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  1. I think having no fans in the ground will suit Pulis for the time being. The fans won’t accept playing like this for too long. Here’s hoping he’s got a masterplan come January.
  2. Still waiting for mine. I’d much prefer mine just to go towards next seasons ticket now it’s taken so long. Maybe the club could offer this to supporters whilst we’re waiting.
  3. I’d give new contracts to Reach, Bannan, Lees, Harris, Penney, Shaw
  4. We played a back 5 against Swansea. Same personnel though which always helps
  5. I just hope for once we try and plan ahead. We desperately need to have 1 or 2 lined up to sign as soon as the window opens. Waiting to get a slightly better deal on deadline day could cost us our place in the league.
  6. Always been a good partnership that until it got messed with. Changing personnel and formation is never going to get the best out of your CBs. Going to be be interesting once Flint, Iorfa and Dunkley are back. I can see Iorfa playing RB and Pulis clearly rates Flint after signing him for Boro.
  7. Pretty obvious why he was brought off. He wanted to keep Paterson on for the long throw in. A set piece is the only way we’ll score until Pulis has a chance to sign some forwards.
  8. We played well first half but we’ll always have people jumping on the Pulis long ball and negative tactics bandwagon no matter how we play. One thing i noticed was that when we were passing it about it was always with a purpose, even if we passed it back, someone else was already moving to receive another pass. Simple but something we haven’t done for a while.
  9. MOTM tonight. Seems to be getting better and better.
  10. Training pitches look good to me. The dining room facilities need to be upgraded though. Very dingy.
  11. Our 3 keepers have taken a lot of criticism so far this season, yet only 4 teams have conceded fewer goals than us. Every keeper makes mistakes, even in the big league. Let’s not over react every time one of ours makes one.
  12. Was very highly rated when Leicester signed him. Not a natural finisher but fast and direct. The type of forward we’ve needed for a while.
  13. Can’t stand him as a player. Constantly dives when ever I’ve seen him at Hillsborough which is unusual for a right back
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