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  1. And you believe everything chansiri says?
  2. Take the 6pt deduction off and we would still be in the relegation zone. That's how pathetic we have been this season. We can't use the pts deduction as an excuse.
  3. Chansiri wants a puppet who will do as he's told.
  4. Green hasn't played a game this season. Will be nowhere near match fit
  5. Being decisive and acting quick is no way to appoint a manager.
  6. To me that sounds like he is putting pressure on the club to show some ambition for him to sign.
  7. I bet Cardiff don't take a month to appoint a new manager.
  8. Our squad can't cope with that amount of games in a month.
  9. Take away the 6pt deduction and we would be 20th only 3pts above the relegation zone. Pathetic.
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