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  1. Did a good job at Everton, done rubbish since.
  2. If he has resigned and he doesn't become the new Newcastle boss, do we get any money off Bruce or anywhere else?
  3. He's wearing a yellow one at first and a green one at the end
  4. Why is westwood in a yellow one first then at the end in a green one? Home and away?
  5. If true why hasn't anything official been released by the club?
  6. Stocksbridge definitely are grass roots, because we probably advertised the friendly which hasn't been the case in previous seasons we took a fair few and that income will be great for Stocksbridge. I'm going to try and get to some of our under 23 games there and hopefully that will help them as well.
  7. Dawson didn't have much to do Fox and Baker played well, especially supporting their wingers going forward. Iorfa and van Aken didn't have much to do but seemed fairly comfortable, wouldn't like them together in a championship game though. Harris was quality, should have shot a bit more. Hutchinson was great even supporting the attack he looked class. Lee was great, had a shot from about 25 yards out that went just past the post. FF didn't look bothered one bit. Nuhiu looked alright at first then had spells when you forgot he was playing. Winnall looked very lively, would be great him feeding off Fletcher in a proper game.
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