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  1. Shows how bad the league is. That said we are now 8 points off the top 2 and 2 points outside the play offs, averaging just over 1.5 points per game, which suggests approx. 70 points over the season, comfortably outside the top 6. Home games are great, but if we can't beat Wimbledon and Cambridge, weeing against the wind to think we're going to beat the likes of Sunderland or Wycombe, whether at home or not.
  2. He's always been a poo commentator, how he holds down a job is beyond me.
  3. I've been trying to be positive of late, but even I can't defend that. Cambridge are terrible and for most of the game we were worse. Better second half, but the bar was set extremely low. Players just didn't turn up tonight, had a little burst towards the end, but that doesn't excuse what went on before.
  4. No, awful performance against a very poor opposition. Pleased for Dele-Bashiru, but that's all I can take from tonight. Pathetic performance and the little burst of effort towards the end fools nobody.
  5. In fairness, we're set up the same as on Saturday when we created plenty of chances and looked decent fir 75 minutes. Players need to be questioning their lack of effort, composure, movement first.
  6. No, not based on that half of football.
  7. poo first half, the only person who enjoyed that is Giddings, the fat tail. No tempo, composure or ideas. Mostly the same team that played on Saturday, but again playing like they've never met each other before. No movement, aimless long balls and only ever one mistake away from conceding at the back. I stood up for the performance on Saturday, in the face of much criticism on here, but can't defend that tonight. Very poor indeed, look completely clueless against poor opposition. Still 45 minutes to go for this team to redeem themselves, but won't hold my breath.
  8. 352 again, Peacock-Farrell and Johnson in. Ok with that.
  9. If we keep the same team (bar probably BPF back in goal) and performance (the first 75 minutes) from Saturday, we will win tonight. 0-3 Wednesday
  10. Played some good stuff at times on Saturday, especially going forward, for a change. Presume BPF will be in for Wildsmith, but otherwise would like to see us stick with the same team and 352.
  11. Then signed a similar amount of players that we did this summer and finished 18th. Not diminishing his achievement or ability (I like him as a manager), but my point was that managers need time.
  12. Why change for the sake of it? We'd also be having the same conversation about whoever replaced him in 6 months too. We need to be patient with someone at some point and don't think Moore is as bad as is being made out, although I appreciate it's trendy to nitpick at everything he does at the moment. It takes time to build a team and also don't forget how long it takes Chansiri to appoint a manager! Let's hope we win tomorrow and can have a more upbeat debate going into the weekend.
  13. Obviously I meant wouldn't bet against us
  14. Agree, with your points, although wouldn't say we fell to pieces, two individual errors cost us and to be fair we didnt sit back, we went to try and score a third. Sometimes in the heat of a disappointing result, lose sight of the good work we did, as you say. I think Moore has stumbled on a formation which suits, in 352. Problem is, it doesnt suit many of the players he's recruited, for example no chance of Corbeanu or Shodipo playing wing back. Lots of hysteria on here, sometimes really confuses me. One minute criticism for hoofing the ball long, the next criticism for playing out from the back, wanting us to hoof it instead. In truth, on Saturday we mixed it up well, created plenty of good chances and had players in their bo for a change. Personally, I'd rather see us go forward trying to score goals, than defend a lead in our box as soon as we score. In hindsight, we should have shut up shop on Saturday once they scored, but I've been calling for us to go an attack teams, so would be hypocritical to criticise. Moore, given time is capable of getting teams playing well, just like other managers coveted, all of whom have had a few seasons, at least. There is no silver bullet and fortunately we are currently 7th, with plenty of improvement left in us. We've lost 1 of the last 7, winning 3, after a poor run, too many draws but something to build on. A win at Cambridge tomorrow and we'll be back on track. If we play like we did at Wimbledon, I would bet against us getting the 3 points tomorrow.
  15. Not that I'm against Lowe, far from it. But, he's had that team to work on since 2019. Also fair to say that in their first season back in L1, with a lot of new players, finished 18th. My point being, it doesnt happen overnight and think we would just be having this debate again with another name as soon as we don't win every game. Also fair to say, Plymouth have let in two injury time goals to draw 2-2 in the last month. Would that create the same hysteria and calls for a change? Don't get me wrong, good manager in the making, I'd love him at Hillsborough in the future, but dont think it's time to be looking for a replacement yet. The best way to success is to see out the rough times and let manager's build momentum.
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