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  1. Around 20, loved Nottingham forest (and notts county but they aren't in the 92) Wolves, Birmingham, Ipswich. Leeds also had a great atmosphere, well it did when Nuhiu won it in added time. Reading was a poor one, early December, shocking atmosphere. Cambridge the other month was a little gem, actual terraces, that little path in the pitch black darkness to the coach after the game .
  2. Was just about to make a thread about him, at the start of the season he played well, Huddersfield in the cup, Charlton away and Doncaster at home stand out in my memory, he played more as a left midfielder/winger role but frightened opposition full backs by tunning at them, lad deserves another chance after his Hartlepool disaster.
  3. 7 is that it? Thought it was more than that, especially with him playing left back at the end of the season when Reda was injured
  4. Experienced defender, played a big part in our promotion campaign 10 years ago, if the wages are right why not? I dont really know why Dave Jones got rid of him in the first place.
  5. FDB already had more of an impact than Wing and Bannan combined
  6. What the heck was that pass from Bannan? Best player in league 1?
  7. Got injured in the Huddersfield league cup game.
  8. Went on a great run but could never warm to the bloke. Always used to stand on ghe endge of his touchline with his hands in his pockets, players saying he was only at the training ground 1 or 2 days a week. Best thing he did was bring Stuart Gray in.
  9. What happened to this kid? Looking online looks like he's in the lower French divisions, genuinely thought this lad was going to have a decent career. Sirry for the random bump, his name just went through my mind earlier today.
  10. Yes they would need extra stewards but tge extra ticket sales would more than cover it.
  11. Said it many times on here, dont understand why teams give poor allocations when they could easily give extra, it would be like printing money for when teams who have a good away following like ourselves are in town
  12. Have you still got home 3? Size and condition please if so
  13. Away 21, what size and what condition is it in? Thanks All the best by the way
  14. I've only been going since 2010, and one of those years was in lockdown , hopefully things improve, or they wont.
  15. What was he going to ask anyway? The same bland questions as he does in every interview?
  16. Bpf Hunt Palmer Dunkley Brennan Theo Luongo Bannan FDB Paterson Windass
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