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  1. As I said ,I hope I'm wrong and can actually start watching them again rather than doing other things
  2. Must say to qualify for the play offs at the beginning of March is indeed no small feat!
  3. He took over a West Brom side which had players that were better than nearly all in the championship and were expected to be promoted ,it went pear shaped the next season resulting in the club sacking a legend Hes started well at Donny playing apparently good football but they seem to be on the slide IMO I don't think he is a good appointment And as I said, I hope these words come back to bite me on the arris
  4. Hes got experience in league 1 because he was sacked at West Brom, he got that job because he was held in high regard as a player IMO he is not a good manager and is a poor appointment Good luck to him, and I hope this post comes back to bite me on the Arris
  5. Braga have only finished outside the top 5 ,4 times since the turn of the century! They must really know how to spot a great manager or the Portuguese league is a bit like Scotland
  6. You was correct it was 69 , I was at the game aged 9 I was at the front wall on the Lepp ,funny as anything when the cushions rained down late in the game Also remember liverpool fans were congregated in the triangle on the Lepp end
  7. ^^^^^^ yep And him and Palmer will be playing in the Euros !! Good luck with that Scotland
  8. Nowt wrong that a shot on goal or a corner that stays in play won't cure pal
  9. Really ????... Why haven't you typed it before ?? FFS change the 8 astard record
  10. That 1st half was as bad as any team can play ,dont care what anyone else thinks ,that is as bad as I've ever seen Then the 2nd half improvement where we have Paterson dribbling backwards from two thirds up the pitch till he eventually ran the ball out ,Bannan picking their players out from god knows how many corners , Harris takes over and can't keep it in play ...from our f**in corner!! As for Windass ,if only he was as good as he thinks he is
  11. Think "Be careful what you wish for" is up there ! And "up top" has replaced "up front"
  12. Don't know, but I can guarantee we will give loads of free kicks away in silly areas by running in to the back of players Resulting in said players standing with arms out stretched asking why?
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