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  1. Rangers. Derby when they beat us 1-0 Midweek game Patrick Bamford scored winner
  2. Left mid. Always worked best with Nando on the left, Hooper and Nuhiu up front.
  3. I didn't go but 4-2 (I think) against Peterborough Alan Irvine's last game or one of last games for us. Remember listening to it and it sounded awful
  4. Dawson 5 Fox 7 Lees 7 Borner 6 Palmer 7 Harris 5 Bannan 6.5 Lee 7 Murphy 7 FF 7 Wickham 5 Fletcher 8 Nuhiu 6.5 De Cruz 6
  5. A really rainy day, early goal to Birmingham, us to press for an equaliser and them to do us on the counter attack. Miss my train home.
  6. Dawson 2 Big O 2 Iorfa 2 Borner 3 Palmer 4 De Cruz 4 Pelupessy 4 Lee 5 Harris 4 FF 6 Nuhiu 5
  7. Club must earn a fortune from the ICO. What it probably costs them probably gets repaid after 7 or 8 passengers.
  8. I think Lees is having a dip in form at the moment, but which players aren't.
  9. Gi us 50 points deduction now no messing around just send us down.
  10. I'd never play for the manager to be honest, should always play for yourself.
  11. Would love a manager like him. Old school that's what we need. That's why what Bruce was doing was working.
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