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  1. Darren Moore would get much more respect if he stopped finding excuses for Chansiri, I'm not saying he should just come out and slag him off publicly but there is a way for telling both the media and fans without blatantly pìssing the hierarchy off.
  2. Anyone know why it was called off when they have only 1 covid case ? I mean Man City had lots of cases yet still got on with it. They have a huge squad, seems like they are just waiting till some better players return from injuries and suspensions.
  3. I'm firstly amazed the steward stood his ground most would have just let him pass but why did Dunkley think he would not have to produce anything when all the others did ? Find it very weird .
  4. They might want a 19 Yr old player signing their shirt ?
  5. EFL give Derby till Feb 1st to prove funds otherwise could be expelled from the league! And they have just gone 1 up over the pigs !
  6. Next goal is absolutely crucial now in this game!
  7. Not the answer though, fans just needed to stop coming as a way of protest to DC that all isn't well and we really aren't enjoying his ownership ...don't get me wrong I know its a way of life for many fans ...but desperate times need desperate measures! Chansiri probably thinks he's doing a great job in his head especially when loads are renewing!
  8. While ever we have an owner who thinks this club is worth a fortune there will be zero interest and we will continue to just be average even in L1, chansiri has to change his ways, or forced out by the fans, by that I mean forced to leave and sell up for a more realistic price.
  9. 83/84 was a great season as was 90/91 Lyons and Pearson were proper captains.
  10. Hallam are a bigger club then Ayr United
  11. Darren has been on the karaoke too much this festive season
  12. When Michael Prendergast scores a goal hurrah! hurrah!
  13. Can we get shut of our chairman manager and a few players before we stick the knife into someone not even part of the club anymore?
  14. Spot on ....ermm Mugs Is the word.
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