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  1. Letter sent to FA

    Not read the full thread but I’ve commented on other threads, and I wasn’t there yesterday as I’m on my hols. BUT whilst letters to the fa are worth fa and as the op says will be straight in the bin, but I’m foookin sick of coming out of games talking about refs. I’m coming up sixty, and it was never like this before. No one noticed referees back then and that’s how it should be. You didn’t know there names, didn’t notice they were even on the pitch. Now the tail tugging tuggers want to be the centre of attention. Fat kids who couldn’t play who hate those that can. If things don’t change soon with the standards of officials I’m giving up on football cus it’s driving me mad. I’m on my hols and getting right wizzed off with what happened yesterday.
  2. Lucas Joao

    Jaoao Thorniley and Clare all come in recently and done well. Wonder why it’s happening now?

    Not been today as I’m away, but I started a similar thread after the Birmingham debacle. Either the standards are now so appalling ( not one 3nglish ref going to the World Cup) or they are completely bent. There is no other reason for the incompetence week in week out. Yet managers, players club officials are sanctioned to the point where we are suffering censorship on criticising refs. Sure it’s not just us. Sure fans up and down the country feel the same. Something has to got to bloody give. Is it time for a campaign?
  4. Neil called for

    So in the space of six weeks kat has gone from anti christ to the risen son. Not having a dig as I have no axe to grind with her, but what has she done for such acclaim? Oh and wtf is all this about Jo’s leaving?
  5. Today's Times

    That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on owlstalk. Take a bow. Though I’m sure you will get tutted at by some
  6. And just one point to add. That one defeat was the most bizzare game I’ve seen. So many errors on all levels.
  7. Young George Hirst

    I have no reason to disbelieve kivo, I think he has posted what he’s been told. But I’m sure it was kivo that said Clare was been given the hirst treatment by bein* left outof the U23s day before he made his debut. Now whoever gave that info appears to be stirring poo. Is the same source providing kivo his info on hirst? If so how can we be confident that’s not poo stirring too? Not a dig at kivo at all, just his source?
  8. Winger talks Lucas Joao

    Faces sometimes fit and sometimes they don’t. The funny thing is Jo’s came with a reputation for being very safe and dour. He’s blooded more kids in six weeks than Carlos did in three years, and seems to be giving Lucas the confidence to go out and play. So far so good for me. And yes a few of us have changed our minds on Joao but that’s because the kid has improved massively and turning the potential we all saw into performances.
  9. Sean Clare

    After seeing him play Tuesday night I now think his contract situation is more important than hirstys . Agree with the op that he could be a massive talent for us. The Thorniley signing shows the one year contract rumour was testicles. Time for our charlton lady to prove her worth me thinks
  10. Kaiserslautern

    There was a resason the atmosphere was so hostile that night. You can’t create things like that, they are a natural occurrence.
  11. It’s looking more and more that the manager is going to get the best out of the players. I like what I am seeing at the moment, can’t wait to see what he can achieve when everyone’s fit.

    I think it was the one where their player threw himself up in the air, did a double somersault and a half pike. Couldn’t believe he didn’t get booked for such an impressive dive. And time wasting? Didn’t the ref have to speak to their keeper about it after about ten minutes. Funny it stopped when the goals went in.
  13. The thing that concerns me is two trusted posters on here have both been told the same thing ( or they’ve told each other) possibly by the same trusted source within the club? Wether it’s true or not that person is stirring up some serious poo, and needs outing so come on you two who is it? Name and shame because either way you two are having your chains yanked.
  14. As a three year st holder I would be more than happy for the prices t9 come down, especially if there was a built in incentive to buy again the year after, even if it was a reduction on another three year deal. Win win for all.....oh and stripes back too please.
  15. Morgan Fox

    Think that’s two wishes down thee pan. What’s your third?