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  1. So Bullen is saying FF wasn’t on the bench for tactical reasons.
  2. Should have been on the bench if fit. Such a lack of game changers on the bench.
  3. We don’t seem to have enough threat coming on from the bench. Not enough game changers. If FF was fit he should have been on the bench, the lad has the quality to win a game.
  4. Bit of both for me. We should be getting something against 10 men for 45+ minutes. Players deserve a lot of blame also.
  5. All that really matters is winning games. It doesn’t matter that we played well. The fact is we come away with 0 points playing against a bang average team that had 10 men for 45 minutes. Expecting a big reaction against Luton. Bullen deserves that game at least.
  6. I don’t think he will just yet. Bullen will get another few games at least.
  7. Today hasn’t done him and favours at all. Should be getting something against Millwall especially with them having 10 men for 45+ minutes. However If Bullen is under serious consideration from DC he deserves another couple of games
  8. Don’t think Bullen can be ruled out of being permanent manager just based on this game however that has gone him no favours at all. Failing to get something against 10 men Millwall for more than 45 minutes is very poor.
  9. Really disappointing that. Should be getting something against 10 men.
  10. I wouldn’t swap any of our players for ones in Millwalls team. Even with 11 v 11 we should be getting something against them. Playing 45+ minutes against 10 really should mean we get a positive result.
  11. Come on Wednesday! We’ve got to be getting something against 10 men
  12. Come on Rhodes lad. Get proving some people wrong!
  13. Come on we are playing against 10 men and still don’t look like breaking them down.
  14. Come on Wednesday! Got to be getting something from this.
  15. Big half coming up for Bullen imo. Needs to get his tactics right to get something from this. If we fail will be a mark against him imo.
  16. fizz off you dirty twats. Got to get something from this game now.
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