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  1. Nice idea, think westwood sale is realistic (we are open to offers for Rhodes) and Winnall to Derby is possible if they dont go up. As for the others, suspect we would have to give them away for free AND subsidise some of their wage to offload them. I think we are stuck with them until their contract ends, in Fletchers case potentially can still contribute though? Think we will have to adjust expectations, next season will be one of transition, top 10 finish and anywhere near the play offs would be a bonus.
  2. Good news. Big ask putting him in v Wolves if Hunt not fit but may get some minutes v Norwich which will give him a boost going into next season
  3. Are we sure they are Wolves fans and not other teams fans borrowed by their super agent for mates rates and put in Wolves shirts? In all seriousness, fair play to them, they have been far an away the best team in the league, found a loophole and exploited it. I wouldn't be upset if we had done the same but do think they have cheated, albeit seemingly within the wording the rules, but not the spirit. Not our problem now, the belong to the Premier League, sure they will have more to say if they dare impinge on the gravy train of the top clubs.
  4. Mulgrew

    Good player, yes we should have gone for him last season but going forward I would be happy with resigning Pudil, signing Venancio on a permanent deal and developing the likes of Van Aken, Thornily, O'Grady, Nielson etc. if we persist with 3 at the back, look reasonably comfortable for options there with those 6 plus Lees and an option of Hutchinson dropping back if needed. A commanding centre back (not necessarily Mulgrew) would be nice, but we have to balance with developing our own talent and think budget could be best spent on midfield where we are desperately short of power, pace and creativity.
  5. Be interesting to see how this plays out in the summer.
  6. From memory I think the wording was to maintain investment, in other words to avoid a firesale of our prized assets? That's how I interpreted it anyway. Suspect this summer will see a balancing of balancing the books in terms of tny transfer fees paid.
  7. Gossip

    Think we will have a modest summer balancing the books re incoming and outgoing players. We have several high earners out of contract in 2019 so can demonstrate a forward plan to reduce losses in the event we do exceed FFP. Not sure we need worry about embargoes or serious punishment other than perhaps a warning or close scrutiny of future business through to 2019.
  8. Reminds me of the Pelupessy signing; decent age, first team experience, good engine and good attitude. These seem to be attributes Jos likes.
  9. Very close for me but taking the season as a whole voted for Reach, just pipping Wildsmith. Either would be worth winners though.
  10. Some good praise in there about work rate and attitude, which is nice to hear. The best news is that we are obviously looking to do business nice and early, which is important, particularly as the window shuts earlier next season.
  11. A steady 6 for me, much more optimistic in recent weeks. I sense we have an actual plan in place for recruitment and preparations for next season, something I've not been convinced about in recent years. Whether or not this plan is achievable or effective remains to be seen, but we've seen some better football recently and a upturn in results so taking the glass half full approach.
  12. Genuinely dont think I could be arsed, in my mid 40's and takes me all my time to stand up without making a noise nowadays. Stewards are a necessity as there will always be some morons who spoil it for the majority of actual fans.
  13. Let's take another look..

    Great goal. He genuinely loves football, partly making up for lost time but think he also needs to feel loved. We signed a lot of good players in a short period of time and think he got lost for a while, back with a bang! Likes to be the main man and based on that performance, long may it continue
  14. Nixon

    Squad replacement for Clare if/when he doesn't sign? Honeyman a better player but would require a transfer fee. Anyone we could do a swap deal with?