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  1. Think we are now getting to the point where if we win the next three games he will be back in the good books. But lose them and the knives will be getting sharpened. It’s the world we live in
  2. Some of our fans can put their panties on the radiator to dry for twelve months?
  3. And may well make that three but eh this is the highest he will go. Until next season.
  4. What is horrifying about that photo is we have five players ( half of our outfield team) within a yard or two of the ball, and yet he still has time and space to make a cross right into the danger area. Why didn’t one of them close him down
  5. Brown Patterson and wing today. Was like playing with eight men. And yet all three finished the game when it was apparent all were struggling. This is why I’m having doubts about Moore now. Doesn’t seem to see what’s obvious
  6. Should have gone for him after sacking Monk, pullis and when he sacks Moore. Don’t think he will
  7. We should have been out of sight so in some respects I agree. But DM didn’t seem to know what to do, go for it or defend it, so made a crap change that cost us.
  8. My twopenneth. Brown and Patterson not contributed anything yet both finish. Two nil and comfy but can’t finish it? Then you just knew what was coming. Moore didn’t seem to know what do. Go for it or stick, so makes a bizzare substitution officials absolutely w@nk. But that’s the league we are in. I hate football.
  9. Great we’ve not not had any bad news off the pitch for a bit..... then along comes the EFL
  10. Not seen that mate will give it a try if I see it cheers. UTO
  11. Does anyone have any idea how we will line up? I’m baffled
  12. Disappointed with that line up. Not just because I haven’t won the holiday but because I just can’t see us winning
  13. Prefer Singha but my local shop only sells small ones. Swap between Leo and chang but would love some decent beer.
  14. Can’t pick a keeper. Be unfair to drop wildsmith, but peacock is the better of the two. The back four picks itself, because there’s no other real options. BB and Dennis are automatics, but the rest are guess work. But because there a trip to the Seychelles at stake: wildsmith hunt, Bigdom dunkley palmer BB Dennis shopidoo Patto Brown Gregory
  15. I love these threads Andy. Been marooned on a beach in southern Thailand, the pictures of cold rainy streets and beers I can only dream of tasting make me a little nostalgic. Just have to make to do with another rematch Chang I guess.
  16. Funniest thing I’ve read on owlstalk for months. Bravo.
  17. Being realistic it was always going to take a while to gel with so much upheaval and on the back of a really bad season. positives? We’ve lost three, one to the top of the league away, one to a last minute goal and the other we should have won comfortably. We are only five off the top with a game in hand. I would be happy with by Christmas. Negatives? We aren’t playing very well, and still don’t seem to know what our best team is.
  18. If the star will pay my train fare and expenses I am prepared to go up to Bangkok and ask him
  19. It’s almost as if the EFL have told the referees to stop giving free kicks just because the player goes down....but someone forgot to copy Wednesday in to the memo.
  20. And to the nob who is commenting on iplayer. I don’t give a f#ck if Billy’s teacher is a Bolton fan or Irene in darnall has finished her f@cking ironing. Talk about the match you f$cking m@&g
  21. I have seen better games on a Sunday morning between two pub teams when they’ve been on the lash. Not just Wednesday but Bolton too. Is this what football has come to? Think I’m going to cancel my iplayer and go watch the kids on the beach
  22. The thing is where do you draw the line? Qatar World Cup Pfizer volkswagon Abramovic Where ever there is big money you only have to scratch the surface and you will find an absolute cess pit of corruption and vile connections
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