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  1. Blimey! Your caring, family, community club! That's just unbelievable. I'm sure our man at the helm would never even suggest such a thing. Pfft. 🙄
  2. Just say, if fans were allowed to go when it re starts, no safeguarding, just turn up as usual, sit where you normally sit, I wonder how many would turn up.
  3. I don't think Mike Ashley would buy Wednesday and be happy to sit back and watch it lose the amount of money it's losing at the moment. There's only one way to make sure that doesn;t happen.
  4. Makes me think that people that completely rely on and believe stats, are watching the wrong sport.
  5. I give you the three words that would improve the ground's exterior no end... Knee On Signs!!
  6. I remember reading a story in Roy of the Rovers where this star striker (not Roy), hated big crowds. He would be terrified before every game, then score 3 or 4 every game and as soon as the final whistle went would run down the tunnel and out of the stadium as quickly as possible. So, there is some truth in it.
  7. If I was I player I'd refuse to play until it was deemed safe for everyone. Simple as that.
  8. I think football could do itself a big favour so that not everyone thinks it's a murky, grubby industry fuelled only by the lure of cash by stopping talking about when it may resume. If they insist on playing games behind closed doors just to fulfil multi million pound deals, it would be great when fans are allowed back in, for them not to turn up. We weren't needed then so you can [email protected] now. The whole thing stinks.
  9. Nice. Except, with solid stripes on the sleeves.
  10. Was Steve Woodhead also known as Cat Weasel? Tall thin bloke with long hair and a beard? Used to love those trains.
  11. At 250ft they were the tallest football ground floodlight pylons in Europe at the time. And As If By Magic
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