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  1. All this panicking makes you wonder how folk cope when we change managers midway through the season
  2. Bruce was officially announced yesterday ffs. Plus it was bowling night last night. Decent point, the two other cun... Steves have definitely left the club but if Strudwick and other coaching staff are still here then maybe the scouting staff will be too. It’s not like they’d be needed up there
  3. I bet he wants 16 large mixed kebabs more though
  4. He was at 12s a few days ago which isn’t a bad price for the most likely interim manager if we take our sweet time. These markets are so volatile though unless you have genuine inside info
  5. Bullen’s probably become the favourite because people will have put a few quid on after the interview he conducted last night. Until someone’s odds-on with the bookies their lists aren’t worth paying attention to, although looking at them and speculating on here is a good way of wasting time at work. DC has been very quiet during the Bruce saga so I doubt many people at all know what’s going on in terms of appointing a new gaffer... yet
  6. Who would’ve thought when we signed a Scottish journeyman from Dunfermline 15 years ago that he’d turn out to be such an integral part of the club?
  7. Nice move from the club to give fans the chance to buy a shirt without a sponsor. I think the vast majority of fans of any club would choose a sponsor-less shirt given the choice
  8. If Onomah is £10m then £8m for João is probably about right
  9. If it meant the return of Alan Irvine as a coach then no, no, and thrice, NO. Wouldn’t be too mad about it otherwise though. He’s better than dirge like Pardew, Zola, McLaren, etc
  10. Pretty sure that we can put any legal action on the back burner whilst dealing with more pressing issues such as getting a new gaffer and backroom team in
  11. Bruce was their 11th choice according to SSN
  12. First google result links to the pages on here showing it’s a wind-up... hopefully mods can briefly remove them from search results!
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