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  1. S72 Owl


    I just don’t get why Bruce doesn’t see Hutchinson as a number 10. We have Pelupessy to play deeper.
  2. Think he can play both. Looks like he’s one of those that’s definatley got a mistake in him so maybe it will be better to use his pace and power at full back. Good option to have in a smaller squad next season.
  3. Westwood 7- Two very good saves. Quiet afternoon other than that. Palmer 7- Proving he can be a good enough right back in the championship Lazaar 8- Excellebt debut. Didn’t give there winger a second on the ball and has the pace we’ve been missing. Less 7- Solid Hector 7- Solid Reach 8- Two good finishes, caused problems and worked hard. Marked him down a point for bottling a challenge Hutchinson 9- Fantastic, all over the pitch breaking play up, good passing and the hardest worker on the pitch. Bannan 7- Much better than recent weeks, played a bit further forward. Still more to come from him. Aarons 7- steady game, nothing spectacular, but nice to have the option of pace and skill on the wing. Joao - 5 Not involved enough and poor work rate Fletcher 8- Led the well, worked hard, fantastic goal.
  4. Would definatley give him a new deal. Good competition for Iorfa.
  5. What a great picture this is. Look at the happiness on everyone’s faces. Lazaar not even kicked a ball for us but look at his face. Joao and Boyd both subbed but look at there reactions. Nuhui and Dawson unused subs but just as delighted. Every member of staff off there feet too. Sometimes when players play poorly everyone seems to think they don’t care. But photos like this just goes to show they do.
  6. He definitely left the pitch. He jumped over the board and hugged Tango!
  7. At least today’s performance gives Bruce the opportunity to change things now. Let’s see what the new lads can do, rather than potentially throwing them in against United. Would like to to see this line up next Saturday.
  8. S72 Owl

    Darren England

    Got the big decisions wrong. Liked the sound of his whistle. Booked Boyd because Rotherham fans were telling him to. Had no intention of booking him until Rotherham’s fans made a fuss. Am I right in thinking we didn’t even get a free kick when Thorniley went down?
  9. Think pretty much 90% of teams do this these days.
  10. S72 Owl

    Summer Sort Out

    Obviously I’d only sign players if we were able to sell most of the ones suggested. Plus the loan players we’ve got, then that’s 15 out 7 in.
  11. S72 Owl

    Summer Sort Out

    Release: Pudil Jones Abdi Boyd Matias Sell: Van Aken Fox Baker Pelupessy Nuhui Undecided: Lee Hooper New Contracts: Westwood Palmer Sign: 2 x CB Quality LB Strong Defensive Midfielder Attacking Centre Midfielder 2 x Fast wingers
  12. Mines gone up £50. Paid £405 last 3 seasons
  13. S72 Owl

    Hooper and Lee ...

    Would be delighted if both returned to full fitness to take part before the end of the season. Then we can have a good look over prevseason at them. Don’t think there’ll be clubs queuing up to take them.
  14. S72 Owl

    Need for speed

    Think this is the team we could well see by time we play at Hillsborough next.