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  1. Exactly. My point of view: The player has not signed a contract, seems clear he intends to move at the end of his current deal to chase the money. cant blame him for that in today's football climate but similarly why should the club give him a shirt over another young player who is committed to the club. Why would the club waste time and resources developing a player who is leaving in a few months, where the club have decided there is little financial reward (over and above what they expect to achieve at tribunal) in doing so.
  2. The cc doubters

    My thoughts too, think most wanting a change can see the bigger picture and we all share a common hope that we do well, but lost confidence that Carlos can deliver, especially when pressure is on to get a result at the business end of the season. We are capable of isolated good performances, Leeds before the last international break for example, but consistency in performance and results has not been right. I hope CC and the team can progress with a long winning streak continuing from the momentum of the last two results, I would much rather be enjoying good football than moaning.

    No changing goalposts, I called this season after the Preston game and has panned out as predicted. Our season will continue in the same manner as the first 14 games unless a change is made, clap away as much as you want. I've set out the reasons for Carlos to be replaced many times, I have been very consistent about from the end of last season.

    The pattern doesn't change, consistent under performance, forgettable performances interspersed with the occasional ground out win and one or two rays of light a season like Leeds. Grateful for last nights 3 points, but doesn't change anything, CC is not getting the best from the players he has and needs to be replaced. The odd 3 points merely damage us in one sense, as it prologues his tenure until DC's hand is forced by league position and dropping revenue, considering he is so blind to what we have to watch week in week out. I hate having a hollow feeling, even after we win, knowing it counts for very little in the grand scheme as we have no plan in place. It's OK the club talking about promotion, but this really is pie in the sky, they ought to concentrate on the here and now, having a look at the performances on the pitch and then understanding why fans consider they are a joke with talk of promotion. Would much rather they be honest and say Carlos is untouchable, irrespective of performances, results and will be here until the summer (not my preference but appears DC plan), promotion this season is unlikely so we are just playing out the season to adhere to our obligation to fulfil fixtures. In the summer. we will change management and plan for a promotion campaign next season.
  5. In hindsight...

    It's a decent Championship side. We have the tools available to be a competitive top 6 Championship team, 2 or 3 players away from challenging top 2. We have unperformed on a consistent basis since the end of last season.
  6. Tonight’s performance

    Not been tonight so reluctant to comment, just pleased we have won 3 points. Long term, my opinion hasn't altered with one win, nothing will change until the manager is changed, we are a comfortable mid table team.
  7. Welcome 3 points, pleased for Rhodes
  8. Increases his value when we sell him
  9. Delighted for Rhodes, should start to build his confidence
  10. Great start, lets keep it going and go forward for a second goal
  11. Difficult to be enthusiastic about this one, we have a team capable of winning comfortably, maybe we will, maybe we won't....dont have any expectations really. Can't be arsed with a score prediction
  12. I'm not going again until Carlos goes. I live 200 miles away so eay to be disciplined, but had I still lived closer maybe I would give in to temptation. Never criticise anyone for not going though, everyone is entitled to support the club as they wish and everyone doesn't need to be in the ground to be a fan. Maybe empty seats will get the message across to DC.
  13. Fair comment, I was in the North and was pretty full, but looking out I saw lots of empty seats and Barnsley didn't fill their end. Didn't feel like a 27k crowd to me, but matters not. Good luck to all those venturing out on a cold Tuesday to watch us against Millwall, however many of you there are!
  14. Beres to the rescue...

    I live down south so factoring in ticket prices, travel, hotel and of course the sandwiches its a dear do. I usually try to get to a dozen games a season, but already decided before the weekend that Barnsley would be my last until CC is gone. I'll miss the Beres sandwiches though!