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  1. Just in time for Christmas, lovely.
  2. Not intentional but, now I have your attention..
  3. Is there one? When is it likely to be held? I’m expecting the deducted points to be cleared because we don’t concede goals anymore.
  4. Complete contrast to last season. More fight, determination and desire. All we can ask for. Happy with that point!
  5. Positive first half, had a few chances and Watford not had many themselves. Got to keep that tempo from the off and not get caught napping.
  6. Start with option 1 which will probably descend into option 2! Good luck!
  7. As expected, hopefully van Aken can maintain his positive start. Big challenge today.
  8. According to their website yes, probably on talkSport 2. They have an app if you can’t get it on radio.
  9. Be great to get a draw against a strong side. Sod it, we are full of beans, victory in sight! COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!
  10. Got Champ Man 01/02 downloaded on laptop. The days Stringer in goal was hot prospect!!
  11. He will eventually go to someone like QPR and people will realise he isn’t the godlike player they believed.
  12. Showing on the website. Will give it a listen. Stopped listening to the radio show as it is the most attention seeking station going. They will say things like “Spurs will be relegated this season” to get people go nuts ringing in. 🎣
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