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  1. Relegation would be disastrous. Keeping Championship status is crucial.
  2. I think it is more "who would want to replace Monk?"
  3. There are so many different areas of the squad and club that needs addressing before we view Bannan as the problem.
  4. I think the summer ahead is crucial to rebuild this poor squad of players. Do I want Monk to build the next squad? No, I will be shocked if he stays in the job till end of season as I can't see us turning the corner anytime soon.
  5. We haven't got a prayer, lump on those odds!
  6. I think I would be the only one who gets the reference!
  7. I am off to Notts County v Woking today for a local stag do. Funnily enough the football might actually be more entertaining. I will check the twitter notification, get annoyed no doubt but the beer will see me through.
  8. Blimey you had to dig through the highlights for that!
  9. You won’t be saying that when Borner completes a pass. Priceless.
  10. At least Joao can’t score to rub in their victory against us. Cannot bloody wait!
  11. It brings me so much pain to support the Wednesday. However, I am too invested to change. Wouldn’t have it any other way. WAWAW
  12. Barry doesn’t speak anymore, Luton game I didn’t hear the high pitched voice!
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