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  1. Excellent point. The brats running about should make anyone think twice!
  2. At times like these keeping routine is important!
  3. Not a chance Corky! It's the only thing keeping me going. I've become rather partial to these new drinks. Really zingy, bit of a grim after-taste though, like one of those rubbish modern ales "crafted" by bearded goons who know nothing about beer. However, with a lemon tonic they're really rather refreshing.
  4. PS- Do you think we'd have got a result? A tight game I think.
  5. Another day another day or boredom. But we must keep our peckers up people. Keep your peckers up. Not right up of course. We don't want a baby boom when we come out of this on the other side. Perhaps they these shops should be bringing special deals. Like Meal deals, but on a more practical level. Buy 4 packs of toilet roll and you have to buy 40 rubber johnnies. Because that's the real fear with all this malarky isn't it. The feckless will be out there breeding during their isolation. So anyway. Keep washing your hands. Keep smiling. Don't shag without protection - "No glove-No love". Keep an eye out for each other and use this time to be productive. You bog-paper thieving fiends! Right. I'm away back down into the bunker. Good evening to you.
  6. Sorry if already posted. Biggsy spoke to Chris Turner in the week to get his veiws on what's happening at Hillsborough ---------------------------- Blame the manager, blame the players, blame the owner ... let’s try some positive suggestions without directly blaming anyone. By Alan Biggs Because Sheffield Wednesday’s current predicament is a collective culpability, albeit probably stemming from strategy running aground - which is going over old ground. So how to change that potentially calamitous course? That has to be the primary focus rather than singling out individuals. Among concerned Wednesdayites is a man you and I know well. A former player and manager who has a clear view of how the club can right itself for the future. Garry Monk has talked of several transfer windows being required long term, while taking full responsibility for results he knows might consume him first. And that assumes he will have the power to act, which I think applies more to outs than ins as I’m led to believe managers in this regime DO influence signings. Monk uncomplainingly answered my question about the pace of change in the last window (when no senior player left) by admitting that “yes”, he would like to have seen more offloading but that he “respected the decisions of the club.” Equally significant perhaps was his isolating of players he presumably recommended parting with in January and in whom there was some interest. Monk added: “My job is to talk to the club and for them to understand what you need to happen, ins and outs. But I have to respect those decisions.” He accepts them, too, as part of the modern game - and that he’s in the kind of run that, by football’s standards, is often considered sackable. And yet I don’t know a single former Owls player - and I know many - who reckons changing the manager is the solution here. Neither does this column for that matter. So what is? Chris Turner, for one, believes the turnaround CAN be made with Monk at the helm - under certain conditions. Further, he insists Sheffield United’s success under Chris Wilder CAN be mirrored across the city - despite the Blades being “a million miles in front“ currently. “It can be emulated - we’ve had that at Hillsborough,” he declared, in a reference to the days of Howard Wilkinson, Ron Atkinson and Trevor Francis. “We’ve got to get back to that.” How? “Let the manager manage and get the club back on its feet - because it can rise very, very quickly. Also, every club needs a top class recruitment guy so that, when the manager changes, as they do quite often, the recruitment goes on. Garry’s got to try to get to the end of the season. He knows who he needs to keep and to build a team around. It’s the recruitment after that that is the most important thing. You can’t just get rid of the players and then think ‘what do we need?’ In fact, Steve Bruce’s recruitment specialists remain in place and, in fairness, last summer’s intake was largely good. It’s more a case of bringing signings and sales under one umbrella to balance the two and end the problem of stockpiling. Turner suggests a management team being built around Monk, possibly including a football director, to make more of the fact that the club is exceptionally well funded. And this: “The manager’s got to have his own coaching staff to make him feel comfortable. From the outside looking in, I think Gary is isolated. He must feel so lonely.” Turner admits Monk’s criticism of attitudes within the squad may have backfired on him to a degree but hopes the club backs him through circumstances that would be difficult for any manager. These are constructive suggestions from a man who cares. Considering his lifetime in football, not least playing for the mighty Manchester United, plus his love of the Owls, it’s a view worth listening to and ranks high above this column’s, albeit similar, suggestions.
  7. Blimey Hargers, kick a man when he's down!
  8. And this is where us super-carbed blubbers will come into our own , living off the reserves in our homes,whilst the superfit waste to nothingness fighting it out over the seeds and nuts in the Coronvirus apocalyptic high streets. . That's what I tell myself anyway.
  9. I prefer a custard doughnut myself. Though I have no idea what that might say about our current situation.
  10. He was coming in and putting in some telling delivery into the box and working well in tandem with Fox. The last month has been a shitshow and I think the loss of Reach and Luongo has impacted right up there with Fletcher. These three back and firing would make a big difference IMO.
  11. Out of all of them he does seem to be the one with decent base fitness levels. He's been a miss. IMO. I know he's not everyone's cup of tea, but he was starting to make impacts in his appearances from the bench. I was pretty sure he'd have been getting some starts on the left before this happened.
  12. Doesn't have to be individuals. Might be the chemistry that they have when they are together as a group. They might all be smashing lads. But stirred together make a brew where the main flavour is deficiency. Got to get the blend right. It's not always about heroes and villains.
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