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  1. Ridiculous really that it’s still mathematically possible for us to scrape the play-offs but we’ve just run out of games sadly
  2. Chuffin painful how close we are but it looks like we’ll just miss out... huge credit to Bully and the three Steves for the job they’ve done since that chump left though
  3. We’d already be champions if Brucie had been here all season. We will be next year
  4. Hope you’re wrong, OP. Will be an expensive mistake to let him go - we won’t get anywhere near as good as him without paying big money
  5. 10 mins of injury time according to flash scores. I’ve been on pisss all neyt and not watched match, what’s happened for there to be that much injury time? Did Joey Barton turn up?
  6. If they go up then fair play to them. Been up there all season and Bielsa is a brilliant manager. Fortunately for us, we now have one of them of our own. Look at what he’s done with a team that was close to relegation before Xmas. We’ll be there or thereabouts next season for sure
  7. Weird game this. Obviously I always want us to win - especially against Leeds - but in this particular scenario a draw is worse than a defeat
  8. Lesser of two evils as long as Leeds don’t bottle it over next few games. We’ll pissss the league next season if Brucie stays. I strongly dislike Leeds but I feckin hate the pigs. Neg away
  9. Haven’t won in 25 games when we’ve conceded first. That is shocking
  10. Gotta disagree. Carlos at least had some success; Jos would’ve had us relegated this season and we would’ve struggled in L1 with him in charge. Worst manager we’ve ever had no question. The only upsides to him being here is 0 defeats against the pigs and that his sacking coincided with the time Bruce was available. Today has been frustrating but Bruce will have us there or thereabouts this time next year.
  11. Extending his contract has to be a priority. I’m sure Bruce will know this and will be pushing for it to happen ASAP
  12. Of course it’s disapponting when we don’t win, but we’re 3 points off the play-offs and just kept a clean sheet away to a team who were in the PL last season. It’s doubtful we’ll make the play-offs but the fact we’re in the picture just shows how far we’ve come in a short space of time. I feel pretty confident that Bruce will have us there or thereabouts next season
  13. Only lost once since he fecked off, tells you all you need to know!
  14. Amazing stat - what a job he’s doing. Some on here were saying he’s “yesterday’s man” etc when we appointed him
  15. Brilliant performance tonight on both sides
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