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  1. If there is a good reason not to sign CH this is it
  2. Thinking same ,wasnt he used as a sub a lot ? Average player and if the season hadn't been curtailed he would be back where he came from Sorry forgot this is owlstalk, I should have said Bang average
  3. I was told the north west corner was originally meant to have a roof put over at a later date as the steps follow on from the north and connect to the west. 50 years later United did this and its apparently better than the nou camp now !
  4. All of john street ,have a look at mcphales goal he scored at the bramhall lane end He has to run the length of the pitch before you see a blade!
  5. For having the foresight to identify him as a candidate or refusing to be held over a barrel if he proved to be a flop .....which he eventually did !
  6. And if you pushed a ref over it used to be a life ban The bloke wanted out and he got out ,and claimed that the nasty club didnt grovel round him He eventually found a club that would suck up to his personality Wasnt it a standing joke among West Ham fans about his mysterious injuries on long away days ( could be wrong)
  7. The only reason he left S6 was he deliberately threw himself under a bus simple as
  8. This thread reminds me of Talksport close season ,just get a pundit to say Celtic or Rangers wouldn't cut it in the Prem then sit back and watch the switchboard light up
  9. Think he is talking about our first home game first season back in the top flight under Wilkinson 3-1
  10. John lived in the same area as me and went to the same school ,Wisewood although he was 3 years below Always got a smile and polite hello if you see him Just read his wikipedia and it says he scored a hat trick for Leeds urgh........against Uniturd !!!!! If that is true then he can wee wee tail his snook to any smart Alec on here that may want to put him down
  11. He might not speak for everyone but he speaks for a lot of fans I know and talk to It's been bliss not having Wednesday finding different ways to f..k up our weekend Do miss the rest of the footy though
  12. To try to save the company that pays them handsomely even though they have been paid for doing nothing Similar to a company I worked for, the shop floor during hard times had a vote to take a pay cut rather than bite the hand that fed them I'm probably old fashioned
  13. Thought it was the season after when we beat em and they didnt take it well
  14. Yes went on the train that day ,police escort from barking , good of the West Ham fans to come out of the pubs and help with the escort ! List 3-1 Mirocovic
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