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  1. I agree with this. Twitter seems to be the problem. I would back the club coming off Twitter because all you seem to see on there is abuse. Club should stick to putting important news on Facebook and any interviews/videos on Instagram. Quite like been able to talk about football throughout the week on Owlstalk though.
  2. Playing the likes of Corbeanu and Sow as a winger in a 4-4-2 would be like playing 4-2-4.
  3. That south stand linesman was that bad it definitely gets you wondering if he’s a secret blade. I mean surely someone can’t be that bad at there job?
  4. I’ve read that a few times now and still don’t understand it. Why is 4-4-2 our strongest formation?
  5. He started the season in his favoured position but apart from the Huddersfield game he hasn’t done much which is why he lost his place.
  6. In patches we’ve looked a really good team. But in other patches we’ve looked poor. I can actually see what we’re trying to do. The formation we’re playing is pretty clear to me. We just need key players to start performing. In this formation I think the wingers are crucial and also the player tasked at supporting Gregory from midfield. I think this best suits Wing, he looked really good against Huddersfield but since then hasn’t performed. We need a number 10 in there that can link everything together.
  7. Subs; Wildsmith Dunkley Palmer Johnson Wing Paterson Corbeanu
  8. Think people sometimes forget we’re playing against another team. Just because it was working for 30 minutes doesn’t mean Shrewsbury were going to let us do the same thing for 90 minutes.
  9. Yes he’s made 2 errors. Let’s not forgot he’d just won player of the month before. He’s a much better keeper than Wildsmith and Dawson.
  10. Not seen anything in Kamberi to suggest he’s good enough. Sow started last game but couldn’t get on today. I honestly believe and said it at the time we’ve signed too many players.
  11. Your CF should always take the penalties. 1) If he can’t score penalties he shouldn’t be playing CF 2) It surely builds your CF’s confidence scoring any type of goal.
  12. Keepers will always make mistakes. It’s important we don’t get on his back or his confidence might end up like Wildsmiths and Dawson’s.
  13. One of the worst linesman we’ve had in a long time.
  14. Just makes you laugh that he didn’t flag for about 5 potential offsides in the first half, then he flags for this which wasn’t offside.
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