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  1. One of my favourite managers. Loved his passion on the sidelines, loved the football we played that first season. Don’t really understand the people still blaming Carlos for the squad now but everyone has an opinion.
  2. If your captain has to tell you to ‘watch out for there number 7’ there’s something wrong. It’s not the under 11s team.
  3. He’s been used as the more advanced midfielder when played in a 3.
  4. That’s my general feeling. He’s a proper box to box midfielder that we’ve needed, but we seem to play him too advanced and he can’t impact games as much
  5. I think people read too much into the captaincy these days. All the captain does really is decide which end we kick towards. We’ve got a lot of experienced players, and gone are the days of captains like Roy Keane, Nigel Pearson etc
  6. What’s everyone’s thoughts on his first 6 months? When he initially signed I thought he would eventually take Hutchinson’s place. I read a stat that he’d made the most tackles in the championship last season? But we seem to use him as a number 10. I really don’t see him as a number 10. Never looks comfortable receiving the ball in tight areas with his back to goal. Anyone know where he played for QPR?
  7. I will never understand the logic of bringing everyone back for a corner. But so many managers with their badges seem to think it’s the way to go now.
  8. How many other clubs put season tickets on sale 3 week after Christmas?
  9. DC is digging himself a bigger hole every season with regards to Ticket Prices.
  10. Think the OP is on the wind up. I was listening to talksport and they never mentioned Wednesday!
  11. It’s often said a manager finds out more about his team after a few defeats.
  12. Definatley seems our best partnership but let’s just enjoy having 3 quality CBs. We know who ever plays will generally never let us down.
  13. Quite like the look of that team considering our options. Harris not been great lately but at least he could be a game changer off the bench.
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