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  1. Got no problem with it in general, but a couple of issues. But what do you do with relegated premier league clubs? A team promoted to premiership is going to have to drastically increase their wage bill to compete in the premiership. Will smaller clubs, like Rotherham who cant afford an £18m wage bill, risk more to compete in the championship?
  2. Theres no way we will be able to cash in on Westwood and Rhodes, no one will pay their wages!
  3. I think we need the following; 1 Right back 1 Center back 2 Left Back 1 CM (2 if Lee goes) 2 wide players 3 strikers And that's if anyone else doesn't leave. Might be less if Monk gives Penny and Van Aken a chance.
  4. One of 4 players we cant do without along with Bannan Iorfa and Borner!
  5. Soft yes! Poor defending, definitely and he gets done like this all the time!
  6. He's awful. He's been awful! Last night was his best game yet he still made an idiotic decision just has he has done for most of the season.
  7. Cant fault the effort from most of the players tonight. We simply dont have the quality!
  8. First 11 looks alright but nothing on the bench. A points deduction and I really do fear for us!
  9. The worst of some very poor and average players in the squad! He needs to go as do a few others.
  10. Just haven't got enough quality going forward. Wingers look could until they need to deliver a ball. Da.Cruz looks decent on ball but you dont expect him to score like alot of our players.
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