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  1. this thread is PMSL brilliant please keep it going ......................... still waiting on them pics, don't believe 'Cakebird' is Pudil's missus ?!
  2. No mate, Neil Armstrong, Hitler, Elvis and Shergar never crossed my mind. Why would they and why would you assume I might think that just because refs me wee wee me off ? Fact is there are examples of c orruption in many sports. Stop trying to be a c lever ironic edit x
  3. you're right mate I ain't got all the evidence but you're getting a bit too deep, just sayin it wee wees me off to point that as a fan for 50 years I don't really give a fizz no more, and don't tell me you've never been pissed off by some of the decisions we've seen by refs at hillsbro?! maybe revisit the thread title and theme ? see ya x
  4. poo refs or has someone at Sky or EFL or whatever had a word with Refs association or whatever about how romantic it would be to see 'ol' North End in Prem Tell me its not bent im gonna see what odds they are for a pen in next match !
  5. Preston also got 2nd lowest yellow card total - despite having Ben Pearson !!! And no red cards Referees?
  6. lots of things make wander about the integrity of the game - and lets not even start talking about VAR Preston just gone 1-0 up at Charlton and now top the league With their 7th penalty of the season!!! 7, Yes 7 pens in 15 matches ! How does one team get so many decisions their way ?! Referees???
  7. what a fool, some one should press him on what he meant !! but yeah they all want flippingfor those last 7 minutes yesterday
  8. who said that? Mowbray ? if so pretty disrepectful in my opinion wander who else is ....like us?
  9. could see this, but why would Brum let him go ? Wander what his contract position is?
  10. thought same, although he was an arse for QPR at Hillsbro, he scored and caused us problems rightly or wrongly
  11. he got some bad press at WBA last season, thought from start although he got that ever so quick goal v Barnsley, that he is a 'show boater' thinks he looks like Deli Alli !
  12. always think need to be careful with loans in January Its not like they're coming for the full season and can get bit between teeth and knuckle down - even then look at Murphy who has come for the season - does he really fancy it ? for some it will just be to get a bit of game time for 3 or 4 months need to look at contract situations and whether there could be anything further in it beyond this season eg those that will be out of contract in summer
  13. Has Rhodes actually been in a match day squad for a Championship game under Monk ?
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