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  1. Cripes. Does everyone reslly think we're in for a drubbing?
  2. This is my favourite post of the week. Do some more!
  3. Lovely calves , Katrien . Rounded and shapely.
  4. There's a permanent night-before glaze across the marbles. The puffy cheeks just protruding about the birds nest beard. And clearly the permanent sore head. Sometimes he turns his head sharply like he's heard some far off cry, and then rubs his bonce like he's just been cracked on the neck with a stocking full of wet sand as the movement jars his dehydrated brain to the other side of it'd shell. *My binman that is. Not Nicky Weaver.
  5. Maybe he's just more comfortable down south. Some chaps are. Anyway, be nice to see him limp off after 5 minutes. Nothing serious of course. Just a tight calf. Dead leg. Etc.
  6. Apparently he applied when the position was vacant. But we moved Weaver up. Weaver reminds me ,to look at, of my unkempt and alcoholic binman.
  7. I always wanted Peter Beardsley to play for Wednesday. One of my favourite non Wednesday players. Super footballer. Would have fitted right in here too.
  8. Hope something clicks. Sometimes players just do under a new manager. Mind you, most of these are on their 4th gaffer of the season!
  9. Soon as kids get near the first team isn't it. Blunts have made a fortune by the 10 games and gone while the stocks high kids over the years.
  10. Come on Wednesday! Come on Wednesday! Come on Wednesday!
  11. I thought he was tall when he played for Huddersfield so I was quite surprised when he arrived here and it turned out he's a midget. Still, he's surprisingly good in the air small person. I think he must have discovered Danny Wilson's customised spring-heeled boots in a cupboard somewhere. I've a sensation in the bean he might start today. Don't know why.
  12. They will be back Corky, they will be back. The morning ceiling stare. Pondering the day. Then a good breakfast. Ten minites of foot all focus. Of for a quick snifter or two. Into the ground. That little kick of the heart at that glimpse or the pitch as you climb the steps. Might be Forest Green rather than the Arsenal facing us. But once the game starts, and the teams on a bit of a run. We'll get there Corky. We'll get that feeling again. UTO
  13. "I keep telling you Mr Hargreaves, I'm Norma. Margaret retired 3 years ago and...Mr Hargreaves, why haven't you got any clothes on!" "What eh?! Don't worry about that. Clothes are old hat. This is the modern way of running a business. Anyway, get your I-pad out and take a memo" "I've only got a notepad and pen" "Margaret - " "Norma!" " - don't go old gimmer on me here! I don't want to have to let you go. I don't want any of those old school gimmer tools in here!" "Yes, but that I-pad you got me from the Wednesday shop, it
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