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  1. Which nomination? I cannot see it? Bonk? As in a 80's Bonk?
  2. Lord Snooty

    Surely bloody not!

    To be honest, it's probably come from the Derby equivalent of Penguin. But after living on Jam for a week I'm too delirious to know fact from fiction.
  3. Lord Snooty

    Surely bloody not!

    What had happened to Butterfield though? It's not that many years ago he looked a decent player. In fact when I found we were getting him on loan I thought he might be a decent bolster to our numbers. But Blimey. Villa game aside. ..saw nothing. Absolutley nothing.
  4. Lord Snooty

    Clare rejected us??

    Don't think you can ever equate whether players will be a loss or not. "If we'd signed Cantona we'd have won the the league Snoots!" Would we? Would we really? Would he have made an effective partner for Hirst who world best with someone who worked the channels? Would he have fitted into that very strong and experienced team bond? Would a 38 year old manager have been able to deal with his ego? We'll never know. It's certainly not as easy as saying Good player = would have been a legend. Torres at Chelsea. Whether they are experienced or just a kid there's no way of knowing. And even if they do exceptionally at their next club. That is at different place, with different team mates, different environments. Shame if neither signs with us as it's always nice to see kids come through. But I won't be losing sleep over it.
  5. Lord Snooty

    Clare rejected us??

    Won't help. That said, if you go on there when you have a job which is in the spotlight I think it's a case of knowing what you're getting in to. Quite surprised they do it if I'm honest.
  6. Lord Snooty

    Clare rejected us??

    Remember Richie Humphreys 4 goals in his first 5 Premier League games. Including the 95.9mph volley against Villa. A 45 yard run and lob against Leicester Then a Hat-trick in the league cup. A rejected £4m bid from Leeds. Likened to Van Basten by Johan Cruyff. Two years later he's out on loan to Scunthorpe and Cardiff (when they were still a a third division club. Ends up at Hartlepool for ten bob and a packet of toffos. There's one thing in this game people don't account for and that's a little bit of luck one way or the other.
  7. One day one of these predictions will come in. Then it will have all been worthwhile
  8. Lord Snooty

    Clare rejected us??

    Any evidence of this repressive regime? This repressive regime that has seen 8 players from the youth side get first first team games? The regime so repressive that a host of young players have all signed new deals and expressed their absolute delight at commuting their futures and how much they are looking forward to next season?
  9. I'd swap Winnall for Matias. I know, I know. He's made of biscuits. I just think when I've seen him this season he's looked better in the forward positions then he ever did in midfield. He's got that little bit of pace.
  10. Lord Snooty

    Clare rejected us??

    It's the old thing isn't it. The difference between self belief and self delusion. Confidence and arrogance. Which is it? Who knows. I don't. I don't know the lad. The route to the first team had opened since CC went. And also due to the incredible injury crisis. Those who have been given a chance have grasped them, done well and been offered deals and signed them. I think they've looked at the club and decided there's going to be opportunities to play and further increase their stock and earning power. Others might think a different way. I'm sure that Luhukay and Meire have been working together to sort things out. If they have limits they aren't prepared to go past ...then that's that.
  11. Lord Snooty

    Clare rejected us??

    They've asked you to run Owls in the park for them haven't they!
  12. Lord Snooty

    Clare rejected us??

    That's fair enough. But has to be tempered by the fact that there's kids running about these days with degrees in party planning and Wedding cake making. Still. At least they can do teacher training when they get back from finding themselves in Thailand. ------------------------------- As to the £1,500 week. I have no idea at all. Could well be true. Could be inaccurate. I wouldn't know either way. Mind. Seventy two grand a year isn't a bad starting wage for someone with 5 second division starts to his name is it. I'm possibly too old fashioned.
  13. Lord Snooty

    Clare rejected us??

    What about first hand experience?
  14. Lord Snooty

    Clare rejected us??

    They have to have agents. Most of them couldn't butter a slice of toast without help. They become deferential beings to the people who gets them contracts, moves and help them learn how to turn the central heating on.
  15. Lord Snooty

    25 years ago tonight !

    I'm trying to think of any other occasions since then ( in any area of my life) when I have cried. And I can't. It wasn't just the nothing to show for the season hurt. It was more. I think it was because I knew that the seed of something special planted by Ron was never going to flower. That it was over. Not just that season. But the chance. The game was changing and we had leapt from the quayside and just missed the boat , our hands grasping as we hit the side and plunged into the water. We splashed about for a while. Before sinking to the murky depths.