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  1. You will be there suffering like the rest of us!!
  2. Like it when we have an attacking throw near the opposition penalty area and three passes later it is back with our keeper.
  3. Don't understand how the assistant on the South or the 4 th official saw this as yellow, both should have appointments at Specsavers as soon as possible.
  4. Stokes form looks rotten, but we struggle to put together three wins on the bounce. Hope we can break the hoodoo and give Stoke a good hammering. UTO Happy Christmas to all Owls fans.
  5. Went for Hutch, thought he was immense today, to be thrown in to the position just before KO, as mentioned earlier it was like him and Iorfa had played together all season. Bonus no booking either
  6. Thought Fletcher came to life once Jos gone( as did most of the squad) Westwood was brilliant on his return, but had to go with Michael Hector, he seems to have grown since he has been here. Hope we are able to keep him
  7. Think that was the worst I have ever felt alongside the 2- 4 defeat to our neighbours
  8. Would have been there had the game been on Saturday at 3pm, thanks for nowt Sky
  9. Not one to moan, but missing this one due to stinking Sky moving the match, |I really hate them. Couldn't face the two and a half hour drive each way after a hard week at work. Expecting a decent win as I am not there, missed the Millwall win as the car broke down on the A1 getting there UTO
  10. Will they be limited edition 150 pairs only?
  11. I am on the North, lower down towards Kop end, they are not good, at times you lose sight of the ball when it is up the Lepp end, they are nothing but a rotten distraction and need dumping.
  12. Was thinking about it, but after the watch debacle, not prepared to drive north to be turned away as they are overbooked.
  13. I had an e-mail from the club at 18:51 on 29/9 confirming my purchase of the watch and it has taken until 6/10 to advise me by e-mail that they were not able to stop the orders at 150 and that I had therefore been unsuccessful. Not very happy that my money had been taken when I had been unsuccessful and that I have had to apply for a refund, when they admitted that they had made the error. Very disappointed that in our 150th anniversary season that by mid October not one of the three strips are still available to purchase. Someone at the club really needs to sort out the commercial side of the business as it really is a joke.
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