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  1. The mental scars of that season will go to my grave with me. Awful, awful season. The only positive were the supporters who turned up hone and away knowing full well what shiete the team would produce during the following 90 minutes.
  2. Who's the woman in red jacket going to empty the p155 bucket?
  3. Football is rotton to the core, has been since the invention of the Premier league when sky turned up.
  4. Two more names for the Blades "convict 11" .
  5. The EFL in its desperation to save Wayne Rooney FC have had a complete mare handling this mate.
  6. Surely you're not suggesting Neil has hundreds of logins on Owlstalk are you.?
  7. You seem to be under the impression that there is loyalty in football. The game is all about chasing the money for players.
  8. Word of warning. I did that once and all it came back with was photos of Neil sat in his Y fronts shouting at his computer screen.
  9. Joined earlier today after the news broke, just in case I wanted to throw a grenade in and watch the meltdown. .
  10. Are you sure they bought it, and not "borrowed" it from Curry's ?
  11. Would it be terribly mischievous of me to post this and the Smith one on Millersmad using my account on there.?
  12. Just had a peek on Millersmad MELTDOWN
  13. Tony Toms will be spinning in his grave (god rest his soul). Gerrum up on moors and run em till they throw up, then run em some more.
  14. Yet another player to suffer from Moore's position Tombola.
  15. The beauty of the FA cup is you can draw anyone. The third round cab throw up Man City v Liverpool, or Man Utd v Droylsden and Arsenal v Tottenham or Chelsea v Gateshead. The randomness makes it the best cup competition in the world.
  16. Would be a good move for him. An upward moving club with a big budget and wouldn't have to uproot his family from Sheffield.
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