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  1. Excited, nervous, I think we will require a stiff drink to see the match through. Bring it on I say. At least this season, which has felt like a lifetime, can finally be resolved one way or another.
  2. This comes at no surprise and would be a bad move for Derby. It won’t get through the robust process of EFL’s fit and proper anyway..
  3. Living in East Midlands, the general feeling is - Derby fans think we will win and relegate them. Non-Derby fans want them to go down.
  4. Luongo should start IF fit enough. Middle three of Pelupessy, Bannan and Luongo would work.
  5. 100% spot on. Everyone has had a season to comment on how rubbish and shocking everything associated with Sheffield Wednesday really is. This week is massive and everyone wants the same result. Everyone should be posting positivity, not just on here but social media too till KO on Saturday 12:30pm, getting behind the team and believe we can achieve survival. Unfortunately, 3 days of no moaning will be heartache for some users and too much to take. POSITIVE VIBES GUYS!!!
  6. It is crazy that it is going to the last game. Ordering a large quantity of beer in to see me through.
  7. That’ll do nicely! Draw has changed Derby’s approach to the game, they can’t settle for the draw. Too risky.
  8. Great stats this. It does go to show what a mess Derby and Rotherham are in even though we are hardly been flying ourselves. Can see why Derby fans are panicking.
  9. Guy at work is a derby fan and has said that with 4 games to go, they wouldn’t pick up another point. He’s right so far...
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