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  1. Said it on Saturday but that Wimbledon team was mostly made up of players in their early 20s, only 3 players over 25 got on the pitch for them. 2-0 up against a team of youngsters with 25 minutes left, our experienced players have to be able to see the game out even if we were unlucky not to get a third goal. Players, coaching staff, both… whoever’s to blame, chucking a lead away like that is píss poor
  2. Big Mick and Roy Keane double act… what could go wrong? I know a few Cardiff fans and they all want Mick out asap, they’ve been dire this season
  3. Both good posts. It’s down to DC really, and the bloke is many things but predictable isn’t one of them
  4. Is that just because we mostly hire crap managers though? Carlos and Bruce have done alright since leaving us… can’t see Monk, Pulis, Jos, etc getting a decent job any time soon though
  5. I think Lowe is destined for big things but agree it would be somewhat risky, if we could even get him. Neil is a fair shout, can’t remember much about his teams other than being total shíthouses
  6. Posted something very similar to this last week… but I’m starting to waver a bit
  7. Ryan Lowe if we can get him. After that, I’ve no idea really… maybe it’s time for that random foreign fella @i used to be sc_owl always gets put on the bookies list
  8. I’d be delighted if it happened but just can’t see it
  9. I’m sure Robins would be delighted to leave Coventry 4th place in the Championship to come here… the rest of them are very average managers, just like the one we’ve got
  10. Couldn’t agree more. Football doesn’t have to be complicated
  11. I think it’s down to instructions from the manager and coaching staff tbh - Gregory and Paterson are both grafters but they’ve clearly been told to sit off and let the opposites play the ball out instead of trying to force an error high up the pitch
  12. The way we stand off every single team and allow them to play it out is infuriating - yet we concede goals when the opposites put our defenders under pressure
  13. Feels like we’ve missed the boat with Lowe. Better clubs than us will be looking at him now
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