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  1. TaxiMark


    I think we should get Kevin Pressman back myself.
  2. TaxiMark

    Shocking but happy

    Too right George
  3. TaxiMark

    Shocking but happy

    We lost that game 4-0 under carlos last season as much as it wasnt a great spectacle...thats what i keep saying to myself time and time again under jos. 1 defeat in 9 too which is very impressive.
  4. TaxiMark


    Did really well and along with hector both stood out today for me. Wednesday started very poor though and we looked miles off the pace but it was a much improved second half and jos making a rare early sub changed the game for me bringing Forestieri on.
  5. Why the hell was lee johnson moaning to the ref after?... he was bristols 12th man, every 50/50 went their way ffs , a pen and 9 mins of bristol time fkinhell!
  6. Palmers fault you fkin nob
  7. If you dont fuckingbounce
  8. Wish joao would sort his touch out ffs