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  1. kernowl

    Who was

    Remember a game at Coventry in the 90s...not sure about a penalty though.
  2. kernowl

    Here's a thought...

    Yes, let's hope they spell Atdhe's name correctly. Just sayin'... Glad to see you spotted my deliberate mistake...well done that man!
  3. kernowl

    Here's a thought...

    Ah but Petrescu and Ndumbu-Nsungu weren't strikers...whereas Atdhe...
  4. There can't have been many Wednesday players who's name ends in the letter 'U' of the ones there are two of them have scored goals in successful Derby wins for Wednesday - Efan Ekoku and Lloyd Owusu. Let's hope they spell Adthe's name right tonight. Just sayin'...
  5. kernowl

    Big Ian

    Good bloke - used to sell the AVTEB and Spitting Feathers fanzines for me back in the day. True Wednesdayite. RIP Ian.
  6. kernowl

    Full match replays on ifollow

    Used to have the Sky games on Player...the main reason I subscribe is because I can see the full games, not just the highlights which tell you nothing about how people are playing.
  7. kernowl

    Jobs for the boys

    Me: Bus Driver SWFC: Any of the coaches
  8. Got to be Paul Warhurst...to get to the England squad as a striker in a matter of weeks (only injury prevented him getting a cap, I believe) from being known as a defender is unprecedented. If you watch the season review you will see that he had everything...bravery (as previously alluded to in the Spora game), pace and comfortable shooting with both feet. As a defender his forays up the field used to get the crowd going. Yes, he did throw a wobbler when Francis asked him to go back to defence when Hirsty was fit again (at the time I could sort of understand it because from being a regular centre-back he was on the verge of the England squad as a striker and then being pushed back to defence) I remember the following season before he was sold to Blackburn that we had Hirsty, Bright and Warhurst as our strike force...what could stop us, I thought? I think we went about five or six games before we scored a goal that season. Dalglish bought Warhurst for Blackburn and never played him as a striker (played him in midfield) which I thought was a crazy. Surely, as the great striker he was himself, he had recognised Warhurst's potential. It was almost as if he was punishing him for that brilliant performance that knocked Blackburn out of the cup that year. Warhurst broke his leg not long after and his career waned after that. Hirsty was great...Warhurst should have been great.
  9. This is a Chesterfield kit...right?
  10. My was similar to this...it had a RED number 10 on the back and was my Johnny Fantham shirt. I remember jumping up and down on my Mum and Dad's bed when I got it for Christmas. It was probably about 1961, I remember it coming right down past my knees although it fit me in the body.
  11. kernowl


    it's "as FLAT as a witches ***"
  12. To be on the safe side we should move to a Premier Inn where you are guaranteed a sound nights sleep...
  13. kernowl

    A passing joy

    Used to watch the players doing their warm up exercises in past years and they would do a series of one-touch football. I would look at them and think 'they never do anything like that in the actual game'...well the players we have now actually do. They are a joy to watch and the big difference now from players of the past twenty years is they actually crave the ball. Bannon comes right back to get the ball off Westwood. Players move around the park looking to be passed to. it's a long time since I saw players do that at Hillsborough. Enjoy the football.
  14. kernowl

    Sky sources - Alan judge

    Don't know if anyone else has said this (can't be arsed to trawl back through the posts) but Blackman and Judge...both scored a few for our play-off rivals...maybe we are just unsettling their best players...just sayin...