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  1. It would be another £2million off the wage bill for his contract plus a million in the bank for a 31 year old. Tempting.
  2. You are allowed to add those losses back in for 2020 / 2021 so they don't "technically" count both years will also be combined for FFP so I think as long as funding is put in by DC we are going to be ok
  3. Realistically IF Channers will continue to fund us up to the rolling loss limit average it does give us quite a bit of room to rebuild the squad this season. From a league 1 perspective. We've probably got around 6-8 million to play with wages wise which is around £150k per week, that's 10 decent players on £15k per week. Obviously he needs to pay them but that's a different matter all together...
  4. wage bill was still at 30 million last year
  5. Diedhiou was released from Bristol City, still without a club, pace, power would be great in league 1
  6. I would keep the back 3 and keeper for consistency. Take Tripper out and drop Saka into the right hand side of midfield then play one of Foden / Grealish / Mount in the front three with Kane and Sterling. Hopefully score a couple of goals and then bring Sancho, Rashford & Calvert Lwein on to rest players. Phillips and Rice are on yellow cards so would think about swapping them or bringing them off early.
  7. The prospect of signing John Bostock while I look at the fixture list and see Accrington Stanley, Morecambe and Cheltenham Town makes me wish I was never born an owls fan...thanks Dad!!
  8. Is Baz not just referring to all his mates who have left who were out of contract. Must be a bit soul destroying knowing he signed a contract and could be potentially stuck here. Im sure in the context of things lots of people leaving means players as well as a couple of staff which have gone, one of our physios went to Arsenal didn’t he and I’m sure there was someone else too. You can tell he’s fed up of carrying the team to a certain extent and disappointed we got relegated, But maybe he will go in on Friday and be the main man around the club again, he’s certainly good enough to stand out in league 1. it’s the only shred of hope I’ve got left, if Bannan, Windass, Iorfa etc leave we will be in a relegation scrap with a bunch of kids (if we get to the start of the season)
  9. Famara Diedhiou would score shed loads in this league, zero chance of getting him here I would imagine.
  10. They are probably the highest in the division but at least an ounce of common sense has been applied.
  11. I think this is good enough to at least stabilise in Lge1 Wildsmith Dawson Palmer. Iorfa. Dunkley. ?????? Uroghide Brennan. Borner. Gavlin (If signs) Luongo. Hutchinson. Bannan Hunt. Waldock. Dele Green. Paterson. Windass ????? ???????? ?????? We need some attacking players and a LB but can’t see us signing 10+ players.
  12. Only thing that will go some way to rebuilding any ounce of credibility is MONEY he needs to invest in some quality players to get the fans back on side, pay his bills and put a proper CEO in place. If I was him I’d get a full team of exec people on board to hide behind hopefully win a few games be in the top 6 in September then finally show my face, because the reality is that statement doesn’t wash at all and he will get absolute dogs abuse when fans are back in the ground. It seems he has no desire to leave which if things carry on as they are we could be in serious end of club scenario trouble. what an absolute clusterfcuk!!
  13. Bunch of bottlers as I said after the Cardiff win. We are going to get relegated and I hope we ditch everyone of them
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