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  1. Well as an insomniac I for one love DC's Midnight press releases. Something to keep me occupied during those long dark hours.
  2. He's got that from that thread on here last night surely.
  3. We haven't got a manager. Bully has thrown his name in th ring according to Biggs. Hughton has said no....apparently...... . The club have made no comment and folks are going stir crazy with it. Apart from the players that is who seem to be enjoying the preparations , enjoying their pre-season , rattling a few goals and itching to get started. They're in a much more positive groove than us supporters it seems. Also despite rumours Kieran Lee isn't doomed as some feared. So off we go. Another game another stepping stone towards match sharpness for Reading. UTO
  4. Well if he does get it he'll get 100% backing from me.
  5. Aye, but folks said the same about Bielsa when Carlos got the boot. Laughed off as to big a name then rocks up at L**ds. "Don't ask don't get."
  6. Crikey. Isnt anyone just looking forward to seeing the boys charge onto the Hillsborough turf resplendant in a proper kit. I am.
  7. To be fair to those two I just don't think they were aware of the full circumstances.
  8. But that lacks the necessary pre-season drama!
  9. Bruce has walked out to go to his favourite club before he retires. It really is that simple.
  10. Ollies stock has always been quite high with the Wednesday. He was top of our pill when David Jones got the boot. And that was before he started declaring his love for us! Many of the others from that time have vanished from the scene though.
  11. Excellent choice Corky, that shall be the 2019/20 Owlstalk theme tune!
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