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  1. Why not puting clouse in their deals where in weeks when they play we are paying their wages, and when they are not loaning club is. Nowhere near ideal, but would help out a bit. At least players we loan in would get a good look in, and play if they are good enough. In theory at least..
  2. As I understood, Preston got his contract offer some time ago... Certainly one I would look to keep. Reports in the papers linked him with Glasgow Rangers.
  3. For me Onomah is a typical english youth prospect. Great physical atributes, looks good on the ball, but lacks basic tactical understanding of the game and gets it talents wasted like so many before him. Complete opposite to likes of (let's say) Glenn Whelan who understood what was demanded of him, and made most of his career.
  4. Good thinking. Both look as rady made Championship players. Personally would go all out to try and bring David Turnbull here, though he seems very happy to continue his development at Motherwell.
  5. He was voted something like that on some silly poll. He was nowhere near the best outside Old Firm, though. If he was we wouldn't be able to afford him in the state we were in back at the time.
  6. Doesn't look to me as a starter for team aiming for promotion. Not likely to get much better then he is now as well.
  7. In all honesty we were in much better situation to sign players like that, and chose to gamble on players like Jones, Boyd, etc...
  8. I got Villa game on my HD, and it is clear that he injured his shoulder in THAT game. Would be interested in hearing why he didn't get his operation then, and why he was asked to play injured...
  9. When we won U-23's Play Offs we beat Hull in the finals. Bowen got substituted as Matt Penney marked him out of the game. But there is a huge difference how Hull handled Bowen and how we handled Penney.
  10. We totally neglected point of creating actual value, and in these days of financial fair play it is absolutly essential no matter how wealty owner is and how much he is prepared to spend. Wiser club would use his fundings to sign best talent available to us , develop it and sell fore hopefully huge profffit creating space in our "salary cup".
  11. There are good players and interesting names in Leagues One and Two. We need to improve our central midfield, and AFC Wimbledon's Anthony Hartigan certainly should be looked at. 19 years old already made 40+ starts for Wimbledon and played key role in helping them survive in League One this season. Clever on the ball, with great touch and passing range could prove as a long term replacement for Barry Bannan (although he is still far of that level).
  12. I like Vaulks. Looked promising at Falirk, and did really well at Rotherham. Got rockett of a shot on him as well.
  13. Potentially really good Championship defender. Very much Aden Flint type of player.
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