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  1. Hector has intimated he wants to return. SB says he wants him back. Owlstalk says he’s not coming back. Mmmmm.
  2. Spoke to a mate who knows him from his chessy days. Says he absolutely loves Steve Bruce. Didn’t know he had played for him before?
  3. So to sum up. Football is financially fecked.
  4. What if it’s 100m would you change your views
  5. So Swansea pay a pound and get 40 m parachute payments. We are paying running costs of 5m on our ground with no parachute payments? If MrChas found a away of levelling that field then good luck to him
  6. Really can’t see the comparison with Coventry. Don’t think they ever owned the ground did they? Stop fretting it’s a paper excercise to get round ffp that’s all. Those clubs winging about it are probably ones that don’t own their grounds or have already done this. We’re on our way back!
  7. 2 points: “ we” don’t own the ground Chansiri does. “We” currently have no control over what happens to it, he can turn it into a Tesco and make us play on Hillsboro Park if he wants. So he sells it to his dad, or himself or his brother, what difference does it really make? Dem blavdes will no doubt point and laugh. But look at their ground. McSue lent them money secured against the ground, training ground hotel etc. When they couldn’t pay the properties were all transferred to Scarborough holdings to repay the debt. What is the difference? Chairman takes assets in return for money. Difference is McCabe didn’t already own those things, the club did. We sold everything to Milan, and whoever subsequently bought from him. wonder if Gibson is the one raising these complaints? Why doesn’t he just buy his own ground quickly before the loophole is closed?
  8. Well I hope that fits with the rumours of training camp in Portugal then games in Germany or Austria. Hope so.
  9. It would be the same as before the disaster. You will worry what your cars going to be like after the game, and walk back to it looking over your shoulder. Those jolly scousers.
  10. I did say I would leave it but go on then without googling it name ten important European members. Oh and thanks for the spelling lesson. I’m just a thick xenophobic racist remember.
  11. Sorry. Let’s stop it right now and keep it to football
  12. Looks like this will be our first one in then. Hope it’s as well as Big Hec not instead of
  13. No not at all. But neither do I want to be dictated to by some faceless euro beurocrat. If our government decks up we can vote them out but we have no control or say over the EU. Revolution is on its way. EBRA at the forefront, just to bring it back on course.
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