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  1. How does anyone know that Paxo hasn't had a hand in signing the British players we’ve brought in since he’s been involved with the club?
  2. I remember hearing Hutch on a podcast talking about why he wasn’t on social media. It made me love the guy even more
  3. Yeah I agree. Palmer is ok as cover but shouldn’t be first choice, and Johnson should never play centre half ever again because it’s just not his game. Brennan is another conundrum as well - he’s 22 now and should be either playing first team football for us or going out on loan. I might be in the minority but I’d be ok with us going back in for Gibson on a free if his wage demands are cheap. Got potential but clearly fitness was a big problem last season. Dean would obviously also be a good signing if we can get him. Tucker from Gillingham and Opoku from Fulham both look like decent free signings on paper as well although I’m not gonna pretend I’ve seen much if anything of them. LCB: Gibson/Opoku CB: Dean/Tucker/Brennan (?) RCB: Iorfa/Palmer/Brennan (?)
  4. Blackpool had an option for an extra year which they’ve used. If we’re continuing with 3 at the back then we need at least 3 centre halves to replace Hutch, Dean and Storey. At least one of them needs to be left footed, ideally two
  5. Can’t say I’ve seen him play but ticks a few boxes on the face of it. 23, 6’4, left footed. Sounds like he’s done alright on loan in Denmark:
  6. Fulham released the lad Opoku we were linked with last summer. 23yo left footed centre half. Wonder if we’ll be back in for him
  7. WBA/Moore link as well Him and FGR’s left wing back Cadden got 13 assists each this season, both a decent age and available for free. We could do worse if we’re sticking with 3-5-2 IMO
  8. 4 starts and 7 sub appearances this season. Any half decent offer and we should get rid IMO, obviously a decent player but no use to us in the treatment room
  9. Big summer for Hunt with his GCSEs coming up
  10. Smithies would be great but don't think we could afford his wages, on big money at Cardiff supposedly
  11. Kane Wilson - RWB Jack Tucker - CB Will Boyle - CB Dom Ball - CM Pantuche Camara - CM Yan Dhanda - AM Vadaine Oliver - CF Dom Telford - CF Danny Loader - CF All available on free transfers apart from Camara. Loader might have his contract extended (and I think he’d probably be out of reach for us anyway)
  12. Vardy will still be rapid when he’s 45, plenty of time for him to come home yet
  13. A bit gutted about this really, one of my favourite players of recent years. Gave absolutely everything for the club and you could tell that being here meant something to him… loved seeing him score and celebrate like he’d just bagged the winner in the World Cup final. Thanks for the memories Hutch and all the best for the future
  14. Rather than us getting rid, it could be that he dropped to L1 last year in the hope we’d be straight back up and he fancies Championship football again… or it could be a made up Twitter rumour…
  15. Imagine his uncle going out to visit him in Argentina. Probably cause some kind of international diplomatic incident
  16. Been one of our more consistent performers this season and always available. If he’s leaving then hopefully we’re in for Kane Wilson from Forest Green on a free
  17. Can’t go over budget if there’s no budget to go over Seriously though, I do feel that DC appears to have started to learn his lesson, which can only be a good thing. Still a very long way to go until his ownership can be considered an overall success, but last summer to now feels like we’re slowly moving in the right direction. DC being DC though, that could all change tomorrow!
  18. Would rather have Vadaine Oliver - really good stats for the season just gone despite playing in a team who got relegated
  19. And made Madine look like a fine upstanding citizen… almost
  20. Locally as in at Hillsborough? I’d really like him to be part of our coaching set up when he calls it a day, just feel like he comes across as the kind of player with the kind of personality you could imagine becoming a good manager eventually
  21. “Take it off and wave it about in the car park — get yours today!”
  22. Looks like Brewster pulls the fan to the floor then McBurnie starts booting him. £40m well spent
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