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  1. Just look at Carlton Palmer for that first goal. Man united breaking out and big Carlton just closes the gap wins the ball and gets out it winds all in one movement cross bang goal. That’s how to do it.
  2. It’s not that long ago we were whooping them 7 0 at Hillsborough. Since I think they have been in administration and been fairly poo for long periods. Shame we’ve managed out do them on the incompetence scale
  3. To be fair to the lad monk said he W W anted younger hungrier more energetic players. He never mentioned that they had to be any good at football. And most of his signings have done exactly what he signed them for. Running about a lot.
  4. I grant you he was playing three at the back. But what if it didn’t work and we needed to change? He left himself with no where to go. Starting the season without a left back and a striker was negligent and has caused massive prombles for us.
  5. Just checked. 29 in that horrible season us old uns won’t forget. So another 7 needed to beat it. can we do it?
  6. I meant in our history? Have we ever scored fewer in a season than this?
  7. Monks is responsible for the fact we started the season with a squad that scored about 25 goals between them the season before. He is responsible for the fact we have no left back and striker. He is responsible for freezing out a keeper that is better than the two he picked instead. He is responsible for the rock bottom morale subsequent managers have had to address. And before anyone starts about Chansiri responsibilty this one is about monk. There’s another two thousand about Chansiri responsibilty
  8. Can’t be far off lowest goals scored in a season can we?
  9. Wow. So you’d keep Dunkley ( injures) iorfa( injured) urgohide ( agree) penney ( awful) shaw( signed for Celtic and more reds than hutch) FDB ( never plays) Windass agree of your indifferent ones five out of the six have failed to hold down a place and the other only plays because we haven’t got a striker. All of those players will struggle to get clubs in the championship. Yet you would get rid of Westwood Reach Lees and Hutch who will all sign for teams higher up the league than us.?
  10. So get rid of our best players ( arguably) but keep the rest of the dross? Wasn’t that monks plan last summer. That turned out well didn’t it.
  11. Yes. Because the problem was not addressed last summer. I said at the time our current squad scored less than thirty goals between them last season ( for whichever club) and hey presto how many goals have we scored this season. People said at the time the goals will come from all over the pitch. Have they.
  12. Yes I get all that. So you don’t know anymore than the rest of us and are guessing how bad it is.
  13. As if the thought of playing Morecombe and Salford in the league isn’t bad enough. Now you tell me that we could actually be twelve points behind them before we even kick a ball. I think it’s rapidly approaching the worst point in our history.
  14. Niel. Genuine question. You keep making posts like this hinting that the situation is considerably worse than most of us think. Do you know something we don’t? Are you ( like most of us) proper angry mad with the club and venting your spleen or is it just to drive discussion in these days of flagging interest?
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