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  1. Na na ....these Taxi jokes are so 2004! Let's have a look at what Sunderland did as an example, they got rid of LJ whilst still in the play offs because they knew he wasn't the man to lead them to promotion, they recruited Alex Neil BECAUSE they knew he will be the man to get them up!...a great call if you ask me. Darren Moore has a fantastic squad here, better then Rotherham and Wycome - the teams we came down with, yet they have progressed further....its basic facts. Wednesday fans nowadays just want a Wembley trip or a promotion run and are happy...we should be expecting much much more ...Chancer brought us into this mess yet he's still a god to some! It's weird. It's my opinion, I just don't feel Moore is the man to take us up. Taxi for me - har har.
  2. Okay ....I'll spell it out...Sunderland got rid of Lee Johnson, ppl were shocked saddened,amazed ,pìssed off , happy, etc....they hired a Scottish bloke and he'd led them to a final. Point is ...no big change is really needed with most of the players they just need someone in who can mentally deal with them, because another manager wins us promotion. Moore isn't that man - imo. Cue the abuse ( not you ) bcz I have an opinion.
  3. Nothing ....it would have been wayyyy better to listen too.
  4. That's a great idea for Moore actually...yeah !
  5. Worked at Sunderland. Sack a manager ..everyone is shocked and stunned ....then ...
  6. 'It was a better game then first 1' ' we have to re group and go again ' ' we've had a good season' Omfg ....get this brainless idiot out of this club please !
  7. First thing I'd do is give mendez a boot then a few others .
  8. Just stop going. Its that simple but we have fans that are programed to get up, walk to Hillsborough, watch and go home with a smile after a loss, the programmer is DC.
  9. Darren Moore would get much more respect if he stopped finding excuses for Chansiri, I'm not saying he should just come out and slag him off publicly but there is a way for telling both the media and fans without blatantly pìssing the hierarchy off.
  10. Is anyone surprised though ?
  11. Anyone know why it was called off when they have only 1 covid case ? I mean Man City had lots of cases yet still got on with it. They have a huge squad, seems like they are just waiting till some better players return from injuries and suspensions.
  12. I'm firstly amazed the steward stood his ground most would have just let him pass but why did Dunkley think he would not have to produce anything when all the others did ? Find it very weird .
  13. They might want a 19 Yr old player signing their shirt ?
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