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  1. I will mate, keep looking, I'm on all week ! Other than that you could just ignore it ? Did you see Todwick Owl made same joke on same day in another thread ? Shame on us both x
  2. oh dear, maybe check other threads - there some kind of virus thing out there too !
  3. And.............another 6 game ban for Forestieri - whoever he's playing for ?!
  4. er.......yeah, fact, yeah, no ? true innit ?! so what has gone wrong ? culture didn't change over night, or over christmas , it was always there, even Monk says so! That culture remains, however how has Monk managed or mismanaged 'that culture' I really wanted it to work for him, backed him when others said his record was poor, but cant support him now, showing himself to have been naive Without even a No.2 / right hand man of his choice to back him up he is exposed even more Showing himself to be inflexible (except for team selections where he seems to be pulling names out of a hat) and smacking of desperation
  5. this culture thing tho, whilst not doubting there is something that needs addressing but was it also evident during first 23 games this season and got us to 3rd place? Monk's citing deep seated problems but he has to say something, rightly or wrongly, for me its simply a complete breakdown in relationship between manager and a significant number of players Its his doing, should have kept a lid on it till end of season, very naive of him, poor management
  6. this thread is PMSL brilliant please keep it going ......................... still waiting on them pics, don't believe 'Cakebird' is Pudil's missus ?!
  7. No mate, Neil Armstrong, Hitler, Elvis and Shergar never crossed my mind. Why would they and why would you assume I might think that just because refs me wee wee me off ? Fact is there are examples of c orruption in many sports. Stop trying to be a c lever ironic edit x
  8. you're right mate I ain't got all the evidence but you're getting a bit too deep, just sayin it wee wees me off to point that as a fan for 50 years I don't really give a fizz no more, and don't tell me you've never been pissed off by some of the decisions we've seen by refs at hillsbro?! maybe revisit the thread title and theme ? see ya x
  9. poo refs or has someone at Sky or EFL or whatever had a word with Refs association or whatever about how romantic it would be to see 'ol' North End in Prem Tell me its not bent im gonna see what odds they are for a pen in next match !
  10. Preston also got 2nd lowest yellow card total - despite having Ben Pearson !!! And no red cards Referees?
  11. lots of things make wander about the integrity of the game - and lets not even start talking about VAR Preston just gone 1-0 up at Charlton and now top the league With their 7th penalty of the season!!! 7, Yes 7 pens in 15 matches ! How does one team get so many decisions their way ?! Referees???
  12. what a fool, some one should press him on what he meant !! but yeah they all want flippingfor those last 7 minutes yesterday
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