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  2. What’s your idea to solve this very real problem then?
  3. Mate. It's not your choice. As a white bloke telling black people how they should protest??? Maybe you should support the protests instead of telling them how they should protest?
  4. Maybe because there's no proof it does anything to solve a very real problem. Many people who support it tend to be more of the virtue-signalling kind. That's my observation at least. I'm yet to see any good come from it, if anything, it appears to be used as fuel by racist idiots...
  5. Love this. I remember starting a thread not long back about hearing racism at away matches. Think I got beaten down, a lot. Now it's time we sort this out though.
  6. Not sure. Think Will Ferrell plays him though
  7. The idea that if we ignore racists then they will gradually fade away is truly astonishing. Racists aren’t just children trying to get attention on social media. Maybe have just a little bit of regard and respect for the history of the ongoing struggle of black and brown peoples against oppression by white men
  8. Not sure, I'm pretty confident I had a point, but that was about an hour ago
  9. Why are you obsessed with other people's skin colour? And wanting to belittle an opinion on the basis of it. That sounds pretty racist to me
  10. Bet you're white. Bless you though for taking a stance that's never affected you. Hero.
  11. You seem to live in a bubble... this is so obviously what would happen. So pointing out the obvious makes someone a scumbag. ok got it
  12. You've just wrote this, you absolute ******** scumbag
  13. Give your head a wobble we'll talk about what we want. Marx was just a bloke with Ideas who died 138 years ago, nothing to fear. For even longer than those 138 years Black lives haven't mattered. Burnt, Crucified, Lynched, Raped, Tortured and Enslaved. BLM they really do; We need to pay a little more attention than lip service.
  14. Have you ever been to a game? Where is everyone going to kneel because theres no room on the rows so will everyone have to do it on the concourse or at hillsborough park or something?
  15. I won't be taking the knee. I respect the views and rights of others if they wish to do so.
  16. Just let people do what they want within reason, its all a bit totalitarian dictating what everyone has to do. It does start to sound a bit like a fascist state. If people want to take the knee then let them. If it keeps the spotlight on racism, then don't be surprised if more racist tweets get sent.. thats just how it is. Need to weed out the perpetrators and reduce media coverage of it.
  17. I don't know mate. Would be nice just before kick off in my opinion
  18. Are you suggesting we do this in the stadium before kick off?
  19. It’s called grammar. It’s the proper way to write sentences.
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