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  1. Quick sketch I've just thrown together in 5 minutes or so
  2. Neither should be banned FF got found not guilty in a court of law Silva was banter between workmates
  3. He's made a fair few mistakes this season, Dawson is the one gets all the stick.
  4. Iorfa to right back, Lees or Thorniley to centre back, Luongo and Lee in cm, Harris and FF wide, Fletcher and Nuhiu/Winnall up top
  5. Should have been Lee or Harris on corner duty.
  6. Can't have as many corners as we did and not make them count.
  7. Most were quality today, hope the ones who interrupted the silence get a good kicking. 2 young chavs near me smashing their seat up, well only 1 managed it the other was too much of a wet wipe to manage it.
  8. Defended brilliantly until the end Westwood 7 Palmer 5 Iorfa 7 some awful passes, 1 to palmer who was about 5 yards away springs to mind Borner 7 Fox 7.5 should have gone on the overlap more Reach 4 forgot he played Pelupessy 4 Darren Potter Lee 6.5 Hutchinson 6 Harris 7 tried but no support or he got out muscled Fletcher 7 tried, no support again can only do so much on his own FF 6 didn't get into the game Murphy 6.5 did alright tbh, looked like the player we thought we signed Nuhiu 6
  9. Wildsmith looked quality until the end of the 2017/18 season where he seemed to make mistake after mistake, QPR away 4-2 comes to mind. Dawson came in and did a good job, can't have been easy for him with the kop behind him singing there's only one Keiren Westwood. Also Wildsmith was dropping clangers in the under 23s last season.
  10. Well done Fox, however I think Iorfa should have won.
  11. I thought he did what he was tasked with well.
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