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  1. Can’t help thinking that if it’s one of the usual out of work suspects the deal would be done by now. Longer this takes the more I’m suspecting MrC is going after a hard to do deal? Maybe Hughton is not dead in the water just yet. Or maybe there’s an even more attractive option out there? Going to be gutted now if it’s coleman
  2. You heard something pal or just wishful thinking. Still hoping him or him or GVB.
  3. How funny would it be if we take four players from them who fire us to promotion while Newcastle get relegated? Can you imagine the Geordie melt down
  4. Dseeing how. R C has played such hardball can see him saying give us Gayle or fuckrightoff
  5. But you said the other day the manager “ wasn’t on the list” ( on the thread you were commenting on) but now you’ve no idea. Think you are full of poo.
  6. So who do you think we will be looking at? Gutted if you are right about GVB
  7. I can’t believe people would turn their noses up at GVB. the best candidate mentioned by an absolute mile.
  8. Clutching at straws it’s not far from Holland to hamburgHamburg
  9. Well it was Hughton but if that’s a no go GVB. Know it’s unlikely but think he would fit perfectly and build something special here. Now you’re going to what my wif3 does and say “ No” and completely ruin my day arent you?
  10. Please be who I’m hoping it is.
  11. Really don’t think he will go back there. Particularly when they are second bottom
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