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  2. He'd definitely bring a storm of excitement
  3. He'd be great but it's just another Rhodes situation - spending well above our means. Hector and Gayle together would be a great pair of signings if we could get Winnall, FF, Rhodes all moved on and make some money. Come on Blades sign FF for 14m!
  4. OK so let's put this right: John Harkes was the first USA born player to play in a cup final. On top of that he is also the first USA born player to score in a cup final.
  5. If the talent is built on confidence, the general level of football at the time, and being at your peak physically, then changes do happen. Somewhere between Blackburn and Middlesborough he lost half a yard of pace which he was never really blessed with. His confidence also took a huge knock - see penalties. Football has moved on, the general level is a lot higher in terms of pace, physicality and 4-4-2 being a generally outdated system in which a 'fox in the box' thrives. He's yesterday's man. Move on.
  6. For Heysel what's also relevant is that police and officials were prosecuted as well as fans. Here despite the opinions included in Taylor's interim report, and they couldn't have been clearer after his detailed view of the evidence taking in statements, CCTV footage, turnstile records etc, that didn't happen.
  7. Dammit, was really hoping we'd land Powell. Disappointed.
  8. We need to get lucky like Norwich did and find someone cheap who turns out to be a gem Never happens to us. In fact the opposite, we find someone over priced and they turn out to be crap.
  9. It's not a lot, but there were 30 or so arrested and of them only a certain number had strong enough evidence to extradite, and of them only 14 had enough evidence to convict. The proportionate response probably lay somewhere between the legal standard of proving every individual's guilt beyond reasonable doubt, and UEFA's approach of banning all English clubs (albeit that was taking account of other trouble too).
  10. We psid the highest wages ever in British foitball .Dave Jones 600k a week.
  11. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/phil-newton89?utm_campaign=pfp-share&utm_content=Phil-Newton89&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_source=Facebook Link didn't seem to work ile try again
  12. With Powell, or any signing like him , I really think it would mean moving Forestieri our first not just for financial reasons, I wouldn’t say there identical players but it would be hard to see them both in the same line up
  13. Surely someone like Fulham will come in for him premier league money, London based and they love pace in their team
  14. Try searching "America" on Wikipedia and see where it takes you.
  15. Hi all. Been a long time member but not posted in a while. As title states if this needs to be moved or deleted please do so. I'm raising money for Prostate cancer UK in memory of my late grandad who passed away back in 2015. If you give my just giving site a read you can catch the rest of the story there. Thanks for reading. Roll on the new season. WAWAW. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/phil-newton89?utm_campaign=pfp-share&utm_content=Phil-Newton89&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_source=Facebook
  16. But surely either way, whether we sell him now or release him at the end of the season we still end up paying £4 million over the course of the next two years. Doesn't really matter that much whether we do it now or in 2020. Plus if we keep him another year that's close on another £2 million in wages spent. Whereas if we sell, we receive a fee, that should make a decent dent in the £4 million - plus we save on having to pay high wages for a guy that's not been in the first team for two seasons.
  17. That is true, but for Heysel it was still a pitifully small amount of convictions. Dozens, if not hundreds of Liverpool fans were rioting in the stands. While I agree South Yorkshire Police were guilty of criminal negligence, I don't believe they weren't actively trying to hurt people. The Liverpool fans were actively trying to hurt the Juventus fans, throwing bottles, concrete, metal poles... and they succeeded in killing 39 of them. There has also been a conspiracy of silence from the fans involved on that day, or the fans who know people involved in the attack.
  18. We already have a purpose built stadium, in that we have a stadium to play football in. Parking on local side streets at older grounds is often far quicker than using car parks at so called 'purpose built grounds'. Whenever I drive I use Langsett Avenue near Middlewood P&R and it never takes me more than 20/25 minutes to get from there to Shalesmoor after the game, in addition to the 15 minutes walking time to the car. I've been stuck in egress flows from car parks at places like Stoke for well over an hour.
  19. We pay Boro 2 million per season over the length of his contract If we keep him another year we will have paid 2 million, so will owe 2 million
  20. Always thought he'd be a much better player if he concentrated on playing football rather than falling down like he'd been shot every time he was challenged.
  21. I am sure they can borrow against the guaranteed Premier League earnings for the coming season without any risk as long as they don't go too mad.
  22. Today
  23. If I am seen looking comfortable its amazing how other half finds a job that needs doing. Think I will have to tell her to create a wife app which produces suggestions on jobs for husbands partners to do. I thought it was built in to all women but judging on this thread perhaps not.
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