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  1. Anyone think BPF looks to be carrying a bit of timber ? Wing looked good for Boro a few times on Quest highlights n stuff so was surprised Toytown got him as thought he might get better Something worries me about Warnock letting us have him though , does he know something , he wouldn't do us any favours , would he? Wasn't last player Colin gave us Kadeem Harris Flatters to deceive ? Patterson would be a Colin type player though - go on lad, go out and be a reyt shithouse for me !
  2. After 20 mins Ally McCoist said Gilmour couldn't keep up with the pace of the game (aka blowing out of his arse) He got took off after 76 mins So he played 'half a game' but BOSSED IT according to pundits and media - Really ? It was a poor game, England showed no energy or enterprise. Scotland would always run and chase etc But neither looked like scoring and quality was lacking To Scotland its a 'victory' not losing to England, to English media its a shocking display cos we didn't beat 'little old' Scotland, so they laud the Scots and look for a hero - oh yeah, 'Little Billy Gilmour' The stuff of vomit FFS !
  3. How come there are games still on today? I thought Scotland had won the Euros after thrashing England 0 - 0 last night ?! Hearing Nicola's also handing over the reins to Billy G ? Any one heard owt ? FFS !!!
  4. MM -Marco Matias OO - Oguchi Onyewu
  5. Its an odd one this sure I would feel better had we stayed up but ..... as its been expected so long its not gut wrenching as v Palace last time was but its still a bit poo innit or actually a lot poo but had we stayed up I'd be fearing a repeat next season so maybe its for the best or maybe its not ?????
  6. Definitely hope to be 'clapping' !
  7. sorry trying to follow but if wed have gone down last season would we not still have had the same high earners (eg Bannan, Westwood )this season regardless whether we'd have been in championship or L1 ? But had we gone down we could possibly have got rid of some before season started. There would have been no crowds for math day income this season anyway in either. Supposed we've probably had more TV cash this season in Championship than would have had in L1 Q; How would this seasons side have fared in L1 this season?
  8. 'when the seagull follows the trawler...................... or in our MUST WIN games.............................. we put the meat on the barbecue...............
  9. He'll be fine when he gets here, but will get them once he joins us
  10. MUST be 'MUST WIN' time then............... surely ? Anyone asked Jamie or even Darren ?
  11. Has Jamie been asked if its a 'must' win game ? If he says not suppose we can all relax !
  12. Is FFFIIN too hat directed at Wildsmith ? Or is it a throw away expletive like I shout when I spill my beer ?! Oh you ffinnn too hat !!! Wildsmith should save tho still. Positioning wise I thought about Ladapo's winner for Rotherham where I thought he should also have done better Never been quite sure about Bannan as captain. On one hand it seems to make sense and understood Monk's thinking giving him it but there will always be is an air of 'why aren't you lot as good as me' about Bannan and being captain probably adds to it
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