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  1. Bet Sky are happy at choosing Derby v Barrow and Walsall v Wednesday
  2. My thoughts so far - we look like a team of strangers and will be a miracle if we stay up.
  3. Jamaican woman a dropped off at Gatwick ( going back to Kingston) said it was the safest city in the world! I'd love to go but it's a dodgy place, you need a guide or someone you know over there because imo if you go blind you may come unstuck.
  4. Its all totally fuçked up, how clubs can approve this when majority of the fans up and down the country have been complaining about how unfair this is makes it sound very out of touch - the thing that does need to change is PL contract terms for players in case of a club being relegated this would stop the Parachute payments structure.
  5. I dont ...not anymore anyway. They got relegated because Barnsley scoring a 95th min goal.
  6. Will Monk be rodders ... 'this time next year rodders we'll be millionaires in the PL!
  7. What did he do? Go on I love a good bit of gos on a satdee morning like!
  8. Redgate is launching a model lego Hillsborough soon ....boom!
  9. Just think... lots of Charlton fans will be reading this and silently be really angry because we are all having a laugh about them ....anyway I think Charlton are just a set of cheats.
  10. But not one Wednesday fan has gone on their site to wind them up, have you read it? There is a Wednesday fan trying to explain our situation but has been met with abuse, so they aren't one bit interested mate.
  11. And I'm crying with laughter, here are a few corkers to read, not sure who's been winding them up... It isn't because you support another club, it is because you come on here trying to tell us your club is innocent when it is just a cheating club that has been found guilty and got off too lightly. You will not win your appeal because the crime was as clear as day. ----- There will be loads of laughs all over the leagues if you get relegated next season. I can promise you that. And whatever happens you will always be cheats. ----- If the league had given Wednesday permission to cheat, surely Wednesday would have got that recorded or in writing. Had they done so the evidence would be plastered everywhere. There is no evidence because the EFL either gave no such permission or answered a general question that Wednesday decided to interpret as permission to cheat. Who is going to give a club permission to sell their own ground and push the sale back in the records when the company set up to buy it didn't even exist? Even the EFL are not that incompetent. But they are incompetent enough to have let Wednesday off too lightly and you may believe that by arguing your cheating club has a position. It does not. Cheating is for the lowest of the low. I'd rather be in League One than support a club that will have that label around them for many years to come. ---- Yes, compensation is all we can hope for and hopefully it will come from Wednesday's cheating pockets. ---- CHEATING CHEATS To be fair the deduction could not be placed on the club in the 18/19 season as the investigation had not been completed. Therefore it should have been applied to the 19/20 season. As it has not been, it can only be applied to the 20/21 season. An appeal might see that increased to a 24 point deduction, of which I hope is the case. ---- It’ll be so funny if EFL relegated them on appeal can’t imagine the amount They’ll wine and cry about it. It was bad enough when we had the audacity to win the league one title off them. Surprised they didn’t appeal to F A over that. ---- Scummy fan base, are you going to send the big boys round. STICK YOUR CORRUPT CLUB UP YOUR ARSE, and ******** off while you're doing it.
  12. Im just wondering why it was moved till september 1st and then 2 months added to that date anyone know the reason for this?
  13. So from June to November for a refund. You have to actually laugh whilst everyone else gets their healthy paychecks. Maybe we can claim interest on top of it all
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