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  1. This ^^ I feel the same ....made me laugh how Gary Neville and a few others made a song on dance about the super league a few weeks back, if we put out own football pyramid under scrutiny I think we will all see so many bad things that's just wrong with today's game but it's brushed under the carpet because it's not the big six - that phrase alone is a joke. Big reset is urgently needed and the efl should be folded up and a new body needs to come in to monitor all of the leagues together including how TV money is distributed down to the lower leagues. Don't
  2. Bit late to this thread but whilst I can understand your concern why are you asking people like me to bail out a bloke that still owes fans money and has just burnt the best part of 200M quid by his incompetence? Money raised goes straight to the same person again? For what to help him pay of his own stupid mess he's got us into? Count me out of that one.
  3. The fans wanted a hero and they choose him...yes he started off well I wouldn't say he was that good though, but he just fell to bits injury or not....that said no one should be forced to leave whilst still in contract due to not getting paid - again the attention turns to our dear leader! This club is completely fùcked up!
  4. I never thought Dave Allen's relationship with the fans could be beaten but for me Chansiri has overtaken that to a different level, I remained a ST holder under DA because at least we knew our level. The first alarm bells for me under Chansiri was the price hike for the fans, we were having a great season and this sort of covered it over, Wednesday fans desperate for success once again were willing to bite the bullet ....but that first season for me was the only time I felt we had a chance of promotion, even the season after finishing higher I didn't feel we made any improvements
  5. Cooke must be thinking thank fùck I missed that bullet, at the time he was messed about and only offered till the end of the season which I thought was disrespectful, so instead we hire Moore who is a rookie ...and will probably end up quiting due to not getting paid.
  6. I call him MTPOS - Mark The Pinch Of Salt caller .
  7. Needs a mass protest, this can't continue, I'm just glad I got my refund and didn't renew my ST for the first time in years. Yet there are still people who think Chansiri is the best thing that has happened to us in the past 20 odd years - complete weirdo fans.
  8. Most fans would be up in arms but knowing some of our lot we will be singing chansiri name should be go on a run next season in division 3 against the likes on Cheltenham Town and other minnows. Wednesday used to be a big club but not anymore.
  9. But they all returned to triumph in much less time. We are the only team now to be out in the wilderness for the longest time ....chansiri has just added to out long list of failures. Sad times, I remember a time when Wednesday and Chelsea were neck and neck in the mid 80s...wow how times change
  10. Average at best, many on here including me thiught he was brilliant at first but as soon as we got rid of a calm composed old head in loovens he literally fell to bits. My honest opinion is if you're after promotion look elsewhere but fine for a squad.
  11. Who would've thought that way back in '04 when we had just beat Brentford away ( I was there in the rain) in the second leg to reach the play off final that Brentford would reach the PL before us ! Absolutely scandalous that Wednesday, such a big club and history have been so so shìt these past 21 years.
  12. Can you Imagine if we didn't sign Rhodes for 11M and we signed Toney for 1m?
  13. Emry won the tactical battle for me, totally nullified both Greenwood and Fernández, Rashford was awful tonight though I would've subbed him at half time, there were others too Pogba was another culprit.
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