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  1. Good player, but not irreplaceable. Think £10m is low, if they come back with a reasonable offer, worth considering. The very best teams sell players, at the right time, for the right money. We should approach our transfer business in the same way. We're a mid table team with or without reach, a sale of £12m+ could give us the resources to challenge next season.
  2. Up to Rhodes to force his way into the team, Right choices today by Monk. Winnall looked bright and scored, Nuhiu came on and held the ball up well to close out the game. I do think if we persist with 442, it's Rhodes best chance to get into the team though.
  3. Looked much better, seemed a player whose job was simplified....go on and try to score goals. If were sticking with 442 would like to see him get a run of games, with reach replacing Murphy out wide.
  4. A functional away performance, could tell we'd been working on shape and the players knew their jobs. Still concede possession and play too deep for my liking, but looked dangerous in the limited attacking moves we had. Really pleased for Winnall, he looked much better up front when he came on and got a good goal. Against a very poor Huddersfield team, job done, but lots of work still to do if we've aspirations of moving further up the league.
  5. Makes sense, been working with him all week. Bates been with Scotland?
  6. Intriguing game, one we should win looking at the table, but form goes out of the window after an international break, not to mention both teams have new managers Head says a hard fought 1-1, but I'll go with my heart today which says a 1-3 win to Wednesday.
  7. Sky have the attention span of a 5 year old child. Cowleys appointment is the most recent, therefore the only one they recognise considering they're only interested in the premier league
  8. My feelings too, looked a shadow of the player he was since he came back from injury. Of course, playing him in midfield and on the wing didn't help It's the wednesday way to have two proven goalscorers of the calibre of winnall and Rhodes in the squad, neither of whom can get a game never mind buy a goal.
  9. Agree, confident performance and looks relaxed. If that confidence is transferred to the team, playing aggressive, attacking football on the front foot, I'll be pleased.
  10. Agree. Very early to be making decisions, but the squad needs freshening up. We're not very good at selling players, so the only opportunity to do this is at contract expiry. Expect another purge like this last summer.
  11. Agree with that, we always look better playing in the opposition half.
  12. Seems given a choice of us or Huddersfield, wanted to come to us. When we didn't follow up our interest and appointed Monk Huddersfield back in the frame. Seems strange huddersfield have now become the perfect opportunity, but money talks after all and don't begrudge them a move up the leagues. Their stock isn't going to get any higher, particularly with the limited resources at lincoln and now starting to lose games. On reflection, think Monk is the better choice, not won anything, but neither have the Cowleys managed above league 1 never mind the premier league. We've also saved a good few quid on compensation. Very happy with what we have in Monk, will be interesting to see if the Cowleys live up to the hype (after Sunday of course)
  13. Agree it doeasnt sound good, but then we've only heard one side of the story. Furthermore, we have a recruitment department, which DC has the final say and I'm sure this issue was discussed and his agent won't be involved. Also, depending on who you speak to we've got no money anyway due to FFP, and/or Doyen already have a vice like grip on leaching money from the club.
  14. Some good points, yes I wanted Cowley, but not blinded by their inexperience at this level or style of play. In the cold light of day, comparing to Monk, we have a manager experienced in the championship and premier league. Both similar age, both good man managers and monks style of football considered to be more attractive. Weve also saved £1m on compensation which can be spent on the squad in January (just as long as we don't let monks agent near it) A good week with the lads on the training pitch and I'm very much looking forward to seeing how we perform next time out at huddersfield. All in all, I think weve got what most wanted, a young forward thinking manager, with championship experience, who gets the best out of players and tries to play good football.
  15. I'd go 6.5/10. Monk is a young manager, with Premier league and championship experience who has inherited a better squad than we had last year. My only point of confusion, is why we waited 2 months, if he was the best candidate and available.Still, appointed now so hopefully we'll see some good football and consolidate around the play off positions.
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