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  1. Mulgrew

    We need to be signing young players on their way up in the game with a sell on value . we have more than enough old , over 30`s players coming to the end of their careers. Oh , your phone needs charging .
  2. Mulgrew

  3. Gossip

    @theowlsman owns the copyright to the OFFICIAL transfer rumours thread . Im sure he has his no win no fee lawyers onto this already . Apparently he uses the same ones as McSue at the Lane.
  4. Im a steady 7 at the minute
  5. Pre season in The Yemen?

    We used to have ref`s that smoked during the game back in the day during my sunday league career .
  6. Gossip

    No , that looks nowt like her either
  7. Perfect Scenario

    As long as this one happens , i couldnt give a monkeys about the rest of em.
  8. Micheal Mols will be our first summer signing ITK
  9. Gossip

    Any Pics ?
  10. This is exactly the sort of player we should be trying to sign. young, athletic ,on their way up in the game with a sell on value .