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  1. The problem is, the ones we need to get rid of wont be the ones we can sell in January, no one will want them . It will be Fessi , Bannan , Reach and Lees that will be sacrificed as they are the ones who will attract interest, not the injury prone old players on massive wages.
  2. With the financial mess we are in , it's likely to get a whole lot smaller if we have to flog the crown jewels in January.
  3. Try telling Tony Tom's back in the day the players couldn't play two games in 48 hours. If this lot can't do it , sumnats wrong .
  4. Its chairMAN . Stop being politically correct.
  5. Am i on my own in thinking this whole farce would never have happened under Manderic and Paul Aldridge ? Milan wouldnt have allowed us to be shafted by David Hirst and Leicester.
  6. At a time when we cannot sign any new players , we need every experienced head in the team to give us a fighting chance of a half decent season, yet here we have our best keeper sat in the stand on matchday . Bizarre dosnt even come close.
  7. The entire situation is one big mess. We are basically screwed all ends up.
  8. They may be waiting a long time for their money
  9. For me the only three id want to keep are Joao , Dave and Bannan . Hooper and Lee are quality players, but injury prone ,and the rest wouldnt be missed.
  10. One of the things which made Jack stand out for me was his brutal honesty . He told the fans exactly how it was ,and what was happening.
  11. It was painful watching his team , very painful.
  12. If he is, its needs to be before the end of this month because we cannot afford to be carrying a third choice keeper on those high wages.
  13. S36 OWL

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    And it ain't changed for the better .