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  2. Why did I expect to open this thread and see a photograph of one of them asleep somewhere?
  3. Sadly some of our key players decided they wouldn't extend contracts for another 6 weeks. Even though the likes of Fletcher had been stating their love for the club. We don't have the biggest of squads now and further injuries would take us to the brink. Like division 1 and 2 the season should have been ended .
  4. I feel the majority won’t concern themselves too much with it, it’s unprecedented still for everyone. My interest in football has certainly waned off post lockdown. As we all know, you’re never going to please everyone. The fact we can’t attend should, hopefully reduce the impact any unrest within the fan base has on the first team. It may only be 90 minutes ever 4 days as one poster has put it however, a small squad is bound to tire quicker than the likes of a West Brom or, even a Stoke who have plenty of players.
  5. You want to be in my office, I've worked 10 8hr days on the bounce, had 2 days off running around after kids and then back to work today, I'm chinstrapped.
  6. Yep, and if the fans at Hillsborough start to get on their backs, where will it all end.
  7. it’s not ignorance. They have perfectly legitimate point - some clubs will be better advantaged than others - those with bigger squads and players under contract. some will be harder hit - like those that allow key players to run down their contracts etc. all are capable of playing twice a week.
  8. Think a threat of withholding money we are due to or relegating us if we take legal action against the EFL would be breaking the EFL rules and therefore in itself lead to more legal action, might be classed as blackmail as well
  9. Well obviously that’s a very good question and one I can’t answer but I think tactically he’s flexible so I think he would define a system to get the best out of the current squad? I think the likes of Iorfa, Borner and Luongo would flourish under his management and he would always play the best players available to him. He would have to perhaps manage fitness situations better but as a manager, your always learning so I would hope he would do that? Plus he’s got charisma and in my experience managers with this have always more often than not succeeded here than the ones without.
  10. it's utter childish to say that, no one could guarantee anything when they take over. he bottled wembley when up against a manager who had his number, Christ only knows what label you can attach to the 'uddersfield debacle? we had a crippled, unbalanced squad by the end.
  11. FYI - even the pay wall is a joke. Load the article and put your phone in airplane mode. Pay wall disappears!
  12. Agreed mate The thing I fear is that some of our fans will shout and scream at player performances when in fact they're absolutely knackered out there. We need understanding of the situation
  13. Yes I really feel for them at such a difficult time for them. 90 minute football matches every 4 or 5 days. I hope they're ok!
  14. Both Boro and Barnsley have said they will sue the EFL if any potential punishment is not handed out this season. I’m not sure how it works but it seems to have been enough for the EFL to bring forward our hearing.
  15. This was one of the reasons I felt the season should have been curtailed. Larger squads will cope fine but, clubs shouldn’t be penalised for having a team set up to compete over a standard 46 game season. We’ve lost numerous out of contract players. As you say it’s unprecedented the congestion the players are likely to face. Then factor in contracts coming to an end and, teams losing key personnel and, the ‘sporting integrity’ doesn’t exist. The teams ending the season, are completely different to the teams which would have ended the season if we didn’t have Covid.
  16. I don't disagree with you The Star's website is pretty much the very worst on the entire internet - and that's no exaggeration
  17. that's the guy. look everyone loves the clowns at the circus, but in this case others are laughing at you, not with you.
  18. Could he reach 6th, 4th and a playoff finals with this current squad?
  19. Possibly - but associated with the star just knocks it off the radar for me. As I said; poor web site on mobile and the low quality elsewhere just drags it down. But that’s my opinion.
  20. It's a good job we've got plenty of depth in the squad, then. I mean seriously, this whole plan of carrying on the season when a chunk of many first team squads will have declined to sign contract extensions is farcical. There's no sporting integrity in any of this.
  21. 6th and 4th in the championship. 90 minutes away from the premier league and almost out of the wilderness for the first time in years with the type of football I’d not seen since the Atkinson years. If I were offered all this again but with us jumping the final fence, I’d take it and if in your opinion that makes me shallow then so be it?
  22. The more I think about football management the more I feel that the most important aspect is whether a manager can command respect from his players to a level where the players do not want to let him down. Think of the managers that are doing well at the moment, Klopp, Guardiola, Bielsa, Wilder etc, all have the players respect It's a sliding scale, someone like Warnock has loads of respect when he's in the championship but this would diminish if he was put into the PL with players who didn't, or like Roy Hodgson who is respected at mid level PL but becomes Woy if at England or Liverpool Like Zidane is perfect at Madrid because they have the best players and they need someone of that magnitude to ensure they perform I think a reason why someone like Monk struggles is because he's young, not scary looking, not an amazing player. Some awkward dressing room characters try to push their luck due to this. Monk had his best spell at Swansea manager where he was previously their respected captain. I can see based on this why Monk would freeze players out-he needs to assert his power. I think this is also why coaching badges don't equal success. Obviously some tactical nouse is needed but I don't think it can be implemented if the respect isnt there
  23. £55 million and the only one ive heard of is webster .....
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