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  1. But surely some of the clubs must now be demanding changes. And if the minority are punishing the majority that’s just unsustainable
  2. I think we will take them to the cleaners if we win. The EFL would do to remember how the PL came about in the first place. The big clubs were peeed off with being held back. Same things going to happen here if they don’t become flexible
  3. I will have a mob in the claymore, send a runner up from pond street if you need us.
  4. Whilst I have been critical of monk overall I do think our set pieces are much better, and we continue to show improvements in this area
  5. He only went down when bb bollocked him for not working hard enough. Mardycunt
  6. Can’t he sign pre contract with a foreign club in January. Think that includes Scotland?
  7. The problem for me is the lack of excitement. It’s so bloody hard to watch. I’ve been watching Wednesday for over fifty years so I’ve seen some right crap. But the first time in my life I’ve booked a long holiday during the season and I’ve not even thought about the games I will miss. I’ve already decided not to renew my season ticket for next season. I’ve been slowly falling out of love with football for a while now. I don’t even watch it on telly anymore. But Monks “ style” of football has killed my love of watching Wednesday. I will still go as I enjoy the day out with the lads. Just not week on week out home and away as I have done. I really can’t see the point in spending shed loads of money on something I’m just not enjoying.
  8. But why did he do that? Can’t ever remember seeing that happen before.
  9. The ref told him four times in the first half to get on with it. Must have got fed up of telling him because in the second half he just let him Carry on. And some of the diving....oh my lord it was laughable
  10. The elephant is Monk. He picks the team he sets the tactics and he makes the subs. Last game of 2019 and I’ve watched most games this season. I’ve actually enjoyed one game. Forest away.
  11. Just seen it again and I’m even more pissed off. Red every day of every week
  12. Absolute bang on. Every other team in the league would have chased the ref down peristome road after that tackle. Ours don’t a fooling poo. This team is tug. We’ve got a negative manager and a team of bottlers. Fooling sick of it.
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