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  1. David jones

    What Jones brought to the team is quick and intelligent passing. He usually passes from his first or second touch, with precision and point. I would say that he is filling the role Alex Lopez played in CC's first season in charge, and in my opinion neither Bannan nor Hutchinson couldn't fill as well as Jones did. Allows Bannan to get on the ball bit further up the pitch, and it is helping us a lot.
  2. Academy Products

    I think it is key to set path to the first team for young players defined by set of targets that must be achieved in order to progress.
  3. U23s v QPR

    That was last year, and this is now. We sent 3 players out, and I'm 100% sure there were many more that wanted to go on loan as well. Development squad is only there to help young players develop, and it would be ideal if all those players were out on loan playing "serious" football. Not letting youngster go out on loan to play in U-23 squad is nonsense.
  4. U23s v QPR

    Why do you think that he was badly advised ?
  5. U23s v QPR

    I don't think that was all about money with Hirst. I believe it is more about non existance of path to thje first team, and development plan for U-23 players. I believe that rumors of club not letting anyone out on loan if loaning club won't/can't pay entire wage of said player is true. If we agreed 5k a week deal with Hirst, there is no club in League One or Two who would pay that for untried (though very talented) youngster, when they can bring in top end lower league player on similar wages. Because of all this I can see other youngsters we want to keep leaving the club at the end of the season. Deciding not to take any of them on pre-season tour, issue them squad numbers, or give couple of them chance in League Cup didn't help. Most of them did all they could at U-23 level, and loaning them out would be natural next step in their development, and for some reason we sent out only 3 players so far.
  6. U23s v QPR

    It is not Hirst who refused to play. We could have used this season to drive his price up a bit, but well...
  7. U23s v QPR

    They are doing really well even without Thorniley, Clare, Stobbs and Hirst. Big well done to them all
  8. U-18's vs Coventry

    I think it is his first year.
  9. Won 2:1 away from home. Liam Show scored both goals. I think he got 7 so far. Not sure where we are playing him, but he is supposed to be central midfielder. Well done Liam ! Well done U-18's !
  10. #19 for Brentford

    Said many times how I think he would have fitted perfectly in our team. Really rate him.
  11. Under 23s today....

    We offered what I believe were much, much lower wages then Premiership clubs will. We offered worst coaches and facilities for him to work with/at then Premiership clubs will. We offered absolutely no route to first team football. What we did offer was that he wont get to kick the ball this season unless he signs new deal with us.
  12. Under 23s today....

    He has every right not to sign new deal with us. Our respond to this is bullying.
  13. Under 23s today....

    I just find it strang that Carlos doesn't seem to have problem playing young and unexperienced goalkeepers, while none of outfield players got any kind of chance to make a stake for first team football in his team.
  14. Under 23s today....

    Cheers mate :)
  15. Under 23s today....

    Bradley Tomlinson ? Black striker we signed from somewhere, scored hat-trick in one of his first games with U-18's ? Went to Scotlandafter leaving us, think to St Johnstone.