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  2. Now up for grabs

    Oh my, a tenner for a mug. Mug is the correct name in this case.
  3. Phone cases

  4. Tom Wharton

    Alan Harper wouldn't look out of place in that photo..jeez they all fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down....
  5. Sam Winnall

    Won't play til after summer transfer window so can't see him going anywhere soon, and certainly not for big money. Poss Jan transfer window if he plays games to prove his fitness. Suppose if Derby don't commit to an early fee Owls could just recall him.
  6. Now up for grabs

    The WAWAW would have been better on the same level in my opinion but otherwise if it costs no more than a fiver then its an up arrow from me.
  7. Sam Winnall

    My thoughts are as follows........ FFP Im more scared of the TV license detector van catching me
  8. Sam Winnall

    Winnall clearly doesn't want to be here so let's get as much as we can for him..
  9. It's Barry Bannans NanNans caravans maintenance man innit.
  10. Now up for grabs

    Wich is that it's dishwasher and microwave safe.
  11. If I was Chansiri I'd be thinking fizz it im fed up of this poo. moan, moan poopydoo moan that's all some do. i don't live in Sheffield either but he's explained why it can't be the week before and at least majority of kids can get there.
  12. Now up for grabs

    So it's a bottomless mug? I feel like you are missing the main selling point.
  13. No news of any Wednesday subs - so perhaps Bazza's going for the full 90mins?
  14. Your an Owl where do you live

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. Jam first. Live in Central France now, born near Truro. Back in Yorkshire for a few days and there was an argument in the pasty shop in York about this at lunchtime. Plenty of Scillonians at Truro school.
  15. We don't have brown bins or grey ones around here, so the b@ggers just chuck it on the roadside.
  16. I love these threads. The one that was going after the pigs lost to Huddersfield in the PO final was comedy gold.
  17. Kieren Westwood wears Samba

    I envisioned this when I opened the thread... As you can imagine, I was bitterly disappointed.
  18. Huh-uh Paper goes in the brown bin - foil in the grey one
  19. We're officially safe then.
  20. Burnley FC ✔@BurnleyOfficial 26’ Sheffield Wednesday substitution - Freddie Nielsen makes way for Joe West. 0-0 13:26 - 23 Mar 2018 Freddie got fingered.
  21. Sam Winnall

    Hold out for a decent transfer fee for once, our player and decent record at this level. To say we picked him up for peanuts, selling him on for a good fee could be the best bit of business we’ve done pretty much ever. We’ll let him go for free waint we.
  22. Tony Kay - Sheffield Wednesday

    Met him at a pre season game at Southports ground about 4 years ago,I was in their club having a few beers,I mentioned my dad knew David Layne and we got talking about football,colourfull guy,lead an interesting life.He had some teriffic stories to tell,sadly I cant share any of it otherwise Id end up in court
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