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Well your Lordship I know a little .... There was a man a Gay sort of type, in fact the Gay Meadow Oracle . He owned a small Coracle.

                                                                 He would deliver the balls from the river, and take them back to the ground.

                                                                all for the price of a £ pound. 


                                                                The gay meadow Oracle was quite historical he always predicted our loss.

                                                                It was no accident, he was no fraud, cus Wednesday they so seldom scored.

                                                                Home or away our pickings were thin, I can't even remember a WIN !     


Tomorrow will be different come on Wednesday !

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Stopped watching the Exeter game at half time. Didn't look on Owlstalk all week. Would get up every morning feeling vaguely fed up,

not initially sure why, but it would come back to me pretty soon. Not just me, I'm quite sure. Football, bloody hell.


Lads, show up FFS!

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My first game since pre-pandemic.  I am very nervous abut our chances because we think it's a gimme.  No game is a foregone conclusion.  I want to see this new squad show desire, determination and a willingness to do the dirty work when needed to win games.  Do they really want to be winners or are they the sorts that think it will come to them on a plate because of their god-given footballing skills?  Let's have some grit and get a deserved win.  COME ON WEDNESDAY!  WAWAW.

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