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  1. Described by Shamrock Rovers prior to us signing him as classy, elegant central mifielder who can leave defenders for dead with drop of shoulder.
  2. Made a mistake above, as Rep of Ireland is the first team that qualified for U-19's European Championship with game to spare. Grant looks as a "real deal" in my opinion. Needs big season next year with our development side and to keep improving.
  3. For getting picked for Republic of Ireland U-19 squad. I believe he made his International debut at that level getting on at 90'th minute in a 2:0 win against Azerbeđan. If I'm not mistaken at 17 he is youngest player in the side that is doing very well, and is draw against Russia away from getting qualified for Elite Round finals for the first time since 2011. If anything about his call up was mentioned on OS I missed it.
  4. Was watching that game, and Donelly indeed played a blinder in 2:2 draw. While with us he was out injured most of the time. Who knows, how well or bad he would have doone if he had bit more luck with injuries.
  5. Think that his fall from grace had more to do with his friendship with Steve Harkness who took him under his wing and helped him ruin his career.
  6. Paul Smith had great left peg, but sadly little else. As you said, he had zero pace, couldn't beat a player, or do much else then putting in decent deep cross every now and then. Remember guy he was brought in to fight with over that LW spot ? Richard Evans ?! Looked decent untill injuries ruined his career.
  7. All true, but it is big question would have we survived season he joined us without his goals. If I remember it right, there were fair few games we won where his goals made the difference.
  8. Actually I said number of times last month that we should look to bring him in Obviously having nightmare today, but I really rate him and think he is a very good player.
  9. Shows how little it takes for player to win fans over, and importance of getting out of your way to get right manager.
  10. True, but when we tried to play from the back he had to drop very deep and insisted for everything to go through him making us slow and predictable in build up and him easy to mark. Not to mention how much we missed his creative influence further up the pitch. Now, under Bruce regime he is looking again as a Premiership player to good for this level of football.
  11. His CB partner is Kirk Brodfoot, and considering that Kilmarnock are not consudering 3 goals each game, this lad must be be good player Impecable logic
  12. Nice to finally se Bannan playing role that he is supposed to. Makes both him and team look better.
  13. Thanks a lot mate, hope your little guy gets back to 100 % as soon as possible.
  14. Just want to see us pressing highly up the pitch. Plenty of clubs at this level want to play from the back, and don't have quality to do it. Lets expose them...
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