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  1. We'll be in a relegation fight next season in League One. Staying up should be our priority.
  2. Poor player, cant do the basics right. Poor control, poor passing, poor at bringing others into play.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me if we lost every single game left this season and DC sacked Moore.
  4. True. But maybe 5 or 6 evey match are pants, the 5 or 6 who aren't think, why am I playing with such pants players. Maybe the good players see no point because they realise the side isn't good enough.
  5. Shaw has had 2 red cards, can't think who it was against.
  6. 7 reds cards this season most in division. We aren't even a dirty side. Its because our players are thick!
  7. 4 games played 11 goals conceded. Everytime either Wildsmith or Dawson are in goal we concede goals for fun.
  8. I hope we go down by more than 6 points, then he can't blame anyone else!
  9. You've got 5 players who aren't good enough. One player off to Celtic. And Rhodes who unless we crate chances for won't score so doesn't contribute!
  10. I think this is the worse game of the season, we may have played worse in some games but this certainly feels the most depressing!
  11. I really hope your right and none of them stay. But you know DC and Piaxo will bring in worse players than these!
  12. Inevitable! Reading are so much better. Even had Borner not been sent off it wouldn't have made a difference.
  13. So much wrong with this. Playing deep but we can't pass the ball out. Paterson can't hold the play up because his control and passing is shocking. There heads are down all the time, they don't look like they want to be out there! But they don't even make simple decisions, like simple easy balls, too many of our players always make the wrong decision. Harris is prime example, always holds on to the ball far too long!
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