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  1. Worksop Wednesday

    Adam Reach

    thought this for a while, good player now with potential to become a much better player at right club, right manager, but as we and/or Jos dont seem to know where best to use him we wouldn't miss him as much as others yet could get a decent fee for him he might become a Milner type who can fill in several places, be a good pro, but his versatility may ultimately do him more harm than good as there may be better options in any given position, although granted he'd be best LWB option at present
  2. that it is even in question suggests Westwood is going
  3. Worksop Wednesday

    BBC Video of the brawl

    Tackle from FF stupid but provoked He then ends up on floor from hands to his face from Mansfield player(s) - remember his red v preston through pearson? Lees definitely gets one in groin area from their number 8 But BBC caption says FA investigating incident which was started by FF Here we flippinggo !!!
  4. Worksop Wednesday

    #SWFC VIP breakfast underway

    that kid has sort of look that says' I'm not sure about you signing for me !'
  5. Worksop Wednesday

    #SWFC VIP breakfast underway

    season over !
  6. Worksop Wednesday

    #SWFC VIP breakfast underway

    Abdi loves days like this - makes more appearances at Owls in the Park than he does on the pitch !
  7. Worksop Wednesday

    One For The Ladies

    only one in a shirt? hiding the belly ?? sort of thing I do !!
  8. Worksop Wednesday

    How much are #SWFC players worth?

    3 mill fletcher 2 mill abdi 2.5 mill boyd a nice cool 7.5 mill ? that'll do nicely !!!
  9. Worksop Wednesday

    Let's celebrate with a coke...

    he was dreadful...........what did he contribute ...............apart from that goal at Brighton he was one of those 'like playing with 10 men' players other holders of that title include Jacques Maghoma and is currently held by, well ....................Jordan Rhodes ?
  10. Worksop Wednesday

    Liam Palmer

    not good enough but always strikes me he will probably be happy to stay his entire career in and around squad as op states no longer a kid and if he had more ability and self belief he ought to be pushing for more game time whether with us or elsewhere but just seems happy to plod along
  11. Worksop Wednesday

    Michael hefele

    If they stay up and invest they might release a few Doubt they would let him go but think Tommy Smith would be a good addition. Captain.
  12. Worksop Wednesday

    The White Stripes

    Ooohhhh F ..o ...r .... e.... s... t... i.. e r i ?
  13. Worksop Wednesday

    FF miss.

    I expected Reach to shoot, and think FF did too, so as it came to him had not got his body position right and was leaning away rather than getting 'over the ball' Had he been on top of his game, been on earlier and into the game more he might have been able to react quicker but at moment he's still rusty