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  1. Omega v Danielson was a cracker! The whole show was a good instalment.
  2. Agree, I don’t see the point in getting rid. Optimist in me believes it will soon click but currently, we are looking disjointed.
  3. Happy with that team. Palmer at RB too, big game for Wing to show his worth to the team. Liking the front 3.
  4. Thanks Snoots! A match with 2 teams finding their way this season. Both have goals in them as well, so could be an eventful match. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!
  5. Ipswich 2 - 6 Owls All clicks into place and Hutch provides 5 assists from midfield. Read it here first.
  6. Non-league is proper football and I love a random trip to local team and never not had a decent time. On the flip side, I can think of several times I have been to see Wednesday and not enjoyed it but that is due to the level of interest and investment. Unfortunately, non-league doesn't give me the hit that Sheff Wed (tries to) provides!
  7. Surely this can't be seen as long term solution? Hutch and Iorfa currently are our best CB pairing's, stick with it.
  8. Agree - I understand that in Spain and Italy, you have Barca and Juve B teams. However, there pyramid system is nowhere near as strong as the one in the English game. We need to protect the clubs now, more than ever, ideas like this from Pep doesn't help the cause.
  9. Self interest in improving the elite clubs, benefits no one except the big clubs. Even having U23's in the Pizza cup is bad enough, kills the integrity within the competition. I like Pep but it's a no from me. I can't imagine any fan of an EFL club thinking this is a good idea?!
  10. Great news but it will be at cost of football clubs struggling for better shirt sponsor income. However, it shouldn’t be promoted.
  11. Certainly deserves another opportunity.
  12. Might head to Meadow Lane and see how he does. Good move for him.
  13. The domino effect. Reading spending has been common knowledge though and accounts published is outrageous. Derby's troubles and the extent of their mess was a bit more private. What a mess.
  14. Loved Jackass growing up, was certainly of it's time and never seen before. Some of the films are easy watch and a bit of fun. Will check out the new one though it will be like the Dad's playing tricks now.
  15. It is incredible, even for an F1 fan as myself, still a real insight. Schumacher documentary has hit Netflix now which I need to watch, can't wait!
  16. The kids are blinded by the excitement of going to a football stadium and being with their parents. Regardless of the quality of entertainment served to them. Best to laugh it all off these days, no point losing your mind over. Circus is a good analogy!
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