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  1. What about Tom Lees’ handball on the line against Reading? Liam Palmers pull on Flint?
  2. For me we still haven’t got 2 quality wingers to be able to play 1 up front. But we still struggle at times with just 2 in centre midfield. So what’s the solution? Id go with this... This could quite easily change from 4-4-2, 4-4-1-1, 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1. I think Bannan on the left would give him more space and more chances to get forward. But can also come inside and help out defensively when needed.
  3. Best player in the league when he plays like that. He’s so much more than just a player that sits in front of the defence breaking play up.
  4. Seems to be getting better every game he plays there. Got all the attributes to be a top class centre back.
  5. Decent first half. Could have done with that 2nd goal though. I’m sure Warnock will get into his players after that performance.
  6. Surely Jones has travelled to take his place on bench rather than Thorniley?
  7. He’s a decent player to have in the squad. Not a bad option for the odd game and seems he’s well liked in the squad and not one to moan when not playing.
  8. Red button not working for me on Virgin
  9. Hard to pick a team. On one hand I’d say pick the strongest team possible, but I’m sure Monk will want to give an opportunity to some players. Subs; Dawson Lees Lee Murphy Reach Fletcher Rhodes
  10. Impossible to say at the minute. If FF comes back and scores a few goals everyone will want him to stay. All depends on how we do this season, and whether certain players will sign on reduced terms.
  11. Subs; Dawson Lees Fox Lee Murphy Winnall Nuhui Tough call leaving Lees out but Iorfa’s extra height and pace could be vital. It all depends on him having one of his good games though. Luongo in midfield for that extra bite for the first 60 minutes then unleash Lee and Winnall on them. Easy.
  12. Westwood - 7 Odubajo - 7 Iorfa - 7 Borner - 7 Palmer - 7 Murphy - 6 Hutchinson - 8 Bannan - 8 Harris - 7 Reach - 7 Fletcher - 8 Winnall - 7
  13. Not the best recently but I still think he will prove to be a valuable player throughout a long season. Let’s not all get on his back just yet.
  14. Looked awful and sluggish against Luton but was excellent today. Some great link up play with Fletcher, and a fantastic header for the goal.
  15. Had his best game for us against Barnsley at Oakwell when he scored then he didn’t start another game that season apart from the last game against Fulham which I found very strange.
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