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  1. That’s not your kitchen sink That’s not your kitchen sink Put down that kitchen sink ’Cause that not your kitchen sink..... One of my favourite songs ever
  2. Can’t wait to get back...... Be a good laugh next season..... Sick of the politics, just want to go and get behind whoever is out there wearing that shirt.
  3. Colchester Utd and Man Utd. He wants to go to Ipswich with me. Been sending him videos and stuff. He loves us, bless him.
  4. I agree. I can’t wait to get back to games. I have a new gf from Essex. Converted her lad to Wednesday. Can’t wait to take him. COME ON WEDNESDAY
  5. I’m coming back to England to work. I can’t wait. I love this club
  6. I can’t wait for tomorrow. This is why we are alive. COME ON WEDNESDAY
  7. Our bunch of warriors will love slugging it out in torrential rain and high winds. Our captain is Scottish. It will be like Braveheart tomorrow.
  8. I’m reyt excited. ( I’m reyt excited (Please take me off pre mod so I can participate in real time pleeeease, I promise not to swear, pretty please, pinky promise)
  9. Two absolutely brilliant performances over two nights. The knockout stages of the Champions League are the best games of football you will ever see currently anyway, have been for years. Both worthy finalists. May the best team win wherever they play it. I’m Man City, obviously.
  10. I love how you hate United. I told you we’d beat them that day. I also know, God willing, we will beat them next year if we get the chance.
  11. I’m a Wednesday fan because of my dad. He loves Wednesday and hates United. He is mental but I truly love the bloke. He took me home and away from the age of 8 since 1978, he worked on the turnstiles for 25 years, he lives and breathes Wednesday and is properly crackers. We talk after every game. We both always think we can win any game in any circumstances. God knows how this bunch of fuckwits have got us to the last game but I really, really hope that we deliver and Cardiff do us a favour. I want to go to a derby game with him next year, I want him to be able to wind up the grunters in his boozer like he has for years. He’s looked after my mum for 27 years and won’t be around for ever. I want us to win and I am buzzing for Saturday. COME ON WEDNESDAY
  12. Hopefully they did because the Toytown Pigs know how to fight. They are crap but they have heart. Watch, learn, win and hope you set of soggy Rich Tea biscuits.
  13. Same here. I’ve got a reyt big willy. It is difficult at times.
  14. We never spent billions. Take it back, I’ll take you seriously.
  15. I value your opinion but I got a semi ‘cause you’re back. Sorry if I objectified you.
  16. I actually do but I can’t say otherwise I will compromise a relationship. You do too if you think about it. Anyway I’m off to watch Homes Under the Hammer.
  17. There is a huge problem with injuries at this club. Luongo and Iorfa (a bit different) would have made a massive difference to this team.
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