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  1. How are kick off times going to work? The majority of Asia is 8 hours ahead of the UK, and the USA is either 5-8 hours behind depending where in the country you are. If your entire business model is based on TV revenue then scheduling games at inconvenient times for those customers doesn’t seem like the smartest move, but it’s unavoidable really... unless they end up staging games overseas, but even then that’s screwing over “fans” on the other side of the world, e.g. 7pm in Beijing is 4am in LA
  2. Would’ve thought that’d be down to the individual FAs who hold player registrations. Banning players from international competitions will be a much bigger deterrent IMO
  3. Maybe this is overly optimistic of me... but I hope this debacle gives FIFA, UEFA, the FA, etc a bit of a rocket up their arses and they start doing what’s best for the game as opposed to what’s best for corporate interests. Feels like a culmination of how big money has been allowed to take over the people’s game more and more for the past couple of decades
  4. Him and Shaw will be playing each other in the CL final next season at this rate
  5. Deep down, we all know there’s only one man who can resolve this situation...
  6. Really hope the authorities do the right thing and come out swinging here, don’t give the greedy fùckers an inch
  7. A European super duper league without the European champions... as you say, German football has got it absolutely spot on
  8. Ironically, refusing to join the super duper league would probably be Spurs’ best chance of actually winning owt
  9. I dunno, I’ve seen conflicting info that it’s either the last series or that there might be one more. Just feels like there are a lot of loose ends to tie up in the space of two episodes - not least introducing a new character (James Nesbitt) who it seems will prove to be important
  10. Just seen that on Twitter, yikes Is this definitely/definately the last season? Feels like there’s a lot going on which is going to be difficult to wrap up in 2 episodes
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