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  1. Increased capacity

    Bet you are a reyt dare devil , am I right ?
  2. We will hammer United

    That's what I thought
  3. In the absence of the Carlos haters......

    Really ???? Big Ron got us promoted at the 1st attempt and beat Chelsea and Man U to win a trophy in the days when teams played their first 11 Howard Wilkinson got us up at the first attempt and qualified for Europe If he had been backed like this manager has been maybe he would have won the title as he did later at Leeds
  4. Team 4 Brentford

    Ive noticed that you and one or two others are typing for instead of 4 Sort it please it's so uncool
  5. Carlos Out...?

    " Carlos trend for slow steady improvement looks like continuing" I thought you were implying it was a tactic But as I say, credit where it is due, and I feel a bit more confident playing the Blavdes with those kind of tactics
  6. Carlos Out...?

    Is the o/p suggesting we deliberately start slow and build ? I mean really ? I'm a Carlos knocker , I don't think he's up to it ,BUT give me positive footy like that for a few games and I'm back with him Credit where it is due
  7. Could always borrow the wife's 4 x 4 till it's sorted
  8. Could always still give em your hard earned in an envelope if you really want to support 60k players on the bench !!
  9. Speak for yourself mate my 50 odd year old blade mates talk of little else I look a right mug stood at the bar with thus balaclava on !
  10. Isn't that what they did ? Could be wrong
  11. Remember the days when fans were raging because clubs ripped them off by constantly changing their kit!! Folk that are kit buyers ought to be grateful, they have a good few quid in their pocket they wouldn't have !! It's a winner
  12. Were folk a lot smaller back in the day or have the stands contracted ?