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  1. Carlos said the fans had to back the players and get them going. Dave Jones said the players didn't like playing at Hillsborough Jos says-: "The fans come to us...we have to make the first steps on the field for our fans ..then the fans coming will give us the support we need" So there we go.
  2. Video analysis playing a part

    And yet. .. We were obsessed with what the opposites were doing under Carlos. .so surely that was part of it?
  3. What positions do we need to address?

    Bit harsh on Boyd old fruit.
  4. Speaking of Norwich. ..really impressed with their two left sided young lads Lewis and Murphy last night. They were superb. 19 and 22.
  5. What positions do we need to address?

    I think you'd see the best from Matias, Fernando , Wallace, Reach, Abdi, and Hooper in that line up. I think the bigger issue in that system is who plays the lone role. For my money Joao is the best fit. But he's inconsistent. ..and I think it would make Fletcher and Rhodes redundant
  6. We should do more shopping in Holland if we can get 17 experienced players for the same money as one George Hirst....
  7. We would if we didn't already have him ...
  8. Your right. Sod it, let's push the boat out!
  9. Team for Saturday

    Good stuff. Felt for him in the week because I'm convinced he'd had played in the Cup
  10. Team for Saturday

    Didn't someone say he was injured?
  11. Goals are one thing. And it's a nice goal. More importantly is the blend. He and Matias linked well. That's far more important to me than two 'better' individuals up their who don't link.
  12. Terrific player. Great work ethic, superb attitude. Recommended to Big Ron by Roland if memory serves. Always felt for the lad a but that he never got to play in a decent side.
  13. Bragging about averaging 30,000?

    I don't know anyone who's ever claimed we averaged 30,000. They really are an unhinged bunch.