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  1. No, team played well so deserve to keep their places. Give him some minutes from the bench as a sharpener then unleash him against West Brom from the start, assuming we rotate for that one.
  2. If we've gone back to 3 at the back (which is actually 5 or 7) then I've lost respect for Jos and the goodwill he's built up over the last month or so in particular. It's a ridiculous formation we don't have the players to suite and don't look comfortable. Get ready for 90 minutes of attack v defence and a game conceded before we ki klck off.
  3. Seems to me the fairest approach would be to remove parachute payments from P&S calculations. Ringfence these funds to pay non football related staff who are the unseen casualties, creditors, tax bills etc. If the club cant afford players contracts, can use to pay off and terminate contracts but SHOULD NOT be allowed to fund on field recruitment or retaining players on unaffordable championship level contracts. Would never happen though, as with most things in football, those with the money control the game and the EFL are completely morally corrupt.
  4. striker

    Clare Fee

    Considering no clubs wanted to pay his wages, presume the fee would have been prohibitive too. Despite interest apparently, the lad hasn't kicked a ball yet almost 2 months into the season and has now lowered his wage demands in desperation to facilitate a move to Scotland. Not sure we missed out on much TBH.
  5. striker

    Whats gonna happen tomorrow then?

    Well I'm going shopping with the missus so I'll miss the game, usually this is when we put in our better performances..... so don't mind taking one for the team, trawling the shops for soft furnishings if we get 3 points.
  6. Why are the EFL not honest and just start everyone on -21 apart from those with parachute payments? That's what they want isn't it, cannon fodder for the 'glamour clubs' ? The disparity in fair competition is eroded year on year, no wonder they rebranded from FFP because there is very little fair about them turning a blind eye to mismanagement of parachute payments to achieve a biased sporting advantage.
  7. Not voted as don't see the point of these threads every time we lose. Mid table is as good as it's going to get, we'll win, lose and draw this season, in near equal amounts I suspect. We don't have the quality to compete for promotion, but what we do have are a very good crop of young players, successful at youth levels and now breaking through into the first team and gaining experience. Jos has to be given some credit and time, the model we have committed to won't happen overnight, but expect us to be much stronger for the experience next season and having cleared the decks of many high earners potential to invest. We tried buying instant success and it didn't work, we must have patience.
  8. striker

    "Just sloppy really"

    possibly, horrible news and could account for the subdued mood
  9. striker

    "Just sloppy really"

    Just seemed very flat last night, as did the press conference before it in fact.
  10. Fair result unfortunately. We didn't deserve anything from that performance, never got going and several below par performances. Work for Jos to do for Saturday
  11. Game over. Too many below par tonight, just can't get hold of the ball and make a pass.
  12. For the most part we've been comfortable allowing Forest to play football. When we've looked to up the tempo looked dangerous but not enough and ultimately when we keep inviting pressure will concede, as we duly did. Need to play with more energy to close down, play higher up the pitch and a few need to sort their feet out as our ball control has been woeful at times. Hopefully jos had given them what for at half time
  13. Sincerely hope not would be a huge backwards step. Interesting to see how onoma does, we know the obvious weaknesses and hope we can compensate. Whoever is on the left has a lot of tracking back to do tonight.
  14. Another difficult game, Florest have spent big, not clicked yet but still dangerous. Dont expect too many changes tonight from Jos but would like to see a more attacking bench, think the likes of Preston adds more value than defensive duplication. Can see another draw, but hoping we nick it by the odd goal.
  15. Decent result considering, Stoke have a lot of quality all over the pitch, we have Bannan. But we also seen to be building team spirit and coming back from 2 down was a great effort.