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  1. Agree, cup games used to be a real highlight and I recall some truly memorable times in the early 90s, in particular.. But, since football has been on TV every day (it seems) the cups have slowly been devalued to such a point that they are more or less reserve team competitions (until the latter stages). At least circumstances being as the are, both team likely to field strong teams this Sunday, but many fans priced out by the FA's TV deal with BT, meaning I have to shell out £25 for a month pass just to watch this one game. I'm not doing that. Hope it's a g
  2. If Chansiri ever gets the money back he gave to mandaric for the club, when he sells, he's done well. Whatever he's spent since is irrelevant, he's wasted it.
  3. True, possibly right. But he seemed pretty keen to get back into work and Cardiff a solid championship club. Sure time will tell.
  4. Must think he's still in with a shout here then. Reported contract length the apparent issue at Cardiff...he isnt going to get a longer one here, yet still keen?
  5. Derby haven't got a pot to ******** in until their takeover is done and we've got about 8 wingers already. Could do with a proper centre forward and a LB though.
  6. Forgetting sentimentality, he didn't contribute a lot in the months before his contract expired. Couldn't get a contract anywhere apart from wherever he ended up, Cyprus? And hardly shone there, leaving after a few months. I dont think it would be a good signing for us.
  7. Probably right. I'm not saying he's greedy, but his current contract is a legacy of past excess we currently can't afford, which probably makes for tricky negotiations. He seems settled, plays regular games and knows he'll probably outlast the next few managers before he retires. However, on that point, it's probably his last playing contract so important for him to consider.
  8. It's fair to say Cardiff fans on twatter aren't happy about McCarthy. Think he's a dinosaur whose topping up his retirement fund...almost like they're trying to copy our moaning, but aren't nearly as good at it One thing did amuse me though, BBC reporting that they've had 'several' applications. Maybe that's why so quick, we must have had hundreds with the time its taking us.
  9. Doesnt surprise me, we all know what we need (as you say) but also know there is little point putting the effort in to speculate as no chance of getting players in.
  10. On what basis. I genuinely don't se it and turned very sour, very quickly. I accept winning a trophy is an achievement, but in ******** poor leagues less so.
  11. I literally cannot find anything to be positive about, I've been looking. Even when appointed at Watford the most they could say about him is to trot out his nationality, age and that he won a cup in Greece and two leagues titles in Israel (in a two horse race). For those wanting Ivic, how does he meet the brief of attacking football, managing the frail mentality of our players and having the wherewith all to succeed in a relegation fight?
  12. Didn't even win the Greek league did he was a cup?...and let's be fair the Israeli league is not competitive, as you say. I asked before and no-one took up the challenge. Can anyone name 5 other teams in the Greek and Israeli leagues without using Google. I'd be impressed (now waiting some smart arse who lives in Greece or Israel to prove me wrong )
  13. Connect the dots....doyen have close links with Pozzo family....Paxo involved with Doyen. The cynic in me thinks Watford the beneficiary of this appointment, anticipating it will mitigate their termination costs when Ivic gets a new job We'd be appointing someone with 22 games experience in England during which time he managed to alienate the entire Watford squad and changed formation every other game. To put his other credentials in context, Neil Lennon has a far better track record in a comparative quality league...Neil ******** Lennon. Prepa
  14. Terrible appointment if true. The polar opposite of what we need and meets none of the criteria set out by Chansiri when he sacked Pulis. Expect he'll get to the end of the season now then we start this all over again, with another Paxo stooge.
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