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  1. malek

    Penney contract

    I try to look positive regarding this. It is well documented that Penney is a huge Wednesday fan, and have every reason to love his life with Wednesday right now. Chanshiri proved that he won't be bullied into letting Wednesday players leave for what he doesn't think is a fair value.
  2. malek

    Penney contract

    Joao is also with Doyen, and he signed new long term deal with us couple of weeks ago.
  3. malek

    Marco Matias

    Got thinking about this myself, but eventually I figured out that he looks to me very much like Sami Khedira
  4. Jos got a lot of experience managing in country with fantastic record of producing quality young players, glad that he took that experience to Wednesday.
  5. We have history of poor results vs Crewe, both at U-18 and U-23 level. Always tricky opposition for us. John, do you mind writing on here few words about Liam Shaw considering that he scored 2 today ?
  6. malek


    And what other young players I championed ? Yes, that Luke Boden should get first team chance, and he did and was voted our young player of the season. And me wanting him to get chance was based mostly down to Potter O'Connor CM partnership I was sure will get us relegated. And they did. Yes I stood for likes of Whelan and Brunt while you and others like you on here called them crap, and wanted them out of the club. Anyway, whatever I write on here is just my opinion, and I wont apologize for it. Anyway, this is my last post in this thread, as it is supposed to be about young player doing really well, not arguing with you.
  7. malek


    Nowhere near what I wrote there, is it. But I blame him for not giving fair chance to Matt Penney in his time with us. Thank God he is a huge Wednesday fan, and decided to sign new deal with us despite getting constantly overlooked.
  8. malek


    And I'm telling you that he was ready to get a chance. In any case better then signing couple of poor back up left backs. How can anyone stand up for signing of those two is beyond me... And what if Carlos was manager when Penney signed his first pro contract ?! It is not him who offered him deal, or recommended him for one.
  9. malek


    It wasn't Carlos who gave him contract, and Penney was back then better then those two, and deserving of a chance to prove what he can do.
  10. malek

    Marco Matias

    Matias adapted to needs of thee team, and to what Jos obviously wants from him. To his credit, he completly changed how he played for most of his career and proved as a real fighter and one of hardest working players in the league.
  11. malek


    Just imagine if Carlos had any clue, we would have saved some good money we spent on fees and wages of Wiggins and Fox, and we would have Penney with lot more experience under his belt.
  12. malek

    Pelupessy proves old saying

    Seems that he adapted to the pace of the Championship. He works hard, and thinks quickly, proving as a very important player in our team.
  13. malek


    His best game yet. Loved how he hacked into Grealish showing him who's the boss from the start
  14. Now they have James and Ross Wallace