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  1. I could do it before. I don't know where it is now. I think I've broken the internet or something.
  2. I'd be surprised if a strong , rapid striker isn't top of his shopping list. Mind you, as we know, every other club in the land also want one!
  3. I think he's one of those...."Put yourself about a bit,son" players isn't he. Always handy to have one in the squad.
  4. Organised. Solid Players knowing what their actual jobs are. A system A game plan. Accuracy of passing in the first half not seen for an age Speed of transition from one end of the pitch to the other. Players working their cajones off----as an organised unit. Collective spirit and determination Not crumbling in injury time
  5. A solid team performance. One which, after the previous month I was starting to wonder if we actually had in us.
  6. Where's @frastheowl?! Come on Corky. I want those ratings.
  7. I'll tell you what, I had to do a double take. But I'm saving this for prosperity! Well done Tony and the boys!!
  8. Do you know, I've got so giddy about seeing us out there with an actual game plan, proper shape, with positional discipline and with players working their socks-off , knowing what their actual jobs and responsibilities, the work rate, organisation, determination, spirit, bottle, doing it for the full 90 and stoppages. I almost forgot we scored the brilliantly worked training ground routine set piece!!
  9. Sorry for the delay but... That last 30 seconds.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Well , that was heart stopping stuff wasn't it.
  10. I thought Pulis was going to have a stroke! "Get back, get back!"
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