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  1. The argument for that is the amount of tax footballers generate far outweighs the furlough scheme. Why should the government fund footballers when they are in the top wage bracket in this country and are probably one of the highest tax payers. The government would be worse off.
  2. Should be a clear warning to Shaw, few decent showings in the championship and one good game against Lg2 Exeter does not mean he's going to be playing for Man Utd in a couple of years. George Hirst will end up being a lower league jouneyman at best as Clare is also finding out.
  3. You have to work out points gained, apply that over a 46 game period then deduct the 6 points surely... Any other way of doing it would mean it would work out at a much harsher penalty, apply it first and half way through the season its weighting would be like having a 12 point penalty. Hopefully we got points at Cov and against Wycombe and keep ourselves out of the bottom 3 regardless.
  4. 25points / 23games played = 1.086 ppg 1.086 x 46 = 49.96 Then minus our 6 point deduction which is the penalty we have received for this season in its entirety = 43.96 seems the fairest way to me
  5. Technically he’s an awful footballer, but Christ he’s a trier, and does have a knack of being in the right place in the 6yd box. His actually centre forward play today against McArdle was absolutely dire. He’s a makeshift forward but until we have better he’s all we’ve got.
  6. He will be perfect as one of the 2 in a 4-2-3-1 in Cook’s formation With Lees and Iorfa behind him, when we are back to full strength....was colossal today
  7. Willing to mix it when he needs to, calm in possession, big strong can pass, athletic and 19yrs old. get him tied down to a 4 year contract before the weekend is up.
  8. Wildsmith Palmer. Brennan. Shaw. Penney Dele. Waldock. Hunt Brown Katchunga. Rhodes. SUBS Jackson Lees Odabajo Pelupessy Bannan Patterson Reach Harris
  9. Would likely be HMRC, if we have cash flow issues then paying our taxes will no doubt be a struggle. We have no assets bar a few players under contract in a couple of months time. DC could do it himself to stop having to give refunds but that wouldn’t be very honourable would it
  10. We can’t pay the ones we’ve got, we are trying to flog Windass to cover this months wages, the club aren’t processing season ticket refunds or trying to hold onto the cash whichever way you look at it. We are skint. Have already sold the family silver ie ground. In complete turmoil & 90% of the squad are out of contract in 5 months. Can’t fault people’s optimism not much of that around lately but can see it getting much worse over the next 6 months.
  11. £250 season tickets would probably be enough to fund the club. But I guess chances of Chansiri doing this are pretty non existent, no doubt he will come up with a reason why prices have to stay at the current levels
  12. So we look destined for the drop. Maybe a complete reset isn’t such a bad idea as long as we can actually get promoted the following season...big IF but it would stop the club haemorrhaging millions of pounds and might stop Chansiri from potentially carrying us into oblivion. Just think of the complete overhaul we will have to do, 25 players on an average £2.5k per week. The total wage bill including agents fee’s, player bonuses cannot exceed £3,250,000 for the whole season. Wouldn’t envy any manager taking that on.
  13. I honestly think we only need 3 attacking players. 2 Forwards and an attacking wide player. If we had some pace and power up front it completely changes the dynamics of how we can play, it gives more space for midfield to keep the ball, Bannan more time on the ball and chances of better forward passing options. We can make do in all other areas of the squad if we have to but we need goals, pace and movement up front. Who would actually join us in our position I’ve no idea, but we need to find some inspired loans like Kenwye, Murphy, Marshall etc
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