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  1. SATURDAYS GAMES Barnsley v Rovvrum Cardiff v Wycombe Derby v Brum Colin v Wednesday
  2. Wycombe have won as well tonight, only 2pts behind us and Rovvrum. Any of the bottom three could be bottom on Saturday
  3. Colin only named 6 subs as well. Saving his big players for Saturday.
  4. The fact Russell in that pig of a Williams was in a position to overtake the Merc says more about Bottas and his performance.
  5. Nailed on mate. Colin would love to send us down before he retires.
  6. Colin has a big say in this too. His lot are at Rovvrum tonight, then play us on Saturday. Wouldn't put it past him to play a weakened team tonight to save his best players for the game on Saturday to try and send us down.
  7. We are already down , tonights win makes no difference what so ever.
  8. Colin will have his lot well up for it on Saturday knowing he could send us down.
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