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  1. Well I posted on Saturday on two separate occasions that I thought Windass left his foot in deliberately But perhaps you ought to have fully read the post I was replying to in which the poster was saying this crime should be dealt with the full force of the EFL and the Police and with vigour Hence my sarcastic reply about him being charged with GBH ,which seems to have flown over your arrogant bonce
  2. With the Prem being such a 5 hit product I presume we all want Utd to stay up and suffer it even more ..yes?
  3. And charge Windass with GBH while they are at it
  4. In my opinion this league is garbage except for 2 or 3 teams How many teams have come to Hillsborough over the years and you have thought blimey these are good ? Even with the messiah Carlos didn't we go a full month and have just one shot on target or something? Saturdays game ,one shot on target between both sides !!
  5. Can't beat Steven the Barnsley fan ....."as you very well know" "I knew about this last week but couldn't say anything abaaat it"
  6. Getting the feeling that some on here just aren't taking this crime seriously !!
  7. Same old 5h ite , team cant buy a win we f.ookin rock up, the charity club Totally needless sending off and keeper gives them a gift
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