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  1. Imagine having to sit through that week in week out. Goal after goal, win after win. You'd be bored to tears.
  2. He's a very good striker for this division. Class act, is stretching it a bit.
  3. On average, what percentage of players at a club don't actually like and/or have little interest in football and just see it as a job? I know of one former player had so little interest in the game he wasn't even sure which teams were in which division!
  4. I've noticed a flaw in the poll. I don't think anyone can actually sack Chansiri. Bit of a sticking point.
  5. So is passing it to empty space with no players there a good ball?
  6. And who got us into that position?? So yes, let's just blame fuckinChansiri.
  7. That's yer lot. This is from last season. Coventry City fans have been left furious at the ticket allocation for their League One clash away to Sunderland away on the 23rd of November. Around 2,800 of the Sky Blues faithful made the trip to the Wearside club last season in what was a thrilling encounter which saw their side win 5-4, however it will be nowhere near that number next month. This season however they will only be allowed to have an away support of 1,495, despite Sunderland’s home ground having a capacity of 50,000 and on average sees just over 32,000 fans fill it. The same happened for when Portsmouth visited in August with their number was decreased to 2,000. According to a report for councillors: “This reduced number of visiting fans is set at a level which the club, through their safety management plans, feel confident in being able to observe safety concerns. “It was noted at the fixtures held during the 2018/2019 football season that the behaviour of the visiting fans from Coventry City and Portsmouth caused the public safety of the attendees of the match to be compromised.”
  8. I really hope so. All this talk of play offs drives me nuts! Forget the play offs!!
  9. Entertainment. That is all. Not bothered about what a player earns, how long his contract is, who gets on with who, board room tittle tattle, constant rabbiting on about pointless, over complicated 'systems and set ups'. Oo! Looks like a 4-4-2, 3-5-1, 4-3-3, 4-5-1, etc. etc. Bore off! Just play and entertain.
  10. “I tell you now, your money doesn’t cover anything” D. Chansiri, December 2018. Fuckyou then.
  11. @FootyScran (Twitter) A very interesting account. Even I looked at it! The Lebanese chicken flatbread at Barnsley (yes, Barnsley!) looks outstanding. The double cheeseburger at Hartley Wintney FC also looks splendid.
  12. Renew your season ticket by June 30th. 1st July onwards all seats will be released for general sale and may be a little more expensive. Ah, the good old days.
  13. I'm not generally a knocker of women's football but there is a strong belief amongst many that Ecclesfield Red Rose would beat the England women's team.
  14. With the risk of sounding like a grumpy young man, they never ran out of hot drinks when they had the massive tea pots backed up by the catering water boilers. Now it's just whatever is cheapest and most convenient - for the seller, never the customer. More profitable to run out than have to dispose of out of date stock out. Stinks.
  15. Never understood why the pointing crew would go into battle in their over priced finery. If I was going for a potentially blood spattering pointing session, I'd go in my gardening scruffs.
  16. The Owls are going up, The Owls are going up, And now you're going to believe us, And now you're going to believe uuuuuuuuuuuuus, THE OWLS ARE GOING UP!! Hurrah!!
  17. Maybe that says something about your posts. It wasn't to belittle you. Just pointing out it's the kind of thing you'd hear a parent say about their 5 year old. I can try, we can all try, but if you're not very good, you're just not very good. Post not poster. Always.
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