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  1. Did you see the England stats? 64 shots, 31 on target. Considering stoppages for the 20 shots that went in, that’s probably close to a shot on goal every minute. What an absolute waste of time for all involved
  2. Don’t coaches and players get to vote, along with journalists?
  3. This thread is a bit like the ‘You Are The Ref’ cartoons that the Guardian used to print. They should do a League One version, where the correct answer is completely random and doesn’t follow any law or logic
  4. Still got fond memories of Steve Watson from his time here, very underrated player IMO
  5. It looks like the keeper was on the goal line from the picture in the OP, but it’s not clear to see through the number of bodies. Seems as though they got this one right, although there were some of the usual crap decisions we’ve become accustomed to at this level - not playing advantage after Luongo was fouled was the pick of the bunch
  6. But if their player was also off the pitch, wouldn’t that mean Shodipo was level with the last man and therefore onside?
  7. Went to Bootham a few times to watch York with my late Grandad when I was a kid. Great little ground, sad to see it go
  8. BPF 5.5 - good distribution but has to do better for their 2nd Paterson 6 - loses a point for the daft foul which led to their goal, otherwise wasn’t terrible in an unfamiliar position Dunkley 7.5 - absolute colossus again Brennan 7 - looked comfortable, was caught ball watching on a couple of occasions but doesn’t look out of place at all, seems like a good prospect Hunt 8 - terrific first half, caused them all sorts of problems and we should’ve converted at least one of those brilliant crosses he put in Bannan 7 - nothing spectacular but had a solid game, as always Luongo 8.5 - MOTM, absolutely dominated the midfield. He stays fit for the rest of the season and we go up. One of the best midfield performances I’ve seen in ages Shodipo 7 - looked like he’d never seen a football in his life in the first 15 minutes but grew into the game really well and caused them problems, deserved his goal Windass 7.5 - a bit selfish at times but we’ve really missed him, linked the play up brilliantly and gives us a goal threat Kamberi 7 - loses half a point for needlessly giving the ball away which led to their first. Other than that, I thought he was very good Gregory 7 - put a shift in and good composure to set up Shodipo for the goal, lack of pace let him down a couple of times NML 7 - looked strong and direct, looking forward to seeing more from him Corbeanu 5 - I was confused why he wasn’t starting before the game but DM was right… just didn’t get going in the 20 minutes he was on FDB 7 - wouldn’t usually give a mark to someone who’s only on for 10 minutes but he did very well, unlucky not to get the winner right at the death
  9. Ref finally woken up to their pushing and shirt pulling
  10. Ref is letting them get away with all kinds of shíthousery
  11. We could do with some pace up top, I like Gregory but he’s not the man to exploit the space we’re finding in behind
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