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  1. Representatives of Sheffield Wednesdaymidfielder Josh Windass are set for a meeting with officials of Argentine side Club Atletico Talleres, who are managed by his former boss at Rangers Pedro Caixinha, over a summer move for the 28-year-old Englishman. (Cesar Luis Merlo, Twitter) Off gossip section on BBC Sport.
  2. Any bid and accept, can’t see how he will progress with us.
  3. Agreed, can’t let this drag on and miss out on potential replacements. Majority of our business needs to be done early for a productive pre-season.
  4. We do need a character like Flint at the back for a serious promotion push. Probably wrong age now but Dean would be perfect if we are adding youth to the team to lead.
  5. A great servant but think time was right to move on. Wish Sammy best in the future.
  6. Clearly going to be another summer of many signings like last season.
  7. Like Windass but he was non-existent last season due to injuries. If we were offered a fee, it would be good business.
  8. I can pass away knowing I saw a Berahino hat-trick, wish him the best.
  9. Too much common sense, best throw something ridiculous in, like, is Holloway available?
  10. Hunt was solid last season and would look to keep another season. Unless we have a shrewd signing to replace him
  11. Could be more suited in L1, Championship he looked to struggle.
  12. Actually saw Eaves play this season when I went to Hull and looked poor. Would be an underwhelming signing.
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