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  1. We tried to go for it and failed, now facing consequences. Won’t be the last club to be questioned. Just hope we have enough of a case to escape deductions.
  2. Hence why I believe this is a good sign they have dropped the charges.
  3. Good point. With current situation in the world, no matter when football returns, most if not all clubs, will post a loss this season. EFL won’t be able to charge everyone who goes over in 3 year period.
  4. Have to wait and see what they decide but this is a good start. Hopefully it is done before football returns (whenever that is) and can get on with the job in hand.
  5. Surely this means it won’t be maximum 21 points. A big sigh of relief!!
  6. With the game not on, I have decided to go Alfreton Town v Brackley. They now have a pitch inspection at 10:30 🤦‍♂️
  7. I already have a back-up plan, Alfreton Town vs Brackley - quality of football will probably be better anyway 😂
  8. Imagine league 1 plus starting on minus. Like Bolton this season, no point trying.
  9. This. None of us know the outcome, the punishment etc. All I hope for is that a decision is made as soon as possible. We need to know where we stand and can’t allow this to drag over to next season and ruin another campaign.
  10. A very long tweet that tells us nothing. It all looks like a load of poo.
  11. The day went perfect and currently on mini moon in Edinburgh! 🍺😏🍾
  12. I blame every individual at the football club. Chansiri, Monk, back room staff, the players. They must take the brunt of the responsibility. On the pitch, the players are proving that they are gutless and have no desire. You would hope that they would take pride for their careers and the club who are paying their wages. Evidentially this is not the case. Since Christmas Day, we have been falling off a cliff and seems no way of stopping this. We need the EFL hearing to be resolved as soon as possible to know what hand with are left with for remainder of the season. The name Amadeu Paixao keeps coming up. A man who doesn’t speak but seems to control everything the club does through Chansiri. Not sure of his end game but he is not doing what is right for the club and is only there for personal gain and self interests. Another worry is usually when fans need clarity, Chansiri arranges a fans meeting. This hasn’t happened for a while and the silence is deafening. No communication and fans are simply left in the dark. Fans who turn up, home and away, to watch a team who seem uninterested and playing with zero confidence. Supporting a club, though the good or bad, should be a great experience and highlight of the week. Currently, house chores seem more desirable these days.
  13. This post just highlights what a mammoth task it will be to re-shape this squad which won’t be all achieved in 1 summer window. Right now, I don’t think the club are up to the job of starting afresh.
  14. Although we are in a difficult situation on the pitch, we do has some prospects coming through. Just need to sort the rest out! thank you for the advice, it will come in good use for tomorrow 😁
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