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  1. It is possible that Stoke will look to get rid of Ryan Woods either on permanent or on loan deal in the summer. Would be good signing for most clubs looking to play passing football at this level. Doesn't look good fit for Millwall.
  2. And with salary cap in place quality of players signing with PL clubs will decrease, cost of rights to show PL games will drop, and FA will lose money. All in all, salary cap in PL will never happen. Makes no sense implementing it in lower leagues as well.
  3. I would look to offer him heavy bonus related deal that should bring him as much as he is getting right now or more if he play enough, score as much as we expect from him and help us win games.
  4. Daniel Barlaser is doing great on loan at Rotherham and considering he is 23 he could be available on a permanent deal from Newcastle. One I know bit about and should be interesting option to bring into our midfield. Jayson Molumbay is having good break through season at Milwall and could be available from Brighton. There are lots of others that deserve good look at.
  5. Don't know much about Holland, but type of signing that we should look at and that we overlooked during DC era.
  6. I can anticipate tricky contract talks here. Ageing striker having possibly best season of his career.
  7. Need to bring in players with resale value. Considering how we won't have much to spend it will demand some top scouting and calculated gambling. There are young players at PL clubs tired of waiting for chance at their clubs, lower league and SPL players ready for step up to this level. With so many players out of contract it is a perfect chance to refresh our stale, far to comfortable and unmotivated squad. Chris Turner did precious little in his time as manager here, but did well to rebuild one of worst squads in my time of watching Wednesday, most of squad that Sturrock got back to The Championship. Could be one of the most important transfer windows in last few years.
  8. Decent player with good touch and "footballing brain". We pi55ed of many Rotherham fans when we signed him on cheap while he was League One top scorer. Don't remember who against, but he handballed in opposition penalty box and we got awarded penalty kick
  9. I remember he had 3 15 goals seasons for Bristol City before we signed him. Remember Turner telling us that we would have gone for him earlier in the Summer, but we were not aware that he was available on free transfer
  10. As I mentioned before, 19 years old (or was he 20 then) Drew Talbot in Play Off's final was calm enough to take ball around keeper and score. Sorry, but I expect more from player of Murphy's calibre and who got signed for 10+m by Premiership club.
  11. I guess you are refering to my post in another thread. If we were looking to let Penney leave in the summer then we did decent and logical thing sending him out on loan to get bit of experience and put himself into "shop window". But if we planed to offer him new deal and keep him here, then it is travesty to send him out before agreeing new long term deal first. This way we lost all leverage and it is not supposed to happen. Regarding JVK - I'm really not sure who is doing scouting and signing this players. I don't think he is a bad player at all, but he is not suited for Championship football and it was obvious from early in his Wednesday career.
  12. Well, he lost ball 70 yards from the goal and Stuttgart scored on the other side. He kept best right winger in the league in his pocket for 90 miutes, but who would report that..
  13. Bloody hell, can't believe you wrote something nice about him...
  14. Although he scored it seems that Murphy lost us points today. Scored awful own goal and missed one on one with the keeper. Btw why is he taking all our corners, we never had problems with those and Bannan delivered them much better ?!
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