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  1. Would be easier just to change the coaching team.
  2. That formation today was an absolute abomination He has lost the plot Watching the game we are so disjointed, lethargic and don’t know what we are doing, he’s had long enough to start to form some sort of team identity. Got to go and quickly
  3. He’s lost the dressing room got to at the final whistle
  4. Jeezsus has Gregory had his way with your other half Like a broken record
  5. Home to Lincoln is the perfect game to start him in. He needs games to build up his confidence, he's a bloody international footballer must have something about him. But guess when you play dull boring negative football, attacking players are not needed.
  6. Michael Duff at Cheltenham Town would be the person i'd go after. Played all his career at Burnley, model pro. First job in management still there after a few seasons, not straight on the manager merry go round, clearly something about him. Speaks well, plays attacking football. Had a quick look on their forum trying to find which pub is best for away fans next week and their fans seem resigned to loosing him to a bigger club / job soon.
  7. This for me is our best team BPF Iorfa Hutchinson Hunt Brown Adeniran Luongo Bannan Corbeanu Gregory Windass Currently we need to use Dunkley, Dele and Shodipo while the above are injured. Hunt and Brown need to provide the width making it almost a 2-5-3, we need to start overloading teams not sat back fannying about with it across 5 defenders
  8. BPF Hunt. Iorfa. Dunkley. Palmer Dennis. Dele. Bannan Corbeanu. Gregory. Shodipo Id prefer Brown in at left back for pace and balance but Palmer is fairy solid
  9. We just don’t set up to create multiple chances and therefore goals, look at the teams at the top of the table we are being left behind on goals scored it’s not even close. The football is painful to watch 5 defenders try to knock it around it’s making my eyes bleed. Look how our goal came about tonight long ball, flick on and decent finish. Moore OUT and the back room staff as well!
  10. With Corbeanu and Shodipo either side of Gregory we might actually start to attack teams
  11. Darren Moore win % is worse than them…he is the Worst!
  12. Should be kitchen sink time but Moore is so stubborn can’t wait to see the back of him to be honest him and the whole coaching team needs replacing
  13. Adeniran for Wing Corbeanu for Paterson Berahino for Palmer BPF Hunt. Iorfa. Dunkley. Johnson Corbeanu. Dele. Adeniran. Bannan Gregory. Berahino Get Dennis and Dele to win midfield and go Carlos style with Bannan tucked in on the left The fact so many changes are needed with personnel land tactics after just 45mins is a perfect reason why DC needs to sack Moore before we play Lincoln.
  14. Disjointed, no coherent style or plan. Cambridge want it more. All the above the manager is responsible for. We will not improve under Darren Moore he’s been found out. Got to go to have any chance of saving this season
  15. Are the wingers / wide attackers a waste of resources??……They are if Darren Moore is your boss!
  16. If Brown & Wing start next week DM should be sacked on the spot. Brown should have made way for Johnson Wing for Berahino not Dele. Moore has lost the plot….everyone can see it
  17. Brown was having a shocker, why he didn’t bring Johnson on I’ve no idea. Such bizarre game management
  18. I never want to wish injury on a player, but could do with Hunt or Palmer picking up a niggle so we can stop this unbalanced rubbish.
  19. Goalkeeper Defenders x 5 Hunt Palmer Iorfa Dunkley Brown Defensive midfielder x 1 Dele Central Midflielders x 2 Bannan Wing utility player x 1 Paterson Striker x1 Gregory That 11 screams creativity and goals
  20. Sheffield Wednesday…the grave yard for wingers and attacking football. Can imagine most of them thinking what on earth did I do joining this circus
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