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  1. Especially as he looks like he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing in his new job. Very good manager at this level but out of his depth in the PL
  2. Westwood - 6.5 - hardly had owt to do after saving in the first half from his dodgy clearance Odubajo - 6.5 - got caught out positionally a couple of times but pace got him out of trouble Lees - 7.5 - solid, typical Lees performance Börner - 9 - excellent Fox - 7 - solid defensively but offers no attacking threat Hutch - 7 - almost invisible first half, much better second, don’t think he needed to play the full 90 but he doesn’t pick the team Reach - 5.5 - poor... not a CM but needs to buck his ideas up because he has a lot of very good players to compete with now Bannan - 6.5 - not his best game but didn’t really do anything wrong that I can remember Harris - 9 - terrific, great attitude, runs his socks off, genuinely two footed, deserved his goal. We’ve got a real gem of a player here Murphy - 7 - poor first half, much better second. Left Odubajo stranded a couple of times. Good work for the goal but should’ve hit the target with that header later on Fletcher - 8 - led the line well, another very effective performance Subs weren’t really on long enough to make an impact but I liked what I saw of Luongo, would’ve preferred him to come on sooner for Reach
  3. Didn’t put a foot wrong all game, brilliant performance
  4. Tough call but going with Harris as he got the goal and was generally our only outlet going forward for 60/70 minutes. Love how much of a shift he puts in and he’s probably the fastest player I’ve ever seen in our shirt. Börner was also excellent as other posters have said. He reads the game brilliantly, his range of passing is good and I don’t think he lost a header all match. Two very very good signings from what we’ve seen so far
  5. Murphy needed to put that away. Fantastic from Harris though, what a signing he’s turning out to be
  6. If it’s on red button there should be a few dodgy streams about
  7. Blatant push in the back for their goal too. One of them days unfortunately. Hopefully we’ll bounce back on Tuesday night
  8. I’ve not been today so can’t comment on our overall performance... however, just watched the Sky highlights a few times and their centre forward shoves Iorfa in the back before connecting with his header. No way he’s getting there otherwise, whether Westwood stays on his line or not. If it was in the PL the goal would’ve been disallowed — when you watch it back it’s a clear foul, but without VAR it’s almost impossible for refs to spot infringements like this at corners. These things happen and we have to move on... fortunately we have the chance to do that very soon on Tuesday night against Luton.
  9. As frustrating as it is to have got nowt today against ten men, that’s football in the championship for you. We’ve had 20-odd shots and 9 on target. It happens sometimes. Remember under Jos when we went a few games without having a shot on goal? Bullen’s got a system that gets the best out of the squad that we have and we’re playing on the front foot, just like everyone wants us to. If we’re off the pace in a couple of months time then we can bring a new gaffer in — teams get promoted from this league because of their results from February/March onwards, not because they lose their third game of the season in middle of August... look how close we came last season after a shocking start. Looking forward to how the team reacts on Tuesday
  10. I like the bloke but Bullen’s hardly Pep Guardiola is he? We have an experienced and professional group of players — unless someone comes in and starts playing silly buggers like Jos did, I think they’ll all get behind whoever’s in charge. The Cowleys have done great at Lincoln and would be the standout contenders if we’re looking at lower league managers — if they want the job of course
  11. Good news for both parties this. Hopefully some of the older lads in the U23s can get loan moves before the deadline too
  12. Good shout, he was the first person I thought of too. Went to see York City last year and they played some decent stuff. Has experience and possibly contacts at the highest level, and knows Bully and the club. I actually thought he was really underrated when he was here, his legs had definitely gone but he was still quality... and he scored against the pigs
  13. Just having a quick read of their forum, some of the posts are great. Apparently we’ll struggle to stay up if Harris gets injured, one of them thinks they’ll finish above us, and another said we weren’t a better team than them, and I quote, just “better players with a home advantage”. Bless their funny inbred souls
  14. Westwood Palmer Lees Borner Iorfa Hutch Bannan Lee Harris Fletch Reach Subs: Dawson Odubajo Thorniley/Bates Luongo FF Murphy Rhodes Not a bad first team squad at all that
  15. Seems pointless this haggling from Chelsea. They’ve probably recouped most of what they paid for him in loan fees and they aren’t exactly short of a few quid. I’d be happy for him to come back but £5m is daft.
  16. Very good signing, I think we were rumoured to be in for him before we went to QPR... now he’s got a few years of experience at this level I think he’ll be a really good addition
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