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  1. Van Aken

    Not convinced, style over substance for me.
  2. Who is going to defend him now?

    Big game manager HE IS NOT
  3. Carlos Out

    And take his defensive coach with him, the shape of our team is all wrong
  4. 4 goals against

    Van Aken is raw and error prone....and to be honest Tom Lees isn’t the defender some think he is...a reasonable championship centre half nothing more, add Reach who isn’t a defender and Hunt who is average at defending and you’ve got a dodgy back 4. we’ve rode our luck in some games this season...it ran out today
  5. With the current squad I'd go Westwood Hutch. Lees. Loovens Hunt. Lee. Bannan. Boyd Forestieri Rhodes. Hooper. Well at home at least....
  6. We need to be consistent from the off. Signings of Boyd Bartley Hanley Huddlestone Snodgrass And we'd be right up there
  7. How will we ?

    It would be great to add Huddlestone and Hanley and a real pacy right back. That would do us. Burke on loan would be cherry on top stuff. 4-1-3-2 Westwood Wildsmith Dawson Lees. Hanley. Hutchinson. Loovens ????? Reach Hunt. Huddlestone. Pudil Palmer. Jones. Fox Lee. Abdi. Bannan Wallace. Forestieri. Boyd Matais Hooper. Rhodes Winnall. Fletcher Joao. Nuhiu Some squad that.
  8. I think a high quality CB who is mobile and can play the left of a three must be on the shopping list. Westwood Hutchinson. Lees. New CB Hunt. Lee. Bannan. Reach Abdi Hooper. Rhodes Use FF / Wallace / rest of strikers to make an impact from the bench.
  9. Tom Ince

    I think he'd be a great addition, we need width & pace, he would provide it and chip in with goals. sign him up
  10. I must admit I enjoy us being competitive again...however even looking back on this seasons ebbs and flows there were some fans slitting their wrists after every defeat, god help us in the Prem. I want to mix it with the big boys, cause the occasional upset on match of the day, use a few seasons of outrageous amounts of TV money to future proof us with state of the art facilities, developed stadium, something we can all be proud of that in case we did slip back into the champ we are only ever competing at the top end of the table. i'd snap your hand off for 5yrs of bottom half premier league football, I really would.
  11. Sky money

    In comparison I think we get £4.5million for being in the championship plus £100k for every Sky TV home game and £10k for every shown away game.
  12. Sky money

    Worst case scenario for a promoted team... £97 million for finishing bottom of the Prem, 3 years of parachute payments worth 87 million. Season 1 back in champ £40 million season 2 £33 million, season 3 £14 million Plus increase in gate reciepts, pies etc etc you are are looking at close to £200million if not more revenue generated. If you manage to stay up and stabilise it's worth gazillions
  13. Team for Fulham

    Wildsmith Palmer Sasso Semedo Fox McManaman Jones McGugan Buckley Winnall Nuhiu SUBS Dawson O'Grady Hutchinson Emanulson Stobbs Matias Hirst
  14. WWWWWW 6 in a row at the business end.....cannot ask for more. Ladies and gentlemen we are on a flipping roll