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  1. What a sad state of affairs, and part of my agrees that as it stands the academy process is now defunct. Something needs to be done, but while ever it benefits the prem nothing will. Time the efl broke away and started looking after our interests.
  2. Sadly his dads now the same. Unwelcome and tarnished his memory.
  3. No but Niel has. Well actually he said next week before oitp. And Niel knows everything.
  4. Can you imagine if the championship turned round to the prem and said fizz it we aren’t promoting teams, and we aren’t taking your crap. It would actually weaken the prem and str3ngthen the championship. We should refuse to sell players to the prem too. Be a right laugh.
  5. Having gone through the full list I really don’t think there’s much to fear. We really don’t know how the relegated sides will fare and villa seem to be imploding. Really not sure who the stand out teams are.
  6. Some very winnable games there. Fancy us for a good start for a change
  7. Plonk

    Carlos is missing us !

    This. Took us a long time to get over his fuckups. Hate the guy with a passion.
  8. Don’t matter we will already be champions by then
  9. Plonk

    Carlos is missing us !

    I keep reading about all the cash he had, but to put into context it’s at a time lots of other clubs have even more. Let’s remember 5he first good season eh? Yes it went pear shaped but let’s no5 get too b8tter. Time moves.
  10. When were in the poo we couldn’t raise ten bob. It’s a nice thought mate but don’t think we are anywhere near that yet.
  11. Think we do just not allowed to spend it. Funny that prem teams can spend 90m on one player but don’t let them championship boys spend too much. Wonder why that is?
  12. Would prefer safe standing to standing in seating areas. Seems like the petition is gaining traction within government....at last
  13. That seems l8ke hell of a lot of money.
  14. How confident are you that it will be revealed at oi tp nieil