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  1. Really? Notwithstanding a miracle has to happen before that's a reality, can anyone see this team prevailing in a crucial game and not bottling it.
  2. While of course I want us to stay up (but won't happen)...the problem with that is Chansiri will rush to re sign a lot of this shower of poo again on new contracts and we'll just be back in this position again next season.
  3. Sometimes I've enjoyed watching us play football under Moore, that in itself is a monumental improvement on Monk, Pulis.
  4. Just picking up on Chansiri's comments again on CEO type roles, It's not that we want to duplicate workload, rather the person doing the job currently, be that him or his puppet Paxo, neither are any good and proved grossly incompetent. As for considering ticket prices around a principle of breaking even, is he having a laugh? (See above, regarding the competence of those running the club and likelihood finances will be managed diligently)
  5. Agree, needs some proper robust governance, whether that's an official regulator or not, this collective momentum should be used for positive change. I highly suspect the media (in particular Sky) will go back into hiding and the status quo will return, following a wet lettuce of a government review.
  6. Thankfully that's over, we can now return to the hypocrisy and apparent morally acceptable greed and self interest of the Premier League. Talking of hypocrisy, maybe Sky will reflect on this having spent the last 48hrs scrambling for the moral high ground, talking about heritage of football, the importance of fans, while being well aware they turbo charged this culture of greed, themselves changed the dynamic of football for their own ends and blackmail clubs to accept terms, often without any thought for fans. FIFA and UEFA don't come out of this well either. Both bes
  7. Not getting excited. We've been here dozens of times before. Another 45 minutes for us to fizz it up yet
  8. Not many games left, this shower of poo can soon be disbanded
  9. If the clubs want to force this through, it needs to be separated, like rugby union and league. Players shouldn't be allowed to cross codes. The players then have a choice of which format they want to play in. Also, without full access, as they have now, being able to buy the best players and buy up all the youth, how is ESL going to be an elite league. Be like the Chinese league, all revolves around money wholly and entirely.
  10. They won't. Phone in on 5live this morning and I heard outraged Chelsea and Spurs fans, absolutely fuming with rage....then asked if they would watch the new ESL, their answer was yes, of course they would, it's their club!!
  11. One thing I am intrigued by is Sky whining about it, trying to take the moral high ground....just because they are no longer the big boys who can buy the sport, like they have done since they supported the foundation of the EPL. At some point Sky are going to have to crawl out if the arses of the 'big six' and acknowledge other clubs exist. The fate of football now rests with how Sky choose to approach broadcast rights with the 'new' football pyramid without those clubs. Do they follow through on their apparent outrage to avoid damage to football or do they damage it themselves by
  12. Wonder if the collective football world can restrict the use of the word football, make them call it soccer
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