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  1. I've tried the positive approach on here and suffered the same reaction. 'Uberfan rounduns' was one term I remember being thrown at me. I'll continue to have the same positive view in life generally, but won't bother trying to encourage football fans to do the same, it seems it's not welcome. Here's to the 'glass half full' types, I find it makes life considerably more bearable, but I accept it's not for everyone.
  2. Barnsley v Rotherham United 3-0 Blackburn Rovers v Huddersfield Town 2-1 Cardiff City v Wycombe Wanderers 2-1 Derby County v Birmingham City 0-0 Middlesbrough v Sheffield Wednesday 1-2
  3. I'd prefer him to be here next season in the Championship.
  4. Birmingham City v Stoke City - 0-1 Bournemouth v Coventry City - 3-0 Derby County v Norwich City - 0-2 Huddersfield Town v Rotherham United - 2-1 Queens Park Rangers v Sheffield Wednesday - 0-1 Wycombe Wanderers v Luton Town - 1-1
  5. There's nothing new or revelationary in what he says, we read and hear such things all the time. I don't need anyone else pointing out how we've underachieved for so long. What's Carlton Palmer got to say on the matter? We haven't heard his opinion for a few hours now.
  6. Is it just me that thinks Joey looks like Bart Simpson in that video?
  7. Wishful thinking Enduring Devoted Non-stop Ever-hopeful Supporting Dreaming Always Yearning Fans Chanting
  8. Yes we can stay up. Only 6 points behind a very poor Brum with a game in hand. Rotherham have too many games to fit in to be able to maintain a decent run Derby could still get a points deduction (clutching at straws now, I admit) 4 points from our last 2 games will be a massive boost to morale.
  9. Could be Lees and Hutch at CB with Urhoghide and Palmer at full back in a 442
  10. Point taken, we could all learn how to get our point across better. In answer to your question, I'd be delighted and celebrating in a very big, drunken way.
  11. Not paranoid in the slightest, I was merely asking how people would feel if the game went ahead and as a result it leaves us in a worse position? Just because someone has a different view to yours doesn't deserve the sarcasm.
  12. What is the point of a response like that? Great way to encourage debate.
  13. Would you be saying the same if we played the game and lost, whilst at the same time Dunkley and Harris ended up out for the rest of the season after twisting ankles on a frozen pitch?
  14. I heard Alonso has an Indonesian consortium lined up ready to bring some hot weather into S6 right now.
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