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  1. beswetherick

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Would be a great appointment - plays good football and proven at this level. Get it done.
  2. beswetherick

    To the Jos out brigade

    No creativity, no flair, no desire. Park the bus and hope for the best - fortunately for us they’re shíte and we got away with it. We can speculate all we like about how much of a mess the club is off the pitch but what’s clear to see is that on the pitch we aren’t going anywhere with him in charge. We have some good players - we just don’t have a manager and coaching set-up good enough to get the best out of them.
  3. Shot on target! Get in!
  4. We can see you sneaking out!
  6. Yep. Fletcher is alright but if we’re trying to catch them on the break then he isn’t gonna stretch their defence. Until we take the game to them it’s just gonna keep coming back on us
  7. If we set up with the right personnel and mentality then we can cause them and any other side in this league problems. Our problem is that defensively we’re poor... yet we’re inviting pressure like you say instead of taking the game to them
  8. Trying to absorb pressure when we don’t have an out ball. They have so much time and space in our defensive third
  9. Duffy is a cheating little piggy shïte and I hope Nuhiu kicks him in the balls after coming on to score a spozzy winner
  10. Could have been horrific had that gone in, hopefully Dawson’s confidence will be boosted by that save. We’ve still been bobbar though - how busy has their keeper been in comparison?
  11. Anyone else forget how much they hated the pigs? Fück me I despise them
  12. I wish Dawson would take a touch when he gets the ball passed back to him. Also my booze delivery has been cancelled so I have to watch the next hour or so sober