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  1. I think they will all be released. With the exception of Penny signing a new contract. Would leave us with Dawson Wildsmith Lees Thorniley Palmer Baker Penney Van Aken FF Bannan Reach Pelupessy Kirby Preston Fletcher Nuhiu Joao Winnall Rhodes (Hopefully a sale or another loan fee) Plus a few more of the kids coming through. Gives us a fairly decent starting 11 next season but not much strength in depth if we are back under an embargo, and still depending on injury prone players. Dawson Palmer. Lees. Thorniley. Penney Pelupessy. Bannan Joao. FF. Reach Fletcher Wildsmith Baker Van Aken Kirby Nuhiu Winnall Get through next season then the rolling 3 years for FFP will be back in our favour and we can have another go at it.
  2. If we could bring in a quality RB that’s all we need realistically with a bit of luck on the injury front
  3. Box_Man

    Almen Abdi

    Imagine this in a few weeks Dawson Lees. Hector. Pudil Lee. Onomah. Bannan. Reach Abdi Joao. FF All out attack from Jos And a bench of....Fletcher, Hooper, Winnall, Matias, Dave, Penney & Wildsmith
  4. Box_Man

    We'll Get Stronger

    Would love to see this 11 against Boro, we are at home let’s take it too them. Dawson Palmer. Lees. Hector. Penney Bannan. Onomah. Reach Joao. Fletcher. FF
  5. Box_Man

    We'll Get Stronger

    We’ll be stronger if Jos stops tinkering about every game with the formation. No issue in rotating players but lets get some identity to our play which should bring a bit more consistency from our performances.
  6. Bring on FF and Nuhiu Dawson Palmer. Lees. Hector. Penney Onomah. Bannan. Reach Joao. Nuhiu. FF Give ourselves a bloody chance Jos!!
  7. We do not need Thorniley and Pudil swap either for FF Painful
  8. Awful And I blame Jos, not only players need a rocket he does too
  9. No style of play, no intensity...Jos no clue
  10. Players don’t look like they have a clue So negative, be amazed if we score today...and Jos picks the team, awful tactics
  11. 6 defenders 1 Striker Awful line up again from Jos Not another team in the league would make the changes we from Wednesday to today. Baffling We go a goal down today and it’s game over
  12. Box_Man

    Keeper comparisons

    We lack leaders, I’m talking about personality traits who put their bodies on the line, even if we are playing rubbish they demand everything, go bat poo crazy when it’s not happening...etc etc, I think Dawson has done great so far, I think Jos has done ok so far BUT Westwood should be the first name on the team sheet, no matter how good Dawson/Wildsmith are or could be we need presence, balls, experience, Irrespective of pay packet or future. I’m all for introducing the kids, showing a path to first team football but sometimes you’ve got to say I need a bit of experience if only from the bench. We are paying the fookers so get them in the squad, what’s the worst that happens, fail...Jos is vindicated, win and he’s seen as the Go to guy. if I was the Manager Westwood gets the nod fot me (And I think Dawson is great)
  13. My main issue...and I’m sure i’ll get negged to death...I’m not after a ranter and raver on the touch line, but 15 mins into the second half you could see what was happening. The players needed a rocket, the fans needed to see some intensity from us but we just stood off them and ticked the clock down. I think Jos has done great so far this season in the main but tonight I think he didn’t change things early enough in the second half, and just doesn’t have that siege mentality persona on the touch line you sometimes need in situations like tonight.
  14. Agree. When we play positively we look good. When we sit off teams we look bloody awful. Leeds are a good side but we are a much better side than that snatch and grab point tonight .
  15. It wasn’t a good performance, we lacked urgency all over the pitch. Just like against Forest we conceded possession happily, persisted in playing out from the back then panicking and giving the ball away. Shape was all wrong, made Leeds look like world beaters, (they are a good side, one of the best we have played, but only due to their intensity) They wanted to win, we were happy to get a point. Negative mentality tonight. They hunted in packs while we left players isolated all game.