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  1. There are some balanced ones out there. They tend to be drowned out or not as widely seen because people like the short sharp blast. The most popular titles always include the word "rant". Look at Arsenal TV. Would they get the views if they had balanced guests on? I'd suggest not. The big Geordie chap has built a new career on the back of some shouting and bawling and effing and blinding. Drama sells. That's the truth of the matter.
  2. I get the sentiment. But social media after a defeat is never going to end well.
  3. Surely we're not going to match them up at home 3-4-2-1? FARELL IORFA DUNKLEY HUTCH HUNT ADENIRAN BANNAN PALMER BERAHINO SHODIPO GREGORY
  4. Sorely missed this chap last week. What exactly was the injury do we know?
  5. I do agree today's game the performance is needed as much as the result. We need to see some signs of consistency starting to show.
  6. Punky and Cam with their take on proceedings. Part of my morning ritual.
  7. "Can't tell a lie Stubbs, I don't know much about Shrewsbury. Don't know anything about the Town. Couldn't even tell you which of the home Counties it's in." "That's probably because it isn't ,Sir. It's in Shropshire" "Ah right. Well, never-the-less, a place of no consequence. Never hear anything about it do you. or anyone who comes from there or been there." "Arthur Mainwaring, Sir" "That was Walmington-On-Sea, Stubbs. Crikey, you think you know it all. Well you don't. You state things as fact. You need educating. Pride before a fall Stubbs. Pride before a fall. Learn when to learn." "Mainwairing wasn't from Walmington, Sir, obvious I'd have thought, given it's a fictional place. No, it was in Shrewsbury that-" "I don't think so Stubbs! Learn to back down when you're wrong man. There's no shame to admitting you're wrong from time to time. Arthur Mainwairing was Captain of the Home Guard." "Arthur.... Mainwaring was Whig politician , journalist and a polemic political author,Sir" "The wig episode is one of my favourites. But he wasn't a politician, Stubbs. He was a bank manager." "He was also called George, Sir. Not Arthur" "Eh?" "It was Captain George Mainwaring. Played by the Hayfield born actor Arthur Lowe" "Oh. Well, look. I reckon we should cut all this bit out in the edit. It's a real distraction to the thread." "Why ,Sir? After all, as you said 'There's no shame to admitting you're wrong from time to time' . Pride before a fall. Sir..from being educated..." "No, no. We'll delete it. Not good for the ,erm, ratings. " "Farquer" "I beg your pardon!" "George Farquhar, Sir. An Irish dramatist. He is noted for his contributions to late Restoration comedy, particularly for his play The Constant Couple. He was schooled in Shrewsbury" "Just get on with it and stop showing off Stubbs" "Very good ,Sir" WEDNESDAY V SHREWSBURY TOWN league One 3:00pm Hillsborough Stadium These sides have rarely crossed paths in the last three decades plus, as Sheffield Wednesday are more accustomed to the top two divisions of English football. But due to the Owls’ final day defeat against Derby last season, the ex-Premier League outfit ply their trade in the third division for the first time since 2012. -------------------------------------- WEDNESDAY ------------------------------------------ The Owls have been dealt an injury boost after Dennis Adeniran was declared fit – the midfielder missed the heavy 3-0 defeat against Plymouth. Florian Kamberi (knee) can also be called upon. But Everton loanee Lewis Gibson will miss out with a slight quad issue. Massimo Luongo and Josh Windass are long term absentees. Darren Moore may give new singing Saido Berahino his first Owls start. -------------------------------------- SHREWSBURY ------------------------------------------ Town fans will have fond memories of their side playing against Wednesday. Full-back Jack Grimmer scored a screamer to win an FA Cup tie in January 2016 – a victory that set up a contest against Manchester United. Town boss Steve Cotterill will be without Rekeil Pyke. The striker, who is yet to score a league goal for the club in 12 attempts, is self-isolating after testing positive for COVID-19. There were fears that centre-half Aaron Pierre could have another spell on the side-lines. The Grenadian suffered double vision in a clash with an opponent against Crewe, but he has been given the all clear to feature. Back-up stopper Harry Burgoyne serves the final game of his suspension for an off the field altercation in the Gillingham game last month. Town’s last win against Sheffield Wednesday away from home came in September 1977 – with a solitary goal deciding the fixture. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. The restrictions of the transfer window don't apply in regards loaning players into the non league. They can get proper football or stay with the kids tapping it about the practise pitch. It's a no brainer. Well done Wednesday
  10. One other factor were overlooking here... Squads used to be tiny. Palace had 34 players the other year even though they could only use 25 Pretty sure Liverpool only used 15 players when they won the European cup?
  11. I dont have to believe it or not. I just have to see the nephews and nieces watching it on their phones and forwarding it to their chums on snuggle or whatever it's called.
  12. How did you remember this thread, I can barely remember last night!
  13. At some stage I would like to see this... Peacock-F Palmer Iorfa Hutchinson Brown Luongo Adeniran Bannan Berahino Gregory Windass
  14. We live in the digital age. Social media connectivity and engagement with the fanbase is an absolute must. Theres a generation of children (and young adults) who have born into a world in which it is the norm. Wednesday HAVE to do this sort of thing. It's a huge tool in hauling and hooking the next generation of supporters. The old school method of being taken by father and grandfather is one way. The way we all were brought into it. But in these times of (what feels at times) like physical isolation beaming these images into the back pockets of the young ones is a vital aid. Much of it is beyond me. But we have to recognise its potential in reaching out to the younger fans. Because, well, bluntly, us older chaps wont be around forever. Wednesday have often been a bit behind on this score and I'm pleased to see they've upped their output and their game in general in this area.
  15. Possession starts can be a bit misleading though, much of that possession was between our 18 yard box and our side of the centre circle.
  16. Agree. I'd have rather seen Paterson in there making a nuisance of himself for one of Byers or Wing. Think he also gives us that extra aerial presence defending set pieces.
  17. Well I've certainly learnt my lesson from Saturday. So I'm going for a conservative 5-1 to The Wednesday.
  18. If a photo summed up a game. Tackling fresh air Well , there's going to be some interesting scores tonight. Mr Thome may have to get his calculator out!
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