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  1. Most entertaining, skillful Wednesday player I've ever seen.
  2. Do you mean in an attacking sense or are you using corporate bullsh!t, badly?
  3. It's all part of the master witch hunt. Close and restrict roads, local residents complain, police back residents, council, Supertram who then start selecting match days on which not to operate, all previous misdemeanours highlighted = Hillsborough not fit for purpose.
  4. Did any of you London/Southern types ever go when the London Owls used to meet at the Ship and Blue Ball in Shoreditch? (1989/90/91-ish)
  5. That's not a ticket price, it's a ransom demand!!
  6. Why even bother sending the competition registration form in? 'Kin farce. Have I missed the fact we have a Europa League campaign or somert?!
  7. Why even enter the competition if you aren't going to try and win the thing? In case someone gets injured and derails the promotion plan? Pfft! Full strength team every time.
  8. In reality it's a bang average championship manager for a bang average championship club. No more, no less.
  9. Probably happens because, well I've never seen any chicks there, so people think it's ok to stand there. When the chickens arrive and are visible, people will understand then and observe the signs.
  10. I'm always amazed at how many people can't. Or maybe they can actually read it but fail to interpret the information.
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