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  1. Pivotal moment of our season IMO. A win will put us back in the play offs, increase confidence and feel good factor all around from players to fans Not the end of the world if we don't win, but would be yet another missed opportunity
  2. One thing I hope today

    True. The concern for me is that it takes him a couple of games to suss out new teams/managers...Burton, Rotherham, Preston, Bolton spring to mind. Hope Sunday bucks the trend and we smash their windows and doors to pieces.
  3. There are always flipping morons* who struggle with being human. Usually, they think they are 'ard' and this should impress people, when they are struggling to string a sentence together with frequest use of 'you know' or 'yeh'. Not sure why they have attached themselves to football, when they are not fans or in any way reflective of the majority of football fans. Suspect there will be more wearing red and white but each club is tainted with varying amounts of oxygen thiefs. Best thing would be to ship them all out to a field far away from families and real fans who attend football and let them do their strange dance, aim a few slaps, bum each other or whatever they do. * IIRC, the urge to fight is triggered by shutting down part of the brain, hence these knuckle draggers find it easier becuase they have defieicient brain control, they should be so proud....literally morons (stupid people!)
  4. Not sure I'm looking forward to this

    Derbies are all about who wants it more, if Carlos sends us out prepared for just another league game, we will lose.
  5. Needs to be a fast start, right at it from the first whistle to the last. This is a derby game, no time to 'manage the game' or play 'efficiently'. It's about going all out and giving your all to put the pigs back in their pen. Even if we are 5-0 up, want to see us streaming forward for a 6th and more, show them whose flipping city this is.... WIll this happen? Doubt it, but that would be the tone of my team talk.
  6. Fernando Forristieri injury

    Can't believe we are still talking about him when he is injured for the next 3 months. Let's have a FF break and concentrate on the players who are fit to play...there will be time enough to discuss FF in January transfer window.
  7. Colin's Comments

    I quite like Colin, dishes it out and takes it, a bit of banter with underlying mutual repsect and no maliciousness.
  8. Carlos Carvalal form

    I have been/am such a demanding fan, been very critical of performances and my belief was/is that he should be replaced. Been impressed with the perfomance v Forest and the result V Brentford (yet again we only turned up in the second half and got lucky to an extent) but the next month could be a turning point for our season and opportunity to revise my opinion of Carlos. Cardiff are having a wobble, pigs need putting back in their pen, Birmingham still geling as a team so there for the taking and we are due a win v Leeds before we take revenge on Bolton for the abysmal performance in the cup. Some are not easy fixtures, but 4 wins and a draw are realistic targets, would see us cement our place in the top 6 and start to restore my belief that Carlos can take us forward. I want performances AND results, not expecing Barcelona type football, but want us to at least start with attacking intent, have some attempts on goal and not sit back in our own half for prolonged periods to try and kill the game. We look a much better team when we are on the front foot going forward, we show time and again that not many teams can live with us when we attack and this is the type of football I want to watch my team play. It is far easier to forgive dropped points when the team have had a go, but no excuse for droped points when we don't turn up and only go through the motions to play 'efficiently'.
  9. Tom Lees

    Agree, not easy to maintain form when players around you are changing on a regular basis, it is important for defenders to have a settled CB partner. There is competition now for places, something we haven't had before which will benefit Lees and the team. Lees and Van Aken look a nice partnership, Lees the 'stopper' and Van Aken the 'playmaker' from the back, good balance
  10. David Jones

    I think there is a place for Jones, he does a good job screnning the back 4, closing space in the middle and often unoticed. He is not going to be a world beater, go on surging runs etc, his job is to win the ball and give it to the more creative players then keep the back door guarded while they go and attack. I think his pesence allows Bannan and Lee (and the full backs) in particular to be more attack minded, which is a good thing.
  11. Back 4

    Agree, would like to see this current back 4 as our first choice going forward and give them a run of games to gel. What I have seen so far has been promising. I do like Loovens and Pudil, neither has done anything wrong but neither are going to be the future of the club given their ages and there seems more energy in this current back 4, which can help push us 15 yards further up the pitch. Hunt and Reach have been excellent in the past two games, Van Aken done very well (better than I thought, I knew he would need time to adjust to the league) and Lees has looked more comfortable.
  12. Joost

    He's a young player adjusting to a new league, mistakes will be part and parcel of his development. He's been solid now in two games and already better than Sasso. Lots of potential with this player, looks a good signing
  13. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Of course we aren't going to be promoted. Once you resolve that fact try and enjoy the season and hope we win more than we lose
  14. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Sounds like normal service resumed?
  15. Sheffield Wednesday V Brentford OMDT

    Looking for us to build on Saturdays performance which is now the benchmark for this season. Fast out of the blocks again from the start, 2-0 win please.