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  1. Thought the OP was going to say he couldnt support wednesday anymore because he was stuck in a cave with loads of little boys !
  2. TaxiMark


    He wants to come here, even more so now carlos isnt ignoring him. If he doesnt come it will be down to VS and not us ...both Fred and Wednesday want this .
  3. TaxiMark

    Guess the kit pricing?

    Ive heard its off!!! Weerz that council these days??
  4. The way football has gone. No one is loyal anymore its all about money. But it was the greedy way with how david hirst and his sons agent have gone about things. True colours have come out, he wanted a totally unrealistic amount and chansiri said FO and I say fair play to him!
  5. Even though this is totalbollox why would you even waste your time posting it???
  6. TaxiMark

    The Modou Sougou Effect.

    I took him to get his arm sorted out after the QPR incident.
  7. When does the new season kick off what date ?
  8. TaxiMark

    Surely bloody not!

    Yes way ...we are paying derby 3m plus naa naa na na naa sammy winaaalll! Not that id lie about owt tho...
  9. TaxiMark

    Westwood Going

    If hes on decent money here I honestly cant see another side coming in with a big offer, hes not young anymore and has a shakey injury record, would it be just a case of getting him of the wage bill? On a positive note we do have two very promising young goal keepers so its not all bad. Its Fernando we should be worried about going imo.
  10. No trust me its right !!
  11. I know people go on about injuries but when jos came in he had a shitload to deal with and pick the players up from being totally devoid of confidence left by the previous staff, one person I can point too is venancio, brought in and treated like shitby carlos, its no wonder he hasnt got a good word to say about carlos, at least him and others even the young lads are actually given a chance by jos. Looking forward to a new season with fresh positive ideas.
  12. That final was great for just seeing all of the wedneaday fans at wembley everywhere...every car on the motorway was wednesday except the odd Hull car every hour or so. But carlos ruined it by his tactics, we would have won it if we had gone for it, Hull wasnt all that imo.
  13. Few years ago they thought they had won the lottery with that F1 owner and the indian guy Fernandez? Will be interesting to see what the wolly brings to the table there .
  14. This is spot on, it totally shows carlos for what he is. I actually do not rate him one bit.
  15. Now that would be funny , first game of the season wednesday v United with carlos in charge of them.