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  1. S72 Owl


    Not while Jos is in charge there isn’t.
  2. S72 Owl


    Because Onomah likes to get forward Bannan likes to run everywhere. As much as I don’t rate Pelupessy, there’d be an even bigger gap in central midfield with Onomah and Bannan in there.
  3. S72 Owl


    Had a few poor games and looks like he’s not going to be given another chance under Jos. The problem he’s got is I don’t think him and Bannan can play in the same midfield.
  4. S72 Owl

    Adam Reach

    Did you see his performance yesterday? Do you think he gave 100% commitment? We have several players that just aren’t very good and they get criticised most weeks. But what gets me is players not giving 100% to the cause.
  5. S72 Owl

    Adam Reach

    So it’s acceptable for a player to pull out of tackles just because it’s ‘not his game’? Bear in mind he spent much of his early career at Left Back
  6. S72 Owl

    Alan Nixon

    Holloway then...
  7. S72 Owl

    Alan Nixon

    Whilst Bruce wouldn’t be the worst choice I don’t think he would be the right fit for us. We need a manager with a bit of character, a manager that plays attacking football, the more I think about it the more I keep swaying towards Holloway.
  8. Dawson - 5 Baker - 3 Lees - 6 Hector - 5 Thorniley - 6 Fox - 4 BB - 5 Pelupessy - 4 Reach - 3 Joao - 7 Nuhui - 5 Pudil - 6 Matias - 4
  9. S72 Owl


    Started at CB then moved into CM in place of Pelupessy.
  10. May aswel have another player thread. Yes hes scored a few worldies this season, but I’m getting fed up of him bottling tackles. I honestly don’t remember him making a tackle today. Backs out of every header too. Doesnt track back most of the time either now. It’s like he’s been told to stay in a certain position and wait for the ball.
  11. S72 Owl

    Two full backs needed

    Baker and Fox are both poor full backs and awful wing backs.
  12. S72 Owl

    4-4-2 Solid

    Subs: Wildsmith Pudil Palmer Pelupessy Abdi Borukov Nuhui
  13. S72 Owl


    I’m just asking if those 3 have played together in a 3-4-3 formation this season. Not picking my best line up. Although you can’t argue FF, Joao and Nuhui all play better when there playing together.
  14. S72 Owl


    Obviously I’d have Hutchinson in but that’s not going to happen just yet. Reach did well last year playing deeper.
  15. S72 Owl


    Thorniley and Hector can move. It’s not subbuteo.