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  1. Jos is the man

    He’s not the type of character I would have chosen, this league is a scrap and as a manger I think you need a figure head with a bit of gumption. That said as one of his biggest critics if he’s got us challangeing after 10-15 games next season i’ll Jump on the bandwagon. We need some pace and physicality added this summer sprinkled with a bit of luck on the injury front and we / Jos will be in business
  2. #SWFC - new Injury Update

    Wildsmith Hunt. Venancio. Lees. Thorniley Pelupessy. Jones Reach. Boyd. Forestieri Rhodes
  3. Soft touch

    Physicality and Pace. We still need the 3-4 players since the play off final that we all highlighted. And we are struggling for leaders on the pitch, we’ve got no one who is in the refs ear from the first minute trying to gain small advantages for us, Marshalling the players, trying to rally the troops etc... Jos clearly isn’t doing it sat in the dugout for most of the game so we desperately need a couple of big characters.
  4. We need some fitness and form from our key players, then we will be competitive top 10 team next season, to take the next step and challenge we need 3-4 quality additions, just like we did after the play off final. Westwood Hunt. Lees. ????? ????? Hutch. Bannan Forestieri. Hooper. Reach Joao We need a dominant CB with Van Aken and Venancio as cover We need a Quality pacy LB who can defend and stop crosses We need a midfield beast for when Hutch breaks down A winger with pace and delivery, which we’ve needed for years the above backed up hopefully with a fit Lee, Fletcher, Nuhiu, Matais, Abdi, Pelupessy, Jones, Fox, Palmer will see us go close.
  5. It’s a damn sight more animated than sat on your backside with your arms folded....
  6. Com’on where did I say anything about flapping and screaming If you cannot agree that some calm instructions, guidance and support for your players at periods throughout a 90 minute game of football is of benefit then may as well leave it there.
  7. You are taking the complete other end of the spectrum view on purpose As a manager I would expect at the very least to be ‘managing his players from the technical area’ especially the younger ones. Even more so after some of the starts we’ve had in his tenure. That doesn’t mean ‘going mentalist’ it means managing your team, giving them direction, encouragement, correcting technical issues as they crop up in games, counter acting their tactics...the list is endless. Things happen in games from the first minute to the last, sat in the dug out with his arms folded for the majority of games is poor man management in my view.
  8. Not about waving his arms around....but I’d like to see a bit of direction in the technical area from him. Paul Sturrock was a dour personality yet he would talk to the players through the game, remind them of their tasks, correct positioning odd occasional rant etc etc. He’s been here months now and we’ve had some pretty horrific starts in matches that I would expect him to be right on the touch line even in a calm manner helping support his players. Also with brining in younger players into the first team, it’s his job to help manage them through games, can’t do that sat on his backside with his arms folded in the dugout.
  9. Sean Clare future in doubt

    The club should tell Sean Flair and his representatives that the contract on the table will not be improved, it will also be removed on Monday 7th May, should he not sign before this date he will be released and free to find another club. Clubs have wage structures for a reason, if he signs, performs well becomes a first team regular get round the table and negotiate better terms, as things stand he’s a good prospect nothing more. He is nowhere near as good as he thinks he is #SeanFlair
  10. Hutchinson. Keep or release

    Stupid thread/topic. Hutchinson as with all our other ‘in contract players’ will not be going anywhere. Why should the club pay up their contracts and release them, possibly if they have a few months left of a contract maybe, not full seasons to run, doesn’t make financial sense what so ever. I think some people think in life, if things turn pear shaped you can just rip it up and start again without consequences. Due to the level of wages we have offered and length of contacts signed it will take another couple of seasons to properly refresh this squad. Anyway i’d Keep Hutch better playing for us for 20games a season than a rival simple as that.
  11. Agree. We should be setting up to win every game of football with the best first 11 available until the end of the season. He lacks charisma for me, whether his record says he’s good in Europe or not, i don’t think he suits us as a manager/figure head. Bristol City , Birmingham, QPR, the debacle of that Millwall team selection. Give me major doubts.
  12. Forget big mick

    We haven’t got a big transfer budget, would be my first choice.
  13. Lineup vs QPR

    4-2-3-1 Wildsmith Hunt. Venancio. Lees. Pudil Jones. Pelupessy Joao. Forestieri. Reach Nuhiu
  14. Saint Clare, family estate, sauv Blanc, while watching reruns of the goals numerous times
  15. Adam Reach

    Perfect in a 4-2-3-1 Westwood Hunt. Lees. VA. New RoboHutch. Bannan Forestireri Hooper. Reach Joao