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  1. Forget big mick

    You two are a pair ofwankers. Hope that helps.
  2. Forget big mick

    Along with big mick hes won promotion or doesnt that count if ur assistant manager ?
  3. Forget big mick

    Maybe I think hes a good coach ?
  4. Forget big mick

    He was manager there ...im on about him coming as micks assistant . Hes a decent coach . Highly rated in the game .
  5. Forget big mick

    Maybe we should just have a manager then ...lets have no assistants or coaches, lets get the ball boys to put the cones out and save on wages eh ...FFS
  6. Forget big mick

    Based on hes a good coach ...twice won promotion. Or do you want to stick with bully ?
  7. Reach - over not around

    Boro have had around 13m out of us for reach and rhodes . Our recruitment has been part of the big problem here .
  8. Made my mind up

    Millwall away
  9. Made my mind up

    Only thing saving jos at the min is all of the injuries but tbh im not convinced he could do much better with a fully fit side. Seems very negative but its a hard one to call, some would say we need to see how he fairs with the full squad back. Personally I wish he hadnt got him here in the first place .
  10. Forget big mick

    Best manager in this league is jokanovic...cant believe that some fulham fans wanted him out at the start of the season !
  11. Steve Bruce

    Correct, just like harry the dog !
  12. Forget big mick

    Could have been tapped up like hecky was
  13. Forget big mick

    And his assistant is decent too terry conner who I've always rated.
  14. Left ipswich tonight and looks odds on fav for WBA.