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  1. At home you will have great days and a clear advantage. But going away from home is like fa cup 3rd round each week and dropping points there cost us promotion. Derby played well at times last season but it was a free hit. It’s a different psychology now and both of us are a target in this league. To get out you have to stand up and beat that.
  2. There were. Sonny Bradley being one of them. But CC wanted someone who could pass from the back. JVA could do that but was off it defensively. I think he improved after his loan spells but the Derby debacle killed him here
  3. Would be great to have a young attacking prospect in the senior squad. When was the last time?
  4. Yep I think Sunderland and Lee Johnson found that with that german winger they brought in on loan
  5. I think AP will get the blame for anything. Wasn’t he also part of the revised set up when we ditched the transfer committee and brought in Pudil, Bannan and Forestieri? That may not have had anything to do with him either but we can’t assume each bad transfer is his recommendation. Our issue has always been finance and a lack of financial planning. We built a good side but short term and have been hampered ever since due to not being able to buy and sell. If we have a better grip on that then having more contacts alongside analysts etc can only be a good thing?
  6. Kyle Wooton is a player who has the kind of attributes that would make teams want to look at him. Tall but still quite agile and reasonably quick. He just didn’t score many in the EFL. Didn’t realise he was scoring that many now. Easy option on a free but it wouldn’t scream promotion
  7. Isn’t he suggesting the fans who say we should move him on have short memories?
  8. Sounds like Argentines at sh7houses in the transfer market as well as on the pitch. Put up or shut up
  9. Alfie May could equally be a one season wonder so given he is at Cheltenham and probably on a short term contract I don’t think he will go for a big fee or one that we would need to sell to afford. I think there is a bit of a dearth of obvious quality striking options and we may just go for a younger player on loan.
  10. I think they would be our choices if skint or having limited funds. If we generated some income I’d like to think we could bring in better. I’d sign Oliver though as we need a physical presence off the bench/squad player and he’s likely cheap
  11. We really lacked what he offers, even an unfit rusty Windass offered some speed and strength from the no 10 position that we haven’t really had. But if we got a good fee and identified a replacement it could be good business.
  12. It depends on formation really as wingers were redundant for 2/3 of season. But Ronan Curtis at Pompy is someone who probably needs a fresh move somewhere and his value might have dropped too. He was decent against us too.
  13. A rumour or suggestion? He was decent for Lincoln but hasn’t handled the step up so well
  14. A good result for both of us in that we won’t have to meet again in the playoffs! The real playoff final was our semi, Wycombe were dreadful today.
  15. Wouldn’t be surprised with Marquis replacing Berahino. But he’s another who is a bit of a passenger if not scoring as he’s not the quickest or a typical target man. Oliver has scored more than Marquis over two seasons and can do the dirty work too, but you’d still see Marquis as the more natural scorer if someone can get him back to his donny form
  16. The season is much longer than that and that is what I am talking about rather than just our good spells
  17. Yeah, they might be a bit more like Wigan were at first and need to find their feet. It all depends on how soon they get out of admin and put a credible strategy together given that they dont even have a ground at the moment.
  18. I remember that. I remember dropping well over 10-15 points from winning positions also.
  19. If Ipswich don't sign too many players you'd expect them to be solid contenders. WE would be the same but it depends on the amount of churn we have,
  20. Sunderland went full Wycombe at Hillsborough. We need players who can do the same if we want to get more results away from home and avoid shipping late goals.
  21. I thought both sides more or less cancelled each other out and it was much closer than the final ive just watched. Only really a mistake between the two in the end, but we didnt play well and lacked composure for the most part.
  22. Wycombe have been awful. What a missed opportunity. As suspected the real play off final was over two legs at SOL and Hillsborough
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