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  1. Funny thing with the beeb. People from every side think it's biased toward the opposite side to their own views.
  2. Slip of the tongue from Lineker. It happens. Ok. Slightly odd seeing we have one of the most distinctive names in World football. But the prefix of Sheffield means there's always a chance of it happening. I quite like the beeb and not having to sit through adverts. Especially like radio 4.
  3. Just felt that we have been so long without anyone who's willing, or has the drive to get in behind he was worth a gamble. Oddly enough Windass and Da Cruz showed a similar willingness to get in behind today. Certainly gives us different options. Perfect for when we're on the road.
  4. Possession? You can have the ball all day. What matters is GOOD possession. Excellent. Consummate away performance. We've had a good shape, been relaxed and calm (bar a bad ten after the first drink break) . We've let them have it in non dangerous areas. Kept a good shape. We've got in amongst them in the right places and squeezed their balls, so to speak. I'll tell you what, it's a tough one today to call a man of the match performance. The front pair worked their knackers off. Stretched QPRs back line and provided a constant out ball. Odubajo has, for me put in his best display since he joined the club. Up and down , up and down. Harris....busy as f*ck. Dodgy as hell back pass in the first half, but has really run himself into the ground. Great game. Bannan and Luongo really put some hard yards in here today. Luongo looked back to what we saw the other week. Hunt. Young lad, he's come in, in a game where the plan is to let the opposition have the ball. Not easy. But he's got in good blocking angle and he's been positive in possession. Neat, tidy. But also looking to keep the tempo with one and touch touch stuff. Delighted for the boy. Murphy comes on. Bang what a goal. Great hold and link from Big Atdhe too. It's a tough call today. For all the right reasons. Oh. And maybe , just maybe this bloke deserve a wee bit of credit.... ....*Got his tactics and selection absolutely spot on today. Two leggy runners up front the perfect choice for the way we set up. *(Waits for the "QPR are just [email protected] comments") ENJOY YOUR EVENING FOLKS UTO
  5. Be nice for the lads to get a fourth. They certainly deserve it.
  6. Look at the confidence now. We're 5 yards higher. What a difference a goal makes in the head.
  7. Well done Big Atdhe. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
  8. Not a fan of the drinks breaks. Knocked us off kilter in the first half for 5/10 minutes. Look like we need this one though. Just looking a bit leggy. Don't drop off!!
  9. Murphy upfront? Well this will really stretch them.
  10. We've just lost 3 on the spin. We have the EFL thing Half the fans have turned on the manager Two lads who haven't had much of a chance and are desperate to do well have tried to have an extra touch or dragged stuff. Confidence isn't it.
  11. Half Time 0-2 Good half here from Wednesday (apart from a wobble after the water break) Hunt looking neat and tidy. Positive with his passing. Very good foul. Da Cruz and Windass looking to stretch them by getting in behind to the extent Warburton has hooked one of his struggling centre halves. Windass fully deserved his goal for his work rate. Delighted for him. Could and probably should have been 4 or 5 . Wouldnt have flattered us. We've been patient and looked for tte breaks. QPR don't look much but a lot of that is down to us. Weve defended with patience and hunted where needed. Just need to keep the focus and at the back and pick them off with a killer now
  12. That extra touch trying to set themselves is a lack of confidence. Get the laces through it.
  13. Definitely. Windass playing off the shoulder was causing Masterson some real problems.
  14. Some think he's panicking. I think he's done some good one and two touch stuff.
  15. Windass making some good runs so far. We can pick them off here. KEEP FOCUSSED LADS!
  16. Right. Look like it's down to me to be Captain Clapper then. Come on chaps. Strong brandy. Bit of courage. Keep the positivity levels from plummeting further! No Lee, no one likes Joey so Hunt is in. Well ,that's a positive. Thats the angle to look at it (before kick off anyway!) The lad wants the ball. Wants to play a forward pass. A positive. Lees is back in. Lots of panic, and whilst I can see why...as long as he's in the middle of the three it might work. Flanked by the more mobile Iorfa and Borner. He's still one of the best headers of a ball at the club. Just let him head stuff and boot stuff. He'll be fine. The front pair..... Well, no hardly household names, but both lively and will run about a bit. There's a lot to be said for forwards that run about a bit. Besides. Weve hardly been scoring goals for fun. Maybe , just maybe these two will make a decent pair. Who knows.
  17. Queens Park Rangers V Sheffield Wednesday ----------------------------------------------------------------- Kick Off : 3:00pm Saturday 11th July 2020. Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEAM NEWS QPR may have to make do without smug13-goal shytehawk Jordan Hugill, who missed out the loss to Wigan with a hamstring issue he obtained while scoring his side's winner against Middlesbrough. Defender Lee Wallace is also struggling with an injury in the same area and will likely have to sit this one out for Warburton's side. Luke Amos is pushing for a recall after coming off the bench during the half-time interval against Wigan, and Olamide Shodipo will be eager to feature from the first whistle. Gaffer- : “We have been guilty all season of missing gilt-edged chances and that was the case again. We need to learn.” QPR Possible - : Amos Kane Barbet Masterson Manning Amos Cameron Eze Chair Shodipo Samuel ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wednesday may have skipper Tom Lees back in time for the visit to QPR, and Connor Wickham could return to spearhead the Owls' attack. Maestro Kieran Lee will probably miss out with a calf strain that kept him out of the Preston game. Gaffer: " “The players are wondering how we’ve only got four points from this period of games. Its because we have an issue with concentration at critical moments" OWLS POSSIBLE-: Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Borner Murphy Hunt Luongo Bannan Reach Windass Wickham -------------------------------------------------------------------- Head to head QPR wins: 24 Draws: 17 Sheffield Wednesday wins: 31 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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