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  1. I'd think it would be. If it gets to a hearing, supposed to be an independent panel? EFL have a history of appealing their own independent panel's adjuducations, so presume we could have a go too.
  2. None the wiser, I know Doom but dont know who the others are. Says Reach academy?.... Adam?
  3. Often happens, but surely putting himself in the shop window for a contract elsewhere. As long as we benefit for the last dozen or so games.
  4. I can understand if DC looking for an exit, considering recent events and his comments at the last fans forum. Personally, I dont dislike DC, met him at one of the fan forums, he was a nice bloke and while not ignoring faults and decisions I disagree with, believe he tries best and has certainly put the money in. My hope is that if a credible rumour, it's a planned sale and not a fire sale, which would attract obscure Azerbaijan businessmen or TV aerial fiddlers.
  5. Oh well, at least we scored some goals and didn't lose. Hopefully the better second half performance and return of Fox and Fletcher gives us some momentum to take into the Charlton game.
  6. "That's him there Bully, used to do your job for me at Birmingham. What he doest know is that I did a poo in his office at half time!"
  7. Get in, flipping come on now, we need 3 points to get us back on track
  8. Agree. Won't turn round such a bad run overnight, but need a positive result today and reintroducing Fox and Fletcher will give us a lift
  9. Think he's just delighted getting on the pitch, a trier but he's just not up to Championship standard.
  10. Well, at least we've scored some goals. Some progress.
  11. Suspect we're trying to play Birmingham at their own counter attacking game with the onus on them to make something happen as the home side. Be interesting to see how our attacking game plan plays out, surely were not still relying on hoofball.
  12. Well it's different. Surely a departure from booting it up to a target man. There's pace in the front 3 and FF as likely as anyone to score. Just need to make sure they stay up the pitch.
  13. Based on nothing more than we've won away at Monk's other previous clubs, Boro and Leeds and these curious patterns seem to happen in football, I'm going 1-2 Wednesday.
  14. Defeat most likely, a win preferred but suppose a draw away would stop the rot. Dont see us keeping a clean sheet, but also dont see where a goal is coming from. That said, we've had a week on the training pitch and Monk usually pulls something out of the bag against former teams away from home, so I'll cling to that hope. 1-2 Wednesday
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