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  1. Along with "Theres a player in there"
  2. Must say I will never forget the open top bus parades around Sheffield ,players and manager proudly holding aloft our newly won 6th and 4th trophies Oh for a return to the glory days!
  3. When I played Sunday football if someone took a short throw in everyone of the opposition would shout "foul throw ref" and everytime he would give it !!
  4. That first statement .....frightening folk think like that !
  5. It was just yorkshire clubs he commentated on , Hudds ,Hull, Boro ( Yorkshire then ) Sheffield and Leeds . Martin Tyler got the gig after he left
  6. Oh..err .....right ..yeah 😳 Given it much thought have you ?
  7. Big Dave and FF have found clubs ,so Lee is the last chance to bring back some of the old gaurd Its now suggested we wheel him back in as a coach ! Let it go
  8. You know its been a good win when Reach gets called Reachy in a thread Dosent get more giddy than that
  9. Especially when he called Prendergast Sunley for a whole game ! True story Leeds through and through
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