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  1. Its a friendly game and to brake someones leg and get injured himself god only knows what he was thinking...when will Sam ever learn tho? Id be looking to the future in this area asap, bcz having another season with injuries and suspensions will be another joke.
  2. And yet again the obsessions continue now they are saying let us get in Fernandos head to force a move ...its fkin priceless, they are like the gypsies when there is a fair in town, Wilderbeast being the head gypsy sat in his big luxurious caravan (now a four bedroom because of his bonus). For once I would love it if the Sun was right at that price tag!
  3. 14M Sheff Utd Forestieri all in once sentence
  4. Relax ...he's not going anywhere. Will be at Wednesday next year.
  5. Wilder is a bitter man. Bugged him for years Wednesday fans calling his team a club playing in the pub league etc...he is seeing this as his payback, was talking about Leeds too callimg them muppets about something. Tbh he looks a tramp, and acts like one.
  6. The only people that arent confused are Sheff Utd fans. If celebrating getting to the top flight is sending remote control planes over Hillsbro' singing about Wednesday along with the team bus then let them enjoy it. Speaks volumes about the club.
  7. Fair play and funny are not what i thought ...cringy bastads was my first thought, btw they had a big banner in town saying we hate wednesday and wilder were singing it with the team...work that one out.
  8. Not a fan of his but no way should he be singled out today, Fernando was the worse player on the pitch by a mile!
  9. I would've subbed FF today absolutely shocking and invisable all game, but to be fair to him he wasnt alone, the peno summed him up tho. Glad its over...a season of huge frustrations on many levels!!
  10. Not shocked at any of these 6, hopefully a few more can go too. Please bring in some pace and some decent players unlike some that Carlos brought to the club.
  11. So how would you discribe some fans thinking its a great gesture and some fans going mental over it? ...would that not be like creating a bit of a divide?? Go on you explain to me, maybe I got it wrong ??
  12. What's hard to understand ? Some fans are pro some against??
  13. Chansiri should have just kept his gob shut it's more simple that way this divide wouldnt have happened, even more evidence he knows nothing about rivaly but nothing suprises me with him anymore though, would you see Man utd saying this to city if they clinch the title or Real Madrid to Barca? You can talk about being classy and the pigs as we all know are obsessed but jesus our chairman doesnt need to take time out to make a bloody statement about their promotion...concentrate on our own club DC!
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