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  1. Sat watching another disappointing performance waiting for full time so I can get on with my weekend again. Seriously don’t know why I bother watching, but I always do.
  2. Think Dunkley will be a key player for us next season in League 1. Probably captain too.
  3. I strangely fancy us today too. Reading have been inconsistent of late so who knows.
  4. Looking at our signings in the summer I can’t help but think the -12 points had a huge bearing on who we could actually get.
  5. All managers talk the talk in there first week. There’s something about Moore though that makes me actually believe what he saying. Seems generally excited to be here.
  6. Currently on Sky if anyone wants to watch it back.
  7. Wildsmith (back up only) Palmer Iorfa Dunkley Borner Urhoghide Hutch (CB only) Penney Bannan Dele Hunt Harris Windass Green That would mean we’d need to sign around 10 players. GK, RB, LB, CM x 3, Winger/CF x 4
  8. Love how quickly fans write players off. He’s a young lad playing in a team that’s losing every week, a team with no real leaders to help him along. He’s shown he has the quality at certain times. I think he could do a good job for us next season still. I remember fans quickly writing Urughide off the other year when he had two shockers at Hillsborough, now he’s everyone’s favourite.
  9. Not sure who’s to blame for our recruitment in the summer but it was truly awful. Was it Monk? Paxo? Chansiri? Or was it due to having -12?
  10. Dunkley, Harris, Brown and Rhodes on Lees, Palmer, Penney and Patterson off
  11. I’d take Paterson off now and give Rhodes an hour. He is not a centre forward
  12. Looks like he’ll be using his preferred 4-2-3-1 Would have liked to see Brown have a run in the side.
  13. In hindsight we should have kept Hutch, Lee and Nuhui. We haven’t replaced these players with anyone better yet.
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