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  1. Not bad really. Just under £16 a game for me. The big question is what will happen with the spare £85 credit I’ll have. I don’t want anything from the shop so hopefully i should be able to use it for the season ticket in 12 months time.
  2. Are you still taking these dates they come up with serious? By 19th July something else will have happened.
  3. Same here. Received my refund in December and just got confirmation email through.
  4. Mask. Test before. I don’t really care, I just want to get back watching football. Anything’s a start.
  5. You do know you can only get an assist if you have someone capable of scoring goals after you’ve passed it them? Plus Bannan has never been a goal scorer. We need someone like Fraser in the team with Bannan.
  6. I thought our corners (minus Browns v Rotherham) were pretty decent on the whole last season. You can watch champions league games where corners don’t get past the first man, very frustrating but it seems to be the norm these days.
  7. Definitely the first part, maybe second too. Carlos did play the midfielder. I can’t really comment on what Carlos said to Rhodes because I wasn’t there. But to be fair he did play Rhodes to start with too.
  8. To think we signed one of the best attacking midfielders in the league and one of the best goal scorers in the league and they both turned out to be massive expensive failures that has done the club more harm than good.
  9. Maybe there just not as good as we hoped or wanted? I thought Dawson started off quite well under Jos, I don’t think it helped him that we didn’t sell Westwood. As soon as Dawson made a couple of mistakes that was it, everyone wanted Westwood back in the team.
  10. Thing is, it’s only February in Thailand. Chansiri still thinks we’re stopping up.
  11. Starting again just wouldn’t be the same for me. But I think I’d still turn up to give my kids a chance to support them in the future.
  12. Would be a good signing but not really needed at the moment. Things could change if players start to walk away for nothing though.
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