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  1. Time for him to grow up i think. Ive seen him in the boozer at Hartlepool away midweek and hes been an angel then ive seen him at Wolves away where he thought he was the big man showing no regard to kids near him...he must have bi polar or something. Needs to grow up but ive been saying this for yeara now.
  2. While ever we as wednesday fans have this mentality we will go nowhere. Bullen was a bang average player at L1 level we had him when times were really dark, yes he lives in shefffield and had the opportunity to work with swfc again but when will we as fans stop the love affair with former players thinking they are god. Backing someone like bullen will be seeing us buy the likes of Bullen again in L1. We need to wise up bcz the silence coming out of our club is now appalling when we have had time to get someone in.
  3. Absolutely. Clearly we are going backwards under him, and we can see with his subs and tactics that he is totally out of his depth. Think bullen knows it himself tbf.
  4. Hearing bullen on the radio is why bullen will never ever be a football manager even for an under 11s girls team!
  5. I saw the signs v Barnsley if Im honest but since Millwall we have looked absolutly clueless.
  6. I missed todays game by choice (work). I might be missing the next home game if its Bullen again.
  7. Hopefully DC will act in the int break, if he doesnt it will tell me alot.
  8. Bullen sounds like a broken man already. ' I just dont know why weve played like that '
  9. Big gamble that for me but Id prob do owt now. Fuxkingjoke how DC has just left it though. I havent seen one decent game this season, even the Barnsley game at home had issues.
  10. If DC has got anything about him he will act this week if not in the next few days . Thank fucki missed the game today.
  11. Just gone backwards ...the players were looking organised under steve bruce but bullen just hasnt a clue ...his subs are just bizarre almost desperate just like under jos no plan b.
  12. Needs to happen this week now. Chansiri - what the fuckare you pisssing about for how anyone thought Bullen could have stepped up into Bruces shoes is mystifying. We might as well called Jos back for Germany ffs!
  13. Think you are being too picky here ...name me your choice ?
  14. Hes done okay at every club. I dont this hes in a position to 'walk' anymore though plus Wednesday would be the biggest club hes been at.
  15. Think youve lost the plot...no one expected to win easily but people here do have expectations and we do like to see our side compete against a mid table side. But then you come out with utter rounduns about not winning there since god knows when etc...what has our record have owt to do with how we played ?
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