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  1. Winnall in for Murphy with Reach going to the right.
  2. Anything above £8m and get rid. Replaceable with someone who can play behind the striker much better than Reach can. Benn one of the worst performers this season!
  3. Needs Kieran Lee on to try and link things together, Reach or Murphy off!
  4. I think hes trying to go forward, but our complete inability to create any options to pass forward is shocking! Why cant we pass the ball forward because there is no movement forward! Reach absolutely wasted in middle, apart from battling for a header leading into the goal I've not seen him do anything!
  5. We played with 3 in midfield and 1 upfront and apart from Reading and Huddersfield, i didn't think we carried enough of a goal threat. We switched to a two in midfield and 2 upfront against QPR and couldn't keep hold of the ball.
  6. Reach is wasted down the middle. He just doesn't get involved enough for me.
  7. I wouldn't say it was a disappointment, just not exciting. Looked at his record, 1 season with Leeds gone, 1/2 a season with Middlesborough gone, 1 season with Birmingham gone. It doesn't exactly fill you with confidence.
  8. I supposed im a bit non plussed about this after the speculation with Cowley. I'm not excited but im not thinking its a terrible appointment either. Safe appointment as would have Rowett. I'm glad its not Pulis. Don't think he'll get as much time as Cowley would have got with the fans. I still want playoffs this year and will be disappointed if we don't get them, but unless its a disaster i wont be calling for the manager, he gets two seasons for me!
  9. Genuinely excited by this. But this is not just a manager to get the first team performing, this is a manager to put his philosophy throughout the club!
  10. Cowley would be in my top three and would much rather have him than Pulis. Done very well in the lower leagues and it's a forward looking move. My only concern is look at Paul Hurst and Nathan Jones. I just hope he doesn't bring players from league one and two who aren't up to it. How must Bullen feel though someone who's never managed at this level getting the job over him. I love Bullen but think it might be time to cut ties, let him get a job else where, and let him come back as a fan whenever he likes!
  11. We need a manager who's going to play attacking football to get the best out of the squad. Not dour negative football.
  12. They've done amazing in the lower leagues but so did Nathan Jones and Paul Hurst. Big step up the championship
  13. Horror show today! We had no clue how to attack! Bullen had to leave the club I'm afraid a new coaching team needs to come in with a experienced manager. I'd give it Rowett!
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