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  1. absolute comedy - glad others noticed it! where the fizz did that come from? i felt my head spin like I was in a time warp or been transported to a a parallel universe, no context whatsoever, completely abstract like a tourettes outburst surely presenter noticed it
  2. Uri ? Geller ? Yes, get him in surely he can sort it for us?! or at least bend a few spoons !
  3. we're reading water at best - but so is much of the league top 6 not changing bottom 8 just shuffling probably why if you can string a few results together you make a significant move like Cardiff and dingles sadly we just cannot get out the bottom 3 long enough and a tell tale sign of how it will end
  4. Describing his 'pussytion' he says; In some companies I act like a Chairman In some companies I act like CEO So at Wednesday he acts like a ................. ? C _ _ _ E _ _ _ _ _ O _ _ _ _ _ ??????????
  5. Absolutely . Derby would have been looking at him Even if their fans hated the idea WBA might well have thought.......... could we ? should we..............would he ?
  6. Yes. I said before this wages stuff came out that as soon as he knows there's no cash for players he will be off. The signs are now there if not before. No way is he having a relegation on his CV and no way work in L1 Walked out on Palace so not like he ain't done it before regardless of circumstances . Must think WTF and he don't look like a bloke to be taken for a ride or a mug
  7. ground share with Cardiff? Their owners as mad as ours innit !? Maybe we could share kits or summat ?
  8. does anyone else see a scenario where Pulis walks when it becomes clear he ain't gonna get the backing he needs ? he aint gonna have a relegation on his CV and he aint gonna manage in L1 again
  9. because he does not see Reach and Harris as wing backs? I think he is right They are wingers and are forward thinking players, most decent 'wing backs' began as good attacking full backs
  10. Was Shaw trying to impersonate him other night ?!
  11. Somebody playing abroad who has Championship experience like Kodija Afobe - but he's on loan from Stoke in Turkey so how does / can that work? Oliveira - ex Forest and Norwich now at AEK but out of contract next year Pulis' knowledge and contacts should be a plus but who will join a relegation threatened Championship club ? Bakary Sako could be a wing option but Dave and Hutch probably had a word in his ear to put him off ! Cash is key and we wont have any idea where we are until we start seeing some movement
  12. I work with him, he'll be ecstatic !!! He don't speak well of Pulis though !
  13. Remember in one interview he said he wanted to be down south with his family ? Pretty way down South I suppose!
  14. He'll start and play regular football at Stoke as he has done for SWFC for last 4 years - FITNESS allowing SF to NL - How much game time might I expect at Celtic given you have other strikers younger and fitter than me ? NL - SF - Given your injury record at SWFC how much game time might I expect you to give me ?!
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