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  1. jonnyowl

    Jos trimming the squad

    Need a rwb, lwb and a cb In addition to that squad. Get some youngsters out on loan or get rid of Palmer if we get a new rwb, Fox and Abdi!
  2. Palmer not good enough, Baker untested! If all we were interested in was being a mid table aide then give Baker a run in side however I'm hoping we have higher ambitions than that!
  3. Very poor decision! It's very unlikely we'll get someone better in! Actually are we getting anyone in?
  4. jonnyowl

    £99 or £59 for the new shirt

    It's gone up £10 on last year's shirt! £60 is getting ridiculous!
  5. My first thought was make a load of changes and finish second. Now I would make a few changes, Jones, Rose, Dier and Rashford in for Young, Walker, Henderson and Sterling and try and win the match, might be more difficult route through but winning builds momentum and confidence and if we can beat Belgium I think it would be better to do that and face a more difficult team than a supposedly easier one. Having said that, Brazil and Germany haven't exactly impressed me.
  6. jonnyowl

    Back to training early

    If they stay fit all season we'll be in for a very good one.
  7. I'm looking down the fixtures seeing no reason why we can't win 46 games. No one at this point stands out. Realistically though, we need to start the season like we ended the last, then momentum could take us to top 2.
  8. Rose and Rashford in for Young and Sterling. Loftus-Cheek for Alli if he's not 100% fit.
  9. Start of 6 weeks holidays only 20min drive for me! Might take the opportunity to watch all the new signings in action and welcome back stars like Westwood, Lee and Hooper!
  10. jonnyowl

    Rhodes to Rangers

    If they pay all his wages which I can't see them doing.
  11. jonnyowl

    Starting XI

    Westwood Hutchinson Lees Van Aken Hunt Reach / New Bannan Lee Hooper Foriesteri Joao Bench Dawson Venancio Pelupessy Matias Nuhiu Rhodes New RWB
  12. Surley we should be making signings to make us finish top 6 rather than signing players and hope they improve us!
  13. Minimum. Surely we have to consider every season now considering the investment in the playing squad as a failure if we don't go up. Top 6 would be progress, promotion would be success!
  14. Mansfield away and we lost 4-0
  15. What I don't like about FFP is why can't owners spend their own money? If Chansiri spent £50m this summer and paid eveyone in full, what's the issue? If we didn't owe anyone any money have we broke financial rules?