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  1. Has anyone told them we don't pay our players.
  2. Won't find a better striker in league one. Over 100 premier league games, international striker. No brainer if we could make it happen.
  3. My point still stands. To improve your heading skills you practice, practice, practice, over and over again, just as you do with passing and shooting.
  4. But how do kids learn heading skills they need if they can't practice again and again in training?
  5. Maybe they should also ban keepers using their hands in case they break a finger saving a hard shot. Tackling has gone Heading looks like going.
  6. I played Sunday league for 20 years mate when we used proper balls, not the lightweight balloons the pro's use these days. Heading is a massive part of the game. Football has already suffered enough due to tackling being outlawed. Ban heading and we may as well call it a day.
  7. Audi Quatro. All time Classic motor.
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