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  1. Got to be yellow for me, if only for the chant.
  2. Thanks Snoots. Tonight is the kind of game that we can remember for all the right reasons. Let's leave it all out there and take pride in being part of the wonderful Wednesday
  3. 1-0 is not so bad. We really can turn this around at Hillsborough. They will be disappointed not to be further ahead, an early goal and we can take them.
  4. Owls fly high in league, Still we fans bl@@dy complain, I just don't get it
  5. Don't have time just now, Wife gave me too many jobs, Haiku will return!
  6. Nice to see a haiku. Here's one of my own. Moore's done a good job, Eighty-five points and not done, Keep him for God's sake.
  7. Great win. Great comeback. Fingers and toes crossed for Bannan. We ARE a proper team!
  8. Another great Wednesday adventure today. Lets hope it's not the last of the season. Hillsborough rocking, team in good form, could be a tense but exciting day. I honestly didn't think that we would be in this position at the start of the season. Great second half to the season, now let's finish it off in style. Come on you blue and white wizards, enjoy the day fellow owls x
  9. Agree with most on here. Start with Gregory and Berahino. Have Paterson and Windass on the bench if things need to change/Berahino is having an off-day. Unlike many on here, I actually like having Paterson available, think he gives us a different option with a bit more bite.
  10. So what is it? Bananas, ducks or paddling pools? I' m asking for a friend!
  11. Plymouth. Don't want Sunderland - they score too many last minute goals and we concede too many!
  12. Not sure how much more of this I can take but great comeback after a bit of a nightmare. We didn't used to be able to do that. Well done lads, eventually
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