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  1. And what exactly has that to do with spare parts ?
  2. Dont know why you are trying to wind him up The bloke is clearly not going to bite
  3. So you are not interested how Staveley are doing then ,?? I'm a Luton fan dont you know !
  4. "On his day" how many players have we got that we have to wait for to have "their day "? Remember the "not one of Uniteds team would get in ours " cobblers
  5. Bit hard to get promoted if you are already there Using that logic Arsenal couldn't expect to be promoted if they came down !
  6. So they are agreeing with most on here then ? We are shocking Let's hope we pick up 2nd half
  7. That's the way I see it ,can watch the scores come in stress free without hearing how the charity club have gifted Town their first win in about 20 games !
  8. I know someone who works as a camera man for Sky and he told me that the top brass called a mass meeting of all employees They were told to not say anything good about swfc under any circumstances Sounds too daft to be true ....
  9. Fans all over the country still talk about the football we played in that what is now becoming legendary first season ..........when we finished 6th !
  10. Cashed in big time ?? He played 17 and scored 6
  11. Why do you need them to tell you something you already know ?
  12. Is it like missing school ,do they need a f...in note ?
  13. Cant disagree with any of that .....or agree for that matter !
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