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  1. Dawson 7 some great saves but he needs to push the ball away from the danger area Iorfa 7 Lees 8 solid motm Van aken 6 Harris 6 Bannan 6 Luongo 7 Brown 7 Penney 6 (should have been Harris subbed imo) Windass 7 tried Rhodes 6 Palmer 6 Kachunga 6 Reach NA
  2. Don't get why we waited until the 1st of September to start processing refunds, why not just have a few members of staff doing them as they started coming in.
  3. I'm not so much bothered about the delay (I mean it'd be great to have had the refund earlier) it's just the lack of communication from the club that's annoying me. I don't even think they've announced Nuhiu and Lee leaving yet.
  4. Sorry to keep bumping this thread but have any of you got your money back?
  5. Club haven't even announced anything, terrible.
  6. The annoying thing, even as recent as January, I said I wanted Hutchinson to leave and people shot me down
  7. Guessing after none of them featuring on the squad numbers it means they've been released, have I just missed the announcement from the club that they have been released or have the club just not said anything?
  8. Wish we gave Winnall a proper chance
  9. Just asking if they had officially left as I haven't read anything and just wondered if I missed something. And do you never talk about former players?
  10. Poor move Bannan blames everyone else, takes confidence away.
  11. Doesn't he run underworld on corrie?
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