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  1. There is a long way to go, expect we will have ups and downs before the end of the season. I suspect we won't see the best of JL until the summer. Expect big changes and a stronger, fitter, faster and extremely organised team to be unleashed next year.
  2. New scout/coach?

    Genuinely excited about the direction we seem to be heading, even at this early stage in JL's tenure. Bringing in players in their early 20's who are established in their current teams, with 100+ games under their belt and development potential, for reasonable fees seems to be a sustainable recruitment model. Let's be realistic, we cannot attract the top youth talent, i.e. 18-21 as Premier league clubs hoover them all up to see what sticks talent wise. Picking them off a few years later, once they have kick started their career and gained some first team experience is a wise strategy and much rather this than pay big money for established players dropping down from the Premier League.
  3. Butterfield

    When he joined, thought he could be a good signing, had seen him play a few times (albeit some years ago) and thought he looked decent. However, probably suffering the Carlos hangover but he has been very disappointing. Both he and Jones v Burton in particular were clueless. To his credit, despite being completely gash and giving away a penalty, still ran and made an effort. Just seems completely shot of any confidence and unsure of what his role is.
  4. In an era where football is rather bland, nice to have colourful characters in the game with opinions. I don't always agree with him and more often than not think he is a pr1ck, but he gives as good as he gets, all underpinned by mutual respect (which is how it should be).