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  1. If he's cheap I'd have him but I can't see Spurs letting him go for a little fee so nope.
  2. That shirt just makes me think of Chris Brunt.
  3. Ross Barkley, Michail Antonio, James Maddison. Depends on if you mean at that moment I saw them play or how good they later went on to be/ how good they once were.
  4. Tbh I'd get rid of Reach and FF if good offers came in for them both. We could probably buy 3 or 4 capable replacements with the money from those 2 as well as sorting ffp out.
  5. Great goals, good player when he's got space to run into, very quiet otherwise, sell him if a good offer comes in for him.
  6. None of them are as bad as signing Almen Abdi or Urby Emanuelson
  7. The money we spent on him we could have bought Fred Venacio and Michael Hector.
  8. He's better than Van Aken. All the best for the future Fred.
  9. Westwood 9 Fox 6 Hector 6 Lees 6 Palmer 7 FF 5 Lee 6 Pelupessy 6 Matias 5 Joao 5 Fletcher 5 Hutch na, liability Nuhiu 6, tried more than Joao Hooper 5
  10. Such a frustrating player because half of the time he can't be arsed. When he can be bothered he is unplayable.
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