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  1. Wonder if any of this lot could do better!
  2. I'd go Wildsmith Palmer Lees Borner Penny Bannan Luongo Harris Brown Reach Paterson Put players in their natural positions.
  3. Younger fitter more dynamic squad he said! Monk is the most incompetent manager I've ever known, none of the players are fitter or more dynamic! I'd love Flecyher and Foriesteri back! I'd even take Nuhiu and Winnall back over the dross Monk signed!
  4. I said we should have got rid of Monk and keep the likes of Fletcher, Foriesteri, Nuhiu and Hutchinson! We'd have those players over the rubbish that Monk signed in summer!
  5. Compared to the rest of them that looked liked doing nothing!
  6. He's the only that looked like doing anything today!
  7. Easily, I've been going since 1991! The squad that we had under Irvine in League One was better than this!
  8. But why play hoofball today but against Swansea try and play it to feet?
  9. Dreadful! Never going to get out of trouble playing like that!
  10. For how boring and lack of quality in this match! We have been marginally better than Stoke!
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