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  1. It’s starting to feel like the rebuild we were told would happen last summer. Wonder if DM only accepted the job if he had control?
  2. Weird isn’t it. Had never heard of him when I woke up this morning. Now I’m really anxious about wether we can get him or not
  3. And there’s the problem. “ the great and good” vociferous know nowts. The Hillsborough families I understand, which is why Liverpool should be the first to do it. Everyone knows it wasn’t standing terraces that caused the disaster, it was those hideous fences. And there were very few grounds that didnt have at the time. Good grief Ken Bates wanted electric fences putting up at Stamford bridge.
  4. You have to look at who the target audience is for this. Its the full kitwankers who watch manu Liverpool and city on sky, and the Asian market who watch it on tv. There’s millions of them. The clubs don’t give a throw about the 40000 season ticket holders. They want people in the ground for who it’s a once in a life time experience and will spend more in the club shop than a scouser spends on his season ticket. its all about the££££££££
  5. Inundated with crass remarks? I’ve only answered your strange posts? I’m out of this. Got far better things to do.
  6. Aren’t Man U having a standing area this season? How could they object to a third division club having one?
  7. Not upset at all. Just finding it a bit strange why you would react like you have to what was a straight forward comment. But my mum told me to be careful because there are a lot of strange people on the internet
  8. Wtf is up with you. I made a comment about a big turnover of players and bringing in young players. And I’m getting this weirdness. Find someone else to bother you weirdo
  9. One sided? I’m on a Wednesday forum talking about Wednesday. I’m sorry from now on, I will balance every comment I make about Wednesday by referring to the issues at every other league club.
  10. Not interested in Huddersfield. I’m talking about the season not 70 mins of what is effectively a pre season match but eh so what
  11. When you have a big turnover, and bring in quite a few kids in, it’s going to take time. Think we might have to settle for a season of rebuilding and not expect too much
  12. Sounds like two good saves from keeper. Can’t help but think we would be 2 0 down by now. If we hadn’t brought in a new keeper. Let’s hope that spreads through the team
  13. I’ve been working on recreating the match day all week here in Pak Meng. I’m going to the bar for a couple of hours. Then I’ve arranged for a few locals to be outside the front gate when I get back, to slow me down getting in. Got our lass a yellow tabard and instructed her to be as awkward as she can be until I get sat down. I'm opening a tin of beer just before kick off and leaving it in the kitchen At half time I’ve arranged for a load of locals to be in the corridor between my seat and the kitchen, so it takes forever to get the kitchen. Will squeeze through and have a ********, before heading towards the warm flat beer. Our lass then has to stand looking at her phone and talking to her mate before finally looking up, passing me the warm flat beer, and getting her calculator before charging me the wrong amount. I will drink it quickly before pushing my way back through the locals in the corridor, who don’t seem to be going to the toilet or the bar, and are there just to slow me down. I will finally get back to my seat just in time to see Huddersfield score. cant wait to be back.
  14. Not surprised really, bearing his injury and no pre season. Can’t see him starting for a few weeks.
  15. Used to drive me mad when I had a pub. Kids paying for a bag of nuts on their card. The card payment was about the same as the profit. But you can’t say 80 p please. Get given a card and say oh sorry 88 p please.
  16. Good work from the club. Let’s hope this is the turning point. Surprised he didn’t mention why seats have been removed or have I missed that?
  17. Same Jim. If DM thinks he can do something with him I would trust his judgement. For whatever reason the kid has made some bad footballing decisions ( though probably not financial). But I might be just the move he needs?
  18. There’s been some fairly bonkers arguments on owlstalk but this one is right up there
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