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  1. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Fox Lee Luongo Bannan Harris Fletcher Foriesteri
  2. Carlton Palmer's first of his hat trick against QPR in 1991!
  3. Watched their second goal, it was Fox's man that he lost!
  4. I thought he was poor, never seemed to win a header!
  5. What we miss is composure on the ball with accuracy and speed in our passing!
  6. Right Winger, Striker (need to get Rhodes out) and possibly a left back!
  7. If he was good enough for England he wouldn't be playing for us!
  8. Didn't fill me with confidence last season, even when he played under Bruce. Been fantastic when he's coming in this season. Sell him for £15m at end of season :)
  9. People wont care how we play when we are 3rd in league. However if we become a defensive first team and we are 13th people will get fed up of it and the manager pretty quickly.
  10. I thought some players made some brainless decisions with ball, Hutch, Bannan and Reach poor with the ball in the second half!
  11. Hope Foriesteri starts instead of Reach.
  12. Second half Reach was useless, it was just a token effort, running but getting nowhere near his man, jumping 3 yards away from the ball, giving the ball away!
  13. Reach wasntmmuch better second half! Two wingers that do nothing!
  14. Murphy is absolutely useless! And Reach is not much better!
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