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  1. Shocking isn't it Daz ...I said the other day it's the worst Wedensday side I've seen and I'm including Turner Irvine and Eustace times .
  2. Get that mate but Darren Moore has only just got here so surely he isn't going to think we are doomed and should try to stick what the players are used too but with fine adjustments ...so to try this passing out from the back malarkey is absolutely criminal to me....only good sides with good players can do this, so to try and change and make our players do it ...well another nail for me.
  3. Are they really doing that?....sorry if they are then that's another worry as they haven't doen this all season so to try this right now is ludicrous!
  4. Can someone please post Chris Waddles video he did for cool Chris in America....it is seriously funny! Especially coming from a total total legend!
  5. Normally I could tell you but because I'm having Wednesday free Saturday simple answer I don't know! I don't care ! And I feel great ! Another pint....see ya ltrz
  6. Mate, be like me ...a Wednesday free Saturday despite them playing....few pints on the go ( early I know ) I know we are losing and I've read bannan had gone of and we had a man sent off but I feel great ....seriously try it ...you will thank me honest!
  7. I know the score but I refuse to listen to the game, its getting bad for your mental health so I've took the option of not watching or listening. We are down anyone so who cares.
  8. LLLLL L? - very consistent at the moment.
  9. Katchunga and paterson mate don't worry it's all good.
  10. Have reading been on a bit of a bad run lately? Perfect comeback game for them today.
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