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  1. Bunch of bottlers as I said after the Cardiff win. We are going to get relegated and I hope we ditch everyone of them
  2. It’s a freak result Everything went in. We rode out luck with multiple goalmouth scrambles. Cardiff should have had at least 3. Bannan played well and they didn’t try and nullify him, which would have stopped all our creativity. No pressure as we were f**king bottom of the league at KO, sky cameras, players putting on a show for new clubs etc. What did Paul Sturrock always say...one swallow doesn’t make a summer...sums this side up completely. im more pissed off tonight than I am when we lost against Birmingham...bunch of
  3. Whether he’s still good enough or not he’s part of a losing mentality in that dressing room. I’d have more support & patience with a younger CB and the wages wouldn’t be crippling the club. Time to move on.
  4. It’s like Huddersfield have 15 players on the pitch. Embarrassing from the lot of them
  5. Don’t want a single one of them anywhere near the club next season
  6. No chance we should be offering him a new deal. Our performances as a team have dropped to such a level he is starting to look half decent in the odd game. Very very limited footballer.
  7. Westwood Hutch. Lees. Urhoghide Pelupessy. Shaw Harris. Bannan. Windass Rhodes. Paterson.
  8. ?????? Palmer Iorfa ?????? ?????? ?????? ??????? Bannan ?????? ??????? Windass Wildsmith Dawson Dunkley Borner Gavlin Brennan Luongo Paterson Is that what we have left under contract?
  9. That’s Hall of Fame stuff right there. No matter how crap we are...it’s the fans that make a football club...we are all on the same cakeball level as each other
  10. I think we can reset, or at least it gives us a chance of bottoming out. Can any of us realistically see us competing in the Championship next season, it would be another relegation scrap and we could end up dropping with dross on multi year contracts into league 1. This way we start the rebuilding process sooner, bring players in on lower contracts, hopefully get used to winning a few games again and then maybe promotion in a couple of seasons. I’d actually prefer to be in and around the top 6 of the pub league than watching us roll over every week in the c
  11. Can’t wait for them all to leave tbh, in the main they are a bunch of overpaid wasters. Rather have a bunch of kids on £2.5k a week feeling proud to play for us and giving there all.
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