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  1. A striker Left wing back (Who can play left back) Another Kachunga type (Who can play wide and through the middle) A defensive midfielder
  2. Gone from 0% confidence to about 15%. Could all change depending on performance and result against Watford!
  3. Guess what? It's not working! Surprise, Surprise!
  4. 11 changes! Don't disagree. All worth it of we beat Watford!
  5. What happend at Xmas? Well over 2019 years ago the baby jesus was born to his mother Mary who cheated on her husband Joseph with God, but Joseph being a wet wipe stayed with her anyway! Then three wise men call Clarkson, Hammond and May brought three gifts, Gold, Frankincense and signed Westwood goalie gloves or was it a Nintendo DS?
  6. I still think we need at least 4 players in. The bench looked weak against Cardiff. Confident in first 11, not much beyond that!
  7. What happend at Xmas? Well I was a bit dissapointed my gaming chair turned out to be a gym membership. Maybe the wife is telling me to get up off my lazy arse!
  8. I'd go Wildsmith Shaw Lees Borner (if fit) Palmer Reach Hunt Pelupessy FDB Kachnga Widnass
  9. 4 games a year plus a Europa league qualifying match!
  10. So according to Nixon on twitter wages are the problem at the minute has he got a promotion wage rise. Wednesday willing to buy or loan. Personally I'd loan him and money not used for him put towards Murphy!
  11. It just needs to be more of same, with improving ball retention. Need some more bodies to add a bit more quality.
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