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  1. Spot on, fans on here are acting like 7th is the new 24th. The fact we are not at our best and still knocking on the playoffs spots, shows that a successful season is still up for grabs.
  2. Windass will be like a new signing and a great one at this level.
  3. Having patience is tough for fans, particularly throwing 2 points away like today. Even not being at our best, we are knocking at the door of the playoffs.
  4. Butterfield 2.0?! I feel sick, thought that was behind us?!
  5. Common theme with us, so brittle and struggle to hold on especially away from home. Same every season, no matter who is in charge.
  6. My 0-2 is on! Gregory bang in form too! Is that 4 goals in 5 games?
  7. Out of date view on management, the worse 10 games from a manager I can remember. Rightly, we parted ways.
  8. We won the last game! Be a great run of fixtures to build some momentum at last.
  9. In recent times, Pulis wins hands down. Those 10 games in charge will haunt me to my last day on Earth.
  10. Nicer run of games but can't allow any complacency to creep in.
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