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  1. It will be very interesting. What if it’s a sort of share issue? We’ve done that previously to raise money. So the membership gives something tangible like a vote on a fans advisor and discounts on st and goods? Many of us have these things up willingly to sort out the mess previously created. Would people be willing to buy in again?
  2. He needs to tell us, because we deserve to know, but we need to keep it quiet. If this gets out we will only have ourselves to blame
  3. Not got time to read all this. Do we know what the mark 2 club actually is?
  4. Plonk

    John Marquis

    Would donny want Rhodes?
  5. Plonk

    Chelsea Allocation

    What’s the excuse of the day going to be for this now. Sunday? 6pm? On tv?
  6. Plonk


    Please let this be true.
  7. Kinnell just flicked through this and thought we were at least four nil down. Stop wetting yer pants
  8. Nuhui and fletch up front? Is it 1970? Is that the best we can do. Glad I’m on holiday and not in Luton.
  9. Plonk

    John Marquis

    Sometimes players take a while to come good. Carl shut, Ian Wright two good examples.
  10. Is that the manager most on here wanted us to take on? Oh how soon things change in football.
  11. Plonk

    John Marquis

    That goal v Wycombe. Wow. Worth signing for that one alone. Some cracking goals in that clip. Might be worth a gamble. Likes a celebration too!
  12. Well that’s not very good given the scrubbers are on their way to s6 in the next few weeks
  13. Plonk


    Every great team has a great manager. Every crap team has a crap manager. Would our team team consisting of Mark smith and Andy Mc culloch have been great without big jack? Would our team team consisting of hirst waddle Nilsson have been great without big Ron? i haven’t thought this through properly have I ?
  14. Plonk

    No one coming in....

    I can see the reasoning behind little or no activity in this window with the rebuilding starting in the summer. BUT there’s the little matter of season ticket sales. A couple of interesting signings in the window may just make people part with their cash. A dull window and limping towards the seasons end may make people think twice?