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  1. Dont blame Premier league players being reluctant to take a wage cut, why should they will only go into pockets of billionaires. Should just donate % to charity instead, people wouldn't criticise them then! Plus clubs with billionaire owners taking wee wee asking the tax payer to pay the wages of none playing staff!
  2. The North North East Stand! I like it!
  3. Jos consistently played Pelupessy and Bannan in a 2 and Dawson in goal. We played crap football, conceded goals for fun and lost a lot of matches. Doesn't take a genius to work out the problem.
  4. Highlights of this classic FA cup quarter final are on the BBC Sunday at 4.40 pm Few other matches too!
  5. A successful season is promotion. Otherwise its progress. Making the playoffs would be progress especially in the current league.
  6. Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Hunt Luongo Bannan Murphy Fletcher Foriesteri Got to play 3 in middle, we always get out played when we play 4-4-2. Can let play Pelupessy or Dawson, both too much of a liability. If we play 4-4-2 with Pelupessy and Dawson, we will get battered again!
  7. If/when all games are played behind closed doors and they are all to be streamed. Who would actually watch us, given the way we are playing?
  8. Partly disagree with this, I dont think the Chairman has bad intentions, like Blackpool, just think he's clueless and buried his head in the sand!
  9. It doesnt seem like the chairman is learning from his mistakes! Complains about sale of 10 year tickets, whose going to pay out thousands whilst the club could face a points deduction, and the absolute crap produced on the pitch with the possibility of league one football next season, he just doesn't see it does he? He says he wants to throw money at it, fine but that only works of you get the recruitment right, something we haven't done for a long time. Would love to know what questions were asked, why is Monk still here, why cant he bring his own staff in, what is paxio role? What does he think of current performances, where is Westwood and Hutchinson? Why have we thrown money at players that have been complete failure?
  10. I hope your right, but with our luck at the minute I just cant see it happening!
  11. Arsenal players and officials that were around him have been told to self isolate for 14 days you would have thought the forest players will have to do the same.
  12. Man City Arsenal game off after he was at the Arsenal Olympiakos match. Be amazed if our match goes ahead.
  13. Well, put under so much pressure that he wants to sell and wants out!
  14. I honestly think we've had it, either this season or next, 21 points deduction is relegation! And it's all down to one person Chansiri! If we have to suffer league one football because of his failures, then he should be driven out of the club! A points deduction for breaking the rules is shameful, we will be tainted and labelled as cheats and it's not what our club should be! Chansiri should be driven out by the fans!
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