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  1. Just adds weight to that stat about points won when they play together
  2. beswetherick

    Singapore Owls

    Let me know if you happen to be there for the derby. I don’t think my fiancée will be overjoyed having to watch it with me...
  3. beswetherick

    Well this is awkward

    It is hard being a Wednesday fan...
  4. beswetherick

    Singapore Owls

    Cheers, I’ll have a wander down when I’m there and try to figure out which bar it is. Are you based over there or were you just visiting?
  5. Turned it round after a poor start, happy with that. They’ve been poor but Stoke were a PL side last year
  6. Yep. Thorniley too, very encouraging signs
  7. What a touch from Bazza to start that move. God I love the little genius
  8. Better than Zidane. What a free kick
  9. Get in. Great ball from Baz
  10. beswetherick

    Any Live Streams Saturday

    As a law abiding citizen I couldn’t possibly comment on whether or not there’s a working stream available on soccerstreams on reddit
  11. beswetherick

    Pablo Bonvin

    My first match, thought Bonvin was the next Maradona after that
  12. beswetherick

    Who else is up?

    Important to get them two and Thorniley (if his is up too) tied down to new deals