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  1. Never mind all that ,what did you do to p1ss the Krays off ?
  2. I think it must be the 25 years of non stop success which gives us the sense of entitlement! What a pile of cak
  3. Certainly one of the most overated, dont recall any other player having 5hithousery as the main plus point or praised for making a diagonal run in a 2 v 1 situation
  4. Incredible, absolutely incredible Do you and MarkG spend all day looking for something to be offended by ?
  5. He was implying it was a game played like men should do, rather rolling around screaming after minimum contact etc . If anything hes had a dig at mens football for all the play acting that happens But I think deep down you already knew that
  6. Same way he would have got credit had he dragged us clear
  7. I'd be more than happy if the opposition had 11 players of his quality!
  8. Forum speak "If x player plays we win that game" Which used to read - I reckon if x player had played we may have won Oh and "up top" instead of "up front "
  9. We are told (rightly) that comparing women's to mens football is silly and must be viewed as a separate game and viewed on its own merit Win a tournament and the manager should be managing a man's team !
  10. I used to play 5 a side at their training ground , obviously badges on the outside but you go in its badges on every door handle ,you walk in to the main space and its BLADES splattered on the walls and even more badges. Same as the ground, Blade this Blade that , and all the silly slogans strapped to the outside Forged in steel Sheffield is red and white Desperate to be somebody
  11. Exactly how I read it ! So enlightening for all of us on here
  12. You say that ,but the Forest prat was a season ticket holder ! I cannot believe that anyone would have the balls to run on the pitch if they knew they would get strung up by 30 odd thousand pi55ed off fans when they came back to the stands
  13. As someone has already posted , if your fans invade the pitch you lose the game ,that way Everton would have had 40k stewards last night
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