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  1. Kieran Lee is a beautiful player and a beautiful man.
  2. He's like a skint gambler, begging and thieving for his next bet.
  3. Im sure I read somewhere once that the answer is, never. Sheffield Wednesday have never beaten a team from a higher division in the FA Cup.
  4. Is it just me that hears finger nails scraping on a blackboard when someone mentions asists? Assists. What a load of nonsense. Surely, even some of the qualifying descriptions of them makes them a complete farce. Please make it stop!
  5. A clear explanation why we are in a bit of a pickle. That's The Gamble!
  6. Most entertaining, skillful Wednesday player I've ever seen.
  7. Do you mean in an attacking sense or are you using corporate bullsh!t, badly?
  8. It's all part of the master witch hunt. Close and restrict roads, local residents complain, police back residents, council, Supertram who then start selecting match days on which not to operate, all previous misdemeanours highlighted = Hillsborough not fit for purpose.
  9. Did any of you London/Southern types ever go when the London Owls used to meet at the Ship and Blue Ball in Shoreditch? (1989/90/91-ish)
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