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  1. All Wednesday except for the grinder ones and neither friends or family I recognise.
  2. No wonder he thinks we are going to do well when we got 10 points in a week!
  3. When did we score from outside the box? We don't see to take any chances.
  4. May be it would be free to get in but you would have to pay to get out.
  5. When was the last time we lost 5 on the trot. Can only see one result tonight and it won't be a win or draw us.
  6. Do we know if Chansiri is going to do it in person or via Zoom? I've heard he doesn't like Teams as they are crap at Hillsborough!
  7. Something has got to change. Last season it was the mentality of the team. It's a different team almost and I don't see any change. Formation isn't working and his selection needs changing. Why can't Penny get a game? As my Leeds supporting manager said when Monk first came is that he his full of exusers for everything going wrong, except himself.
  8. What has he done as a manager to show that he would be any good?
  9. Hope this doesn't put us out of All Sorts and we start crying like Jelly Babies! At least it's not Chupa Chips, we seemed to get licked when we had them.
  10. Hope our strikers are not socially distancing from the Birmingham goal and they remember the mantra: Hands - sneakly push the opposition out of the way. Face - get into the oppositions faces Space - find the space around the goal.
  11. Here is another one. Derek Dooley the most prolific scorer at the time and only 23, breaks his leg, but not only that he has to have it amputated. Who knows where Wednesday could have done at that time with Dooley in the team if it had only that hadn't happened.
  12. How about the luck with managers. Atkinson and Bruce both going to manage teams that were the only teams they wanted to manage. Or Wilkinson leaving for Leeds only to win the league with half a Wednesday team. Also the time Wednesday would have qualified for Europe but all English teams were banned. And the time when Wednesday got relegated from the Premier League without parachute payments only for them to get given teams later.
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