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  1. I’m not having that. There can’t be a league in existence anywhere in the world where butterfield would look half decent. Not even Swaziland league 5 is that bad
  2. I think is what makes Gibson such a fool. A hypocritical fool too
  3. Bloody hell, it’s bad enough parachute clubs going up and down every year. How bad would it be if City, Liverpool, Man U and Chelsea U23s finished top four, with the parachutes finishing 5th to eighth, with the rest scrapping it out to finish 12th and make the play offs.
  4. Geordies reckon he’s pocketed around £32m in compo from being sacked. Unbelievable, iftrue, that you can make so much money from not being very good at your job.
  5. As someone else said, what’s the point losing £13m every years, when you are effectively ( not) competing with other teams who are allowed to lose around £53 m a year. 13 m plus 40 m failure payments. i think it’s inevitable some will say let’s have a go and hope we do it. The system is broken
  6. Rich business man screws every body over and walks away intact. It’s a disgrace.
  7. I honestly don’t know Sal. What I do know, from what I’ve read, is he can pay the money he owes. He is choosing not to and in the process hurting a lot of people. That for me is inexcusable regardless of intent.
  8. He walks away with his £500m fortune. Meanwhile the tax payers ( you and me) will have to cover the £30m tax bill he doesn’t want to pay but that he owes. The local companies he owes money to may go bust and people who work in the ticket office can’t pay their mortgage this month so may lose their homes. Best comment today on the derby forum: does anyone know if Morris came in his chuefer driven limo or his helicopter today to tell people on minimum wage they were losing their jobs. Don’t have any sympathy for him. He gambled and lost and now expects others to pay his debts while he keeps his stake. He is a vile human being who is wrecking lives and taking no responsibility.
  9. Only a bit. I left England in Feb 2020, totally disillusioned with the club, and life in general. But then as soon as football restarted I signed up for iFollow so I could still watch the games. Still read owlstalk first thing every morning over my coffee. Do I miss it? Yes. Do I miss it enough to come back to England? No. having said that if we make the play offs I will probably find an excuse to come back. Dont think being a wednesdayite ever leaves you.
  10. Tip of the iceberg. A month into the season and two already in trouble.
  11. That’s really sad news. Saw him at hirsty bar a few years ago. Told some great stories. Not many “ back room” staff become legends but he really was. What a life he lived. RIP Tony.
  12. Not so much “ popular sound bites” I think it’s the total crap you posted that’s getting you called out
  13. Not sure you read my post right mate. I thought he would have been a good appointment for us. Certainly the best option available at the time, and definitely better than monk.
  14. Eye, some right fat ******** in Newcastle.
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