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  1. Are you a Cliff fan ? If so I'm with your kids !
  2. What a difference a week makes , sure I read last week and also at the beginning of the season that he was " different gravy"
  3. It wasnt pretty but it caused plenty of attacking football and goal mouth excitement and the same team went on to finish 5th (?) In what is now the prem the following season ( beating Liverpool in their own back yard in the process) That's not rose tinted specs that's fact ,as was 4 trips to Wembley in the space of a few weeks Now if I was seeing through rose tinted specs I'd say the 14 years that went before it were great but I'd be lying, it was utter shybo , pretty much the same standard we see at home these days in fact ....dull ,non scoring tripe , and the only saving grace was it was relatively cheap for the 8k that turned up to watch it ! As I said you still get the buzz and that is great ,but a lot of us see it as it is, overpaid players that struggle to string 3 passes together being watched by over charged punters My lad is 23 and he has seen the square root of jack s..t in all that time and even he at his age and his mates have had enough ......think i may get him some of the rose tinted specs you speak of so he can conjure some false memories ,but then again if you still get excited watching non scoring football perhaps it's you that's wearing them after all
  4. Or they could be like me that knows garbage, lethargic,boring football when they see it . You obviously still enjoy the experience and that's great but not everyone has your enthusiasm for the team and our time warped embarrassment of a stadium, not to mention prices charged imo these are the reasons folk even when we went 3rd still dont turn up or get over excited I went to my 5th game of the season v Cardiff and came away thinking I wont be back for a good while unless the standard of entertainment rises in general or at least attempt to try But i suppose we will have to wait and see what Monk can do given a couple of transfer windows before we can decide how he wants to play his football
  5. A bad day at the office just like the last 2 home games ? If Nuihu is the answer we really are up to our neck in it
  6. Wednesday have provided you with a link .............a big steaming link
  7. Wednesday have provided you with a link .............a big steaming link
  8. Wonder if every player will have a gushing thread like last week
  9. Who would you have taken off ? How would Nuhiu coming on stop Luongo from getting himself sent off ?
  10. Hed get a hat full with the chances they create
  11. How far are you going back here ? I worked in and around the steel industry for 30 years and dont ever recall the slave labour and death toll you speak of But if you want we can use any other occupation to make my original point regarding the modern cherubs suffering burnout after a few matches
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