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  1. Worksop Wednesday

    Nigel Pearson

    if he was presented with the opportunity think he would find it hard to turn down
  2. Worksop Wednesday

    Bannan & Forestieri Overrated?

    they deserve better, like us, wouldn't blame them for wanting to move on, that's the advantage and option players have, us fans though...........
  3. Worksop Wednesday

    Moyes Please

    Iv'e always said Katrien found Jos and he would probably have been on the same Charlton list that had Peeters, Jose Riga etc
  4. Worksop Wednesday


    before game they did give us a reyt pasting, verbally, and although probably echoed a lot of fans thinking i cant remember ever hearing a team being talked about like they were, almost vitriolic at times in the way things were said can understand it from michael brown who dropped out he understood that westwood was 2 games away from another contract crock inchcliffe said we are deffo in rlegation battle and its only November - maybe we've upset him but we lined his pocket for a couple of years and he better than anybody ought to acknowledge injuries! Keith Andrew who I have thought before quite rational talked about some obscure stat about chances to shots ratio or summat that indicated when we were 6th it was a false position and indicator that we would drop down table
  5. Worksop Wednesday

    Already a txt from a blunt

    anorl pmsl !!!! ask him what one is ? excuse me Mr. Blunt, what is a norl? is it what they call them greasy chip butties? So is he saying he should have had a greasy chip butty in the first half? A red one must be with ketchup ?
  6. Worksop Wednesday

    Sky Build Up

    gave us reyt pasting, crock inchcliffe says relegation battle is on NOW - hope DC is watching ?
  7. Worksop Wednesday


    Seems to be a theme with London loans - they never work out John Bostock, Jay Bothroyd, Lewis Baker, Benik Afobe , Sanchez Watt, Onomah, any more ?
  8. Worksop Wednesday

    Chansiri's recruitment process?

    really ? why not?
  9. Worksop Wednesday

    Chansiri's recruitment process?

    Convinced Katrien recommended / suggested / recruited Jos and had probably looked at him while she was at Charlton as they went through several non-descript Belgian / Euro managers, Riga, Pieters, Luzon, Fraeye and then Riga again ! He's probably got her on the case and is looking through her old files now Riga's available too
  10. Worksop Wednesday


    any idea if DC is among the 32 likes ?!
  11. Worksop Wednesday

    Usain Bolt Could he do a Job

    DC; well I keep hearing you say we lack pace ??!!
  12. Worksop Wednesday

    Owlstalk members guide to football management

    1 and 2 do seem to be working for some other teams i can think of ................ pretty radical but.....................
  13. Worksop Wednesday

    Lees why...

    i said same, very overrated, he's been ok i but never got the hype about him, prem player etc and for me definitely never ever been captain material
  14. Worksop Wednesday

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    every time I turn this on, he's flippingon! he's on more than giddings and that toby foster put together !!!
  15. Worksop Wednesday

    Thread of the Decade - Vol II

    It's a historic Wednesday thing, all started years ago, CC thought he was continuing the tradition Jermaine Johnson Etienne Esias Simon Stainrod Oguichi Onyewu Gary Gardner Tommy Tynan Bob Bolder