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  1. Did they and get him sent off? Was Dawson playing ?!
  2. 1.A.Nuhiu 2.A.Nuhiu 3.A.Nuhiu 4.A.Nuhiu 5.A.Nuhiu 6.A.Nuhiu 7.A.Nuhiu 8.A.Nuhiu 9.A.Nuhiu 10.A.Nuhiu 11.A.Nuhiu 12.A.Nuhiu
  3. maybe missing something but why would Everton fans contact him unless invited to do so in which case it would be presented as a 'leading question' ? do our fans contact the away club they've been to and comment about such matters?
  4. Wander if Monk could tempt Che Adams to come on loan if not getting game time /goals at Southampton ?
  5. agree with this many asking why he was on bench and Joey played last week but we don't know where KL is with his fitness thought 2nd half v Barnsley he was like he'd never been away but maybe he simply cant do 90 mins or even 60 without pain or further risk etc let him have this season, it 's more than some expected, and then we move on end of season departure along with some significant others
  6. Anyone considered that none of us know where KL is fitness wise? Maybe he cant do 90 mins or even 60 and 30 is his max at present? Thought he was immense 2nd half v Barnsley doing not only KL things but also some BB stuff, pirouettes and passing but maybe he cant recover from doing 90 Was it 6 months we contract we gave him ? Interesting to see what happens with him
  7. Or maybe he'll get his 'dream' move to Norwich after all ?!
  8. yep, its history now. watching us this season though I think to myself were not good enough, then I look at rest of league and league table and think, why not? And would we have been any better off under Bruce with these players? He knew the score money wise so just think he might have had something up his sleeve in terms of a significant loan or two . Interesting to see how Monk moves in terms of recruitment.
  9. Do you reckon he might also have a 'what if' (had stayed at Wednesday) feeling now or in future??!!! I've been wandering where we might have been had he stayed with same squad Monk now has. But I reckon he would also have got us a couple of Premiership loans that might have made the big difference and may well have seen us top?!
  10. seem big mates these two, compliment each other on and off pitch, seem to enjoy a laugh, good sign for the team spirit I reckon also with the likes of Hutch and Dave they did a thing when with Scotland playing FIFA or summat with Snotgrass and another player I cant remember who now
  11. always thought he could have that ONE big season in him and be for us what Glen Murray was for Brighton when they went up Hope it's this one, which coincidentally is his last year of contract (make of that what you will) but he's probably never been fitter
  12. well done for owning up still don't think you ever explained why you'd thought that though?
  13. agree mate it is. I just thought he looked off the pace, saying that they all did at times I just hoped he would and still will drive us forward, get us up pitch, but didn't think he did at all other night . Still think him and Lee could do this though more than Bannan and Hutch. Would be a big call to replace both though so the 'softer' approach would be Luongo in for Hutch to start with.
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