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  1. Incredible how much I Agree with you. I'm a huge fan of Ryan Woods, but think that Callum Slattery would be better, cheaper and younger option. Quite similar in style. Love how you mentioned Perry Ng. Great right back with bags of energy and never say die attitude. Captain's material.
  2. For me he looked best without it, attacking ball over the top with bit of space infront of him. But then again, what do I know...
  3. Our best player. Needs to play further up the pitch as no one else in our side can spot and execute that "final pass" and it is hard for Bannan to do when he spends so much of his game time 70 yards away from the goal. We need to bring playmaker in the Summer to play deep and take ball of our defenders so we could deploy Bannan further up the pitch.
  4. I expected very little from Rhodes, but he changed his game, adapted and helped out last night. Still, we need him off our wage bill and quickly.
  5. He dropped back numerous times, got on the ball and linked play well. Worked very hard as well. We looked better side with him in our side tonight. Certainly offered more than Da Cruz who takes ages on the ball, turns like a dreidel without ever creating anything. Shows some fancy footwork, but clueless about what to do with the ball.
  6. Linked with Celtic as a replacement for Gordon who joined Hearts.
  7. If we are continue with 3-5-2 then Fox wasn't an option for LWB positions as he can't play it. But he could have been valuable as left CB of the 3, position I feel would be tailor made for him.
  8. Man United set to release some really good players from their development side: Barlow, Aidan Will Borthwick-Jackson, Cameron Jake Fojticek, Alex Hamilton, Ethan Billy McGhee, Dion Alex Mitchell, Demetri Kareem O'Hara, Kieran Michael Tanner, George Hamilton and Barlow are two I'm most familiar with.
  9. They are both good players. As I was told before, Everton released 19 years old, 6'2'' defensive midfielder (can play right back as well) Alex Denny who got 10 England U-17 and 5 U-18 apereances under his belt. To me sounds much better option than bloody Pelupessey.
  10. Callum Slattery from Southampton would be perfect first signing that would show everyone direction we want to take. Talented player at right age with bags pf potential who would right away make us better "passing" side.
  11. Without any doubt Waldock is a talented one, but as you said needs bit more time playing U-23 football. In my opinion Grant looks most promising out of those 3 although I feel he was used poorly this season for U-23's. Bannan aside perhaps most skilful player in our squad.
  12. At most other clubs youngsters with little experience last get blamed when things are going poorly. Here they are first to get booed.
  13. Or because he will be only player on the pitch as we are playing on Sunday 😇
  14. In Hunt, Grant and Shaw we have 3 very talented midfielders. I watched lot of PL2 this year and didn't see many better midfielders that the se 3.
  15. Got a feeling that Hunt will start on Sunday.
  16. We couldn't get McKenna so we got Bates. It seemed we were dead set to bring in Scottish CB...
  17. This year's lot seems to be weakest in a bit. It is hard to point at anyone and say "he is certain to get pro contract next year". Generation that won U-18's league in their 2'nd season is the strongest we had here since I'm taking interest in academy football, and it will take a lot of time till we get together another group as talented as that one. Luke Hall was a "big name" that got promoted this season and was supposed to be a big talent couple of years ago that got involved with England's U-16 side. Apparently went backwards last couple of years. Still young and talented enough to make it, though.
  18. In my opinion. Perhaps they didn't, but progress of other lads pushed them towards that decision.
  19. Kirby got sent out on loan to try and get fixed with some other club once his contract with us runs out. Seems he did his chance no harm with his performances at Macclesfield. Some other year he might have got himself extension, but with Hunt, Shaw, Grant and Waldock all at the club, all younger then him and likely more talente, he had to go.
  20. John, all the best to both Jordan and you. What a fantastici attitude from both of you guys 😘
  21. He signed mid season and I'm under impression that he is contracted for next season. Not 100% sure, though.
  22. We have Galvin at LB and Urroghide and Rice played there last season. With Rice, Urroghide, Cox, Brennan and Thompson we look well covered at CB unless we send couple of those out on loan.
  23. I would argue that Preston did more at U-23 level then Hunt did. Preston was as 16 years old watched by most big clubs in country and last season got linked with move to Rangers. Think that club failed Preston as now at 22 years old he got very little involvement with first team here and wasn't sent out on loan. I think he will get fixed with league club in the Summer.
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