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  1. the monk

    Kenny Jacket

    He always reminds me of a Beaver (aquatic mammal variety), for that reason alone it's a no from me
  2. Don't remember Big Jack or Wilkinson ever standing up whilst with us In fact no managers used to stand until Beckenbauer started the trend and Dalglish followed and even then they only leant on the dugout Ramsey didn't even stand up when we scored a world cup winner ! Ps Jos is still garbage though
  3. the monk

    Dawson, Baker etc.

    Dawson is 23!! When's he going to be ready ?
  4. the monk

    Nigel Pearson

    He once said it as a diplomatic answer and folk have run with it ever since Is there a person in the world that would rather commute than work down the road ?
  5. Wife have you found job yet ,the bills need paying ? Husband I got offered 20k a month for 3 years with a safety net get out clause Wife And? Hubby I thought it was a good idea to turn it down Wife Well I'm sorry but I'm going to have to shoot you .......bang !
  6. the monk

    Rotherham United

    Who are these "flair players" ?
  7. the monk

    Ian Holloway

    Hasn't Hecky lost about 30 of his last 50 games !
  8. the monk

    Birmingham Tickets

    Wondered who would be the first
  9. the monk

    Ian Holloway

    Did crap at QPR Affinity , what does that mean and how does it help? Been sacked everywhere he's been If he's that good why offer him a short term contract?
  10. Sorry im not a manager, i retract
  11. the monk

    Our club is dying

    Great post but you could have saved yourself a lot of typing and just put the very last line in 2 feet high bold capitals
  12. Why would he save pace for later then? Don't managers generally pick a team to score a goal from the off ? Especially against poor teams
  13. the monk

    Just got back...

    Pedantic i know but shouldnt it read Pessy STILL missing !
  14. the monk

    Jos Out (Again)

    So he can't call the club clueless But you can call it a disaster of a club ?
  15. the monk

    Jos loss...another Boss?

    Not at all , and yes it is incredible loyal support for the reasons i gave ,perhaps punch drunk would have been better . Not one season in 20 have we been in the top 2 contending to go up, even with an half decent team we were always playing catch up And yes I'm not impressed by finishing 4th ,where did it get us ? The fact you drive 110 miles is a great credit to you both, but I'm at an age where I like to see a team at least try to entertain and do the basics I've been to 5 matches this year so yes I've thrown the towel in