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  1. Steven Fletcher has spoken of his frustration having missed Scotland’s double-header Euro 2020 qualifiers against Kazakhstan and San Marino. The Owls’ striker would almost certainly have featured for the Scots but Fletcher’s concern over playing on artificial pitches whilst managing his fitness dictated his absence. Then, to exacerbate matters, Fletcher sustained a groin injury as Wednesday beat Blackburn last time out at Hillsborough ahead of the international break. He said: “I am passionate about playing for my country and I made the decision with a very heavy heart. With the knee injury I had, it held me back for a long time, and I couldn’t take a chance on aggravating it again. It would just put me back to square one again. “On doctor’s advice, and kind of on personal advice, I thought it’d be best to leave it. “I played for Wednesday against Blackburn and the knee was fine on the grass but I pulled my groin. “Since then I’ve been working overtime with the physios. I was initially really disappointed but now I’m more upbeat because I’ve looked after my body over the past few months and that can only help with my recovery.” Owls boss Steve Bruce added: “I feel for Steven because he has so much passion for Scotland and he was as desperate to play as always. “But he was managing his own situation, he has to be careful with his knee, and both of these games were on artificial surfaces, which would not be the best for him. “Steven played for us against Blackburn and picked up a groin injury and again, we have to be sensible, we took him off when the game was very finely poised at 1-0. “He’s been in with the physios all week having treatment and we want him back out there as soon as possible. “I don’t like singling players out for praise because we win and lose as a team but I have to say Steven has been outstanding since I came into the club. “He is the consummate professional, he has led the line fantastically well and given me absolutely everything and that has been reflected in his form. “You know, we want him back out there as soon as we can and his desire is so strong but his fitness situation has to come first.”
  2. If Bruce can't make a centre half of him then there's not much hope for the lad. Let's see what the gaffer can do with him.* *If he's ever fit for selection
  3. Sort of know what you mean. On the other hand, it's a story of of the times. What's that old phrase... "The past is a different country, people do things differently there"
  4. They'd be better watching it back in the cold light of day, taking the emotion out of it and assessing the left back and centre back.
  5. i do remember him. Absolutley rapid. Could never understand why he didn't get more starts ina side with little burst in the attacking third.
  6. In a poor side playing badly there is only so good a player can look. For my money there were far worse showings than his out there.
  7. Watched the game. Palmer played well in a poor team display. Certainly nothing for him to worry about.
  8. Palmers done ok there. That left back though....blimey. They've got to get the next goal here. Don't see where it's coming from though. McBurnie has been totally isolated after the first 5 minutes.
  9. Crikey. Despite that. Quite a positive start for Scotland!
  10. Referee looks like Sheldon from Big Bang theory. Palmer seeing plenty of the ball early doors.
  11. For those not near the telly. https://www.vipleague.lc/1-kazakhstan-vs-scotland-live-streaming
  12. Looks nice and relaxed. Hopefully carry on for them how he's playing for us and not get any nerves. Good luck Liam.
  13. I was expecting a lot from Paul Smith. But that's hardly surprising as Chris Turner had described him as the best crosser of a ball in the country after David Beckham. A twenty yard volley the first time I saw him persuaded me that turner might be on to something. Later discovered that most of those 'crosses' Turner promised would be from the half way line and little more than punts into the box as the lad had zero pace and couldn't beat a man.
  14. “It’s been a long, tough journey and it’s nice that all the hard work that I put in has paid off and got me the start against Blackburn. You take playing for granted as a footballer and when you’re not playing, whether that’s through injury or through not being selected, it’s tough for any footballer. So for me, to get back out on the pitch and playing in front of those Wednesday fans was really special. It’s something I will never take for granted again. It’s a great time to be back with the team firing on all cylinders. We’re on such a good run of form and we’ve got so much confidence in the squad. The more minutes I get, the sharper I will get, and I am confident the goals will flow as soon as I am back up to my best.”
  15. The forcing yourself not to celebrate because it's a nothing game thing. Ok, it does mean nothing. And fair enough don't celebrate. But there's a couple in here where you can see people are wanting to wheel away like Tardelli and having to hold it in. Don't hold it in boys. No such thing as too cool for school.
  16. Watching Darren Potter attempt a third corner certainly brought on a similar affect
  17. And for the good in my opinion! Hargreaves is indeed serving 5. I expect he'll be out in 2 the state this country is in. However when he does come out he'll face further online charges of crimes against Emojis. That comes with a top end sentence of becoming man servant to Lady S.
  18. The footballing landscape is a different country than it was in those days. I suspect out days of not just playing, but often outplaying the Big-guns may never return in my lifetime. But I do know what you both mean, in terms of having a manager we have all taken to. A man who seems at ease with himself and of course, one who knows how to build a side!
  19. I suspect we'd consider offers for any of them.
  20. It's actually a far better looking trophy than the Premier League trophy IMO. We don't make the play offs this year then I'm sure Bruce will have his eye on it for next.
  21. "I just automatically agreed to the change when I saw the squiggly red line under the word and now I'm a figure of ridicule!"
  22. He's the biggest authority on Sheffield Wednesday in the world.
  23. We need some sort of expert salesman in charge of our outgoing transfers. Someone who could actually rake in fees.
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