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  1. Couldn’t agree more, people do have the freedom to criticise and express disappointment. It is the fact that people use it to make sure that they are tagged in the post, make it personal and remind them how they are not performing. Literally like someone shouting in your face at work saying how poor you are doing.
  2. No one can argue with what Odubajo has tweeted and he will be the first to be disappointed how he has performed last season. Twitter has now become a platform to judge and criticise, a real shame.
  3. Arsenal have done some redundancies today. Could argue, are they actually struggling but does show clubs are looking at what might be coming.
  4. Surely there must be something in Monk being consistently high in favourites list or are all SWFC fans playing the game?
  5. Totally agree with what you are saying. He could have also played remaining game and earned himself a better contract with another club.
  6. I think Fletcher’s time at Wednesday was a decent spell and was a reliable performer, scored important goals and lead the front line brilliantly.. when fit. I have always been a big fan of his, however, I was/am enraged that he (plus Fox) wouldn’t sign at least a short term deal to see the mini restart season out. Even at a reduced wage, would barely change his life, and yet, his contribution could have made such a difference to our results/outcome. I can’t forgive him for that. Disgrace.
  7. I think there were encouraging signs to give him an opportunity should it be available.
  8. Think many are relieved that we can now move on and knowing what hand we have to play with next season. Interesting to see details of the hearing released and to find out where the sale of the ground is included. Huge rebuilding summer has now become massive.
  9. Based on the current team - 8 Will review once our dealings are done.
  10. Any common sense, we would look to bringing in the stars of the lower leagues in. They’ll join, regardless of the situation, plus play with no fear.
  11. Thought you were implying some positive news on other thread?
  12. Could have been worse I suppose 😶 massive job, on and off field, to try and build a team ready for the battle and move forward. Next few weeks will be interesting, finer details released and what happens with appeals/challenges. Never boring. Enjoy the bumpy ride..
  13. I’m trying to make my mind up if it is better to carry the punishment of -12 into new season or get relegated now? Staying in championship gives us a chance but, my God, we need a team who give it their all and currently, we don’t!
  14. That is your opinion but I disagree.
  15. When a team is underperforming, many fans have a scapegoat and Nuhiu more often than not, was mentioned. Again, not saying he is the best footballer but he was selected as reason for why we were poor.
  16. Well he is hardly inconspicuous? Not saying Nuhiu is an amazing player however, his time at the club, players that have been and gone who were worse and yet attracted less negativity.
  17. Nuhiu has been an easy target for fans, when they should be looking at the overpaid “quality” players. Sad to see him go if he moves on.
  18. Like I said previous, if Monk stays, let him bring staff he wants in and the guys left behind at the club.
  19. Linked to Bristol City... When do we make decision on Monk?
  20. True or was it someone above him?
  21. Anyone to impress under Jos was always going to be an uphill task.
  22. All we have to do is look at Leeds getting Bielsa in. Very ambitious move which has now paid off.
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