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  1. Just said now on five live the football season could be abandoned bcz April is predicted to be worse.
  2. Wow ground breaking news !!!He is like 3 months behind isn't he. **runs off to worry about serious stuff like Covd19.
  3. These fans that attend, are they handpicked by DC himself?
  4. Just seen this so if its been discussed remove it.
  5. Beat QPR away and PNE at home ? With this lot ...not a chance.
  6. Forest (H) 1 pts Bristol (A) 0 pts WBA (H) 0 pts Swansea (A) 0 pts Preston (H) 0 pts QPR (A) . 0 pts Fulham (A) 0 pts Middlesbrough (H) 1 pts 2 points if we are lucky. If we get a points deduction we will befucked.
  7. What an embarrassing thing to do though, buy a season ticket then want a refund. Should never be allowed, yet Chansiri obliged with clauses.
  8. I wouldnt back against it mate.
  9. So you would just carry on with Monk and Bully then yeah?
  10. Fuckinghell one result you pick out that season that totally sways your opinion. Go one then give me your alternative.
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