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  1. Still not completed. Hope it drags on a while longer yet.
  2. would be a really big loss imo. Very good player at this level. Hope he stays.
  3. yes would be a very good squad and one that should be more than capable of finishing top 2.
  4. Just me that thinks Raphinha and Richarlison are massively over rated?
  5. Looks like Joao to Besiktas is off. Shame. Would have been some valuable £ coming our way.
  6. agree with that. Also imo he shouldn’t be an alternative to Wilks who is an established player, this young lad hasn’t much experience at all. If we want at alternative to Wilks it should be an established player imo. Bring the lad from Swansea as well as Wilks/similar player.
  7. That thread title To be honest I’m not a fan of players that play in more than one position. We need specialist players that excel in one position imo.
  8. would be an excellent move for him. Hope he gets a deal. Still don’t think we should have let him go, definitely still had something to offer, leaving and possibly getting a deal in the league above shows that.
  9. Season coming round fast and still a lot of work to be done in regards new signings. Things seem to have gone a bit quiet on rumours etc.
  10. Absolutely disgraceful, embarrassing. Chansiri really has messed this club up. Seeing people giving him praise banging on about how he has learnt his lesson is sickening after what he has done.
  11. Wilks seems quite an established player, Joseph not played that many games. Be nice to get both.
  12. Our offer to Hull for Wilks isn’t enough according to their vice chairman, not as close to being completed then as we where made to think.
  13. Smith 20 Gregory 14 Windass 14 Wilks If he signs 10 Cadamarteri 2
  14. Hopefully the reports of him being a bit of a bad egg aren’t true. The lad definitely seems to have some quality about him.
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