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  1. I named team that I want us to start and I believe would get us a win against Luton. Knowing Monk, he will probably play wingers as full backs and speak about square pegs in square holes afterwards. I have 0 believe in Monk and hope we will get a result despite him.
  2. Dawson Odubajo Flint Van Aken Penney Harris Dele Bashiru Bannan Reach Paterson Rhodes
  3. I'm more concerned how Dalsgaard is allowed to shoot from 20 yards out completely unmarked. Also, with Flint, Paterson, Van Aken in our team... How it is Odubajo defending set piece against Toney who is likely to beat him in the air 9 times out of 10 ?! Guess that 20 years old Hunt with little first team experience makes an easy target.
  4. Monk got amazing talent to speak lot and say nothing. Born politician.
  5. Can't agree. We bust our gutts to win the ball from cultured and creative Brentford side just to knock it back to them as soon as we do. Suicide tactics.
  6. Hunt looked poor just like Bannan did, not because they did anything wrong but due to getting bypassed by players around them who kept knocking long balls over their heads. While we tried to play passing football we looked good and created problems for Brentford.
  7. Bullen said Huxley came on trial described as a striker, also said he played wide for Wrexham last season but we played him at wing back against Rochdale. Google says he is a defender?!
  8. Come on, lets surprise everyone and make it our year!
  9. Just a shame Penney couldn't get same chance as excellent Van Akken got. We rather played right footed winger instead...
  10. He was, so was Aimar, but their top player was Cambiasso before all the injuries. But England did well and gave them right game. Shame how no report shows that Leeds player Karl Sheppard started the game and did really well.
  11. Watched every game, and England lost all 3.
  12. Actually, Lucas started and Humphreys came on for Owen. How furious I was that "some Owen" starts infront of Humphreys, Ritchie wore number 9, though. Carragher played in midfield and scored for England.
  13. Humphreys and Walwork if I remember it right.
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