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  1. Surely there is one jar of chutney left for Bannan?
  2. I think we miss Luongo from the team. He does make us more competitive. This 2 weeks at least gives Monk and team time to rebuild and get at the busy period. The fact we are 7th still and we are talking about what ifs shows we still have a chance. Need to draw a line now and stop the self inflicted damage on ourselves.
  3. It is quite easy for them given they get a penalty every single game!
  4. From now till 1st Jan, these games will make or break our season. Judging by last 2 games, I have to agree! One thing I will say: such a shame we didn’t go with the tactics today vs Blackburn!!!
  5. You add 3 decent additions to the team and we could be good.. I am no where near as annoyed tonight as I was last week. Monk’s comments after the game says it all... without saying it literally, he said that that players need to learn and be calm to see out games. Nice way of saying that the players do not have the game management required. Lots of games before window opens, for time being, players need to get it together and learn quickly!
  6. You can forgive 1 game where the players lose their heads. However, in the next game to do it again is unacceptable and laughable. We should be higher but the fact is we are not. Somehow still 7th! If we get to January and still in touching distance, hopefully we will be able to get more ‘intelligent’ players in as Monk describes it. The league is poor this season and if we got our act together... who knows. This is typical Wednesday.
  7. Great to see Lees back but no Borner I did feel he would go for the 2 big men upfront, could work really well against this defence. Big game for Lee and Murphy to show their worth.
  8. Can’t wait for the outcome of Chutney gate!! Did they get pass the gates or not?!
  9. Dawson is the future and has potential to be a decent keeper and has shown glimpses already. 100% give that lad a contract!
  10. Went to game last season and was fully deserved and a great goal by Fletcher. However, Swansea are a better outfit this season though inconsistent at times.
  11. I would like to see the following: Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Murphy Hutchinson Bannan Harris Fletcher Forestieri However, I can see similar team to one that played Leeds with Nuhiu and Fletcher up front. P.s. Get Rhodes on the bench, why the balls not!!!
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