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  1. And he is a midfielder, not striker as some would guess looking at his scoring record.
  2. I'm afraid that only Penney is ready to step up and make place in our starting 11 his own if given chance and with a bit of luck. There are few who could prove as good squad players and decent back ups to our more established players, though.
  3. Personally I don't think that he is. Will probably spend some time playing U-23 football this year, and then hopefully go out on loan to club that will give him playing him, and help him develop. Just my opinion, though.
  4. Hard to compare player to player, but he looks like a modern playmaker in making. Small, but very mobile and strong on the ball. Guess you wouldn't be much wrong to say that two share few of the same characteristics in how they go about their game.
  5. Hunt is a nippy midfielder who moves well around the field, works hard and wants to get on the ball all the time. His technique and passing skills are quite good (or at least it looked like that at U-18's level). You wouldn't think looking at him, but he packs powerful shot as well. scored couple of gorgeous free-kicks last season. Baker started out as CB, but we also used him as defensive midfielder, before he made right back position his own last season. Although he posses decent first touch, he will always be better defender then provider down that right side. Much more suited for RB, then RWB role in my opinion.
  6. Player development system in PL works against your national team doing well.
  7. malek

    Team vs Lincoln

    Fuming that Matt Penney didn't get the run out ! We already know that both Fox and Boyd are not solution in that position. What is the point of pre seasonbgames, if not for figuring these sorts of things out ?! Unbelievable !!!
  8. Also felt that Shelvey would florish in this England's side.
  9. Only 8 teams won the damn thing, but I'm sure that France is bridge too far for us. Btw. Is Thuram still playing for France ?!
  10. England should had it wrapped up in the first half. Don't know what went wrong for you, but some other Croatia run out in the 2'nd half.
  11. Game of two halfs... Hrvatska played 120 minutes in last two games, and it should come into play. If we lose, at least we will do it fighting. Sh*t who will get to work tomorrow...
  12. Your lot doesn't look great, but Hrvatska simply imploded. Looking scared and nervous. It should have been game over by now. Btw. Southgate is a bloody genious, prepared fantasticaly for this game.
  13. malek

    U23s at Hallam tonight

    If you are looking to sh*t on me, then at least go by something Ibreally said. I wanted Boden to getva chance as an alternative to potter o'connor in midfield as I thought those two would get us relegated (and they did). Wrote number of times that I've never even seen Boden play. I never spoke one word in favor of Lekaj
  14. malek

    U23s at Hallam tonight

    No, he is 6'3'' And he is twice as quick as Crouch was while in his prime years. Also, his game is much more about clever movement, then winning headers and playing targetman role, like Crouch often played.