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  1. There's safe progressive hands, stagnation and what we now have, downright win or bust irresponsible gambling.
  2. You're either very brave or plain daft! It's like watching a bad juggler playing with your collection of ming vases! It's worrying and has been since the day he set foot in the club.
  3. These days I attend matches under the guise (in my head), of a scout. When I think I've seen enough, I'm off. Not waiting to leave with the masses. I went to watch Rotherham v Southampton in the League Cup when they played at Don Valley, just to see what it was like watching a match at that stadium. (rubbish, by the way), I left after twenty mins. Job done. Didn't upset anyone, no traffic. If it bothers people, like it does my mate, I tell him to convince himself they are just going to the toilet, because that's allowed apparently. It seems to ease his mild anger and frustration. There, so just think, 'Ah, toilet visit', and you'll be fine.
  4. Who cares? I see Leeds no different to Huddersfield, Barnsley and Bradford. Just don't get it.
  5. Who needs 14 (fourteen) backroom staff?!!!!
  6. I like the way that after 5 minutes of a new manager with a bungling system of one up front that, as if by magic, most people think that one up front is the best and only way to play!! Fads and fashion eh!?
  7. Westwood Hunt Lees Turner Pudil Bannan/Wallace Lopez Melo Matias Joao Forestieri
  8. May to Rotherham £500k - ish. Evans sacked by Christmas, Stuart Gray to take over his old team.
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