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  1. Not going to read all 677 replies. So, in a nutshell are we being bought or not?
  2. And as always ots every fans right to stay away. But with a core of season ticket holders who will be in attendance how many would have to stay away to get the message through?
  3. To be fair we saw a style under Pulis. It was attritional and tough to watch. But there was a definite game plan and style. Crumbs. What a grim time. Still, he did introduce our first new free kick routine in 10 years to replace the old 'most famous player blasts it over the bar' one we used for most of the previous decade!
  4. Well you must care Seekers, or you wouldn't be on a Sheffield Wendesday forum of a Sunday night, would you? It's a bit rummy to say half the fanbase are failures. Unless you know them all personally. I am interested to know what want them to do? What are you doing to change things, are you set to become the next CEO? Or better still preparing a bid Chansiri can't turn down?
  5. When did we last name an unchanged side? Happy with this. A chance for the chaps to show some consistency.
  6. "So Mrs Sowthicket, to what do I owe the pleasure?" "tis a Wolf moon, mi'lord" "Why are you talking in that silly voice?" "I'm trying to add some drama, mi'lord" "Well don't. There's really no need" "If you'd read the rest of the script, you might disagree, milord. We're nearing the point of no return, like LOST Season 3" "Just get on with it woman. Stop over playing your part" "Ohhhh.....oooooh....tis The wolf.. moooon" "Good God" "The wolf mooooon..... this lunation, ugggh, tis heightened mi'lord, by the presence of Pluto," "The chap from Popeye?" "The planet mi'lord, Pluto" "Oh. The planet. I couldn't tell what you were saying, have you thought about dentures?" "Pluuuuuto!—the planet of power, death, control! The planet of power and death I says!" "Get on with it crone" "You, you're not familiar with the old ways ,Mi'lord, no, no you're not, I see that now. You'll not be aware of the havoc this planet can wreak. Wreeeeeak havoc!" "What?" "The January full moon sits opposite Pluto in Capricorn, mi'lord, yes, yes so it does, the sun in Capricorn, the sun and moon’s light shine bright on Pluto—and that puts all of our fears, pain, and past traumas ...in the centre of the stage!" "What on Earth are you blathering about woman?" "It shines a spotlight , mi'lord, the Wolf Moon's energy highlights our deepest insecurities, power struggles Tis a full moon to accept surrender, because there's no easy way to meet Pluto's energy. In order to move forward , as survivors, we have to address issues that are buried deep beneath the surface!" "Issues, what issues?" "The ones you cannot face, mi'lord!" "If this is about Danny Batth going to Sunderland, forget it. I'm not bothered" "No, mi'lord. There are bad times ahead. Pluto. The wolf moooooon! A time of great shortage. For everyone. Of poverty....we all have to fight against it, to do all we can mi'lord. All we can...Pluto is angry about our avarice!!" "What can I do?" "A pay cut, mi'lord. To show the planet of death you're worthy of life. To show the Gods you're not greedy.... elst a terrible curse maybe bestowed on you, mi'lord, or worse, Deeeaath!" "I say, hag. That's a bit rummy. Here, hang on a minute! Turn here woman!" "No, mi'lord, I must leave. Before the wolf mooooon, shines its light on me tooooo. But remember...take less money and show your purity of spirit, and you might survive the smite of Pluto and the Wolf moooooooooon!" "Death. Crikey. Maybe I should take a cut. Hang on, that's a wig! Come here.... Good Lord......HARGREAVES!?!" "Mwhahahah! I'd have got away with it too, if I hadn't ordered such a poorly made disguise off Amazon" "FFS!" OXFORD UTD V WEDNESDAY ------------------------------- OXFORD UTD ------------------------------- Oxford United will be boosted by the return of midfielder Herbie Kane, who served a suspension last time out after he was sent off in the 2-0 defeat to Lincoln City. That was one of just a few changes Robinson made for the Wycombe game, and he should again trust his core squad despite the dip in form, with Cameron Brannagan and Mark Sykes expected to feature in the central trio with the returning Kane. The line will be led by Matty Taylor, who has registered 12 goals and five assists in 26 appearances across League One and FA Cup action so far this season. -------------------------------------- WEDNESDAY ----------------------------------------- Wednesday are still without several centre-backs, with Dominic Iorfa, Chey Dunkley and Lewis Gibson though they did welcome Jordan Storey into the squad this week after his loan arrival from Preston North End, and the 24-year-old could come straight in to help the makeshift back line. Midfield star and captain Barry Bannan was forced off last time out, but he is expected to be fit to start in the centre with the returning Massimo Luongo, while Nathaniel Mendez-Laing boosted his claim for another start on the left flank with a goal. Sylla Sow was afforded a rare start in that game, and, after finding the net in the first half, he could again be deployed, although the Dutch attacker faces competition from the likes of Callum Paterson,and Josh Windass. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FORM GUIDE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OXFORD W-L-W-D-L-L OWLS D-D-W-L-L-W
  7. Real Madrid and Spain legend Francisco 'Paco' Gento has died aged 88. Gento, who spent 18 years with Real from 1953-1971, is the only player to have won six European Cups. The left-winger made 600 appearances for the club and scored 182 goals as he also helped them to 12 league crowns, two Copa del Rey titles and one Intercontinental Cup. He won 43 caps for Spain and represented his country in the 1962 and 1966 World Cups
  8. I'm not, so sure. I think if these had been around every week we'd be higher. BPF Hutchinson Luongo Windass
  9. That shot goes shot, from that body angle.. most players that goes out for a throw in
  10. And we should know, we've had most of them!
  11. Not a side in the division who wouldn't want those three (fit) down the middle of their team.
  12. That's the natural balance of the Universe. .....same old dummy throwers emerge after a bad performance.
  13. It's one of the pitfalls of managing in the modern era.
  14. Don't read too much into it old boy. I think he was going for the Cantona style "That's how easy it is" adoration pose.
  15. Five of the next seven are at home. A chance to build some momentum back up.
  16. Win and its down to the players Lose and its down to the manager. Once peoples minds have been made up, they've been made up. It's a no win situation in all honesty.
  17. Likes to run at a defender. Something I think which all fans love to see. Even as he was fading before his substitution he won us a well placed free kick simply by turning and running at the heart of them. I do hope he gets some more pitch time.
  18. One thing on his mind. All made possible by that exquisite first touch.
  19. If your doing pie and a pint do it. If you're not, don't say you are. It might seem not to be a big issue in the Grand scheme of things but it's another niggling lack of thought for an already weary fanbase.
  20. I forget which thread, but someone reminded me this morning that Moore said he'd be chopping and changing in the early half of the season because half the chaps hadn't had a pre season and he didn't want them breaking down. Or at least not as many as usual! I'm hopeful that he'll settle on a side now we've just scrambled over the half way point. I'd be surprised, and a little disappointed to see any changes to this side when we take on Oxford. I think they all deserve to keep the shirt.
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