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  1. Pete McKee and I wrote a cartoon strip (based on Viz's Billy The Fish) called Eric Le Frog. I'll upload the 10 episodes for your delectation
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  3. Like the retro tops from TOFFS...have a few Italian shirts V-neck from the the thirties/forties... Palermo, Venice and Fiorentina (was in Florence last year and a waiter came up and said 'that is a beautiful shirt')...also got a Dukla Prague (home kit...I like to be different)...of course I have the Wednesday ones as well. I've never worn any TOFFs English shirts...although I have been tempted by the Plymouth Argyle 70s away shirt. www.toffs.com
  4. Some team that...people often diss Booth but he was a handful for defenders which left room for Di Canio and Carbone. Happy Memory
  5. Anybody thought that Forestieri might have been late for a team meeting?
  6. Shirts didn't have any way of showing which club they belonged to as I remember; so a Barnsley shirt would be a Bristol City shirt and Manchester United shirt...it was like this with Subbuteo...the teams would be marketed as Sheffield Wednesday/Huddesrsfield Town/Brighton and Hove Albion. I cannot ever remember the Wednesday blue/white sleeve shirt ever sporting a badge. The retro shirts from TOFFS always have badges on but if you look at old photos very few teams wore a badge...but then players stayed at clubs all their careers so they didn't need to kiss the badge.