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  1. Possibly the quickest player in British football, though.
  2. Wasn't he with us on trial few months ago ? thought he did well and scored nice goal, quite happy with this.
  3. Absolutely no evidence to any problems with his attitude. Guess he just needs to be set to do what he is best at, get him isolated high up the pitch with opposite full back and he will deliver. At least that is what I hope for.
  4. We brought in fairly young player with Championship experience and all the tools to make really good player at this level, still there is a reason why no club higher up the food chain didn't try and signed him. We will need a good manager to bring the best out of him.
  5. If I remember it right it was 4 years deal, so it could be bit pricey. Especially for League One clubs that were certain to offer him starting spot he is after.
  6. Didn't know that. By far the best player I've seen in PL2. Very much surprised that he didn't go to Championship club. His ex Southampton U-23 captain also on loan there could have played a part in his decision.
  7. Two quality young players like him and Green would provided excellent foundation to build for next season and beyond while keeping most of our funds to sign striker and left back.
  8. Now to sign Matt O'Riley on free transfer and it will be great start to transfer window without single penny spent on transfer fees.
  9. And when I tried to? Not that this is a first time we are talking about Green on here, though. Nastier post than I"m used to from you mate.
  10. Andre Green is one I hoped we would take a look at. Didn't se that much of him out on loan, but in PL2 he looked class above. Plenty of pace and skill, got all the tools to make really good Championship player. Fingers crossed.
  11. Dunno, yesterday I rewatched Cardiff game on Ifolow. Cardiff clearly targeted our left flank, but couldn't get a sniff and switched to attack down our right side. Penney defender well and helped Van Aken a lot and constantly sprinted up and down the pitch for almost 80 minutes he was on. Thought it was a good solid performance without doing anything of the note wile on the ball. Wish it was a standard our other wing backs performed through out the season. If Thompson gets the job I'm confident we will se more of him.
  12. I think we are talking about loan deal, not permanent signing.
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