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  1. Who would you drop to play Fessi ? Bannan , Hutch or Loungo ?
  2. There are no stand out teams this season. we are among probably a dozen teams who could make the top six this season. Its all about consistency.
  3. Reach was solid tonight. Did the basics right and kept it simple. cant fault him tonight.
  4. Allen was looking for it. He went down like he had been shot . it was six of one and half a dozen of the other. Two players battling for the ball , nothing more than that .
  5. He has become a top quality centre half . Lees is going to have to wait for his chance once he is fit because he aint going to shift Dom or Borner on current form.
  6. From the North it looked like it had actually gone past him before he scooped it back from behind him , which would make it even more of a stunning save . Ive not seen it on TV though.
  7. It would be very brave . We have a system Monk has settled on ,and its working well.
  8. Couldnt ask for anything more from Monk . averaging 2pts a game is promotion form.
  9. Impact sub for me. The two who you could drop for him are Harris or Reach , but that aint going to happen. Fessi cant play as a striker and isnt a midfielder.
  10. Not from you after your last one bounced.
  11. My mom lives on Shenstone Rd , opposite top of Vere rd . she cant walk far ,and relys on her car to get to the shops. she is now a prisoner in her own home on matchdays. Not only that , i have always parked on her drive when i go to a game, now im also knackered .
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