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  1. Stoneclough FC sound like a tough tackling lower league team from Roy of the Rovers
  2. Yep, his style of play is only justified if you’re winning games. Really starting to look like he’s done as a manager at the very highest level
  3. That’s working out well for them so far! Mourinho is really on the slide, it wouldn’t be a shock if he packed in altogether soon
  4. Obviously I want Spurs to win this... but it’s pretty funny seeing Mourinho as a mid table manager these days
  5. Just gets worse every time you look at it. How’s he meant to do anything other than “handball” it when it’s been smashed at the back of his arm from an inch away after he’s just been fouled and is falling to ground? Dear me
  6. Quite amazing how a player can now be penalised for being fouled
  7. Gerrard every time, just because he’s slightly less of a twàt than Campbell (who is a monumental twàt)
  8. Man for man there’s only 3 or 4 of ours that’d be near their matchday squad, let alone the starting XI. They’re just a much better team than us in every way. That said, we were in the game til the penalty but we didn’t make it count — we’re capable of playing some ok stuff in the opposites’ half but we don’t look dangerous in and around the box at all. The stream I was watching was crap and I missed large chunks of the match — did their keeper have a save to make?
  9. I was just about to say at least we’re keeping it respectable... then they got a third. We look like we could play all night and not score. Have we even had a shot on target?
  10. Was it? Couldn’t really tell, not the best quality on this stream
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