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  1. As things stand think we definatley need 4 quality players for the first 11. Then id also like another CB, CM, RW
  2. Wasn’t that impressed by him but I think he’s another one of these young players that desperately needs to find a permanent home for a few years. For the right fee and wages I’d take him because there’s definitely a good player in there.
  3. Good player, and a massive improvement on Pelupessy. But could he play with Bannan? Personally think we need someone a bit stronger and with a bit more height if we’re only signing one centre midfielder.
  4. I agree with this. Only guess work but I thought we paid £8 million for him. £2million a year over his 4 year contract. With Norwich paying the fee for last year, we still have £4million left to pay, which if we sell him we’ll have to pay up front so we’ll want at least that amount. Anything less and it will go against FFP.
  5. I was quite impressed with there bald CB. Won everything in the air and had a bit of pace. Only time I’ve seen him play though so don’t know enough about him.
  6. Were going to need at least 2 wingers and were not going to be able to spend millions on every single player we sign so Ameobi could be a decent signing on a free. Would be a decent option off the bench. Something different that could change a game.
  7. Id be making these available for transfer; Van Aken Baker Fox Pelupessy Winnall Rhodes Nuhui Loan; Dawson Wildsmith
  8. Gutted to see Hooper leave but it does make sense. Glad Boyd and Matias have gone, I was getting worried they were starting to impress Bruce with recent performances.
  9. Only they could spend £800 on a plane and then send it during half time.
  10. I think we’ll sign 6 or 7 players. A couple of small fees like Iorfa, a couple of free transfers and a couple of loans.
  11. Southampton have McCarthy and Forster as back up. Surely they’d lend us one of them. Although no way would we be able pay all there wages. Darlow from Newcastle also could be an option.
  12. Think it’s important we try and get both Dawson and Wildsmith out on loan next season. Both have huge potential but need to be playing at there age now and neither are quite good enough for a promotion push next season. Hopefully we keep Westwood and sign a cheap experienced back up.
  13. He was embarrassing at Hillsborough earlier this year. Never seen anything like it.
  14. Subs: Wildsmith Pudil Onamah Hunt Matias Nuhui Fletcher
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