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  1. Small portion of cold chips for £2.50 in the Grandstand. And they had the cheek of giving 2 for a fiver when I asked for one portion.
  2. The ground is over 120 years old and it's not the same ground as when it was new. It has always been updated and expanded. I still think it still good with a bit updating. Just replace the West Stand and the kop and add more facilities. Add more space behind the North with better facilities and that would make all the difference. Then we need to be in the Premier League and all those empty seats would be used.
  3. The only thing we had in common with Athletico Madrid. Didn't we also do it for free as well. Typical Wednesday.
  4. It goes to show that we must have the best fans to still turn up in the numbers that we do and still have hope of doing better.
  5. Need to get defence to tighten up now and we are away!
  6. He's desperate to see our next opponents. He's heard so much about Accrington Stanley and how much we could learn from their success. Also it's another ground to knock off the list.
  7. Sack the Estate Manager Snoots and put the Game Keeper in charge. That will sort your problem out!!
  8. Classic OMDT. Don't we have the lowest Premier League attendance with Wimbledon, the old Wimbledon and not the new one!
  9. I thought they were bringing on and not taking him off!
  10. Paterson, just for the way their number 2 bounced off him and sat on the floor looking dazed.
  11. None of this would matter if we had put our chances away in the first half.
  12. How many different formations can we get out of that? Hopefully it will get Shrewsbury confused too.
  13. The lad on crutches seems ready made for the first team this time last year.
  14. I bet we could give the pigs a game and beat them at the moment.
  15. A win is needed. To get promotion we need to be beating our promotion rivals.
  16. Ironically I think he went MIA last season. Remember Pulis kept on saying he hadn't spoken to him and sent loads of emails. Yet DM has said he speaks to him at least once, sometimes more every day. Read into that what you will.
  17. Has anyone mentioned the phantom trumpet yet. I've not smelt anything yet! But the wind could have been blowing in the opposite direction.
  18. No effing and jeffing in the family stand for change. Those kids!!
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