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  1. Bit harsh, the man invented Praise or Grumble!
  2. Certainly was. Took the job on for five years, ended up doing an extra 29. We often have a dig at the local hacks. (Myself included) but they are in a funny position in that it's their bread and butter work. They have to report what's happening but can't really risk alienating themselves from the club by writing things that are too controbersial or might earn them a ban or work themselves into a corner where no one will talk to them. On the other hand they have to sell stories...and in this day and age certainly hype things a bit for the readers.
  3. Paul Thompson covered us for 34 years. Reported on a hell of a lot of ups and downs in that time. Prichett did us for a while before he turned to the dark side.
  4. Hillsborough

    Every week. At one time. But started mixing it up a bit. Haribo for the slow start first halves. Hopefully back to Werthers full time now we've started going for it from the off.
  5. George Hirst

    This is one of those tweets... If he'd been securely signed up we'd all be agreeing that it was a bit of light hearted banter about the kit farce and it would be getting liked. Or whatever the twitter equivalent is. That's possibly is how it's intended. The contract shadow means it can easily be read anyway we choose though, depending which side of the fence people have settled into.
  6. Hillsborough

    You mean to tell me you don't say you are from the Mercia/Northumbria border!
  7. Hillsborough

    I could never get my head around it after seeing it spelled for the first time as I'd only ever heard 'Oll-ut-un'
  8. Hillsborough

    To be honest I don't mind if they want to call it something else. A life-times repetition will be hard to knock out of me. I'll still call it Hillsborough whatever signs they put up. It'll always be KOP, South, North and Lepp too. Unless I've had too many Haribo. Then I start calling the North The Cantilever.
  9. George Hirst

    Oh God
  10. Cart-horse pace? He might have been 36 but he was one of the fastest players in the squad
  11. True. Pack mentality. Which could also be attributed to the singing of songs. Have any of the others involved in this case been banned or was the chap on his own? If there was a group and he's the only one to be punished I expect that there will be a growing resentment in him.
  12. It's getting close to Matchday

    George Hirst as an impetuous young apprentice called Anakin Skywalker wanting to get to the next level before his master thinks he's ready. Ok. Ok. I'm only joking.