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  1. Looks nicely on the ball, but not very creative, quite poor tracking back to defend, doesn't create or score goals. Wouldn't pay 1m for him, nevermind 10.
  2. Yes, but is signing for Birmingham as he can't afford to pay himself apperance bonuses
  3. Birmingham apparently agreed 750k fee for Willem II Irish midfielder Dan Crowley.
  4. I think I would be happy to see our U-18's finish mid table this season.
  5. Hope they are wrong and we are in for Anthony Hartigan instead.
  6. Don't think he would have started anyway. Shame we didn't get to see Grant, thought. Irish manager set his team to fail playing his best defender in midfield that was already lacking and creativity, and pairing two huge, awkward, clumsy and terrified of pace CB's together. Regba and Afolabi would have beaten Norway on their own if only give their teammates feed them with 50/50 balls to fight for, instead of passing it very poorly between their defenders. Great goal by Hodge though.
  7. Yes I'm. I know this is Irish B team, but God how poor they are.
  8. Yes, mate that is the point. Getting rediculed for mentioning someone people on here knowing nothing about. And lack of knowledge is a reason for getting rediculed
  9. I mentioned Jayson Molumby quite a few times on here, and got rediculed on here for mentioning it. As I said before, it is all about spoting talent before they becom common knowledge. It seems that people on here would want us to sign/bring in on loan Premiership youngsters with 100 first team games under their name, and that just won't happen.
  10. The point is that while in The Championship we can hardly affordt to sign these players, we must spot them early and develop them. Goes against our ethos, as we are so reluctant to play and develop youngsters. I believe we were in League One at the time we first got linked with Maguire and people on here said he wasn't good enough for League One, but same was said about Whelan and Brunt as well. Us fans seem to be very hard lot to please...
  11. Yes, but he aint getting any younger, and there is big question if after couple of horiffic injuries he can come back as good as he once was.
  12. This is how FAI introduced Wednesday boys to Irish fans: 15: Conor Grant Date of Birth: 23/07/2001 Position: Midfielder Club: Sheffield Wednesday Schoolboy Clubs: St Ita's, Malahide United As if by magic, Conor has this incredible knack of breaking free from tight situations with the ball still at his feet. The close control and technical ability allow him to make a big difference in midfield, where he almost ghosts across the grass with his style of running. An excellent connector of play. 20: Ciaran Brennan Date of Birth: 05/05/2000 Position: Defender Club: Sheffield Wednesday Schoolboy Clubs: Thorncliffe Juniors A tall defender who can operate at full-back or centre-back, Ciaran is quick to close space and to react to any potential danger. The Sheffield lad qualifies through his Limerick-born grandparents and has impressed in training with the U19s. Btw. Reminder that first games is against Norway, and it will be played tomorrow, 15.7. at 15:45. No guarantees that either of our boys will start, though.
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