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  1. Best put the ground sale in this year then so we start with a £38m profit 😀
  2. Clearly monk staying, so will have my support. But, got me wondering, if we'd not appointed Monk and had we been looking for a manager, wonder whether the reaction to him would be different, considering his experience dealing with a points deduction? It's a relatively unique situation, not many championship managers have experience of.
  3. Plenty more fish in the sea, not disappointed
  4. Not that I think we stand a chance, given the reported competition, but pleased with the profile of player we are looking at. Hopefully the penny has dropped with DC and the two recruitment lads Bruce brought in look to be scouting much better than the Carlos days when we relied on a copy of Fifa 2006.
  5. True, but with 5 x forwards to recruit, dont think GK will be a priority. Strikers win more games than GK's.
  6. I'm torn on this, agree with the thought process. But, at some point have to persist with young players and give them game time to develop.
  7. It's going to be hard, but I also think the league will be weaker at the bottom. Plenty of clubs feeling the financial effect of lockdown, no known return for crowds means potentially less opportunity for bottom teams and those newly promoted to strengthen their squads.
  8. Its crucial we do early business, allow the squad to bond in pre season and hit the ground running. My greatest frustration with DC is that we often leave it to the transfer deadline to bring players in. If players arent available, move on to other targets. More value in having a pre season with us IMO.
  9. They decided to diverge from accepted accounting practice and not accept the stadium sale in the reported years accounts. This therefore led to exceeding P&S for that period, hence mandatory penalty. I don't think its correct, difficult for any club to plan when EFL can interpret financial reporting subject to their own retrospective, unpublished standards. But it is what it is, there is an appeals process up to the club if we use it.
  10. Yes, surely a deal to be done with Wigan in their position. Not a worldbeater, but a team player who contributed more than some in his short time here. Away at QPR in particular showed what he can offer.
  11. Monk hasn't been dealt a good hand, but he hasn't played it well either. I reluctantly came to the thinking that results dictate his position probably untennable. But, it looks like DC is keeping him, so we can stamp our feet and moan on an internet forum or bite the bullit and get behind him for the sake of the club. On the plus side, he knows exactly what is needed to transition this squad, something a new manager would take time to assess. Also worth considering it took almost 10 weeks to replace Bruce, wasting last season and can't afford that next season. Clutching at straws somewhat, but Monk won 11 points in his first 6 games, its DC's gamble now that he can recreate that form.
  12. We've done that, sold Joao for good money and released just about every senior high earning player whose contract has expired in the last 2 years. Also been extremely frugal in our recruitment. Not much else we could have done!
  13. I'd like to think we can appeal. Even so, we now know -12 points a worse case scenario. To put that in perspective it took us 6 games to get 12 points from the start of last season, in Monks first 6 games we picked up 11 points. I'd like to think we are a team, who should be aiming for 62+ points anyway.
  14. Agree, but we've got Bannan, Luongo, Palmer, Iorfa, Harris, Lees and Borner an experienced player. Add in Murphy if we get him back and Windass means we have experienced players around the place. I've left out Reach and Rhodes as I'll think they'll be gone if we get any kind of offer.
  15. Agree, the season was wasted the minute Bruce walked last summer. Let's hope we get the Monk pre Christmas, than post Christmas. A lot depends on the backing of DC though, not only to overhaul the squad, but to add to the coaching staff.
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