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  1. Statistics say that St Pauli don't win if Penney don't start.
  2. I watched every game Penney played for St Pauli this season. And in mine (although probably biased opinion) he did really well. They are quite a poor side and Penney run himself to the ground each game. Fact is that he is perfectly suited to play that role at our level. He can get up and down the pitch for 90 minutes, is quick, got a silky touch and cultured left foot. He just needs a manager to help him out a bit. It is a Wednesday's failure that a 22 years old he got so little first team experience. I know he is a mad Wednesday fan and I'm quite sure he will sign with us if he get decent offer.
  3. It is good news that we got linked with Nathan Holland. Just the type of player we want to see us focus on next summer.
  4. I mostly agree with you. But if players I mention are touted as future first team players now is the time to have them involved with the first team squad. I'm not saying that they should start 30 games next season, but to train with first team, travel with them when U-23's are not playing, getting them on the bench and giving them some playing time when appropriate. As you said, we don't want to have large first team squad, but smaller squad would demand our U-23's to step in when needed. Also, there are plenty of young players from Premier League 2 that would improve our first team and that would jump at chance to join us in search of regular first team football at good level.
  5. Why do you think so ? We constantly get told how highly likes of Liam Shaw and Conor Grant are rated highly by our management, and both had good season. Waldock, Dawodu and Borukov did ok by their standards. O'Brien sadly spent lot of time out injured and only player who I feel underachieved was last season's U-18 captain Isaac Rice.
  6. Can't open this link (don't know about others) hope this will work for everyone:
  7. His goal in 2:0 win against Hamburger SV won St Pauli's goal of the season.
  8. St Pauli's Greek striker Dimitris Diamantakos agreed to join Hajduk Split on free transfer. Good player.
  9. Will always remember quiz in one of those old Match or Shoot magazines. What type is your favorite footballer ? They put in David Beckham as example of a global superstar, Mikkel Beck as an example of overpaid foreigner and Peter Atherton representing underated and dependaple performer. Always liked Peter Atherton.
  10. And how did you figure that out ? Fact is that we are not producing talent and that for years we are one of clubs that are least likely to play under 23 players that came through our academy/development sides. This year we were bottom of the pile. Most young players given choice would rather sign for club that got reputation for playing and developing young players and we have non. Btw. Thinking that players who failed here were never good enough because they failed to make careers in the game after leaving is so wrong. Seen it plenty of times. Then again I'm from different country where football and youth development is seen different, so I fully understand how my views are largely non appreciated on here.
  11. Quinn, Bromby, Geary, Palmer all did resonably well in their careers.
  12. Everton are about to release highly rated 19 years old Alex Denny. He is a mobile 6'2" central midfielder with silky touch and great passing range. Did really well this season for Everton's U-23 side that were this year's Premier League 2 champions. Available on free transfer and seamingly able to help at this level right now. One for both present and the future. However, interest in him will be high as Rangers were interested in him erlier this season.
  13. With our record of promoting youth to the first team who can honestly blame him ? He was first choice RB for couple of years and they hardly released him becouse they think he is a poor player.
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