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  1. Would need to see our finished transfer dealings as we have one area which needs improving as we all know. That said, the signings we have made have impressed me and shows the Manager now has influence on the players in/out. I feel the squad looks stronger than what we had start of last season.
  2. I think that is certainly the case, can see the influence from Moore.
  3. Dawson needs the change and try to build some self confidence and form. Wish him well.
  4. Moore has brought BPF in and sent Dawson out on loan. So that’s the keeper situation sorted. I trust he has few lined up for strikers next.
  5. Hopefully he finds some form having a full season and get some confidence.
  6. They did show the pre season game vs forest on their YouTube channel. Might be worth seeing if they do for this match.
  7. I know some will but I can’t see how any fans can complain with our business this summer. Great work, just the forward department but I have confidence we will get it right.
  8. Nice to see that we are finally beginning to learn how to operate in the transfer market.
  9. A decent no.1 for the new season, improves the squad massively.
  10. Who needs strikers?! 2 cracking signings!
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