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  1. Just like the mouthwatering massive end of season sales that are currently on the old shirt?
  2. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Why's that then?
  3. Leeds Allocation

    OMG... Wait till the main man at SAG gets to hear about this!
  4. Leeds Allocation

    Think it was explained a few posts back, we give what we get, I.E if the Pigs only give us 2500 at the sty then we do the same? Seems fair to me.
  5. Leeds Allocation

    Think when Sky is on and its at a daft time it doesn't help, its not like Leeds always sell out Hillsborough when they come, prob will this time because of their relatively recent revival.
  6. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    A very nice message from his bed to send out to everyone, he didnt have to do that but great to see. I know people still want to hang him out to dry but like I've said in the past, we just dont know how much influence his agent put on him. Hopefully when he comes back he will be stronger then ever.
  7. Should have got a hiding but the humiliation must have been just as hard if he actually started crying then put the blame on his wife and son. Whatawanker.
  8. So in the 88th minute when we are winning away at a side who has started brilliantly you're saying we should file forward in search of a second? I feel running the clock down with subs and not leaving much space at the back is a safer bet.
  9. Westwood

    Kicking has been poor,distribution has been poor and he cost us a goal with a clanger, good shot stopper that that means zero if these mistakes keep on happening.
  10. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    I dont mind Butterfield tbf, just dont like players giving sill fouls away in dangerous positions, one thing we have to do is see games out.
  11. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    It was poor keeping for me, just knows that the cardiff payers are going to be running in, maybe a man on the line?
  12. So..... The game next week

    Yeah, we have the Nucleus and the arsenal of the fire power needed to destroy them.