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  1. Wish we had traditional stripes on Sunday

    I think he was referring to the contracts between kit suppliers and clubs rather than football rules.
  2. Innocent or not the fact remain. Chedwin went down on a young woman AFTER his mate had chucked his custard over the velcro triangle. That makes him a dirty snort beast. A snortbeast cleared of any wrong doing in the eyes of the law. But a dirtysnort beast all the same. Singing songs about him being a criminal maybe off limits. Singing about him being a dirty, swarthy type with a taste for stirring second hand gentlemens relish is fair game.
  3. Fernando Forristieri injury

    Lots of interesting facts this week old scout. I hope you'll all find it very ..educational! I'd feel totally relaxed about it. And probably say. "Oh well. Don't worry. I sure you'll get the hang of it because that's where you'll be playing."
  4. That idiot Kevin Gage

    In my experience they're often the worst offenders
  5. Paul Coutts is a Wednesdayite

    As if they know how to clean anything. Most of them don't clean themselves.
  6. Road Closures Sunday

    Yes, you dirty swine, I'm sure I can guess why you lot are back early - The easy prey of the inebriated first year!
  7. Road Closures Sunday

    1st years and Internationals yes. But 2nd , 3rd and 4ths don't have to be back till the start of teaching on the 25th. Though of course I can only speak of The proper University ,where I know several of the council. I can't say what the situation is at Gasworks Polytechnic or whatever it's called these days.
  8. Steel city derby stats thread

    I can say with all honesty that a Nuhiu winner at the KOP end against the old enemy would be amongst the greatest possible outcomes possible in a match.
  9. Road Closures Sunday

    Also the second and third years will be coming back to University this weekend. All excellent planned.
  10. U23s v QPR

    Tillman has just brought me a pot of tea and some sandwiches. The cushions in the chair have been fluffed. I am sitting comfortably. Please begin. .
  11. C'mon Owlstalk, let's hear it for Carlos.

    No point going half and half my dear. Come with me and you can be dissapointed both ends up!
  12. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Was just thinking the same. Sounds like they've had a half time rocket. Crikey listening to this is so bad for the heart
  13. carlos out

    Carlos out... All the boys out....for a nice slap up meal and a couple drinks. Keep it lads!
  14. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Superb. Love the sharp shoe shuffle from Reach. Text book header from Hooperman