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  1. Akpo Sodje against Burnley. Opening day of the 2008/09 season. 3-0 up after 17 minutes, Sodje got 2, looked unstoppable, then got injured.
  2. Just had an hour watching highlights on YouTube for my weekend football fix. Just how good we’re these two? I was 11 when they signed and are 2 of my favourite players. At that age I didn’t understand football the way I do now. We’re they as good as I remember or just turned it on now and again?
  3. I think we’d all take the opurtunity to have a bit of a laugh at the managers expense, what ever job you do.
  4. 1 year contract. 10k a week. Lets see how much he really loves us.
  5. Some bargains to be had on frees. Much better than splashing £8million on players.
  6. Whats mindblowing is we’re heading to league 1 with 2 of our most experienced players not involved.
  7. What ever the naughty 2 said to Monk doesn’t matter now. We’re in the middle of a relegation battle. I couldn't care less about Monks pride or whatever. Play them 2, get a few results then ship them out in the summer.
  8. Sorry should have been on the sell category.
  9. But then we’d have to sign over 20 players in one summer??
  10. Lots of contracts up in the summer, a big chance to refresh the squad. Forgetting who the manager is for a minute what do you think the recruitment team should be looking to do in the summer. My view is this; Release: Jones Hutchinson Lee Pelupessy Winnall Nuhui Loans sent back; Windass Bates De Cruz Murphy Windass Sell; Van Aken - Small fee Lees - 1 million Odobajo - Free Reach - £3-5 million (if not then keep) Rhodes - Free New contracts; Fox Fletcher (smaller wage) FF (smaller wage if not release) That leaves; GK- New First choice keeper GK - Wildsmith GK - Dawson RB - New first choice RB RB - Palmer LB - Fox LB - Penney CB - Iorfa CB - Borner CB - Experienced CB CB - Young CB CM - Big Strong Ball Winner CM - Box to box midfielder with energy CM - Adcanced playmaker CM - Luongo CM - Bannan Winger/Forward - Harris Winger/Forward - FF Winger/Forward - New Winger/Forward - New CF - Fletcher CF - Mobile strong CF CF - Young fast and likes to run in behind Thats 11 new signings I feel we need, keeping 12 of this squad. If only the real world was like football manager.
  11. Saw that game on Sky the other day and thought the same about Lees. I couldn’t remember him playing as bad as that under CC. Maybe it’s true that Loovens and possibly Hector last season made him look better than he his.
  12. Yes he got us to 3rd, but at the time we were literally about 3 points off 12th place. Since our bad run he’s shown nothing to suggest he’s capable of stopping the rot. Usually if teams on a bad run a decent manager will go back to basics and make the defence tight. Our defence is probably the worst I’ve ever seen it. And I don’t mean just the back 4 when I say the defence. Oh and we have two former defenders coaching them.
  13. Good post. Although I think Wickham is closing in on the not interested category. He had a full pre season. Not been injured I don’t think this season, been on bench a lot played a few cup games for palace and featured in most games for us since his arrival. So why does he still look so unfit? Or is it that he just can’t be bothered and doesn’t want to get injured again?
  14. I don’t think anyone has given up. No one is going out there thinking, I can’t be arsed today I’m purposely going to play crap. The team has no confidence, which leads to players making mistakes, which leads to players hiding and not wanting the ball. Look at the celebrations against Charlton. This is what I don’t get about Monks comments sometimes. Unless he’s talking about the people above him.
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