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  1. Agree, in this market where fees are scarce, can buy a GK rather than loan one for that, if necessary and paying fees. Just hope we haven't wasted all summer waiting for a GK we perhaps knew was unattainable and replace that interest with a panic signing.
  2. I don't mind being sustainable, not one bit, but it's almost impossible to achieve building from such a low base of having no assets of value, such is the extent to which Chansiri has run down the football side of things. With any business venture, there needs to be an element of speculation and investment. What's gone before has been wasted, it's like starting a new.
  3. That's why I don't like it, much prefer stripes on the back, shame because I do like the front.
  4. I would (and I realise were in L1). He's always been an injury waiting to happen, anyone signing him now without a pre season is lunacy....just a matter of watching him disintegrate like dunking a digestive in a cup of tea as soon as he set foot on a pitch. Had a couple.of good seasons, got his move and earned enough to see him right. But as far as a football career is concerned, he hasn't really had one. I don't think we owe him anything, whichever league were in based on a decent loan spell several years ago.
  5. Agree with this. I like Moore but it is blindingly obvious that we need proper strikers, not midfielders or right backs, proper centre forwards who know the role. IMO need at least one experienced striker plus another one or two as back up. Adedoyin, at a push, might fulfil a back up role as third choice, but not seen enough of him, injured almost all last season and injured again. Although if I were pick a position for him, would be as a wide player in the forward three anyway. I'm not having the argument that Paterson is a striker, nothing against him but never whilever I've got a hole in my arse is he a striker, not in a million years. Our stunning free flowing attacking football and bagful's of goals tells it's own story about our goal threat. Managed a goal against Celtic's under 23's, 3 goals against non league outfits but never looked remotely close to scoring against championship opposition. That suggests right now, our attacking threat is non league standard (at best)
  6. Surely, all ST holders should be guaranteed entry and assume that's why sale of tickets has been controlled to date. Possibly not so good for POTG fans like me, waiting for Doncaster and Fleetwood tickets to be released, so I can arrange travel and book hotels. That said, we've got a stadium which hold almost 40,000 and only likely to be just over half full at best for most games. Potentially not great if prevented from attending by a third party, SAG (who, lets be fair, have been ******** for years). Presume ifollow not an option, as no government restrictions on entry?
  7. No, dont like them, sorry. Not a purist as such, but IMO should have stripes on the back of home shirts, not a big block of white and hate the away shirt. Doesn't spoil my enjoyment of the game, but won't be buying either.
  8. Astonishing really that we still haven't got at least one ST on the books or a a GK who can catch. The cup game is probably a write off now, no great loss given league priorities, but only a couple of weeks to the kick off proper. Surely we need people in for Port Vale to give them some game time (and using Huddersfield as another warm up game)
  9. There are a lot of things which should happen in football, but won't because of ££££. For the same reason, the government aren't going to rock the boat. The report may identify the right changes, but there won't be any appetite for robust governance to implement. A bit of tinkering round the edges maybe to appease the masses with smoke and mirrors.
  10. Agee, definitely more forward options, proper centre forwards needed urgently. No goals in that team, don't think we need 5 defenders on the pitch with 2 deep lying midfielders, or a right back up front. I'd prefer Adeniran in midfield in a 433 (and almost not worth botheirng playing a centre forward or GK with the options we've got) Lots of work to do.
  11. Improves the team, not in the areas we need, but never the less, welcome back. Good signing.
  12. Maybe more to do with Swansea handing out good contracts using parachute money, but how that's gone, they are skint and why Cooper jumped ship. I think Swansea want a permanent transfer, in which case a non starter, moved before on loan probably with a percentage wage contribution making it more affordable.
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