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  1. good luck to him as think any loan and game time for an U23 player is a good move at present but I think its a strange one all considered. He got in and looked a player, even got a Colin Murray mention! Then Jos switched him about and form dipped. Granted he then got injured , but now he rejoins................Jos in German 2nd tier. Then there was his contract extension of 18 months which seemed short at time and many supported him getting a longer deal. Now he is on loan and will be out of that contract at end of season. Googled their average attendance and says 29,000 Not sure how this one ends ..................
  2. I we can maintain this start playing this system, come January depending on our goals for column, we could do with looking at situations with ; Gayle - Newcastle - if getting no game time has been loaned out to Championship before Andre Gray - Watford - if no game time - had been talk of a loan to WBA in last window Che Adams - Southampton - see if he makes step up to Prem or needs loaning back to Champ
  3. Thought he'd left? Suppose once a pig always ...............
  4. he will go unnoticed........................... as when he was here last
  5. thought this for a while and can anyone blame him if he thought ... it...................i'm off ! Italian Serie B side don't think he'd get a Serie A gig ?
  6. wasn't there but thought strange use of subs yesterday brought Iorfa back in from start but subbed at half time - did he have a knock, fitness issue, at fault for goal ? - but seemingly was in order to get Bannan on which did make sense as they were down to 10 but reach at left full /wing back - don't like that - so why then not take Palmer off rather than swap him to right back for Iorfa? Then Palmer is subbed anyway - saving a red maybe ? but so we end up with 2 full backs on bench Moses and albeit the much maligned Fox, and 2 midfielders Hutch and Reach playing at full back who might be considered all round better players but on paper it's round and square' uns................... again !
  7. Guess he probably wants to go Think back to the video footage with Chansisri All of his fellow countrymen have gone and Reading have a Portugese manager and are offering us cash we need Our sentiments for him increased after Saturdays goal but if we were still in May and Bruce was supporting the move we'd all back it . Innit ?
  8. Joao always strikes me a bit of a lonely boy and now all his mates have gone and Reading have a Portugese coach this move makes a lot more sense all round We get some cash and he's not as lonely !!!
  9. Jeffers? Deffo wanted rid of him but dont think we 'd chased him !
  10. Has there ever been another player that so many of fans wanted and then so many wanted rid of ???
  11. ...........however he'll have moved on from China and be at Norwich as Farke has been sacked as they are bottom of League with 'nil points' Bruce has always wanted his dream job at Norwich having played for them and starting with 'nil points' is the latest biggest challenge of his career (to date) and he had to take it!!! This will surely then set him up for the next biggest challenge of his career when....................
  12. In addition to the 6 the FA plan to give him for the Mansfield stuff
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