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Community Answers

  1. I'd like to see him at left back with Shopido in front. Palmer was shocking last week
  2. Wonder who is going to play on the right? We have so many players so why not play a right winger on the right? Round pegs for round holes
  3. Impending 9 point deduction for the accounts, will struggle to stay up so put club into administration and clear the debts take the 12 point deduction for that and make the club easier to sell. -21 point deduction incoming.
  4. Got no problem playing out from the back, but yesterday it was far to slow, Iorfa and Hutchinson were far too deep. BPF plus the defenders need to move the ball quicker, plus Iorfa and Hutch need to bring the ball into midfield when opportunity arises!
  5. All this passing and we don't seem to go anywhere with it!
  6. Were supposed to have a strong squad with creative players but they've created nothing, were supposed to have all these wingers, yet no width, supposed to have a strong defence yet two sloppy goals today. This has been coming though, ots not like we've created loads of chances in matches! We try playing out from back and never make it past half way line, we hit it long and dont hold the ball up!
  7. Let's get a win today against a team that I think will be competing for play offs! Need to keep pace at the top!
  8. Unpopular opinion here. Gareth Southgate isn't tactically good enough to be considered a world class manager and that will stop England winning a tournament. No subs tonight when needed, couldn't change the game against Italy or Croatia to make them go in our favour.
  9. Last two years its been score around 80 and concede no more than 40. Think we'll easily concede less than 40, its of we score the 80.
  10. I'd have sold for the right price. Not sure where he fits into the team. Don't think he's good enough for the way Moore wants to play.
  11. Almost spot on, just the keeper is different.
  12. Doesn't matter how good he is, if he's not on the pitch and in the treatment room constantly then he's no good to us!
  13. Couldn't believe how comfortable that was for England 4-0 and should have been more. 11 changes for Andorra match Pope James Coady Mings Trippier TAA Henderson Bellingham Lingard Bamford Saka
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