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  1. David hirst

    These things happen all the time in football. If it was bethwerwicks kid no one would even be talking about it. Let him go wish him luck and don't let this tarnish hirsty seniors status.
  2. Not as thick as they look?!

    Who the fool actually gives a flyingshit what them fools think?
  3. Stewards on North Stand

    Just for a bit of balance, hull have an element of fans who are capable of causing real problems. They dont always travel but when they do they are a right set of two hats
  4. HE was at Hillsborough today

    Not read the full thread. I really don't get the meg son love fest on here. BUT him and Pullis in charge would certainly change things. Dont want CC to go, I want him to change, but if he does go those two would be top of the list, along with Pearson and laudrup.
  5. That suicidal last minute

    Reach never wins 50/50
  6. He's fooling Right though. That one today. Jesus. Said after five minutes here we go. He kept it up
  7. The flippingshuffle officials
  8. We'll that showed everything that was wrong in 45 mins. Not one effort on goal. Players that can't pass five yards. Against a team that are awful and came for a 0 0 draw and can't believe their luck. And a referee that hasn't got a flippingclue what he's doing Happy days.
  9. He was always scrounging fags. My memory of him was him getting one off my mate outside the Barnsley ground before we thrashed them 3 0 on the opening game of the season.
  10. Updated Graphs

    Thats good then. So if them blavdes lose on Saturday it's all over for them?
  11. Carlos' frozen out 11..

    So to justify your argument, and have another pop at the club, you name four players who weren't god enough and have left the club, two who are always injured, one that played yesterday and oe that came on at Ipswich and sorrel? Yes definitely "frozen out"
  12. Could we get worse than Carlos??

    This is the whole crux of the matter when two struggling premiership teams have recruited pardew and moyes and a third are struggling to get anyone. If Carlos goes who do you bring in. For me withstick until there is an outstanding candidate available and willing.
  13. Loovens & Van Aken

    Pick the best two out of the three.
  14. Blades fans panicking

    They would only have sold him anyway if anyone was interested. It's the blavdes way.
  15. Was this a penalty?

    The thing that grits my bobbar is if it had been a foul on a Bristol player that ref would have given it without a second thought. Awful awful referee. AGAIN!,,,