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  1. Thought he looked tidy for a young lad and decent goal involvement too. Has some potential.
  2. FFP only enforced in the EFL. Everton are part of the EPL establishment and can do what they want, certainly as far as Burnley and Leeds are concerned. EPL about brands not clubs, Burnley fulfill their role as perennial cannon fodder and Leeds boring now Bielsa has gone. New cannon fodder incoming, Fulham and Bournemouth used to that role and presuming Forest go up, Lineker et al will have a new manager to w*nk over for a bit.
  3. Oliver leaves me a bit underwhelmed, but Marquis has a decent record behind him. A sensible type of signing, rather than exciting. Not had the greatest time last season, but was on fire at Donny under Moore. Don't expect he would be an expensive signing and provides options.
  4. Good luck to him. Seems a good sort, intelligent fella and a solid defender. Not a ball playing defender though, which is probably why he's being released.
  5. Derby have lots of work to do, they've only got about 5 players contracted haven't they? Takeover not officially done yet and they may have similar restrictions to those we had in view of unpaid wages? Important we get off to a fast start, while the likes of Derby and some others with managerial changes, (McDons for example possibly?) take time.to gel. If we achieve 85 points again, think that should be enough for the automatic places.
  6. Pleased with that result for a number of reasons. Firstly, makes next year slightly easier in terms of competitors, secondly at least we lost to the eventual winners. Lastly, Wycombe play some very negative football, so from a footballing perspective, the right team won.
  7. Indeed. Suppose not good enough for the first team squad, did ok in non league, little impact in L2. Maybe indicative of his current level?
  8. Give me strength! He's 36 and played on average around 20 odd games a season over the last few seasons. Plenty of better options available.
  9. We've probably said it before, but a make or break season for him. At 22, needs to be playing games. Did ok at Grimsby, but struggled at Oldham (they were dogshit though). As a benchmark, seems light years behind Dele-Bashiru (21) and Adeniran (23) in development terms, also competing for midfield places. Suspect another loan on the cards and will probably end up leaving after that, unless we can sell him this summer.
  10. I wouldn't be against it, but just doesn't suit us. We performed much better 352 and would be foolish to change. Now we have a way of playing, let's recruit to that and strengthen, not try to embed another new formation.
  11. Maybe. I've no idea what he's on, just what Exeter said about being beyond them. Another loan wouldn't surprise me, being our number 1 next season would. I'm not against Dawson BTW, would love him to succeed with us, but I've not seen that quality in him and not convinced one good season in L2 bridges that gap. Fantastic if so, but being a realist, dont see it.
  12. If I were a betting man, wildsmith offered a contract to remain the back up GK. Dawson to be sold or loaned out and another BPF type signing in as first choice GK.
  13. Correct. Others reportedly interested though and a good time to sell (if that's what we want to do) based on last season at Exeter.
  14. Interesting. Thought Hutchinson had another year in him, but have to respect Moore's decision. Berahino leaving suggests some incomings up front, which is good news. Pleased we've offered contracts to Hunt, Mendez-Laing and Luongo, but whether they stay is another matter, down to the players. The most surprising one is Wildsmith, I thought he'd be a cert to be released. To me this suggests Dawson to be loaned out or sold and will be in the market for another BPF type signing, with Wildsmith the back up option on the bench. Of course, I could be wrong, but my initial thoughts.
  15. No, we're not in it. I'll look out for the score later but that's about it.
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