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  1. Exactly. Carlos, Luhukay, Bullen 3 times, Bruce and Monk have been in and we're round about the same place. It's something deeper than just a bloke picking a team.
  2. Pretty sure when he came they said it was a four year deal. Might be wrong.
  3. Well that's sort of what he's said isn't it. That he's at it every day trying to improve things. But some things take time. Like rebuilding a £40m squad of failure whilst at the same time having two bob and a Toffo to spend and an increasingly stressed (and at times deluded) fanbase who can't seem to grasp or understand what's taking so long and that there's no magic wand.
  4. Aye, the names of managers who do the weekly press conference by saying "It's all my fault , I'm a pap manager, chump of the highest order. The players here are magnificent it's just me that can't get a tune out of them" slip of the tongue in their legions.
  5. And was given a transfer war-chest of a whopping £379k to make the necessary changes...
  6. Celebrity Penalty ducking stool. Star names. Two each week take 5 penalties each. Winner has the applause of the half empty KOP. Loser is sat on a ducking stool and plunged into slop-dosh.
  7. Well I like to look at the positives as a rule. Perhaps the old Blackburn has out the malady in my heart this week. Just find it odd that a fit Westwood wouldn't be involved in a matchday squad at all.
  8. Well there will be. The manager days he's fit. There were pictures of him training last week too. But he wasn't in the matchday squad. It's bound to raise questions.
  9. Might be a long job, because if we ditch the danglers then we're still not going to be allowed to spend much on replacments are we. It will be a start though. Whether he gets time to finish what he started id another matter given the crazy way football is these days.
  10. I get the impression that as soon as it's possible Monk will be touching them...
  11. To be honest the 'windows' just annoy me full stop. It's just a fannying about overexercise to keep fans ringing clubcall. watching SKY Sports news
  12. Connor Wickham & Transfer rumours – I’m not going to sit here and discuss targets. I don’t think that’s right. But we have players who are targets. Some we’ve had to move on from because you can have them, then you can’t . Some you start getting down the line, then there’s a turnaround so you can’t , there’s all of all the variables involved in it. But we know the need for it (incomings) , that’s clear and I’m very hopeful all I can say is that the club are working extremely hard to make sure we get one or two across the line. It's obvious of course that we would like a couple in. It's obvious what we need. But it's not as easy as "We want him, we'll offer you that" There's more than just one club involved. Lots of clubs in the same market. Then there's other factors. The club are working hard on targets but honestly, it's not as simple as "we want him, lets go and get him". But I am hopeful of course that we will get a couple in before (Wigan)
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