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  1. You’re probably right, though I don’t think we can rely on him being a 1st team starter for next season given his track record of injuries.
  2. Be surprised if he stayed but could do a job in this division. However, would be as a back-up for me.
  3. Paul Cook had a good track record and one, at the time, worth consideration. The last 12/18 months however has seen a nosedive in his career. Has time to come back and build his reputation again but in hindsight, we dodged a bullet.
  4. This! Too many bigger clubs to deal with next season, time for Sunderland to get promoted. All the best in the final!
  5. Good player for us but did this the opposite type of player we need to add to the squad.
  6. I saw Madine at Blackpool this season, asked if he misses the Wednesday. His response "I miss the night out".
  7. Would stop him scoring against us, I'm sold.
  8. Blows my mind that people are defending a moron tweeting Bannan saying he is rubbish.
  9. Keep Bannan, remove the other old guard (Hutch, Luongo etc) and build younger squad round him.
  10. I am all for free speech used in the right way. Whoever this clown is decides to post a cheap dig at Bannan to get a reaction, when emotions are still high and unfortunately got a reply.
  11. I think we should be asking why a fan is attacking our captain when we have just lost a play-off semi final?
  12. I think it was Hutch and Luongo’s last game, I think Bannan will stay.
  13. The time has come, put the performance in and let’s go at them. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!! ️
  14. Well said indeed. Fans have the whole summer to come on and either praise or ridicule the team and the season. Till then, we have a huge game on Monday where every fan needs to put their opinions to one side and back the team 100%.
  15. Bring Hunt and Windass in, Berahino and Palmer to make way.
  16. Given how the game played out and the chances they had, 1-0 is a good result. If anything, they will be disappointed it’s not a bigger margin. 1-0 at a full house Hillsborough, it’s in our hands still. Believe and get behind the team.
  17. Straight to the point Lord! I had a dream we would win 1-3 tonight, so that is my sh*te prediction based on no substantial knowledge and actually complete utter nonsense. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!
  18. Mind games at his finest! Will be gobsmacked if he does not start tomorrow.
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