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  1. It is the bare minimum but we’ve not had it for ages.
  2. We’ve been asking for a hard working battling committed team. That’s what we got tonight. Lacking that bit of guile but you can’t fault the work rate there. Players looking a lot more committed. Good stuff. No complaints.
  3. Well that’s my day tomorrow sorted. Few beers by the pool working through stevebooms playlist
  4. Read up on the Watford stuff. It wasn’t who loaned the money that was the problem it was who borrowed it. That’s the way I read it.
  5. Derby’s record breakers had 7 points after 9 games. Just saying
  6. But we needed to let monk bring his own players in. Get rid of the bad eggs. Get his own back room staff. Yes that worked well
  7. And then in his post match press conference speak about him as if he was a scout?
  8. Anybody know if he found any good players for Celtic? Don’t really follow Scottish footie
  9. Transfer windows???? The OP has given 15 minutes!!!!
  10. We’ve tried all sorts to get it on the telly and still up squinting at a bloody iPad. But we are very old and techno dinosaurs. So after the Millwall game we said fizz it. But we are going to squint again tonight.
  11. Certainly did. We drew a pre season game at saltergate 00 before that. Remember talking to Shelton, megson and pat heard in a pub after the game. They were so depressed, saying they couldn’t understand how Wilco wanted them play, and that it would be a long season because he didn’t know what he was doing. So we were depressed. Went to Swansea ( who I think had just been relegated?) won 1 0 with Micky Lyons scoring the only goal. The first of an unbeaten 19 game run that led to promotion.
  12. Was anybody? Other than @owlstalk and opposition managers
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