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  1. I see your point, but tbh what has he done so far to warrant a new contract? How many would have been happy for DM to have picked him to play up front when we're desperate for someone with a proven goal scoring record to convert the chances we create? It's not like he's been prolific for the U23s since he arrived. I think it's a good move to get him out on loan to experience first team football for a while, but he'd ideally agree to a one-year extension option to his contract first. If he won't do that, we have no option to let him go and replace him with another prospect in the summer.
  2. Positives from tonight: We don't need to play in this competition again this season Brown scored his first goal Dunkley didn't get injured Any more?
  3. I see some benefit in playing these players until they get injured to avoid them sneaking into the first team.
  4. I think we have too many playing tonight who are probably feeling they're either too good to be in our 2nd team, and/or not prepared to put the effort in to change things around. Totally unacceptable attitude when people have paid to watch it. I still think we'll win though!
  5. Brown scoring his first goal in Wednesday colours should be good for his confidence at least.
  6. They do realise we don't HAVE to come from behind to win every game don't they?
  7. Generally, if the opposition keeper is on our side I'd expect to win every game.
  8. We do need a left-sided CB, but it's really good to see Brennan doing so well. He seems to be developing nicely, we need to get him signed up to a new contract.
  9. Mendez-Laing looks like he could do a decent job for us.
  10. Disappointed not to win of course, but lots of positives from that game and... The unbeaten run continues!
  11. Not too many negative comments about DM's team selection right now.
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