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  1. That 'delboy" quote is appropriate actually....'stick with me, mark....this time next year we'll be millionaires in the Premier league" - Chansiri.
  2. ******** sick to death of football and Wednesday. Just a depressing season in so many ways and then Lucas pops up to score. Oh well back to the glue...
  3. Think we all agree we need players especially up front ...I'm willing to give this manager a go. How we have gone from a play off final defeat and challenging for promotion to this though just shows you how bad we have become under DC and a string of bad managers !
  4. Had a decent go first half against Swansea but went defensive in the second half ...today it is evident we just have no decent forwards, not keen on anyone at our club at the moment. Its a bore draw ...let's get used to this!
  5. They are struggling big-time and their next game is massive ( WBA). Think they will go down and could struggle next season too. Brewster is turning out to be a big flop. ..Wilder has had to change his style a bit and hasn't got a clue now. Loving it.
  6. Well actually this was the first season in years that I decided not to renew my ST and with Covid happening the decision was a blessing in disguise I guess. But It's a wider thing then just Wednesday I just feel football right now is not in a good place and I simply cannot justify players that are absolutely poo are earning 40k a week with the talented ones on nearly half a million quid a week. I've said it lots of times my love for the game has changed, I rather spend my hard earned cash on other things or even watch local sides in the non league. Getting
  7. 2 weeks ago the woman in the Ticket office told me they were issuing the payments out in order of when the club first got the emails from fans ...that was like weeks ago.
  8. We gone backwards not forwards under Chansiri thats why. In all the years that I have followed Wednesday...for me I've never been so disinterested as I am right now.
  9. I was shocked that Westwood was brought out of the cold then put straight into the starting 11....a very good keeper yes but defo needed a few matches to get his sharpness back. Poor decision by Tony Pulis imo .
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