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  1. Can't wait for Byers to be back. Plays key role for us and plays it very well.
  2. Miles better than anyone we played at LB this season.
  3. What a strange feeling, watching 2'nd half and not feeling like my hart might explode any minute Awesome, in 6'th week we already won as many games as we did whole last season and twice as many as we won season before last. But truth be told we had fairly favorable schedule so far. After Jets game in 8'th week I can see us going on a long losing streak. Our D is looking great, but our OL will have to improve if we are to offer any resistance to Ravens. Can't wait for next Sunday
  4. Moore's philosophy of dropping back and giving almost beaten opposition adrenaline shot by letting them get on the ball and come at us will acount for many more lost points. We Simply don't have players who are good when they can't get on the ball and are suited to defending inside their 30 yards.
  5. Not a fan myself. Got all the physical qualities you would want from your wide player, but his touch, crossing and especially decision making have been very poor.
  6. What is getting beyond a joke ? I'm saying that AFC Wimbledon are dangerous from set piece deliveries and that it is something we should be aware of.
  7. We can't afford to give them lot of corners as no player in the league takes them better than Hartigan.
  8. If I'm not mistaken We signed Davidson and Cadamarteri on pro contracts as well. Positive news indeed
  9. Great news. U-18's have been constant source of positivity this season, long may it continue. I preyicted slow start to the season considering our key players are in their first year with the academy and that most of our 2'nd year players didn't got to play lot last season.
  10. Not hard to imagine us having to play cr@p Man Utd youngster upfront while Bailey Cadmarteri plays U-18 football.
  11. By far the best thing about last night was that it was the last time we were playing bloody Davante Adams this season. Un-fu@king stoppable
  12. It will take some time for me to recover from this game There is no doubt that Packers were better side and it is amazing how close we came to sneaking away with the win. BTW. Burrow got taken to hospital with a troath injury. Could have something to do with his weak 2'nd half performance.
  13. Jets were awful though and Falcons almost gave them route to already won game. Pitts looked great, though.
  14. Guess we will find out how things will turn out very soon. It will be nice to hear your opinion after the game
  15. Our D is much improved from last season and is doing well, but then again it takes something special to stop Rodgers. I would say that you are firm favorite in this one despite everything.
  16. Can't wait for Bengals vs Packers. Some pundits think that we can actually pull this of. With extra rest, Higgins back and Mixon hopefully good to go, perhaps we can if we manage to play as well as we can all 4Q and hit the ground running. Alternatively it could be an embarassing defeat. Going 4:1 today and with Lions and Jets to play in next 3 weeks we could be in for a very interesting season.
  17. And yes, I tried to write how Punk's job right now is to elevate young talent, but somewhere along the way made turn into Daniel Garcia appreciation post
  18. Lets be realistic here. Punk is playing role that he is given and that is to elevate young talent in the company. That is what he is doing and he is doing it very well for now. Still, playing this role there is not much place for great character work Punk got famous for and big storylines or feuds he could really sink his teeth into and do what he does best. However, I can agree that he is not doing too much for fortune he probably gets paid, but lets not forget that he spent 7 years out of wrestling and AEW probably don't want to push him too hard just yet. It is far too early to judge his contribution.
  19. Can't agree with that, not because Punk is doing great, but because he wrestled Daniel Garcia who is a "must see talent" capable of putting in great match against just about anyone (this week alone he wrestled CM Punk, Alex Shelley and Minoru Suzuki) and is the most talented wrestler in the world right now. (only guy who was near his level proved to be a scumbag who rightfully got door of wrestling industry slammed into his face).
  20. Figured it out in 2'nd episode.
  21. Obviously pick of young players they don't feel are good enough to stay at United. Wouldn't be surprised to soon see us announcing signing from Manchester United for our U-23 side.
  22. Actually I'm not so sure. it looks like we are supposed to develop Manchester United youngsters rather than our own ?! Hope that we will get first option on players leaving their U-18 and U-23 squads in return.
  23. We are one of the worst sides in the World in both identifying and developing talent. Over the years it cost us a lot as we often found ourselves with poor squads made out of players with no resale value. Something needs to change and we must completely change our approach. It seems that this year we have couple of really talented players coming through our academy in Jack Hall and Bailey-Tye Cadamarteri with likes of Davidson, Shipston and Al-Jahadhmy not far behind. Hope we learned from the past and won't allow for Urhoghide and Shaw (or God forbid) George Hirst situation to happen again. It is a big question if these youngsters would be better served to play key role in our strong U-18 side or get push to play U-23 football as soon as possible ?! Another thing I can't understand is why we are having likes of Iorfa, Palmer and Adeniran on the bench in a "Mickey Mouse Cup" game against blody Mansfield instead couple of these youngsters ? Is Moore so scared of loosing a game in a cup that no one cares 1 bit about ?! Where I come from there is a huge accent on developing talent and producing first team players as most clubs largely live from players sales. It is a league that I would say is at least as strong as League One and where youngsters regularly get to play first team football. Managers over here are judged on how many players they bring in and how well they develop them as well as by results they get. One of biggest clubs over here - Hajduk, brought in new manager mostly because of his reputation for playing and developing young players. They sacked their last manager purely for not giving youngsters fair chance. My hometwon club was last year captained by a 19 years old who got sold for 2m this Summer and no one thought he is too young or that playing him too early would ruin his confidence. We need to start either producing or identifying and signing talented young players as for club like ours it the only way to successful long term future.
  24. Moore played same style of football at Doncaster with much worst set of players and it worked well enough for him. There are other sides in this league and leagues below that play from the back and it is working great for them. Don't think that Moore's failing jhere is down to style of football he chose to play.
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