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  1. Great to hear a Manager who has a plan and seems to know what he’s doing.
  2. Far too positive. Surely Jos came back and messed it up for you?! Glad to hear it was sorted for you.
  3. A big game and I just hope we changed tactic (which I’m sure we will) and not let them have as much with the ball. Press them and take the game to the opposition.
  4. Keep the same team but bring Lees (if fit) and Winnall into the team, drop Murphy and Iorfa (if Lees is fit). Then move Reach to the wing. Murphy can't keep his place after that performance, not good enough. Plus we should go for 2 upfront at home personally.
  5. A player we have needed for 3 years. Only worry is relying too much and making sure he stays fit. so far, a top signing.
  6. I can imagine Monk will give him a chance but how many does he need?
  7. Can’t believe I actually made the 2nd round! Brentford please!
  8. Agreed. Needs to be dropped, out Reach in that position. Team would work far better. Murphy has been disappointing, hopefully Monk can get more out of him.
  9. Form of his career surely? May it continue!
  10. Spot on. Scared me to death at times 1st half. 2nd half he was great. There were moments where I thought he was going to dive in but played with composure and really shone.
  11. Job done for us. Hudds looked lost and were waiting to be beat. Must up our game moving forward as we allowed them too much room at times. However... Iorfa - looked shaky first half and then played brilliantly I thought second half. Borner - can this man do no wrong? Odubajo - question marks so far with him but today looked solid and looks to be building in confidence. Bannan - more like it. Harris - he will be key, good outlet. Fletcher - form of his career. Winnall - remember him? Great cameo and hope we finally get to see the player we signed. Good goal too. Good start with Monk. Be a very good test vs Fulham now and see what we can do against one of the favourites for promotion.
  12. Cowley has a huge job on his hands turning their fortunes round. Shot of confidence and the fans seemed to give up once the first goal went in. Club in free fall. He will do well to that around. Get in Monk by the way!
  13. Hopefully Iorfa is more prepared than last game. 4-2-3-1 would be interesting with Reach in more supporting role to Fletcher. No Rhodes...
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