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  1. beswetherick

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    It’s sad that money has taken over the game to the extent that a true legend of our club would give up that status for a few extra quid. The club could and should have handled it better but this is completely pathetic behaviour by the Hirsts. Number 9 is Roland Nilsson now I guess.
  2. Why, can Winnall take a kick to the balls like that as well?
  3. beswetherick

    Let's celebrate with a coke...

    Started his career with us brightly, scored a few goals and looked like the complete midfielder... then turned absolute bobbar.
  4. It’s going to be an interesting summer, that’s for sure. Hopefully the situation isn’t so dire that we have to part with Bannan (or Lees). Sensible offers should be considered for anyone else though if it allows us to rebuild/not go bust.
  5. We’d be daft to let Bannan leave, should be building the squad around him. I’d be fairly happy with CB options of Lees, JvA, Venancio, Thorniley, Nielsen and Hutch, but if one more came in to go straight in the first XI it would relieve some of the pressure on the younger players and Hutch’s biscuit knees. Full backs have to be a priority if we’re sticking with three at the back though, then central midfield.
  6. Reckon Swansea will want to keep Bartley if/when they go down. He would be a good signing though
  7. beswetherick

    Have we seen the last of Almen Abdi

    I can’t remember exactly what Abdi was eating, I was too busy trying and failing to translate their conversation in German. Atdhe ate the lot though
  8. beswetherick

    Have we seen the last of Almen Abdi

    I saw him having some Chinese food in town with Nuhiu a couple of years back. Haven’t seen him since
  9. Thanks for sharing. Nothing but good memories of playing for them when I was a kid. Really well-run club, it’s a shame they’ve been treat like this
  10. beswetherick

    Funniest/most bizarre Wednesday moments

    Wasting time v Brentford away in play-off semi 2005. We got a free kick in injury time about 25 yards out, shooting towards the terrace where all our fans are. Brunt (I think) was standing over it and absolutely smashed it as hard as he could... straight out of the ground to wind the clock down a bit. I remember Peacock’s reaction, proper beside himself with laughter. Other notable mentions go to Twin, that Sunderland fan who got cleaned out and Crossley’s last minute equaliser.
  11. Fans aside, Dawson’s the only one who can come out of this with any semblance of credit and he’s not even had much to do.
  12. How long until Lawro says Nuhiu has got “good feet for a big man”?
  13. Get 15 minutes worth of talking points out of that
  14. Counting down the minutes til my half time curry arrives