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  1. Especially for a side that were camped in their own half for half the season. You'd think a goal on the counter would have been the main goal!
  2. Know a chap who went to Turkey to have it done. Seemed to do the trick. He later had a promotion at work and was able to go to a bit more expensive UK treatment place. Think it was Manchester. When he got their the manc Dr told him he'd been 'butchered'. Apparently the top docs take out areas around each individual folical. A long and laborious practise. The Turk he'd seen had been transplanting large areas at a time. Harvesting much bigger areas. Upshot was the UK doc told him he could do one more treatment for him, but after that he's be having to take hairs from half way up the back of his head giving him a permanent cap head.
  3. Don't worry you can catch him later when he comes around to collect the cash. He's in the area again, he's just finish sunbathing on Mrs Oldbints roof where he told her she needed three grands worth of work doing despite it only being completley re-tiled 6 months ago.
  4. We've had plenty of those over the years!
  5. I wouldn't mind.... at the right price. And that price would be high, in a market where Gary Madines signature commands £6,000,000
  6. Didn't see anything in the boy personally, apart from being a big unit. But good luck to him, and I hope he manages to carve a good career out for himself.
  7. Well he spent a lot of time tying to destroy our left back for a central midfield player! He did come inside a fair bit to support when the right back Furlong (?) bombed on. I'll watch it back. I'm prepared to accept when I'm wrong.
  8. He didn't do a bad impression of one!
  9. Possibly. I'd not risk him in a two mind. Maybe off a main striker now Hooper has gone.
  10. Pretty sure this cove knocked on my door the other week asking if I wanted the lawn mower blades sharpening
  11. Haven't seen the blaggard for two days. Said he was nipping into town for some supplies. Abandoned me here at Hargreaves's hilltop paradise.
  12. Do wonder whether this might mean Reach playing a more central role in the side. .. Or whether ...well...Y'know. .£££
  13. Clean sweep across the board for the big man.
  14. Wilder inventing attacking centre halves a full 50 years after Beckenbauers debut.
  15. Indeed. I suspect it's more like to be the spin of that coin though. ...one year left so Chelsea will want to force a full transfer
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