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  1. jonnyowl

    This side after international break

    This is exactly what I would play!
  2. Which I partly agree with, but do we have time (3 transfer windows) and the money to allow him to build his team? What I would say is, Jos has completely failed to get the players we have to play in a certain way, or even look like he is trying to get them to play a certain way. A good manager would look at the players available and develop a style and tactics to suit the players available. Fail to see what tactics or style Jos is trying to get the players to do!
  3. I like the idea of the NFL model (At least this is partly what I think they do). All revenues generated by all clubs are put into one pot and divided equally. Would this make football better?
  4. I agree with what the op says, but Jos has had nearly 40 games in charge. And I still fail to see how we have made even small improvements in the way we play. Actually I couldn't tell you the way we play. I would ask Jos supporters to answer me these three questions. What does Jos try and get his teams to do on the pitch? Is this going to make us successful on the pitch? What evidence have you seen in games to suggest he is implementing his style, not saying we should be the finished article yet, but have we made strides in playing the way Jos wants us to? Sadly I can't answer the first two because I dont know, and has to be I've not seen anything for the third question!
  5. jonnyowl

    It’s all rubbish

    The fact that Jos believe this, means he's clueless! Westwood is better than Dawson. I still think Jones has something to offer seeing games out late on. 60mins from Hutchinson on Friday night would have made all the difference!
  6. Still can't believe there are fans that don't want him sacked. How crap / embarrassing does it have to get before you want him gone.
  7. jonnyowl

    To the Jos out brigade

    Jos has to go and here's why. It's not the performance tonight that is the problem, it's that we had to put a performance like that in the first place. Absolutely no intent on trying to win the game! What is our style of football? What is Jos actually trying to get us to do on the pitch? Have we seen a style of play being implemented and getting better at it over time? I can't answer any of those questions!
  8. Jos has no intention of changing this or going for it!
  9. All Penney has done is give ball away, needs to come off!
  10. I've never seen this in a sheffield derby before! Disgraceful how we have approached this game!
  11. Our ability to control the ball pass and move is none existent. Would love to know what training, because they don't do defensive work!
  12. I might be a bit deluded, but I think this league is average! If we had a manager that got the best out of the player then tell me.why we couldn't make the playoffs! No chance with this manager!
  13. Yeah I would, just wish we had a team that went for it more. We have the players not the manager!