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  1. South Stand Bedroom

    Band free zone.
  2. Mick the owl on bbc FH

    Im off to man air ...ill review this thread in due time !
  3. Mick the owl on bbc FH

    Look rubtonight ....log off if you dont like it
  4. Mick the owl on bbc FH

    Not sure i once stood on the home end of barnsley mate ...dreadful experience .
  5. Mick the owl on bbc FH

    BTB has got the bigest nose in the world ...huge advantage goes to Radio Mick for me .
  6. Mick the owl on bbc FH

    Depends, if someone who hasnt a clue wot shape a football is and didnt attend a game since the late 70s then yeah ...but genuine fans have put a constructive criticism across.
  7. Mick the owl on bbc FH

    No he just doesnt like anyone slagging the manager off and if you do he will come and get you on a radio station near you !!
  8. Mick the owl on bbc FH

    Do i really need to reply to that ?
  9. Mick the owl on bbc FH

    Like i said hes okay if he sticks to his football chat but he crossed the line for me when he started to slag his fellow fans off week in week out for venting their anger at how carlos was performing tactically.
  10. Mick the owl on bbc FH

    You talk to much on radio shows pal
  11. Mick the owl on bbc FH

    Youre right ...its rubbing off on me and def you
  12. Mick the owl on bbc FH

    When mick comes on i tune into talksport and when he rings that up i tune into 5 live and when he calls that up i turn on my car media player ...at least he cant get me there even.
  13. Mick the owl on bbc FH

    Mick sometimes makes some decent points granted but more times then often now all he does is just rants about fellow supporters moaning about carlos he comes across like an angry man that just likes to hear his own opinion (on radio) Maybe he hasnt got a face for tv otherwise wed be seeing him on Jeremy too but he really does need to change the record with the bashing of his own clubs fans.
  14. I was one of the few that originally like the kit but ive now totally gone off it, it would just bring back memories of the shambolic start to our season both on and off it not to mention the pisstaking price. A joke.