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  1. Let's see where we are after the next two games. Realistically we need to be 12 points better than Rotherham and Wycombe, who I expect to be bottom 3.
  2. I'm not particularly confident. Hopefully Lees, Iorfa and Brown will be available. It would be nice if we could look like we are interested in trying to score goals, but after the last two games, have significantly lowered my expectations. I'll pay my Tenner, support the club, but expect to be disappointed.
  3. I think those backing Monk are in the minority. I do try, but find it increasingly difficult. He doesn't have much goodwill left from last season's results. Rightly or wrongly, they are a factor and we have a team looking increasingly like a mirror image of last year as the games pass.
  4. I'm afraid in football terms it's getting there. In theory shouldn't be a problem, but in the last two games I just don't see players busting a gut to win back the ball or get into the opposition box. It's getting a lot like watching us go through the motions, like last season, to be seen to be trying to do something but with no real conviction or purpose. It can't be attitude, because we signed players with the right attitude we were told? And with age comes experience which should give tactical discipline, nous and some football intelligence?
  5. It occurred to me after Saturday that this promise was one of my main reasons for optimism this season. Having watched the team struggle to play two games in a week while maintaining any sort of tempo or energy to close down the opposition, got me wondering. A cursory glance at our starting line up on Saturday has an average age of 27. The youngest player was Dawson at 25. If I recall correctly, we've only signed two players under 25? I get the need for experience, particularly in our predicament. But, we are quickly reverting to type, not clos
  6. So much for a younger, more dynamic team. After a good start with FDB, Brown we seem to be reverting to type, filling the squad with players 26-31 (which in football terms is old)...maybe why we can't play two games a week and look knackered again at the end of games.
  7. Exactly, DC invested in Monk so he will be here until a point we are in real danger of relegation. Christmas likely to be the earliest point by which DC may panic I expect, depending on results.
  8. We don't really create much and already started playing two of them (Windass and Kachunga) in midfield at times, as well as our current wing back, ex winger as a forward at times. Our lack of creativity, movement is concerning. Without the ball, our forwards do close down, but with it fairly static. We just don't seem to have a clue. Opening day games are always a bit different and scoring early helped. The second goal from a set piece. The other game we won with a penalty, without that we didn't really look like scoring and lack of ability to score led to an unecessa
  9. Not seen enough of Brown, but Iorfa and Luongo key defensive players. For a team who don't know how to attack, losing these players means we start conceding goals and therefore losing games.
  10. I don't see us picking up many points if they're not
  11. What happened to the dynamic, high press football I thought we were going to play? As games go by we get deeper and slower, looking more like last season's team
  12. Undoubtedly a big player for us, but thought he was poor today. Shirked a few tackles and looked slow in his decision making. It's a fair point, when Bannan plays subconsciously allows others to hide a little as it's an easy ball to give it to Bannan to absolve responsibility, expecting him to create something. To be fair, he usually is our creative outlet, but an off day today.
  13. It would be the most Wednesday thing ever
  14. Yep, hence can't afford to gift points to relegation rivals.
  15. The expected minimum ppg needed to stay up considering the points deduction is 1.3 points per game. 10 games in gives a reasonable guide to how the season will go, so need at least 5 points from the next 3 games.
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