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  1. When the pressure is on Moore is found wanting. He’ll do okay this season but no way is he a good coach/tactician.
  2. Windass needs to move the ball quicker. Vaulks looks pedestrian. Very slow in possession. Hennagen looks decent no nonsense centre half. Johnsons left foot is still a wand will create so many chances for us this season. Iorfa has had a decent first half. Stockdale looks solid.
  3. Bannan and Vaulks both look unfit and a yard off the pace. Midfield can’t pass the ball to each other
  4. Stockdale Iorfa. Hennegan. Ihiekwe. Hunt. Vaulks. Bannan. Johnson Windass Smith. Gregory Dawson Palmer James Adeniran FDB Byers Paterson
  5. I think NML is better than Wilks. He’s not worth more than £200k imo last year of his contract, out of form, it could have been a flash in the pan 18 months. I’d pass and try the loan route with some prem youngsters for league 1
  6. We are way more savvy than last season. Would be nice to add a direct pacy option to our attacking ranks. People forget how poor this league really is, our squad is good enough to complete at the top, as long as we play defenders in defence not wingers or full backs we’ll be fine.
  7. We need a couple of CBs asap I do not want to see Johnson having to play LCB this season or Palmer for that matter.
  8. Agree, maybe lower league footballers should be made aware that they need to save for potential life saving/prolonging treatment of their young children should they get cancer…I mean FFS Every footballer ever to play football professionally must be a millionaire…(with the exception of David Jones obvs )
  9. As a father of three healthy football mad boys things like this make me realise how fortunate I am. Tommy came through the academy was on a couple of grand a week, hardly millionaire material.
  10. Never really understood the clamour to be an ITK’er, it’s now even a contest to see who knows more than who who really cares and what does it prove in the grand scheme of things…so you find out a few bits of info ahead of the general fan base..so what. We all like to debate transfers and rumours, I get that that’s what forums are for but it’s like kids in the playground in this thread.
  11. We need to sign someone with pace, NML stood out and created chances because on form he was direct and created opportunities, we still need to replace him Anderson we be a young like for like if we could get him. Vaulks is on par with Massimo, great addition to the first team. on the 23rd of June slightly weaker by the end of July 100% we will be much stronger and better balanced.
  12. Its going to be strange playing league matches on the same days as world cup matches in November and December, at least plenty of football to watch. Freezing Hillsborough then sat on the sofa watching England in 30+ degree heat
  13. Stockdale Dawson Iorfa ???????? ???????? Brennan Henegan ???????? Hunt Johnson Palmer ???????? Brown Byers Vaulks Bannan Adeniran FDB Hunt Windass Gregory Paterson ??????? Sow These look like the gaps if we stick to 3-5-2. Although a couple of extra attacking players / wingers wouldn't go a miss
  14. It does feel a bit like that…plug in the computer and Heneghan and Stockdale look decent signings based on pure numbers / stats but Darren Moore is no Brad Pitt… We should be at the right end of the table this season, we have the quality second half of last seasons form says we are good enough just hope we play on the front foot and put a marker down in the first 10 games. Need to add a little bit of pace and power to the squad but if we can keep hold of NML and Luongo and they stay injury free we go up simple as that.
  15. Think the amount of clean sheets last season has a lot more to do with the way Wycombe and their anti football set up than anything else
  16. I've never rated him, nearly 37yrs old. Not a fan unless he's coming to sit on the bench...very underwhelming if he's our new number 1
  17. If you can’t win just kick them, what a horrible scruffy club they are.
  18. The marked him out of the game. Fair play to Sunderland, but they will rue those missed chances.
  19. There isn’t a single Wednesday player who stood out as a MOTM Bang average performance from most and pretty poor from some. Palmer is hard working but in his whole career has never been as effective as Hunt at RB / RWB yet plays tonight in one of our most crucial games…that’s on DM but no way could you say Palmer was MOTM. He’s a steady player 6/10 sometimes a few stand out 8/10s that’s all.
  20. Hunt and NML will rip them to bits on Monday completely fresh ready to go. We we’re crap and Hutch is a f**king liability at times but based on the first 60 mins hot to take 0-1
  21. Why the f**k is he not making a change get NML on FFS!!
  22. Worst thing is Sunderland aren’t that good, we’ve been second best all over the pitch
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