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  1. My conclusion is this... Monk has been lucky with his start because so far his defensive set up has been pretty awful to watch...most of the games we have won we hung on for dear life. We desperately need new quality players and a bloody decent striker. We need some new ideas ( Monks dept) new coaches? The way we concede late on and give free kicks away in dangerous areas is shocking. We will prob beat Swansea 3 nil and ill be posting about going up on saturday. ***** hate this game !
  2. The lazy mugs know who they are reading this...its pure selfishness. That road is dangerous, its fast, the bend can catch ppl out and when you do have to step out into a lorry bcz of some lazy pr1ck then it can test your patience...wednesday or not.
  3. How we went from controlling the game and should have been 2 or 3 up to being on the back foot all second half was worrying, along with taking off bannan and replacing him with Nuhiu, couldnt work that out...very negative and disappointing for me. 2 points dropped.
  4. A goal was coming for them, taking bannan off for nuhiu was as negative asfuck, monk got that wrong. We should have been out of sight but a mixture of poor finishing and bottling the second half has cost us 2 very valuable points. Like I said earlier...good sides see that game out ...we are still a long way off.
  5. Absolutely awful second half by wednesday ...good sides see games out and sadly we dont .
  6. Got what we deserved been awful second half and cardiff have been there for the taking
  7. Im just a typical football fan that expects a footballer to put in a shift not just turn up when they want. It has nothing to do with form...hes been like this for ages now, like I said we need better if we want to get promoted, or we need a Reach that turns up and gives his all EVERY game.
  8. Yeah reyt fickle ...just saying what we see. If I see a footballer that only turns up one game in six ...hes gunna get called out. If Wednesday seriously have any ambitions about challenging the top 2/6 we will need more consistency, not someone who turns up now and then.
  9. Think we will know where we are when we have played the likes of WBA and Leeds. Just dont see us as promotion material tbh. I really like to see some players shown the door in january.
  10. Hull will be a tough game but like boro they are poor at the back. If we got another 3 points away at Hull setting up the Wigan game saturday thats called a helluvaweek!
  11. But because he goes home and away to every game people think he is fkin god. I ask would these ppl have the same opinion and leniency towards him had it being their own daughter/s?
  12. There are some right inconsiderate rumblezoids that park on Herries Road though mick, plenty of time Ive seen elderly ppl have to step onto the dangerous road bcz the car parked up on the pavement blocking their path.
  13. I dont go to many away games these days so Im far from being a superfan...but If I didnt go to football matches often there is no way Id be shouting out stuff that made me look a gimp if front of everyone! 'Come on bullen, bring fessi on ffs!'
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