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  1. Leicester will almost certainly finish in the top 4, they won't obviously win the league so for a club thats never won the F.A Cup i find that a bit weird given they are probably the best ever Leicester team in their history. Win the cup and thats some achievement in the last 3 yrs!
  2. I know this will be a tough one so here is my one and only clue ...ones a Friday night and the other one is a Saturday around 3pm ish .
  3. Might as well have a 2 day window as everyone waits till the last few days.
  4. To come through an awful spell where fans were turning on him to now ...he has done it the hard way and fair play to him.
  5. Why cant the club juat keep it simple, reduce match day prices ...reduce season tickets. DC asked the fans ( or was it a thinly vailed blackmail? ) do we want cheap tickets and play the u21s as first team regulars or pay more for STs high match day prices and he will dip his hand in his pockets...so far we have seen sweet FA. These new 10yr crackpot season tickets idea will be okay when he buggers us up and this deal wont be recognised under the Administrator...should it get that bad, we have to be careful.
  6. I still have my Wednesday at Wembley car sticker...think I'll just accept how poo we are run and are now .
  7. fizz me thats like saying yeah but ...ermm we won the league cup in 91. It's no wonder this clubs stands still bcz these days most of our fans are just happy to talk about 25 years ago .
  8. We are inconsistent that I do agree with, and we played well at Leeds but no question about it we rode our luck but then we take that. What my concern is about yesterday is another home defeat is the fact monk still playing the same system that has seen us fail miserably in the past few home games ...playing away this set up suits more for many reasons. Blackburn just came and exploited our predictable plan. Will Monk continue to play the totally inept Sam Winnall as well ?
  9. Correct ive said as much ....playing away is completely different. Yes it can be argues we do have key players missing but its no coincidence that weve just lost 3 on the bounce to lower placed teams at home !
  10. You have introduced yourself as not willing to read a post yet reply then you sign off with that above. Speaks volumes about your character i think mucks....we might have a difference of opinion but no need to be an ignorent anus pal.
  11. Some valid point and I agree we have a very aging sorry bunch here but going by your logic jos was set up by these mugs too then yeah? Seriously I get Monk has a plan and I get what he is trying to do but it aint working at home we have just lost our 3rd 4th game at home ffs.
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