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  1. Pre-season training...

    Some wouldn't actually make it up at all.
  2. https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-leicester-city-football-training-1978-online
  3. One thing....the lads fit as a butchers dog. At the moment that's about the best quality any of our players can have!
  4. Mind.... we're not in the relegation yet. We're having a terrible time of it certainly. But I think we'll cling to that 17th spot. Which all in all will be about right. End of the day the old adage is true. Doesn't matter how good or bad we think the players are.... the table doesn't lie. We'll finish round about where we should with the abilty of the players that are playing.
  5. Don't doubt it old boy. Though it is a criminal offence y'know. I do wonder when the conical knocker went out of fashion in particular. Or whether it was a gradual thing. Course , is all very much round knockers now. Prefer the old ski slopes myself. Some social knocker historian on here will know.
  6. Under wiring is certainly not what it was. You just don't see many of those pointy bullet bras these days. And rightly so. SAG would go mad.
  7. I wouldn't worry too much about his sphere of influence. I think he needs the keys taking off him though. He thinks we all live in sheds where there is not such thing as space. Just things getting bigger and smaller and creating the illusion.
  8. Blimey, she must have a strong voice if her strains can be heard in my chamber all the way from the coop. Send he at once. Hopefully some better quality eggs for breakfast too..
  9. Been struggling with a bit of an ear infection old cork. Combined with our terrible form and a large swarm of loonies waking from their hibernation as news of the neg ban spreads its made me a bit of an irritable so and so the last few days.
  10. Jos

    Burn him! Burn him with fire sticks! Then hang the b*stard! Destroying our club! We'd be up now if Carlos had stayed . I hope you're all happy! Finish him!! Before its too late!
  11. Matlock Town Keeper on trial

    Come on Torry, your going to have to get your act together a bit better here. Clearly this is all part of stage 3 of the elaborate conspiracy to not pay Westwood some contract clauses. Or something.
  12. Pearson is an annoying little shitehawk. I'd love him in our team though. Other than that. Hate Terry. Just an obnoxious personality. Snodgrass. The fat lad who walks as if he's carrying carpets under his arms from Derby. Likes to be a bully but then chucks himself to the floor a lot Johnson? Keogh is another. Always fouling but throws himself around screaming like a girl when he gets touched. Is Steve Did well still playing. Not heard his name for a while but I'll always find room for him on my list of bellends. There's a goalkeeper too who's name escapes me. Billy Blunt the Newcastle fan is another. Though I don't really hate him. I just seem him more as as a poster boy for Bladesman culture.
  13. That'll be the headline in the Star when they do their piece on it 10 days after everyone else.