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Community Answers

  1. How many did Shrewsbury bring? Cant believe a full stand is made to pour onto a busy A61 or crowd over the bridge with an empty leppings lane stand ? Can the North stand exit on LL?
  2. Salmonbones hasn't said what she looked like yet, I mean if she's a slim blonde bossing you about your game right?
  3. He's actually right though. But his timing was a bit shìt.
  4. I agree although I like how you've waited till you've won a game to say it.
  5. When you come here you have to accept that, historically this is a big club, this is our worst ever time (since 2000) in our history. I'm amazed how we still get big gates when we've been nobody for 2 decades, amazed! Big club still but the players need to run through walls for this club. I'd have Megson back in a heartbeat but he will not work with the bloke in charge and that's bcz he has a voice .
  6. I admire your glass full approach mate, but I can't bring myself to be that way anymore, comparing this side to the Carlos Wembley final said is def a glass half full. At least you can debate without having to call me names just because you don't agree, come to think of it where is Bluefinmac?
  7. After BB missed that pen and BPF dropped that clanger we started to fault even though yeah the officials were dire, christ I remember Trever Kettle v Oldham at home in 03 and for me that won't be beaten. 3 games till ten games, let's hope more wins all 3.
  8. Actually I was thinking the same but when I saw some players like Bpf I thought he was a great signing a this level but the first thing I text someone was that he is defo prone to a mistake - he's still doing it and that's why he's in League 1. Its all about putting your chances away at this level, and having the right system, potentially we could get a tune out of these but with DM in charge I don't see it one bit. I hope for a miraculous change of fortune though.
  9. My point tho mate like with LondonOwl was we didn't, yes first 20 off minutes we should have scored many more but didn't. They could have also nicked it but didn't, who's more happy ?
  10. Pulis resigned so DC sacked him to save face....and then had to pay him off, he's capable of sacking Moore tonight and getting Jo's back.
  11. Should have taken a pic of her ugly mush mate and posted it, cudda had a reyt laugh with the photoshops....make a positive out of a negative
  12. Fair point re fans, there were loads that said they were voting with their feet once we dropped into this pub league but came back once we signed a few players, yes I saw that coming too, I don't blame them totally because we are just craving some sort of success, I'm fortunate to to have remembered the great times here and I feel sorry for the young lads, I really do. Cutting my nose off is my choice tho, I'm happy about it, there comes a point where you think I no longer want to be a mug by paying stupid money to watch another clueless manager appointed by him and now struggling in the third tier, I had my doubts about DM. Like I said it's my choice, if you ever do have the pleasure to meet chansiri you will understand that he hasn't really a clue about Wednesday or Sheffield and most of his decisions have been made for him by other people in the background. My wish was for Chansiri to find an enthusiastic buyer that has no ties to third parties and wants to turn the club around as a project, that would be great, probably wishful thinking but never say never, SWFC is still a big name, 22k at home today is unreal with the past few results.
  13. First Post that has literally made me laugh
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