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  1. if BB is out I can see him squeezing NML in somehow either up front, or RWB dont agree but could see DM doing it we obviously lose attacking threat, creativity and dynamic in BB NML can provide an alternative dynamic that other BB potential replacements (FDB) do not , unless DM happy with draw
  2. storey, dean (if fit) , hutch harsh on palmer but........... bigger call is if BB is not fit, what happens ? wouldn't surprise me to see DM squeeze NML in somewhere
  3. yes poorly written , just needed to add a 2nd 'non' , ie non-Season Ticket and 'non' members Or just On Wednesday 4th -Anybody with xx TPP etc I had actually read it as Tuesday for members before ,omeone else pointed it out who had obviously been confused Probably in the rush to get the news out there was a lack of proof reading !
  4. but my point is what is difference between members (no mention of how many tpp) on tuesday, and members with 100/50/20 tpp on wednesday ? i can only think it is ALL members on Tuesday, and then they are going to 'manage' what is left on wednesday by applying tpp criteria before they go on general sale on thursday ? lets hope website holds up !
  5. has anyone answered this? does it make any sense ? am i missing something? members from tuesday but members with 100 tpp / 50 / 20 from wednesday ?
  6. 'Sweaty' Caroline'or even Sweet Caroline should surely be S A M........ H U T C H I N S O N Try it , it works !!! 13 letters each
  7. i mentioned him in the 'Players for next season' thread last Wednesday Said he'd have a blinder - think I called it right !
  8. Cole Stockton at Morecambe will get snapped up by somebody - why not us whether we go up or not If we do go up the Pompey keeper on loan from Man City who will probably have a blinder on Saturday City looking for Championship loan for him next season need 4 proper strikers who can push and compete for a starting spot, Gregory, Windass, need 2 more in ,not sure can depend on Bera One good thing DJ did say, if you got one who's 28, you need another at 22 and so on to 'build' !
  9. dunno without looking but will need a keeper as BPF will return to Burnley especially if they go down, and many would not have him back anyway, suppose there's Dawson but................ Need striker reinforcements regardless, Cole Stockton at Morecambe will get snapped up by somebody,
  10. even tougher next year, Derby, possibly Posh, will av a go, not so concerned about Barnsley coming down But Ipswich, Pompey, Bolton will be stronger plus the rest of the current challengers who don't make it , Wycombe may drop off, if Rotherham don't make it they may do too team will need some more surgery especially keeper position and strikers
  11. Has that been confirmed ? Ive not heard it anywhere but if he was rested I can understand the the thinking in NML adding the physical presence, same as FDB and Dunkley who's 'goal' may well have won the game Also would be unlikely to use Hunt from bench so may as well leave him out of the 18 wander if we might see similar on Tuesday with Johnson left out , Hunt back and NML to LWB as Johnson's attacking intent seems to have faded a bit ?
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