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  1. jonnyowl

    Team at Forest

    tWhat I would play and what Jos would play are very different. Weswood Baker Lees Hector Penny Joao Onomah Pelupessy Reach Bannan (Can play where he likes) Flectcher What I think Jos will play Palmer Lees Thorniley Penny Bannan Pelupessy Joao Onomah Reach Nuhiu
  2. jonnyowl

    Adam Reach

    I said this weeks ago and got slated for it. He was his usual useless self today.
  3. jonnyowl

    'i dont wear red'

    The only thing red I have ever worn is an away England top when I was younger but don't bother with them anymore. I also don't allow the wife to decorate our house with anything red.
  4. jonnyowl

    Adam Reach

    A poor clearance by the defender :) !
  5. jonnyowl

    Adam Reach

    Or is it because you've got nothing?
  6. jonnyowl

    Adam Reach

    So against Millwall and Ipswich tell me what they were!
  7. jonnyowl

    Adam Reach

    I just think he's wasted playing behind the striker. I've also come out of many games can't remember a positive thing he's done all game!
  8. jonnyowl


    I'm glad we have 9 points, but I'm not convinced yet. See where we are after October as we have some difficult games to come.
  9. jonnyowl


    A half decent Foriesteri is still better than Matias, Nuhiu and Reach. I'd always start him, he's the only one in the squad that can do something out of nothing!
  10. jonnyowl

    Adam Reach

    Yeah reyt effective last week!
  11. Yet again no Foriesteri or Fletcher, it was such a poor performance against Ipswich and Nuhiu.and Reach were the problem, no creativity or quality in the 9 and 10 roles!
  12. I'd go Dawson Palmer Lees Thorniley Penney Bannan Hutchinson Matias Foriesteri Joao Fletcher But you Pelupessy will play and doesn't deserve to be dropped tbh! Nuhiu and Reach will start, but if Jos can drop Foriesteri and Hutchinson after Brentford he should drop these tow.after Ipswich!
  13. jonnyowl

    Adam Reach

    A poor game rare? I've lost count the amount of times I've come out of the ground and can't think of a single thing he's done! He's lazy, a bottler, runs around aimlessly pointing at players, no end product! He was awful today! He's wasted playing behind the striker, he never does anything positive in that position, Bannan and Pelupessy doing all the work in midfield! How Matias was taken off and not Reach was a joke! At least Matias worked hard today! Reach thinks he's Billy big b***acks!
  14. Still think he's best in midfield, need his energy in there!
  15. Why not put Hutchinson in his best position!