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  1. Not the only sensible option , but yeah , he would have been my choice but hey ho...........................but then again huge swathes on here wanted Chris Hughton. Chansiri wont pay compo so it would have to be someone out of work and the pickings are slim.......................Alex Neil maybe , has promotions on his CV albeit i have never particularly liked watching his teams play. Chansiri would probably give it to someone unproven like Sol Campbell
  2. His substitutions have been beyond awful all season...............his reading of the game is abject on the evidence so far.
  3. Most worrying for me is the fact that he based our summer recruitment around a team shape (the horrible 4-2-3-1) that he seems to have abandoned a quarter of the way through the season........................hence 4 wingers twiddling their thumbs on the bench , what a mess.
  4. It shows how far we have fallen that a player as desperately limited as this is being labelled by posters as a great player who should start every week.
  5. He was one of a whole raft of players in the 70,s who didnt get the number of caps they should have because of the dull , grey squads we used to pick........................it`s no coincidence that we failed to qualify for two world cups running whilst the following were deemed "mavericks" or "luxury" players. Laurie Cunningham, Stan Bowles, Frank Worthington, Alan Hudson, Tony Currie, Rodney Marsh, Duncan McKenzie, Peter Osgood, Ian Storey-Moore , Gordon Hill, Charlie George etc.
  6. Saw him at Hillsborough as a teenager with Orient and you could see the lad was special. A huge talent who had his career ruined by injury when he moved to play in Spain , never got a fraction of the international caps he deserved IMHO.
  7. DM: Hutchinson, Gibson, Byers and Mass won't be available this weekend #swfc DM: Bailey Peacock-Farrell returned today, we'll assess him over the next 24 hours and see how he is. We're glad to have him back in the building #swfc DM: We have two excellent goalkeepers battling for the spot, I know about Joe and what he is capable of. I wasn't surprised by the way he has performed this last week. He has done really well #swfc DM: We were really pleased with the three points last week and now have another exciting encounter this weekend. We keep working and striving to perform and perform well. Every week is a different challenge and we are looking forward to the next #swfc DM: There is a lot of football to be played, we focus on one game at a time and put all our energies into the next game. They are playing some wonderful football, it will be a good footballing match on Saturday and we're looking forward to it #swfc DM: We have got to concentrate on our approach and consistently do the right things. We will have to perform well. We want to kick on, we want to keep moving #swfc
  8. Surprised this hasn`t attracted more attention............I loved it as well, don`t think there was a bad acting performance in the entire show. Young man , after being jailed in a tragic incident on the mainland , returns home to a tiny island of around 300 inhabitants off NW America at the same time as a new Monsignor arrives to look after the small catholic church. Strange occurrences begin to happen pretty quickly.
  9. In the age of tika taka , i love watching this "old school" player play football........beat this thing lad.
  10. Personally , when it comes to England I think Mount is the problem not Foden. Put Foden in Mount`s position (more creative) and you can go back to two holding.
  11. Also .........his squad choices ..................is Ollie Watkins REALLY playing better than Danny Ings or Mason Greenwood this season
  12. Hopefully that is a massive wake up call for Southgate because some of his decisions are starting to border on the ridiculous. Grealish was head and shoulders our best player , yet off he comes again , and with it all our attacking threat.........name one chance we created after he went off. Agree with what has already been said , that Southgate clearly doesnt like Grealish and resents having to pick him. His "pets" Mount and Sterling did the square root of f*** all compared to Grealish, and Kane should have been hooked earlier. As for his subs......Saka is a good young player but does he REALLY deserve the amount of game time he is getting for the England first team ?...........and my heart sank to see Henderson come on again to trundle around and give the ball away.
  13. He is........................but he keeps his place regardless of how he plays.
  14. Agree.....................i dont like 4-2-3-1 , certainly not in this division , said it before a ball was kicked. However , i think our main problem over and above formations is the tempo and intent (or lack of it) in our general play.
  15. I am not against 3-5-2 , when played properly it can be very effective and at least gives you two strikers. The most alarming thing of all is Moore spent all summer recruiting for a 4-2-3-1 , and if he now wants to change that leaves us with a lot of square pegs in the squad.
  16. 12 points should be the target and that`s not arrogance , it`s just the mindset that we SHOULD but don`t seem to have. Compare the squads and you come to the conclusion that 4 wins is more than doable..............all about the mindset and how we approach these games.
  17. One thing`s for sure.....he will get a better reception than Kachunga !!!
  18. Carlos rushing him back for the play offs against medical advice backfired spectacularly. Wonderful footballer in his prime , and we shouldn`t have let him go , but the overriding feeling on here was from the clear aht , younger, hungrier mob. Hope he loses and has a stinker but deserves a good reception before and after.
  19. I don`t think it`s overstating it to say that this is a huge game for Moore.
  20. Moore told the press today that "the lad was a threat in midweek and has his part to play but is still learning what`s needed from him and we have spoken to him about the areas he can improve." Sounds like he,s back on the bench then ?
  21. Newcastle were in the old division 2 with us in the early 90,s........average home gate........16,800.
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