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  1. Would that be the non defect section?
  2. Why all the hate for the players that have left. I just don’t get it?
  3. It’s odd isn’t it. Don’t understand the hate
  4. Winding down to retirement I guess. Nice place to see out your time
  5. Oh I agree. It was dangerous. But the ref was five yards away and had a clear view and thought it was a yellow. Don’t know what he saw different on the tv? I would love to hear his explanation.
  6. Just can’t see how the spurs player could avoid it. It does seem that refs are saying if it hits your arm even though you can’t do anything about it then it’s a penalty
  7. Great performance this from Brighton. Good afternoon of football so far. Another strange var with the red card though. Ref has a clear view gives a yellow then changes his mind?
  8. Yes mate. I’m not in the habit of making stuff up. Haven’t the time or inclination to find the bike but it’s. Could never understand it myself
  9. Think hutch is in the same boat as lots of players. But he was probably on better money than many of them ( so being faced with a bigger cut) and clubs will be even more wary of his injury/ discipline issues than previously. Shame because a fully fit hutch is a bloody good player.
  10. So in true owlstalk style he is no longer a bad egg and needs fooling off out of the club ? Glad that’s cleared up
  11. How can you say it won’t be overturned and then give several excellent reasons why it should be? They have applied post dated changes, advised us incorrectly on how to get around it, and delayed the proccess for around ten months for no apparent reason. Although my guess is that ten months was due it being accepted and then a change of personnel at the EFL deciding it shouldn’t have been. Had the EFL done it’s job properly they could have applied the punishment in the time frame set in their own rules.
  12. We won’t get it reduced. I don’t think there’s anything in the rules that allow for that in our circumstances. However the rules do state that the punishment should be applied in the season following the breach. The reason it wasn’t was purely down to the EFLs investigation. I would be arguing that applying it two seasons later is not allowed and therefore should be overturned.
  13. Great performance today heading for mom.
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