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  1. Best free signing for a long long time.
  2. from one whose been there. I will take that for the rest of the season. Two good goals. Never threatened. Comfiest away game for years
  3. What excuse are the non attendees going to use for not attending.
  4. Well that’s sorted it. Flight booked for February. Be nowt to stop here for.
  5. Jesus. Getting the Lincoln Manager is a massive coup for Wednesday. How far have we flippingfell.
  6. What exactly are “ advanced” talks? What is the difference between “ talks” and “ advanced talks”. At what point does Mr C say “ well that’s gone well, shall we move to advanced talks now”.
  7. Because we’ve lost two games. If we had won them it would be down to great team spirit and the leadership of Bullen. And all those who now want him replacing would be screaming for him to get the job
  8. Not a big fan of Betts but have to say well done. One concern is that the council have ignored him on three occasions previously. Wonder if they will respond this time and back down. Makes you wonder if mother sole is a blade?
  9. Not past but current. Leaving the north yesterday and there’s this fat steward literally taking up half of the stairway out. So very politely I said. You’re blocking the gangway why don’t you stand at the side? His answer was because everybody shouts at me for blocking their view. So I said we’ll sit in the empty seat there. His reply was I’m not allowed to sit down. And these are the people tasked with keeping stairways and exits clear.
  10. QPRs form is poo considering they’ve only played one away match out of six
  11. Wilkinson and Atkinson were top class managers and winners. Honestly thought Bruce was in the same mould. Shame he was just a snake. But we won’t get what every wants until we get a top class manager again.
  12. Be done with football. Wouldn’t bother me if never watched another game. Love watching Wednesday but love the day with my mates more. Football usually spoils a good day out even watching Wednesday.
  13. As an avid owlstalk reader I have never seen it mentioned anywhere that was part of Bruce’s reason for leaving.
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