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  1. malek


    As you said, genuine idea in football is to attack and defend with as many players as possible, it is all about transition. And we must be worst team in our league in that department.
  2. malek


    Bannan tries to fill the same role like Luka Modrić plays for Real Madrid and Croatia, and I believe he got talent to pull it out. Yet his understandin of the role doesn't seem to be good enough, and lack of movement infront of him doesn't help.
  3. One player I follow for a long time, and put his name forward in thread like this years ago, while he was playing for Inverness CT is Aberdeen captain Graham Shinnie. At 27 he is in his best footballing years, player that is at Aberdeen touted of as too valuable to "vaste" at left back, so they are playing him in central midfield. From what I've heard he is a fantastic character, and great at heliping out younger players find their way. If it wasn't for emergence of players like Robertson and Tierney I'm sure that he would have been a mainstay in Scotland national side by now. With him and young Penney filling that left back spot, I would consider that position sorted out. Big bonus is that Shinnie can do more then fill in as central midfielder as well. Would love to hear Jon's opinion on him as he is expert in Scotish football.
  4. Again, we need mostly look at players with resale value as we don't want to find ourselves in situation like this one again. Hope that DC learned from his first 3 seasons at the club.
  5. Can't state enough how much Hutchison helped our full-backs defending. And whatever side Matias plays, he is giving fantastic support to full back playing down same flank. All this considered, would expect them to push forward bit more.
  6. If we are to sign this fella, then it must be to add talent to our high flying U-18's side just like we did by signing Conor Grant from Shamrock Rovers and O'Brien from non league. Glad we are scouting outside England and looking to add talent all the time.
  7. malek

    Luton’s Current Form

    Then again, Fulham's B side should had field day in the park against team like Oldham.
  8. malek

    Full Backs

    By far the best full back we have is Matt Panney, shame we messed him up playing him out of position so often, ruining his confidence.
  9. Earlier in this thread I put forward name of Wimbledon's Anthony Hartigan. He really impresses me as an intelligent and cultured central midfielder. I heard he did really well again today and scored his first goal as a pro. Like you said, it is all about spotting them while they are not on the radar of numerous scouts.
  10. malek

    Full Backs

    To be fair to Fox, he did well since Jos left. But it shouldn't go un-noticed what a great job Matias and Hutch did supporting him, and helping defend down our left flank.
  11. malek

    U18s | Burnley 2 v 2 Owls

    Missing Liam Shaw didn't help as well. Nice to see him get on the bench for first team today, though.
  12. And you know that after he played just over 10 games in his entire career ?! And even if he is not good enough, he could well be one of number of talented young players that Arsenal watch every season. No one said they wanted to sign him so he could line-up against Fulham today.
  13. Reports said that there were few Premiership clubs watching him (guess he wasn't only prospect they were watching at time, but still...). Clubs I heard mentioned were Arsenal, Everton and Bournemouth. He started off great playing left back, and then got messed up by been played all over the pitch. By the end he didn't look like he knew where he was supposed to play and what to do.
  14. Ever on lookout for young players that wouldn't cost much and whom we could develop and sell for profit. AFC Wimbledon are having poor season and fighting against relegation to League Two, but one shining light for them is form of 18 years old central midfielder Anthony Hartigan. Their official site says that he played 12 games for them so far this season, and I got to see 4 of those. Calm and cultured midfielder with good first touch and passing range, adapted to getting the ball under pressure, bringing it under control and getting it to teammates further up the pitch. Really reminds me of young Stephen McPhail from his time with Leeds United. Can't imagine that Wimbledon would hold out for too much money for him, and would love our scouts to take a look at this player.