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  1. Moore appointment was a real surprise but a good one. It’s a shame we couldn’t get him sooner but compared to the Pulis appointment, this one is actually an exciting prospect.
  2. He is obviously a classy journalist who will say anything outrageous to get attention.
  3. I think this is a good appointment. There are questions left to be answered but it is good to see him join us. Why did it take so long? Welcome to S6, Darren Moore!
  4. great idea. I would love it if he answered the questions. Dread to think what the answer would be though.
  5. Maybe too late for Manager to save us but Cook would be a good appointment moving forward. However, why would he want it? Particularly as the chairman himself wasn’t providing glowing references for him.
  6. Anyone been to Crewe? My mate has been and said it wasn’t great.
  7. MK Dons away was a cracking day out, all the better for the Mellor hat-trick!
  8. Enough have said how bad we are, let’s have some fun. I will start - Blackpool and Plymouth away!!
  9. I don’t even get angry anymore, just laugh at how pathetic we have become. Roll on League One because we can’t hack it at this level anymore.
  10. The day we are relegated, with plenty of games spare. Can’t wait for this shi*e of a season to be over.
  11. Brown has a point to prove and good to see Borner return. Would have liked Rhodes to start.
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