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  1. Wonder if he (and the rest of the Preston team) will be up to their old tricks again on Saturday.
  2. I would leave him out v Preston as they always target him and try and get him sent of but for the games after I'd rotate him especially with Murphy.
  3. That's just down to a lack of game time.
  4. Played rubbish, absolutely awful player I'd rather us have Claude Dielna back there. Just kidding he did an alright job.
  5. Agreed, was thinking we could play a few fringe players against Bury but sadly not. I think Fletcher and Winnall will get rotated a bit more as the season progresses with Rhodes getting a bit of game time here and there.
  6. He's had very minimal game time for whatever reason so I think once he gets some minutes under his belt he'll get some pace back.
  7. Hopefully he keeps getting the minutes in the bank, really underrated/underused striker here.
  8. I think it's because he isn't sharp enough.
  9. Nice to see the lad get a run out, hopefully we can get him scoring like he was at the dingles.
  10. Amado, bossed it, Nicholls did great in goal too, honourable mention for Floro who owned the left hand side.
  11. Westwood Palmer Borner Lees Moses Bannan Luongo Reach FF Fletcher Harris
  12. Today was one of those days today, Millwall is one of the toughest away games all season so at least we've got it out of the way, yes we should be at least getting a point from a team with ten men but it wasn't to be. Get back to home soil on Tuesday got another very tough game against Luton but hopefully we can bounce back and show today was just a one off and get a good win.
  13. Westwood Palmer Borner Lees Moses Luongo Hutchinson Lee Murphy Fletcher Harris Dawson Iorfa Reach Bannan Winnall Rhodes FF Bannan on for Hutchinson or Luongo if we are chasing the game. On for Lee if we are comfortable.
  14. Not convinced with Moses yet but I wouldn't swap him.
  15. Midfield 3 of Lee Hutchinson Luongo. Bannan on for Luongo/Hutchinson if were chasing the game, on for Lee if were comfortable.
  16. Worst away team at Hillsborough this season imo also the best
  17. Fixtures in here https://www.swfc.co.uk/matches/under-23-fixtures/
  18. I'd have a midfield 3 of Luongo - Hutch - Lee next week.
  19. I'd take a point but I have full confidence that the lads can get a win down there.
  20. Can we buy the row of houses behind the North? I'd do that then bulldoze them and add extra turnstiles for the North etc
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