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  1. Clubs aren't going to buy players with poor injury records, that are on high wages! A player is only worth what a club is going to pay for them!
  2. Well done Jos Luhukay

    Well if we have a good end of season, the maybe he might convince some fans he's the right man for the job!
  3. Well done Jos Luhukay

    Well done Jos! 2 wins in 12!
  4. Next season

    A new RWB and new LWB and probably a midfielder. Its alright suggesting names but lets face it anyone we do know that in the championship and any good will cost money we probably don't have. So expect some unknown from abroad or some 30 year from premiership!
  5. Almen Abdi returns to training

    Something in his eye? What shampoo? Wipe them with the towel and get on with it!
  6. I don't think any of Hutch, Bannan or Van Aken will start but if they did this is what I would play. Wildsmith Venacio Lees Van Aken Hunt Reach Boyd Hutchinson Bannan Joao Rhodes A couple more back and we are starting to look like a good team on paper!
  7. Need an update on Kieran Lee, not going to see him again this season but it would be nice to know what is happening!
  8. What makes you think he deserves £10,000 a week?
  9. ‘On paper’ championship table

    If we are talking about squads i'd put us in same place as derby, if not a bit higher. No one has the calibre of strikers as we do. First 11, I still believe our first 11 is amongst the best in the division. Westwood Veancio Lees Van Aken Hunt Reach Lee Hutchinson Bannan Hooper Foreisteri That team on form and staying fit gets us top 2! Subs Wildsmith Thorniley Clare Boyd Fletcher Joao Matias Others Rhodes Winnall New RWB New LWB Dawson Pudil Pelupessy New CM Stobbs Get rid Wallace Jones Fox Loovens Butterfiled Nuhiu Abdi
  10. Really don't get all the sound bites from the players at the minute. 'I will continue to work hard' nothing statement really, its the minimum the fans expect!
  11. We finished 6th with a very good team. If you look at all the players brought in since Wembley I would ask two questions; 1 Who played a significant part in getting us to finish 4th? I would say Reach played a lot of games but was poor last season, Fletcher scored some goals towards the end, but who else? 2 out of how many? 2 Which players that have been signed have been a regular when everyone is fit? Reach and possibly Fletcher! What's the point of singing players if there not going to play? Off the top of my head; Fox - not good enough been poor this season Winnall - Sent out on loan Jones - Did a job last season but not this Joao - Only 2 1/2 seasons later is he producing Matias - Had 3 good games this season and now injured Abdi - Is he even alive? Van Aken - Jury still out and still out injured, got potential though Rhodes - Whats point in spending all that money and then not playing to his strengths. Butterfield - Joke Buckley, Macmanan - hardly seen Urby - most pointless signing ever. How much would have Wolves paid for Calverio and Diego Jota. Those two plus playoff final team would have got us up!
  12. Jacob Butterfield and all the ones who play for pigs!
  13. My cousin played for Billy Davis and said it didn't matter how poorly you played he'd always look for a positive from every player and made them feel like a world beater. Confidence is massive on a football pitch. I think its more to do with the message from the manager, the atmosphere in the dressing room, confidence and whats between the ears than it is what you can do with the ball at your feet. I still think with everyone fit, playing their best and with the right manager telling our players to go out their and play attacking football, we'd still have a very good chance of promotion next season. It's just if everyone stays fit and whether Jos is going to play attacking football!
  14. He's been poor last two games, but has been the best player since Carlos left. Can anyone else think of a better contender for player of the season. He's been the only one that has been in the side all season.
  15. 8 wins

    The chairman has made two massive mistakes this season. 1 - Not sacking Carlos sooner, he should have gone after the home match against the pigs ( Or even after play off defeat). 2 - Appoint Jos. We needed someone who can get the best out of the players and for me our players play best when playing attacking football. This guy is boring.