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Fulham -V- Wednesday OMDT

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2 minutes ago, GLOwl said:

Are you for real?! While luongo is equally as bad, bannan has been our best player.

Best player you say? Was it the fabulous square passes Directly into touch when we were on the attack? Or his hissy fit when his 5 metre pass doesn’t make it to Windass? 

Bannan has one skill his passing. And when he’s passing like he is today I’d swap him for any of our subs let alone any other half capable midfielder. 

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1 minute ago, GMOwl72 said:

Our back 3 are awful

Iorfa seems to have god like status with our fans when he is absolutely nothing special, loses concentration, can’t win headers and his mistakes have cost us plenty times this season.

Borner is bang average and again the lack of talent we have had at Centre half since Pearson, Shirtliff and Walker seems to make people think he’s a Maldini.

Lees, well he’s just lost it hasn’t he.

My cat has more football in intelligence than Iorfa. He has athleticism which often gets him out of the trouble he got into in the first place from a rash decision or bad positioning. If the rumours of interest from other clubs were anywhere near the figures quoted then we will be having another clubs pants down for once.

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10 minutes ago, Mr. Tom said:

Need a half time dump but can’t even be bothered with that, might just lie on kitchen floor and let it go there, then chew through skirting board and just live in there like a massive mouse and only come out at night to nick bits of weetabix, can’t be arsed



..Kin brilliant!!

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4 minutes ago, Andrew_Owl said:

No he really hasn't been, sick of the Bannan love in all the time just because he had a great 2 seasons 


So because a player has 'just' had 2 great seasons, he must be rubbish?


Are you on smack?!

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