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  1. Basement Bargains?

    Would still like to see us gamble on Jack Byrne. Few years ago he was touted as on of the most talented midfielders in Europe. Somehow he ended up at Oldham... Could prove as a shrewed deal if we would be able to sign him on cheap, and help him realise his early potential.
  2. It is partly down to bad luck, and partly because club isn't looking after their youngsters well enough. If it wasn't for unlucky injury there is a big chance that Penney would get to play under either Bullen or Luhukay (or both). He just got back to full fitness with transfer window about to close, and considering how Luhukay never had a chance to take a look at him we decided to send him to Mansfield. In an interview, Evans said that he was tracking him for a year, and beat competition of many League One and League Two clubs to bring him in. When Evans left Flitcroft inherited huge squad, and probably decided to go with more experienced players. As Kivo said, at Bradford he was brought in to be a back up to their ever present Player of The Year, and League One best eleven left back James Meredith. Probably brought in as a cheap cover as they didn't have any other left back at the club at the time. In my opinion he is easily good enough to get chance in our first team, if luck of game-time since Christmas didn't do enough to halt his progress and ruin his confidence. Club should really do more to protect players when going out on loan, looking to get them involved with "right" clubs for their development and insert "get away" clause in case things don't work out...
  3. Sean Clare future in doubt

    So, anyone refusing to sign new deal with the club is thick and gready ?
  4. Chris Woods Kevin Pressman* Ronald Nilson Dan Petrescu Des Walker Viv Anderson Peter Shirtliff Nigel Pearson Andy Hinchliffe Phil King Chris Waddle Niclas Alexandersson John Sheridan Wim Jonk Carlton Palmer Ryan Jones* Steve Nicol Trevor Francis Nigel Worthington Alan Quinn* David Hirst Paolo DiCanio Marc Degryse Darko Kovačević Ritchie Humphreys*
  5. Josh Morris - 500k

    Could be wrong but I remember reading that he is on transfer list there as he is refusing to sign new deal. Not sure if he is in the last year of his curent one or not...
  6. Josh Morris - 500k

    500k for player who proved that he is too good for League One. Could turn out to be either flop or great signing for us. Wouldn't be against gambling that sort of monney on him (or someone like Marcus Maddison).
  7. With bit of urgency add to his play perhaps he could be our own, Championship version of Luka Modrić, certainly got a skillset to play the role.
  8. Son Of Loan Watch (part two)

    Could be true. Before leaving Evans prised him, and said Penney have big part to play in their push for promotion. God knows what is going on there. Under Flitcroft Mansfield won only 3 points in their last 4 games. Fans on twitter already want him out.
  9. A complete rebuild

    Only ones I would keep for sure given chance to do so are Wildsmith, Dowson, Penney, Clare, Hirst and Reach. Talented, withouth horrible injury records, and with potential to make backbone of our team for years to come.
  10. A complete rebuild

    How to rebuild ?! With contracts we were giving we made any rebuilding work nearly impossible.
  11. Amazing ! We are down to bare bones, and our best youngster, and only defender cpable of bringing ball from the back, and not loosing it under pressure is out on meaningless loan not benefiting anyone... Bring back Matt Penney !!!
  12. Never, ever heard anything about White been linked with anyone but Bolton. Always thought he was quite limited player. Bags of pace, but with little else to offer.
  13. Brought in due to transfer window closing to a club doing great, and not wanting to change what was working so well for them. Only chance he might get a start there was in case of injury or suspension, but who knows new guy might fancy new approach. Remember that Clare and Thorniley went on loan to clubs chopping and changing to find a line up to get them going. It was similar for Penney at Bradord. Knew right from the start that both loans wont work great for him.
  14. Hope Flitcroft will give him chance.
  15. Think it was mostly down to poor timing of his injury. If he was fit when Bullen was caretaker, or when Luchukay took over I'm sure he would have got to play.