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  1. By that you mean we must win all our remaining matches ?
  2. So the club are keeping it under wraps so they can keep paying him x grand a week ?
  3. Think you need to pass on your knowledge of injuries to the experts at Hillsborough because they are trying for no apparent reason to get him fit !
  4. Just been reading a thread telling me how poor this league is, then I open this thread and it turns out every team is unbeatable !!
  5. Don't worry pal I'll soon put a stop to this feel good factor madness
  6. Ok doubters ,because of the upturn in the quality of football and hearing we are now passing towards the forwards and using the wings ( incredible) I shall be attending Ps my record this season is - P8 D4 L4 W0 nil , zilch ,f'all. Goals scored ,a massive 3 !! Sorry lads jonah is on his way
  7. Remember Jack Charlton on being recommended a classy centre half JC " I thought oh Jesus Christ a centre half that can "play a bit"!!
  8. Think folk have forgot what a terrible passer of the ball Des Walker was and he was top notch
  9. Lost 0-1 but at least they didn't have to get up to start their trudge home Worked a treat !
  10. Wow! Did you just type everything that came in to your head whilst daydreaming ?
  11. Hope the team don't throw the towel in as quick as some on here
  12. Can someone enlighten me how a training complex that is deemed too small gives everyone long term injuries ? Has everyone forgot about mud bath pitches and training in the local park just a few decades ago ?
  13. Or perhaps taking the mick out of us do you think ?
  14. By saying that do you mean we have to win all our remaining games ?
  15. No you haven't been priced out you wouldn't go anyway ,you only have to read the posts on here to prove it ! Wonder if DC takes sound bites off here ,if so he will think that supporters actually think the pricing is ok Unbelievable Jeff
  16. Mine is that I saved £20 from the Brentford game to off set the stupid prices for the Derby game which I was going to watch on TV Hope this excuse is good enough as I'm desperate for your approval
  17. And you cant think your way round the problem of not knowing where a road is?
  18. On a brighter note at 68 it enables you to flannel about how great the players were we have never heard of !
  19. Have you seen us play Barcelona? I have I'm 59 I've seen it all ! Granted I was 2 at the time !
  20. Really? You would not want promotion so we can have a proper go next year ? Surely we can have a better go with 100m in our back pocket I remember one or two coming out with this in Carlos's 1st season ......they are still waiting ! If by some miracle the opportunity presents itself grab it with both hands
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