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  1. And you stay clear of scouting for Wednesday Out of interest, did you have anything to do with Fox's signing?
  2. I was responding to a post saying public transport links were poor ,car parks were slow to clear and there was nowhere else to park Not sure why you have put the disabled angle on it
  3. Plenty of parking if you don't mind walking a few hundred yards ,there's a tram stop 200 yards from the ground and loads of buses
  4. Drive half a mile up wadsley lane past the park hotel ,there is loads of street parking no aggro , no charges Really not sure why anyone would want to pay and then be imprisoned in a carpark, unless they have a disability obviously
  5. Don't understand why hed be "quality at this level" He let's in goals that he could throw his cap on and that wouldn't change just because hes in the championship He reminds me of a poorer Chris woods in that he has far more England caps than his talent deserves
  6. Think hes probably assuming the 14m is a figure that's been plucked out of thin air along with the rest of the story
  7. Yep, Rolls Royce of a footballer
  8. I'm making a list of posters that think Beckham was better than Zidane and in future I will ignore anything they post regarding football Unless you are kidding your name has gone on zee list
  9. So anyone that's had an injury is a "crock" This could be a long search for players !
  10. Has anyone used the "I think there's a player in there" one liner yet ?
  11. He will be telling us next that Kieron Lee will never play again !
  12. Didn't mean you, but owlstalk in general
  13. As I said on another thread Ive had contact with him for a couple of years Its classic owlstalk someone posts a rumour and before you know where you are its fact Chinese whispers
  14. Mental health ...Utter tripe ,who makes this sh 1 t up ?
  15. The amount of times you see a players ego take over when taking a penalty is incredible
  16. Brown envelopes could solve this problem !
  17. But we haven't, that's why we cant spend now
  18. Do you know something that Steve Bruce and the medical team don't know ?
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