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  1. We always called it the cheese when we were kids. There were a fair few away fans ended up there in the seventies. It never ended well as there was no where to run once you got penned in there. Crazy days.
  2. Wimbledon cancelled in June, and told it can’t happen in July. Which means no live sport until August at the earliest. Realistically. How can we restart the season in August, fit in the 20-21 season and next summers Euros. It’s impossible. I think EUFA have a massive call to make on this one, given next seasons lucrative champions league also has to be arranged. Who goes into that, and when does it take place, given this years tournament still hasn’t finished, and contracts end in June. It’s a right mess.
  3. Definitely with a good defensive midfielder alongside him, ooh someone like Hutch eh? Definitely not on his own as a single cm, or alongside pelepussy, which is the same thing. do you think Sheridan would have been half the player he was without Carlton doing the grafting?
  4. First sensible comment. Don’t profess to know anything about mcfarlane but it’s obvious our recruiting is poo and needs a massive overhaul. Maybe Bruce would have done that but monk looks clueless.
  5. He will only survive if there’s a massive improvement when/ if football returns.
  6. No contest waddle v WHU. Even Harry Redknapp describes it as the greatest individual performance ever. Oh for days like that again
  7. If this is true, I can see the latest addition to dem blades honours board...20/21 potential FA Cup winners.
  8. What ever decisions are made will be possibly subject to legal challenge so impossible decisions to make. One thing is for sure they will take this opportunity to get rid of the league cup. The big clubs don’t want it, and this gives them the excuse to ditch it.
  9. Luton away, might have been first game of the season, but certainly very early on. We won 3 0 with JP scoring a header. We were top of the league and the game was on telly. Should be footage somewhere? But my memory is not the best so I could be completely wrong!
  10. Or how about a bring a friend for a fiver for st holders. IF it does ever restart.
  11. I love these threads about the old days. Makes me smile cus the old uns talk about the violence and the young uns talk about crap refs. so many for me. Bradford was a shocker, remember being in the queue to get in and Bradford fans wading in with golf clubs. Chelsea was always horrid. Millwall was well millwall. Crushes at grimsby, mill Moor, Oxford, can’t recall how many times I left grounds without my feet touching the floor. Its like the yorkshiremen sketch from monty python. You tell the young ups of today and they won’t believe you
  12. I handed my season ticket to my mate five weeks ago, happy in the thought I would never have to watch monks Wednesday again. If I’m back from my travels before they restart the season I will demand compensation for having to watch the games.
  13. Used to love the travs when wheeney had it. That night we played Kaiserslautern what an atmosphere. Remember a few times when away fans tried to get in and got a pasting before they even got to the doors. Think tommy tynan ran it for a while too.
  14. Would think it will be all new contracts. But unless it’s a Riga / world agreement players will just go abroad, well the decent ones
  15. This is getting bad now. I come on here for footy gossip and it’s turned into one of them tug telly mags our lass reads. What you lot going to do when you’ve binge watched everything and [email protected] yourselves stupid.....unless your dead by then of course. From corvid or excessive masturbation.
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