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  1. Did you daydream that lot or what ?
  2. Another thread on the subject , it's all been said and debated Think we may aswell wait a few days and see what actually happens
  3. Wednesday will just say 14m of our overspend went to your club Mr Gibson
  4. Except for the fact it was all standing behind the goals in 66 I for one believe you !!
  5. What do you mean by plan B and do other clubs plan for a manager failing ?
  6. Outplayed at Rotherham and Leeds is hardly throwing points away
  7. No he didn't ,you are wrong ,2017 lost 3-1 When they couldn't buy a win
  8. He didn't play , but either way it is a weird carry on
  9. Don't think anyone would be impressed if you spoke to them one to one and then splattered it all over social media no matter what walk of life . I'll give you an example and will say no more ,as I only mentioned talking to him to defend the mental health rumour. We played Norwich in a teatime ko live on sky Carlos said he pulled out injured in the pre match interview When I spoke to A.A the following week he said he wasn't injured he was fine ! As to why CC would say that I wouldn't know
  10. Yep on a good few occasions, take it or leave it Send the Queen my regards Doc
  11. Not mentioned that to me when I have spoke to him , perhaps you know something he doesn't
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