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  1. striker


    Sad but true.
  2. striker

    Hutch will start at RCB

    Wouldn't disagree with that makes sense and reduces the physical expectations on hutch compared with covering ground in midfield
  3. Derby had 3 bids rejected for Jack Marriot who looks like ending up there, his club asking £6m+ they've also signed Josefzoon for £2.5m, two good loans from top Premier league teams and kept Vydra....thought they had FFP issues and needed to sell like us? Villa too with the recent investment seem under less pressure to sell and FFP all of a sudden less important. Is it only us and Birmingham that actually have to comply with FFP?
  4. Too right, pleased for him though, obviously off the pace last year but still a top pro and will give them the benefit of his experience.
  5. Would be a good signing. If this is in the pipeline, surprised the Palmer to bolton rumour didn't have more legs.
  6. striker

    If Sean Clare did a UTurn

    Sure I read recently it was quoted that he was still recovering from injury. As it stands his contract has expired I presume so up to him what he does, so unlikely any news out of the club on his injury as no longer our player.
  7. striker

    If Sean Clare did a UTurn

    I don't know the implications re compensation, but it's a fine balancing act, compensation isn't likely to be significant...do we want to commit x thousand pounds per week on a young player, who is injured, spent all summer trying to get fixed up with another club and chose to train away on his own with no pre season under his belt. Maybe the offer can be withdrawn and replaced with an offer commensurate to his previous contractual terms given he chose to let the contract expire, to protect any compensation? We don't owe him a living, he is welcome to leave for me.
  8. striker

    Strength of the squad

    I get that and it's a good point, but sometimes clubs have luck which Cardiff had elements of last season, like Blackpool and to a certain extent Huddersfield in previous years. Their promotions were a perfect storm of reasonably consistent team selections, form and competitor incompetence. Think we stand as good a chance as any but not among the favourites by any means. Jos can only work with what he has it seems and however good he may be, he has some obvious gaps in the squad.
  9. Looks like you are right, well apart on valuation according to Nixon. Looks like the Blunts bidding big in the knowledge it isn't going to be accepted so they can say the tried.
  10. striker

    If Sean Clare did a UTurn

    Honestly couldn't care less about him, given the delay assume he wants to be elsewhere , which is fine, let's maximise the pittance of compensation we could get and invest in the squad...other youth players who want to be here for example.
  11. To be fair, this poster does have a good track record of ITK information.
  12. £5m for waghorn, that's crazy! Ipswich taking the wee wee there (well done)....and we thought they couldn't afford winnall, £5m will do nicely thank you and they might even have him fit for Christmas
  13. Nursed through his first season with us, which was his best in terms of games played for some years, broke down completely last season. Now wrong side of 30, not played for 7/8 months, unlikely to feature v Mansfield so will get at best 45 minutes against villareal to start the season which means he is unlikely to be immediately available. Hope he is fit and available because he is a good quality player, but have my doubts and think his age and previous injuries will ultimately catch up with him.
  14. striker

    Strength of the squad

    It's a comfortable mid table squad, defensively too weak and lacking creativity from wide areas to compete for promotion.