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  1. Sell him, use money to pay for Dean and Wilks. Yeah he's got a lot of potential, but we have depth in central midfield and van be replaced with whats already in the squad. He's got a year left and would be daft to let him go for nothing when we can get £1m plus for him now. Personally I think a midfield 3 of Bannan Valks and Byers would keep the ball and control games better.
  2. Exactly my thoughts. And if we fall out of top two contention, manager goes!
  3. Play out from the back, keep the ball on the deck and link up play though the middle with the wing backs getting forward to provide the width.
  4. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Galvin Hunt Bakinson Byers Adenarin James Paterson Cademartri I honestly couldn't care less about a cup run, more important that we don't pick up any more injuries to key players.
  5. Only fair to judge the team at the end of the season. Promotion = Sucess No Promotion = Failure
  6. With 5 subs allowed we need more attacking options off the bench. Another striker and right winger who can play wing back.
  7. Clean sheet, 3 points, plenty to improve on! Well done Wednesday
  8. Don't get why he's dropped Byers or Hunt, yet kept Johnson in the side. Think the defence will have more balance with Ihekwie on the right and Famewo on the left. Excited to see Vaulks in this league, think he could be another Bannan, just too good for this league. 2 - Widnass double.
  9. Win today. Need a much better performance than last week. No excuses!
  10. Normally with this sort of post, with no source, no link to an article I'd call BS! But this is Wednesday and injuries to key players we are talking about, so I'm 99% convinced this is true!
  11. Nowt to do with ticket prices! FA easily have the money to match the womens prize money to the mens. The issue is TV revenue, Sky and other TV companies aren't going to pay £3billion for womens football!
  12. Its a massive shame really. They should be owned, run and funded by DC. The ladies team should be just as much as part of Sheffield Wednesday football club as the mens team. Be great if we as fans, got the club to act, and went to some games.
  13. 1- Foriesteri 2- Hooper 3- Fletcher 4- Nuihu 5- Gregory 6- Joao 7 - Windass 8 - Wickham 9 - Maguire 10 - Madine
  14. I think he has a lot to learn personally. Some excellent play against Portsmouth, but in the first half his passing was poor and he needs to develop his awareness and when to release the ball earlier. However, don't remember us having a player who can just run past players so easily. There is a player in there but needs to be more consistent. Having said that, I think we'd be etter with Vaulks in the team instead of Dele as we will keep the ball better and control games better! I'd have sold Dele tbh, especially with him.only having 1 year on his contract, if he keeps playing like he did on Saturday, he'll easily get a move to a championship club!
  15. Millie Bright would defend better than Iorfa!
  16. What you call negative others will call realistic. Personally for a team that should be top two, yesterday wasn't good enough!
  17. I think the issue is we naturally compare him to BPF, i think he saves the first two and comes for the cross for the third.
  18. Lets hope we do it in the next few weeks and not in January.
  19. Fully agree. Dele-Bishiru just needs to learn when to pass the ball a bit earlier rather than keeping hold of it for too long. Clearly there is plenty of work to be done, but for a team that is expected to be in the top two, it should have been done by now.
  20. Having seen the goals, I think he could have saved the first two and should have come for the cross for the third one. Henegan loses his man for first one, Iorfa for the second then he's in no mans land for the third one. Hunt could have attacked the ball for the third one but he's not out jumping their player for the third goal.
  21. No it wasn't a good point, it was a rubbish point!
  22. I'm not wrong though! Most people would want Dean and Storey! What you need to focus on, is how rubbish that defending was and say its not acceptable.
  23. Said earlier in week. Storey Dean and Hutch are better than Iorfa, Henegan and Ihekwie. BPF comes for those crosses!
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