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  1. I'm definitely on board with the 'we will win today' crew. I suspect Izzy Brown will be back to play against the team he played for last season and if so he will get both assists in a 2-0 victory. We might also see Big Dom return to add some strength to the backline.
  2. Before joining us he played 154 games in four years at QPR and 102 games in 2 years at Swindon... Hardly injured all the time.
  3. I like Dawson. He does seem to have improved his distribution recently and was looking for a quick outball at times yesterday. On the other hand, he's very good a running down the clock when we're under pressure and can use up to a full minute or even longer to take a goal kick, which takes the sting out of the opposition and gives us a chance to re-group.
  4. It'll feel so different when we win the appeal and get the 12 points back too!
  5. I think if the cost was £5 a game they'd be likely to get more than double the uptake.
  6. I think I'd let him go for anything around £2-3mil. We'd also save on his wages, which must be a considerable amount particularly with the lack of income these days. It could fund the Zohore deal, or bring in Sanderson/Clark-Salter etc. It would also give Alex Hunt the opportunity to step up (I think he's been lined-up to take his role eventually) and prove his credentials for a couple of months before the window opens again in January if he hasn't quite hit the standard required.
  7. It is if your own money is invested and bringing in a higher rate than you have to pay on the loan you're taking out. E.g if you have £6.5m invested and it's returning 10% interest and you have to spend £6.5m, why would you close that investment and lose the interest if you can take out a loan and only pay back 2% interest. Totally made up figures of course and I'm not suggesting they're correct, just trying to illustrate a point.
  8. I went for Luongo. Why are Rhodes and Kachunga not on the list?
  9. Added to that, he has kept all club staff on the payroll and topped-up their wages to 100% whilst they were furloughed.
  10. Assuming he signs, I suspect we'll go with what we've got up front for the rest of the year and look at it again in January. If Iorfa is sold, I think we'll bring someone like Sanderson in and save the rest of the money for topping-up the finances and spending in January wherever it's required.
  11. I'd be tempted to move Reach to LWB and try Adedoyin up front with Kachunga.
  12. Greavsie loved the camera. The Saint was more Ernie Wise to Greavsie's Eric Morecambe
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