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  1. TaxiMark

    Chairman’s statement

    Van Aken is the first name that spings to my mind.
  2. TaxiMark

    Chairman’s statement

    So do I, so do most ppl I think.
  3. Pauls last ever call before he jumps into the don is to FH....fair play to yer.
  4. Terry was a great call .
  5. TaxiMark

    Chairman’s statement

    Do you think steve bruce would be praised away from wanting a break frim football for nowt then?
  6. TaxiMark

    Chairman’s statement

    Well isnt that the figure what was reported? Put it this way Steve Bruce wanted a break from football we wasnt going to offer him peanuts, so offering a 'big' deal then coming out with that just makes him look like a person that has got absolutely no idea.
  7. TaxiMark

    Chairman’s statement

    So he makes this announcement in yet another late night statement full of contradictions only weeks after hiring a bloke on 2m quid contract that is still diving in the pool ...and chansiri tells us this....you couldnt make it up at this club. Ive had enough of football seriously.
  8. TaxiMark

    Chairman’s statement

    Wembley will do and the FA cup.
  9. TaxiMark

    Chairman’s statement

    Knowing our luck leeds and pigs go up and we are no higher then 18th fighting relagation next year....depressing as fk.
  10. TaxiMark

    Chairman’s statement

    What a bad week for british politics and SWFC. Fair play for him telling us but its all a bit foggy ...sounds like this P&S crippling EFL clubs and the Football League need to sort it out. Really cant see a way out other then selling most of our best players.
  11. We'reeee on the march with stevies arrmy!!!
  12. TaxiMark

    Well done Wednesday

    Really? I know they had a few shots but sounded like we was in control of that second half.
  13. TaxiMark

    Chelsea fixtures

    Hazard tho...and I aint talking about Micky
  14. TaxiMark

    Chelsea Away

    Lets hope abdi starts