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  1. My concern is how much worse this is going to get. We are nowhere near bottoming out.
  2. What about people pushing their views on Curry sauce on fish.?
  3. I miss the carnage in the boardroom section.
  4. We breached the spending limits then sold the stadium to ourselves and tried to backdate the sale in order to avoid sanctions for overspending. Chansiri has no one to blame but himself.
  5. Equally you could say if Chansiri hadn't tried to pull a fast one to swerve FFP, none of this would have happened.
  6. my view on Paxo hasnt changed after reading that article. The whole set up stinks.
  7. How long are we going to continue to live in the past . ? Its time to move on from the likes of Hutch , Westwood ,Lees ,Palmer
  8. cheers, looks like i wont be reading it then.
  9. Where is the full article to read ? That link says you have to subscribe.
  10. Today just gets worse. I wonder what muppet offered him that when he signed.
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