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  1. I can just imagine you, beautiful Christmas dinner, the proper works, nice glass of vino, paper hat, cracker jokes, picking at the stuffing and roasties after dessert whilst surrounded by the ones you love. Queen’s voice comes on the telly..... AND YOU CRYING LIKE AFUCKING BABY ‘CAUSE MONK’S NOT BEEN SACKED YET!
  2. He’s played there before and he is the only player in the squad currently who has anywhere near the tenacity and bite of Luongo. He’ll also win the table-tennis air battles as we ooompf it up and it comes straight back.
  3. You run a very, very, very good website for all us lovers of Super Sheffield Wednesday but absolutely EVERYBODY on here who adores you and what you do know one thing...... YOU KNOW FUCKALL ABOUT FOOTBALL!!!
  4. Get Penney in. Lees back in the middle. Paterson in midfield. Brown behind the strikers. Bannan futher foward. Any cuntup front.
  5. That night sums up our recent history. Both chairman and supporters. Both pivotal yet a touch poxy.
  6. I agree with this until Luongo comes back. Get Penney in too. Go out on the front foot.
  7. I like Paterson. I’d play him in midfield while Luongo is injured. He’s game as fizz. Rest of ‘em prance about like the Moscow statefucking circus!
  8. Looks too old but definitely Abdi who has signed it.
  9. Just signed up for here..... Enjoy! https://www.smpersonals.com/browse-interests/tag,104,63,swinger.html
  10. I put some drill tunes on and watched it with the sound off.
  11. It was reported at the time as 5m rising to 7m with add-ons and that we have a 20% sell-on clause.
  12. The lack of crowds is a killer. The atmosphere may have been toxic tonight if fans were there but the home crowd would have definitely got behind them after the equaliser. The picky ref would have got some stick. If you don’t believe that as a supporter you can influence the outcome of a game you may as well give up. It’s what football is all about. It’s wankwithout fans.
  13. Be a reyt laugh going to home games at the minute. Big fat bald blokes swearing pointing and grappling, women screaming, kids crying, birds falling dead from the sky.
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