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  1. Dont get me wrong, I'd take promotion under any circumstances, but.... For the money only, I genuinely wouldn't go to as many games. It's hard enough in the championship making a 6 hour round trip to watch us not have possession of the ball, not score and invariably lose. Strange as it may seem, I like the hope at the start of the season aiming for promotion. I'd find it a bit of a let down aiming to be the 4th worst team as the pinnacle of our season.
  2. It's always been the case that EPL clubs hoover up the best youth players I agree, but United? I accept they had a purple patch of developing youth players and selling for good money, but who have they developed in recent seasons through their academy? I'd also suggest that as our academy was all but non existent for decades, their success was by default, rather than design, being allowed to cherry pick what was left of local talent in the absence of any real competition. . Now we're getting our act together and some success at youth level, things will improve after years of under investment in the academy, going back to the days of Dave Richard's.
  3. No, couldn't give a throw about the Premier League and difficult to get excited about any games behind closed doors. Its not football for me without fans. Suspect I'll be as interested as I am in pre-season because that's effectively what it is. Games with no atmosphere and little point, with many teams having nothing to play for and players running out of contract.
  4. Clean slate in terms of mass clear out, yes. Time to look to the future, not the past.
  5. Surprised if only 1 year, cant see his wages breaking the bank and had some good experience in Germany at a decent standard of football Wouldn't blame him if he looked elsewhere for more security, at this point in his career.
  6. Gary Lineker shat himself on the pitch. Not our player I know, but still....
  7. I find it difficult to be interested in behind closed door games. It's a glorified training match.
  8. To me as a young boy in the early 80's he was. Added to, the classic Bukta kit and magnificent curly mullet, he was god like to me as a 5 year old fan, marauding down the wing. That said, Nilsson the best RB I've had the pleasure to watch (but Mel second)
  9. Me too, always thought Simek was a good player for us. Went downhill quickly though, injury as I recall? It's a tough ask to compare to Roland though, none since even come close. In fact, going back would only put Mel Sterland in the same bracket as Nilsson.
  10. Cant see being forced to incur the additional cost of loan players, without being compensated by EFL. Presume we've been paying them since lockdown started anyway. Despite the apparent wish to play on, I dont see the majority of Championship clubs wanting to incur further losses to put on pointless games in empty stadiums. All the talk of finishing the season is testicles. Unfit teams, depleted squads and no fans is not football I recognise, it's just sad, desperate and obviously purely a matter of retaining TV money.
  11. It was a cracking goal! That season, playing games will do him the world of good. There is a player in there, I think he .was ruined by being moved around the pitch (ironically) by Jos in his time here. Had he been kept at LB think he would have not lost confidence and form being moved to being a winger and bizarrely in one game as I recall a forward!? Expect. him and Fox to re-sign and battle it out for the LB spot. Opportunity is there for him to be a regular starter.
  12. Can understand both sides, but football is a team sport and an individual has to work in a team. By his own admission, Hutchinsom has been outspoken and can understand how that has rubbed some people up the wrong way. I can also understand a few players being miffed if he doesn't train every day like they have to and him being picked over them. That said, for a couple of seasons, he was an important player for us. Had to go through a lot in his career and fully respect the mental struggles he's had and how he's overcome them. I'll miss playing Hutchinson yellow card bingo, but the time is right to move on.
  13. Couldn't agree more and not just those 2. We have an opportunity to breath life and energy into this squad, overdue by about 2 seasons. We simply can't shoot ourselves in the foot by re-signing players we know aren't good enough.
  14. Indeed, a simple majority of 51% sets a low bar. For the majority, there is little to play for aside from the 9 at either end of the league. That leaves 15 with nothing to play for and I'd be astonished if any of the current bottom half wanted to risk a relegation scrap, Hull's leaked letter to EFL to void, perhaps indicative of how a few more may vote. Irrespective, there will be no matchday income so assume purely a loss making exercise to jump through hoops to put on pointless games in empty stadiums. Unless the EFL have many millions stashed away to compensate clubs?
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