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  1. Imagine if Sturrock, Laws and Gray all had the same amount of money to spend as Carlos.
  2. I'd have Thorniley in whilst Lees is out.
  3. Yup, we're a nearly team like them
  4. I really feel for Dawson, he'll do something slightly wrong and everyone jumps on him, Westwood could put in a 0 out of 10 and some of you wouldn't say anything about him.
  5. Very tough but winnable game, hopefully the prices are sensible so a lot turn up.
  6. Me, gets a bit boring travelling to the few away games that I do go to on my own though, alright when I'm there but on the coach/train gets a bit lonely lol.
  7. At least we've got a few points on the board now we usually wait until late September early October to start winning.
  8. Iorfa 1st choice right back Palmer 2nd Moses 3rd Palmer 1st choice left back Fox 2nd Thorniley or Reach could be 3rd choice I suppose.
  9. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Fox Lee Hutchinson Luongo Harris Fletcher Reach
  10. Come on Wednesday!!!! Safe journey to everyone travelling.
  11. Wonder if he (and the rest of the Preston team) will be up to their old tricks again on Saturday.
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