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  1. For me it’s not a problem them going on sale before Christmas. The problem for me is that if you can’t afford to pay for one before Christmas, after been given 4 days notice, you get penalised and have to pay more for your ticket.
  2. Let’s be honest the referee didn’t have a clue last night. He looked unfit and couldn’t keep up with play.
  3. Hunt and Brennan both need 3 year deals.
  4. Trying to take my mind off the season ticket bombshell today. I think the majority of fans were pleased with the simmer transfer window, bearing in mind we had a soft embargo and needed a complete overhaul. But what’s everyone’s thinking now? Peacock-Farrell - Good signing. Cost us a few points but overall I think he’s a really good keeper. Hunt - Good signing. Done well, especially last few games. Gibson - Ruined by injuries unfortunately. Brown - Awful signing. Would look to move on in January Johnson - Good signing. Wasn’t convinced at the start but I think he’s down really well filling in at CB Adeniran - Good signing. Good player and potential to further improve Byers - Think he’s a good player but been hampered by injuries so far Wing - Thought he was going to be our best signing but it’s really not working out for him. Corbeanu - Has got the potential to be our best player. Started slowly but seems to have found his feet. Shodipo - Very dissapointing. Had a decent season last year in this league but doesn’t seem to offer us much Sow - Poor, will never be good enough Berahino - Poor. A gamble that hasn’t paid off. Kamberi - Decent. Scored a few important goals. Good squad player Gregory - Good signing. I make that 8 good signings out of 13 which is pretty good really.
  5. Brown is clearly not a CB but his application last night and against Harrogate the other week is unacceptable for a professional footballer.
  6. Poor back pass but the more I watch it the more it looks like Wildsmith couldn’t be bothered trying to keep it out. Poor all round, starting from Wing passing it backwards yet again.
  7. Unbelievable. Its like they try there best to find ways of annoying the fans. I for one can’t afford £365 in the next 2 week just before Christmas. I’ve had a season ticket almost 20 year and if the prices rise too much after Christmas I will not be buying one.
  8. Yes 2 year contract I think. I think he’ll be off back to Holland in January
  9. That should be his last performance for us tonight. It was a gamble that unfortunately hasn’t paid off.
  10. Shocking performance. Now we’re out of the cups I hope we never see the likes of Brown, Sow, Berahino play for us again. We really have to try and move these on in January and replace with better, otherwise we could leave ourselves short.
  11. Paterson’s definitely waiting for him in the car park after the game
  12. A real leader. Probably more suited to this league than Iorfa.
  13. Love this. It takes about one defeat and a couple of draws for people to want him out but will probably take 2 consecutive promotions to even start convincing some people
  14. Thought the last 2 matches he’s started hits poorly, giving the ball away a few times,. But he’s definitely grown into both games and looks a much better player with Luongo in the team.
  15. Don’t think he was too bad to be honest. He’s never going to get every decision right. Regarding shirt pulling on Shodipo, it was the linesman on the south that should be seeing that, there right back was quite clever making sure the referee couldn’t see it. Luongo got booked for diving in when the ball had gone. Yes Wycombe time wasted, but not to the extent of Gillingham and MK. We also did it a bit when we were in front.
  16. Always looked decent when given the chance. My concern was he wasn’t big enough to play CB or fast enough to play Full back, but playing in a back 3 suits him perfectly.
  17. We’re finally playing attacking football, the best we’ve played all season, unbeaten in 10 league games and you want to change formation to ‘tighten’ up?
  18. I’d snap your hands off at 10 points.
  19. Did ok, decent pace and power, not sure what he’ll be like as wing back though. Jack Hunt the last 2 matches has been fantastic though.
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