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  1. Would be a fantastic signing if we could afford him. Really think we need to go and sign a natural left sided CB though that can be a starter. It makes such a difference when playing a back 3.
  2. I’m still not over it. My best mate is an Huddersfield fan and also all my wife’s family too so you can imagine how much stick i recieved and still do.
  3. The home game against Huddersfield is the most devastated I’ve ever felt after a game. Lasted a while too. That was our chance to go up.
  4. MK Dons strengthening wisely with good young talent. Really like there approach. Just signed Connor Grant who I’ve wanted us to sign for past 18 months.
  5. Harsh on Adedoyin only finishing 6th best player I feel.
  6. Brilliant idea. Sounds so simple doesn’t it. Like with most rolling contracts, people will just stick with it because you can’t be bothered to cancel it.
  7. So much wrong with our (and other clubs) pricing policy. It really annoys me seeing all these deadlines for season tickets. I always buy mine at first opportunity, but it’s getting earlier and earlier every year. A couple of weeks before Christmas I bought mine which I was not impressed at having to do. Once my kids start going I probably won’t be able to afford to do that. Then it gets to the point where the price keeps going up and up and then it feels like your getting ripped off. Why is it so hard to just have one set price and one set deadline (day before the season starts) Same with all these categories for match day prices. Absolute pointless. We go to watch Wednesday not the opposition. Set one price so fans know what there paying. Anyway I’m just an HGV driver so what do I know.
  8. 5 good signings at this level. Or should I say 4 because I don’t know anything about Hennaghan. We made some good signings last summer too but then we seemed to sign players just to fill the squad up, Kamberi, Sow, Berahino etc I think we probably need another 5 signings. CB x 2 LWB RWB CF These signings are just as important and we need to get these right too. Hopefully we’ll add a bit more youth and pace too.
  9. Really wish they’d do away with these categories. We go to watch Wednesday not the opposition. Still think the Kop should be £20 every game.
  10. My only worry is we’ve now got 3 CB’s that aren’t very comfortable on the ball.
  11. Bohemians (a) Amsterdamsche FC (a) Barcelona B (a) Chesterfield (a) Man Utd (h)
  12. Struggled with injuries last season apparently.
  13. I thought that at first, but given what happened with Corbeanu at MK I don’t think it holds us in such a bad light anymore.
  14. He was excellent at right wing back until he got injured, then he got played up front and left wing back a lot. A player that we should be able to replace probably on a smaller wage too.
  15. It looked like he wasn’t bothered to me. Whether he was annoyed at been played out of position I don’t know. But when he was walking at snail pace to take every throwing when we were losing and giving it to the opposition every time he got the ball. He definatley didn’t give 100% that game.
  16. Get a couple of fast skillfull attackers and the rest of the team can be as old as they want.
  17. I always rated him more than Dawson. Looked calm and composed, really needed to get out on loan though whilst we had Westwood.
  18. Not really a ridiculous statement is it. I’m sure Moore did his homework on Brown, Sow, and Kamberi, but they were hardly a success was they. And let’s be honest at 36 he is past his prime.
  19. Never been his biggest fan. Always thought he should have saved Wallace’s shot in the play offs against Brighton. And those goals he conceded at Wembley against Sunderland are still firmly in the memory. Looks like he struggles to get down to low shots these days.
  20. By Everton offering him a contract, it now means we’d have to pay compensation in order to sign him on a ‘Free’
  21. It is the cheapest. It will never be full on normal days though until we get the posts removed.
  22. I’d sponsor the shirt for £800 million enabling Moore to spend it all on players this summer.
  23. If your good enough, your young enough!
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