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  1. So what was the comment re hutchinson ? So out of all the players who played and put a shift in you ring up to praise Pelupessy....think you do it for a reaction ....okay hold my hands up ...you got me !
  2. But he just didnt. He was lightwaight again.
  3. I do apologise i was trying to gain control of my car when you started praising Pelupessy and you did mention Hutch in the same sentence
  4. Just listening while I was on the M1 ...thank god I pulled off before I heard mick say Pelupessy was as good as Hutchinson has been in previous games on saturday .. Never heard so much rubbish in absolute years, next he'll be saying jos should have stayed.
  5. Just renewed mine on my phone and it took 20 seconds. I was fearing the worst reading this thread.
  6. Tough place to go but we should go there and get at them. They draw too many games.
  7. Course we are but when you see the stats and tables in front of you it makes you more aware just how bad he was and how far we've come since he departed.
  8. Keep tabs on glossoponline for upto dates info.
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