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  1. Fine Not sure if We were allowed to pay compensations for out of contract players. Perhaps it can't be applied for transfer of Scott Twine, but critic still stands and it is mentality We will have to change in order to progress.
  2. In season and half they lost O'Riley, Twine and Darling, arguably their best players and I can see them struggling a lot next season. Kemp, Holland and Grant are all talented players but neither will turn them into promotion contenders and let's see how well Tucker replaces Darling.
  3. Realistically there are not many Wednesday underage games to watch. Last season you could see for free U-23 game against Sheffield United (as they stream all their U-23 home games) and FA Youth Cup games against Southampton and Preston (first ever U-18 or U-23 game streamed by Wednesday). And by paying small fee You could see FA Youth Cup game against Blackburn and last U-23 game of the season against Millwall. Don't worry, if there is a notion that any game will get shown live it usually gets posted on here.
  4. He got recommended on here last Summer when He was available on free transfer from Swindon. Sadly Wednesday was never club to "gamble" on such players and once they get a chance and prove themselves We can't afford them any more.
  5. Thanks on your kind words. I don't have anything to do with Wednesday academy or anyone playing or coaching within it. Also I don't watch games live, but only seen those (probably all of them in last 5 or 6 years) that were made available on line either through free streams or paid services. I'm incredibly lucky to every now and then get bit of inside information and some of my many questions answered by nice people that are connected with academy and know far more than me. Also there is a fantastic poster on here, great guy and a friend who sent me links with some U-18 and U-23 games that weren't available to general public. All in all I would say that I've seen bit more of these players than average poster on here. Back home I know and talked about the topic at length with many people who coached and played at that level , some failed to make it while other became international players so I believe I know a bit about whole process and what is required to make it. So, take my opinion with a pinch of salt, but I can assure that I won't write about a player unless I've seen enough of him to form an opinion. Hope this answers your question
  6. We paid 2m for Sibon and for our first two seasons in old First Division He was main reason why We didn't get relegated. Perhaps He would have kept us up 3'rd season, but We decided to get him off our wage bill. We paid 3m for DeBilde, and although He was right eejit He still scored 10 goals in his first PL season and managed to hit frame of the goal more times than any other player that season. Sorry mate, but We had far, far worst.
  7. Liam Shaw is a good player with combination of physical and technical attributes that don't come across very often especially at this level. Lennon brought him in and after He got sacked, new manager doesn't seem interested in developing him or sees him as a future first team player. They loaned him to Motherwell who never played him as they already have zillion midfielders on their books and were more interested in giving them playing time. i don't blame him for leaving the club, but wouldn't want him back as we moved on and have next bunch of talent to develop. I can see him signing for a club like Barnsley, doing well there and kickstarting his career.
  8. Despite his unquestionable talent He didn't have great season playing U-18's football and I believe that club doesn't want to reward him with early offer of a pro deal after such season and wants to challenge him to do more. Wouldn't call him slow, at least for position He is playing. And Yes, there was reported interest in him from clubs like Brighton and Norwich.
  9. Looking at level of competition we are about to face next season compared with amount of quality and experience throughout our squad, We should be able to start odd youngster or bring one or two of the bench. Still don't think Moore will do it. Why risk it when it doesn't seem to be one of demands put in front of him.
  10. If I'm remembering it right player we talked about was Rio Shipston. He is 17 years old midfielder who is yet to get offer of a professional contract and who is in my opinion most talented youngster at the club. This video, right ?
  11. More of a winger than lb and reminds me a lot of Johnson. Could be terific fight for LWB spot between the two if we get Cadden.
  12. Bobby Dunn - nippy left footed central midfielder who plays in front of back 3. Not everything He tried came of, but showed lot of quality on the ball, urgency and ambition in his ball distribution. With his confidence and "know how" at times looked like a first time player making a step down to play U-23 football. Sam Durrant - in his only game for us played as a 2'nd striker or very attacking midfielder than dropped (sometimes very) deep to get on the ball and link the play. Scored absolute peach of a goal. However I'm concerned regarding his age as He turned 21 couple of months ago and as a principle We shouldn't sign over 20 players to play development football. Josh Ashman - missed most of his first season with academy , but showed promise in his 2'nd season although. Big fella with bit about him and lot of improving to do. Only of 2'nd year U-18 lads I was confident will get offer of a pro deal (Davidson signed his as soon as He turned 17). Fuad Sesay - athletic and hard working, but in my opinion looked quite average and with offering him pro deal now We have 3 left backs in our U-23 squad with him, Galvin and Aguas there.
  13. Ashman missed most of his first season with academy , but showed promise in his 2'nd season although. Big fella with bit about him and lot of improving to do. Sesay in my opinion looked quite average and with giving him pro deal now We have 3 left backs in our U-23 squad with him, Galvin and Aguas there. Don't think We offered pro deal to Shipston and We certainly didn't report anything of the sort. I guess We are trying to push him to do more and improve as despite his obvious and enormous talent he had forgettable first season at academy level. With Premiership sides reportedly interested I'm afraid that this approach might back fire. For me purest talent We had in our academy in a long time. Hope We have plan how to develop him and can do it quickly.
  14. Yes, Dunn and Durrant were signed after successful trials and Sesay and Ashman were offered pro deals after their scholarships ended. It is interesting that only two U-18's were offered pro deals meaning that We will either sign few more players for our U-23 side or that We will promoted few U-18 players year early. Looking at how We did it last season I fully expect Cadamarteri and Fusire to make early step up as well as at least one of our talented keepers. Starting 11 as things stand: Charles (Hall) Fusire Ashman Agbontohoma Galvin Sesay (Aguas) Glover Dunn Trueman Durrant Cadamarteri
  15. Absolutely. Nippy, but quality on the ball and full of confidence. Love to see that bit of urgency in his play, really looked like a first team player taking a step down to U-23 level.
  16. Happy with this. Watched them both against Millwall and Durrant scored one of our finest goals last season at any level while Dunn impressed me even more. Our best U-23 player in my opinion and ready to be one of our 6 CMs in rotation for next season.
  17. Its more than likely we enquired about Payne before or at a similar time to Vaulks. Vaulks signs and we no longer need Payne but from the Swindon side they still see we are one of the teams to show interest. Can't see connection between our reported interest in Payne with signing of Vaulks ? Different types of players playing completely different roles.
  18. Said We might well regret letting him go. MK Dons can spot talent and develop players, great move for him.
  19. Perhaps, but We could offer good wages as well as realistic chance for a spot in our starting 11, something that top Championship sides can't.
  20. I know We have enough midfielders, but rumors say that West Ham are looking to cash in on Ireland U-21 captain Conor Coventry. He just turned 22 and was fantastic on loan at MK Dons in 2'nd half of last season. Depending on how much West Ham would ask for him, He could bee fantastic signing for us.
  21. We certainly brought in lot of quality, experience and much needed physicality to the club. Also we are certainly stronger than we were last season and squad looks almost ready to challenge for top 2 spots. My biggest concern is that no long term planning was done and that we are not building foundations for long term success of the club. I'm sure there are 20-24 years old that would have improved our first team squad this season, but would have important role to play for years to come.
  22. Indeed, Chansiei's millions. No one can say that He wasn't supported to the hilt this Pre season. If Championship clubs offered as much money as We did I'm certain that all these players would rather played Championship football next season. Thinking they signed with us because of Moore sounds a bit too optimistic.
  23. Point is that you need to sign mix of both, experience players that should guarantee results at this level and younger players that should bring money to the club. If you think that our transfer policy is one of a balanced approach (or that it had been for God knows how long) than you are wrong. Just look at squads of teams that got promoted from this league and did well in the Championship without spending fortune to do so and compare them with ours. Perhaps even more important question is how You think We will fall in line with a FFP if we are spending big money on wages and signing on fees and not earning it through players sales ?!
  24. Not in transfer fees, but it looks like We are paying amazing wages for this level of competition. Not even to mention that players that are out of contract usually get some hefty signing on fees as well. Hope I'm wrong, though.
  25. Who said anything about signing bunch of youngsters ? Signing any player is a gamble as is not signing players. Bringing in young players with potential resale value is at least gambling in a hope of big rewards if you get it right. No one is saying that We should neglect experience in favor of youth, but it is obvious that We've been doing opposite this Summer and for a long time. Our results shows that We are doing it wrong, so, why can't We learn ?
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