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  1. Okay the IP then. I feel it can't be right with 4 games left....even if the pope does it.
  2. Its not a cinema though mate ...peoples dads, grandad, great grandad has been going for years ...its in their blood. I get how people feel and how they somehow feel attached, yes as a buisness you are correct although you put it across in a very cold tone. Football clubs and grounds are sacred to some folk in the community.
  3. Because they (EFL) now have the ability to relegate us should they wish too with only 12 points to play for. I feel there has to be a fair cut off time and imo that time has long gone.
  4. Exactly how I feel this. I've even tried to not take much notice about the situation but its impossible to ignore, if there is a match on it's in or with you for life ...the ultimate price of being not just a Wednesday fan but a football fan inngeneral.
  5. Haha another dig at yet another fan feeling and voicing their pain. In your world do you expect to come into a really happy forum at this moment mate? You are like a broken record too by the way you continue to remark at anyone speaking up. I'm now gunna start calling you "Larry' if you dont mind. That okay Larry?
  6. Funny how times change during that season a pig fan I recall talking too were saying how many light years we were in front of them ...football can change quickly but I still think we are one of the unluckiest clubs around. This is certainly a year to forgot Liverpool winning the league. Pigs flying high. Leeds going up. Us possibly going down with efls help. Not to mention covid19
  7. That's like backing the captain of the sinking titanic who said ' full throttle' knowing their were big ice bergs in front of the ship! Why would he put 'his club' in admin anyway? He is the one who would stand to lose out more then anyone.
  8. Maybe we can do a just giving donation and all chip in for a big giant mask to cover the entire stadium?
  9. Christ good job im not stood on the end of a bridge reading that because that is as depressing as it gets.
  10. Totally get you. Chansiri is killing the club with his mismanagement and stubborn arrogant attitude ....but wait a minute, he has spent more then anyone ever so we have to take it all in and swallow it like muggy mugs.
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