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  1. The way I see it is Ive paid for something and I'm not getting it, yes its not SWFC fault but that then should lie with insurance companies? I can't bring myself to feel sorry for the players by letting them keep my cash, that blackburn game will haunt me forever. I will say this, first time in years I didnt renew for next season, stroke of luck on many levels.
  2. As for Oxford away ...i missed that one but it was the old manor ground and they were always a bit of a bogey side for us.
  3. Notts County at home warnock did a dirty trick bu pretending they forgot their away kit making us play in yelllooowws at home if anyone can remember ...we were 2 up but ended 2-2. Wolves on boxing day was a blizzard wasnt it? I was at that Millwall away game, but lost got in late because of a hold up or something...we were 2 nil up and then nilsson and king both injured and we ended up losing 4-2. Was there again for the fa cup game that ended 4-4 too. Remember being at pompey away losing and carlton being sent off, raining, got back to sheffield about 9.30 then saw the small queue for the cup final tickets ...can you believe I ended up sleeping in the wooden South Stand after coming all the way back from Portsmouth that night? Crazy days!
  4. RIP Joe Ashton. Always remember sleeping in the wooden South Stand after watching Wednesday away at Pompey.
  5. Just said now on five live the football season could be abandoned bcz April is predicted to be worse.
  6. Wow ground breaking news !!!He is like 3 months behind isn't he. **runs off to worry about serious stuff like Covd19.
  7. These fans that attend, are they handpicked by DC himself?
  8. Just seen this so if its been discussed remove it.
  9. Beat QPR away and PNE at home ? With this lot ...not a chance.
  10. Forest (H) 1 pts Bristol (A) 0 pts WBA (H) 0 pts Swansea (A) 0 pts Preston (H) 0 pts QPR (A) . 0 pts Fulham (A) 0 pts Middlesbrough (H) 1 pts 2 points if we are lucky. If we get a points deduction we will befucked.
  11. What an embarrassing thing to do though, buy a season ticket then want a refund. Should never be allowed, yet Chansiri obliged with clauses.
  12. I wouldnt back against it mate.
  13. So you would just carry on with Monk and Bully then yeah?
  14. Fuckinghell one result you pick out that season that totally sways your opinion. Go one then give me your alternative.
  15. We were 3rd when he got the sack, big players were missing through injury. Antonio made a huge difference to our side, a player megson brought in. Dave Jones got a few results and it snowballed. The pigs also had some bad luck with the Ched Evans saga. Right now Id take Megson over Monk anyday but I seriously doubt he could work under Chansiri/ Doyan and AP.
  16. Its got nothing to do with 'hoofball' or styles, at the minute we need results, we need to stay up, Monk cant get anything more out of these. I'd love Megson to come in and sort some of this fraudulent lot out.
  17. When was the last manager to resign? Doesn't seem to happen these days because of payments packages etc.
  18. I was just told 'they' so i presumed it obviously was DC and perhaps a few other silent big players. At the time it didnt suprise me and it was actually a while before she did leave.
  19. She was part of the problem at Charlton with Roland. The list is too long to go into but it did appear she kept a low profile here. From what I got told by a reliable source they were trying to give her the push for a while (swfc).
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