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  1. Absolute scenes when that goal by Quinn went in. We proper píssed on their parade that day. Antonio against Carlisle was maddest I can remember though. Ended up about 10 rows down from where I was sat
  2. I’ve got a 7 point plan to win the Euromillions but it doesn’t mean it’ll happen
  3. Aye, it’ll be interesting to see how his coaching career progresses
  4. I think he was fairly well-liked (especially after scoring the winner against the pigs) so possibly not the right thread, but I thought Steve Watson was brilliant for us. No pace at all but such a classy, intelligent player and, by all accounts, a great personality to have around the club. He’s in charge of York now and had them top of the National League North before the season was postponed... could be a coach to keep an eye out for
  5. Personally I’d relegate the pigs to the National League and place 100% of the blame and financial responsibility on them, I think we can all agree that seems fair
  6. Totally agree that football is completely insignificant in the current climate. However, this thread is about the impact the virus will have on football as opposed to the general thread in the dressing room forum, and from a very selfish perspective, we’re one of the clubs who will benefit most from cancelling the season and declaring it null and void. It’s all a total mess though. The bigwigs who get in to football administration for a nice ride on the gravy train must be cacking themselves now they’ve actually got some work to do
  7. From a purely Wednesday perspective, voiding the season sounds great. The threat of relegation would be averted (for now), pigs will miss out on Europe and Leeds will miss out on PL. We might even get our shít together off the pitch - sounds unrealistic I know, but we’re living in strange times!
  8. I was/am hoping they just cancel the entire season so we can pretend it never happened tbh
  9. 4th time in the last 6 games that we’ve conceded 3 goals
  10. 3-0 at half time. Again. Just fúck off Monk
  11. You’ll probably be better than Pelupessey to be fair
  12. I really hope Monk doesn’t have his contract extended past the summer
  13. What a wet fart of a match that was. Ah well
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