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  1. And busted his shoulder against Aston Villa and played injured after that (ok, if not injured, certainly not 100% fit).
  2. It was a great read, thanks a lot for sharing. Hope you will get back to playing at level that you desire.
  3. I never played professional football, but it is far from me never kicking the ball and not having experience of how it is on a football pitch and how different it is from warching it from the stand, or on tv. Guy I spoke most about it played in Bundesliga 2 for both Duisburg and Eintrach Frankfurt. Played in CL and for his country as well. His parents still live flat above me so we get to chat when he visits. I know and talked with few more playing from Bundesliga to regional leagues as well. You well linked quality with time on the ball, and it is true. I tried to point that Championship player won't find it easier in Bundesliga 2 as he will get closed down less quickly and get more time to think, get ball under controll and play. I also don't think that english referees are as tolerant to physical play as they used to be. Just look what Nuhiu gets penalized for every week... I can't see much difference between two leagues in that regard. Thanks for replay, certainly enjoyed reading it. Btw. May I ask at what level you played in Germany and how long ago ? It is ok with me if you want keep that to yourself.
  4. Watching it for 30 years. Knowing and talking with players who played at fairly high level there. You get closed down in Bundesliga 2 just as quickly as you do in Championship, and it is played at very high tempo. It depends what would you describe as "tempo", though... If you mean how quickly ball gets from one goal to the other then you are right. But if you are refering on how much time you get on the ball then pace of the game is about the same (at least that is how I experience it).
  5. Certainly got required stamina and pace that play left back role for us, and I'm sure we will get to see more of that left foot featured on linked video. Just hope he will decide to come back and sign new long term deal with Wednesday. Btw. Watching all of games he played for St Pauli I wouldn't say that Bundesliga 2 is any less physical or any slower then Championship.
  6. He said (wrong or right) that he expected to sell Dawson for top buck.
  7. True, Westwood did so much for our beloved football club,and deserves all the support, but I'm dead scared that we might lose Dawson for not showing more faith in him.
  8. Sadly I don't think we will have this debate next season as Dawson won't be here. Hope I'm wrong, though...
  9. My point is that he is not playing full back role, but kind of a 3'rd CB just like Argentina used to do in early 2000's. It is never him to defend against opposite winger, or offering support up his side going on overleap. In my opinion, Monk created kind of a hybrid role for him and Fox is playing it well, and he got his MOTM award deservedly.
  10. In all honesty, he fu*ked up lot more then Dawson ever did.
  11. Not sure mate. He got his role tailor made for himself, and from what I've seen he is not playing full back role for us (in my opinion), he is a stop gap solution. He is not going on overleap to help winger up his side, nor he is one defeing against quick and agile wingers, and is often used as 3'rd cb.
  12. Sorry mate, but you are wrong. Especially with FFP in place.
  13. Hope we can tie down Penney on new long term deal.
  14. Not a long term lb solution we need, but his performances improved a lot.
  15. It must be partly down to Monk who must have figured out how to use him best. Fox is not your typical full back, but Monk doesn't ask him to play as one helping him to concentrate on what he does well. It must have helped his confidence as can be seen from his performances last month and today.
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