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  1. Danny Wilson was there watching. He went through the turnstile in front of me. Thought he might have taken part.
  2. We need to be like roaring lions, pray like we have never prayed before and wear our lucky pants! Just may be we can then do it.
  3. He was good in flashes but was a bit too greedy with not much end product, I thought when he left and I haven't changed my mind. I don't think he's a team player. Wish him well, but would rather have NML.
  4. Is the worse case scenario happening??
  5. Hope it's not a sign of things to come and the season starts falling apart.
  6. He certainly got his celebrations in all over.
  7. And then BPF took his time with the goal kick.
  8. Although not this incarnation, Wimbledon have been out of the Premier League the same amount of time as us and that this used to be a Premier League fixture. They have also had more promotions than us in that time. Crazy.
  9. I thought some people liked their trumpets being blown on the kop!!
  10. If only we had him last season. He might have made a difference.
  11. It's going to be like last season, when we had so many chances to get out the relegation places only to mess it up. This is the reverse, so many chances to get into the promotion places, only to mess it up. This is why I expect the worse but still hope for the best.
  12. It's a freak of a season this season.
  13. I left my seat on my 48 minutes to miss the crush in the toilets and missed the Byers goal! And it looked like a few Cambridge fans left just before halftime. But it definitely looks better for the team to be clapped off by a fuller stadium than a near empty one. In my teens, I used live on the other side of Sheffield and would live early to catch one of the buses that used to line up on Penistone Road. I would be home at half past five. Now I live 5 minutes away and clap the team off, wait for the crowd to disperse and be home for half past five.
  14. I am glad we didn't get the brewers droop after going down to 2-2 and we managed to get back up.
  15. Will it end up being a Sunday morning highlights show? Hope not. Or will it be a very late Saturday night time slot.
  16. If you look at Fulham's new stand, the footprint of it is very tight and they have managed to expand out towards the river behind the stand. Something like that could be done at Hillsborough.
  17. If we did move, where are these sites that a stadium could be built with easy access? I can't think of any in the Sheffield boundary. I think we are better to renovate and rebuild. All those businesses around the ground would also suffer if we moved.
  18. Definitely there for the pitch or they are nicking a lawn mower, as they went to the back of the North Stand.
  19. Just been down to the Mega store and there is definitely money being spent on outside help for the pitch. Unless they are there to give a quote.
  20. Not standing up for the chairman but has anyone been made unemployed since we got relegated? If it's a case of not replacing some light bulbs for a while and not putting the grow lamps on as often to help someone keep their job, then I don't mind. But I don't know if that is the situation.
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