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  1. Not sure about that myself. If anything Hunt fits perfectly into Moore's 4-2-3-1 formation that he played for years at both U-18 and U-23 squads usually next to Liam Waldock. This season Manchester City loanie Matt Smith was automatic first choice for Moore at Doncaster as one of two sitting midfielders and he is exactly same type of player as Hunt, both in qualities and in style of play.
  2. Nothing unbelievable about it. It is our "modus operandi", or at least it had been since Chansiri took over. Most of players we brought in was while they were at their peak, most expensive that they ever were and with a little room to improve. All while we were probably aware that only way we can get our many back and stay within FPP is if we get promoted. Not many of our signings were made with view to making a profit and balancing books. We gambled, it backfired and cost us a lot. Hope that now those in charge understand that we shouldn't use same recruitm
  3. Just think it is strange that we are keeping 2 keepers in our U-23 squad.
  4. Surprisingly He wasn't and now we have 2 U-23 keepers.
  5. Hope that Pelupessey will be released. God help us if we plan to start next season with him and Luongo in our midfield. Out of those 4 I would look to keep only Waldock.
  6. To finance quality starting 11, We must assemble rest of our squad on relatively cheap contracts. Youngsters we bring through could make significant part of that side.
  7. In his book Ferguson explained how big regeneration is for football clubs and used Ronaldo as an example. He said how he knew how good Ronaldo was going to become and hoped he would be able to keep him at Manchester United for 3 years (he stayed 4). In that time Ferguson made a shortlist of players that he thought could replace him and used all that time to get all the possible informations on players he picked as his replacement. Said that he did the same for all key United players and that it is the only way forward and to continually progress.
  8. Don't care how tall Alex Hunt is. Said it million times before that games are not won by team that wins most headers around half way line any more. Our own Barry Bannan is shorter than Hunt, Liam Walsh (whom many wanted to see us bring in this Summer) who was fantastic in League One for Coventry and played big part in getting them promoted is shorter than both Bannan and Hunt. Crewe's highly rated midfielder Tom Lowery is the same height and there are many more... Height got nothing to do, but I don't think Hunt will make it here.
  9. If we could give chance to just one of our talented midfielders next season I would pick Waldock in front of Hunt every time.
  10. It will be interesting to see how will he handle Bailey Cadamarteri. If Cadamarteri keeps progressing at rate that he is and Chansiri treats him like he treated every other youngster, he will be gone for peanuts before he turns 18.
  11. Perhaps you are right, but on 1 year deal and low wages perhaps he could do the short term job for us in League One. Although I'm generally against signing "such" players, but striker that guarantees goals are always very expensive.
  12. We were already informed that our recruitment policy works like this. Recruitment team finds players and puts their names forward to the manager. Problem is that with guy in charge as clueless as ours is system is very easy to abuse and there is a good chance that club will spend huge money on players that are pi55 poor and have 0 resale value that could leave club in financial troubles and lead to potential relegation and years out in wilderness
  13. Dom Howson on Twitter. Wasn’t it already said that we operater on this principe and it proved catastrophic. It would be tragic to start rebuilding after relegation using system that got us relegated and with squad of expensive but poor players.
  14. I got a feeling that Moore must choose from what recruitment team puts infront of him.
  15. Nice that we got linked with a good player like Anuke, but that isn't my point. Put forward ?! By whom ? Why can't bloody Moore find players he wants at the club, after all it is him who will work with them every day, try fit them into his style of football and get the best out of them. Sh*t like this is why we are where we are and it won't change until people in charge for bringing players to the club are not held responsible for results on the pitch. Awful practice that explains cr*p recruitment in last few years.
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