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  1. If that was us smashing Luton we are fooked
  2. Before the brentford match I would say yes, now I would say probably not. If we get less than 4 points out of our next 2 games I think we will go down.
  3. David Kasnik Dejan Kelhar We seem to be good at it
  4. Players will definitely be up for derby games, unfortunately it seemed like non of them were up for it today.
  5. Imagine if him or Reach did Bannans "challenge" in the lead up to their goal.
  6. We also looked like we were heading for league 2
  7. We want Irvine back say we want Irvine back.
  8. We had a decent end to 2017/18 season which might make it seem a bit better
  9. Did they have a throw in before they almost scored after 20 seconds,I wasn't watching at that point?
  10. Bit silly to say someone is playing poor because they are our best player.
  11. Get meggo back, running on greno woods.
  12. During the time of all 3 being here the club just seems so negative, boring, rubbish football, toothless in attack, not strong enough in defence.
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