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  1. Personally can’t see us being able to do much of anything with the situation with the EFL.
  2. Derby where very poor. Was a great chance to come back with the 3 points and we still couldn’t manage it. Very disappointing.
  3. Wasn’t a penalty but he just doesn’t look up to it imo. A real liability in some games.
  4. Taking Fletcher off was a very poor decision and as for bringing useless Murphy on that was just asking for trouble.
  5. was never a penalty but we should have made our domination count in the 1st half. Another very frustrating game.
  6. Really disappointing result in the end that. Poor subs from Monk. We really are such a frustrating team. Desperately need to learn how to take our chances when dominating and learn some game management.
  7. Yet another game without a clean sheet. Maybe time to put Borner back in the team.
  8. Hutch now to miss the Forest and Bristol City games ffs.
  9. We really need to learn game management. Not just the players but Monk as well.
  10. fizz sake. Maybe now we will regret taking Fletcher off. Hate football sometimes.
  11. been such a disappointing signing. I really was excited when we got him in but been a proper let down.
  12. Pleasantly surprised Hutch has managed to stay on.
  13. Decent showing from Rhodes. Hope he is involved again at the weekend.
  14. Come on Wednesday!!!! More of the same in this half but maybe another goal or 2.
  15. It was a joke my friend. Hence the smile at the end.
  16. Just seen the goal again. Really was a quality finish from Fletcher.
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