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  1. jonnyowl


    He's wasted playing centrally. Doesn't get on the ball enough and create anything. Can't play him deeper as he doesn't tackle. If he doesn't score he rarely contributes. Needs to be played out wide and put Foriesteri in there.
  2. jonnyowl

    Nothing short of pants

    Don't see why we are playing Reach centrally. If he doesn't score he doesn't contribute in that position. Should go 4-4-2 with Winnall up front or move Bannan further up the pitch and put Reach on wing. Foriesteri will make a big difference. Would like to see a 4-3-3 with Foriesteri and Matias either side of Winnall
  3. jonnyowl


    Can't see someone paying money for him, he's not setting the world alight at Norwich. He'll either stay or go out on loan again to get his reported £40k a week wage of the bill.
  4. I'd sell him but only for the right price. Nothing less than £12m for me. He has his moments, but unless he scores, he's currently offering very little playing centrally. He's a good player on his day, but it as good as what some think. He is replaceable. Think we should sell him and get in two midfielders if we get some of the money to spend. Having said all this I still expect him to be a Wednesday player in February.
  5. We never get a big team at home. Be a nice away day....for Luton!
  6. jonnyowl


    I've got a season ticket on kop but sat in North stand much closer to pitch than normal and couldn't believe how bare it looks in places.
  7. jonnyowl

    Lookman deal done....wow

    Surely a loan?
  8. Which is he contributes very little played centrally!
  9. jonnyowl

    Police presence today

    What's it going to be like when we are in premier league? Imagine if both sheffield clubs made it to the top flight!
  10. jonnyowl

    Full Backs

    He's the only one that looked to get forward and put crosses in. He was more effective as an attacking threat than most players today. That's probably the problem with today's performance.
  11. jonnyowl

    Full Backs

    Fox was best player on pitch. Their left back did look good but was all right footed!
  12. Reach 7? You part of his fan club? 4 at most, awful!!
  13. jonnyowl


    It's the three behind Fletcher, created nothing second half all were poor today!
  14. jonnyowl

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

    Strong line up, bit surprised but let's keep up the momentum.
  15. jonnyowl

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

    Didn't realise how well they are doing. Think there will be a few changes. Dawson Baker Lees Thorniley Penny Matias Bannan Pelupessy Boyd Nuhiu Winall 3-1 Winall hatrirck!