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  1. Many could’ve said the same about Lyle Taylor but he developed very late
  2. What a ridiculous 18 months it’s been from them.
  3. Some huge red flags there.
  4. Out with the expensive manager and in with the guy who does as he’s told and let’s the owner manage?
  5. I’m more concerned with the lack of numbers in that position than whether it was Mariappa who would sign. Surely there must be some free agent centre halves who are naturally quite fit? How much training do they need to help out in an emergency?
  6. He’s got a great record, seems to have that languid style some don’t like though (unless the goals are going in). Would be worth a shot but doesn’t seem a DC type signing
  7. He looks like he’s suffered from the change of formation like one or two others. Wouldnt mind seeing him play up front. He came on against Plymouth and was ok with his back to goal which is usually an issue for a winger going up front. He’s strong.
  8. Until Corbeanu clicked we looked to really miss that bit of extra quality. The type that Marshall and Antonio gave us. NML is the kind of player that could give us similar and he was excellent at Cardiff before his issues. But then again I felt that way about Berahino so will reserve judgement. All the best to him.
  9. He’s capable of playing in the league above this one and had interest from Hull when at Hibs so it’s not surprising he’s done ok here. I still think the attack is an area to strengthen in January.
  10. Weren’t we 3rd in the championship before he got injured? He’s quality
  11. they haven’t had to sit on a coach to Plymouth unnecessarily though which seems to have set the latest two off
  12. Three games a week doesn’t help. Older players can’t cope, younger ones aren’t used to managing it either. But finding someone to lift the curse might help
  13. The talk about an unbalanced team is a very modern way of trying to hide a typical poor and lethargic performance behind technical jargon.
  14. We change the fitness coaches and the medical team and it makes no difference. Maybe the place really is cursed
  15. Glad he said no. His career went down the pan after Rotherham
  16. League one is getting harder each year. There will no doubt be a team per year getting deductions now
  17. Seeing as the whole approach was to make sure we closed down higher up the pitch and if we lost the ball it was also closer to their box than ours I think it’s fairly relevant given the issues we’ve had playing out from the back
  18. I thought we were decent second half, they couldn’t ease the pressure and we had quite a bit of forward momentum rather than sideways and backwards. Just a distinct lack of quality at the end of it.Can’t fault their effort.
  19. To be fair he did use a gag about Wing mirrors when Lewis Wing nipped in and took the ball. So bad but in a good way. Peak Matterface
  20. Confidence is a fragile thing and perhaps some enforced match practice has helped. But I agree he has really stepped up and acted as a leader in recent games. We need someone to do the simple, physical dirty work and he’s the man to do it. It helps having a bit of pace around him so he can do his thing without being worried about over committing himself.
  21. Interestingly Ryan Lowe before the game said “don’t choose a club, choose an owner”. The league one and DC combo isn’t the best draw for proven managers.
  22. I’ve heard of him before although perhaps similar to Adeniran and FDB and he’d cost a fee so unlikely to be a realistic target
  23. I thought Johnson was one of our better players today. I wouldn’t be comfortable with him defending set plays for a period of time like they did but on the ball and bringing it up the pitch he was sound.
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