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  1. Where as other cities arnt bothered? Reminds me of the " a Yorkshire man tells it how it is " rounduns , like folk from other towns dont have an opinion Utter tripe ( Yorkshire saying)
  2. Where have you dragged that little gem from ? How do you know ,have you met them all ? Most folk I know think good luck if someone has done well for themselves
  3. That sounds like hes a ten year old playing on a sunday Hes supposed to be a pro footballer
  4. What's so good about that it happens all the time apparently!
  5. Thought you said all clubs ,and that's once , we've managed it 3 to my knowledge
  6. Go on then , name a few clubs that have conceded 7 s and 8s
  7. I've seen us done for 8 3 times and 7 at least a couple how many clubs have done that ? Iv e never seen utd concede that many in one game in my lifetime . And I've never seen utd concede in the last minute in a cup final .........but there could be a good reason for that !
  8. That has found so many different ways to p1ss off ,let down ,humiliate its supporters the way this club can ? You name it, 7s, 8s conceded , 2 goal leads in cup finals ,last minute howlers in cup finals, as with last week and today and the 2-4 pigs game, conceding before we have even sat down This fan base must have a kink for been slapped across the face with a wet kipper ,its never ending the lengths the club go to I think in future we need to treat late winners like VAR and presume it's going to be chalked off !
  9. I think O'Neil will be gone within a year But we will see
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