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  1. Thanks Snoots. Come on you blues, make my weekend!
  2. Down with the COVID, you're going down with the COVID .... etc. Seriously, stay safe mate.
  3. Good to be back. My win was a damp squib, we lost 3-0, United won and none of you turned up for my open top bus tour of S6. So I'm here to win again and celebrate in style. Mwah ha ha. Rotherham please @Whitechapel Owl Probably out in the first round!
  4. Blinking marvellous. Thanks Snoots, a warm welcome back to your proper slot and on top form too. Going to continue where we left off, 3-0 to the wonderful Wednesday
  5. The current Mrs Hootsman is a Forest Green Rovers fan. I was at peace with that because I thought we'd never play them ... It now looks odds on for next season!
  6. Thanks Snoots. Working today so can't follow the game. Hoping for improvement today and a comfortable win. We've got to come good sometime soon ... Haven't we ? 2-0 to the owls .... Please!
  7. Thanks Snoots. I have to work today so won't be able to follow the match. This pretty much guarantees a spectacular win, flowing football and a party atmosphere on here. 0-5 to Wednesday. Party on People!
  8. This is it. Comeback time. Tonight's the night. Really, honest, maybe, with a bit of luck and a fair wind.
  9. Hope all is well with you M'Lud. Of course if Wednesday have a blinder we'll have to have a guest OMDT every week.
  10. Completely agree, terrible record, terrible football, I'm not usually supportive of getting rid of managers too quickly but Pulis stayed too long!
  11. Thanks Snoots, great omdt. I'm feeling good today, Spidey sense is tingling and I'm going for a spectacular 0-4 win. Oh yes, today is the day it all comes together and we party till dawn!
  12. Great video, always entertaining when we win!
  13. I'd take sixth right now, nice trip to Wembley and a play off win ... but I am sleep deprived!
  14. Oh Lordy. The dearly beloved Kieren Lee returns. I want to predict a 2-0 win for us but I fear that the Bolton revival will continue and that we'll get a draw at best. This will be followed by lots of Moore out shanangans on here and a generally depressing Sunday. I work with two Bolton fans so Monday might be even worse ... and I am one of the positive ones on here! So come on Wednesday, make this a weekend to remember for all the right reasons, give those Lancastrians a spanking and make us proud x
  15. CC has managed 19 different clubs in 23 years. Hardly an enticement to want him back.
  16. It's going as well as we hoped is it, but constantly changing managers will get us nowhere. We have to give managers time to put things right, he needs until the end of the season - minimum.
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