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  1. 2 weeks 3 weeks what's it matter, as long as we are near a motorway I'll be happy
  2. What about the many thousands that can walk home ?
  3. the monk

    Sheffield, city of students

    Suppose they could go and see Mr Chansiri cap in hand like the rest of us
  4. the monk

    Sheffield, city of students

    That many Certainly doing one of them that's for sure !
  5. the monk

    Sheffield, city of students

    How many is a good proportion?
  6. the monk

    Sheffield, city of students

    Because Sheffielders are being ripped off, surely they should come first?
  7. the monk

    Sheffield, city of students

    There's half a million sheffielders that need tapping in to, not the here today gone tomorrow mob
  8. So we are in the hunt for promotion and we sell one of our best players,? That would be up there with the awful decisions you speak of
  9. the monk

    Taking two others up

    I'd like to see United go out of business If not 4th division maximum
  10. the monk

    Why do refs hate us?

    Bo###ks Edit. TOTAL
  11. the monk

    Mid table team

    Nope, neither have they moved mid table
  12. the monk

    Bang Average League

    Bang Average .....not to be confused with normal average Really has a powerful sound doesn't it BANG AVERAGE !!!!! Almost carries as much weight as FACT
  13. the monk

    Patience required

    Abso bloody luetly!! Apparently we are in a "self entitled" age But it only applies to Sheffield
  14. the monk

    The Big Black Cloud over S6.

    What is he doing to recoup our losses? Will not getting promoted help with this? Why have the establishment been after us for years? Why would they want to ruin us ?