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  1. Think it’s time to drop massive and replace it with powerful. Then when they grunt about why we call ourselves powerful we can just smile.
  2. Think I’ve got it mark bright taking is to the fa cup final and in the proccess pushing dem blavdes one step further to their centenary
  3. Plonk

    It’s all rubbish

    Funny that Hutch’s one bad game is enough to se3 him dropped and permanently excluded yet Fox gets dropped every few weeks and finds his way back in
  4. Plonk

    The Big Issue.

    This. Absolutely. The lack of communication and leadership is terrible.
  5. Plonk

    Its got to be done

    It’s his stubbornness that worries me. He’s not going to back track on the freezing out process. He’s not going to give the kids time to develop properly either
  6. I gave it a swerve last night glad I did. Really concerning reading these comments. Glad it’s getting reported but sadly I think we can all predict the response from the two organisations involved. Plus we will probably now get even less tickets next season due to “ safety issues”. Scandalous
  7. Only beaten us twice in the last twelve years. So not all bad.
  8. Plonk

    Line up

    IF that is the team he should be sacked before a ball is kicked. IF he has FF and MM available but fox gets a shirt I bloody despair. Pick your our strongest team you pilock
  9. Gutted. Started reading this without lo9king at the date and thought big guns was back
  10. Oh he will make decisions to affect the game don’t worry about that. He does it consistently. Just not the way we want. If it’s 0 0 with ten minutes to go I hope Bullen bundles him into a suitcase and locks him in the changing room.
  11. Plonk


    You actually believe this horseshit. Jo’s has played right into their hands by telling them a fortnight ago he wouldn’t be playing. More chance of Westwood hutch and Abdi playing.
  12. Plonk

    The silence from S6

    Ok sorry for asking.
  13. Is bloody deafening. Can’t believe with the mess we are in the only communication is from B.B. Mr C needs to let us know what bluebuggery he has got planned.
  14. Plonk

    A first?

    Funny really. He took a scratch squad he was given and performed a minor miracle last year This time he’s taking a scrjatch squad of his own creation. Dandy needs a miracle to save his job.
  15. Is that the same car crash chairman who has actually invested properly in our youth.