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  1. Wednesday - V - United OMDT

    Anyone know pigs lime up Cheers?
  2. Hard to believe that we have to share the same city with these lot. Smashing up someone transport just goes to show you how fuckinglow they get. Wonder if they are telling the mates down the pub what they did? Hope we hammer thecunts.
  3. Let this post be a lesson

    Funnily enough I'm on the sofa too, Wife very understanding
  4. My first derby

    I'm one of you lot, let me join in the fun below
  5. Pudil Burgled

    So they break in to steal a left hooker then crash into 7 parked cars on the street, fk me not much bloody point..a lot of trouble for nowt. Hope he gets the watch back.
  6. My first derby

    Last away match I went to at BL I sat with the pigs on the upper tier (only ticket I could get) when we won 1-2 with Tudgays worldy, and at the end of the game I looked over at all the Wednesday fans below with a smile, but they were sticking rods up and laughing thinking I was a Pig
  7. Wednesday - V - United OMDT

    Fantastic Lordy. Wednesday to win 4-0
  8. My first derby

    Jesus... can't you stay at home?
  9. I've heard it was 85 quid but because they are now half season shirts (limited addition) they will retail at 55 quid, huge savings...
  10. Have the nerves kicked in yet?

    Only time i'll get nervous is if were defending a goal lead with 5 minutes to go.
  11. I hope you sell your house and get your shirt soon.
  12. Sunderland are going down Mark my words lads
  13. Sam Scores

    No it's not great to see, derby and their fans just bug me to death.
  14. Leeds are going to be this years turd that doesn't flush away .