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  1. Don't look like that photo was taken in Barnsley.
  2. Always loved this photo of Tony lifting Bobby Knutt
  3. I think it's safe to assume no one took up that offer.
  4. Completely gutted to hear this news. Met Tony on a few occasions when he was at Wednesday. He lived in Worrall, and was a regular in the Shoulder of Mutton, which was my local back in the day. He would always have a pint and chat with fans and had a fantastic sense of humour. Quite often you would wander in and find Jack Charlton propping up the bar with Tony. He used to tell dome reyt stories of his time in the Commando's. Was once talking to him about the training methods at Wednesday and how the players dealt with his sessions up on the moors, his reply was " my sessions are nothing complicated, I run them till they throw up, then i run them some more." Thoroughly nice bloke with a vice like grip of a handshake. RIP BIG MAN.
  5. Why, have they put up the price of curry sauce?
  6. The problem is as good as Bannan is, he costs us in terms of the overall strength of our midfield.
  7. That £6m loan mortgaged on Hillsbro is due to be paid in 12 days time . Let's hope Chancer has the cash to pay it.
  8. This is Moore's own team now. He has no excuses if it goes belly up.
  9. The longer Thailand remains on the Government's red travel list, the better. Don't want to see him at Hillsbro
  10. It's not about hating him, it's the fact we have to play a three in midfield to accommodate Barry Guardiola, and that means we have no destroyer in the middle of the park. Regardless of whether Hutch or Dennis plays in the midfield three, they are played as wide midfielders, so no use nor ornament. This has been our problem for years. Soft as shiete in the centre of midfield. You need some muscle in the central midfield area, and Bannan is the only one in there, and let's be honest , as good as he is, he ain't going to win any battles in there.
  11. Farrell Hunt Big Dom Dunkley Brown Shopido Aderanin Wing Johnson Gregory Berahino 4-4-2
  12. Of course, we aren't allowed to criticise Bannan.
  13. At our age we should know better than heading to Hillsbro hoping for a good performance and a win.
  14. Bang on. Call at Beres on way to the ground for a proper sarnie and avoid everything in the stadium. It's just over priced, unedible crap.
  15. Our midfield suffers as a result of Bannan , it always has. As good as he is , he makes us weaker in midfield ,not stronger , because he cannot play in a central midfield two .
  16. And they have the cheek to charge for that ?
  17. Bannan CANNOT be dropped, its the law Our midfield MUST be moullded around him , its the law. No matter how bad he is playing , he cannot be dropped .
  18. Sure he said that after the Plymouth game too, and the Morecombe game.
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