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  1. Definitely stick with Moore. He’s done a great job considering the financial situation and the doom and gloom negative feeling around the club and support base when he came in.
  2. Any spare Sunderland away ticket? I can collect in Sunderland. Missed out on points.
  3. Still looking for 1 x Away ticket. Hotel booked but missed out on a ticket
  4. Looks like Leppings Lane Lower is now available
  5. If anyone ends up with 1 spare I can meet at the ground
  6. If Otley Owl doesn’t need it I’d be happy to take a spare (as the second post asking )
  7. Looking for a ticket to Sunderland away if anyone ends up with a spare!! Not enough points and can’t make the final if we get there.
  8. If we make it I would not get the time off work to travel from Scotland to Wembley (gutted!!). Semi finals are now a must for me. If any ST Holder with points doesn’t intend going to the away leg wherever that may be I’d snap your hand off! Even Plymouth where I went in September.
  9. Left side CB has been an issue all season. Gibson would likely have had that role without the injuries. Palmer and Johnson filled in brilliantly considering it’s neither of their positions. With both Gibson and Palmer now injured and Johnson making the left wing back position his own it’s an issue again. Hutch can play there but is better in the middle or on the right.
  10. I just phoned the shop, they don’t have many numbers left but are getting some in tomorrow
  11. Did you manage to sort this? I have the same issue
  12. Surely covid in the squad. Makes no sense otherwise
  13. Is it being shown anywhere? Not on iFollow I don’t think
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