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  1. He wouldn't respond like that unless fans were having a go at him in the first place. Why do some football fans think they should be allowed to offend players but players shouldn't be allowed to retaliate?
  2. So was his 'short memories' tweet aimed at Wigan fans who have been giving it large because they got promoted and are now playing at a higher level than he is? He certainly seems to be telling them that playing for Wednesday in L1 is a step up to playing for Wigan at any level. I think there's a chance that Wednesday fans might be taking offence at something he hasn't said about us.
  3. Has someone been having a pop at him on Twitter or something?
  4. Really encouraging news all round. So far, so good Wednesday.
  5. I'm really surprised to see so many people keen to see us sign Vadaine Oliver. Surely we need to be setting our sights higher than that, there's so much better available out there. As for Hector, I'd support him if he came back, but don't think he's what we're looking for right now. I do however like the sound of Jerome Opoku. A left-footed CB, used to playing in a back 3? Yes please, though I don't know how good he is of course.
  6. He looked like he was getting back to something like his potential for a while, but didn't quite make it on a consistent basis. Overall, I think it was the right thing to let him go as we need to look for better, though I can see him going somewhere else and being a success. A year in Scotland might be good for him.
  7. Yeah, it can take a long time for those emails to get through.
  8. And Berahino. I wouldn't be averse to us signing Ladapo, but I think there are better options going to be available this transfer window.
  9. I can't see Dawson being happy with a season sat on the bench after he's just won promotion and generally been considered the player of the season at Exeter. If that's what is offered to him, I suspect he'll be asking for a transfer and we could get some cash in to help us buy/loan 2 new keepers. Personally I'd give him another opportunity to prove himself now he's gained some confidence and more experience.
  10. Assuming he signs a contract, I'd like to see us have a plan in place to develop him and give him exposure to the first team squad in training and possibly in the odd match day squad if he's doing enough in training. Just travelling with the squad to an away game and being part of the build up would be good experience and if/when he impresses enough in training/under 23 games he should be given a chance to play a few minutes here and there. There are various examples of young players with potential getting to be part of first teams in all divisions. Cadamarteri could be one of them.
  11. Goalkeeper - I'd like to see us trying to get Gavin Bazunu on loan from Man City. I personally think Dawson would do a good job, but he'd have half of our 'support' baying for his blood at the first mistake. Maybe we should cash in on him whilst his stock is reasonably high. Defence - I'm sure Dean will sign permanently, but doubt we'd pay the asking price PNE would want for Storey. Hutch should be offered a player-coach role. Gibson has undoubted quality, but his injury record is maybe something we need to avoid. Will Boyle is another option at LCB. Midfield - There must be numerous young Prem players available to loan. Whilst asking City about Bazunu, I'd also see if we could get Lewis Fiorini who was on loan at Lincoln this season. Up front - I'd seriously consider bringing Hirst back, but fear a similar issue with our support to that of Dawson. Jayden Stockley at Charlton perhaps? I'd also look to give some of the youth players an opportunity next season. Cadamartari? Galvin? Davidson? and don't forget Brennan and Hunt.
  12. This is a big issue for me. Other areas of time wasting could be addressed by issuing cards or sin bins as suggested and 'visibly' stopping the clock would take some of the anger out of it for the fans. Wycombe (and undoubtedly others) are experts at going down injured and calling on the medics to use up time, or disrupt the flow of the game. The ref can't risk calling them out on it, so they get away with it. Allowing players to be treated on the pitch whilst the game continues, as they do in rugby, would address this. Overall, something needs to be done, as time wasting/game management is generally killing the game as a spectacle.
  13. 3-1 to The Wednesday... Please lets not go to extra time/penalties, I couldn't cope! Last home win of the season, then on to Wembley to get revenge over Wycombe.
  14. They're the obvious changes, and the ones I'd make, no matter how harsh it is on Liam. Windass might not make the full 90 minutes, but he could be replaced when required by whoever seems to be best suited to the circumstances at the time. IF there are doubts about Bannan's fitness, he could be replaced by Fizz, with Byers taking on the playmaker role. Bannan to be brought on later if needed.
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