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  1. Worksop Wednesday

    Michael hefele

    If they stay up and invest they might release a few Doubt they would let him go but think Tommy Smith would be a good addition. Captain.
  2. Worksop Wednesday

    The White Stripes

    Ooohhhh F ..o ...r .... e.... s... t... i.. e r i ?
  3. Worksop Wednesday

    FF miss.

    I expected Reach to shoot, and think FF did too, so as it came to him had not got his body position right and was leaning away rather than getting 'over the ball' Had he been on top of his game, been on earlier and into the game more he might have been able to react quicker but at moment he's still rusty
  4. Worksop Wednesday

    As supporters .....

    possibly flattering results but that is how it is games are won by taking chances and producing the 'moments of quality ' and we've done that recently rest of time and most of time its about grinding it out and battling the swashbuckling performance are the preserve of the very best in every League , Prem thats City, and sometimes Liverpool , Spurs but even Man Utd fans don't like way they play In Championship only Wolves and Fulham play with any........er style the rest simply grind it out until they take their chances or produce that quality moment that's just the way it is so let's hope it continues
  5. Jos just said 10 out for season when referring to Fox, Hutch and Hooper Already confirmed were Wallace, Fletcher, Lee, Clare Other 3 ? Westwood ??? Van Aken ? ?????
  6. Jos confirms Hooper too out for season
  7. Worksop Wednesday

    Gary Hooper to see London specialist

    cant see a specialist telling him to play on regardless so probably question of surgery now or later................ so really there's no question good, clever, player but not enough game time from him, seems to struggle with his weight which could be down to both body and mindset and that affects his fitness and in turn his willingness to put the effort in if he's here next season should accept we get prob 20 games out of him and use him 'tactically' but we need players who can be relied upon for 30 to 40 games
  8. Abdi don't even make the injury list
  9. Nowt knew there other than confirming what we all 'knew' about Lee
  10. Worksop Wednesday

    Mick McCarthy

    Katrien might be the problem. Look at the unknowm foreign Managers Charlton went through. Bet Jos had been on her list for some time. Look at top 6 tho, Warnock, Pulis, Bruce, Jokanovic, even Rowett, tells its own story really about what is needed
  11. Worksop Wednesday

    Mick McCarthy

    Don't miss this one DC !!
  12. Worksop Wednesday

    Tim Robinson

    Reffed Hull v Norwich other week and gave 4 pens Seems to like Hull
  13. Worksop Wednesday

    Tim Robinson

    FF versus Preston with Robinson as ref ?? Save him for Monday !!
  14. Not normally a fan pf players returning but Marshall wouldn't cost much if owt as wont be staying at Wolves and would be good upgrade / replacement for Wallace Knows the Championship, knows the place, knows Rhodes, can score a free kick, likes a shot, has even played at right back before
  15. Worksop Wednesday

    New Manager Now - For Next Season

    This. Exactly.