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  1. Second chance then for Marriott, at times for derby he looked like a great burst of energy and making things happen but rarely got a start. He looked rusty when he played but so did the whole team at the time. With the team playing with more confidence, hopefully we get something out of him.
  2. Another option in the wide area we badly needed. Can play upfront too. Good luck Green, welcome to the club!
  3. Sooner we get a Manager, we can stop suggesting anyone for the role.
  4. Worrying, worrying times. You would think current chairman would step in, Mel Morris, maybe he can’t?
  5. More clubs asking games to be postponed. Should be a football break as a whole. I hope everyone involved recovers.
  6. Something we lack, pace and creativity - hopefully a good addition.
  7. Derby (worse team in PL history) only win was against Newcastle. Pigs (attempting to beat record) only win... you get the gist.
  8. Be nice if our chairman could see this.. reads everything else apparently.
  9. Surely Owlstalk is doing well enough without the need for this clickbait?
  10. Keane and Chansiri - what could possibly go wrong?! Not for me.
  11. Goodison away would have been epic. Another year perhaps..
  12. They’ll not put a break on football unless they are forced. PL struggling to rearrange postponed matches already, particularly with Spurs schedule.
  13. Hopefully Coleman is a joke, a really bad one.
  14. Usually want a good tie but, without fans, 2 winnable draws would be more craved this time around?
  15. Another case of “could have made good return” who will quietly leave the exit door. If we are offering substantial reduced contracts, why are we bothering? The players know other clubs will offer what they want.
  16. It is actually really encouraging to see few youngsters coming in and showing their potential. Been quite some time since the club had that available. Let’s hope it develops into something substantial for the future.
  17. There are prospects like Shaw who looks ready, then there are some like Hunt who would benefit from loan experience.
  18. I’m sure he will want to stay, sort out the contract please!
  19. Absolutely love Kieran Lee, a class player and a joy to watch play for the club. I wish him all the luck in the world at Bolton and hopefully finds that rich form once more.
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