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  1. Glad he did, Berahino and Paterson have had chances this season and shown nothing so Sow now deserves a run in the side.
  2. Thousands of people eyes all seeing the same thing from him, nothing! Usless player who has contributed nothing in half a season!
  3. People say these things because they have eyes!
  4. I'm not angry, not even surprised, just thinking every Wednesday fan knows he's usless, so why doesn't the man being paid to pick the side know it too!
  5. 4 with a youngster if playing 2 centre backs. 5 with 1 youngster if playing 3 centre backs. However given how often ours are injured, a lot more than that.
  6. This is why I'm not fully Moore out yet, its not got to the point where nobody could do worse!
  7. Is there one on how to run a football club semi- competently? Still be too advanced for our owner!
  8. Why don't you just accept the fact, that we are a poorly run club with a manager out of his depth. If he'd have played Corbenau at right wing every game (that the majority of fans wanted), instead of a few games at left wing back then he would have been staying.
  9. I expect it to go from one s*** show to the next!
  10. I would guess it's probably something to do with the lack of playing time and/or being played out of position.
  11. Palmer left back and Hutch at centre back. Id also like to see Widnass in possibly for Adenarin or Shopido.
  12. I wouldn't worry about the long term. Our priority over the next 18 months should be go up and stay up, once a mid table championship team then put a long term plan in place.
  13. Well done Moore, total and utter incompetence from the man. Every Wednesday fan can see he's our best wide player by a mile!
  14. Always said they wouldn't put up with a thenth of the crap we've had to put up with at the lane!
  15. Can he realise that Berahino and Wing are terrible.
  16. I've read posts in here ans heard fans online saying promotion wouldn't be failure as long as we are progressing! Wednesday fans should have higher expectations.
  17. Rather we didn't sign a 32 year old and give a youngster some game time.
  18. 6 league wins in the last 20. Excuses need to stop!
  19. I can! When you have Wing in there you might as well play with 10 men!
  20. Right Winger playing left wing back, Mooreball for you!
  21. Absolutely shocking performance. But totally expected with that lineup! Moore's got to go, we don't look like scoring!
  22. Blessing in disguise that injury to Paterson, wing back will suit Palmer better.
  23. Are you surprised when we have Paterson Wing and Berahino in the side!
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