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Community Answers

  1. Id be worried if he went. He's singed some good players last summer and has given us an identity on how we play. It who replaces him that worries me with DC and possibly Piaxo sorting it out. Having said that I don't think he leaves us for QPR.
  2. The Championship is the league we have to go through to get to the Premiership!
  3. Its almost like DC hasn't learnt anything from his 7 years as owner!
  4. I think they'd be good players, just think we should go for younger players that we can develop. Either good enough to take us up to championship and develop enough to give us a strong core to the side that can be competitive in the championship.
  5. Dean yes, Madine no, Flint not sure he is mobile enough. Need younger players we can develop!
  6. I wouldn't keep him. Yes he can head the ball and yes he was playing well before his injury, but we weren't winning games then were we! If DM want to play out from the back then Dunkley doesn't fit, he awful at passing, and his positioning isn't great. For someone who has been here and had 10 good games in that time, not worth a new deal. Not bad at what he does, just not what we need.
  7. Think we need a couple of wing backs too, add some proper competition for places for Hunt and Johnson.
  8. Who's the young goalkeeper that has been training with England U18's then?
  9. Lets assume no loan players come back, though would take BPF and Storey in an instant. Of the out of contract player i'd keep, Hunt, Luongo, Hutchinson, Berahino and maybe NML. Let SOW, Paterson, Dunkley and Wildsmith go. New GK, 2 new centre backs, 2 new wing backs, a holding midfield player, a new striker So we'd have New GK, Dawson, Render Plamer, Iorfa, Hutchinson, Brennan plus 2 new CB's New RWB, Hunt New LWB, Johnson Bannan Luongo, Byers, FDB, Adenarin, New CM Gregory, Widnass, Berahino, New Striker Maybe NML though not sure where he fits, he's not a wing back. I'd also focus on trying to sign younger players too.
  10. Yes, let's get rid of our best player, one of the best players in the league and a player evey manager in this league and a lot of managers in the league above would have in their side.
  11. I'd say he's the first manager in a long time thats got us playing with a particlar style and given us an identity!
  12. Yeah score lots of goals. Just got done by a manager who got his tactics and game plan spot on!
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