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Community Answers

  1. I wouldn't spunk all my wages because their logo was on the front of a football shirt
  2. Don't agree with this, i know this sounds hartless but betting companies are businesses, and they don't force anyone to bet.
  3. No, but any British player should be able to go out on loan at anytime, kinda how it used to be.
  4. Hopefully toughens him up playing against men week in week out. Should move above Dunkley in the pecking order if his loan spell is successful.
  5. Is the gov.co.uk classed as the track and trace?
  6. Just going to be a bugger getting home with the pigs being at home tonight.
  7. Not worth the risk, even just for tye first half?
  8. Superstars are in town, don't you want to see, erm, and errrr.
  9. We've refused to drop bannan since we signed him, where has it got us?
  10. Thats the problem right there, we are Sheffield Wednesday FC not Barry Bannan FC
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