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  1. Would rather have his ex-Hull colleague Kevin Stewart but either would be an improvement on our current back up CMs
  2. If he’s 5’10 then Moses is 5’7 at most
  3. Fair enough, seems the ref was right... guess he did have a good game then!
  4. Iorfa is our best centre half so has to play there when he’s fit, agreed that Palmer might be worth a look in defensive midfield though. I think asking him to mostly just sit in and defend what’s in front of him with the safety net of centre halves covering behind would play to his strengths, he reads the game well and is disciplined defensively so wouldn’t get carried away going forward and leaving gaps. He played midfield really early in his career too if I remember rightly
  5. Bringing him or Stewart in (or both if possible) for nowt just seems like a no brainer to me. Our second choice midfield options are as weak as anyone in the division’s
  6. First half we actually played some ok stuff in the final third I thought. Route one can be effective even if it ain’t pretty... but we’re just not very good at it. That centre half Pinnock won everything in the air for them tonight
  7. Hunt looks like a player when he’s got the ball, but he’s got a lot of work to do on his game without the ball
  8. Never been the same height as Odubajo as someone claimed in the OMDT
  9. Said it at the end of last season, start of the transfer window, all the way through the transfer window, and at the end of the transfer window... If we’re playing 3 in the middle then we need another experienced central midfielder for when any of our first choice 3 pick up a knock or get suspended. Luongo and Brown both seem to pick up niggly injuries and will miss games over the course of the season. Hunt and FDB have potential but they’re only kids, it’s not fair to expect them to come in and do the same job as experienced Championship footballers... Joey had a dece
  10. Don’t think he actually touched the ball once. Not bad work if you can get it
  11. Other than reinterpreting the rules so they could retake the throw-in they scored from, he was alright
  12. They were just better than us in every area. No point dwelling on it, two big matches coming up in next 7 days
  13. To say our attacking strategy seems to be lump it up top and hope for the best... we’re not reyt good at it are we
  14. So easy for them to win second balls every time, we just can’t maintain any kind of pressure
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