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  1. Best part of that was the long range pass from Hunt. Bannanesque. Was impressed with him against Lincoln too.
  2. S72 Owl

    I want our owl back

    I like both badges. I actually prefer this new one now. So long as we don’t change to something daft like Leeds or Huddersfield did I won’t be moaning.
  3. S72 Owl

    Team for Wigan

    That’s the team I’d go with against Wigan. Then you’d like to hope the likes of JVA, Lee, Hooper and a new RWB can force there way into this team.
  4. People saying we’ve become predictable? It’s Jos’s first pre season. The first time he’s worked with about 6 or 7 players. Look at our options up front, we now have lots of different ways of playing.
  5. Don’t know when it started, maybe Sky started it with all there transfer deadline coverage but there’s always an unhealthy obsession of getting new signings in. If we signed a player from Germany’s 2nd division who no one had heard of we’d all be celebrating just because it’s a new player. Even though no one knew anything about him. I quite like the idea of maybe having a manager that will try and improve the players we already have. To me that’s a managers job. What’s the point in signing players just for the sake of it. I still thik we’ll add 1 or 2 players before the end of August but we’re in a position we’re we don’t need too much.
  6. S72 Owl

    U-23's vs Leicester

    Interesting. And funny.
  7. So it’s pretty obvious we’re going with wing backs next season. For me in this formation your wing backs are the 2 key players. They have to be able to carry the ball forward and attack otherwise the team will never move up the pitch. We saw tonight the difference from Baker/Fox not been able to carry the ball forward to Palmer/Boyd been able to. For me we need to upgrade these positions. Palmer and Boyd are decent back ups, and it looks like he doesn’t see Reach as a wing back. Perfect scenario would be to get Sam Byram and Scott Malone on loan. But we don’t live in a perfect world unfortunately. Any other decent wing backs out there?
  8. S72 Owl

    Jos trimming the squad

    Westwood Wildsmith Dawson Hutch Lees Pudil New JVA Thorniley New Reach Palmer. Boyd Bannan Joey Lee New Joao Nuhui FF New Hooper Fletcher Winnall 24 man squad. Perfect. Young CB on loan Top quality RWB Big strong CM Lightening fast Attacker Let Fox, Jones, Abdi, Matias go. This is why I always get promoted on football manager.
  9. S72 Owl

    Pre Season

    Think we did a week somewhere near Chester. Then a week up in North Yorkshire somewhere, then been back at Middlewood this week.
  10. S72 Owl

    That survey

    So his only gripe is that we haven’t signed anyone yet? Even though the transfer window is still open? Ok.
  11. S72 Owl

    That survey

    Have you ever thought we’re selling players that aren’t part of Jos’s plans? Do you want the club to keep these players anyway just because people have paid an extra few quid for a season ticket?
  12. S72 Owl

    Defence without Venancio.

    1) Hutch Lees Pudil 2) Neilson Van Aken Thorniley 3) O’Grady ———— Fox No need to panic really. If we can get a decent young centre back on loan to challenge Hutch then loan out Nielsen and O’grady I’d be more than happy.
  13. S72 Owl

    Team for 18/19

    If everyone is fully fit. Not sure what Pelupessy would be like at wing back though. But he’s played right back before and can get up and down the pitch no problem.
  14. S72 Owl

    Would you prefer

    Would be fantastic for Wednesday to win the league in August so I’ll go with that option.
  15. S72 Owl

    Lee & Hutch

    Playing someone with a dodgy hip at wing back might not be the best idea. Hutch is made for that RCB position though. Would prefer him there to Vanancio quite honestly.