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  1. Plonk

    Wednesday and Forest links

    What’s the Gary bannister connection? Don’t recall him being at forest?
  2. Best ever omtd ever. Ever. Did I mention ever. Well done that man
  3. Well as stupid ideas goes this has to be right up there. Friday night game, no control over tickets and give the bottom tier. Do the police learn nothing from previous games? Absolutely insane this.
  4. You should have rung to say someone had called you a puff. Apparently hurt feelings are now a priority for SYP.
  5. Plonk

    Todays attendance

    Well I got to my seat yesterday to find two strangers in my seat. They produced tickets so the club had cocked up. After five minutes one says. So you go every week then? Yes mate it’s my season ticket seat, and do most away games. oh he says. Are we always this poo. five minutes in!!!! should charge people like this a fecking grand to get in.
  6. Plonk

    Where can this team finish?

    Actualy it shere WHERE will this team finish. But that’s just spelling
  7. Plonk

    Worst Signing Ever

    Think the players that have annoyed me the most are slothroyd fox in the box and that fatcoont clarke. The only three players I’ve actually hated seeing wearing a wednesday shirt. That I could quite happily have punched in the face in the car park after a game ( though I would have had to run of& as they would have beaten the pooh out of me). Abdi I feel sorry for, really not his fault. When he’s been fit he has tried, but those three. Seen more effort from a squashed hedgehog.
  8. Plonk

    Jos on Joel Pelupessy

    Early days but, it’s what Palmer used to do for Sheridan.
  9. Wonder if dem blades have ever had a player on the books who is best mate with the worlds greatest players? Like Barca and Man U have?
  10. Plonk

    Away games, a closed shop?

    It’s quite funny how this argument has changed. In the eighties it used to be “ it’s ridiculous I go to every game but couldn’t get to Hillsboro to queue up at 3am due to being on nights and now I’m missing this massive match and someone who hasn’t been all season has got a ticket. It’s not bloody fair. Club needs to do summat about it”
  11. Not at all. But where were all these priced out fans when it was ten quid the other week. Been shown time and again cheap tickets don’t mean big crowds.
  12. Now I can understand people wetting their beds over tickets at £49. But possibly the daftest thing I’ve read on owlstalk is “ I would go if it was £25 but I’m not paying £28”. £28 is quite reasonable, but I’m sure there will be excuses trotted out as to why people can’t go.
  13. Plonk

    Best boss?

    Jo’s will be
  14. Plonk

    David Hirst, home or away?

    All getting a bit touchy aren’t we
  15. Plonk

    David Hirst, home or away?

    Burglars paradise you say? What’s the address?