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  1. S72 Owl

    Team v QPR?

    Just shows how fans see the game differently. Hector played CB against Middlesbrough, but with the licence to step into midfield when needed. As did the other CBs at times.
  2. S72 Owl

    Team v QPR?

    I’d go with this. Keep a tight back four. Full backs in position and not bombing on. BB and Onomah been allowed to get forward and create. 2-0 win.
  3. S72 Owl

    Team v QPR?

    People seriously suggesting bringing Fox back into the starting line up?
  4. Our style of play is absolutely awful. What even is it? Play it out to the defence, back to Dawson, long kick. Therefore the midfield get caught in no mans land. Awful to watch. No pressing, apart from the last 10 minutes. Whenever we have pressed a team this season we have looked dangerous Penney and Palmer are much better at Full back than Wing back. Tom lees is much better in a back 4. So much wrong tonight but roll on Tuesday.
  5. S72 Owl

    Hutchinson At Centre Back

    He actually starts in a back 3 but has the licence to push into midfield when needed. Which when there’s only one forward to mark is quite often.
  6. S72 Owl

    Last minute opportunity

    From where I was sat on Kop, there number 4 handballed it, then jumped on it.
  7. S72 Owl

    Top 3 Championship Grounds

    Not including Hillsborough I’d go with; Villa Park City Ground Pride Park
  8. The players will all know who are getting criticism every week online. Going off Bullens comment the other day on Twitter, it’s clear Dawson will know he’s getting a lot of critism online. Do those people think this will help him when it comes to match days?
  9. S72 Owl

    Team for Boro

    Ah yes the old myth that you need a left footed, and a right footed centre back. Look at all the best partnerships in the world, most of them have two right footed players playing.
  10. S72 Owl

    Team for Boro

    Hector will sort all the set pieces out don’t worry.
  11. S72 Owl

    Team for Boro

    Would personally start like that. Let Fletcher battle with there big centre backs and bring Joao on for the last half hour and use his pace.
  12. Danny Simpson and Andy King on loan to push us over the line. Leicester paying all there wages for us as a sorry for the Hirst saga.
  13. S72 Owl

    Something is seriously wrong with the game

    The championship Paul Scholes
  14. S72 Owl

    Gary Hooper

    I’ve no problem with injured players enjoying themselves but I do find it strange when there allowed to play golf etc. Never played golf really but I imagine it can’t be good for your back, hips or knees? Maybe be I’m wrong though?
  15. Potential reacurrence of last seasons groin injury. How long did it keep him out for last season?