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  1. Sterling has been shocking, loses ball, no end product.
  2. Shocking lineup, shocking bench selections. Southgate will hold England back.
  3. Be shocked if this is a Darren Moore signning.
  4. Its sorted now, completed the survey! I think protests are needed. I also think we demand a CEO and DOF and Piaxo no longer involved if he isn't going to sell. I also think that Chansiri needs to be told to his face that the vast majority of fans think he is a poor owner.
  5. Not got the email from them. Not sure why.
  6. I've said in many a discussions that its no coincidence that they have gone right down hill since Andy Rhodes left, Weaver needs replacing and a new Goalkeeping coach needs coming in.
  7. Finish 2nd in group and we would get France Portugal or Germany in quarter finals. Personally I'd rather win the group and play the last 16 round at Wembley against one of those three rather than in St Petersberg in the quarter final.
  8. Its not administration, all football creaditors have to be paid in full, even if we go into administration. As for all other creditors, its all to Chansiri, what's he going to do pay himself 20p in the £1?
  9. Chansiri doesnt think there important and knows nothing about finance
  10. I looked at this the other day, according to transfermarket website, Brentford have made about £85m profit in players sales since Chansiri bought us, thats about how much their stadium cost i think. Don't worry though, Chansiri knows best, Brentford are a selling club that has no ambition! FFS!
  11. Need to sign two midfielders then. Can't rely on Luongo being fit, Hunt unproven, Bannan might not be here, god good hopes for Dele-Bishiru
  12. Get rid if we can bring in a replacement otherwise try and keep. Iorfa, Dunkley, Brennan plus another. Having said that if Iorfa goes we suddenly look weak at center back. Dunkley is poor, but might be alright in league one alongside Iorfa.
  13. Whatever someone is wanting to pay for it. Somebody might want to Pay £0 and argue it takes £20m a season to run the club and then have to pay another £60m to buy the ground. Is someone though going to pay £30m for the club when its going to have to funded by an owner with no major revenue streams and have to buy the ground back?
  14. The Squad is Pickford Henderson Johnstone TAA Chilwell Coady James Maguire Mings Shaw Stones Trippeir Walker Bellingham Henderson Mount Philips Rice Calvert Lewin Foden Grealish Kane Rashford Saka Sancho Sterling Screams 3-4-3 to me.
  15. Its why it needs to grow its membership significantly, he'd care if there were thousands of fans as members.
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