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  1. It's a deliberate nasty action by a bitter little man. What Derby did is as legal as the parachute payments they profited from. I could agree that neither is particularly ethical in terms of fairness, but this league is far from a fair competition. If Gibson wants to buy his ground he can, nothing stopping him. Already shown he does not have the backing of the other clubs, imagine Boro will be about as popular as a dogshit in a hot tub next season.
  2. Pleased with that, thought Preston showed signs of potential, even though he came into a poor side at the time. A season on loan would do them both the world of good. No point playing just another season in the U23's.
  3. Absolutely pathetic. Perhaps he should concentrate on his own club than try to police the league. Just hope the solicitors costs come out of their FFP budget!
  4. Agree, Bruce seems to like him. Still young, one of those types of players someone will take a chance on and sell for £20m in a couple of seasons. Personally, I've not seen it yet, but have to trust Bruce knows what he's doing. After all I though the same when he signed Maguire for Hull
  5. True, but adding in some exciting young premier league loans as others have done in recent seasons can make the difference.
  6. Agree, always a certain amount of spin from clubs and I'm sure agents will have been seeking offers which QPR presumably couldn't match.
  7. Can't say I know too much about him but on the face of it, more good business. Good age, experience and fills a problem position on a free transfer. I like what Bruce seems to be trying to do with recruitment.
  8. Decent player, but his wage will be astronomical. If WBA can't afford him with parachute payments we've got no chance.
  9. Know nothing about him, but looks like he came through the Ajax youth system so good pedigree potentially. Fits the profile we would be looking at.
  10. Not sure there is a great amount of transfer value there anyway. FF potentially, but realistically is anyone going to pay big money for a player in the last year of his contract on big money, approaching 30 whose been stop start for the last 3 seasons. Cardiff maybe now Colin staying? Likewise Fletcher"s age and wage would preclude any decent fee. Nuhiu would bring a nominal fee c£500k, Winnall perhaps the most affordable to generate £1-2m maybe? If I were a betting man, more chance of Nuhiu and Winnall leaving this window, rather than the other two.
  11. He may do, but I'm not so sure. Got the impression he was talking him up to maximise his value.
  12. Begrudgingly agree in the sense I wanted him to do well, but you've right. Assuming he's our top earner on £35k, still 2 years to run? That's easily £2m a year (including employer contributions). Just to get his wage off the books and come out anywhere near break even in respect of any outstanding fee due to Boro would be a result.
  13. Isn't it much more fun debating how DC spends money and arguing over the effectiveness of the near £50m spent already. Oh, for the days of milans £350k bids, our marquee signings being the likes of Jay Bothroyd and of course who can forget that lovely day out at the high court when on the verge of administration.
  14. Probably only worth a tenner. That's why he's having a face on now his parachute payments are ending and he cant cheat using his failure money.
  15. With FFP as it is and no matter how unpalatable, it seems a necessity to be allowed to compete in an increasingly unfair competition. At least it seems we've been one of the few to use the loophole to our advantage before it's closed. Avoids a fire sale, keeps the better players at the club and a real shot at being competitive next season. It is a one off hit though, so we need to get recruitment right. With Bruce I think we will and by putting some infrastructure in place as we have been recently suggests we are approaching it professionally this time round, not just making decisions based on an old copy of FIFA14.
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