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  1. Can’t see Southampton selling them Ings and JWP. It’ll be interesting to see how Grealish fits in to a Man City team which already has Foden, Sterling, Mahrez, Silva, Torres, De Bruyne and Gundogan as well
  2. Looks nasty. The Villarreal player did win the ball, it’s not exactly Keane vs Haaland, but it’s still OTT for a friendly and probably a red card these days. Hope Fofana recovers ok, thought he was quality last season
  3. 100%, we got relegated because of him. Still blows my mind we actually managed enough points to stop up last season because we were as woeful on the pitch as DC was off it. IMO he deserves some credit for (seemingly) learning from the error of his ways this summer though. There’s still a long way to go before he can fully atone for how badly he’s fùcked the club up over the past few years, but I believe in recognising the things people have done right as well as what they’ve done wrong, and I think we’ve done some very smart business this summer with more still to come supposedly. Like I say, a long way to go, but hopefully the penny’s dropped with him now and we’re on the right path.
  4. And then a bench with the likes of Wildsmith, Dunkley, Palmer, Byers, Paterson, Windass, Adeniran, Green, Kamberi, all of whom have experience at a higher level. Add in young lads like FDB, Corbeanu, possibly Adedoyin, Galvin, Waldock, Brennan and Hunt if they don’t go on loan, and you’ve got to say that squad on paper looks promising. I agree it looks better than last season’s, and it’s worth bearing in mind that we won enough points last season to stay up. Well done Darren Moore but also well done DC — his many mistakes over the past few years are well-documented, but there are signs he’s learning from them. Credit where credit’s due, he’s backed his man this summer. Really enjoying the positivity coming out of the club at the moment and hope it continues when the season starts properly.
  5. Agree with the OP that patience is required. Last season in L1, Blackpool were 12th at the half way point and went up via the playoffs. Neither Peterborough or Hull were in the auto spots at Xmas. It’s a long old season, a good start would be nice, but finishing strong is important
  6. 3 goals and 1 assists in 11 games (only started 6) for a Derby side who were even worse than us last season. Didn’t even realise he was playing for them last season tbh
  7. Current capacity is 34,835 according to OS. Max allocation is 4,700 for the West Stand, so call it 30k total… 17.5k STs sold? Stadium info from here: https://www.swfc.co.uk/fans/first-time-visit/
  8. This is tedious already and it feels like it’ll go on for ages yet
  9. Not ideal, but we look better placed to manage in his absence than we did when he first got injured. Big chance for the new lads to stake a claim for a shirt. Interested to know where people think Windass’ best position is in a 4-2-3-1?
  10. Classy statement, wish him all the best back in Germany
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