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  1. Entertaining football to watch - anything else, a bonus.
  2. Nobody should be charged money to watch any team Pulis is involved with. "But he knows how to get teams promoted". Good for him. Fuckhim.
  3. What project was that? And when did it start?
  4. So close! But getting there. It's just the sleeves and shoulder stripes, and the pointless pattern in the blue stripes that let it down, IMO. 7/10
  5. Yes: Kevin Keegan Ian Holloway Harry Redknapp No: All dull, boring, predictable, out of work managers.
  6. I wouldn't mind Hughton as long as there was a clause in his contract that stated that if he gained promotion he wouldn't be allowed to manage us in the Premier League unless he played with at least one attacking player.
  7. I think this is the first thing I've agreed with the owner about since he arrived! Totezamazeballs! I hope he's given them a deadline date to go with it too.
  8. Just said on Look North he's "expected" to be taking training tomorrow.
  9. Green, fair enough Random, pointless, nonsense patterns - why? Just, why??
  10. There's safe progressive hands, stagnation and what we now have, downright win or bust irresponsible gambling.
  11. You're either very brave or plain daft! It's like watching a bad juggler playing with your collection of ming vases! It's worrying and has been since the day he set foot in the club.
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