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  1. The fact that they think Potter is a better manager than Hughton is stupid, Btighton to go down next season!
  2. £14million? Considering his age and injury record, we'd be mad to not take that!
  3. People saying we should sell players like Fox and Pelupessy, but does anyone expect a team to actually come in for a bid for them? The only player I'd sell that a club might actualy want to buy would be Joao as I don't think we need him and I don't think he's good enough. I'd also consider selling Reach but only for silly money, £12m+.
  4. Poor player, not inconsistent. Apart from Rotherham at home can't remember him playing well.
  5. It won't be easy, but for me the quality if the championship has been declining for a couple of seasons now!
  6. Sad to see Hooper go but we can't have 7 strikers next season. I don't think he's been great since he's been back in the side. Hopefully Westwood and Palmer sign. Think Kieran Lee will sign pretty quick.
  7. CB Right winger LB CM Winger Assuming Westwood, Hooper, Lee and Palmer all stay. Hopefully the CB willbe Hector.
  8. I'm all for him staying, but if Bruce wants to stick to 4-4-2, with Hutchinson breaking down again are we.going back to Bannan and Lee in the middle. Would like to see 4-3-3 with all three of them in the middle, but then who do you play upfront? Flecther or Hooper (assuming he stays) ? Who plays left? FF or Reach? If you play one down the middle like Fletcher or Hooper, what do you do with Winnall, Nuhiu, Joao and Rhodes? Alot for Bruce to figure out!
  9. I thought he had a tough time of it against their winger!
  10. Would have liked Hooper to start instead of Joao! Glad Kieran Lee starts, should win today don't think QPR are all that!
  11. I hope we do finish 9th. I think it would say alot about the progress we have made in such a short time and something the coaching team and players could be proud of considering where we were when Jos left.
  12. A good job we're not playing Norwich, Id hate to beat them and hand the league to them lot!
  13. No one will come in for a 32 year old on £40k a week. And if they did, they wouldn't pay him as much so why would he leave. Clearly first choice striker at the moment.
  14. Wonder what statement they will put out in a year's time when we've passed them on the way up. Going to get promoted on same day they go down next season!
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