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  1. Because hed rather travel hundreds of miles than work in Sheffield! Well that's what some suckers on here believe after a diplomatic throw away quote by him
  2. Every manager in the frame has been sacked from 2nd tier clubs ,most more than once
  3. Poor little cherubs ,didn't get to meet their heroes, bless
  4. Wonder if the list is hand written or typed? Wonder who showed it to the guy from the Mirror Maybe he just guessed using out of work managers?
  5. Not the o p! If he was a player hed be the type that "needs an arm round him "
  6. Who were these managers the fans wanted ?
  7. Eh? So the poorer the team ,the easier it is to keep them up ? Er ....reyt ..ok
  8. Classic Owlstalk , send a substandard player to a unsuspecting lower league side and all will be well
  9. Yes let's go back to the non crossing non shooting sideways passing tripe Let's have some more boring defensive football
  10. My thoughts are,you are on the wind up or stoned or both
  11. Strikes me the radio and tv get everyone talking in cliches Lampard has had one season and done pretty much what every other Derby manager has done .....failed ! Fresh ideas ? Bruce showed in a month he knew how to do it and what's needed and hes 59 (and a tool) As for "a bit of energy " what's it mean ? Who have we had that's permanently tired?
  12. Is Gerrard doing any better than any other manager would do with rangers ? apart from the demotion they have been in the top 3 since time began As for Derby they came close as they always did with the squad they had
  13. Saw him lift a cup in our only success in my 59 years v Man U ,scoring 15 goals in the season But you call him a turd mate
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