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  1. Box_Man

    Sam Winnall...

    Anyone any ideas on Lee, Hooper or Abdi?
  2. Adthe should be your 25-30min end of a game sub. Protect a lead by heading everything away from corners or to nick a winner by launching it into the box. He has some skill but where were we when he was starting games pre Chansiri.... same place we are now fighting to stay in the league.
  3. Box_Man

    Mick McCarthy

    We need Megson
  4. No fight, shambles Somthing has to change quickly
  5. I’m getting a bit fed up that he keeps changing formations, gives us no consistency and plays 5 defenders every game. I not sure he’s what we need, given the squad we have and could end up with in September we need a big personality who will galvanise the players and the fans.
  6. Let’s hope there are 3 worse teams than us this year
  7. Box_Man

    Kirby for pelepusey

    My team for Sunday. Dawson Hutch. Lees. Pudil Baker. Reach. Kirby. Bannan. Penny FF. Nuhiu Young athletic lads playing the WB roles.
  8. This is why a player like Keiran Lee is such a miss in midfield, he always plays on the half turn ready to pass forward at every opportunity. Cant wait until he’s back.
  9. Alex Hunt is not ready, I know it’s only 40mins in but you can see he’s not anywhere near ready yet.
  10. DC waiting to have a chat with Dingle Mick maybe
  11. Box_Man

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    One thing I would say is the increase in revenue from ticket sales despite only a 3% rise in attendances over the last couple of seasons kind of vindicate DCs strategy, i’m amazed it’s that high...clearly he thinks this is the way to get us out of this mess.
  12. Box_Man

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    Based on the above...which is a great read, more simplistic than trying to buy a matchday ticket in fact... Why after losing 21million did DC sanction the signing of Fletcher on a 4 year contract and Jordan Rhodes.....Mental
  13. DC has created this environment, overly complex pricing for the casual fan. A 6 games bundle would be perfect it’s been shouted about / recommend by fans at meetings for the last 3 years and should have been part of a big June/July marketing push alongside season tickets....but let’s be honest it’s after the horse has bolted stuff because the take up is low. We have the highest prices in the league The highest membership in probably world football Highest shirt prices in the league Fans are getting fed up, I couldn’t care less that we haven’t signed anyone, I’m more than happy to go with what we’ve got squad wise with realistic expectations of a mid table finish and maybe if the stars align a tilt at the playoffs. Our chairman surely cannot believe that pricing is in line with current expectations of this squad. They then bring out a £90 membership scheme....cloud cuckoo land Fans will not put up with it, it’s going to get worse before it gets better and I think DC will take it personally. 6 games for £160 would go some way to getting back on a level with fans income and expectations.
  14. Box_Man

    SWFC Strange Claims Thread

    2-0 nightmare HT lead