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  1. That’s your statue getting ripped down and thrown in the river Don you racist ********
  2. Agree with you totally pal. But....the guy who broke it on here ( and so probably where all the subsequent rumours originate) has a very good record of breaking news. There are only a couple of posters on here who seem to be genuinely well connected, and he is definitely one of them. So, with a pinch of salt, I’m believing there’s some good news coming. And to console myself, I was given some info last week, that was a from a good source, and asked not to share it. I didn’t . I’m glad I didn’t because it appears to be wrong !
  3. Should definitely sign Ng having his name on your shirt would be dead cheap
  4. I like to think of it as we’ve been proved to be acting correctly
  5. They will be if Wigan go down😁😁
  6. Niel I really hope you are right about this exploding. Once again it’s the fans I feel sorry for, but this sort of thing has got to be stopped.
  7. You don’t need it mate. You just say something on here and two pages later it’s fact. so Hutch Westwood FF and now Lees ( it seems) are bad apples. Hutch leaked this to the press. He’s a massive ego ( despite his well documented struggle with depression) and we are better off without them. They were never any good anyway. i know it’s topical to rewrite history at the moment, but I always though wednesdayites were better than this. Can An we not give credit to some of the players who gave us our best two seasons in twenty years, and the manager too for that matter. im glad we had those two seasons because the other 18 years have been ******** awful.
  8. Not read the whole thread, and I know it’s something I harp on about, but his comments on Carlos and Bruce are interesting. Basically saying they knew when a player needs an arm around the shoulder, whereas monk and Jo’s booted him out without an explanation. I think we now have a good picture of monks management style, and Jo’s lack of it. it seems obvious what style of manager the players like and will “ run through brick walls” for. And look what can be achieved if you get that.
  9. He says it’s not a problem......but you interpret that as he is the one who leaked it?
  10. How have we ended up with a team where only player can make a decent tackle, maybe two at a push?
  11. Why is Westwood the reason for our current predicament. I’m genuinely interested why you think that
  12. Me too. Obviously not cut and dried if it’s taking this long. Obviously a very complex argument
  13. I take it from the quotes you don’t think Westwood hutch and ff are good players? wheres that come from that they ostracised themselves? You are the first person I’ve seen state that. It certainly not what the players themselves have said.
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