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  1. Hunt Lees Bannan Lee Forestieri Hutchinson Abdi Fletcher Hooper And with a few new additions too hopefully. No disrespect to westwood but for me wildsmith should not lose the shirt.
  2. Venancio

    Why didnt carlos try him ? Him and lees could be good.
  3. Yeah bit sheffield forum ish tho ...i think the trees should go tho .
  4. Ecclesfield to town in defo not 15 quid with city. Excel charge 20p less then city for first mile only . Lutty who owns excel has shares in city and excel drivers are not required to wear uniforms or go on training couses that city drivers have to undergo .
  5. New PA bloke.

    So has he lost his voice then ?
  6. Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    Cant we even discuss the bads though or have we all got to pretend all is well and hope it gets better . By the way im not slating rhodes im only saying it doesnt seem to be happening ...he keeps missing sitters and he cost a fortune thats a fact.
  7. Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    Winnall miss flashed by him and he did well to get any type of touch . Winnall cost 400k Rhodes cost 8- 9m For me id be choosing winnall ...dont get me wrong rhodes is doing his best but its just not happening , the big question is how long do we give him to take his chance ?
  8. Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    I dont think its happened for him here ...to get rid of winnall too now looks really bad management. Our summer recruitment has been shambolic .
  9. His overall game has improved though ...he now doesnt look lazey he seems to be involved in lots of the play ...yes a goal would have been the icing on the cake . Him and reach did well .
  10. How can he have the cheek ?...we were knocking on the door all night and on another day we wouldve scored at least 4...colin saw how we set up and did a job against the pigs and hes gutted he couldnt manage to beat a injury hit team that is missing nearly a full team, that includes; Hooper Forestieri Fletcher Lee Hunt Lees Abdi Hutchinson Westwood Who else ? Are cardiff really 3rd ? They look nothing more then mid table and ordinary.
  11. Deserved his mom award