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  1. Thank god he's gone, been taking too much off the wage bill for too long. Liability.
  2. Haha I've been saying he's a liability for ages and I've been slaughtered for it. He does this interview and people are all saying it, take your blue and white specs off for once eh?.
  3. Reach would suit a lwb position, it did my nut in when Jos had Thorniley at lwb and Reach in central midfield. Penney would be good to rotate.
  4. Can anyone explain why the refund process will take so long? Can't they just do it like a normal refund?
  5. Iorfa, although Fletcher probably deserves it more.
  6. Alright player but could never guarantee him being available, should have gone a few years ago in my opinion.
  7. Never given a proper opportunity, bet he scores where he goes.
  8. Only if he took a pay cut, although I would add good bonus incentives.
  9. Never given a chance here, watch him go somewhere else, get a run of games and bang them in, just like he's done everywhere else.
  10. I've been critical of him, think he's a bit too soft but when he got injured goals stopped coming. The amount of chances he makes goes unnoticed just wish he wouldn't pull out of so many challenges.
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