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  1. Thought he did ok today against a tricky opponent. Should have gave him the ball a bit more, had acres of space at times.
  2. With the squad we have now he should never be played centrally. Lee, Luongo, FF are all better options there. He’s not technically good enough to play in there. His strength is running with the ball in wide areas.
  3. Subs; Dawson Iorfa Luongo Lee Murphy Rhodes Winnal
  4. Rhodes is guaranteed 20 goals this season now we’ve got two good wingers. Thats all he’s been waiting for.
  5. Why are people surprised about having to queue at any football match or any similar type of event? Same goes with paying over the odds for average quality food.
  6. Played ok but it does look like there’s a few mistakes in him. If he keeps things simple like Lees they could form a good partnership.
  7. Top class player. Always surprised me why no premier league club took a chance on him before his injury.
  8. It’s actually hard to pick a team now. First 11 and the bench. Subs; Dawson Palmer Luongo Murphy Forestieri Rhodes Winnall Not used: Wildsmith Thorniley Bates Van Aken Fox Penney Pelupessy Nuhui
  9. Think the team picks itself this weekend. Subs; Dawson Van Aken Penney Pelupessy Forestieri Joao Nuhui
  10. I would love for Bullen to get the job. If he does it probably means we’ve won our first few matches. This could be the perfect time for Bullen, he’s worked with the players all pre season, knows where we need to strengthen and think he’ll play a similar style to Bruce so all good.
  11. Ideally we need a CB, LB, CM, Winger and a CF. But we have to try and shift some players on at the same time. Fox, JVA, Baker, and 2 forwards.
  12. Bannan and Hutchinson are good enough if told to play higher, which Bruce seemed to do last season.
  13. Didn’t initially fancy Rowett for whatever reason but after thinking about it and looking back at his managerial career so far it might be a decent appointment. Did really well at Birmingham playing 4-4-2, which is the way we need to go with the current squad.
  14. Id love to see him have a run of games with Fletcher, with Reach and Harris on the wings. My worry with those two starting is that neither have a turn of pace to turn the defence so against the best defences in the league we could struggle.
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