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  1. Lord Snooty

    Well done owlstalk

    Despite the positive general vibe of this thread Im sure with it being striker related someone will still at some stage end up with manage to shoehorn in a slating of Nuhiu.
  2. Lord Snooty

    Jordan Rhodes

    Good lad . Pleased hes bagged. Do him good. But who's this Buendía charachter that's got all the assists tonight?
  3. Be a bonus but they might not define the season. Beat all the simular teams between 7th and 21st and we'll be there abouts.
  4. Lord Snooty

    Safe standing

    Well if it comes in we'll find out. I won't be holding my breath. We already know how rigid SAG is with regards the ground comparable to others local grounds. As it is. If the authorities did decide to trial safe standing, I think they'd be missing a trick not to make Hillsborough the first.
  5. Genuine Top 6 Contenders or An Easy Start? Both.
  6. Combinations isn't it. High prices and not doing like doing anything = Low Low prices and winning a lot = High Sometimes you see teams go down and the following season attendances rise. I'd suggest because people think they might see their teams win the odd game for a change or false promises of instant returns. You can say the same about playing teams you haven't played for a while. It's why I remain convinced, despite contrary claims that you could stick an extra 2000 on every home gate if we made the Premier league. Often more.
  7. Lord Snooty

    Safe standing

    My answer is in there.
  8. Lord Snooty

    Safe standing

    Will never happen in my lifetime. Maybe I'll see it at away games at some stage in he future.
  9. Lord Snooty

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    Very true. But putting the prices up was never really going to solve that as a long term solution.
  10. Lord Snooty

    Ticket sales for Leeds match.

    What the TV people spaffed to the club for the game? It'll be enough to cover the loss on the POTG id suspect. But that isn't really the point. The point is that many go because, well, they just go. Many now won't go. (Not just L**ds match but generally) And that's fair enough. But long term... Long term where does that lead? When a man doesn't go. Where do the kids get the habit from? Following football. A club. We can call it the pull. We can call it being chosen. But really. Really. It's learned behaviour. And who are the future fans going to be , where are they going to come from if their dads don't go. Who are they going to pick the habit up from if their uncles don't go. Or their cousins or aunties or mates from school.
  11. He was a big miss that's for sure. They all were in their own way. All cogs in the machine. Be good to have them all back available and giving it the full gun in a solid,well balanced team unit.
  12. Lord Snooty

    Marco Matias

    Calm finishing. Nice to see.
  13. Lord Snooty

    Hector report

    Speaking as a dinosaur , I liked the fact he wasn't afraid to leather it when needed.
  14. Lord Snooty

    Marco Matias

    Spring heeled and looking to get in behind where he can, and also sharpish onto follow ups. Align that with the fact he's also started working his socks off and he's been a welcome addition back in the matchday squad.