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  1. Compared to the money going to the Premier league and the increasing strength of the Championship, doesn't seem a good deal to me. Would be nice to see the club's take a stand and will be interesting who holds the balance of power. With due respect, without the Championship clubs the EFL have a significantly diminished product, much the same way they have devalued the league cup into a reserves competition. PL2 will be inevitability within the near future and we should be looking to be involved.
  2. striker

    Final finish

    15th to 18th is our level based on what I've seen so far this season
  3. striker

    How many games...

    Too many....really hoped we would have learned from the CC debacle.
  4. If Jos sees the season out we might just scrape over 50, maybe 52 if I had to put a number on it but with a swift change in manager think this squad is capable of mid to late 60's.
  5. striker

    Jokanovic Anyone.

    Good manager and maybe the type of 'name' which may attract DC who seems oblivious to British options. I would love to see big Mick get the job but in all honesty Jokanovic is probably a step up and has recent success. Both better than Jos.
  6. striker

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    Don't think we will be relegated but make no mistake we are in a relegation battle considering our form and league position. My opinion is Jos should be replaced asap. I accept the circumstances he inherited but struggle to see improvement, there are teams with worse squads, budgets doing better and aside from the abysmal entertainment on the pitch and constant rotation, there is little evidence suggest Jos is anything other than a lower midtable manager. Crucial run of winnable games coming after Derby, important we put some distance between us and the bottom 3.
  7. Good for the 15, about time someone stood up to the inept EFL. Not sure who holds the balance of power, will be interesting but with respect to league 1 and 2, without more than half the Championship the EFL don't have a product and without meaningful promotion and relegation the Premier League becomes less attractive. Made me laugh about the caraboa cup though, who gives a poo about that, it's been devalued into a reserve competition now.
  8. striker

    Did Jos look nervous to you?

    Saw that, looked very strange. Lets be fair, he's a dead man walking who needs to be put out of his misery. Seems DC has not learned from keeping CC past his useful date.
  9. striker

    Jos out

    This is a great point, negating the mitigation of available squad in Jos' defence, considering what Gray had to work with.. .and the ironic thing is Gray was sacked in return for attractive, attacking football and look where we are now.
  10. striker

    The 'pen'

    It was a penalty, but a soft one. Players crossing and their lad couldn't wait to take a dive. Didn't see much intent to foul but there was the lightest of contact. If the other way round, we would have been shouting for a pen. Only difference is, it probably wouldn't have been awarded knowing our penalty award success rate.
  11. Don't disagree, but on that point genuinely don't know what we're working towards. I struggle to see a plan, especially when we constantly change personnel and the way we set up each and every game by being so reactive. Its great we've brought young players through and deserves credit, but at what cost to their development to play the anti football we saw last night.
  12. striker

    Jos out

    Needs to go, hopefully DC recognises that and acts, probably won't though. Wonder how many will be happy when we park the bus at home to derby next time out?
  13. We did well by playing everyone except Fletcher in our own defensive third, getting in the way of the ball and booting it out of play when we could. A point is welcome, but the performance poor, appalling in possession and zero attacking intent
  14. striker

    To the Jos out brigade

    Nothing has changed my mind needs to go. The point is welcome but only one team wanted to win tonight. Keeping him in place only delays the inevitable and misses opportunity to give a new man time with the squad over the international break.
  15. striker


    Shows how far the bar has fallen. Ok, a draw away in a derby is a decent result, but to be fair we've been hammered in all but result, while accepting results obviously important wasn't great. I've watched my team play 9 in defence, spending most of the game in our own 18 yard box, hardly venturing into the opposition half, never mind carrying a genuine goal threat