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  1. My apologies, I must have missed that. Most of the posts I read said they hadn’t heard anything, and Ian himself said he hadn’t heard it.
  2. I’m not apologising for anyone at all Ian. But here’s the problem, you say it’s definitely not ok to make fun of people because of their height ( a genetic trait). yet you are calling for people to be banned from football for sexist abuse ( you said you didn’t hear and nobody has substantiated). so when someone started a thread on here about Barry Bannans hight why weren’t you so vociferous in calling for that person to be banned from football?
  3. Ok. So why is it ok to take the ******** out of a player because he is overweight? why is it ok to make fun of a player because he is under average height? why is it ok to make fun of a player because he is prematurely bald? why is it ok to make fun of players because of their hair colour. is it ok to make fun of a player who was convicted of a criminal offence? All these things happen without comment. is it ok to to make fun of a referee or linesman for the same reason, or are their different rules for players and officials? is it ok to take the mickey out of fans of other clubs because of their poor dress sense, or their alleged fondness for their sister? Is it ok to make fun because one of the most famous people from their city is an alleged paedophilic or because their town had a problem with grooming gangs? or is it different rules for fans/ refs/players.
  4. Is that the same Sam Hutchinson, that was constantly having a go at the same assistant referee in the first half. And applauded sarcastically when she finally gave us a decision? Or the Liam Palmer that got into an altercation with their manager in the second? I’m not having a go at those players, or condoning the potato wrapper thrower, but let’s not have dual standards please.
  5. The brewery that makes doom bar was taken over by one of the big conglomerates ( can’t remember which one now) used to get pestered incessantly when I had a pub by reps to put it on. But there are so many better beers being produced by small brewers I always resisted. Used to have titanic on their porters were great. Fuggle bunny’ and welbeck were the best local ones in my humble onion
  6. Hutch. He’s a bad egg don’t forget. Absolutely awesome tonight.
  7. Amazing how many times good defenders who can ping a ball forty yards with pinpoint accuracy manage to roll the ball out for a corner while under no pressure. Mings yesterday Was a classic example. Not alleging anything improper but it’s very strange. May be he’s just not very good?
  8. Might be wrong on this but I don’t think it stops a new owner building a new stadium. It’s stops any owner ( including the current one) from building flats on it without first offering and consulting with the locals. This is definitely a good thing.
  9. But that wasn’t the point you were making. You said they shouldn’t get treatment because it was their choice. So now the vaccines are shown to be as low as 20 percent effective against the new strain, does that make them “ selfish c@nts” if they go out? I’m just trying to follow the logic of your argument here. And I think if you look drug addicts and drunks regularly do damage to other people not just themselves.
  10. What about fat people should they be denied treatment because they chose to eat poo? Smokers, drug addicts, alcoholics? Same for them. You could actually solve all the NHSs problems with that sort of thinking.
  11. If I remember correctly vaccines administered abroad don’t currently count, but I believe they have set a date at which point they will be accepted. But I’m guessing from Brooklyn’s comment that it’snot until after Christmas. Which again is bizarre as people want to be back st Christmas not the middle of January. But with this government it would be about right
  12. The economist recently stated “ 80 to 90 percent of people in hospital with covid are unvaccinated”. This was fact checked and deemed to be false. With actual percentage given as 35percent.
  13. If they are advising a screenshot because of internet coverage, what is to stop anyone producing a photo of someone else’s? Genuine question as I don’t know how these things work as I’m abroad
  14. Well the health minister on sky news on Sunday said there are now 16000 cases in the uk and that due to the infectious nature of the variant that figure will double every 2/3 days. That’s the entire population infected within around four weeks.
  15. Maggie Thatcher will be doing a little dance in her grave this weekend, all them scruffy football fans showing their papers to be allowed in.
  16. Good, now they will have to play it in when they are in free fall after their JTW clear out.
  17. Ah. So let’s just be clear here then. its ok to run on the pitch to celebrate a goal in the ply offs. its not ok to run on the pitch to celebrate a goal in an ordinary league game. So your issue is the game nòt the fans reaction?
  18. Absolutely. Crazy behaviour. That inflatable snowman had a right pointy nose. Could have had someone’s eye out. Thank the Lord the ref got a grip of it quickly he also responded very quickly to the sausage roll incident. Just relieved it wasn’t a vegetarian incident, some tofu there could have been a massive incident. Referee was well on top of the pitch incursions today. Even held it up for a few minutes when the pointing got a bit aggressive. Just hope he doesn’t mention it. No one likes a grass
  19. Now being a tv football fan. Today I’ve seen three penalty calls. Two given one not. The only one not given was the only one I thought was a pen.
  20. Scrappy. Two bits of class. Agree about laws. He could send a glass eye to sleep. Funny seeing them twenty Crewe fans giving it large against 2000 Wednesdayites
  21. Must be horrible being the opposition manager. I watch us every week and not sure if patto will be CH or CF, yet alone how the rest will line up
  22. Watching city wolves. That wolves player should be ashamed of that. Pathetic
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