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  1. I stick by my earlier comments, the lad is class.
  2. This, the guy probably just wants to be famous on Twitter for 10 minutes.
  3. Good luck to him but he was never close to good enough for us.
  4. Great player, one of our best should be used more often. Needs a contract extension.
  5. I wouldn't mind us trying him at right midfield which he has previous experience at.
  6. I wouldn't mind Manchester United or Newcastle United away 2 grounds that I haven't been to but would love to tick off.
  7. Dawson Baker Bates Borner Fox Odubajo Hutchinson Lee Reach Winnall Rhodes
  8. I wouldn't take him to Brighton, needs a good rest.
  9. Was it just a steward who didn't know who he was who turned him away?
  10. Not really had much of an opportunity has he? Even compared to Nuhiu, chance after chance.
  11. Remember when I said all this about him earlier in the season and I got negged to death.
  12. Today he was yes, everyone was rubbish today. But my point was that Winnall is more of a goal scorer than Nuhiu.
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