a gamble leaving him out tonight, but if there was any doubt about his fitness levels it was a gamble worth taking. On a similar note, it was good to see Luongo taking that responsibility on himself by making sure he isn't risked for the next 3 (easy looking) games. Very clever of him.
  22. Thought that away end was class tonight, none stop on George Hirst, just what he deserves.
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