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  1. Got sent this yesterday............One for the more "mature" fan , (we,ll do the other decades later) ..................................No Loanees Allowed in your matchday 18 Not old enough to remember the early 70,s properly , hence no McCalliog etc........here`s mine Chris Turner Richard Walden Mick Pickering Mark Smith Dave Rushberry Willie Henderson Brian Hornsby Tommy Craig Terry Curran Andy McCullooch Rodger Wylde SUBS Mick Prendergast Brian Joicey Tommy Tynan Denis Leman Jeff Johnson Ken Knighton Jimmy Mullen
  2. Ideally a new manager. Once that manager has identified the shape he wants, recruit accordingly. On the face of it Gibson and Kamberi`s loans should be ended if possible and see if anyone in Holland is willing to take Sow back. Charlie Goode on loan from Brentford would be an ideal centre back signing though they may not want him dropping down to league1 , and Neil Taylor is out of contract and would be a short term improvement at left back. The fear is that DM will still be in charge cus his acquisitions have been more miss than hit so far.
  3. Indeed.....................stick out like the sore proverbial from all the dross dont they. We,ve had a handful of others that have done decent jobs for a couple of years but just 3 outstanding ones in 50 years is pi$$ poor.
  4. We are notoriously poor at appointing managers........................been watching Wednesday for 50 years and in all that time we have appointed just 3 top class managers.
  5. I resign ?...............................all joking aside some honesty and much less meaningless waffle.
  6. DM on individual mistakes , We are all out there together. It is not just one individual. We will get back in on Monday morning and work. We will try to put these errors that we are making right. We have to keep believing. You keep that commitment and try and find more of that commitment. I want to make this season a real positive one. It seems like a stop-start. We have to go and get it. You won't hear me every blame one individual ever. DM on mentality, We are trying to build a team and bring the team together as one. There are many questions being asked. All I want to do is win games. Winning games is the most important thing. We have drawn the game today. We have to look at what we need to do more to get the three points. DM on results, You get the win and when it comes, it is usually a scrappy win. We have to aim to get that win and build from there. We have got ourselves into positions where we are staying in games. What we have got to do is force the issue. You have got to keep working. No excuse. I am aware of what has gone here. I am working here night and day to change things. Have the boos affected the team? I can only speak as me as a player. The boos was a driving stick for me.................?????????????????????? DM on changes to the game, We had to juggle the pack today. There were players out there that we wanted to play again today but we had one or two concerns. There were moments in the game we could have capitalised on more. DM on turning things around, My job is to change it up and that's exactly what I am doing. I want to win. The boos are because the fans want to see us win. The 92 clubs in the league want to win. I want to win and the players want to win. We are not a team of individuals. We want to find that right balance. Fear-factor, We have got to create that fear-factor. The only way you create that is by winning games. I've had five promotions in my career and the only way you create that fear factor is by winning games. We have to turn these draws into wins. DM on the performance, We wanted to win. We have come off the back of a three-game week and we could have won all three games. We still managed to come out with a result today. We got our noses in front. We conceded from a set play again and we will continue to look at that again. Defending set plays, It is an area of the game that we need to address and get better at. We will get better at it. They got the first contact. It is up to me to look at the video and how they got through. DM on their form, I have got a firm belief in the players. We will turn it around and get the club moving in the right direction. We need to change the mentality of this place. We will do it. I have got the bit between my teeth and fight in my belly. You have got to embrace it. The only way you change is it you look to the next game. We need to work and analyse this. He is beoming Ron Mnager parody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....................jumpers for goalposts ? isn`t It....Marvellous!!
  7. Indeed.........................this was Moore`s version of Monk playing Forestieri at left wing back
  8. Never liked watching his teams but there are precious few viable options unless DC coughs up some compo.
  9. File under Pulis..........................a manager who`s best years are well behind him.
  10. Not advocating sacking.....until today , he clearly aint up to the job, and we are just wasting time . Even if we get a couple of wins does anyone REALLY think that this guy can get us promoted ?...................get someone else in NOW so he has half a chance of making the top 6 THIS season.
  11. Got away lightly after finishing bottom last season..................but TBF i don`t think anyone had the appetite for slating someone who had been so poorly. Had an awful feeling pre season that this would be the case , allowed myself to feel a bit more optimistic after bringing players in but in all honesty he is making a complete horlicks of the job.
  12. Younger, hungrier...........Monk`s Moore`s the man
  13. Paul Cook`s Ipswich have won again..........................just sayin gets tin hat
  14. Yep..............we have seen evidence of that on the pitch these last 3 months
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