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  1. He s one I'm not screaming for but would be happy with! It's more of who I don't want rather than who I do want!
  2. Not Pulis FFS! It will just be boring, dour negative hoof ball!
  3. Would rather give it Bullen and spend money on Hector and a couple of other players.
  4. Get rid, we won't miss him! He looks ok when he comes on as sub, doesn't look interested when he starts!
  5. I can't decide tbh! There are some names I'd be ok with and others I want nowhere near the club! There isn't one name who stands out! Think Rowett, Monk and Karanka would be good choices. Wouldn't mind taking a punt on Van Bronckhorst or Arteta! Happy to take a chance on Stendl, Cowley or Bullen! Just a massive no to McLaren, Moyes , Zola and Keane!
  6. I wouldn't be too disappointed if he was given a chance. Just get a couple of experienced coaches in to help him.
  7. Saw the thread title and thought it was going to be about Hector!
  8. I'm starting to come round to idea of giving Bullen a go. Get a couple of experienced coaches to go along side him!
  9. A serial failure! Dour negative football! No,No,No! Only McLaren would be worse than this clown!
  10. Sell him, he's never shown his potential. Use the money to get Hector!
  11. If they do this we need a statement from DC clarifying the situation! If he has resigned and doesn't get the Newcastle job then it's truly a mess! Surely no way back for him!
  12. Moyes, McLaren or Keane to come in and we are 17th in November and fans want the manager gone!
  13. I don't fancy any of them without Hughton. I don't think Rowett and Monk would be bad but not going to give me the same confidence as what I had when Bruce arrived. Think we might have to take a punt on someone. Arteta would be interesting, get some quality city youngsters on loan!
  14. Hughton is the one I want! Wouldn't be too dissapointed if we ended up with Monk or Rowett. Not sure about Karanka, think his football is a bit negative!
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