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  1. Indeed, couple excellent clearances from Palmer where a goal looked inevitable as they usually 18 yard box pin ball commenced. Bannan kept us ticking. Young Dele growing. The much maligned Dunkley won a great number of defensive headers.
  2. He puts a bit of meat on the bone. Something our central midfield has been lacking for about 20 years.
  3. Played poorly. Then averagely. Then a 10 minutes spell. All on all that's a decent point. At half time I thought we'd come away with a 2 or 3 goal thumping. Stuck to the task. Something I wasn't sure they were capable of.
  4. After going a goal down the end scoreline feels like a victory to me.
  5. Player strides into the box. Goes tumbling over a gangly outstretched leg. Referee only sees the sock of the blockading leg. Same colour socks Who was it? Defender fouling? Team mate in accidental collison?
  6. I fully expect he might be declared 'tired' for the next game. Hope I'm wrong. The boy is starting to show a little bit of maturity to his play to add to the undoubted potential he's had all along.
  7. The erm thing is distracting. Could the media team not edit them out?
  8. After the sinking feeling of the first half and the inevitable Cambridge goal our late leveller caused eruption in my heart. Exact reverse of Saturdays draw which felt awful and put me in the same mood as a defeat. Despite both situations gaining us a point. Funny thing emotion.
  9. Seemed to revel in our misplaced efforts. Meanwhile describing their substitutes lucky bounce after a terrible first touch as "meant to do that" Absolute testicles of course. But there we go. I daresay I'd do similar if I was commentating down at S2. Nature of the beast.
  10. I wouldn't go as far as that. But we were worth our point.
  11. CAMBRIDGE UNITED -V- WEDNESDAY LEAGUE ONE ABBEY STADIUM KICK OFF 7:45 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TEAM NEWS & POSSIBLE LINE UPS ---- CAMBRIDGE UTD --- Paul Digby and Dimitar Mitov should be available despite recent knocks picked up in the game with Ipswich Town, though they face last assessments for tonight’s game. Jack Lankester, though, will be missing for Cambridge and may not be back before this weekend either. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY -- For Wednesday, there are five players missing. Sam Hutchinson, George Byers, Lewis Gibson. The game maybe too soon for Massimo Luongo and Josh Windass . FORM GUIDE -------------- CAMBRIDGE UTD ---------- ---------- SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY ------- UTO
  12. Apologies all. Something quite serious popped up. You'll have to use this as an OMDT while I knock up the match details. Apologies once more.
  13. Wimbledon 2 - 2 Wednesday From the jaws of victory... Get your scores on the doors!
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