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  1. the monk

    Worried about the playoffs?

    All of that and Archie Irvine!
  2. the monk

    Worried about the playoffs?

    On a brighter note at 68 it enables you to flannel about how great the players were we have never heard of !
  3. the monk

    Worried about the playoffs?

    Have you seen us play Barcelona? I have I'm 59 I've seen it all ! Granted I was 2 at the time !
  4. the monk

    Play-off push

    Really? You would not want promotion so we can have a proper go next year ? Surely we can have a better go with 100m in our back pocket I remember one or two coming out with this in Carlos's 1st season ......they are still waiting ! If by some miracle the opportunity presents itself grab it with both hands
  5. the monk

    Roland Nilsson memories

    Not sayin
  6. the monk

    Roland Nilsson memories

    Bit hard to forget as we have a thread about it every other week Look forward
  7. the monk

    Roland Nilsson memories

    Please can we look forward
  8. the monk

    What could’ve been.....

    4 pts v WBA, 2 point b'ham
  9. the monk

    Just dawned on me...

    Shouldn't that read stealing a living ?!
  10. Probably not worth starting a thread over but last night I actually listened to our managers after match interview from start to finish with actual interest Its probably the first time in 3/4 years I've done that as I found CC and JL hard to listen to , trying to make out what they were wanting to say (if anything) was tough . Thing is , if I felt like that what did the players think ?
  11. the monk

    Good Grief?

    Designer grieving is all it is
  12. Not sure why Di Canio keeps getting mentioned ,he played all his career under Redknapp at West Ham or have i missed something ?
  13. Sounds pure hatred to me pal ,gonna file you with Murphy, Gullit, Biggs ,Giddings ,Bennett, Walker , radio Sheffield, The Star etc
  14. the monk

    Danny Murphy

    Touchy bunch on here ,say something negative and they will lynch you ,say something positive no matter who it is and it's a guaranteed fawn fest