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  1. Probably did the obvious and the keeper read it and made a good save.
  2. Yeah tactics are spot on, was always the tactical plan to concede three goals!
  3. Another three goals conceded! Our defence are crap!
  4. just getting the preston v hull game
  5. 4-5-1 with FF up front wont work without runners in behind. Murphy and Harris have to come off their wings and run in behind into central positions.
  6. It's a simple fix but he wont do it. Play 3 in the middle with Hutchinson holding. Bannan to play further forward. Plus another, either Lee, Hunt or Luongo when fit.
  7. I'd always go Bannan Hutchinson Luongo. But seeing as though Hutchinson has been banished and Luongo can never stay fit. Today I'd go Bannan Lee Hunt. Anyone but Pelupessy.
  8. This is the problem I have with Monk. I can forgive poor results if he's trying to implement a particular way of playing but he's not. There doesn't seem to be any sort of plan or tactical approach.
  9. Think it needs to be more 4-3-3 as with a 2 we always get outplayed and too easy to play through. Murphy and Foriesteri either side of Wickham
  10. Why? What's he doing with them Monday to Friday? How's he setting up the team? Is he motivating them? Why has he banished our best midfielder. I dont feel sorry for him!
  11. It's not the likely result that depresses me, it's the expectation that Birmingham are going to dominate the game. Can we string 5 passes together? Can we create some chances? Can we avoid a defensive horror show?
  12. The comment about Westwood and Hutchinson being injured a few times that's why there not available. Does that mean Luongo is not longer considered for selection? Hes probably missed more games due to injury than Hutcinson this season.
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