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  1. I'm not sure, his wages won't be huge to carry to the end of the season and as out of contract in the summer, teams may think they can get a bargain. In good form, a position where we have limited cover, so not sure we'd be looking for a bargain price, out of contract or not.
  2. Great result, forwards scoring goals and a clean sheet. Couldn't ask for more.
  3. Well that was a surprise. Very good half, delighted for Rhodes. Thought he did ok at Derby and pleased he got another start, just shows what confidence can do for a player. Dont be complacent now, keep it going in the second half
  4. Agree, we've a player whose been a top performer at CB, yet some want to move him out of position.
  5. Hope not, but he did take a couple of knocks at Derby and have been surprised by the number of minutes he's played. That's us fizzed if hes out, genuinely dont see where a goal will come from.
  6. Don't want to be a negative Nelly, but have a bad feeling about today, for no real reason. Sincerely hope to be wrong. First thought of the day (premonition) 2-0 Florist, head 1-1, heart 0-3 Wednesday. As ever, let's go with the heart come on Wednesday!!
  7. Not that much younger, he's 29, is returning from injury and has limited championship experience. I accept he had a very good start to the season, but 30 in March and not sure he would represent value for money. That said, bar fletcher better than what we've got.
  8. I'm not sure the pending EFL action should affect our business. DC is adamant we've done nothing wrong so until a hearing and/or subsequent court process, we carry on as normal. We make the necessary improvements to the squad in the best interest of the club, not that I think major business is prudent during a january window, when choice low and prices high. I'm not sure the EFL would attempt another embargo given DC's stance on the current charges. The EFL have restricted our competitiveness enough over recent windows and DC would be justified to go on the offensive against EFL if so.
  9. Think Winnall could do with going and playing games, either permanent or loan. Likewise, a loan for Thornily would be good. We desperately need some reinforcements up front, a loan makes more sense in the January window. Someone like Che Adams if possible. We still need pace up front, which should be an important criteria. I dont think we need to, or ought to go mad, but could do with an addition in attack.
  10. Good point, my fear is that we're an injury away from being fizzed. Take Harris or Fletcher out of the side and where would we look like threatening to score a goal?
  11. Our problem is that we have a decent first 11, but when we make changes, often quality drops off a cliff. I agree we desperately need attacking options and recruitment if we want to challenge for the top 6. Aside someone else other than Fletcher scoring defending often starts from the front. We saw last night the lack of mobility for example, reducing the press in their half to walking football, gifting them the freedom of the pitch to build pressure.
  12. He did ok, thought he pressed reasonably well and got in some good space. Him and fletcher looked to be forming an understanding at times and would like us to persevere for a few games. Of what we have in the squad, probably the best option at the moment if playing a front 2.
  13. Substitutions cost us the points. I give Monk the benefit of the doubt as Rhodes looked knackered and Fletcher maybe needed managing. If tactical, was a monumental error. We were effectively left with nothing up front and defence v attack for 20 minutes, leading to the inevitable. I didn't think it was a penalty, but it was given so no point moaning. Tonight does highlight how desperately we need attacking reinforcements.
  14. Agree. Most of their better players on the bench too, strange team selection by them.
  15. Decent half, started strongly and scored a very good goal. Allowed them too much of the ball towards the end which needs addressing, but on the whole positive.
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