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  1. Would be an awesome signing for a couple of seasons but I reckon we’ll be priced out
  2. Thanks. Seems a shame from what I’d heard about him, but it sounds like the future is bright with some talented younguns coming through
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/may/02/plymouth-bordeaux-ruben-lameiras-signing Worth a look maybe?
  4. McCarthy has played 25 games for Southampton this season, so I doubt he’d come to us. Seems like Fraser Forster is third choice there now though, perhaps he’d be worth a shout
  5. I imagine his wages will be far too high for us. If he doesn’t get a lower PL club, he’s still well-known enough to go to China or MLS or sumat and coin it in for a few years in an easy league
  6. Damage was done much earlier in the season. Some reyt mithering on here
  7. Ridiculous really that it’s still mathematically possible for us to scrape the play-offs but we’ve just run out of games sadly
  8. Chuffin painful how close we are but it looks like we’ll just miss out... huge credit to Bully and the three Steves for the job they’ve done since that chump left though
  9. We’d already be champions if Brucie had been here all season. We will be next year
  10. Hope you’re wrong, OP. Will be an expensive mistake to let him go - we won’t get anywhere near as good as him without paying big money
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