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  1. 3rd only pigs and Norwich have got more points than us since Jos went!
  2. Rumour I heard is that he has a poor attitude and the players don't want him playing!
  3. I think we should sign him as a backup. We might need better to survive in the premiership next season!
  4. It's difficult, but don't think the teams are as good as what Newcastle and Brighton were. The quality has declined! Lots of decent teams without anyone been excellent! The team we had that made the playoff final would win the league this year!
  5. I think that's our best side that's currently available. Would like to see Arrons on right and Reach on left. 3-0 Fletcher Winnall and Reach!
  6. Winnall in for Nuhiu That's the only change i'd make.
  7. Hope Winnall gets a start on Saturday and gets a goal, that's all he needs a run of games and a few goals.
  8. Id like to see Bannan in number 10 role behind the striker and given a free role. Hutch can come deep and get the ball its just who you play alongside Hutch in midfield. If only we had a fit Kieran Lee!
  9. already at work! Reckon i can do it in 45 mins. Took me 30 mins last Tuesday to get to Meadowhall
  10. Bloody parents evening till 6.30, got to get up from junction 28. Anyway, lets put these scruffs in their place! 3-1 Foriesteri, Fletcher and Reach.
  11. He gets a free swing at next season for me. Will be disappointing if we don't make playoffs at least next season, always am every season now, but i won't be on Bruce's case if we are just hovering around mid table next season. He'll need at least 18 months and three transfer windows to build a squad. We need to come through FFP and then give Bruce time.
  12. Voted for Palmer come on leaps and bounds under Bruce. His best ever performance in a Wednesday shirt against Brentford. He looked even better at left back.
  13. Palmer for me. Iorfa at right back. Palmer played really well at left back and i like the look of Iorfa.
  14. Reach needs to be on left, doesn't look comfortable on the right and goes missing when playing centrally.
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