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  2. For many decades there was an Abergavenny Thursdays FC.
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  4. If ever a city "deserved" two league one clubs its them, mancs and cockneys revel in the joy and give it the big un for a year, but scousers just suck every ounce of dignity out of everything they achieve, theyre experts at it.
  5. I agree with this, they aren't much better but I would rather have Everton fans that the vile red pr1cks. Slashing, bullying w@nkers who love to pick people off in 1's and 2's but when the shoe is on the other foot the run around whining and crying in that annoying scouse noise.
  6. OK, OK. Never mind our name just down the road from you, lived Ironopolis WTF did they pluck that one from ?
  7. Im already engaged dear, thanks for the offer
  8. Not sure you can begrudge Lees. He was nothing short of solid for us and its baffling that you think otherwise. He never hurt the club so why wouldn't you wish him well?
  9. I gave up on Jordan Rhodes. No idea what's going on with him. Even the top psychologists on here were stumped.
  10. So different opinions = numptys or ‘swimming against the tide’..don’t engage wi me anymore
  11. I hope not. Been to cinema tonight and low and behold In bogs was DM. Had to do a double take. He was on phone but sounded like he was still working and that was at 20:45. Hope he had a good evening anyways.
  12. Have you watched Lumley this season?
  13. Won't happen but would be a fantastic shout.
  14. Never rated him. Always thought he’s got a gaf in him isn’t commanding enough and not enough presence.
  15. Dont think many owls would begrudge Tom Lees success, served us well during his time here, but theres always the odd numpty that swims against the tide
  16. Personally I a!ways thought the start of our downfall was Alcock stumbling and falling when Di Canio pushed him. Or was it Woods stumbling and falling when should have caught a header at chest height in the final minute of extra time of a rather important game? Sorry, probably another thread all together......
  17. Far far far too much sense in this post for this forum mate. None of the 5 lads who stepped up that night should have shocked any Wednesday fan, they're all confidant lads, they all probably should have scored. Just one of those things.
  18. Wudnt that have been a udders double? Wits it got to do with us? We need to stop obsessing about crap ex players..reckon some of our fans prefer ex players to current players..we have va very strange fan base if u ask me
  19. Was there as a 10 year old the same night hms Sheffield got sunk..apparently one of theirs took a dive to earn a pen..kicked off all over place after..as much as I can’t stand blunts light..love them floodlights..reckon millmoor and Boston utd have got highest fllodlights in uk
  20. Almost a Wednesday double, Tom Lees had a goal chalked off, hes been a rock for them this season
  21. I went just the one time in the late 70's. Brian Hornsby scored a cracking goal and I think we won 3-1.
  22. He’ll be disappointed he hasn’t scored more this season, not sure how many starts he’s had , he’s not at the peak of his career for sure But let’s not forget he’s still the 4th highest goalscorer in championship history ? 118 goals is it ? His goal scoring record speaks for itself, I’d expect he will drop down to league one at some point before he calls it a day , with regular starts he’ll bag in this division
  23. He is still our downfall..I bet about 20% of our debt is due to Rhodes...why any Wednesday fan is pleased for him I will never know...when them sort of crosses come in for us he Wundt have gambled...heed have hobbled back towards the halfway line with that massive piano on his back..fuming tonight..but if those filthy grunts get past forest..and he scores a goal (or a pen) he can still be a wenzdy legend
  24. Roberts at Northampton, great reflexes, 21 clean sheets this season as well, think hes about 26/27 ish
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