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  1. Swansea or Notts County anyone?

    Quite a few on here seemed to be liking the idea of Carlos' return when draw was made??!! Then reality set in ...............
  2. Remember this guy?

    Is it Question 11?
  3. Remember this guy?

    what is it called when an 'injured' player doesn't make it onto the 'injured' player list?
  4. Booth to Tottenham

    Barnes was sent off playing for Brighton at Hillsbro Feb 2013 DJ got sent to stands same match
  5. just listened, a bit arduous at points but overall worth it, much of it appears what we know but talks in more technical terms , high wage bill, little resale value etc Interesting bits include our organic match day income higher than many prem clubs eg Stoke but then again, no surprise really ? Just makes me think back to how close we came last 2 play offs, then I particularly think about Carlos' tactics v Huddersfield And if that was the bell tolling the end of DC's '2 year project' WTF did he not act sooner ??
  6. Greatest last minute Wednesday goals

    Agree. Forever. Amen.
  7. Jos Luhukay

    reminds me of Midge Ure ! Oh Vienna (Goodnight)
  8. Jos Luhukay

    reminds me of Midge Ure ! Oh Vienna (Goodnight)
  9. Paul Hurst attracting interest from SWFC

    i was thinking of the Manager we had who said he was a builder - DJ ? Look how that turned out !
  10. Paul Hurst attracting interest from SWFC

    A builder ? Didn't we have one of those once before ?
  11. Squad analysis

    Do we think that Carols bloke in south wales will come back for anyone? I expect Bannan to be on his list and maybe another couple
  12. If what I've read is true........

    Bet he's told them 'I will be here and WE will be in the Premiership' and that he is true to his word, ABSOLUTELY SURE, as he had told the Wednesdayites something very similar like YOU will be here (16th in Championship) and I will be promoted (Premiership) !!
  13. Marcelo Bielsa should be our man.

    Has a Wednesday link as he was born in Rosario , Argentina. Also birthplace of Forestieri. One of our own? Also a certain player called Messi was also born there.
  14. Radio Sheffield FH 'special' phone in 12 to 1
  15. Floodlights!!

    crash and burn, quite apt really ?!