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  1. Whose idea was it to appoint Bruce. He’s the one that should get the credit.
  2. You see this is what you get with an experienced knowledgable manager.
  3. He’s never happy when we concede. All goalies are mad though. But agree. Him and Palmer need new contracts. Never thought I would be saying that three months ago.
  4. Just bought two for my daughters. Not many together in our block in the north so could be half decent. Surprising what a few wins does
  5. Can you imagine if they went up automatic, the gloating that would go on. Only for us to join them a couple of weeks later after our worst season in years. Would still rather beat them in the play offs though. Would make mind the gap year look like a freak result.
  6. But they can’t afford £30 to watch us at home. Where will they find £100 for Wembley tickets?
  7. Didn’t someone clever say something about learning from history to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes?
  8. Thought he’s out of contract in the summer? Either way it’s amazing that we now have a really solid looking back four. Lees and hector making a great pairing. Just shows when you have a good managergood things happen
  9. He had a suit on. Must have come from a wedding or summat.
  10. I’m guessing quite a few of you weren’t there last night. I love big Dave’s effort but he really isn’t the answer. Winnall had twenty five mins and although he did well by the end he was running in concrete. No way is he ready to play 90 mins. I’m hoping ff or joaoa are fit for Saturday. Mathias has hAd so many chances and failed to impress. Lets work with the players who who will be here next season.
  11. If only we had sacked Jo’s after the QPR debacle. Think we could have made top six. Now we are very hard to beat and it would be nice to get through the remaining games unbeaten but we don’t have a prolific striker who can turn draws into wins. Hopefully SB will address that in the summer
  12. Good news. Hate going to that shitole and giving them scumbags my hard earned cash so telly in the pub it is.
  13. I still sing " everywhere we go there's agro" to hi ho silver lining. But I'm very old. I also found myself singing the old Bertie Mee said to Bill Shankley the other morning
  14. Having to bring foxand Boyd on killed it for us. No attacking threat. Happy with a draw once those changes were made
  15. Against derby on Saturday? Said he wanted to play at pride park again
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