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  1. The players don't want this nasty man in charge! Bless em
  2. As anyone said "There's a player in there" yet ? Always tickles me
  3. Really ? What did you see that was so special in that point blank straight at the keeper header ?
  4. I'm a lip reader and the chat was along the lines of Fancy joining us if we get in the prem ? Atdhe , no I love this club , they dont mind the fact I never score Well here's my number if you have a change of heart, we need a forward who can really rip the prem a new one Make of that what you will
  5. Which clubs ? Which new signings ? Do you know of any massive pay days as you said ?
  6. Tell that to Kieran Lee Who has got a move and a massive pay day sorted ?
  7. ???? Ffs ,forget the dates hes really been contracted for this season hasnt he ? This season has had a disruption like never before save for the 2nd world war , folk have lost their lives trying to save lives of others and were on 20k a year ! I'd tell the club that was only ASKING that I needed to put things in order and play for the club that not only had paid me handsomely for 4 years, but was also willing to pay me double for playing out the last 9 games (march april may + the new start up) Then I would gladly agree to sign for them and hope that the one in 50,000 chance I pick up a career ending injury doesnt occur as I would have to cash in my insurance Thank f**k our doctors and nurses dont work to the same principles
  8. You, me and kieron Lee it would seem!
  9. You can guarantee f**k all what I would do I wouldn't take all that money for doing nothing, knowing that the club had nil income and walk away if I was politely asked to play on ( for another cool 150 -200 k by the way ) You would do that ,I wouldnt , but it seems I'm in the minority.
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