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  1. Has promise, gives us something different and Bruce seems to like him, so if it's possible think a deal would be done. Could also see a deal for Lazaar as he seems out of favour at Newcastle too.
  2. I'm not concerned about a points deduction, another pathetic embargo imposed by the clowns at the EFL would do more damage. I dont think the EFL are fit for purpose and this stupid FFP/P&S system fundamentally flawed. Any system that seeks to restrict clubs with money spending, while making competitiveness untenable otherwise by being complicit in inflating costs, due to acceptance and light governance of parachute payments is ridiculous. To emphasise my point, us, Birmingham where stopped from signing players, while the EFL gladly ratified Bolton signing 18+ players last summer even though the financial problems were evident, players not paid and a pre season game cancelled.
  3. All I know for certain is that FFP/P&S as it stands is testicles. Fine in principle but in practice unfit for purpose. Needs increasing to a realistic limit or scrapping.
  4. If I were DC I'd go mental in the summer assembling a promotion squad, assuming we aren't embargoed (in which case we may as well give up).....factor in the points deduction, which will be 6 points by the time Brum have appealed and watch the EFL poo themselves trying to find a good time to try and deduct points when were firmly in the promotion mix.
  5. That's a great result for them if true, no real danger of going down and free to spend next season.
  6. It's a Bruce traight, likes big, powerful, pacey players. Nothing wrong with that, sprinkled with a Bannan or two we'll be looking good.
  7. Completely agree, but we've nothing else. That goes for Bannan too, either of these out and our midfield is awful.
  8. Let's just hope two weeks is enough time to recover. Along with Westwood, he contributed to the right balance in the team which has delivered so many clean sheets. If he's not fit will be Joey, seems to be Bruce's back up.
  9. They've no defenders, we've limited attackers so nailed on for a 0-0. As that would be terribly dull, will stick my neck out for a 2-1 win in the hope Fletcher plays, otherwise could be a long afternoon, considering Winnall not ready for more than half an hour and our only other options are Nuhiu or Boyd shuffling about chasing shadows.
  10. First time this season I've got a score prediction right! Dodgy first half, finished with a moment of quality. Professional second half, pleased for Aarons to get on the score sheet. Can't ask for more than that, 2 good goals, a clean sheet and 3 points.
  11. We've been poor, but fair play, that was an excellent goal. Well done lads.
  12. Very poor first half so far, Bolton are poo and so are we. We've showed glimpses of being able to create, but can't control the ball.
  13. About as good a team as we could have put out. Pleased with two up front, keeps them busy and we may have some attacking intent. Needs a fast start now to put them under pressure from the off.
  14. I don't see what Boyd offers other than to fill a shirt, run round and try to close down players. I get that he's a team player, but doesn't offer enough. Winnall for me if fit, with probably Nuhiu if Fletcher out. If not I'd be tempted to put Palmer right side of a midfield 3, Fox back at LB with a Aarons and Reach alongside Nuhiu to use the space he creates.
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