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  1. Joe Wildsmith, Liam Palmer..

    Very early on in the game Wolves were attacking and we had our 2 banks of 4, looked pretty organised, until I realised that Reach and Wallace were in the central midfield roles and Butterfield and Jones were on the outside of them. Surley that comes down the training pitch and poor organisation!
  2. Stick With Carlos

    The only reason to stick with Carlos is if their is no ambition! If your happy to have Carlos then your happy to see the club fail!
  3. Doesn't make up for the shower that has been the previous 20 matches. Yes we were marginally better today, but still not good enough! Tonight makes no difference he has to go!
  4. I want Carlos gone as much as the next person! But I'll always want us to win! Plus I don't think he will go regardless of the result!
  5. He's not exactly going to come out and say he will be sacked will he?
  6. Carlos Inners!

    Nah! But getting giddy about Star Wars!
  7. What convinces you Carlos is still then man? Hopefully some of you will see the light instead of having your head in the sand! Maybe you don't want the club in the Premiership and are happy to be a mid table side playing dull, negative football! Come on own up, who are you!
  8. Carlos Outers...

    What an absolute (Insert any expletive here) the OP is! I'm a Carlos outer, I'm also a season ticket holder for 13 seasons! I go to all home matches and support the team for the 90 minutes their on the pitch! I would love nothing more to beat Wolves, go on an amazing run reach the play offs and go up. But I am a realist, whilst ever Carlos is in charge he will keep us in mid table playing dull, negative football! Just because I want Carlos out, doesn't mean I don't support the team!
  9. I'm absolutely stunned that you think he can turn it around!
  10. For What games have you seen us play well in? We played better football when Irvine was in charge! You need to get your head out of the sand and have a dose of realism!
  11. Difficult to do sarcasm on an internet forum! I just think with Carlos' job apparently being on the line i think we will win and he gets a stay of execution! Would it really surprise you after the crap we have played we pull this one out if the bag? It's the Wednesday way! Realistically your right if we play how we have been they'll murder us!
  12. Paul Hurst

    Didn't realise he was a Wednesday fan. I'd take him! Rather him than someone like Lambert or Karanka!
  13. And what have you seen this season to suggest that we are going to do that? Blind Optimism? We need 18 wins from 26 for 78 points!
  14. One defeat in eight is very good especially in this league. The problem is despite one defeat in eight we are further away from the playoffs now than we were before the eight games. Six wins in twenty is the only stat that we should be concerned about!