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  1. Andrew_Owl

    Robert Huth

    At CB we've got, Lees Pudil Van Aken Thorniley Nielsen Probably get Fred as well.
  2. Andrew_Owl

    Player signings

    Fair play to Burton for staying up that season.
  3. Can't stand Rob I know everything and I'm almost as big as Nuhiu Staton.
  4. Andrew_Owl

    Caption competition

    In west Philadelphia born and raised On the playground was where I spent most of my days
  5. Andrew_Owl

    Pre season then ?

    Gonna Russia, fighting the ultras, get us more fisicul init.
  6. Almen Adbi only played 159 minutes, great investment.
  7. Great pictures, very interesting thanks for posting.
  8. Andrew_Owl


    Have the Madison from Norwich
  9. Andrew_Owl

    Fixtures 18/19 release date

    AHH, fixture release day, when a ton of people fill the feed on, owlstalk, Facebook, Twitter telling us who we've got first like we didn't already know
  10. Andrew_Owl

    Hooper, Fletcher and Lee

    Asked Fletcher if he'd be ready for pre season yesterday and he said he's fit now.
  11. Andrew_Owl

    Chansiri - Snooker Final

    Gone for a fag apparently
  12. Andrew_Owl

    atdhe nuhiu song

    Have you seen the year that comment was posted?