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  1. I woke up today that my Covid test has come back negative and everything seems positive. With that said, I feel confident that we receive the classic Pulis win today. 1-0 Windass to score! GREAT POST, LETS DO THIS!!!
  2. I think this is a fair assessment, Pulis thrown at the deep end with fixtures in short space of time against top team and 2 games with majority of the game with 10 men. Games after Norwich, fans will expect Pulis to start bringing results.
  3. The referee’s whole performance was questionable. Shaw was naive to make a challenge like that and give the ref the chance to make a decision.
  4. LB and Striker(s) we certainly didn’t replace.
  5. Better time then any I suppose, Pukki and Cantwell out will be a huge bonus.
  6. Loved that goal, thought he would kick on there...
  7. Pulis talks sense, can’t argue with his assessments.
  8. Will he be daring and have 2 up top, Windass and one other? Nah, 4-5-1 all day.
  9. Never liked Reading, the fact they probably should have had 2 penalties not awarded, makes me smile. Plastic club.
  10. Absolutely spot on and agree with your other post too. I think so much was made of the week where we could recover the damage done from points deduction, having 3 teams you would expect to struggle this season (Luton, Rotherham and Wycombe). Fans discussing about earning 7 or 9 points out of 9 and we came out the other side returning with 0 points and 0 goals. That week alone, finished Monk. Defence had improved but we missed a huge chance to collect some momentum. Pulis has made the team a unit but he has 2 issues he needs to resolve before January: score more goals and keep 11 men
  11. I suppose the only difference is I don’t have the fear of 90+ minutes anymore like I did under Monk!
  12. Given the circumstances, it is a B so far. Far too many red cards, 2 in 4 games under Pulis is silly. Windass coming back Saturday should give us something extra attacking wise. We are strong defensive outfit now. Need to find a balance with the attack now.
  13. I am going crazy and expecting Wednesday to win by scoring... 2 GOALS! 2-1 Wednesday
  14. At this rate, the club will have to call on fans to play.
  15. That team has brought back some horrid memories back. However, Ndumbu-Nsungu, no matter how crap, name alone makes him a legend!
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