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  1. The EFL decision will have no impact on me watching football. The cheating the crap refs the turgid football. That’s having an affect and I am seriously falling out of love with the game. I’ve had a season ticket for as long as I can remember but really not sure if I will bother next season. Something needs to change because this isn’t the game i used to watch
  2. I was a big advocate of it as I thought it would incompetent refs. Now we just have an incompetent VAR System too!!
  3. But the players “ lack passion” apparently
  4. Perhaps just inappropriate particularly this week
  5. So the council are targeting parking around football grounds? No, just hillsbrough. Because parking snot a problem at any other grounds. This is getting beyond ridiculous now
  6. So basically. A third of the way into the season if you’re playing well and winning you’re in with a chance of promotion. If you’re playing poo and losing you’re in with a chance of going down. If you’re doing neither your season is over. Pack your bags for your summer holiday
  7. Accepting a lot of what’s been said on here BUT why set up so defensively against a side obviously on its belly and struggling for confidence. Allowing them possession and attacking options only helps their confidence. Get at them from the start and let them be ten minutes in thinking “ we are going to get pounded”. just don’t get Monk’s thinking. Oh and it’s fookinshit to watch. I was getting bored on Saturday and just not looking forward to games any more v
  8. Thought fooling potter was back. Wtf
  9. That’s what monk does. Get used to it. Me? I’m bored shitless watching this. Really don’t know why I keep turning up. Even when we scored it didn’t feel right the way we played
  10. Sadly there will be some of us won’t see it.
  11. Not read the full thread, but a genuine question. How much of a reduction do people want. Because when tickets were a decent price, against premiership opposition ( Everton) I didn’t notice that the ground was full? If bringing the price down only results in a few more turning up then all-it will do is add to our ffp promble?
  12. So when 200 Wigan fans come on a Tuesday night there’s is a total exclusion zone around leppings Lane. Today with the worst fans in the country visiting none of the side streets closed and fans merging at Burger King. You couldn’t make this poo up.
  13. Well I never thought I would do it but gone for Fox. Iorfa was immense but purely for the improvement he’s made I’ve gone for Fox. Keep it up lad well done
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