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  1. Fixed it, a dinosaur and cant stand the man and his stupid flipping hat.
  2. Absolutely, Coleman a definite no. Managers out of work are unemployed for a reason. We have opportunity to build something now. Cook, Stendel, Cowley the type of managers we should be thinking of, not out of work has beens with only tenuous flirtation with success 5 or 10 years ago. If the shortlist is accurate, Stendel is my choice .
  3. I think midfield is still weak. Defence done if we get Hector, but still lacking wide midfield cover and CM options. I think we would like a different option up front with pace, but dependent on someone leaving first . We're not far away, but still need 2 or 3 in and some moving out to balance.
  4. Someone spread the word down in Bristol that he is awesome, big , strong, puts himself about, a real grafter and has all his own teeth. £8m would be a real bargain
  5. Hopefully just baseless paper talk. Cant say I'm particularly motivated to make the 6 hour round trip to a game to watch a team managed by any of those. I was temporarily contemplating Rowett the other day, but that quickly passed. Monk is tainted right now with the allegations of impropriety and Coleman, just NO.
  6. I like Bullen, just don't see him as a manager, he himself admitted the same after his last stint and don't see what's changed. Short term capable, but not on a permanent basis for me, but would like to see him stay on in the backroom team. Seems nothing coming out of the club, hence the only information is rumours and the odd tenner placed affecting betting markets. We've had almost a week to plan for Bruce's departure since the news broke last weekend. I'd like to think something happens early next week.
  7. My opinion; he knew the score when he joined, set out his demands and DC complied and gave him what he wanted, full control, backroom staff, upgraded his office etc As soon as Rafa left, Bruce was into Newcastle begging for the job. Once they had worked through their shortlist (and a few others) to a point they were desperate, he was considered. I think DC has come out of this with dignity and dont see any blame other than Bruce pursuing his own personal agenda, as he has done all his career.
  8. Not a chance he'll leave Bristol right now.
  9. What happens if they want to tuck their shirts in? It'll just say DYPOWER Or If they signed Cattermole with his high short line just WER!
  10. Perhaps an unpopular view, but I don't think Jokanivic is worth the money. Had a couple of good seasons, now earning a handsome living on the back of it, having abandoned any footballing ambitions to prove himself in competitive leagues.
  11. All irrelevant, were not interested in him. Neither would anyone else be I imagine. His career ended when he went to some obscure Belgium club to facilitate Leicester's manipulation of the youth market.
  12. Far from my first choice, but available and must have something about him to be courted by decent Championship clubs. On the plus side, he knows the league and you never know might just be the right fit, things might click like at Birmingham. If Hughton doesnt want to come, dont think we should be begging and cant see DC pursuing an in work manager, considering the impact its had on us, losing our manager. He's never done so before, so unlikely.
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