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  1. Quizball (I think David Vine was the compere) and the guy was called Leonard Sachs...I think he was the brother of Andrew Sachs who played Manuel in Fawlty Towers. Another guy who was on one year for Wednesday was the writer Stan Barstow (A Kind of Loving). My Mum was heartbroken because her favourite singer back then, Dave Berry appeared for the Blades.
  2. Goce Sedloski and Christian Mayrleb under Big Ron were very questionable
  3. Thought Andy Crane would be awesome. Siggi Jonsson might have been but for Souness....Paul Warhurst should have been an England striker for years.
  4. Pete McKee and I wrote a cartoon strip (based on Viz's Billy The Fish) called Eric Le Frog. I'll upload the 10 episodes for your delectation
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