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  1. Lord Snooty

    German defender linked

    Have we found some money down the back of the sofa?
  2. Lord Snooty


    Be smashing to have him back as an option.
  3. Lord Snooty

    All Wednesday

    I'm glad I saw this if for little else than seeing the footage of that little lad going to his first game with his dad. When that little face lit up in awe... that is a face we all know. Brought back memories I'm sure in all of us of the first time we ever saw that pitch the inside of the stadium for the first time and the masses of humanity filling it. Wonderful emotion capturing shot that captures that moment
  4. Lord Snooty

    Who would like this back.

    Players clattering down the tunnel like Gladiators ,the roar of the crowd going up. Thats what you want. None of this fake sportsmanship and shaking hands with all the opposition cobblers. Entrance music. Meh. Could consign it to the bin with squad numbers for me. If they ever introduce goal music though I genuinly don't know what I'd do. It'd tip me over the sanity line. I'd become a lunatic if that nonsense ever descended on us
  5. Lord Snooty

    'Twas the match before Brucemas*

    Second reading this morning. Enjoyed it again. More of this sort of thing.
  6. Lord Snooty

    2nd half - 442

    Well we can say mighty Wigan as a line, but we we've not been in the top flight ourselves for nigh 20 years. It's about the players on the pitch isn't it. We played two up top at their place in an open contest. ...and lost. Swings and roundabouts. I'll take the win and the clean sheet.
  7. Lord Snooty

    2nd half - 442

    I think it was the right move. Not sure I'd start with it because , as you say, it can open things up...at either end... Good switch to have though once we had grabbed control of the game. Good game plan today well executed.
  8. Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan Athletic Fletcher 63 Clean sheet and 3 points. Home win against a side who had just battered Villa.. Who was your top Owl today? And how did the rest fair? Time to get those scores on the doors! How? Just how? WTF?! Horrific. My eyes! My eyes! Bad - Lads had a stinker Below par - Not at his best today Bare minimum- Level no one should fall below Standard- Lads done ok today. Good - Played well Terrific - Made a good impact on the game Absolutley bloody marvelous - Showed why we pay all our lads £40pw I've just spaffed and will probably never see another performance like that in my life time. But ill be able to say I was here this day and witnessed it.
  9. Lord Snooty


    Been one of our best this season that for sure.
  10. Lord Snooty

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    Agree totally. We really should have pushed it to sign up the evil twin on a free. Absolute farce transfer policy that we didn't.
  11. Lord Snooty

    Line up today

    Bit harsh on Fletcher old cork. Not the fastest, but then again we're not blessed with much of that as a squad. His hold and link play is excellent ,IMO, get Reach bombing on in that attacking role and Matias and Boyd making up the numbers when the balls down the opposite flank and I think we've got enough. We rarely score more than two in a game so suspect we're trying to ensure we don't lose the centre of midfield against Wigans 4-5-1 We could play a second or third striker....but if you lose the midfield they might not get the service...
  12. Lord Snooty

    Line up today

    I think intent is as important as the number of strikers on the park. We get out there and get at them then that side is certainly capable.
  13. Lord Snooty

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT