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  1. Great post, mate Incredible how we let Dalton rush for 25 yards from 2 tries. Can only imagine how much damage someone as athletic as Jackson will couse us. Incredible how Bears passed on Mahomes and Murray to draft Trubisky For a time I folowed Bears, not because I was a fan but because I liked Cutler.
  2. Watching this Bengals team play feels eerily like watching Wednesday. To spend so much of the game digging ourselves out of the hole we put ourselves into just to throw it all away as soon as realistic chance of turning things around appears. Almost like watching myth of bloody Sisyphus play itself on the football pitch. There was also something poetic about Burrow breaking longest active streak of 200 throws without IT by throwing 3 in the row (and then following it with couple of TD passes) Incredibly, after making sooooo many stupid mistakes we were still in the game until last couple of minutes when Fields somehow saved himself from sack on his 3'rd try. But make no mistake, we lost against much better team on the night and if Dalton stayed on it would have been by larger deficit.
  3. Neither player looked ready for 90 minutes in my opinion. Both impressed, though. Shodipo looked like a proper winger who is happiest when he runs at defenders. Looks like he will offer significant goal treath as well. Berahino looks cultured, VERY inteligent and highly motivated. Onnce they get up to speed they should both be massive players for us.
  4. We have fair few problems that are becoming more obvious game after game. We struggle whenever opposition put us under slightest pressure ? Why we don't work harder off the ball ? When we are in possession most of our players just stand or walk instead of busting their guts to make themselves available for the pass. Bannan is our best player, but as soon as we start struggling he drops deep creating huge space between our midfield and our forwards. Starting Hutch in midfield is an old idea and one that stopped working for us years ago. Trying poor old ideas reeks of a manager who is panicking and doesn't have clue what to do. And as original poster asked, what is the plan once we get ball in opponents 3'rth ? It doesn't look like we have anything agreed or that players know what to do and it all comes to crossing aimlessly to no one in particular or to Bannan's improvisations. I don't think that we really outplayed anyone this season and last 3 games we looked more like a relegation fodder than promotion candidates.
  5. Whats the point of Hutch in midfield again ? We tried it and it looked awful as he is lacking both mobility and quality on the ball. We brought in 3 central midfielders that are all much better than him. Good that we are playing possibly weakest side in division at home, so I will hope for a win despite poor team selection.
  6. Never played The Bard's Tale game, although it is legendary among RPG fans. Never played (or at least seriously played) heavy hitters such as Wizardry, Might & Magic and Ultima series. Really loved first game and invested around 80 hours into it, but for whatever reason never tried other two. Heard that they are not very good as well, especially DA2. Not sure if I would call it an RPG although it shares some mechanisms with the genre, still I would say it is 90% an adventure game. Last game I finished and one of my absolute favorites, prepare yourself for a lot of reading, though.
  7. For me Baldur's Gate 2 is the best CRPG ever made. Yes, they remade both games few years ago, but they weren't remakes as much as they updated graphics to look better on modern computers and bigger screens (although it remained almost the same to those who played it in 2000's) First Pathfinder got lot of love from hard core RPG fans and was received as a good game, but it was hard to get into for new players and nowhere near good as Pathfinder WOTR. Older RPG+s worth checking out (at least on Youtube to see if it is something you would like): Baldur's Gate 2 - best RPG ever Fallout 2 - legendary post apocalyptic RPG Arcanum - phenomenal if unpolished steempunk RPG Planescape Torment - best storyline in any game EVER Vampire: Bloodlines - brilliant RPG set around White Wolf's rules (vampires) Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 - for me these 2 games are the best that ever came out of Star Wars franchise Dragon Age: Origins - all around very strong RPG Pillars of Eternity - quite similar to Baldur's Gate and newest game on this list. Battle Brothers - sandbox tactical RPG. One of the best games I play if you like that sort of thing.
  8. I guess that most clubs send their best players out on loan as well. It can't be an excuse for poor results. It is still early in the season and I guess that good number of our youngsters are still adapting to a step up in quality of football.
  9. Didn't watch the game, but watched highlights and it seems to be edge of the seat game from start to finish. Geniuses that run NHL show for ex Yugoslavia countries predicted that Giants will win their division. I guess that they can still be right about that one. What I would want them to be wrong about is Bears winning against Bengals They seem to think that Montgomery will ruin Bengals D, but watching them deal with Cook I'm quite optimistic. Although you can say little from highlights, but I thought that he looked great.
  10. I used Davidson as an example to try and make a point how development should come before results at that level. Why I did this as it is obvious that development of first team ready player is much more important than results at that level ? People wouldn't believe under how much pressure at some clubs coaches are to win games and finish as high up the table as possible. This must be as it is much easier to judge their work by results than waiting 5 years to see how good couple of youngsters will turn out to be. However this is not right and I personally know lot of coaches that because of this look to pick older boys that develop bit quicker and are often stronger and quicker than more talented players who might physically develop slower. I don't want this to be case at Wednesday so although I really enjoy any success we make at that level it is never as important as developing players.
  11. I would get him to academy that will give him best chance of playing professional football. I spent much time around it so I know that results, especially at that level mean nothing. I mentioned likes of Arsenal and Everton to make a point how you should play most talented instead of best players at that level. Goes without saying that lot of 16 years old will be nowhere near ready to play at U-23 level, but you play them at level they are ready for. You certainly shouldn't pick player who is bit better, bit quicker, bit stronger, but doesn't have future at the club.
  12. From my posts it should be obvious that I follow youth football and want our underage teams to do well, but developing players is much more important. We won both U-18 and U-23 leagues and what did we got for it ? It means much more to bring through single good player each year than to win league every year. Results at that level are important only to coaches who fear that their work will be judged by them so they often play for points rather than to develop talent. Yes, the "guy" was Charlie Curtis and although he did well in team that didn't concede many goals you don't start player you are planing to release infront of one you want to keep. He started few games early on than got dropped. Still I will need to check that numbers as we often filled same starting 11 and I find it hard to believe that Davidson started anywhere near 14 games. 11 that usually started: GK. Hare, RB. Curtis, LB. Aguas, CB. Glaves, CB. Yates, CM. Kilheeney, CM. Glover, RW. Zottos, LW. Hall, AM. Trueman, ST. Bonnington.
  13. Currently playing Pathfinder Path of the Righteous. I love RPG games, but lately just don't have time to finish these often 80+ hours long games. So I played a lot and loved, but didn't finish gems like Witcher 3 and Wastelands 3 and hope that it will be different with Pathfinder WOTR as I love it so much right now (despite not playing original game) and played 12 hours in 3 or 4 sittings and that is very rare for me. People say that no CRPG ever resembled table top RPG before and to me it looks much more like spiritual sequel to Baldurs Gate 2 than Pillars of Eternity or even Baldurs Gate 3 ever did.
  14. That is the point. To win couple of games more we took year of development from our most talented player. Last year 16 years old Jack Henry - Francis started most games for Arsenal's U-23 team in PL2, so did Isaak Price for Everton. There were plenty of more that I just don't have time to name now... Do you think that they played so much because their sides couldn't fill in better player ? No, they started because they are talented and their clubs care more about their development than winning games at that level. Now compare that with us where our most talented player is used as a back up in his age group to a guy who is getting released so that We could get couple of points more and finish 4'th instead of 5'th in a league that no one cares about and doesn't matter one bit.
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