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  1. Personally think he is to good for the conference but I guess any loan is better than no loan. Wonder if this means Gibson is finally fit?
  2. Berahino picked up an injury to his calf apparently ffs. Let’s hope it’s not to bad.
  3. Be interesting to see where Windass fits in when he returns. Also as others have said Kamberi offers sod all. Paterson is a better option, not sure why he wasn’t on the bench.
  4. So Ipswich have even more new players than us. What will the excuse be if we lose to them next week, can’t use the time to gel line. Perhaps it will be our players just don’t look arsed.
  5. Time to let someone else take the penalties
  6. A bunch of weak minded individuals. Same rubbish different season.
  7. I hope Moore realises that it’s not just the players that need to work and learn from their mistakes.
  8. Brown is left footed, was fit today but didn’t even make the bench.
  9. That’s what women are like when they get a bit of power
  10. Brown and Paterson fit but didn’t even make the bench. Strange.
  11. Doesn’t look like the players have a clue what their jobs in the team are.
  12. I really hope Moore doesn’t come out and say he couldn’t ask for anymore from his players etc.
  13. I really do think on paper it is. Unfortunately we don’t play on paper.
  14. I hate that whole “in Moore I trust” line. Really makes me cringe.
  15. Only positive I thought today was Shodipo. Looked good.
  16. Moore won’t be going anywhere, him and DC are big mates.
  17. Morecambe, Plymouth and Shrewsbury with a return of 1 point. Embarrassing doesn’t cover it. Look at our squad, imo it’s the best in the league yet we churn out crap like this.
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