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  1. This one is £90 on amazon....and has only got a crap crocodile on it..
  2. It is. On a very shitty cake. But I don’t get why supposed fans are just searching desperately to find negatives. How much does the OP expect to pay for a decent leather wallet in the UK?
  3. Yes but we’ve got a good manager this summer, I think we should challenge Chansiri to put £1 into the transfer kitty every time someone says “ absolute shambles” on owlstalk. Aguerro would be awesome in L1
  4. My daughter bought me one several years ago. Not sure if this is” new”. And it’s a superb quality wallet, still using it, it’s wearing well. Why do people constantly feel the need to find stuff to criticise the club for. fizz me there’s enough poo to moan about without this nonsense.
  5. And you know this as a fact? That Moore’s no 1 target is the lad from Solihull? Well let’s hope he gets him because if he doesn’t we really are fizzed aren’t we. Like I say, I think I will listen to a local journalist who has proved he knows what’s going on rather than some of the insanity spouted on here by apparent ITKers.
  6. I’ve got no idea what you are on about. Joe is a good journalist, and posts regularly on here, and is probably as good as a source as we are going to get. Appreciate it doesn’t fit with some people’s agendas ( if it’s minor good news), but I believe he posts what he gets accurately and fairly. Makes a change from the angry mad hysteria.
  7. Why wait until you are on the brink of disappearing though Think most of us can see we are in pre MM territory again, so get it going, so that when it does go ******** up we are in a position to do something?
  8. But in my defence it is tea time here
  9. Nice to have someone who actually knows a bit of what’s actually happening at the club, and we can accept as being reliable. Well done Joe. Keep it up mate.
  10. We tried that last season. It didn’t work. But I hope this is true, we definitely need a change of luck.
  11. North stand with my mates, they know better!
  12. No that’s us old uns and our global warming.
  13. I honestly couldn’t tell you who was commentating or commenting last night. I tend to ignore it. I’ve managed perfectly well watching Wednesday for 50 odd years without a commentary. Tend to switch off at the final whistle unless there’s been something controversial I want to see again. Really don’t see that it matters whose talking over the game. Let’s be right, the bulk of footballers aren’t particularly blessed in that department.
  14. I wasn’t blaming lineker. He actually highlighted that he has to call them “ star of the match”. I was slagging the madness that you can’t have a man of the match in a game comprised purely of men so as not to upset all the rest of the world that aren’t men.
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