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  1. I wouldn't call losing in the playoffs success.
  2. Just a rumour...

    What time are we predicting the statement confirming he's gone going to be released? I'll go for, next May when we don't make the playoffs!
  3. Just a rumour...

    Still people on Twitter defending him! Why can't they see the crap we have to watch each week! One of them points out that there are 102 points to play for! All sorts of blind clapping going on
  4. Just a rumour...

    I'm all for wanting him gone, just hope the next appointment is not dull as dishwasher!
  5. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Great job at Everton? Martinez with his first season in charge got more points in a single season than Moyes ever did. Moyes took a side that finished something like 11 points clear at the top to 7th! (Who tells Rio Ferdinand how to defend by showing him videos of Jagielka?) Sunderland - fair enough but they were still probably one of the worst teams in premier league history!
  6. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    I said Giggs in another thread but Bergkamp or Viera would be a good shout. If we get Viera would could get some good city yougnsters!
  7. Said it before and i'll say it again. Giggs! Would play attacking football and go for it in games, something I think our squad is suited to. Would bring a good mentality and get that into the squad. Learnt under the best ever manager. Lots of experience at the highest level. Players would instantly respect him. Players would join us to play under him. Would be a massive PR plus to get him as his first managerial job. Granted no Championship experience but I'd much rather give Giggs ago then Karanka, Moyes and Lambert!
  8. Lambert, Karanka and Moyes

    Wouldn't have any of them. Karanka is more defensive minded than Carlos Lambert has failed at every club he's been since Norwich. Moyes if a fraud. He did alright with Everton but has been useless at every other club he's been at. We need some one who is going to bring the excitement back on the pitch!
  9. Just got nagging feelings about Pardew and Big Sam. Not sure Big Sam would come. Not sure who else is avaliable. Might be an appointment who we haven't heard of again!
  10. Fans falling out today

    Not Keane, deffo not Keane! Don't think players like him that much!
  11. Club 1867- an alternative.

    People wouldn't pay £500 for one at the minute with the crap being produced on the pitch!
  12. Fans falling out today

    I'll get shot down for this but I think Giggs would be a good shout!
  13. Referees are killing us.

    We shouldn't need a last minute penalty to rescue a point away at Bolton!

    Please Mr Chansiri, Put us all out of our misery! Regards Every Wednesday fan!

    Wonder if all happy clappers who were on after Leeds game will be on tonight!