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  1. We're playing well. We had the first half, and despite them having the second we stuck to it, booted it and leathered it when required. Not always pretty in the second 45 minutes. But there's more to football than playing nice stuff. There's a little bit of edge to the side this year. A little bit more nigglyness in the make up. Well good. Because it's something we've long missed , IMO. Yes. Keep playing like this, keep keeping those clean sheets and we'll soon start clawing our way back up that table. Of course it will then become tricky with the player rating scores for those folks that have firmly nailed their colours to the mast previously about which players aren't up to it. They have to admit the players have improved or that they were wrong. Or they stick to their guns in the face of the all evidence to convince themselves they were right as usual.
  2. ****** ****** A very positive first half. Probably should have been a couple of goals up. Second half they came into it, but that's going to happen in games. We're not going to have it all out own way. I don't know about you, but I always thought this would be a stern test, and it has been that second half. But I'd have taken a point before the game, wouldn't you? I'll tell you what, old Van Aken looks better for his little loan spell away last season. Some great blocks today and really put his body on the line. Well done that man. -8 Oh. And another clean sheet!! 4 on the bounce. Well done Dawson. Well done boys UP THE OWLS
  3. Win lose or draw this season, I like the way we're going about things. I'd take these levels every week.
  4. This is a really positive start. I like this side. Tenacious. Hard working. Hungry. Full of desire.
  5. Tough indeed. I'd rule out option one. The early finish always brings the stark possibility of the early onset hangover which arrives before you go to bed. A nightmare scenario. Option 3 is a tough one. It's going to be a tough game today. To get through it with no booze could take it's toll. I think it has to be option 2.
  6. Plays on either flank but is predominantly right footed.
  7. Agree with this. I had him pegged as an attack minded midfield player before his arrival here. But I think the signing of Brown, combined with Luongos willingness to get stuck into the defensive parts of the game means he'll play a different role for us than he did for QPR.
  8. WATFORD Unavailable: Capoue (Injured), Deeney (Injured), Deulofeu (Injured), Gray (Injured), Hughes (Injured), Janmaat (Injured), Masina (Injured), Pereyra (Injured), Success (Injured), Welbeck (Injured)
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