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  1. Peterborough have a years option on Maddison’s contract so he won’t be available for free.
  2. Release/Sell: Pudil Baker Van Aken Jones Fox Abdi Boyd Matias Nuhui Rhodes Winnall Loan Out: Dawson Wildsmith New contracts: Westwood Palmer Hooper Lee (fitness depending) Sign/Loan: GK - Bit of experience as back up CB - Hector LB - Lazaar CM (top quality to compete with Bannan/Hutch) 2 fast wingers 1 fast forward
  3. Really impressed with tonight’s performance. Particularly with how we pressed them, and looked threatening going forward. Forestieris best game of the season. Boyd and Matias put shifts in. Fantastic tactics. Roll on next season.
  4. Either way it wasn’t a free kick. It was a dive.
  5. Assuming Reach isn’t fit and id save Hooper for Monday.
  6. Even with only a year left on his contract we should be looking for £5million plus. Gary Madine went for £5million. Yes Gary Madine. Id personally sell him. Just can’t see Bruce trusting him to play left wing and he isn’t good enough to play in a front two.
  7. Wednesday fans were fantastic first half. Loudest I’ve heard for a while. Very quiet second half though. Leeds fans were fantastic second half. Loudest home support I’ve heard for a while.
  8. Playing poorly...when he had a different partner every single week, different full backs every week and changing from a back 3 and a back 4 every other week. Is there any wonder he wasn’t his consistent self?
  9. Seen him getting a lot of stick tonight (mainly on Twitter). Not sure what it looked like on Sky but I was at the match and you could quite clearly see he wasn’t fit. Especially second half he just didn’t have his usually energy. Think he’d have probably been subbed after 60 minutes if we’d have had better options on the bench.
  10. Im a massive fan. Really didn’t like the criticism he was getting earlier in the season. He’s a solid championship CB and has been a fantastic signing for us. Today I noticed, probably for the first time, him going round the team encouraging them and trying to get more out of them. Shows he is a leader in the group too.
  11. We need to sign a quality centre midfielder. So it either gives Bannan competition or replaces him. We have to improve the team, which means bringing in better than we’ve got. Either way Bannan will still have a big part to play. If we sign some pacy wingers we could easily play 3 centre midfielders, especially away from home.
  12. Pretty much what I was thinking too. New deals for Palmer and Hooper too.
  13. Now is the time to start rebuilding the team ready to hit the ground running next season. Im confident Bruce can get us in good shape ready for the first game. Last few years our season hasn’t started until September. Hopefully DC can sort something out to avoid an embargo and give Bruce an hand. I reckon we’re going to need about 8 new signings to transform and freshen this squad up. One thing we must do now is get Westwood signed up. The best keeper in the league.
  14. I’d make a few changes, give some fringe players a chance and maybe 1 or 2 kids and go for the win.
  15. I agree, thought the crowd was quiet for such a big game. And was disappointed to see so many leave when Villa went 2-1 up.
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