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  1. Wasn't Keegan something to do with ditching the reserves. Or the first to do it? Hazy.
  2. Name rings a bell, that might be the lad. The sort we've needed for sometime if we're to play two in there.
  3. Hull was it? I know he went somewhere for a pretty low fee (by today's standards) Just really likes the look of him.
  4. I like the Auzzie lad at Burton. Forget his name, but he was a decent size, great energy liked to get get a foot in and also popped up with goals.
  5. I suspect he'd probably so a decent job in there. Thing is, he's been our best player since he's dropped in at centre half. And he brings that recovery pace the back line that none of the others have.
  6. Think that's the thing. It gives us a solidity. Just need to cut out the concentration lapses at both ends of the pitch.
  7. The way the snortbeasts are turning sows-ears into silkpurses Salmonbones needs to persuade his mate to get down to Hillsborough!
  8. Never particularly rated Woods myself. But that's another topic... Westwood has dropped come gaffes this year. Age? Injuries? The shoot- 50p flyaway balls that pass for match balls these days? Who knows. He's still got one thing in his locker though - Experience. He's dropped some gaffes, and you know what, I don't think it will bother him I don't think it will play on his mind. which is a good thing. IMO. You don't want keepers getting into a mindset of thinking about errors too much. Which I think can happen with the inexperienced ones. He's at an age where I think that will be water off a ducks back. Which is important in that position. He could be dropped for Dawson. But the very errors that he'd be getting dropped for....are the sort of situations that most think are Dawsons weakness. I think Monk will leave things as they are.
  9. Could work. We could have an attacking version and defensive version. There are lots of positives to the system. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Odubajo Hutchinson Bannan Harris Luongo Fletcher Forestieri ------------------------------------------------------- Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Hutchinson Odubajo Luongo Bannan Fox Fletcher Nuhiu Either way, my concern would always be the wide areas. Would it be a waste of Harris' threat which is mainly attacking? The other concern would be that when you look when Jos was here, when it clicked in brief spells when he first arrived it looked good. We scored goals etc etc. It looked quite positive, and though he time here overall was bad, I do think it saved us that year from the free fall we were in. When it didn't in the second season we were pinned right back in most weeks and it morphed into a nervous 5-3-2 which invited pressure with no outlet. It'd be interesting. But Monk seems very much the pragmatist. He's lamented many times his lack of pre-season to work with the players and have emphasised how his main work so far has been basic drills as a defensive unit. That has been in a back 4. He wouldn't risk undoing that by trying something completely different with even less time to work on it when we're sat seventh in the table and apart from a couple of individual errors of concentration could be sat second or third. Would he?
  10. There's a lot of positives to it. But I would fear for the wide areas. Monk played 3 at the back at any of his other clubs?
  11. True enough for some of the kids. Obviously we've had a few of our own make the first teams squad. But the bench lads, the likes of Rhodes, Winnall, Odubajo, Bates etc. I just can't help but think it would aid them when they do need to step in if they've been getting a bit of adult age 11-a-side. Especially for the strikers. Just keeping their eye in and rattling a few goals.
  12. All these things. Plus Id like to add. We never got batshit mental haranguing referees. Which though ugly...does seem to work for a lot of teams in regards getting decisions.
  13. Nicked a goal and looked lively and fit. I'm looking at the positives. Nobody is happy being on the bench. He's done well enough in that cameo to show Monk a bit of what he's about. Two week break now where Monk has said he's really looking forward to getting to do some quality work on the training ground with the team. Fernando must have put himself in a good position.
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