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  1. Worksop Wednesday

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    every time I turn this on, he's flippingon! he's on more than giddings and that toby foster put together !!!
  2. Worksop Wednesday

    Thread of the Decade - Vol II

    It's a historic Wednesday thing, all started years ago, CC thought he was continuing the tradition Jermaine Johnson Etienne Esias Simon Stainrod Oguichi Onyewu Gary Gardner Tommy Tynan Bob Bolder
  3. Worksop Wednesday


    been thinking this, he'd been protecting him and/or planning to be without him Is the racism allegation over or could there still be more to come ? In which case makes Jos' thinking, if that has been case, seem even more insightful
  4. Worksop Wednesday

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

  5. Worksop Wednesday

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

  6. Worksop Wednesday

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    Diogo Amado Matthew Tumulty Rafael Floro
  7. Worksop Wednesday

    Neils Totally Forgotten 11

    David Kasnik - sure he was MM relation and signed as part of some dodgy business deal!!
  8. Worksop Wednesday

    FF - potential ban

    ive thought same that he is either protecting him, or planning for being without him , or even delivering a punishment in itself
  9. Worksop Wednesday

    Song for Onomah

    He's magic............. you know.............. never get past............. O n o m a h ????????
  10. Worksop Wednesday

    Here's how Sheffield Wednesday line up today

    could Jos be either, protecting, or preparing to be without FF , the Mansfield business not cleared up yet?
  11. Worksop Wednesday

    Gary Hooper and Kieron Lee

    KL spoke very positively when asked at the owls in park, said he was fit and back playing seems one thing we can take from Jos is that players only play when ready, the longer goes it goes on tho expecting to see a statement from him and club I'm sure KL wants to play whereas sometimes strikes me that Hooper as good as he is don't really fancy it,seems to have struggled with his with weight which must make it harder to be fit. When its like that and you don't need the cash maybe hard to keep motivated.
  12. Worksop Wednesday

    The Six Match Ticket Bundle

    based on cat D being average ticket price abso...flippinglutely Neil !!! only cat A game all season will be UTD Cant really identify any Cat B or C at this time, and even if there is only adds couple of quid to overall saving no real incentive is it ???!!!
  13. Worksop Wednesday

    The Six Match Ticket Bundle

    yep even more so when i tell you ive just checked and the bundle is £185 not £ 180 so overall for 6 games at £31 i save ...............£1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no real incentive is it???!!!
  14. Worksop Wednesday

    The Six Match Ticket Bundle

    Paid £31 yesterday in north as a silver member and guess that will be an average price i will pay buying as and when i attend the 6 match bundle for me in north at £180 works out £30 per match so i save .....£1 per match ..........but have to lump £180 up front no real incentive is it ???
  15. Worksop Wednesday

    Nixon comments

    deserves to be at a club with chance of automatic promotion