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  1. Toadfish Rebbechi Miller has been telling the truth about the club for ages. I can't help feel Alan 'splinters' Biggs and Doom are jumping on his coat tails here , having seen the popularity among supporters that Toadies honest reporting is getting.
  2. Will Boyle I'll be honest, I've never heard if him or even know where he plays -I leave that to you boffins. But that's a name thats been pinged to me.
  3. Must have been a lot of shoes on tables around Sheffield the last 20 odd years!
  4. You're a player who has spent much of your life in the third division. You have a broken leg. Your agent tells you a championship club want you and can double your wage. Classic Wednesday. That said. He's twice skippered teams out of division 3. He might come in useful yet. I doubt we'll be signing players of Championship standard over the summer...
  5. Didn't we once come top 5 in a poll of disliked clubs? Suspect our non-ironic ,embarrassing ,referring of other clubs as being "tinpot" probably hasn't won us many friends.
  6. Pandemic will play a part I feel. People will have missed it and be desperate to get back in Or they'll have got out of the habit. Suspect a few early wins on the board and people will be rocking up. Nature of the beast.
  7. Wonderful post. Glad to give you your first reputation point for it. A big heart! Lovely read. Hope to see more posts from you! Welcome aboard.
  8. All lip service of course, but his statement last night was the first time I've seen him take any responsibility or culpability for our situation. Given what we've heard about his ego and pride previously, and cultural asides about not losing face ...It stood out. Made me do a double take. I'm a hopeless optimist at heart. I really, really hope that the penny has dropped.
  9. Being the old fool I am, I am hoping that with some of the big earners going off the books at the end of this season those wages can be invested in well scouted, fit the managers system, young, healthy, fit players who can help us climb. Of course for any of that to happen you have to have a well run club with joined up thinking. We have seen no evidence of that do far from this owner. I do wonder, given he's losing money hand over first, and just seen his club plummet if perhaps that he penny might finally drop. Not that I'll be holding my breath.
  10. There will always be heroes that come to the fore, whatever level we play at. Always be players that young kids in the stand always want to see play and who's autographs they are desperate for. It's only depressing when they get compared to players of bygone eras. We are where we are, and once we're back in the ground, whatever the division, a goal is a goal. A win is a win. To be enjoyed. *If the players and managers are allowed to get on with their jobs properly!
  11. The rules might be rubbish. They might be ridiculous. They might create a closed promotion shop for parachute Prem teams. But they are in place. They do exist. If you break them yout risk being punished. We did And we have.
  12. Division 3? Not bothered per se, had some decent games down there over the years. In fact we've spent an inordinate number of years down there for a club of our size. No, what bothers me is the car crash of how we arrived here once more. Complete avoidable with any sort of semblance of a plan and proper structure.
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