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  1. Not only that he didn't do to well, but looked unterested most of his time here.
  2. Just what I wanted to post myself. Players should be able to take criticism for poor work they did, but not the abuse. If they can't take some criticism then stay away from social medija. If you are abusing anyone, players, dogs, cats... Get back under rock you crowled beneath of.
  3. Whole concept of "sport director" came from eastern Europe where coaches were not trusted to bring players in as it was seen as conflict of interest. Plenty of managers would bring in players that were nowhere near as good as they got paid just to earn % players pay (as well as all sorts of other things). To put end to that position of sport director got introduced and soon over got implemented every where but in England until recently.
  4. George Tanner, RB released by Man Utd signed for Carlisle. Done much better than Man City's released RB who signed for Waterford in Ireland. Just to add bit of perspektive how good some on top Premiership club's prospects really are.
  5. We need playmaker who knows what he is doing infront of our back 3/4 or we will continue to gift ball to opposition when ever our back line get pressed by opposition. It is biggest problem we had last couple of season and it needs sorting out quickly.
  6. He was huge prospects at City, but lost his way. Last couple of years he is Playing in Ireland for Shamrock Rovers and is biggest star up there. He rediscovered his love for football, got called up to ROI national team, made his international debut and won himself player of the year award. Even scored fantastic "no look" Free kick on Saturday. In my opinion well worth taking a gamble on.
  7. Key principe is that with FFP in place you need to generate funds in order to spend.
  8. With Chansiri's money and first team football to offer we can get some of the best of those that are not ready for Premiership football right now and are sick and tired of waiting for a chance to play. Good players with experience of Championship football are expensive and those young enough to have resale value cost "arm and leg".
  9. We were, but he turned us down to sign with Celtic, but that fell through. Still expect him to sign with them.
  10. Chansiri's wealth and our rich history could enable us to bring in some of the best youngsters deemed not good enough to play Premiership football right now and tired of waiting for their chance at that level. It is a risky squad building strateg but one I believe we must take. And one that would require us to invest in couple of best scouts that we can afford to bring in.
  11. There is no chance we will get Hickey, but as I said before we should look at Souttar from Hearts who would fit perfectly in our 3 man back line and would certainly improve it. And as I noted in FREE Agents topic, there were fair few people left surprised as Celtic let Liam Burt leave for Free. Suposed to be ecellent prospects and is linked with Barnsley.
  12. i would credit Sturrock for improving him. Still remember him talking about Brunt looking great for 10 minutes that he spends on the ball and dissapearing when off it, how he will kick that out of him and turn him into better player.
  13. In my opinion those 3 are those that league clubs might be interested in loaning. It will be hard to loan unproven players out next season with so many good players getting released.
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