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  1. If you can’t win just kick them, what a horrible scruffy club they are.
  2. The marked him out of the game. Fair play to Sunderland, but they will rue those missed chances.
  3. There isn’t a single Wednesday player who stood out as a MOTM Bang average performance from most and pretty poor from some. Palmer is hard working but in his whole career has never been as effective as Hunt at RB / RWB yet plays tonight in one of our most crucial games…that’s on DM but no way could you say Palmer was MOTM. He’s a steady player 6/10 sometimes a few stand out 8/10s that’s all.
  4. Hunt and NML will rip them to bits on Monday completely fresh ready to go. We we’re crap and Hutch is a f**king liability at times but based on the first 60 mins hot to take 0-1
  5. Why the f**k is he not making a change get NML on FFS!!
  6. Worst thing is Sunderland aren’t that good, we’ve been second best all over the pitch
  7. If we can get out of here at 1-0 we’ve still got a chance
  8. Awful to watch when players start to shirk responsibility Stand up and put your bodies on the line FFS
  9. This game needs Windass, Paterson, NML, Hunt and FDB Shame we can’t bring them all on
  10. He’s past it, get rid in the summer…thinks he’s better than he is..F***king crap Hutchinson
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