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  1. I follow still blank screen, glad I paid £10 for nowt.
  2. Will do from now on and check for emails more regularly
  3. Just had a look at my emails missed the deadline, needed to have it sorted on 15/10 at 09;00, really must prioritise Owls over my work!!
  4. Hadn't looked for mail as I check club site and expected to see something on there, thanks for the info, I will have a look
  5. Thought it odd that Luton applications on the Website but nothing about Brentford
  6. Haven't seen any information from the club about this game, see that Sky have it on. I do not have Sky, does that mean as a Season ticket holder I cannot watch the match?
  7. RIP Gerry Young, was a member of the first Wednesday team I supported as a child. Condolences to family and friends.
  8. We have been poor all season, don't know how we managed to ever get to third in the division. We seem unable to put together two decent halves of football in the same game. Our home form has been abysmal, unable to score at home in the first half, why? The points deduction threat over almost 9 months seems to have had an impact, but as professionals, it was surely up to our players to put this out of mind and just battle for each and every point in each and every game played.
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