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  1. Really need to take these chances. Could do with another 4 or 5 goals.
  2. Yeah was an intriguing thing for him to say. He does like to say a few interesting comments in his interviews.
  3. Wonder if we will bring in anymore signings next week after John Jules if he does sign. Personally would still like us to sign a LB at least, maybe another CB. Still feel we really need a leader signing, someone with experience.
  4. Talented player but so unlucky with injuries.
  5. Would only be our 2nd back to back wins since August if we win today. fizz me.
  6. Back to back wins please. Don’t care how we do it, scrappy 1v0 will do. Come on Wednesday!!
  7. Alex Miller saying he spoke to a few separate sources and they all said the same about the contract. Some of the abuse he is getting is disgraceful.
  8. Tyreece John-Jules apparently set to sign on loan from arsenal. Spent time at Blackpool this season, 0 goals in 12 games.
  9. Only changes I would consider are taking FDB out and possibly Johnson.
  10. Seems like the journalists had been fed some false info.
  11. Hopefully we have a year or 2 option at the end of the season if we decide to take it.
  12. Deal signed with us apparently. Let’s hope he continues where he left of against Plymouth. Looks a player.
  13. signing a new deal at the same time we sign the lad from Brighton like you said?
  14. Now you would hope the club have planned for the possibility of this happening and we have replacements lined up.
  15. good point. We are known for getting deals sorted quickly after all.
  16. exactly. Perhaps an option to extend at the end of the 2 months should have been put in.
  17. aww. I love it when you talk to me like that.
  18. You know he’s going to go elsewhere. Can’t believe we have let his contract run down so much, forward planning from this club is a disgrace
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