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  1. George Boyd, Jay Bothroyd, Stevie May, Will Keane, Van Aken, Mark Reynolds.
  2. Great at playing 40 yard passes. Not very good at anything else.
  3. Anyone know who played in goal for us I'm guessing it was Dawson or wildsmith
  4. They always extend it. Might get one for next season now it goes over march pay day
  5. If he is injured I think Pudil or Thorniley could do a job there, both solid defensively and have good quality on the ball, not sure about Jones with him only playing once this season. Anyway whatever Bruce choses I'll support.
  6. Stoke is our next game, let's just prepare for 1 game at a time.
  7. Exactly pal easy money for them, I could probably do it and I would do it better than some of these jokers. I'd just put a bit of care and attention into it. Way too many of these 'journos' about.
  8. Exactly right, it's too easy now for people to open their own website or whatever they do to get their opinions published, they can just make a website put loads of ads on and get paid for writing a load of drivel. That's why I hardly read any papers and I don't read many articles online.
  9. Definitely better than Reda however I won't go as far as to say he's better than Jeremy Helen yet.
  10. Journalists these days are awful, can't think of a single one I like.
  11. All the lads need a break, especially Fletcher Hutchinson FF Winnall Hooper and Lazaar.
  12. Daft that it's been changed but hopefully I'll be able to go
  13. Just the Steve Bruce barmy army song we've got now but the kop sing Steve Bruce and the North do Barmy army.
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